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The best printers for 2021

Whether you need a printer for a small business, home office, or school, it’s important to choose a device that makes printing quick and easy. Choosing the best printer can be complex due to the wide range of features available. You might be wondering which features are worth investing in and which specs you should pay attention to when comparing printer reviews.

Our guide to the best printers will give you a better idea of the features and innovations that match your needs, starting with the best all-around model, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015. This printer is our top choice because it has endless printing options and top-notch quality.

If you’re looking for something more specific, take a look at our guides to the best inkjet printers, color laser printers, and photo printers for 2021.

Best printers at a glance

HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e

HP's OfficeJet Pro 9025e is an excellent MFP for your office.

Why should you buy this? It’s a solid all-around printer that’s great for documents and photos.

Who is the HP OfficeJet Pro 9025e for? Homes and offices with moderate printing needs.

Why we picked theHP OfficeJet Pro 9025e:

The prior generation HP OfficeJet Pro 9015 was a solid printer, and HP has made some improvements to make it an even better color inkjet this year with the OfficeJet Pro 9025e. Though the price has increased jumping to the most current model, you’re getting faster print speeds — at up to 24 pages per minute on black-and-white prints — along with 1,200 dpi scans and an automatic document feeder with a tray capacity of 35 pages for quick scans and copies. The tray loader can handle up to 250 sheets of paper, and the printer can output to a variety of formats and paper sizes, including envelopes, cards, labels, and more. And with an output of up to 4800 x 1200 resolution for color jobs, this printer is versatile enough to handle photo printing as well.

With the OfficeJet Pro 9025e, HP includes six months of its Instant Ink subscription service, which monitors how much ink you have in your cartridge and sends you replacements when you’re running low. While it may not be worth it to subscribe if you’re not churning out regular print jobs, it’s a nice feature for small offices with limited space in supply closets. Other features include Wi-Fi printing, a companion app to monitor print status, and support for AirPrint. HP also sells XL cartridges, which will help reduce printing costs in the long term. This printer averages about 3.3 cents per page, and it can also handle two-sided duplex printing to help reduce your paper cost.

Canon Pixma TS9521C Wireless Crafting Photo Printer

Canon's printers is perfect for the craft room.

Why should you buy this? It’s perfecting for creating your own greeting cards and scrapbook designs.

Who is the Canon TS9521C Wireless Crafting Printer for? Crafts, photographers, and families working on D.I.Y. art projects.

Why we picked the Canon TS9521C Wireless Crafting Photo Printer:

This photo-friendly printer uses a set of five inks to create photo-realistic prints with easy wireless connectivity from whatever device you prefer to keep your photos on. It also offers scanning and copying through the top feeder and full 12 by 12-page printing for a wide variety of projects, so you don’t have to worry about other printing tasks.

Canon has glossy paper stock available for creating realistic photos you can use in collages or scrapbooking, but that’s just the start of what this printer is capable of. From creating your own greeting cards to printing out flyers, there’s a good reason why “craft” is in the name of this model. Plus, it works well with cloud downloads, so you can work on a design project elsewhere and port it to the printer whenever you are ready.

Other features the Canon TS9521C comes with include duplex printing, label printing, and built-in templates for fast work. It may not be the fastest printer around, but the versatility and focus on photo accuracy are perfect for your next big plan.

HP Tango X

HP's Tango X blends in with your home decor with its linen cover.

Why should you buy this? It’s tiny, understated, and still produces great quality prints.

Who is the HP Tango X? Home users who need a discrete printer to blend in with the decor.

Why we picked theHP Tango X:

For the average home, dorm or even business, printing needs have never been rarer. Everyone has gone digital and PDFs can easily be signed on your computer … but some printing is still required out of necessity. For those jobs, the Tango X steps in. This tiny printer has no screen and barely any buttons — it does everything by app and voice command, offering compatibility with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana — and a fancy linen cover that makes it less obtrusive in your home.

The printer also has great color accuracy for printing photos, and optional high-yield cartridges for greater flexibility, depending on what you want to print. However, there’s no room on this compact model for an automatic document feeder and it won’t exactly win any awards for speed. However, it’s safe to say that the HP Tango X represents the future of printing, and may be perfect for you right now.

