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A commonly recognized symbol, the crescent moon is not only beautiful but also significant. In Middle Eastern culture, the crescent moon paired with a single star is a symbol of Islam. In Catholicism, the moon can represent the church reflecting the light of Christ (the sun/Son).

In a more general sense, the crescent moon shows changing times. The moon cycle is associated with the life cycle (because of a woman’s fertility cycle), and so the different phases of the moon symbolize the ebb and flow of life, the changing of times. To put a crescent moon into a design brings up these themes, particularly paired with other symbols such as flowers and landscapes that have their own significance.

In tattoo design, crescent moons can take on several artistic representations. Sometimes it is the literal moon, as part of a nighttime scene or other natural landscape, other times it is more symbolic. Crescents also feature in the background of tattoo designs as accent pieces or to add a touch of imagery.

Whatever your choice, crescent moons are versatile and add just that little something to your tattoo design. Hopefully among these you will find your inspiration!

Crescent Moon Tattoo Collage

Best Crescent Moon Tattoo Designs

Flower Crescent

Floral Crescent Moon Tattoo

One of the best attributes of a crescent moon tattoo is its versatility. A crescent doesn’t have to be a moon to be an effective tattoo, the flowers here take the shape of the crescent while adding symbolism. Hibiscus flowers have several meanings, including beauty and delicacy, but also power and immortality. The delicate colors of the other flowers offset the pop of pink from the hibiscus.

Tiny Pointillist Crescent

Tiny Crescent Moon Tattoo

Simple tattoos are often the most effective, and tiny tattoos are a trend among these. Using the pointillist art technique, this delicate crescent fits with the curve of the stomach. This would also be an excellent choice for a temporary tattoo.

Crescent Outline

Crescent Moon Tattoo Outline on Shoulder

Small tattoos are not only trending, but also are perfect if you need to cover your tattoo at any point. Placing the tattoo on the shoulder means that a wide tank top or sleeved shirt covers it, ideal for the workplace or another professional location. However, when you want to show it off, this cute crescent is right there!

Henna Crescent

Crescent Moon Tattoo done in henna

Henna-inspired, the swirls and droplets fit with the common themes of Eastern tattoo patterns. Adding in the stars makes connections to other celestial bodies, but also fits with the Islamic symbolism of the star and crescent. Keeping the tattoo in black and white allows the details of the design to remain clear.

Crescent Behind the Ear

Crescent Moon Tattoo behind ear

Within the tiny tattoo trend, behind the ear tattoos are also growing in popularity. A small crescent moon is an adorable behind the ear choice, simple and classic. While the tattoo is cute in plain black, you could go with any color you wish with such a basic design. If you want your tattoo to be even more subtle, you could go for a white ink tattoo.

Paisley Crescent

Crescent Moon Tattoo Paisley

Taking inspiration from paisley designs, this is a charming option for a crescent tattoo. The bold outline of the crescent is a nice complement to the delicate lines of the paisley. Pulling the artwork to the outline of the crescent brings cohesion to the tattoo. Placing the tattoo on the back of the arm is a unique choice, but this tattoo would also look great on the ankle or forearm.


Crescent Moon Tattoo

A cool visual illusion, the crescent is formed by the moon coming up over the water and the reflection of the moon below. The sharp distinction of the shining moon and the waves of the water add to the complexity of the design. While the black and white nature of the tattoo helps to make the illusion work, the design would also be cool in color to add another element of contrast.

Lighthouse in the Night

Lighthouse in Crescent Moon Tattoo

Putting the lighthouse within the crescent moon helps to create a scene contained in one tattoo design. The shading techniques help to give the tattoo a hand drawn look, almost like a little doodle from a sketchbook. While this is much larger than a doodle, the tattoo lends itself to multiple sizes and placements.

Ombre Crescent Moon

Crescent Moon Tattoo Outer Space in Ombre color

The details in this design make the tattoo. Craters add a sense of realism to the moon, while the gradation of the colors add the fun of a sci-fi type look. The crescent seems like it pulled away from the rest of the moon, a different take on the shape. Using white outlines sets off the look of the tattoo, while also adding another dimension.

Roses and Lilies

Big Crescent Moon Tattoo

Roses traditionally have a meaning of love or romance, while lilies connect back to the concept of purity. Combining these symbols together with the meaning of the crescent, the ebb and flow of life, this tattoo could mean the constancy of pure love in spite of the changing times. In addition to the beautiful meaning, the design itself is breathtaking. The crescent works well as the focal point, with the flowers providing length and movement.

Man in the Moon

Crescent Moon Tattoo

Many cultures have stories of “the man in the moon,” prompting artistic renderings like this tattoo. The delicate lines and shading help to sharpen the details the facial features, adding to the whimsy and fairy tale nature of the design. Using white ink for the stars and to highlight aspects of the artwork add a little pop without adding unnecessary color.

Ohana Means Family

Hawaiian Crescent Moon Tattoo

Traditional Hawaiian tattoos are trending, and among these are a rising trend in ohana tattoos. The moon and flowers connect to the land and ocean, which is a theme in Hawaiian tattoos. While the design in nice in black and white, adding a punch of color in the flowers would set of the rest of the tattoo.

Peonies Crescent

Peonies flowers Crescent Moon Tattoo

Peonies convey compassion and honor, but also have a meaning of good fortune. As the crescent moon is connected to fertility, the peony and moon together could mean happiness and prosperity in the family. From a design standpoint, as a full flower peonies are a beautiful way to fill in the spaces of the tattoos.

