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Naruto: Shippuden (season 3)

Season of television series

Naruto: Shippuden
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Season 3 Cover

Country of originJapan
No. of episodes18
Original networkTV Tokyo
Original releaseApril 3&#;()&#;–
August 14, &#;()

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The third season of the Naruto: Shippudenanime series is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo. They are based on Part II for Masashi Kishimoto's manga series.[1] The third season aired from April to August on TV Tokyo.[2] Titled in Japan Twelve Guardian Ninja (守護忍十二士, Shugonin Jūnishi),[3] the anime only season follows Naruto Uzumaki attempting to protect Asuma Sarutobi's monk named Sora. And defeat Team Furido. It is also the first season to be produced in widescreen.

The season was released on three DVDs in Japan between September 3 and November 5, by Aniplex.[4] The English dub began airing on Disney XD on October 28, ,[5] with the season aired between November 3, and March 9, [6] The season ran on Adult Swim's Toonami programming block from February 15 to June 21,

Viz Media also released it in two DVD boxes on January 25 and April 26, [7][8]Manga Entertainment released it in two boxes in the United Kingdom on May 16 and July 11, [9][10]

The opening theme for this season was "Blue Bird" (ブルーバード, Burūbādo) by Ikimono-gakari, which is seen as the most popular song (by YouTube views) of the entire series, and the ending themes were "Sunao na Niji" (素直な虹, "Honest Rainbow") by Surface from episode 54 to 63 and "Broken Youth" by NICO Touches the Walls from episode 64 to The second feature film for the series, Naruto Shippuden The Movie: Bonds, was released on August 2, The broadcast versions of episodes 70 and 71 include scenes from the film in the opening themes, while still retaining the original music.

Episode list[edit]

Home releases[edit]



Box set Date Discs Episodes Reference
5 January 25, 3 54–65 [13]
6 April 26, 3 66–77 [14]
Volume Date Discs Episodes Reference
5 May 16, 253–65[15]
6 July 11, 266–77[16]
Collection Date Discs Episodes Reference
5 February 16, 253–65[17]
6 July 20, 266–77[18]


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Season 3

Episode 54 - Nightmare

Naruto has been having nightmares about the release of the Nine-Tail's power. Afterward, Kakashi informs Naruto that he has special training for him that will make him strong quickly. They are cut off by Team 10, who have also come to visit. Sai lunches with them and, trying to make friends by using nicknames, angers Sakura by calling Ino "gorgeous" after concluding that women do not like to hear how they really are. 

Episode 55 - Wind

Kakashi is released from the hospital and begins Naruto's training program. Naruto learns that he has Wind-style chakra. Yamato helps by setting up the training field with his special jutsu. Naruto also learns that he can use his Multi Shadow Clone jutsu to speed up his training, since whatever the clones learn, the original user learns upon the clone's dispersal. Naruto and his mass of clones each take a leaf and attempt to slice it in half with wind chakra as the first step to creating his new jutsu. 

Episode 56 - Writhe

Naruto and his clones continue to work on chakra nature manipulation by slicing leaves. After some struggling, Naruto approaches Asuma, who is also a wind type, for advice. After which, Naruto is subsequently able to slice a leaf in half. Asuma and Yamato then head out with their teams on new missions. It is revealed that Asuma is the Third Hokage's son and that he is in a relationship with Kurenai. Meanwhile, on a hill overlooking a burnt village, four cloaked figures discuss the awakening of the Fire Country by eliminating the Leaf Village. 

Episode 57 - Deprived of Eternal Sleep

Naruto, Sakura, Sai and Yamato head out for a new mission near the Fire Temple. When the other party fails to show up at the rendezvous point, the team gets separated and Naruto stumbles upon one of the four hidden tombs they came to protect. Due to a misunderstanding, he fights one of the monks-in-training from the Fire Temple, Sora, who also uses wind chakra based techniques. After the confusion, the monks and Team Kakashi travel to the Fire Temple, and Naruto recognizes it from his nightmare. 

Episode 58 - Loneliness

The temple monks explain that the tombs hold the loyal bodyguards of Fire Country's feudal lord. Naruto observes Sora sparring with other monks and becomes offended upon realizing he is holding back. Naruto challenges Sora, but just as the matter is about to get serious, another monk stops him. Naruto realizes Sora is despised by the other monks as he was himself and wishes to befriend him. Naruto visits Sora again and observes him practicing his wind jutsu in earnest, hoping to get strong enough to avenge his father. They later return to the temple to receive news that another tomb has been robbed. 