Read our full HP Tango X review

Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4830

Eosin's WorkForce printer is a work horse for print jobs.

Why should you buy this? It’s a big MFP that does everything and does it well.

Who is the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4830 for? Home and small office users who need a fast printer.

Why we picked the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4830:

Epson’s power Workforce all-in-one printer is a boon for offices that still need a reliable printing solution that can handle whatever they throw at it. It’s designed to be highly accurate and uses technology to minimize heat so the printer lasts as long as possible while still handling frequent work.

It’s also speedy for its size: The printer has a 25 black-and-white ppm rating and 12ppm for color printing, with a speed boost for a single/first page. Automatic two-sided printing is also included, and the printer comes with a 50-sheet auto load tray for quick scanning and other tasks. It can handle up to 500 sheets at a time with two separate trays.

The printer also sports all the reliable Epson features we love, including a solid touchscreen for controls, app management for setup, built-in wireless support for the office network, and more.

Keep in mind, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4830 is designed for offices with varied printing needs, but if you expect to print a high volume over a significant period of time, you may want to consider a laser printer instead. Fortunately, we can help there, too.

Brother HL-3170CDW

This Brother printer is all about the printing as it lacks a scanning tray.

Why should you buy this? It’s a great laser printer without any of the extraneous features.

Who is the Brother HL-3170CDW Printer for? Office users who need a color laser printer.

Why we picked the Brother HL-3170CDW:

If you want a laser printer for your home or office, the Brother HL-3170CDW is a safe bet, a compact device that you can get at an affordable price. This printer can blaze through jobs at a rate of 23ppm, and it holds 250 sheets of paper. Both of these factors make it a good choice for offices, where people may need to print out a lot of documents without waiting for someone else’s job to finish.

The printer isn’t just fast; it also supports duplex printing for double-sided pages.

Setting up the Brother HL-3170CDW is a cinch, and in addition to its Ethernet and USB 2.0 connections, it also supports wireless printing; you can connect with Android and Apple devices, among others.

Canon Pixma MG6320

Canon Pixma color inkjet printer.

Why should you buy this? You need a versatile printer that can also print color photos.

Who is the Canon Pixma MG6320 for? Photographers and home users.

Why we picked theCanon Pixma MG6320:

Canon’s Pixma MG6320 can print, scan, and make copies in a sleek, compact package that will look good on a shelf on]r a desk when closed with its piano black case. With its stand-out quality for photo printing, this is a great companion for a budding photographer. It offers complete wireless printing options via app and services like AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, NFC, Canon Print, and so on. We were also very impressed with the printer’s color accuracy when combined with Canon photo paper. While small enough to fit in many different locations, the printer includes automatic duplexing and a small touchscreen for controls. There are two paper trays, with a tray that can hold 125 sheets and a second tray for photo paper if necessary.

While the Canon Pixma is a good fit for the average home, it does use ink pretty quickly, so it may not be the most cost-effective option for frequent printing tasks.

Read our full Canon Pixma MG6320 review

Epson EcoTank ET-3760

Epson's EcoTank can help you save on ink costs with refillable ink tanks.

Why should you buy this? You have moderate printing needs and don’t want to spend a fortune on ink.

Who is the Epson EcoTank ET-3760 for? Small office users with limited ink budgets.

Why we picked theEpson EcoTank ET-3760:

The EcoTank offers an alternative printer model that could be exactly what you’re looking for: Instead of replacing ink cartridges, this printer uses compartments that you fill up with ink using the included bottles. It’s less expensive than using ink cartridges, and an ideal solution if you don’t print color often but never want to run out of a cartridge at an inopportune time. The included bottles alone will keep a printer going for two years even with regular work.

The all-in-one printer isn’t just about savings, though: It also offers a 15ppm speed for black-and-white, and an 8ppm speed for color. There’s a 250-sheet storage tray, plus a 30-page auto document feeder for scanning and similar tasks. Automatic two-sided printing is supported as well. It even works with Alexa, so you can give it voice commands to help prepare for a printing job.