Wo-man in the Moon

Small Crescent Moon Tattoo

A different take on the myth, this adorable design feminizes the face. Keeping the lines thin allows the details of this smaller tattoo to remain clear. While the placement here is a bit more intimate, a tattoo of this size would be easy to place on the shoulder, wrist, or forearm.

Crescent Rose

Roses and Crescent Moon Tattoo

Both roses and crescent moons are significant in Middle Eastern culture, making this tattoo a great option to respect your culture or the culture of your ancestors. Other details, like the stars and delicate jewelry also fits with the theme. Artistically, the shading in the design makes the roses pop as well as making the look.

Poppies and Peony

Poppies in Crescent Moon Tattoo

While peonies are connected to compassion, romance, and good fortune, they also represent honor. Poppies often are used to show remembrance, so putting the poppies and peonies together on the crescent moon make the perfect tribute tattoo. As crescent moons fit with the passing of time or the ebb and flow of life, honor and remembrance as life moves on work well within such a design.

Tale as Old as Time

Crescent Moon Tattoo with black rose

The silhouette of the rose is reminiscent of the magic rose in Beauty and the Beast, sparkling in the night under the light of the crescent moon. Putting the moon on its side helps to make the tattoo symmetrical, but also could show the conflict felt with in the story of the Beast. Using the shading on the moon rather than the black rose heightens the contrast within the design.

Stained Class Moon

Stained glass Crescent Moon Tattoo

Taking inspiration from stained glass, the beautiful flowers within the crescent moon stand out beautifully against the black background. Using thicker lines for the leaves and outlines of the petals complete the stained glass theme. This tattoo is the perfect size for the forearm, but also would be the right size for the shoulder or upper back.

Day and Night

Matching Crescent Moon Tattoos

Beautiful matching tattoos, the crescent moon is the ideal pairing to the rising sun. Using the ocean within these scenes adds a sense of serenity and life. The subtle shading within the artwork adds depth to the designs. These tattoos would also make a great option for couples or partners.

Small Crescent Back Tattoo

Lower back Crescent Moon Tattoo

This small crescent makes the perfect back tattoo, able to be shown off when you want it seen and covered when you don’t. The shading from the points of the crescent helps add curvature and dimension to the tattoo. Keeping it simple is a great option, but you could also add a star or two if you wanted some extra detail.

Peace on the Mountaintop

forest inside Crescent Moon Tattoo

A beautiful nighttime scene, the pine trees are a nice contrast to the details of the crescent moon. The rough crags and craters of the moon stand out within the design, making the moon the focal point of the tattoo. Using white ink in some of the details and the stars makes these elements pop.

Solar Adventures

Crescent Moon Tattoo and planets

Aside from stars, planets are the natural complement to a moon within the design. Using tiny dots for the faraway stars makes it easy to blend in the lines that make the planets look like they’re hanging off the moon. The shading and pointillism add whimsy to the artwork, fitting for a far-out tattoo.

Sunflowers and Hydrangea

Sunflowers & hydrangea in Crescent Moon Tattoo

Sunflowers have the meaning of adoration, while hydrangea convey deep understanding. Creating a tattoo with this design is a wonderful way to show your affection for someone you care about. Using the colors within the crescent make it seem like you are looking through a window into someone’s garden.  

Peonies and Dragonfly

Peonies and Dragonfly in Crescent Moon Tattoo shape

Dragonflies tend to symbolize change, transformation, adaptability, and self-realization. The flowers, camellia, show love, affection, and admiration. Combined with the crescent moon, the dragonfly makes perfect sense as it fits with the changing of time. The flowers’ symbolism is most likely more personal, but with a loving connotation. Using plain outlines rather than colors allows the tattoo to make an impact while maintaining simplicity.

Full Crescent

Full Crescent Moon Tattoo

A fun visual trick, the delicate nature of this moon is both a crescent and full moon in one. The texture of the crescent is beautiful, the shading emphasizing the details. Using the simple dots to fill in the crescent completes the visual, effectively creating the full moon without overdoing the design. The tattoo looks nice on the forearm, but would also fit well on the shoulder or even the back of the neck.

Find the Crescent

Simple Crescent Moon Tattoo

One of the major advantages to tiny tattoos is their placement. By its nature, you can put a tiny tattoo in almost any location on the body and it will fit, regardless of the design. This adorable crescent is a fun surprise on the inside of the arm! Keeping it simple is the right choice in this instance, as over complicating tiny tattoos muddles the design.

Crescent Gradation

Faint pine trees and Crescent Moon Tattoo

Again using the pointillist technique, the shading of the artwork gives beauty and shape to the design. Making the shading in opposite directions adds to the idea of peace and serenity of nighttime. By drawing the trees at different heights, it shakes up the visual interest of the design.

Que Será, Será

Crescent Moon Tattoo in flowers with quote

A beautiful tattoo with a beautiful message, que será, será translates to “whatever will be, will be.” As the purple pansy connects to freethinking and memories, while the crescent refers to the passage of time through life. Bringing all these symbols together could have several meanings, from moving forward from a past hurt or acknowledging that you don’t need to control every aspect of your life. While the deep purple and gorgeous script are truly lovely, the significance is what makes it so fabulous.


Mountain inside shape of Crescent Moon Tattoo

While the crescent is more in the background, the shape enhances the tattoo and serves to give it structure. Outlining the mountains and clouds allows those aspects to stand out more in the foreground and fits with the natural components within the design. Delicate shading gives depth to the artwork and the tattoo as a whole.

