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10 Haircut and Style Trends to Try in

Whether you’re looking for a complete hair overhaul (bowl cut, anyone?) or just want to tweak your style with a fresh fringe, is all about trying something new with your ’do. We chatted up 10 hairstylists from coast to coast to share their expert take on what will be the most popular haircuts and styles for the upcoming year. From always-in-style bangs to the return of a retro ’70s fave, read on for all the inspo you need to find your new signature hairstyle.

Trend: The Bowl Cut

Celeb inspiration: Charlize Theron

 hair trends: Charlize Theron with a dark bowl cut and blonde highlights.

(Photo: Getty)

“In , haircuts went from lobs to bobs and now for they’re going even shorter,” says Jason Lee, owner of Jason Lee Salon in Toronto. Lee reveals that there’s one style in particular that’s gaining steam: the bowl cut (a.k.a. the mushroom cut). “The last time this cut was in mainstream culture was back in the ’90s when Demi Moore had it in Ghost, but I think even more of an influencer in the ’90s was Josie Bissett who played Jane on Melrose Place,” says Lee. For a modern take on the style, take a cue from Charlize Theron, whose bowl cut recently made its red carpet debut. “What makes Theron’s cut so chic is that it’s undercut which means the sides and back are cut short and the top layer creates that bowl silhouette,” says Lee. Mark Lee’s words: “The bowl cut feels like it’s about to have its moment.”

Trend: Soft Crimped Waves

Celeb inspiration: Joan Smalls

 hair trends: Joan Smalls against a light pink background.

Raise your hand if you rocked crimped hair back in the early ’90s. According to Rashida Parris-Russell (Mane Assassin), crimped waves is another retro style that’s going to make a comeback in , but this time around they’re more of a subtle wave instead of the tight kinks from your childhood. To get this look, there’s no need to dig out your old crimper. “Soft waves and crimps can be achieved with a curling iron, triple barrel iron, or braiding the hair to set it and then unbraiding it to achieve a soft bend,” says Parris-Russell. Case in point: check out Joan Smalls’s loose, undone crimps at a recent event.

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Trend: Genderless Haircuts

Celeb inspiration: Kristin Stewart

 hair trends: Kristin Stewart with a short pixie cut with blonde highlights.

(Photo: Getty)

“Currently there’s a big movement into genderless haircuts,” says Kiran Gill, partner and stylist at Ponytails + Horseshoes in Edmonton. A haircut is a haircut, it doesn’t matter who it’s on, as long as they feel fabulous, she says. Kristin Stewart and Tilda Swinton are prime examples of this trend, sporting short cuts that aren’t styled to be specifically feminine or masculine. “We’re a proud member of the Dresscode Project (a global network of salons that provide positive, gender-affirming services for the LGBTQ community) and we’re excited to see this trend in hair moving forward into the new year,” says Gill.

Trend: Boho Bangs

Celeb inspiration: Kacey Musgraves

 hair trends: Kacey Musgraves in a white dress with long, dark hair and bangs.

(Photo: Getty)

We can’t get enough of bangs and thankfully we don’t have to, because the fringe trend is sticking around for While baby, curtain and blunt bangs were all spotted on the red carpet recently, Loretta Tom, director at Salon Haze in Vancouver, says that a heavier, more ’60s-esque fringe is the style that will reign supreme next year. “It can be worn smooth, or natural with soft textured ends to give it versatility,” she says. A textured bang adds a quick update to any hairstyle no matter if you wear your hair up or down, adds Tom.

Trend: Hair Accessories

Celeb inspiration: Nicole Richie

 hair trends: Nicole Riche in a silky orange headband.

(Photo: Getty)

Delicately adorned hairstyles were *huge* this year and the trend is here to stay for the long run (well at least for ), according to Maureen Penner, hairstylist at VQ Salon in Winnipeg. “Adding an accessory is a quick way to add a special touch to your look, even if you didn’t spend much time on your hair,” she says. While barrettes were particularly popular in , look for all types of accessories—from scrunchies, scarves, bows, headbands and more—to be spotted on celebs and street style stars alike in the months to come.