The combination of features on the Epson EcoTank ET-3760 makes it ideal for a small business or home that may only have intermittent but important printing projects and wants to avoid the cycle of endlessly buying ink cartridges even when they aren’t technically needed.

Brother MFC-L2750DW

Brother's fast printer is great for offices with higher print volume.

Why should you buy this? It has all the features of an office printer, in a home printer footprint.

Who is the Brother MFCL2750DW for? Office users who need a fast printer.

Why we picked theBrother MFCL2750DW:

Brother’s latest update to this solid printer helped maximize speeds, making it an ideal option for a busy home or office where you want printing jobs done fast. It can reach 36ppm for black-and-white printing, and is also speedy at copying and facing for maximum productivity.

It also features single-pass two-sided printing for even more efficiency, and the automatic document feeder holds 50 sheets, making it one of the best options on our list for larger scanning projects and similar tasks. All the wireless connectivity you could want is included here, including NFC touch-t0-connect for fast printing, support for printing from cloud services like Dropbox, OneNote, and Google Drive, as well as the ability to easily connect to your desktop, laptop, and other devices.

Unless you do larger printing projects from home, the Brother MFC-L2750DW may be a little too much of a workhouse printer for your needs. It’s a perfect fit for a lobby or front office where speedy printing can be a big advantage but a full laser printer isn’t really needed.

Research and buying tips

Which printer has the cheapest ink?

Affordable ink depends on several different factors: How much the cartridges cost upfront, how much ink the printer uses on average, and how long the cartridges last. Ultimately, it’s best if you take a look at specific models and check how much the cartridges are, and how long they appear to last (usually measured in page yield). Even within the same brand, ink costs can vary considerably based on the printing machine.

In general, you should look for printers that offer a high page yield for their cartridges, and cartridges that are more affordable compared to alternatives. These two stats combined can tell you a lot. Inkjet printers with their liquid ink cartridges tend to cost more over time than laser printers with their large toner cartridges. All our top-brand picks, like Canon, HP, and Epson, tend to be quite efficient. Our HP picks, in particular, might be a good choice if you want to save money on ink (we were a little disappointed in our Canon Pixma model’s ink performance, however). If you need to run larger print jobs, consider a printer with refillable ink tanks. While they may require a higher initial investment, the tank refills will lead to a cheaper per-page print cost and will be more environmentally friendly. If paper use is a concern, choose a printer that supports automatic duplex, or two-sided, printing.

What printer has the longest-lasting ink cartridges?

Laser printers with their toner cartridges have high initial costs for replacing toner, but toner lasts longer than almost any other printer ink type. However, if you want a home or small business printer, then a laser printer probably isn’t on your list. In that case, we suggest you take a look at our top HP OfficeJet pick. HP offers very high-quality ink cartridges for its OfficeJet models, and they’ll last longer than most alternatives. If you need to stretch your budget, seek out a printer with larger cartridges or XL cartridges if those are available from your manufacturer. These larger cartridges generally will cost more upfront but will reduce the cost per page in the long run as they will last longer.

What printer is the cheapest to operate?

We have already established that, aside from the high initial costs, laser printers tend to be more affordable in the long run because they are so cheap to operate. However, let’s say that you’re looking only at inkjet printers: What should you look for?

Even if you are only printing office documents, you’ll want to stick with the established brands that make durable, dependable printers. We’re talking about Epson Workforce models, HP Officejet printers, and similar brand families. Multi-function printers, or MFPs, will offer more robust capabilities, including scanning, faxing, and copying.

We’ve found some of the best cheap printers, but you might also want to check out these laser printer deals.

Which printer brand is best?

Everyone’s got a favorite brand, but it’s no accident that names like Canon and HP regularly pop up. These brands produce quality machines and offer something for every printing need, which means you’ll be able to find something in your price range. Brands like Brother aren’t quite as ubiquitous, but they also manufacture high-quality printers worth considering. Epson also is making some excellent photo-quality home printers these days, a departure from the enterprise-level printers the company has previously manufactured.