Orange Crescent

Shoulder Crescent Moon Tattoo

Gorgeous, deep colors make this crescent moon tattoo. Orange tends to mean excitement and enthusiasm, paired with the crescent could imply and excitement for life and all its potential. From a design perspective, using bold outlines makes the colors stand out against the black of the crescent, while the white highlights give dimension. This would also be an excellent choice for a temporary tattoo if you are looking to try one out.

Lotus Crescent Moon

Lotus flower inside Crescent Moon Tattoo

Lotus flowers are another Eastern symbol, much like the crescent moon. Lotuses are symbols of purity, enlightenment, and rebirth, fitting with the changing times of the moon. The other beautiful designs fit with the Eastern theme, accenting the feeling of the tattoo. Using the white ink allows for a bit of pop and dazzle without adding unnecessary color.

Eastern Lotus

Eastern Lotus and Crescent Moon Tattoo

Another Eastern inspired design, the crescent moons frame the lotus flower in a beautiful pattern of symmetry. Using pointillism to create the shading, giving both depth and texture to the design. The tattoo looks gorgeous on the back, but if you aren’t willing to endure sitting for a spine tattoo this design would be perfect for the forearm.

Crescent Daisies

Daisies bloom from Crescent Moon Tattoo

Daisies represent purity and innocence, and are just plain cute, making them a sweet component in this tattoo design. The shading and white highlights of the flowers are a nice contrast to the bold black of the crescent moon in the background. Delicate jewelry adds a decorative touch to the overall look.

Geometric Mountain

Geometric shapes in Crescent Moon Tattoo

This tattoo design takes modern art to a new level! A mountain scene in front of the crescent moon is not uncommon, making the mountain into a geometric shape deviates from the standard. Using the lines as the shading shows the different angles of the mountain while sticking to the modern art feel. The stark nature of the crescent moon also helps the mountain to be the focal point of the tattoo.

Starry Night Roses

Shoulder blade Crescent Moon Tattoo

A beautiful cluster of roses is a gorgeous pairing to the night sky in this tattoo design. Phenomenon shading helps each petal stand out, while the white highlights make other details like the stars pop out. This design shows romance and mystery, captured in a stunning tattoo. While the black and white is striking, a deep red in the roses would work nicely.

Crescent Finger Tattoo

Finger Crescent Moon Tattoo

Delicate by nature, this tiny crescent finger tattoo is a sweet accent, like permanent jewelry. Black makes the tattoo stand out, although you could go for a color or even white ink if you want something a bit more subtle. Pairing the crescent with another tiny tattoo, like a star or planet, would be a fun option.

Crescent Wrist Tattoo

Rose and Crescent Moon Tattoo

In this tattoo, the crescent is a smaller component supporting the roses. In this instance, it is likely that the crescent holds personal significance in combination with the roses. The hand-drawn nature of this design emphasizes the personal feeling. A smaller tattoo like this would also be nice on the ankle.

Painted Crescent Tattoo

Chest flower Crescent Moon Tattoo

This tattoo has a painted look, helping making the colors deep and rich. The details are striking, like a painting, and stand out against the black of the crescent. A design like this would also make an excellent temporary tattoo, especially if you wanted to try out this placement before committing.

Dahlia Crescent

Crescent Moon Tattoo on forearm

A gorgeous flower, dahlias represent elegance, inner strength, creativity, change, and dignity. The perfect flower for a strong woman looking to make a statement, or display its personal significance, about the owner. Subtle differences in the shading, and the distinct pointillism of the crescent, add dimension to the design. It is the perfect way to bring depth to a tattoo without bring in color.

Flowers Within

Flowers inside Crescent Moon Tattoo

Delicately designed, it is like seeing the flowers through a crescent-shaped window. Emphasizing the outlines of the flowers versus the crescent helps to make the flowers the focal point within the design. While black and white gives a sense of simplicity, adding color would still emphasize the flowers and give a pop to the tattoo.

It is important when choosing a tattoo for it to have meaning. With crescent moon tattoos, there are several meanings you could create within your design. If you want something to represent nature and its beauty, the moon is an obvious choice. The crescent moon can also bring in themes of life and death, of change and moving forward, all of which are deeply personal and beautiful. Putting a crescent moon in your tattoo could be a subtle way to show these personal themes without showcasing them to the world. Flowers of varying symbolism pair well with the crescent as well, adding depth to the overall meaning of the tattoo design.

However you want to use your crescent moon, you will not be disappointed with the outcome in your tattoo!

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Also known as lotus, lotus flowers have a very deep religious meaning as well as other spiritual ones. Lotus flowers can symbolize compassion, purity, and even strength. Lotus flowers sometimes grow in the most polluted water but bloom beautifully and still, create beautiful petal flowers.

Lotus flower tattoos are popular among people of Asian descent. In fact, they can even symbolize eternal life. This is because the lotus flower grows in every possible condition. Because the existent of the lotus flower never ends, it is believed to be an eternal creature.

Lotus flower tattoos can be placed anywhere on the body but their most common placements are the foot, the back, or the arms. Lotus flowers have an extensive list of meanings and are usually very personal tattoos.

If you’re looking for a meaningful, beautiful, and realistic lotus flower tattoo that has a deep and important representation, we’ve got you covered. Here below you’ll find the 15 most beautiful lotus flower tattoos as well as some Japanese lotus tattoo to consider.

What Does a Lotus Flower Mean Spiritually?

What Does a Lotus Flower Mean Spiritually

Lotus flowers have different spiritual meanings that are all important and deep. First of all, lotus flowers symbolize peace. In fact, with its beautiful pink color, it simplifies the fact of simply being. Lotus flowers float on the water and are not impacted by what happens in the external world. For this reason, lotus flowers symbolize peacefulness.

