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DIY: How to Frame A Builder-Grade Bathroom Mirror

This DIY tutorial will show you how to frame a builder-grade bathroom mirror to add instant character and equity to your bathroom. Adding a frame to a builder grade bathroom mirror is an easy and cost effective way to update the mirror without having to remove it or replace it. This project can be completed in one weekend and is extremely budget friendly. Each bathroom mirror costs around $20 total!

How to Frame A Builder grade bathroom mirror: before + after

If you&#;re anything like the other 90% of suburbia America living in a builder grade house, chances are you have a mirror in your bathroom that looks something like this!

While there is technically nothing wrong with it, it looks looks unfinished and certainly lacks any character. It&#;s obvious that a builder just slapped it up on a wall to save time and money!

Adding a frame to a builder grade bathroom mirror is an easy and cost effective way to update the mirror without having to remove it or replace it.

bathroom before

You may also remember that we did this same project in our first little foreclosure fixer upper house. Here is a photo of that bathroom before.

You can read all about it and see all of the before and after photos HERE.

master bath after photo

And here is the very same bathroom after!

Can you believe this transformation?! Framing out the bathroom mirror and painting the vanity white completely changed this space!

Materials: What you need to frame a bathroom mirror

We&#;ve seen what a big impact framing out a mirror can have on a bathroom, so let&#;s get in to what you need and how to easily recreate this project yourself!

We headed out to Lowe&#;s to pick up the supplies to frame our builder grade mirrors.

We chose to use primed MDF for this project because of the ease of use and the low price point.

Now, I know that some people will argue that MDF isn&#;t a great option for a bathroom because of the potential for moisture damage.

Our bathroom was large and well ventilated, and the MDF boards were going to be completely sealed with paint. As long as moisture and water cannot penetrate the surface of the MDF and you have proper ventilation in your bathroom, MDF is fine!

What you need:

We weren&#;t exactly sure how we wanted to design the frame so we started laying boards out in the floor at Lowe&#;s to get a better idea of what the mirror frames would look like.

Would you look at that big ole bald head?! 🙂

We came up with a simple craftsman style layout that involved no miter cuts!

Step One: Measure and cut

Use a tape measure to measure the width and height of your mirror. I worked my way from the bottom up!

Mark these measurements on your MDF boards and use a miter saw to make your cuts.

Before we glued anything onto the mirror I had Hubby hold the boards in place to make sure that I liked the way they looked.

Here I have labeled each individual board based on size so that you can see how we placed them.

The nice thing about this layout is that there are no miter cuts or angles; only straight cuts which makes this project much easier and faster!

Step two: paint mdf boards

One of the most important parts of this project is that you must paint the backs of the boards as well as the front!

If you do not paint the back of the boards, you will be able to see the brown MDF in the mirror reflection. We learned this the hard way in our old house and had to rip the boards off and start over!

I laid out all of the boards in our garage and used a sponge roller to paint them.

Using a roller specifically designed for cabinets and trim will ensure that you get a super smooth, professional looking finish!

Step three: glue boards onto mirror

After the paint has completely dried, use a construction adhesive specifically designed for mirrors and bathrooms to adhere the MDF boards directly onto the mirror.

It&#;s important to choose an adhesive that is specifically made for mirrors and bathrooms. This construction adhesive can withstand the moisture and humidity in a bathroom.

The other most important part of this project is to keep the adhesive along the outer part of the boards.

Just like you can see the reflection of the back of the MDF board in the mirror, if you get adhesive too close to the inside edge of the boards you will be able to see the adhesive in the reflection as well.

Choosing an adhesive that is either white or clear can help minimize this problem.

step four: caulk and touch up paint

After the adhesive fully cures, caulk all of the seams and touch up paint as needed along the caulk lines.

And that&#;s it!

Such an easy, quick, and inexpensive project that adds instant character to those boring builder-grade mirrors!

Framing Builder Grade mirrors: Before & After

Here&#;s a look at the before:

&#; and the after!

We framed every builder grade mirror in our entire house!

This was one of the mirrors in the boys&#; shared jack and Jill bath (before caulk and touch up paint).

I didn&#;t do a great job of getting pictures of this project because we were in a time crunch to finish up and get our house ready to sell. This photo is before caulk!

We also framed out the builder grade mirror in the master bathroom.

The mirror frame really brought some much needed balance to this large space.

If you look closely at the photo above, you can see that the 1&#;2 is sagging in the middle of the left mirror because it is spanning such a long distance. I used our brad nailer to nail it to the 1&#;6 above it to fix this problem.

There were so many finishes I would have changed in our bathroom if we had stayed in this house longer.