How many pages per minute (ppm) is good for a printer?

You shouldn’t look at printer speed as much as you should consider its output quality, but you can usually find how fast a printer works by checking out its specs. Anything above about 20 ppm for black and white is good for the average inkjet printer. You can usually bump this number up to about 20 ppm if you’re looking at a laser printer. Printers with 40 ppm aren’t as common, and it’s improbable that you’d need to see this kind of yield for a home printer.

Editors' Recommendations

  • We are currently testing new photo printers and will have a new pick coming soon. The other picks in this guide remain the best option for their respective categories.

January 29, 2021

From the beginning of Wirecutter’s existence, we’ve been testing printers, totaling nearly 500 hours of research and trying dozens of models. The reliable, simple-to-operate HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e, an all-in-one color inkjet, is a good choice for most people who need to print regularly at home. It’s easy to set up and cheap to run, it works with all kinds of devices, and it produces beautiful prints, from tax forms to glossy photos.

The best all-around home printer: Inkjet all-in-one

Who this is for: Families—particularly those with school-age kids—or anyone who needs a machine that can reliably do it all.

Why we like it: The OfficeJet Pro 9015e isn’t HP’s most powerful inkjet all-in-one, but it is the best one for most people. It is remarkably easy to set up and use, hitting a sweet spot of speed, print quality, and reliability that other printers can’t match. Its running costs are reasonable at 2.2¢ per page for black-and-white pages and 8.9¢ for color, with the option to join HP’s Instant Ink program for set-and-forget refills and cheaper color printing. And its sleek design helps it stand out from stodgy-looking competitors, which is almost enough to make us forgive its tiny touchscreen and flimsy output tray. Ultimately, though, our concerns are small. Printers still suck, but this one is a marked improvement over the dinosaurs of yore.

Our top pick for best all-in-one printer, the HP OfficeJet Pro 9015e.

The 9015e is plenty fast for just about anyone who would use it in a home or home-office setting. HP rates it at up to 22 pages per minute with black-and-white documents and 18 ppm with color. In our testing, it got pretty close: With a text-only Word document, we saw 19.6 ppm single-sided. Switching to PDF documents, we saw the typical drop-off in speed at 15 ppm in monochrome and 11.5 ppm in color. (These figures include the lag time between our hitting the print command on our computer and the first sheet being fed.) Printing two-sided documents slowed things to 12.8 ppm with Word files and 10 ppm with PDFs, which is still just fine. Scanning was similarly brisk at 9.5 ppm, single-sided, from the 35-sheet automatic document feeder. Duplex scanning dipped to 4.5 ppm, though, mostly because the ADF has to pull each sheet through twice to scan both sides.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The OfficeJet Pro 9015e’s biggest shortcoming is probably its single 250-sheet paper tray. Although that’s a standard size for a home printer, it may be less than what some people want for home and home-business purposes. Since there’s only one tray, you need to manually swap out your plain letter paper whenever you need to print on something else—whether it’s legal, labels, glossy photo stock, or résumé paper.

We’re less than enamored with HP’s dinky slide-and-fold output tray, which extends out of the front of the printer. One of the best things about the OfficeJet Pro 8720, our previous pick, was that it had a self-contained output tray behind its huge touchscreen display; the upshot was that your documents were less likely to fall out and end up strewn about your office floor. Not so with the new model.

Speaking of displays, the 9015e has a much smaller one than those on the previous generation of HP printers. It still works fine, but the reduced real estate does make it harder to hit the smallest on-screen buttons, such as the gear icon that takes you to the settings menu. Be prepared for a few frustrating mis-taps.

Dimensions: 19.4 by 16 by 12.8 inches

Pages per minute (stated, monochrome/color): 22/18

Cost per page (monochrome/color): 2.2¢/8.9¢

A home office powerhouse: Color laser printer

Who this is for: Home- and small-business owners, or people who simply don’t want to deal with the clogs that can plague inkjets.

