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The Best Luxury Furniture Stores in Houston

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Houston’s luxury furniture showrooms feature an impressive selection of high-end furniture brands and worldly treasures. Looking for the perfect statement pieces for your home? Ask the interior designers at these local stores to locate them or have their artisans create custom furniture for you. Then, get ready to transform your décor with the finest accessories — gallery-worthy art, one-of-a-kind imports, and antiques, all right here in Houston.

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  • Meredith O’Donnell Fine Furniture

    For luxury furnishings, with matching price tags, visit Meredith O’Donnell Fine Furniture, Accessories & Rugs located just inside the Loop in the Houston Design District. When you enter the well-appointed showroom, the roar of the nearby 610 traffic disappears, and you immediately recognize this isn’t your average furniture store. Instead, it’s an elegant collection of fine furnishings and accessories. If you’d like, a sales associate at the welcome desk can provide a tour and answer any questions. As you walk through the sophisticated store, you’ll see continuous, beautifully-coordinated room vignettes. They feature stately dining, living, office, and bedroom furniture in traditional to contemporary styles. The walls are adorned with artwork akin to a museum, and if you really know your high-end designers, you’ll find them here — think Kindel, EJVictor, and Councill. To help with your personal decorating needs, Meredith O’Donnell Fine Furniture also offers interior design consultations and custom upholstery, with hundreds of fabric samples toward the rear of the store.

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  • Noël Home

    The tall sign identifying Noël Home can’t compete with the store’s modern building, flanked by tall palm trees, on the Southwest Freeway feeder road. Once inside, you’ll discover one of Houston’s premier luxury home furnishings showplaces, and friendly sales associates ready to show you around and suggest discounts. If you have a modern decorating style, this is the place for you. You have lots to choose from with high-quality leather and upholstered sofas and chairs in sleek designs, and large sectionals with (some over-sized) contemporary tables. Many of the bedrooms feature headboards that will catch your eyes, but if you want to feel like a king or queen, you can find an ornate four-poster bedroom set there too. Make sure to take the stairs or the elevator to explore both floors for high-end brands like John-Richard, Chaddock, and Marge Carson. More dining sets, markdowns, and clearance items can also be found on the upper floor. For personalized service, make an appointment for a consultation with their interior design team.

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  • S Home Decor Inc.

    S Home Décor’s showroom feels more like a well-decorated home than a furniture store. Throughout the showroom, high-end living, dining, and bedroom arrangements, in complementary colors, flow seamlessly into one another. Plus, airy shelving units, with carefully displayed home accessories, separate many room layouts so you can see coordinated pieces together. The wide aisles mean you won’t miss a thing — you can easily shop their posh accessories like eye-catching sculptures, chandeliers, and dramatic floral centerpieces. If you want to make a bold statement in a room, they’ve got a great selection of large mirrors and wall art in assorted sizes. Keep an eye out for the blue tags to scoop up some sale merchandise. S Home Decor premieres incredible Christmas décor July through January – think three-foot tall nutcrackers and gingerbread men, themed ornaments, and more. The store is located on a quiet street, with plenty of parking.

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  • Home Source

    To say you can’t miss the Home Source store is an understatement — the Post Oak Blvd. store is located on the corner of a shopping plaza near the Galleria. But more remarkably, you’ll see a giant white Buddha and a massive teak wood sculpture sitting on the sidewalk on either side of the store’s impressive solid wood doors. Inside, there’s more of the same — beautifully sculpted and designed pieces, most of them imported. You won’t find your typical matching room sets here. Instead, as you weave your way through the showroom, you’ll discover one-of-a-kind furniture like carved wood chests and imported vintage cabinets, and unique finds like petrified wood sculptures and vintage cow bells. Shopping for a dining table? Home Source has a selection crafted from reclaimed wood, and an assortment of chairs to complete the look. If you’re looking for a conversation piece, you can’t miss this place.

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  • M Naeve

    Margaret Naeve Parker’s upscale Montrose boutique, M Naeve, features antique, vintage, and contemporary furnishings. The small showroom (essentially one aisle) houses striking pieces the designer has acquired from around the globe. As you walk through M Naeve, you’ll find antique and vintage Swedish, Italian, and French designs as well as sleek-lined contemporary tables and chairs in rich textures. If you have questions about a piece, a knowledgeable sales associate can provide background information on the artist and its origin — like the beautiful collection of luxury sculptures from New York-based ceramicist Simone Bodmer-Turner, or the brass candle blocks from Apparatus Studio. The luxury furniture showroom isn’t cluttered, so you’ll be able to appreciate the primitive wood bowls, planters, and pedestals on display, as well as the pair of large Willy Guhl planters. Parking Tip: Turn off Westheimer Rd. onto Hazard St. to enter the parking lot (M Naeve has limited labeled spaces).

