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There are notebook covers in eight categories: History, Science, Literature, Latin-Centered, Christian Studies, Language Arts, and Hobbies.

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Notebook covers are sold in bundles. There are 17 bundles. Covers are bundled by topic. For instance, the American History bundle includes all four American History covers. The WTM Science bundle includes Biology, Astronomy, Chemistry, and Physics. The Alternate Science bundle includes General Science, Zoology, and Botany.

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This bundle includes both titles, Bible Study and History of God&#;s Kingdom.


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This bundle includes two titles with the same background, Fiber Arts and Stitches.



Interactive Science Notebook Tips

I have been using science interactive notebooks since my first year of teaching.  I had a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful science teaching coach who was all about using science interactive notebooks in the classroom.  It was a bit of a struggle for me to get them going.  Some years were better than others for implementing them, but over the years I have learned a few tips and tricks.  Today I wanted to share them with you.

Interactive science notebook tips for kindergarten and first grade that are genius! I love the elastic idea she shared!

Materials Needed:

  • science interactive notebook covers
  • envelopes
  • fun ribbon (purchased at Hobby Lobby)
  • fun elastic (comes in a spool at Hobby Lobby, too!)

Science Notebook Tips

1. Let your students make them their own.

I like to do this by giving them a cover to color and decorate however they would like. Science Notebook Tips

2. Add an envelope to the back for the unused pieces.

Sometimes my students wouldn&#;t be able to finish gluing their pieces in their notebooks and I would have to pass out baggies for them.  The baggies would get lost in their desks or chair bags and I would constantly have to make them more copies. This helps keep their pieces right where they need them&#;in their notebooks!

Science Notebook Tips

3. Add a piece of ribbon as a bookmark.

I always liked for their flip book pages to be in the correct order. To do this we had to work on not skipping pages.  By adding a piece of ribbon as a bookmark, the students were able to easily know where their next flip book needed to be glued.

Science Notebook Tips

4. Use fancy elastic to hold it all together.

The notebooks get THICK pretty quick! Students would shove them in their desks or chair bags and they would get bent and pages would get torn.  This helps keeps the notebook nice and neat.

Science Notebook Tips

If you are looking for activities for your science interactive notebooks, check out this BUNDLEthat will have you set for the year!

Interactive science notebook for first grade--finally something that will last me all year!

click the image above to check it out

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I hope these tips get you excited about implementing science notebooks with your students! My students always LOVE them!
Interactive science notebook tips for kindergarten and first grade that are genius! I love the elastic idea she shared! There's also a free journal cover to grab! #interactivenotebooks #scienceideas

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The first days and weeks of school can be hard. Students are being switched in and out of your class, you don’t know any of their names, and it feels like several weeks go by before you get into real content. I’ve tried lots of different things at the beginning of the year. Some things, like My Favorite Things and decorating notebook covers, are activities I’ve enjoyed and will continue to use. I’ve tried other things, like having students come up with a question to ask their classmates in order to graph and share the results. It went OK, and maybe I’ll come back to that one again in the future. 

One of activities I’ve done over the years on the first day or during the first weeks of school is decorating science notebooks. When students decorate their notebooks, they feel a sense of ownership. They take more care about what goes inside the notebook and how it looks. It’s an easy way to start the year, and a lot of students have fun with this first assignment. If you&#;re not sure if you want to use a notebook or a binder, check out my blog post

How do you decorate a science notebook?

Before decorating the notebooks, I will have gone over the syllabus, classroom rules, and done an icebreaker activity like My Favorite Things with students. In My Favorite Things, the students fill in their favorite food, beverage, things to do, movies, books, you name it! Then students try to guess the teacher&#;s favorite things by guessing their own. You learn about each other and have some fun! Make a slideshow of your favorite things as a way to introduce yourself to the class. This activity can help give students for ideas of pictures to include on their notebook cover. Additionally, I like to give them a weekend after school starts to go and get supplies. They may not have their notebook until the second week of school. This doesn&#;t mean you can’t start decorating your notebooks in the first week of school. It’s never too early to start cutting pictures, because you can always set them aside for the student until they have their notebook in class. 

It’s pretty easy to facilitate! I ask students to include 10 images on their cover. 5 need to be science related, which could be things like nature, animals, mountains, volcanoes, the ocean, clouds, a sunrise, a microscope, atoms, or technology. The 5 other images should be personal to them, like their favorite foods, hobbies, movies, sports or quotes. Students sometimes bring pictures from home of their family, friends, and pets. 

Each table can have a few magazines that the students can look through. The only supplies they need are scissors, and some tape to keep their pictures in place on their notebook. Some students prefer to draw the images by hand, and they will need paper, coloring supplies, and their Chromebook to look up images. Once they have all 10 images, they arrange them on their notebooks and secure them by putting some tape on the back side. They write their name and period on a small piece of paper and add it to their collage. Lastly, I cover each notebook with heavy duty packing tape to keep everything in place and give the notebook a water proofing effect. 


  • Lined Notebook
  • Magazines
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Heavy Duty packing tape to waterproof the cover (~3 rolls for 5 classes)
  • Internet access to use Google Image Search (if drawing by hand)
  • Plain white or drawing paper 
  • Coloring supplies (colored pencils, markers)
  • Ruler (there will always be at least 1 student who asks for a ruler!)

Why is this a good beginning of the year activity?

It can be awkward at the beginning of the year. Students don’t know each other, and the classroom is so quiet. With this assignment I enjoy seeing students cutting, sharing pictures, and starting to open up in a natural way early in the school year. I notice how conversation flows naturally when the students are immersed in their work. The pictures help stimulate conversation, and it helps me to get to know them when I see their favorite things and interests. 

I like to use magazines for the images on the notebook covers. I’ve used the same bucket of magazines for 4 years now, and there’s still pictures in there! If a librarian or other teacher is ever giving away magazines, take them! I was lucky to inherit a great batch of magazines in the Spring of this year. I didn’t hesitate to ask for them, and even though I had to pack up my classroom because I’m moving cross country, I’m bringing a stack of magazines with me. Magazines are also great to have throughout the year. Many students will ask to use the magazines to look for pictures when we make projects by hand. Students will add them to one-pagers, collages, and group posters throughout the year. Just flip through the magazines before giving them to students. I have a whole ziploc baggie full of cocktail, beer, and wine advertisements that I removed from magazines. I also remove any cigarette, lingerie, or bathing suit ads.

An easier way to decorate the notebook covers can be to use permanent markers. A teacher friend of mine has his students design their notebook covers with permanent markers every year. They bring a notebook to class in the color they like, and then spend a class period adding words and images with black sharpie. It looks great, and I think it requires less materials and cleaning up, which makes it a great alternative. You can also use stickers instead of images or sharpie. See my examples below of how I&#;ve decorated my teacher notebooks over the years using stickers. Target usually has a nice selection of stickers.

It’s a lot of fun to design notebook covers. It’s creative and engaging. The pictures are conversation starters at the beginning of the year as well as each time they change seats and get to know new people. The images, and the work inside, represents them and shows time and effort. Not only is it an enjoyable experience decorating them, but students make something that they treasure.

Happy decorating!

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