Episode 59 - A New Enemy

Tsunade suspects that Danzou is plotting something and orders an investigation of him. Team Kakashi, Chiriku and Sora notice the coffins moving on their own, but fail to intercept them. The coffins emerge on a cliff, where the leader of the enemy ninja orders his subordinates to deal with their foes. The ninjas turn the area into a maze of rocky canyons and pits, full of deadly traps. The team members are separated from each other, and begin facing off against the enemy. Yamato speculates that the ninja may have orchestrated the theft in order to target someone on his team. 

Episode 60 - Impermanence

Team Kakashi begins facing off against the enemy shinobi. Yamato eludes his opponent, Fudo, by faking his death. Sora, unwilling to look for Naruto, goes off on his own. Back in Konoha, Danzo reveals that he is aware that he is being watched by Tsunade's ANBU. Naruto fights Fūka, whose kiss is fatal and shows her ability to use earth, fire, water and lightning jutsus. Sai manages to escape from his attacker, Fuen, and later saves Sakura from an enormous spider, becoming injured in the process. Sora then hits upon the enemy leader, Furido, and it is revealed that he was the group's target. 

Episode 61 - Contact

Furido taunts Sora until Sora unleashes his true powers, before informing Sora that he is planning to use the four corpses to save the Land of Fire. Naruto continues his fight with Fūka and learns that she can use all five elements. Fūka manages to kiss Naruto and begins draining his chakra. Realizing that Naruto is in trouble from extra-sensory perception, Sora rushes to rescue him. Sakura, Sai and Yamato arrive to help but are trapped by Fudo and Fuen. Fūka drains Naruto's chakra until she begins drawing on the Nine-tails's, which is too unnatural for her to successfully absorb. The enemy team retreats when Chiriku brings reinforcements. 

Episode 62 - Teammate

Asuma's team returns from its mission. Team Kakashi returns to Konoha as well, with Sora replacing Sai on the team. Naruto tries to show Sora around Konoha but Sora goes his own way. Sora's insults precipitate a brawl with Kiba and Choji, with Naruto and Rock Lee joining in. Shikamaru and Asuma stop the fight. Later Asuma tells Sora he knew Sora's father, who is revealed as one of the Guardians involved in the coup attempt. He also shows Sora his chakra blade attack. Furido and the other body snatchers begin their attack on the Kohaku Clan. 

Episode 63 - The Two Kings

Asuma supervises Naruto and Sora's wind chakra training, and notices that Sora, like Naruto, has very powerful chakra. Tsunade and Yamato learn from Chiriku that Sora was inadvertently responsible for an incident in which the Temple of Fire was destroyed. Later, Asuma gives Sora a claw made from the same materials as his chakra blades. It is revealed that Asuma killed Sora's father Kazuma, who had planned to kill the Hokage. Furido then approaches Sora, telling him that Asuma is responsible for his father's death and passing him two "king" pieces from a Shogi set for Asuma. Danzo mysteriously disappears. Naruto approaches a furious Sora in the training grounds, who easily throws a chakra-powered kunai through a tree and destroys the stone behind it. 

Episode 64 - Jet Black Signal Fire

Danzo is brought in for questioning after being caught meeting with a young Rain ninja. Sora confronts Asuma, and Asuma admits to having killed Kazuma. He attacks Asuma, his arm once again assuming a demonic form. Afterward, Naruto gets injured while shielding Sora from the attacks of an unknown individual, presumably from Root. Furido then approaches Sora, telling him to kill both Asuma and the Hokage to avenge his father. Later on, Naruto catches Sora going after Tsunade. Sora retreats as Shizune and a few other ninja arrive, but Naruto pursues him. At that moment, a mysterious lightning storm strikes, cutting off power to the entire village. 

Episode 65 - Lockdown of Darkness

With Konoha in complete darkness, the village struggles to defend against the four attackers who have sealed the entire village behind a barrier. The entire village is in a state of emergency. Asuma, commanded by Tsunade to follow Sora and Naruto, finally catches up to them. Asuma realizes that the four invaders plan to annihilate the entire village using the lightning powers of the corpses that they stole. The revelation shocks Sora. As Asuma leaves to help hold off the attackers, he instructs Naruto to continue pursuing Sora. 