To be completely honest I didn&#;t like the countertops, and I wanted to change out the light fixtures, faucets, and cabinet hardware.

But we knew that this house was a temporary house and we bought and sold it solely to make a profit.

This project is a prime example of how you can update a space on a tiny budget without changing out every little thing or spending a ton of money.

Adding DIY equity is all about knowing your market and making smart choices to ensure that your time and money adds value to your home!

Here are a few photos of the space all finished!

It definitely made a great impact!

It added some much needed balance to the top of the vanity, and draws your eye away from some of the other builder-grade finishes that had not yet been updated (like the light fixtures!).

I have no doubt that this is just one of the many DIY updates that helped us sell our house fast for top dollar.

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  • Love it……

    Weston (Satin Nickel)

    I am really happy with my newly framed mirror. It makes a world of difference, such a worthwhile and easy update.

    Barrie H.

  • Perfect transaction, a truly happy

    Perfect transaction, a truly happy customer!

    Barrie H.

  • Great product. Well made, and


    Berkshire (Black)

    Great product. Well made, and putting it together was simple. It looks amazing, and made a huge difference in our bathroom!

    John W.

  • Simple and easy process. Will

    Simple and easy process. Will definitely be buying again when we redo our other bathrooms

    John W.

  • Great purchase


    Humbolt Reverse (White)

    So pleased! It went up easily, and looks great!

    Kelly S.

  • Great company to work with.


    Berkshire (White)

    Great company to work with. Place an order, and loved the “ new “ look, so did 3 others mirrors ! The quality and installation was easy and I am a happy customer !

    Victor S.

  • Gorgeous Mirrors!!!

    Ellis (Black)

    I am extremely happy with Frame My Mirror! The quality is amazing! The framed mirrors are gorgeous! It was so wonderful to be able to customize the size of my mirrors! They look so beautiful!

    June J.

  • My experience with Frame My

    My experience with Frame My Mirror was second to none! I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great experience!

    June J.

  • Easy to install and looks


    Carson Reverse (Silver)

    Easy to install and looks great!

    Sara G.

  • The service and product is

    Hillsborough (Bronze)

    The service and product is great!

    Keith Z.

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Frame A Bathroom Mirror In Under Two Hours

DIY a bathroom mirror frame to turn that ugly builder grade mirror with clips into a more modern design in under 2 hours.

This bathroom renovation so far has proven to be MUCH EASIER.

I still have a little PTSD when I walk in and see a floor missing or plastic hanging to protect the doorway. I am not sure when I&#;ll fully get over that wild nearly one year ride of a home improvement project. Crazy how much more manageable things are when you&#;re not doing any demo and just doing a phase one plan.

master bath refresh BEFORE

It should be noted that this bathroom has gotta be one of the most difficult rooms to photograph. You can&#;t get a full picture of what this bathroom is like because of its glorious, unphotographable angles. Lovely. So, you&#;ll just have to trust me with a lot of this stuff.

Anyhoo, as you can see here, we have one of those non-cute builder grade wall mirrors with the clips along the edges that is good for nothing. Well, not nothing.

It&#;s good for a super easy and budget friendly mirror frame project!

There are supposedly mirror frame kits you can buy with individual frame pieces you can put together with wood glue or liquid nails, but we didn&#;t want to go that route.

Since framed bathroom mirrors seem to be all the rage on Pinterest, we said &#;challenge accepted&#; and decided to go for a little DIY vanity mirror frame of our own.

DIY Framed Bathroom Mirror


*Some affiliate links may be used


First, you&#;ll need to measure your existing mirror &#; length, width, and thickness including the wall.

For reference, our measurements here for the mirror frame are for ours which is 4 feet by 3 feet.

how to frame a bathroom mirror

Using your table saw, rip down the 1&#;3 furring strips to the thickness of your mirror. Nail those pieces on all four sides of your mirror. The reason we did this was to offset the thickness of the mirror clips along the edge of the mirror.

Note: This is *not* your mirror frame. This is what the mirror frame *attaches* to.

Then you will cut each of your 1&#;4 strips &#; two 51 1/2&#; long for the top and bottom pieces of your frame and two 39&#; for the short side pieces &#; at a 45 degree angle using your compound miter saw.

You can go ahead and cut your 1&#;2 strips as well in the exact same way.

Once they&#;re all cut, lay them out in the middle of your kitchen floor to make sure they line up. Or I guess you can do this in a garage if you&#;re rich. Whatever. You guys all know that we don&#;t have a garage around here but are hoping to add one when we hit the lottery.

We could have done this in our driveway but since the concrete isn&#;t flat, it wasn&#;t an option for us since we were trying to line everything up perfectly.

