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2016-2023 Camaro IROC-Z Z27 (ZL1 1LE Style) Conversion Package Front Bumper Side Skirts Diffuser



2016-2022 Camaro IROC-Z Z27 (ZL1 1LE Style) Conversion Package

With the success of our IROC-Z Track Pack, your choice of hood, spoiler, and wheel combinations designed to maximize styling and performance, we expanded into our purpose built IROC-Z “ship-to RPO Code” line of vehicles and conversion packages.

Wanting to upgrade the styling and aerodynamics of your Gen 6 Camaro?  Then upfitting it (exc. ZL1 models) with our RPO Code Z27 Conversion Package, will do just that.

We present to you, the IROC-Z Z27 Conversion Package.


This page is for our 2016-2023 Camaro Z27 Conversion Package consisting of bumper, side skirts, rear diffuser as well as aero and grille pieces.


Everything you need to convert your daily driver into a track warrior.


The Z27 conversion consists of injection molded parts, styled after the ZL1 1LE Camaro’s body, and includes our exclusive IROC-Z B4Z grill.

FITMENT- All 2016+ Camaro (excluding ZL1) Models
MATERIAL- Injection Molded Polypropylene
FINISH- Unfinished ready to be prepped/primed/painted


Our exclusive IROC-Z B4Z style grill provides the best possible air flow dynamics as well as a styling that is influenced by the original IROC-Z cars of the 1980’s.

The vertical bars are designed such that LEDs can be added to light their entire face whatever color you choose.  Allowing for more visibility at the track as well as one of a kind styling that is sure to make your vehicle stand out from the crowd.


A car upfitted with both our IROC-Z Track Pack (your choice of hood/spoiler/wheels from our multitude of styles and finishes) and ship to RPO Code Z27 Package is guaranteed to perform and draw attention wherever the road takes you.


Shipping is normally freight and is very expensive, but it is already included in the pricing (within the 48 states).  Please allow 2 to 4 weeks for shipment.




ZL1 Bumper Conversion | 2016 – 2018 Chevy Camaro

I ordered the 2016-2018 bumper package I was sent the 2019+ kit tge bumper fits fine except for the upper grille it’s slightly too long doesn’t fit properly between the headlights and the grille has cutouts where the led continues into it, and there are 2 extra pieces for under the headlights of a 2019 style headlight that my bodyshop installed not knowing they didn’t need them so now they block half my drl and I have to remove them and try and find the proper upper grille because next-gen speed won’t do shit because the shop already installed the bumper
I’m sure there would be zero issues if they sent the correct item with the correct parts,
The least they could do is swap out the upper grille for the right one or at least point me in the direction of the right one but they said they were looking into it and then just never contacted me back.
After spending almost $2600 cnd after shipping and brokerage I’m pretty upset with both the shop that installed the bumper and next-gen speed for just passing it off on the shop saying they should’ve known they weren’t the right parts even though the shell itself fit when they test fit it they didn’t know there was a difference in the grilles

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19-21 Camaro ZL1 1LE Conversion Bumper

In Stock Now! 

Intimidating the ZL1 Inspired StylingFront Fascia Kit

Constructed from Durable OEM-Quality Polypropylene


  • Front Fascia
  • Upper Grille
  • Lower Grille
  • Chin Splitter
  • Removable 1LE Style Canards
  • A pair of new LED DRLs


Ships Unpainted or Pre-painted.


Fits 19-20 Camaros with signature headlights only

The ZL1 front bumper fits the non-signature headlights camaro are coming soon!

Straight Forward Installation,no Modification needed.

If you want Pre-Painted bumper, please chose one of following color for the best match of your car. Leave us a note upon checking out.

Note: For Pre-painted orders, we will only paint the bumper cover, no including the splitter or canards.

【Pre-Painted Regular Color Options】

  • Red Hot
  • Summit White
  • Black Mosaic
  • Black Metallic
  • Satin Steel Metallic Silver
  • Ice Metalic
  • Rally Green Metallic
  • Shadow Gray Metallic
  • Riverside Blue Metallic


【Premium Colors Add $150】

  • Crush Shock
  • Garnet Red Tintcoat


Open the box and inspect your shipment before Signing! 

  • It is the customer's responsibility to inspect a shipment before signing and accepting delivery.

  • If your shipment does not include all of the items you expected, please contact us immediately  prior to signing and the driver leaving so that we can facilitate the appropriate next steps.

  • If there is any visible damage to the packaging request that you be allowed to open the shipment before signing so that you can inspect the product. If they do not allow the inspection, or if your inspection indicates damage to your item, take photos and REFUSE THE SHIPMENT. You can contact our team to get the claim and replacement process started.

  • Failure to inspect for damages at the time of delivery will result in denial of your damage claim.

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What year ss do you have? The 2010-2012s cost more to convert to the zl1 accessory drive. You can't use anything from the stock accessory drive

You need extra-
Ac bracket
Ac compressor
Ac Lines
Ctsv power steering pump assembly

Now the cost if you are 2013 and up is roughly 2500 using an ati balancer and bigger crank pulley

2010-12s are 3k and up. Assuming you are buying everything brand new.


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Zl1 to convert ss camaro

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upgrading SS to ZL1 supercharger

ok, so I have a 2020 SS 1LE with a 6pd manual.

I have a good buddy who is in the process as we speak of upgrading his new 2020 ZL1 (with an auto) to the exorcist zl1 package at hennessey. yeah, I know....

anyway, here's what they do to his stock zl1..

so I may have the opportunity to pick up all the parts that they take off his zl1 (a brand new zl1 with zero miles), including stock supercharger, stock heads, stock cam, stock lifters, valves, etc etc etc, what you see there.

i know enough to know that work is out of my ability, I freely admit that. so my question to the forum is, does anyone have an idea if what they take off that car can just be bolted on to mine, and I'd have everything I'd need to effectively have a zl1 motor in my car, understandably with a professional install and professional tune, or would I need to still spend a lot more on motor upgrades and transmission upgrades? Can that stock 6spd manual in the SS 1LE handle 650hp? I guess I'm trying to figure out how far from a ZL1 does that get me in parts, cause I may have an opportunity to pick up the parts they take off for very little, but if I need to spend another 15k in labor and parts to finish the job, then I'll go in a different direction.

does anyone have an idea of how much all those stock zl1 parts are worth and how much more it would take to get that SS to effectively have the same stock performance parts as the Zl1 and make that 650hp safely and reliabily, or is it just not possible? Previously I was never even thinking of doing this, but the opportunity to pick up these parts for beer money just presented itself, so I'm thinkin......

Looking for some genuine facts here guys.... thanks..

How to Install the ZL1 Conversion Kit on a Sixth Generation CAMARO SS From Extreme Online Store

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