Episode 66 - Revived Souls

Konoha's ninja fight off the revived zombie members of the Kohaku clan. The four Guardian Ninjas, Seito, Tōu, Nauma and Kitane, are also revived. Asuma realizes that they are planning to use Limelight, a jutsu in which the four create a lightning blast powerful enough to destroy Konoha. Asuma sends Sakura and Yamato after the other three while he remains behind to battle Kitane, but Fuen tackles Sakura and Fudo fights Yamato. Meanwhile, Naruto catches up to Sora, but Sora runs off in search of Furido. Naruto tries to pursue him, but is assailed by Fuuka. Soon after, Sora reaches Furido, who admits that he had planned to destroy Konoha. 

Episode 67 - Everyone's Struggle to the Death

Sora refuses to let Furido destroy the village despite his grudge against Asuma and the Hokage. He is beaten up by Furido, who claims that his father had a similar flaw. Asuma gets trapped by Kitane in a force field of lightning. Meanwhile, Yamato and Sakura kill their opponents, and Shikamaru heads to the battlefield with a plan to defeat the zombies. Just as he puts it into motion, however, Fuen's barrier falls and Fudo's revival technique ends, and the zombies turn to dust. 

Episode 68 - Moment of Awakening

Naruto deduces that Fuka's secret consists of switching bodies to use each corresponding element and that her hair preserves her youth and body. Naruto damages her hair and it takes a life of its own dispensing the body, but Naruto finally kills it with a Rasengan. Meanwhile, Asuma manages to break free of the electric barrier, catch up with Kitane and defeat him in a short fight. Realizing that Kitane is no more, and that his three other companions were killed, Furido causes the 3 other ninja guardians to disappear. But Furido has a backup plan, Sora. 

Episode 69 - Despair

Furido releases Sora's seal, and tells him the truth: Sora is a pseudo-Jinchuriki. The chakra that had leaked from the Nine-Tailed Fox when it attacked Konoha 15 and a half years ago was harvested and implanted into Sora. Just then, Asuma arrives at the scene with Naruto. Asuma recognizes Furido and it is revealed that he is Kazuma, Sora's father. Yamato, Sakura, Kiba, Lee, Ino, Choji and Shikamaru also turn up. Enraged, Sora wants to destroy everything, and turns into the Three-Tailed form of the demon fox. However, Yamato is unable to restrain him, because he does not have the First Hokage's necklace on him. 

Episode 70 - Resonance

The chakra of the Nine-tails rages out of control within Sora, preventing Naruto and the others from subduing him. Asuma and Kazuma resume their old battle. Naruto is repeatedly knocked down in his attempts to restrain Sora, and the chakra seeps into him and transforms him as well. Yamato is unable to suppress the Nine-tails' chakra in both Jinchūriki, being prevented by an unknown outside force. Sora's fourth tail emerges, causing the Nine-tails's Cloak to envelop his body. He temporarily gains his own consciousness when he witnesses Naruto stab himself in the leg and successfully prevent the original Nine-tails' Cloak from emerging. 

Episode 71 - My Friend

The struggle between Naruto and Sora continues. Asuma and Kazuma fight. Sai arrives, having snuck out of hospital, and binds Kazuma with an ink snake. Kazuma breaks out of Sai's jutsu and charges Asuma, but is killed. Naruto eventually reaches Sora, who manages to release the Nine Tails's chakra. Sora then leaves the village to travel the world. Asuma and Shikamaru play shogi and discuss who the "king" of Konoha is. Elsewhere, two Akatsuki members, Hidan and Kakuzu, appear chasing the Two Tails Jinchūriki. 

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Naruto: Season 3

  • Season 3 Overview

    Air Date: May 19,

  • S3:E A Cry on Deaf Ears

    Air Date: January 5,

  • S3:E Vengeful Strike! The Bracken Dance!

    Air Date: December 29,

  • S3:E Showdown: Gaara vs. Kimimaro!

    Air Date: December 29,

  • S3:E The Sand Shinobi: Allies of the Leaf

    Air Date: December 22,

  • S3:E The Beast Within

    Air Date: December 22,

  • S3:E The Leaf's Handsome Devil!

    Air Date: December 15,

  • S3:E Fake-out: Shikamaru's Comeback!

    Air Date: December 15,

  • S3:E To Each His Own Battle

    Air Date: December 8,

  • S3:E Roar and Howl! The Ultimate Tag Team!

    Air Date: December 8,

  • S3:E Miscalculation: A New Enemy Appears!