Why we like it: The HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw is our pick for the best laser printer because it’s easy to use, produces brilliant results, and enjoys laser printing technology’s superior reliability. No matter how long you leave it sitting unused, you can turn it on and it’ll start printing more or less right away—and without wasting any toner on cleaning cycles. Though it’s more expensive than a comparable monochrome laser printer, it’s also far more flexible. In addition to crisp text, it produces vivid color graphics and can even turn out respectable photos (just not on photo paper). Print speeds are quick, and per-page costs are reasonable. This model’s smartphone-style color touchscreen makes changing settings simple, and HP’s PC and mobile software is the best in the business. Unlike most other printers, the M255dw can connect to 5 GHz wireless, which should speed up big print jobs and helps ensure that the printer won’t lose connection over time.

Close up of the HP Color LaserJet Pro M255dw laser printer.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: The M255dw can take a minute or two to get going for very large print jobs. We saw this issue only once during testing, but several owners have reported it in reviews. Because this printer comes with a skimpy set of “starter” toner that’s good for only 800 black-and-white and 700 color pages, you’ll probably need to buy replacements within a year or so of purchase. Getting cartridges with the highest possible capacity makes the best financial sense, but a full set for this machine will cost around $400, or nearly twice as much as the machine itself. Thanks to all that toner, this printer is big (long, in particular) and heavy; make sure you have a space that can accommodate it. And, of course, the M255dw is just a printer—it doesn’t include copy, scan, or fax capability. To get those features, you’ll need to upgrade to a model like our color laser all-in-one pick.

Dimensions: 15.4 by 18.7 by 11.7 inches
Weight: 32.6 pounds
Pages per minute (stated, monochrome/color): 22/22
Cost per page (monochrome/color): 3¢/15¢

Affordable and reliable: Monochrome laser printer

Who this is for: People who don’t need a printer on a daily basis, but still appreciate having one for the few times a year when they need to print.

Why we like it: The Brother HL-L2350DW is simple, fast, dependable, easy to set up, and affordable to operate. And because it’s a laser printer, it can sit for weeks or months between print jobs and start up again without trouble. But although it’s a budget model, it’s not short on features. For the $100-ish asking price, you get automatic duplex printing capability, a large 250-sheet paper tray, reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, and the option to use high-yield toner cartridges—which means you don’t have to buy them very often. This printer works with Windows, MacOS, Linux, ChromeOS, iOS, and Android. As for print quality, in our testing to choose the best laser printer, we found that this model is more than good enough for any text-based document, but it might need a few settings tweaks to produce a graphics-heavy document you’d want to hand out to other people. It’s also extremely compact, which means it can fit in tight spaces (like a bookcase shelf) where other printers can’t go.

A close up of our budget pick for best laser printer, the Brother HL-L2350DW.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: It’s a little flimsy and the packaging isn’t great, so if you buy one, be sure to check for any plastic parts that might have gotten bumped out of place in transit. We don’t recommend printing via Brother’s iPrint&Scan software, because it results in excessive, detail-destroying contrast. And if you use a Chromebook, you should be aware that the printer’s default settings might prevent it from working with Google Cloud Print; to get it working, you need to disable IPv6 in the Networking section of the printer’s Web control panel.

Dimensions: 14.0 by 7.2 by 14.2 inches
Weight: 15.9 pounds
Pages per minute (stated): 32
Cost per page: 3.3¢

Gallery-worthy prints at home: Photo printer

Who this is for: Serious photographers, or those who aspire to be.

Why we like it: The Epson SureColor P600 is capable of delivering gallery-quality prints up to 13 inches wide, and can print panoramas up to 10 feet long. It can also print on a huge variety of media, including metal and CDs. Though its color photos caught our eye while testing for the best photo printer, we especially loved the black-and-white output; it’s as close as you can get to traditional darkroom prints at home. Those prints will last you a long time, too: the P600’s UltraChrome HD pigment ink is one of the longest-lasting consumer inks. The touchscreen interface is a cut above what you’d get from most rivals. Ink costs are reasonable, and you can get extra-large-capacity tanks, so you’ll need to fill up less often. In addition to Wi-Fi, this printer has USB and Ethernet connections for faster printing.

The EPSON SureColor sitting on a table with a freshly printed photograph sitting in it's tray.