Secondly, lotus flowers can also represent wisdom. White lotus flowers represent spiritual wisdom as they have open petals symbolizing mind-opening and its full connection with the world around them. This spiritual meaning is one of the most powerful reasons why people tattoo themselves with a lotus flower.

Moreover, it can also represent courage. Yellow and orange lotus flowers can be compared with the energy of life and fire, and therefore, can represent perseverance as well as bravery.

Furthermore, lotus flowers symbolize compassion. Compassion is certainly a strong and deep meaning and that is why many people choose to get a lotus flower tattoo to emphasize their compassion. Red lotus flowers symbolize love and our heart which open up slowly with them before turning into our full selves.

What Is The Meaning Of Lotus Flower Tattoos?

What Is The Meaning Of Lotus Flower Tattoos

Sure, lotus flowers have strong and deep meanings depending on their colors. However, what is the meaning of tattoos representing them?

Well, lotus flowers also have religious meanings and that’s another reason why people get tattoos representing them. The religions that give the most importance and significance to lotus flowers are Buddhism and Hinduism.

First of all, in Hinduism, the lotus flower blossom is one of the most important spiritual symbols. In fact, it symbolizes divine beauty and purity. In addition, in Hinduism, lotus flowers are associated with the gods Brahma, Vishnu, and Lakshmi, and the opening petals represent the spiritual awakening of the soul.

On the other hand, in Buddhism, lotus flowers are also extremely important. In fact, history states that Buddha was born from a lotus flower. Also, lotus flowers represent the purity of the soul. While this is only a speculation, it is a popular belief that lotus flowers grow in muddy waters and still keep their beauty and, hence, their purity.

Last but not least, the eight petals of lotus flowers symbolize the Eightfold Path, which gives Buddhists a path to follow from the cycle of rebirth to end suffering.

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Where Do You Put A Lotus Flower Tattoo?

Getting a symbolic and meaningful tattoo can be a big event, whether you’re getting a lotus flower tattoo on your shoulder or simply a realistic lotus flower tattoo. For this reason, it’s normal to ask yourself where to put your brand new lotus flower tattoo drawing.

Well, when talking about the placement of the lotus flower tattoo, it is suitable for long and narrow areas on our body such as our thigh, arm, or back. However, on top of that, and as you’ll see below, a lotus flower tattoo drawing can also be placed in other body parts like our fingers, forearm, and even on our neck.

Note that the most popular placement for a realistic lotus flower tattoo is on the arm. In fact, arms are considered the least sensitive spot to get a tattoo and is also one of the coolest parts of the body to place it.

Traditional Lotus Flower Tattoos

Traditional lotus flower tattoos have been a popular choice for many years and for good reasons. Firstly, tattoos are intended to be placed with personal meaning and to last forever. By getting one of these traditional lotus flower tattoos, you’ll remember the value for a very long time as well as keeping a traditional and somewhat conservative look.

Spine Lotus Flower Tattoo

Spine Lotus Flower Tattoo

A lotus flower tattoo on the spine isn’t only a clever placement to choose but it’s also very symbolic. In fact, you’ll be able to hide it at work if needed and to show it off at the beach during summertime.

Needless to say, it can also add style to your back and that’s one of the reasons we find it to be one of the most beautiful lotus flower tattoos.

Buddha And Lotus Flower Tattoo

Buddha And Lotus Flower Tattoo

This Buddha and lotus flower tattoo is some of the most meaningful ones you can consider. As mentioned previously, in Buddhism, it is believed that Buddha was born out of a lotus flower and, therefore, it has a symbolic meaning. Other than that, it is just incredibly beautiful and will suit your back, your legs, or even your thighs.

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Stemmed Lotus Flower Tattoo

Stemmed Lotus Flower Tattoo

Stemmed lotus flower tattoos are another one of the traditional and realistic lotus flower tattoo you should consider. It can be placed anywhere, you can choose a bigger or smaller size, and the stem will certainly make it very unique.

Lotus Flower Tattoo For Men

Men often like their lotus flower tattoo drawing for being unique, for having an important meaning, and also for matching their revival. Flower tattoos were first introduced to sailormen in the 18th century and remained manly since then. Whether colorful or in black, these lotus flower tattoos for men are certainly going to impress you.

Chest Lotus Flower Tattoo

Chest Lotus Flower Tattoo

A chest lotus flower tattoo is one of the most popular lotus flower tattoos for men. It matches a trained body, it can enhance the image of your muscles, and can definitely remind you of its meaning.

Forearm Lotus Flower Tattoo

Forearm Lotus Flower Tattoo

Putting a lotus flower tattoo on your forearm is a delicate yet meaningful choice you can think of. Whether big or small, it is stylish and somewhat sexy which is another thing to consider.

Shoulder Tatoo

Shoulder Tatoo

Just like the chest lotus flower tattoo for men, the shoulder one is a beautiful enhancer for muscles. It can be inked in black or colors and will definitely suit any top you choose to wear. In addition, you’ll certainly look cool at the beach or at the gym while still remembering its powerful meaning.

Realistic Lotus Flower Tattoo

Getting a realistic lotus flower tattoo is the best decision for many people. In fact, they’re usually a simple lotus flower tattoo full of meaning and with a realistic and simple style. Also, both men and women can get it inked on several parts of the body and that’s another reason to choose one of these below.

Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Wrist Lotus Flower Tattoo

Wrists are a beautiful place to get a realistic lotus flower tattoo and for several reasons. They’re small, they can be hidden easily if needed, and add an elegant touch to its already beautiful meaning. They’re usually a simple lotus flower tattoo will a lot of details.

Ankle Lotus Flower Tattoo

Ankle Lotus Flower Tattoo

Just like the beautiful lotus flower tattoos on the wrists, the ones on the ankle look very realistic and can be easily hidden. Though they can be shown off around town in flip flops or at the beach during the summer holidays and that’s certainly something to consider.

Thigh Lotus Flower

Thigh Lotus Flower

Getting a realistic lotus flower tattoo on your thigh is a great choice if you want to ink a bigger tattoo. Thighs are one of the least painful areas since they have only a few nerve endings and, for this reason, you can get a bigger tattoo with no pain.

Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are some of the oldest ones and are full of colors as well as symbolic meanings. Just like in Buddhism, lotus flowers in Japan are regarded as pure. They grow in dirty water but still bloom into beautiful flowers full of colors.

These Japanese lotus flower tattoos below have a beautiful meaning while still representing the flower and its symbolic enlightenment.

Petals Lotus Flower Tattoo

Petals Lotus Flower Tattoo

The most important part of a lotus flower is the petals. In fact, once lotus flowers bloom, they display colorful petals that symbolize purity and wisdom. Getting a petal lotus flower inked will give that part of your body a beautiful and strong meaning.

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo

Colorful Lotus Flower Tattoo

Japanese tattoos are popular for being very colorful, and that’s the reason why this lotus flower tattoo is one of the best you can think of. Whether you get it inked on your armed, on your back, or on your thighs, it is definitely going to please you every day when seeing it.

Traditional Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

Traditional Japanese Lotus Flower Tattoo

A traditional style Japanese lotus flower tattoo is the best option if you want a colorful and meaningful tattoo coming straight out of Japanese movies or animes.

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Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoos

Last but not least in our lotus flower tattoo categories is the blackwork one. Colorful tattoos aren’t the most pleasant for everyone and, for this reason, getting a black and more elegant one is a great alternative.

Whether you want to show it off at work, with your friends, or keep reminded of its representation with an elegant touch, a blackwork lotus flower tattoo is the one you’re looking for.

Moon And Lotus Flower Tattoo

Moon And Lotus Flower Tattoo

Getting a moon and lotus flower tattoo is simply some of the most original and unique ideas you can get inked. It has an important meaning to consider. The moon is the representation of constant change and, combined with a lotus flower, it represents a constant change with purity.

Moreover, it can be tattooed in a small or bigger size which is great to get it anywhere on the back, arms, thighs, ankles, and more.

Heavy Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoo

Heavy Blackwork Lotus Flower Tattoo

While heavy blackwork can be seen as having a darker side, it is definitely not the case for lotus flower tattoos. These still strongly represent the Hindu and Buddhist meanings of the flower as well as the purity and wisdom. Whether you get it done on the upper or down parts of the body, it will be a great representation of your beliefs.

Neck Lotus Flower Tattoo

Neck Lotus Flower Tattoo

A neck tattoo is similar to a realistic lotus flower tattoo on the spine. However, it is usually smaller to match the upper part of our back. It can be done on both the front and back of our neck and that’s definitely going to give you more style.

Lotus Flower Tattoo Meanings and Styles – Our Conclusion

These were all the most important meanings of lotus flower tattoos that you should know if you’re looking into getting one of them inked. Whether you want to get one for religious reasons, to represent strength, or simply for elegance purposes, you’ll love your new tattoo.

From realistic lotus flower tattoos to traditional ones to the ones for men, these are the best styles we could think of.

If you have a friend or a family member that is looking for some ideas, these lotus flower tattoo drawings are certainly a good option, so make sure to share this article with them.

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What Your Crescent Moon Tattoo Actually Means

No matter where you are in the world, you can appreciate the beauty of our moon. Captivating and enlightening, the moon holds many associations in its physical form. In Greek mythology, Artemis was the Goddess of wilderness and hunting. A moon is often paired with Diana, to represent her protection over children and childbirth. In Wicca, the moon can be associated with Demeter, Persephone and Hecate, also known as The Mother, the Maiden and the Crone, who represent the passage of time and life cycle from birth to death with their changing phases. For those that are seeking dark or gothic style tattoos, a moon is dark and mysterious enough to fill that void. 

But it doesn't take an affinity for darkness to appreciate lunar tattoos. Cancers, whose Zodiac sign is ruled by the moon, might feel particularly attracted to the symbolism. Any darkness aside, the moon is viewed as a female symbol and can also be associated with the Goddess Isis. As a representation of the Earth Mother, the moon follows the natural curve of a woman's body and breasts. Paired with a small star, a crescent moon becomes a recognized Islamic symbol that is known all over the world. Roman mythology also carries many stories that may aid you in your choice of a moon, whether that be a full moon, a crescent moon, or a Maya moon goddess. It's important to research into the rich culture and heritage you want to represent with your moon, because as with many important cultural symbols, it's easy to be insensitive out of ignorance.

What Is a Crescent Moon?

Crescent moons (also called half moons) near-universally represent birth cycles and fertility, and may be worn to represent womanhood.

Overall, though, consider what the moon invokes in you when choosing a design. Although it can be grounding, it can also have the opposite effect, calling forth more wild sensibilities. The push and pull of the lunar cycle might swing your mood quickly. Wearing a half moon tattoo represents your connection with the moon, and celebrates the union between magic and the universe at large.​​

If you appreciate more light-hearted things, you may find a man on the moon tattoo to be a cute and whimsical choice. However, keep in mind that an intricate moon design will necessitate a high level of detail, so you'll want to make sure you find the right artist for that particular job.