Next, here is that optional part I was talking about up in the instructions.

We decided to do pocket holes in the back because we didn&#;t want any screws to show in the front. So, if you&#;re wanting to do it this way, this is when you&#;ll want to drill those holes and screw them together.

If not, you can screw them together in whatever way is easiest. Just remember if you&#;re making yours like ours, you&#;ll have a lip on the outside so you need to make sure your screws are sunk in all the way.

Next, just nail your outer edge to your mirror frame and you&#;re done with the building!

After you build, add your wood conditioner, stain, and poly.

The final step is to nail your mirror frame voila! A DIY framed mirror in UNDER 2 hours!

Want to know a secret on how we timed this little DIY project? Two words.

SVU Marathon.

Each SVU episode is 1 hour long and on Sundays, there is an all day marathon and we were able to get this done before 2 bad guys were fully caught and Olivia made a sassy comment to them.

Oh, ignore the red countertop. It&#;s going away HOPEFULLY today!!! But also look at the sneak peek of the bathroom vanity color! Eek! I am IN LOVE!

How to frame bathroom mirror FOR CHEAP in under 2 hours! #framedmirror #diymirrorframe

Posted In: DIY


If framing your bathroom mirror yourself seems a little daunting, consider bathroom mirror frame kits. Available in a wide selection of styles, mirror frame kits can transform any mirror in minutes.

Where to Buy Mirror Frame Kits

There are several retailers who make mirror frame kits in a wide range of styles and colors.

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MirrorMate has dozens of styles, grouped into colors for easy planning. They cut everything to order and ship directly to you. Search by style, color, price or decor to help narrow down your choices. Included in their hundreds of different options are kits such as:

  • Simple hardwood frames
  • Glazed-stone frames
  • Ornate metal frames
  • Venetian style frames


Mirrorscapes is a division of Moen, the faucet company. They have several different frame kits available, each in five different finishes to match their faucets. Each of the frame kits offers straight frames for the sides, along with decorative, square corner pieces. Use these kits to get a semi-custom look by combining different corners with the frames.


Mirr.Edge was created to hide imperfections on the sides of frameless mirrors. They offer a variety of styles, all with decorative corner pieces to hide the seams between vertical and horizontal pieces. You will need to score and snap these pieces to size yourself on-site.

All of Mirr.Edge's frames are available in both wood grain and acrylic finishes to match a number of different bathroom decors. All of their frames also offer corner plates, which helps give an Art Deco style to your frame.

Reflected Design

Reflected Design offers custom mirror frame kits to fit any bathroom decor. They offer a wide range of frame styles include:

  • Modern
  • Rustic
  • Tuscan
  • Ornate
  • Simple
  • Traditional

Their finishes range from metals like copper to hardwoods, with several different glazes and finishes available to get the look you want.

Using Mirror Frame Kits

There are a number of ways to frame a bathroom mirror, with nearly countless custom options available. So why use a bathroom mirror frame kit?


Most bathroom frame kits snap together in 20 minutes or less. This means that your old, 80s style frameless mirror can be given a makeover in far less time than it would be to craft something custom.

Cut to Order

Most bathroom frame kits are actually semi-custom. When you place your order you include the measurements of your mirror, and the kit is cut to size. There is no need to mitre edges, or worry about additional materials for corners.

Covers Clips

Many frameless bathroom mirrors include clear plastic clips to hold the mirror to the wall. Frame kits actually go on over the edge of the mirror, while it's on the wall. This covers hooks, clips, chipped edges or anything else you don't want to see.

Readymade Styles

There's no need to try and visualize what your mirror will look like when it's done; frame kits have plenty of styles to choose from and examples of how they'll look when they're complete.


A new, framed bathroom mirror can cost as much as $1, to get the same look you can achieve with a mirror kit. Kits range in price, but most end up around $ for a standard sized mirror. This can be a significant savings if the current mirror is in good shape and only needs a frame.

Installing Mirror Frames

One of the most attractive things about frame kits is the way they install. While methods will vary by manufacturer, they all have one thing in common; you don't have to remove your mirror from the wall. For big, vanity sized mirrors, this can be beneficial since removing and rehanging these large mirrors often takes a professional.

Always do a dry fit of the pieces on the mirror, using painter's tape to hold the pieces in place while you check the fit before installing. Use the recommended adhesives, and keep the bathroom dry and humidity free for at least 24 hours to give them a chance to set.

Improve Your Mirror with a Frame

Bathroom mirror frame kits are a great way to update your bathroom for little time and money. Whether your mirror is blackening at the edges, or just out of date style wise, a mirror kit can create a big transformation for little time and money.