    Air Date: December 1,

  • S3:E The Vessel Arrives Too Late

    Air Date: December 1,

  • S3:E Losing is Not an Option!

    Air Date: November 24,

  • S3:E Degrees of Vision: The Byakugan's Blindspot!

    Air Date: November 24,

  • S3:E Your Opponent is Me!

    Air Date: November 10,

  • S3:E Goodbye Old Friend! I'll Always Believe in You!

    Air Date: November 10,

  • S3:E Full Throttle Power! Choji Ablaze!

    Air Date: November 3,

  • S3:E Squad Mutiny: Everything Falls Apart!

    Air Date: November 3,

  • S3:E Sound vs. Leaf

    Air Date: October 26,

  • S3:E Formation! The Sasuke Retrieval Squad!

    Air Date: October 26,

  • S3:E An Invitation from the Sound

    Air Date: October 19,

  • S3:E Bitter Rivals and Broken Bonds

    Air Date: October 5,

  • S3:E The Last Leg: A Final Act of Desperation

    Air Date: September 21,

  • S3:E A Fierce Battle of Rolling Thunder

    Air Date: September 14,

  • S3:E Run, Idate, Run! Nagi Island Awaits!

    Air Date: August 17,

  • S3:E The Race Is On! Trouble on the High Seas!

    Air Date: August 17,

  • S3:E Mission: Help an Old Friend in the Land of Tea!

    Air Date: August 17,

  • S3:E Mission: Help an Old Friend in the Land of Tea

    Air Date: August 17,

  • S3:E Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi Sensei's True Face!

    Air Date: August 17,

  • S3:E Gotta See! Gotta Know! Kakashi-sensei's True Face!

    Air Date: August 17,

  • S3:E Sensei and Student: The Bond of the Shinobi

    Air Date: August 17,

  • S3:E Sensei and Student! The Bond of the Shinobi!

    Air Date: August 17,

  • S3:E The Will of Fire Still Burns

    Air Date: August 4,

  • S3:E Tsunade's Warning: Ninja No More!

    Air Date: July 28,

  • S3:E Kidnapped! Naruto's Hot Spring Adventure!

    Air Date: July 21,

  • S3:E Deadlock! Sannin Showdown

    Air Date: July 14,

  • S3:E The Fifth Hokage! A Life on the Line!

    Air Date: July 7,

  • S3:E Attack! Fury of the Rasengan!

    Air Date: July 7,

  • S3:E Breakdown! The Deal is Off!

    Air Date: June 30,

  • S3:E9. A Dubious Offer! Tsunade's Choice!

    Air Date: June 23,

  • S3:E8. Inheritance! The Necklace of Death!

    Air Date: June 16,

  • S3:E8. Inheritance! The Necklace of Death!!

    Air Date: June 16,

  • S3:E7. Unforgivable! A Total Lack of Respect!!

    Air Date: June 9,

  • S3:E6. An Impossible Choice: The Pain Within Tsunade's Heart

    Air Date: May 26,

  • S3:E5. Focal Point: The Mark of the Leaf

    Air Date: May 19,

  • S3:E4. Keep on Training: Pop Goes the Water Balloon!

    Air Date: May 12,

  • S3:E3. A New Training Begins: I Will Be Strong!

    Air Date: May 5,

  • S3:E2. Hate Among the Uchihas: The Last of the Clan!

    Air Date: April 28,

  • S3:E1. Roar, Chidori! Brother vs. Brother!

    Air Date: April 21,

  • Sours:

    Naruto Season 3 Review

    Naruto Season 3 Review


    The third season of Naruto most certainly has its flaws, but it&#;s still the best season of the first Naruto series thanks to its more mature, emotional storyline with bigger stakes.


    &#;You&#;ve become my best friend&#;


    Naruto Season 3 Review


    Let&#;s comment upon each of its major arcs and plots. First and foremost, Sasuke&#;s backstory is finally showed in the first episodes of this season and it&#;s absolutely amazing. That episode remains the most purely authentic, sophisticated, darkest and even the most artistic in animation episode of the entire series. What happened to Sasuke is horrible and it explained so much about his character that I now came to fully appreciate him. Itachi is a fantastic, truly imposing villain. Yes, he only appears briefly, but still very effectively and he&#;s badass and poses a genuine threat to our heroes.

    Then the season somewhat slows down and we get introduced to Tsunade who is by far the only truly good female character on this unfortunately still sexist show. Even though her sexual objectification is questionable of course, she is still a terrific healer and particularly badass in fights and actually very strong physically. I loved her moving backstory as well as her growing motherly relationship with Naruto. And of course the conflict with Orochimaru is terrific and those battles with him and Kabuto versus the protagonists was so good.


