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Product description

IE Audi S5 B Performance Tune () - Stage 1

USP Motorsports is proud to offer Integrated Engineering's line of at-home software tuning options. Flash your own car with ease using this user-friendly, quick solution for the power gains you need. 


IE's motorsport-inspired software brings track-ready ECU programming while retaining factory comfort and reliability. Developed in-house, IE engineers are equipped with industry-leading tuning technology to completely reverse engineer the factory mapping and safely modify it to maximize performance. Years of professional tuning high-powered race vehicles and intimate knowledge of the VW & Audi engines results in a wicked fast car on the street or the track. Your new software tune is easily uploaded to your factory installed ECU (engine control module) without touching a wrench in your own driveway. Multiple tunes are available to match your stock or installed aftermarket hardware.


Product Features

  • Maximize horsepower & torque gains in your Audi B8 or B S5 T
  • Easily and quickly tune your car at home
  • Retain factory reliability
  • Includes IE POWERlink Flash Tool
  • Upgrade tunes at any time with no fees
  • Easy octane switching
  • Simple data logging
  • return to stock anytime
  • Improved throttle response
  • Increased rev limiter
  • Remove top speed limiter


Power Gains

  • HP Gains of + Over Stock Hardware


Available Tunes

*** Please note this product page ONLY includes a Stage 1 tune. 

IE Stage 1

The IE Stage 1 tune delivers an aggressive power upgrade without having to install any hardware modifications. Perfect for customers looking for a big jump in power without adding any additional hardware. In a matter of minutes, the vehicle will be much more enjoyable to drive with a massive boost in performance.


IE Stage 2

For customers looking to maximize the performance of the stock engine and turbo setups with bolt-on hardware, IE Stage 2 software fine-tunes the ECU calibration to match installed aftermarket hardware.  Stage 2 results deliver massive power gains across the powerband, fully realizing the engine and stock turbocharger potential. 


IE POWERlink Direct Port Flash Tool

IE's own in-house developed POWERlink cable gives you the control to unlock your engine’s true potential from your own garage or driveway. Enjoy the freedom to quickly reflash your car’s engine control unit (ECU) or transmission control unit (TCU) with IE’s line of performance tunes. The cable simply plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-2 port delivering instant access to choose different IE Tune stages to match installed hardware, take advantage of different fuel octanes, flash back to stock, perform engine diagnostics, read/clear codes and gather high-quality operating data via logging.


Easy Operation

Simply plug your IE POWERlink cable into your vehicle’s OBD-II port and the USB port on your Windows-powered laptop to use the included IE Flash Wizard software. 


Simple Tune Upgrades

Upgrading to Stage 2 or beyond is easy! You only pay the difference in cost between the files with no additional or hidden fees. Upgrade at any time.

Please contact USP Motorsports support team for updating options that will work best for your vehicle's configuration - [email protected]


Octane Switching

Many IE Tunes have multiple options available for you to take advantage of higher octanes. Gain big power by flashing 93, , or octane versions of your file.


Data Logging

Easily gather simple-to-read ECU data for fast troubleshooting with our pre-loaded data logging option.


Flash Multiple Cars

Have a friend with a compatible VW or Audi? Share the power with up to 5 different cars with a single cable. Just add enough credits to your cable for the desired tune and power-up your entire crew.


Return To Stock Anytime

With the IE POWERlink, you can return your vehicle back to % original ECU programming at any time.


Easy Updates

IE will always provide free software updates as they become available and easily reflashed through your IE POWERlink cable. 


System Requirements

Laptop or tablet with Wifi connection and USB port running Windows 7 or above operating system required. Powered by 32 or bit processor with GHz or greater and 4GB of Ram.


IE Flash Wizard Software

IE's own easy to use Flash Wizard Software allows the IE POWERlink Tool to communicate with your vehicle's ECU to flash software tunes, upgrade, update, data log, or read/write codes. The software download is included with your tune/cable purchase and operates on any Windows 7+ powered laptop or tablet. The software is very simple to use and once installed will walk you through the fast tuning process to deliver instant horsepower. 


Technical Features


Dynometer Optimized

After completely reverse engineering the factory ECU, our engineers use our in-house Dynapack DP42 dynamometer to perform repeated runs to test each change that is made to the software and confirm drivability in any situation. This ensures IE performance software delivers massive horsepower and torque increases across the entire powerband. Using our in-house dyno and advanced tuning tools, IE engineers have fully optimized every aspect of the factory ECU mapping on many different vehicles. This produces a tune that retains all factory like driving and safety protocols when needed, and an intense surge of power when you want it.


Removed Speed Limiter

The factory ECU speed limiter has been removed to make sure the increased power and torque can be used to its full potential on straightaways and drag strips.


Increased Rev Limit

With the significant power increase, the rev limiter is also increased to allow a wider powerband on all IE VW GTI files. By increasing the rev limit, you gain a perfect match for the increased performance available from your new IE performance software tune.


Improved Throttle Response

To further increase the responsive feel of the car, IE engineers have carefully adjusted the throttle sensitivity. This offers a more connected feeling to your car with plenty of power available right beneath your foot.


