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Tubi Reveals "Scary Good" Programming to Get in the Mood for Halloween

When it comes to checking out horror movies and TV shows to get in the spirit of Halloween, sometimes the most frightening thing is seeing how much you pay for all your different streaming services, but for those who have been trimming down on their subscriptions, Tubi has got you covered with thousands of hours of unsettling stories to honor the upcoming holiday. Whether you're interested in original programming like Meet, Marry, Murder and Celebrity Exorcism or want to check out classics like Dracula, The Mummy, and The Fog, the service has a number of different ad-supported stories that won't break the bank.

Per press release, "Tubi, FOX Entertainment's free streaming service, announced 'Terror on Tubi,' its scary-good streaming Halloween celebration, which kicks off this October. All month long, Tubi will offer thousands of hours of scares from streaming's biggest free Halloween movie collection, with more than 5,000 horror and paranormal titles from which to choose. As part of 'Terror on Tubi,' the streaming service is premiering four Tubi Originals: Meet, Marry, Murder; Harland Manor; and the FOX Alternative Entertainment-produced Famously Haunted: Amityville and Celebrity Exorcism; as well as a plethora of haunting and heart-pounding films for horror and paranormal enthusiasts.

"As previously announced, Tubi is kicking off its original programming this fall and will debut 140+ hours of all-new content, including original programming from FOX Alternative Entertainment (FAE). Throughout October, Tubi will feature an array of frightening content, ranging from paranormal series to horror films and true crime series, including Meet, Marry, Murder, hosted by Michelle Trachtenberg (October 6th), Famously Haunted: Amityville (October 15th), Celebrity Exorcism(October 22nd), and horror film Harland Manor (October 29th). All of the 'Terror on Tubi' offerings are available for free on the platform.

"Tubi viewers devour horror titles all year long so we've made 'Terror on Tubi' extra enticing," said Adam Lewinson, Chief Content Officer, Tubi. "With more than 5,000 horror and paranormal titles and four bone-chilling originals, Tubi ramps up its position as a formidable force in horror."

"We're thrilled to be premiering our first FAE Tubi original titles on the platform with the inaugural 'Terror on Tubi' celebration," said Rob Wade, FOX Entertainment's President of Alternative Entertainment and Specials. "We look forward to continuing to bring original content that not only draws in new audiences with the bold programming that has long been synonymous with FOX, but that also reflects the genres and entertainment Tubi's streaming audiences love most."

Original "Terror on Tubi" Programming:

  • Meet, Marry, Murder (October 6th) - a 13-part true crime series hosted and executive-produced by actress Michelle Trachtenberg (Gossip Girl), explores the true stories of people who were murdered by their partners, and features interviews with witnesses to discuss the tragic unions.
  • Famously Haunted: Amityville (October 15th) - When infamous Amityville killer Ronnie Defeo died behind bars this year, social media blew up with a new wave of armchair detectives and paranormal experts obsessed with the real-life horror story that shattered this sleepy Long Island village nearly 50 years ago. Now, just in time for Halloween, from FOX Alternative Entertainment comes Famously Haunted: Amityville, a fresh look at how six shocking murders spawned one of the most terrifying ghost stories in American history.
  • Celebrity Exorcism (October 22nd) - From FOX Alternative Entertainment, Celebrity Exorcism stars Jodie Sweetin (Full House), Shar Jackson (Moesha), and Metta World Peace (NBA Champion and All-Star), as they come together for a good old-fashioned fright fest! With the help of an acclaimed exorcist, this team of brave celebrities enrolls in a paranormal boot camp like we've never seen before - journeying to exorcise an iconic haunted location... Do you dare to join them?
  • Harland Manor (October 29th) - Directed by Steven R. Monroe (The Exorcism of Molly Hartley, I Spit on Your Grave) and co-written by Steven R. Monroe and John Thaddeus (Sea of Love), Harland Manor stars Camille Sullivan (Intelligence), Summer H. Howell (Cult of Chucky), Dion Johnstone (Sweet Magnolias), and Josh Strait (The Ice Road) as a team of paranormal investigators who document the haunted Harland Manor, only to find themselves hunted by the malevolent ghosts that still dwell there. 