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Mirror kits diy frame

30x36 Brushed Nickel Nielsen Bainbridge Aluminum DIY Custom Mirror Frame Kit

mold and corrosive resistant, and instructions, Not designed to work with standard mirror clips, Brushed Nickel Custom Mirror Frame Kit for any frameless 30" x 36" mirror, 30x36, Each purchase includes simple step-by-step instructions and heavy-duty adhesive tape, Simple and easy installation over your existing. Brushed Nickel: Home & Kitchen - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases, It's so easy to install, Remove mirror clips and glue mirror to the wall prior to installing, Cannot be used with plastic mirror holders, this custom framing kit is the perfect diy project for those looking to change up their bathroom without the high costs of remodeling, wall-mounted mirror, Nielsen Bainbridge Aluminum DIY Custom Mirror Frame Kit. all-weather double sided VHB tape adhesive for mounting, you can do it yourself, Elevate your bathroom with the DIY Custom Mirror Frame Kit, perfect for a moist bathroom environment, DIY kit includes joining hardware. Brushed Nickel: Home & Kitchen. Buy Nielsen Bainbridge Aluminum DIY Custom Mirror Frame Kit, This adhesive mirror frame easily mounts to your existing unframed bathroom vanity mirror for an instant décor transformation, Available in three standard vanity mirror sizes, Our elegant aluminum frames are mold and corrosive resistant, 30x36, Made in the USA — Custom frames are constructed of aluminum that's moisture repellent.


Nasz szef kuchni Mateusz Śmiechowski

Mateusz Smiechowski

30x36 Brushed Nickel Nielsen Bainbridge Aluminum DIY Custom Mirror Frame Kit

Bainbridge Aluminum DIY Custom Mirror Frame Kit 30x36 Brushed Nickel Nielsen, Buy Nielsen Bainbridge Aluminum DIY Custom Mirror Frame Kit, 30x36, Brushed Nickel: Home & Kitchen - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases,Best value for high quality,Online Shopping Mall,Free Delivery and Returns,% Satisfaction Guaranteed,The best prices, free shipping and no sales tax. Brushed Nickel Nielsen Bainbridge Aluminum DIY Custom Mirror Frame Kit 30x36, 30x36 Brushed Nickel Nielsen Bainbridge Aluminum DIY Custom Mirror Frame Kit.

Mirror Frame Kits - Mirror Frame Installation is Easy with MirrorMate

How to Frame a Mirror

Step 1: Measure Mirror and Select Frame Style

Determine trim style and positioning of trim around mirror to obtain measurements specific to mirror being framed. Use measurements to cut lengths of primed MDF baseboard. Tip: Have materials cut at a home improvement store and consider using style of door casings in home as inspiration for the look of the mirror frame.

Step 2: Prepare Work Area

Gather required materials. Lay out lengths of trim on flat working surface.

Step 3: Paint Back Sides

Add latex paint extender to paint, lengthening drying time and minimizing brush strokes. Paint back side of trim along edges that will extend over edges of mirror. Let dry two hours.
Tip: The back edges will be reflected in mirror.

Step 4: Paint Trim

Paint front sides and edges of trim. Let dry two hours.

Step 5: Sand

Use extra-fine sanding pad to lightly sand surfaces. Wipe clean with tack cloth.

Step 6: Glue Top Frame Together

Glue three lengths of MDF baseboard forming top frame with extra strength wood glue. Press pieces firmly together. Let dry two hours.

Step 7: Caulk Joints

Run a bead of caulk along seam joints. Smooth caulk line and wipe away any excess. Let dry one hour.

Step 8: Apply Touch -Up Paint

Paint over caulk by lightly brushing layer of paint along joint.

Step 9: Apply Second Coat of Paint

Paint a second layer of paint over fronts and sides of trim. Let dry 12 hours before installation.

Step Install Top Frame

Apply paneling adhesive to area where top frame piece will be positioned.

Step Position and Tape

Press frame piece onto adhesive, check for proper placement and ensure piece is level. Secure in place using clean-release tape.

Step Repeat Steps

Repeat prior steps, installing two side pieces of trim followed by bottom piece.

Step Check Placement and Tape

Check all joints where trim meets to ensure pieces are positioned correctly and square. Make any necessary adjustments before adhesive begins to dry. Secure in place using clean–release tape. Let dry 24 hours.

Step Caulk Joints

Run a bead of caulk along any gaps at joints. Smooth caulk line and remove any excess. Let dry one hour.

Step Apply Touch Up Paint

Paint over caulked joints and any areas of frame requiring touch-ups.


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