Optimized Fueling

All IE tunes have been adjusted to run as economically as possible, dialing in air/fuel ratios to exactly where they need to be. With an IE performance ECU flash, it is common to see increased fuel economy under cruising and part-throttle driving.


Product video

Sours: https://www.uspmotorsports.com/

Unitronic Stage 1 : HP / LB-FT

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by Alina Moore, on

Even though the summer is slowing reaching the end, you should still prepare your convertible for maximum enjoyment of what is left of the sunshine and warm weather. Senner Tuning is offering you the perfect solution to make those summer days even more enjoyable in your Audi S5 Convertible.

Senner Tuning did tons of work under the hood where the liter V-6 engine was upgraded to deliver a total of horsepower and a peak torque of pound-feet. That’s a huge jump over the stock horsepower and pound-feet of torque. In order to obtain this upgrade, Senner tweaked the ECU and installed a new exhaust system.

The all-new valve controlled exhaust system features four tailpipes that provide plenty of throaty noise. This system features a cleverly-devised control system that allows for a regulation of the exhaust sound intensity and tone. The active exhaust system even shows the mode it is in on the S5’s dashboard display.

Senner also removed the speed limiter to allow the S5 to top out well above the usual mph.

Click past the jump to read more about the Audi S5 Convertible by Senner Tuning.

  • Year:

  • Make:


  • Model:


  • Engine:


  • Horsepower @ RPM:

  • Torque @ RPM:

  • Displacement:


  • time:

    4 sec.

  • Top Speed:


  • car segment:

    sports cars

  • body style:


Audi S5 Convertible by Senner Tuning in Detail

Along with the under-hood work, Senner did some updates on the car&#;s exterior and interior. The car is coated in a bright white paint combined with numerous black elements to add a little contrast.

The tuner also installed elements inspired by the RS5, including: a new grille, ornamental fog lamp covers and a rear apron insert.

The car sits on a set of inch Work VS-XX wheels with matte-black rim stars and anodized external beds. The wheels are wrapped in Continental Sport Contact 5P tires sized /30R20 and /25R

For the interior, the tuner again opted for RS5-inspired elements, including a speedometer cover in high-gloss black.

Alina Moore

Alina Joined the Topspeed.com team in the early s as one of the outlets very first experts, and she’s been with Topspeed.com ever since. Over the years, she’s served various roles, but today she’s is relied on heavily to verify automotive facts, assist with formatting, and discover new and engaging topics.  Read full bio

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Press Release

Once again the summer of the present year was an excessive waiting game. Then: The hottest season of the year finally arrives and when the sun shines from the sky above, nothing can be more beautiful than cruising through its rays with a convertible.

One of the most elegant and sportive convertibles that the vehicle market has to offer at the present moment is no doubt, the Audi S5 Convertible. The company Senner Tuning from Ingelheim that has long specialized in the refinement of the Audi A5 construction series has now set itself the task of reworking the current S5 Convertible once again.

In contrast to the bright car color (glacier white metallic), Senner Tuning has refined the exterior of the car with numerous black elements. In addition to the RS5 radiator grill, the ornamental fog lamp covers and the Audi rings on the front and rear, the rear apron insert and the “super-charged” mud guard emblems in black also stand out in glamor.
Moreover, the adequate Work VS-XX rims measuring 9x20 and x20 inches with matt black rim stars and anodized external beds are kept rolling in the wheel housings. The high-grade three-piece parts were covered with flat Continental Sport Contact 5P rubbers of the dimensions /30R20 and /25R Thanks to the adjustable rebound and compression damping, the Bilstein B16 coilover kit allows for an individual setup.

In contrast to its TSFI siblings, the liter V6 of the current Audi S5 is not subjected to pressure by one or more exhaust gas turbo chargers but rather “forced to breathe” by one mechanically-driven super charger. Senner Tuning boosted the performance of the serial compressor engine that is concealed beneath the two-part carbon cover to a lofty Horse Power, and the maximum torque grew from to the present Nm on a parallel basis. Moreover, a power converter sharpens the characteristic line of the electronic gas pedal and thus generates an even more aggressive throttle response while an elevation of the Vmax limitation guarantees the S5 a free run even beyond km/h. To endow the newfound performance boost with stronger acoustic presence, Senner Tuning installed a 4-pipe sports exhaust system with valve control. It has such a cleverly-devised control system that allows for a regulation of the exhaust sound in its sound intensity and tone quality: it can be switched between travel, sports and race mode while driving using a remote control device. This newly developed system shows the active mode even on the display of the car radio and can – with the necessary upgrade – even output performance data, G-forces and lap times using the in-built GPS module via Bluetooth.t

Senner Tuning upgraded the driver’s workplace with RS5 parts. In addition to the speedometer cover in high-gloss black, the pedal pads and the footboard are thus taken from the high rotary speed competitive sports version. Movie films can now also be enjoyed while driving thanks to the activation of the DVD system.

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Press release
Sours: https://www.topspeed.com/cars/audi/audi-s5-convertible-by-senner-tuning-arhtml

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Audi tuning 2013 s5

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