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  • High Fashion Home

    Wear comfortable shoes when you go to High Fashion Home — this luxury furniture store in Houston is about the size of two football fields, covering four floors. On the main level, you’ll find luxurious transitional and eclectic furniture, pillows, and rows and rows of decorative accessories. Plus, they’ve got an extensive fabrics department with a knowledgeable staff ready to help you give your tired pieces new life. The showroom features well-decorated vignettes with high end, unique furniture for your bedroom, living and dining rooms. Take the stairs or the elevator to the second floor to browse modern pieces, including bar and counter stools. The third level has more of the same, and an extensive gallery with wall art for any-sized space. The Clearance section, located on the fourth floor welcomes bargain hunters who find character in furniture with small dings or scratches. You’ll be glad you searched the aisles of chairs, end tables, and more when you discover your next treasure, at a discounted price.

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  • Kuhl-Linscomb

    Put aside a couple of hours to shop at upscale Kuhl-Linscomb, and you’ll love every second in this packed, locally-owned store! When you walk in the main entrance, take a map (really) to navigate the two city blocks of merchandise housed in several stand-alone buildings. Park closer to Steel St. and Argonne St. for convenient access to the main store and “Building 1” (across the street) that houses furniture and accessories. Inside, you’ll weave through rooms featuring layouts of high-end sofas, chairs, beds, dining sets and outdoor furniture. And you can’t miss the eye-catching light fixtures, with unique textures, descending from the ceiling. If you’re searching for the perfect accent pieces, browse their industrial-chic shelving units filled with throw pillows, frames, and eclectic home décor. For clearance items, head to the back of Building 1 for markdowns on designer wares.

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  • Reeves Design + Art

    After more than 50 years of collecting and showcasing rare furniture in Montrose, Reeves Art + Design continues to add to their collection of 20th century inventory. They carry a mix of high-end vintage pieces and restored furniture — look for chairs that have been refinished or reupholstered for one-of-a-kind, must-have additions to your home. Continue down the single aisle to browse finely-crafted furnishings by well-known designers and brands like Jordan Mozer and Modern Light. Your treasure hunt continues when the main luxury furniture showroom connects by a small breezeway to a second building containing another showroom with more specially-curated tables, credenzas, and sculptures. As expected, the walls of Reeves Art + Design reveal a magnificent display of works by world-renowned artists, and many from right here in Texas, like Carl Hoppe and Manuel Garza. Yet another room stores hundreds of pieces from hanging display racks. If you have any questions about the origins of a piece, a sales associate will be nearby to give you the fine details.

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  • Thompson & Hanson

    Follow the brick pathway under the large, galvanized water tank to reach Thompson + Hanson’s vine-covered cottage featuring French-country-styled furniture and accessories. If you want to refresh your kitchenware, or find beautiful pieces for entertaining, you’ll love their collection of high-end linens, unique dishware, and candleholders. The small shop also features accent tables, benches, and chairs, plus eye-catching light fixtures to complement most decors. As you browse from the front to the back of the luxury furniture store, you’ll pass several sets of French doors offering beautiful views of the nursery on the property (stop by here later to shop patio and garden accessories). There’s another high-end shop out to the right, in the stone building, where you can shop a handful of large dining tables with assorted chairs. The quaint collection of buildings, stretching one block, also includes Tiny Boxwoods restaurant and a gazebo with gardening supplies.Parking Tip: Although the physical address for Thompson + Hanson Stone House is West Alabama St., you’ll need to turn on Saint St. to enter the one way parking lot.

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  • Area

    Area, a luxury furniture store in River Oaks, doesn’t follow trends, but instead creates them — their designers have filled the showroom with antiques, unique imports, and exciting contemporary pieces. Although the vignettes of living and dining furniture create eye-catching, cohesive looks, you’ll appreciate each piece individually, like hand-carved tables and sleek-lined sideboards. Much of their inventory comes with high price tags, and discerning shoppers (or collectors) understand the value displayed here. But don’t let the $$ scare you off, because Area has affordably-priced frames, coffee table books, baskets, vases, carved boxes, and more throughout the showroom. Don’t miss the small staircase in the back that leads to a little loft with even more treasures, some marked down. Parking Tip: Turn off Westheimer Rd. onto Westgrove Ln. to access the small parking area.