In addition to the Originals, Terror on Tubi will offer more than 5,000 horror and paranormal titles to celebrate Halloween, including Life After Beth, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, Astral, Bones, Captivity, The Reaping, Virus, The Awakening, Wer, P2, Rest Stop, Rest Stop: Don't Look Back, Curve, I Spit On Your Grave, I Spit On Your Grave 2, Rosemary's Baby (2014), Buffy the Vampire Slayer (film), The Hills Have Eyes 2, Predators, Paranormal Prison, Flight 7500, The Fog (1980), The Vatican Tapes, Dracula (1931), The Mummy (1932), Waking the Dead, Virus (1999), Snow White: A Tale of Terror, Rosewood Lane, and more.

Check out "Terror on Tubi" when the event kicks off on October 1st.

What titles are you looking forward to? Let us know in the comments below or contact Patrick Cavanaugh directly on Twitter to talk all things Star Wars and horror!

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Paranormal Captured

S01:E01 - Paranormal Captured

Unusual activity has been captured on CCTV at an antique centre in Barnsley, UK. It is suspected that a poltergeist may be the culprit.

S01:E02 - Paranormal Captured

Katy from Mold, in Wales is convinced that her Party Shop is haunted be previous tenants of the 17thCentury building.

S01:E03 - Paranormal Captured

The White Swan pub and hotel in Henley in Arden in the UK is reported to be a haunted hotspot. This former jailhouse with gallows has a gruesome history and owners Maria and Nigel believe a lady of the night who died in mysterious circumstances still roams the corridors.

S01:E04 - Paranormal Captured

Labyrinth Lodge in Liverpool in the UK is a haunted house in a cemetery. Originally it was a register office, recording births, deaths and marriages. But it seems some previous residents just don’t want to leave.

S01:E05 - Paranormal Captured

The Old Picture House in Nottingham in the UK, was a cinema abandoned in 1959. Today it houses a museum of haunted artefacts.

S01:E06 - Paranormal Captured

Paranormal investigator Danny Moss has been charged with investigating a haunted house in Middlesbrough in the UK. Rose grew up in the house in the 1970’s and 80s which was believed to have been the site of a fatal fire years earlier.

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We’ve highlighted 14 TV shows and documentaries that feature all things spooky and paranormal that you can watch for free on Tubi.

Most Haunted

A team of paranormal experts explore the spookiest, most haunted places in England, from haunted houses to terrifying tunnels full of ghosts.

Psychic Investigators

Real-life police investigations take on a supernatural twist as actual crimes are solved thanks to high tech detective work and the paranormal powers of a psychic.

Ghost Stories

A terrifying tour through real places known to be haunted and the stories that accompany them. But is it true or fabricated legend?

Hauntings Across America

Join host Michael Dorn, as he confronts the paranormal from coast to coast in search of the country’s most interesting hauntings.

Haunted North America

Spine-chilling events unfold at the continent’s strangest, most haunted places, where encounters with terrifying spirits will curl viewer’s toes.

Paranormal Captured

Watch the scariest user-generated clips from all over the globe, including: ghostly encounters, frightening poltergeists, and spooky UFO sightings.

Ghost Chasers

A team of ambitious paranormal investigators travel around Europe searching for evidence of hauntings and any other ghostly activity.

Ghosts: The Unseen Presence

In a world where spooky things go bump in the night, explorers face what lurks in the shadows and shed new light on the existence of the paranormal.

Paranormal Nightmare

Are ghosts and demons dwelling among us? The Fourman Brothers, a family of paranormal investigators, investigate four hauntings, including a demonic entity, a murderous specter, a dangerous force, and a dark presence in this documentary series.

Paranormal Investigators Uncut

A journalistic view of the world of the unexplained features U.F.O phenomena, ghost hunting, cryptozoology, paranormal events and conspiracies.

Paranormal Files

Crop circles, alien abductions and other extraordinary phenomena are the subject of this riveting and mind-boggling investigation into the unknown.

Canada’s Most Haunted: Paranormal Encounters In The Great White North

Take a harrowing trip to the Great White North and discover the paranormal activity lurking inside Canada’s most notoriously haunted sites.

Epic Ghosts And Paranormal Hauntings

In Newfoundland and Canada, spine-chilling reports of hauntings by ghosts, including the spirit of a lumberjack eaten by a cannibal, are investigated.

Secrets Of The Paranormal World

A true believer and a stone-cold skeptic investigate the paranormal through a series of controlled experiments to reach the other side.

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