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Midea HS-87L Review

The freezer is separate from the fridge body and is covered by a hinged plastic cover. Though quite small, the freezer is still capable of holding small meals or a couple of drinks. To prevent excess moisture building up within the unit and coating the freezer in ice, the unit has a manual defrost function that you can use without having to resort to unplugging the fridge and leaving it open.

The wire shelves in this compact refrigerator are adjustable to accommodate your storage needs. It offers four adjustable heights for the two wire racks, so you can fit just about any food item in the fridge. The door contains two shelves, one of which is large enough for 2-liter bottles. Each shelf has a removable wire rack that you can take out to store larger items within this small fridge.

The Midea HS-87L1 offers all of the basic features you require from a small refrigerator. It is equipped with a standard-capacity interior, an internal temperature control and manual defrost. Combine it with the benefit of a reversible door swing so you can place it in any corner of your apartment, office or room, and this is a device that will fulfill your basic needs for cooling and storing small food items.

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Top Rated in Compact Refrigerators

4.7 | 1,012 customer ratings
94% of the ratings are 4-stars or 5-stars

I have been using this for about a month now. I am very happy with it overall. It holds a lot of drinks and it’s quiet. The only negative would be the freezer. We put a few ice cream bars in it and they got too soft, so we raised the temp to about 3/4 of the way and then 2 of the cans we had below the freezer compartment exploded.

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By LCos99

Needed a small frig. this came in 2 days. opened it up and let it set for 2 hrs. plugged it into a test meter to see power consumption. Wow it was running and I couldn't hear it 120 volts 48 watts while running. had to leave checked it in AM and it had run till shut off. used .4 kwh in 15hrs and 45 minutes thats less than a 60watt

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By Ben goodly

It worked well for 2 months and that was it. It would keep turning off and on, then eventually just off.There is basically no official Walsh Refrigerator website which makes it difficult to use the warranty (if there is one).Buyer beware. I do not recommend this brand even just for

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By J_A

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The 7 Best Narrow Refrigerators

Final Verdict

For a narrow refrigerator that's well-designed, reliable, and can slide into a small footprint of your home, shop for the GE GLE12HSPSS (view at Home Depot). This appliance has both a built-in and counter-depth design, as well as special storage for wine bottles. Another good pick is the LG LTNC11131V (view at AJ Madison), with an airflow system to control the entire unit's humidity, LED lights, and a sleek exterior.


Narrow refrigerators can have a bottom freezer, top freezer, or no freezer at all. When shopping, think about your needs and where it's being installed to find the right type for you. A top-freezer model has a classic design that fits well in various homes, comes with helpful door storage, and can cost less. In contrast, a bottom-freezer model can look high-end and is typically easier to organize but will come with a higher price tag.

Organization options

The amount of shelving, drawers, and door bins in your narrow refrigerator impacts how much you can store. So, consider what your organization options are and if they can be adjusted if your needs change. The average narrow fridge will feature two or three shelves and a produce drawer in the fresh food portion. There are high-end models on the market that also give you specialty storage for wine bottles and cans, eliminating the need for an additional appliance.

Reversible door

A reversible door gives you the flexibility to install your narrow refrigerator wherever you see fit. Unlike a model that opens to the left or right, a model with this feature has airtight seals on both outer edges of its door to give it extra flexibility and functionality. If you're looking to install your new appliance in a garage or a tight spot in your kitchen where other appliances are close by, this feature will prove to be handy, as it also features recessed handles. Just note: the seals may become worn over time.

Bottle and can storage

Bottle and can storage in your narrow refrigerator gives you a convenient spot for your drinks. It not only eliminates the need for an extra appliance but also ensures that your seltzer, soda, or wine isn't shaken and moved around much. Especially in narrow refrigerators, where space is quite limited, you can expect this feature to keep things neat and accessible. It's particularly suitable for wine lovers or entertainers.

Garage-ready design

If a narrow refrigerator has a garage-ready design, it can withstand the uneven temperatures of a semi-outdoor space. Whether the garage becomes hot or cold, the appliance will operate properly and maintain the internal temperature you set. Any household that wants to use their new fridge as extra storage will find this feature to be convenient and a must-have, as it lets you install a narrow fridge just about anywhere.


  • The most narrow refrigerator is 24 inches wide and typically has around 10 cubic feet of space inside. This is enough room for one or two people's weekly groceries, making it a typical pick for RVs and apartments. When measuring a spot for your new appliance, you'll want to make sure you have at least 26 to 28 inches of room, as all fridges need clearance so they can operate and be accessed with ease.

  • Every type of refrigerator needs space around it. How much space you should allow for is detailed in the installation section of your model's manual. There should be at least a half-inch of clearance on either side and two inches of clearance behind the appliance in most cases. There should be at least an inch of clearance above the refrigerator, too. To install your appliance correctly, it's always best to have a professional help you.

  • Space is limited in narrow refrigerators, so you'll want to be extra thoughtful when organizing yours. There are some things you don't need to store in the fridge that will save you space, including coffee, onions, garlic, bread, or tomatoes. Make sure you use right-sized, stackable food storage containers. Items like juices and condiments should be stored in the door bins, and milk or meats can be placed on the bottom shelves. Plan out how you will organize your fridge.

This article was edited and updated by Marisa Casciano, the large appliance expert for The Spruce. Throughout her career, she's researched the ins and outs of air purifiers, dishwashers, cooktops, and more in the home and lifestyle space. She's lived in multiple apartments and understands the need to conserve space with a narrow refrigerator, as well as the desire to experience modern amenities.


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Top 5 Best Compact Refrigerators Under $200

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