Flaws but not dealbreakers: As with most photo printers, print speeds are glacial—a standard 8-by-10-inch photo takes more than 3 minutes to print, and that time balloons to almost 6 minutes over Wi-Fi. This printer wastes ink when switching between matte and photo black inks (about 3 mL each time), because they share the same ink line to the print head. And if you use paper other than Epson’s own, you’ll have to seek out the appropriate media settings and ICC color profiles; frustratingly, Epson doesn’t include them.

Dimensions: 24.2 by 32 by 16.7 inches
Weight: 33.07 pounds
Cost per mL of ink: $1.24

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Ben Keough

Ben Keough is an editor covering powering, home office, and hobbies at Wirecutter. He previously spent more than a decade writing about cameras, printers, and other office equipment for Wirecutter, Reviewed, USA Today, and Digital Camera HQ. After four years testing printers, he has confirmed that they all suck, but some suck less than others.

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The 5 Best Inkjet Printers - Fall 2021 Reviews

The best all-in-one inkjet printer for families that we've tested is the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4830. It feels excellently well built, with easy access to paper jams and the ink cartridges. There are two paper trays with a large total paper capacity so you don't have to refill them often, and the touchscreen display is excellent, responsive, and easy to use.

It yields a good number of color pages, and the overall cost-per-print is great, which helps keep you within budget. It prints black text documents quickly, while photos look good and have very accurate colors. The scanning features are fantastic, including a flatbed with lid hinges that raise high enough to scan thick items like textbooks, and an automatic document feeder with duplex scanning. There are outstanding connectivity options, including Apple AirPrint and Mopria Print Service.

Unfortunately, its page yields are only okay, so you'll need to replace the cartridges more often. The Brother MFC-J995DW yields a far greater number of pages, but it's currently difficult to find at a reasonable price. On the bright side, you can use the Epson iPrint app to print, scan, copy, and perform maintenance tasks directly from your phone. All in all, it's a great printer for families that can handle many different tasks.

See our review


Best home printer in 2021: Top picks for remote working, home office and more

The best home printers are exactly what you need for all your printing needs for this new age of hybrid working. Whether your daily printing demands include work documents you’re printing from your home office or mostly kids’ homework now that they're heading back to school, you don’t need a pricey behemoth you’ll find in most offices. 

These printers are just as multi-functional and reliable while keeping things affordable, compact and perhaps more importantly reliable.

With so many working from home because of the pandemic, having one of the best home printers is more important than ever. And, they’re just as capable as their commercial counterparts of handling all the work documents you have to print as well as producing high-quality greeting cards, printing vacation pictures, and even scanning important documents to produce digital copies.

So, unless you require the high capacity capabilities of a business printer, you can save space and money as one of the best home printers will more than suffice. Here are our top picks, from ink-based options to laser all-in-one printers. No matter what size of household and family demands you have, you’ll find something ideal here. Also check out our best small business printers roundup.

Best home printer: How did we choose?

Best home printer: How did we choose?

Now that most home printers are being used to print important documents for school and work, selecting the best possible device has become more important than ever. In this review, we assessed numerous printers for price (including the cost of replacement ink cartridges), reliability, speed, ease of use, and its ability to manage different paper sizes. We also wanted to ensure that we reviewed printers from a range of different manufacturers, including heavyweight players like HP and lesser-known brands, such as Kyocera. If you’re looking for a home printer review that covers a wide range of options, then keep reading.

1. HP Envy Pro 6420 printer - Best wireless connectivity

1. HP Envy Pro 6420 printer

Feature-packed inkjet is ideal for home users


Category: All-in-one color inkjet printer

Print speed: 10ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 100 sheets

Paper size: up to A4

Weight: 6.16kg

Reasons to buy

+Space saving design+Strong wireless connectivity

Reasons to avoid

-Slow print speed-Wasteful tri-color cartridge

The HP Envy Pro 6420 is a compact and inexpensive inkjet with all the features you could ask for from a home office printer. It can print, scan, copy and even fax via your smartphone. The print speed is slow, but it can duplex print and photocopy a stack of up to 35 pages with its inbuilt ADF (automatic document scanner). Instead of an Ethernet port, you have both Bluetooth and self-healing Wi-Fi built in, making mobile printing via HP’s iOS/Android app particularly easy.