In general, crescent moon tattoos tend to be smaller and hold less detail, so they usually look best on the inner wrists, fingers or the neck. Putting your tattoo anywhere else means it will disappear, or maybe just look like it's floating on your body—although some people choose to make full, space-themed sleeves around their moon tattoo. If you're truly struggling with placement, your artist will be your best resource. If you want to be reminded of the moon's magickal force, remember to place the tattoo somewhere you can see it every day. 

Sours: https://www.byrdie.com/half-moon-tattoos-3189683

Meaning Of The Lotus Tattoo – The Most Sacred Flower Of Them All

When it comes to flower tattoos we can all agree that they are one of the most popular tattoos today and we can see them in many amazing concepts and designs. Especially popular among females, these tattoos are the most beautiful to look at. Each one of them has its own special meaning. There is one flower that stands out as the most extraordinary among this group and has the deepest meaning of them all.

The lotus blooms from the deepest and thickest mud, opening its petals one by one, rising in the most astonishing flower. Also known as a water Lilly, it is the most sacred flower in several religions around the world.

The Meaning Of The Lotus In Hinduism And Buddhism

Known as the Padma, the lotus flower is often seen in the Hindu religion. Many of the Hindu deities are represented with it and it has a significant meaning to each one of them. We can see paintings of Lord Vishnu, Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha represented with a lotus flower as their seat, above their head or in their hands. It symbolizes purity and divine beauty and its leaves represent spiritual awakening. It is believed that each one of us has a lotus inside and its petals are opening when we expand our soul with our good actions.

In Buddhism, the lotus is represented with eight petals and it symbolizes purity of the spirit, mind, and body. We can see many tattoos of Buddha designed with lotus flowers around it representing the Buddha’s nature. Because the Lotus rises from the mud, it is connected with the teachings of reincarnation. Check out Buddha Tattoos and their Spiritual Meanings.

The Meaning Of The Lotus Colors

Each color of the Lotus has its own meaning. The White Lotus is the most popular because it is the purest color. It represents the highest perfection in soul and it is believed that the one who wears it is the most awakened.

The Blue Lotus represents intelligence and knowledge. It is a symbol for overcoming physical temptations. There are people who ink Blue Lotus as a reminder of their struggle in life to get past something that troubled them for years.

The Red Lotus or the Heart Lotus represents love. It is an amazing tattoo choice if love is the force that keeps you going through life. If you are a compassionate person the Red Lotus is the perfect choice to show that to the world.

Lotus And Moon Tattoo Meaning

One of the most interesting lotus tattoos is the one with a half or crescent moon under the flower. This specific tattoo indicates enlightenment in darkness or feminine power. It is mostly inked by women and many people from the yoga community.

The moon is one of the most powerful symbols of our lives. We all go under constant change every single day and yet we always stay the same people. Combined with the lotus flower it means that during these constant changes we have to grow with purity. There are great designs of this tattoo and it always looks amazing. There are so many colorful designs from which you can choose your favorite.

Lotus Tattoo Designs And Body Positions

Many tattoo artists take a big interest in designing amazing concepts of Lotus flowers because they are often requested by their customers. They are placed in various parts of the body like the arms, back, neck, and legs and there are many different design combinations that we can see. A lot of people have Lotus tattoos with the AUM or OM sign inside it, some people add two Lotuses on the upper parts of their hands as a sign of their spiritual relationship. There are Lotuses with Egyptians elements representing the passage into the afterlife and they look very cool with all those amazing colors. Also, In Japan, many Lotus tattoos can be seen in combination with their traditional dragons which look awesome as designs. There is also the famous tribal tattoo- simple lotus in black or green color. Usually small in size, these tattoos can be seen on the neck, in the upper part of the foot or the hand.

Now that you know the meaning of the Lotus flower you can make your choice for a tattoo design. Let’s not forget that the Lotus tattoo will never be out of fashion so anyway that you decide to ink it will look amazing on your skin. Because of its deeper symbolism, the Lotus tattoo will always be one of the most divine tattoos in the world. Let’s check some amazing Lotus tattoo designs.

Lotus Tattoo With Shloka On Hand
Lotus Tattoo On Neck
Lotus Tattoo on Back Girl
Lotus Tattoo On Back
Lotus Tattoo Blue Color
Lotus Tattoo
Pink Lotus Tattoo On Back
Lotus Tattoo On Bicep
Lotus Tattoo On Sleeves
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Crescent moon tattoo lotus

The Coolest Crescent Moon Tattoos (And What They Mean)

The moon is symbolic of a range of interests and beliefs, making it a perfect tattoo choice for anyone who believes in the influence of the celestial body, appreciates the vast night sky, or enjoys its aesthetic look.

Crescent moons, in particular, represent motherhood and fertility, though several different communities claim the symbol. It can also be symbolic of growth, creativity, and manifestation. Sarah Kim, a tattoo artist at Body Art & Soul Tattoo in Brooklyn, NY, says that there isn’t just one meaning behind a crescent moon tattoo. "Crescent moons are usually related to new phases in life, new chapters, a new begging," explains Chris Vasquez of West 4 Tattoo.

While the design holds a multitude of meanings, you don't have to resonate with one of them to get it tattooed. “The popularity of this tattoo can be as simple as someone simply just liking how a crescent moon looks,” explains Kim.