    Naruto Season 3 Review


    The hospital scenes are memorable and Sakura&#;s scene, although embarrassing for her and she truly is ridiculously brushed aside in this season, is still a great scene because of Sasuke as we see that he still appreciates her caring for him during all that time in the hospital. His argument with Naruto was also memorable.

    However, I have to be honest and say that I really did not care for all the other characters and their rushing to save Sasuke and prevent him from joining Orochimaru. That&#;s a great story and it would have been great just if Naruto was going after him, but all these other teams were simply unnecessary and they still remain underdeveloped and unnecessary as characters. Shikamaru is still forgettable to me and only Gaara and Rock Lee have a truly memorable, great fight. I just did not buy all of them wanting to save Sasuke. That rang pretty false to me.

    But that is only one minor flaw in an otherwise great season. That Sasuke&#;s backstory remains the best part of this season and the best flashback of them all so far, but there is no denying the power of Naruto and Sasuke&#;s fight. This is the culmination of the entire show and where the series actually ends, if you discount the filler episodes of course. And this review is about the third and that beginning of the fourth season with four episodes that ended the season. But yes, Naruto progressed so much and became much stronger than he was before and their fight was genuinely amazing to behold. It at first had too many flashbacks, but the conflict between the two characters is so well established and their relationship is beautifully developed and the series&#; heart and core. These episodes were both moving and highly entertaining.


    Naruto Season 3 Review


    So in the end, this season has too many characters that sidetrack the storyline a bit, but the beginning of the season is unprecedentedly dark and amazing whereas the ending is moving, complex and so powerful. The action is great, there is no denying that, but the backstories and the character interactions remain the best aspects here.


    Worst Episodes: Fakeout: Shikamaru&#;s Comeback and The Leaf&#;s Handsome Devil.

    Best Episodes: Roar, Chidori! Brother vs. Brother and A Cry on Deaf Ears.

    My Rating &#;

    Tags: anime, anime series, anime shows, Naruto, Naruto Season 3, reviews, shonen


    3 summary season naruto

    Naruto (season 3)

    Season of television series


    Season 3 cover

    Country of originJapan
    No. of episodes41
    Original networkTV Tokyo
    Original releaseSeptember 15, &#;()&#;–
    June 29, &#;()

    Season 2

    Season 4

    List of episodes

    The third season of the Naruto anime series, titled "3rd Stage" in Japan, is directed by Hayato Date, and produced by Studio Pierrot and TV Tokyo.[1] Based on Masashi Kishimoto's manga series, the season follows Sasuke Uchiha joining up with Orochimaru while the titular Naruto Uzumaki attempts to stop him and pursue him back to the Leaf village after Tsunade becomes the Fifth Hokage. The season aired from September 15, to June 29, on TV Tokyo.[2]

    The English dub aired on both Cartoon Network's Toonami and YTV's Bionix programming blocks from August 25, to February 16, [3][4]

    Sony Pictures Entertainment collected the episodes in a total of twelve DVD volumes, each containing four episodes,[5] between January 1 and December 7, [6][7] The English adaptation of these dub was released between twenty-first and thirty-second DVD volumes released by Viz Media,[8][9] while various compilations were later released.[10][11]

    The Japanese version of this season feature seven theme musics: three openings and four endings. The openings are "GO!!!" by Flow, used for episodes to , Sambomaster's "Seishun Kyōsōkyoku" (青春狂騒曲, lit. Youth's Rhapsody), used for episodes to , and "No Boy No Cry" (ノーボーイ·ノークライ, Nō Bōi Nō Kurai) by Stance Punks, from episode to The endings are "Ryūsei" (流星, lit. Meteor) by TiA (used until episode ), "Mountain A Go Go 2" (マウンテン·ア·ゴーゴー·ツー, Maunten A Gō Gō Tsū) by Captain Straydum (used for episodes to ), "Hajimete Kimi to Shabetta" (はじめて君としゃべった, lit. The First Time I Spoke With You) by GaGaGa SP (used for episodes to ), and "Nakushita Kotoba" (失くした言葉, lit. Lost Words) by No Regret Life (used for episodes to ). The English version replaces the endings with an instrumental version of "Rise" by Jeremy Sweet and Ian Nickus.

    Episode list[edit]


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