We were impressed by its ease of use and overall print quality, while its lack of an LCD display, the limited paper capacity and slow print speed can all be overlooked if you’re printing on a small scale. Just bear in mind that the Envy Pro works best with HP's ink subscription service, Instant Ink which ties you to a (low) recurrent monthly fee.

2. Lexmark MB3442adw - Best compact option

2. Lexmark MB3442adw

An office printer small enough for the home


Category: All-in-one mono laser printer

Print speed: 42ppm (mono)

Paper capacity: 350 sheets

Paper size: up to A4

Weight: 12.8kg

Reasons to buy

+Convenient touchscreen+Fast print speed

Reasons to avoid

-Print resolution is not high-Slow to wake up

It might be small, but the Lexmark MB3442adw has the features and specifications of an accomplished office printer. It’s a four-in-one device, which means you have a fax facility (assuming you have a landline) in addition to printing, scanning and photocopying. Printing at a rate of 42 pages per minute places this among the fastest laser printers around. There’s plenty of room for paper too with a 350-sheet main tray and the option to upgrade, so it’s unlikely you’ll ever need another home printer.

The duplex printing and scanning is well executed and the touchscreen and front USB ports are certainly convenient. It can print large documents such as manuscripts very quickly and above all, the quality is consistently high. If you need to print lots of pages and you require the added functionality of a scanner and ADF, then this is the AIO (all in one) device for you. Just bear in mind that the cost of the toner.

The core selling point is that beyond the cartridges there are no other supplies that need replacing – e.g. no separate photoconductors, developers and even the waste tone bottle is a lifetime item. So while you might feel the cartridges are expensive – other elements that can require replacing on competitor products don’t need replacing.

3. HP Envy 5055 printer (Envy 5010 UK) - Best budget printer

3. HP Envy 5055

Home photo printing on a budget


Category: 3-in-1 colour inkjet printer

Print speed: 10ppm

Paper capacity: 100 sheets

Paper size: up to A4

Weight: 5.4kg

Reasons to buy

+Affordable+Easy to use

Reasons to avoid

-High ink cost -Poor connectivity

This humble all-in-one can scan and copy, but its real strength is in printing photos. Frustratingly, there’s no Ethernet port, nor a USB port for printing from a flash drive and it churns very slowly, but the results are surprisingly good for such an affordable inkjet. The supplied starter cartridges are rather light on ink, but if you replace them with high-capacity carts, then the running cost is competitive too.

Note that this model is known as the HP Envy 5010 in the UK.

4. Epson WorkForce WF-7210DTW printer - Best A3 printer

4. Epson WorkForce WF-7210DTW printer

A capable and capacious A3 printer


Category: colour inkjet printer

Print speed: 18ppm

Paper capacity: 500 sheets

Paper size: up to A3

Weight: 15.5kg


Printer best desktop

The 6 Best Home Printers - Fall 2021 Reviews

The best home printer for families that we've tested is the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-4830. It has fantastic scanning features, including a flatbed scanner with hinges that lift high enough to scan textbooks, an automatic document feeder with duplex scanning, and built-in fax. The touchscreen display is excellent, responsive, and easy to use.

It feels excellently well built, gives easy access to paper jams and ink cartridges, and has two paper trays for a large total paper capacity. It prints quickly overall and has a great cost-per-print, particularly for black text documents, which helps you stay within budget. It also prints good-looking photos with very accurate colors. Connectivity options are outstanding, including Wi-Fi and an Ethernet port, and it can print directly from USB flash drives.

Unfortunately, its page yields are only okay, so you'll need to replace the cartridges more often. However, its iPrint app lets you print all the most commonly used file formats, and you can also print, scan, copy, and perform maintenance tasks directly from your phone. All in all, it's an impressive printer for family use and can handle a wide variety of tasks.

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Best Budget Printer in 2021 [Top 5 Picks Reviewed]

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