Scroll on to check out some stunning crescent moon tattoos that will inspire your new ink.

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Mid-Size Ankle Crescent Moon

This mid-size ankle crescent moon has a face, adding a bit of whimsy to the design. The artist also used some dots near the tips of the moon to act as shading and around the outside as stars.

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Finger Tattoos

"Most of mine/our clients love delicate and small tattoos, my job is to make them look aesthetically aligned with the body," explains Vasquez. "The outcome being dainty and beautiful, plus it being a mystical, magical, and enchanting symbol that represents so much makes it a very appealing tattoo for all."

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Saffron and Crescent Moon

The artist filled in the ends of the slender crescent moon, fading out the black with light dots towards the middle. The precise linework carries in the saffron illustration and constellation laying atop the moon.

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Crescent Moon with a Small Hand

By adding a small hand holding the crescent moon, the tattoo puts extra emphasis on the femininity of the symbol. The filled-in moon adds some black art contrast to the line-art hand.

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Watercolor Crescent Moon

The artist uses a watercolor-esque style on this crescent moon made up of roses and colorful botanicals. While the symbols invoke a connection to spirituality and nature, the use of color allows the tattoo to be more aesthetically customized.

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Crescent Moon with a Black Cat

“There is a huge subculture of people who love—or at least have an interest in—things like witches, moon phases, the occult, and other alternative styles who also find tattoos to be the perfect way to express their aesthetic and interests,” said Kim.

This crescent moon tattoo is depicted in the colors of a sunset with a black cat sitting on its bottom tip. Adding a cat increases the symbolism, as they tend to be associated with witchcraft or goddesses.

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Crescent Moon with Lily Flowers

In this moon and flower tattoo, the crescent is depicted with thin line art with dots on either tip for shading. The lilies affixed to the bottom emphasize the femininity and divinity of the moon.

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Single Flower Crescent Moon

The beauty is in the simplicity of a single flower and tiny crescent moon. Faded shading and crisp lines give this tattoo an inky, illustrated style.

Vasquez says that crescent moons are one of the hardest things to accomplish, "Circles, straight lines, and anything that has to do with perfect geometry is always a challenge and could go easily wrong when not done with proper techniques and experience. I've seen many banana-shaped moons, inconsistent lines, and wrongly placed crescent moon tattoos."

Vasquez recommends doing the research and finding someone who specializes and can interpret your ideas. 

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Mandala Lace Floral Moon

This floral crescent moon is a great way of showing how customizable the tattoo can be. By adding a unique mix of embellishments like mandala lace or lotus flowers, the tattoo is a super personalized piece of art.

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Upper Back Peonies With Black Moon

Here, the artist created a starry effect by shading the crescent moon black and leaving negative space to create the stars. A frame of peonies reflects the feminine and romantic side of the symbol and looks as shiny as the stars with the careful placement of white ink highlights.

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Crescent Moon With a Rose

This moon looks like what you might see in the night sky. Rather than a hard outline surrounding the entire crescent shape, we see a defined outer edge and a more realistic-looking fade of textured black, white, and grey. The rose stands out with its crisp outlines.

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Black Crescent Moon With a Mermaid

This black moon tattoo takes on a dark and mystical approach. The mermaid completes the ink with an element of fantasy.

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Geometric Back Moon

The artist used precise dot work to shape the crescent in this tattoo. This moon is particularly unique as it's flipped on a side we don't normally see with crescent moon tattoos.

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Minimal Crescent Moon

The size and simple nature of a crescent moon make it ideal for placing in a small, hidden place. "I love doing them behind the ears, ankles, the wrist, and pretty much everywhere," Vasquez says. "I love adding geometry or sometimes charms and beads to them, incorporating designs opens a range of ideas and ways to make them flow with the shape of the body."

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Colorful Moon With Birth Flower

Birth flowers are another way unique personalize your ink. The mix of delicate black ink larkspur with a thin, saturated purple and blue moon has a gorgeous effect. Because the zodiac sign Cancer is ruled by the moon and the birth flower for July is larkspur, we love this idea for Cancers born in July.

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Dainty Wrist Moon With Flower

This tiny piece was created with only a few strokes and makes the perfect minimal wrist tattoo. Also, note the way the artist doubled the moon's outline as the flower stem.

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Red Ink

A simple thin-lined tattoo is a great way to experiment with color if you're afraid of going overboard. The red-ink crescent here is complete with a face on the moon.

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Whale Tied to Tiny Moon

A tiny whale tied to an even tinier moon feels like something of a dream. Careful black and grey shading create a whimsical, but realistic-style tattoo.

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Floral Crescent Moon on Back

A crescent made entirely of flowers ties in the feminine aspect of the moon while remaining slightly more ambiguous.

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Upper Thigh Crescent Moon With Cherry Blossoms

This thigh piece proves there are countless ways to do a flower and moon tattoo. Delicate lines shading make the cherry blossom petals gracefully pop against the crescent.

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Dreamer Moon With Red Flower

A modern cursive font is placed to shape the crescent in this tattoo. The bright red rose brings out the tiny red dots along the moon's outlines, creating a beautiful minimal picture with just enough statement moments to elevate the visual interest.

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Crescent Moon Bow and Arrow

Here, the crescent moon is serving as the bow for this bow and arrow tattoo. Two very powerful symbols, the moon and arrow can come together to create a new and powerful combined meaning.

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Upside Down Moon

This dot work moon is flipped to face upside down and is hanging with various flowers and botanicals. The artist used varying sizes and boldness in the dots, creating a sense of texture to contrast the dark outline.

