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3D Rendering animation - Mammoth Attacks Side on Green screen

Flock of Birds Flying on Green Screen

Wolf Various Looping Actions

Pterodactyl fly .3d animation on green screen

4K animation Giraffe walking on green screen

Chicken Chroma 4 K 02

Gazelle Antelope Grazing. Animated Motion Graphic Isolated on Green Screen

3D Rendering animation - Mammoth Attacks Side on Green screen

Counting Sheep Jumping on green screen chromakey

4K Tabby kitten sitting and looking around on chroma key background, Green screen

dove on the green screen

Panda Bear Being Cute

4k animation -Brachiosaurus Walking On Green Screen Background.Jurassic World Dinosaurs

Close up. Dove on the green screen

Flying Birds Seaguls on Chroma key

Flying Birds Seaguls on Chroma key

Bird Flying Chroma Key

animation of cute gray rat on green screen

Panda Bear Looping Gaits

Lion Looping Gait Cycles

Red Squirrel Runs. Chroma

Red-striped butterfly flies chroma

White Domestic Goat Isolated on Green Screen

Great Spotted Woodpecker

Yellow Chicken Walks and Pecks Chroma Key

Dolphin Jump Out of the Water. Front View

3d animation silhouette of Herd Of Hyenas Animals Walks on green screen

Tiger Walks. Animated Motion Graphic Isolated on Green Screen

Forest scorpion in an aggressive posture

Bird are flying on the green screen in cartoon style

Orange spotted butterfly flies chroma

Unicorn Looping Gait Cycles

Little Crocodile Runs Chroma

4k animation -Brachiosaurus Walking On Green Screen Background.Jurassic World Dinosaurs

animation -Allosaurus Walking On Green Screen Background. World of Dinosaurs

Gray Domestic Goat Isolated on Green Screen

Killer Whale Underwater. Animated footage, animal isolated on a green screen chroma key. Looped motion graphic.

Flock of Birds on Chroma Key

Bald Eagle Sits and Looks Around

Seagull flies and soars in the sky chroma key

Blue Bird Sitting and Singing.

Animation Of Spider On Green Screen Creepy Crawling

Seagull flies up into the sky chroma key

Cute Squirrel. Closeup, Chroma Key

Pterodactyl fly .3d animation on green screen

Asian Elephant Spraying Water


GreenScreen Animals

GreenScreen Animals is a digital media company. The company is best known for producing high definitiongreen screen animal content and licensing stock footage. It was founded in 2008 and is based in Santa Monica, California.[1][2][3][4]

GreenScreen Animals content is monitored by the American Humane Association's "No animals were harmed" unit.[5][6]

The company has produced content for the 20th Century Fox films, We Bought A Zoo, Gone Girl, Goodbye Christopher Robin, The Art of Racing in the Rain, and the Paramount films Zoolander 2 and xXx: The Return of Xander Cage, as well as the viral sensation Kung Fury.[5][7][8] GreenScreen Animals' footage has been used on a number of television programs, including Silicon Valley,American Gods, The Tonight Show, Speechless, Blackish, Vikings,Castle Rock, Fleabag and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.[1][2] The stock footage distributor also featured content in the music videos, "Roar" by Katy Perry and "Ni**as in Paris" by Kanye West and Jay-Z, as well as many domestic and international commercials such as the Ladbrokes' FIFA World Cup spot titled "Brian and the Bear". GreenScreen Animals teamed up with the UK television production company MTP and the UK ad agency Cravens, alongside famous UK actor Brian Blessed, to deliver the spot.[9]

In addition to production companies and ad agencies, the company has supported various non-profit organizations. It has supported Greenpeace to produce content for the "Click Clean" initiative and partnered with WildAid to supply content for a campaign designed to reduce the illegal wildlife trade of endangered species.[10][11][12] GreenScreen Animals also partnered with the award-winning ad agency 72andSunny to provide humane animal content for an awareness campaign called "Tested on Humans”, which questions the long-term health effects of addictive e-cigarettes on youth.[13] The campaign was backed by the non-profit organization Truth Initiative.

GreenScreen Animals has been featured in many publications and shows, including 3D World Magazine, the CBS series Innovation Nation with Mo Rocca and in Voyage LA.[14][15][16]


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