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  • Danish Inspirations

    In West Houston, you’ll find Danish Inspirations, a diamond-in-the-rough (mixed with a little pop-electro dance music) among the home décor stores along Fondren Rd. If you prefer sleek lines with a minimalist approach to your decor, you’ll love their selection. The store carries high-end furnishings and contemporary wall art, lighting, and accessories to transform your home. As you scan the different room layouts in their large showroom, you’ll find bedroom sets (they sell mattresses too), and modern living and dining sets with eye-catching geometric lines. Most pieces have high gloss finishes and chrome accents, but many are available in a variety of wood and metal options by special order —just ask a sales associate. If you’re still telecommuting, Danish Inspirations also stocks furniture for your home office from desks to decorative dividing walls. To save money, like more than 60% on some items, look for the yellow-tagged floor models. This place isn’t overflowing with sales persons, so you’ll be free to shop at your leisure, asking for assistance when needed. Tip: Use the driveway closer to Westheimer. The driveway on the Richmond end is very steep, so use caution when turning in.

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Sours: https://www.chron.com/shopping/map/the-best-luxury-furniture-stores-in-houston/
Maxeli on Citysearch

6 years ago

07/08/2015, 03:46 AM

Beware of High Fashion Home - this is a business that just wants to sell and does not care when problems arise. As others have stated before, they have a "The customer is never right" policy, which is enforced by their general management. I have never experienced such totally uncaring customer service before in any business that I have dealt with. I'm an out of state designer and I have ordered an expensive light fixture for my clients that cost around $1750. It took forever to get it, and when it finally arrived my clients did not like it in their space, so they wanted to return it. I asked for return instructions and what I got in return where all these emails from customer service with specific questions about the packaging. After going back and forth for about 2 days, I've tried to talk to somebody on the phone about the return. I was forwarded to different people, but nobody seemed to be in charge. After 8 different phone calls I was finally able to speak to a manager who informed me that the light fixture was not returnable. When I placed the phone order I was not informed about that, nor was I informed in the order confirmation email, nor was I informed by costumer service when I asked for return instructions. The manager said that I should have known and read their return policy and that they cannot recite their long return policy every time somebody makes an order. I said that they just needed to inform us that the item was not returnable, which every other business would have done. My clients were even open for an exchange with a different item or a store credit, but the manager refused to work with us in any way. I also asked to talk to the General Manager, and just as the other manager, he was not accommodating at all and very rude as well. If management does not care about customers and customer service, none of the employees will care. It just shows that they are not interested in any long term relationships with clients and/or designers and that they do not care at all about losing future business. I have ordered from this place before for several clients and had issues with items that were delivered broken, and then delivered broken again. This last order crossed the line of my tolerance, so I will never purchase from High Fashion Home again, nor will any of my existing or future clients.

Sours: https://reviews.birdeye.com/high-fashion-home-159254628246042
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High Fashion Home Employee Reviews

As the company is now it is a good place to start.

FRONT DESK AGENT (Former Employee) - Houston, TX - June 18, 2019

A typical day at work for me was stressful but maintainable because the employees are the best and really do improve your day. The job offers many opportunities to improve skill sets and move up in the company; While there I was able to expand my knowledge on Excel, Microsoft, how to mediate disagreements, how to negotiate pay, and much more. Management can use improvement. All of them are excellent at their jobs but need assistance in social skills. There is a serious lack of communication between the managers and it can make work confusing. While there I noticed a theme in tone and body language from management- their intention was professional however the delivery of instruction or checking in of employees was often received as disrespectful and would ultimately be the reason for departure for many workers that shared my job title. I would definitely say that this along with salary would be the hardest part of the job. The salary offered is never "bad" but I do believe there is a misunderstanding and underpayment between the position they need filled and the skills of the job title they post. For example: They may need a front desk agent but hire for a cashier. We had many employees leave because the title of "cashier" did not fit the skills required for the position of a front desk agent so neither did the pay. The most enjoyable part of the job is the hours, the location, and the relationships formed with the people there. The people at High Fashion truly are the best.


location, hours, discount


no employee parking, being underpaid

Sours: https://www.indeed.com/cmp/High-Fashion-Home/reviews

Desk high fashion home

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At High Fashion Home, we are about empowering our customers. The freedom to choose amongst a large selection of high style and high design products that caters to your intelligence, creativity, and individuality, without compromising great quality and value. Our 4 story, 125,000 square foot home furnishing emporium offers a sanctuary of inspired choice for the eclectic, modern lifestyle. Explore the mix of exclusive furniture, fabrics, drapery, and home accessories from around the world. When it comes to designing your home, you need to follow only one rule - buy what you love. Your home is a reflection of your unique style and personality. We are only here to help inspire you with an endless selection of the most exciting products in the home fashion world today.

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Furniture Delivery, Furniture Sales, Lighting Sales

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