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Snake on Slender Moon

A solid black moon is perfectly on-theme to pair with a fang-bore snake. The slithering creature provides a lot of placement opportunities for different ways to creatively coil around the moon.

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Mountain Moon

This artist used a mix of line and dot work to create the pictured mountain moon tattoo. The crescent shape makes the perfect framing for a second visual placed within.

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Delicate Line Work

A super delicate piece made with the light hand of a professional. The geometric moon tattoo is comprised of separate single-line elements, placed together to create a full picture.

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Feathers and Flowers

Crescent moons provide a lot of opportunities to serve as a base for hanging decoration. Here, we have feathers, jewels, and flowers trickling off the moon like a dreamcatcher.

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Sunflower and Crescent Moon on Wrist

This super contrasty sunflower and moon tattoo is hyper-detailed in the petals and leaves. The stardust is but simple lines and dots but pops to equal effect when juxtaposed with the bulk of the piece.

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Floral Hip Moon

Black and white ink makes this floral crescent moon tattoo appear more three-dimensional and gives the illusion of glistening petals.

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Minimal Sunrise Moon

Like the moon, the sun is also loaded with meaning when used in tattoos. This fine-line piece shows us a delicate example of combining the two together in a minimalist way.

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Whale in the Clouds and Moon

Another dreamy whale and moon tattoo, this piece is even more otherworldly with the addition of stars and swirling clouds.

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Ram Skull and Flowers with Crescent Moon

With the focus taken off of the moon, the crescent we see here is almost more of an after-thought to the bundle of flowers and gems around the ram skull.

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Matching Botanical Moons

Two crescent moons ensconced in botanicals is a great idea for a set of matching tattoos. While they correlate, they still each retain their individuality with their personal choices of flowers.

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Upper Back Moon and Lilies

A crescent moon can be shaped any way you want it. Here, we have a lunate curve, reaching almost all the way around to meet at each end. The moon's shading appears much more blended and hazy than the foregrounding lilies, which are boldly outlined.

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Simple Outlines

While simple, this line tattoo has several elements going on to create an interesting piece. The moon is shaped by flowers and is surrounded by stars and tiny circles, giving it a whimsical appeal.

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Constellation Crescent

This artist placed contrasting styles with the same astrological theme together. This crescent moon is made with shaded realism, while the corresponding constellation boasts precise linework and silhouettes.

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Birth Flowers in Crescent Moon Shape

This large lunar birth flower piece is romantic and bold. The artist used expertly sharp lines and delicate shading throughout, giving the flowers life and movement.

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Realism Crescent Moon

The artist used a black and grey technique to create a realistic crescent moon. The outer black edge is dark and bold to create a solid shape, and the speckled shadowing gives the illusion of the moon’s glow.

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Sketched Moon With Face

The multiple lines denoting the shape of this faced moon gives it the look of a single line sketch. Leafy foliage brings an earthy element to the cosmic illustration.

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Black Moon and Lilies

This black moon tattoo is adorned in black and white lily linework and stars. The artist used white ink where the flowers run over the moon so the lines aren't lost in the dark ink.

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Roman Numeral Clock With Crescent Moon

The bow of the moon doubles as the center of a Roman numeral clock in this tattoo. A combination of precisely straight and curved lines add geometric elements, while a trail of stars plays on the comics of the moon.

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Blue Moon With Peonies

Another example of how black and grey florals look beautiful when paired with a colored moon. Here, the artist created a gradient across the crescent, melting from a lighter teal to deep indigo, and finishing with black.

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Misty Moon and Flowers

Here, the artist used an inverted, negative space approach by forming dotted clouds to form the moon's silhouette. The dots fan out from the clouds to create the appearance of a misty night.

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Crescent Moon-Shaped Roses

A vine with three roses arches to form a lunate bow. The artist uses sketch-like strokes to create the appearance of shading.

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Moon and Sword

Pictured here is a sword piercing a realistic moon that is complete with the tiniest crevice detailing. Sword tattoos hold their own meanings as well; often denoting strength, power, and courage.

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Red Rose Mandala Moon

Another example of how color can be incorporated in your crescent moon tattoo, the red roses are painted with white highlights, giving the florals a three-dimensional effect. The black and white moon is further embellished with a partial mandala, which is often used to represent balance, harmony, and wholeness.

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Fine Line Owl on Moon

As another symbol of the night, an owl fits perfectly in place with a crescent moon in this fine line tattoo.

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Crescent Moon Around Flowers

Here, the crescent moon is speckled with dot work in place of traditional shading. The lilies within the frame of the curve are outlined and shaded with linework to contrast.

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Single-Line Angel on Moon

Pictured here is an angel sitting on a simple crescent moon in an illustrative, single-line style. Below, the artist inked minimalist dots hanging like a jeweled chain from the moon.

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Lilies With Mandala Lace

Mandala embellishments are a versatile option: In this tattoo, only a few strands of mandala lace hang from the crescent moon, along with delicate lilies and botanicals

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Miniature Rose Crescent

A tiny moon tattoo doesn't have to be limited to silhouettes and outlines. Here, a miniature-sized vine of roses curls into a dainty crescent behind the ear.

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Tiny Moon in Flower Bunch

The artist's exquisite linework forms these delicate florals in black and grey ink. Here, the small crescent moon is shaped by the use of negative space over the leaves' shadows.

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Simple Wrist Flower Moon

Cherry blossoms adorn a single-line stem that is forged in a crescent shape. The artist used black and grey ink to carefully dot the petals, creating a faded look on the shading.

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