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Trend: French Girl Bob

Celeb inspiration: Aimee Song

 hair trends: Aimee Song against a pink background with a textured bob cut, including caramel blonde highlights!

(Photo: Getty)

Say hello to ’s version of the lob. “This look is softer than the lob and has a bit more windswept texture for a more modern look,” says Zipora Hunter, a hairstylist at Tidal Hair Lounge in Halifax. Think layers and easy texture that allows for a more laid back vibe, a.k.a. that perfect French girl wake-up-and-go look. The bob haircut almost always makes an appearance every year but just as most colours are becoming less maintenance, this trend proves that the bob is, too, says Hunter.

Trend: Deep Side Part

Celeb inspiration: Kehlani

 hair trends: Kehlani with super shiny hair and a deep side part. Her hair looks slick!

(Photo: Getty)

Middle parts were everywhere this year but in the side part is stepping back into the spotlight. “Make a sleek statement by removing hair from your face with a dramatic, deep side part, it’s a simple way to dress up any look,” says David D&#;Amours, the Canadian editorial director for Kérastase. The best part about this style is that it works with any hair length and offers a quick hack to change up your look with minimal effort. “This part provides an instant elevation to your outfit making you look chic and put together, while still maintaining a sense of cool,” says D’Amours.

Trend: The Shag

Celeb inspiration: Natasha Lyonne

 hair trends: Natasha Lyonne with a shag cut

(Photo: Getty)

Flared jeans and psychedelic prints aren’t the only ’70s trends you’ll be seeing in One of the biggest cuts of the year is the blast from the past shag. “For someone not wanting to lose their length, the shag is back,” says L.A.- and Toronto-based hairstylist and Dyson ambassador Matthew Collins. This cut has tons of face-framing layers, is super versatile and can be worn with short, medium or long hair. For inspo, Natasha Lyonne and more recently Chrissy Teigen have embraced the iconic, layered style from the ’70s. Hot tip: Collins recommends using a diffuser with your hairdryer when styling your shag as the cut looks best with natural texture.

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Trend: Structured Cuts

Celeb inspiration: Yara Shahidi

 hair trends: Yara Shahidi wearing her natural hair in a slightly shaped structure.

(Photo: Getty)

Donning your natural hair texture will continue to be the norm into the next year and beyond, and there’s a cut trend emerging for curly haired gals that goes hand-in-hand with going au naturel. “With curly and kinky hair, you’ll be seeing a lot of structured cuts in ,” says Janet Jackson, Maui Moisture hair educator & stylist ambassador. She says that defined shorter styles along with buzz cuts and curls cut into fun shapes will be très populaire next year. “Playing with shapes and cuts that enhance not only your facial features but your natural texture and curl [is essential],” says Jackson. If you’re thinking of rocking a short structured cut, she advises booking an appointment at a salon that specializes in textured hair to ensure you’re getting the right cut for your curls.

Trend: Smooth, Sleek Rounded Blow Outs

Celeb inspiration: Selena Gomez

 hair trends: Selena Gomez with a sleek lob that has subtle brunette highlights at the bottom.

(Photo: Getty)

“We’ve been seeing a lot of [beachy waves] in the last few years that will be about being a bit more polished,” explains Somboun June, owner of Grace Hill Salon in Winnipeg. That means a return to sleek and smooth blow outs à la Selena Gomez at the American Music Awards or Kim Kardashian’s recent stint rocking her smoothed out bob. “Whether your hair is long or short, the look is achieved with a round brush,” says June. To keep the style modern, she recommends that you have a hint of volume at your crown to balance out your ends (no Texas big hair here) and that the finish is smooth with suped up shine.



The 80s are back, and so is voluminous crimped hair! This popular look makes your do appear thicker, sexier, and edgier. Crimped hairstyles add volume to your hair, whether flying loose and light or pulled into an updo. 80s crimped hair varied in hue and texture, and today&#;s style does the same, but with more iridescent colors that were available back then. While you can still go neon bright, subtle, blended colors are more popular today. Crimped hair can update your style immediately, and you can spend as much or as little time putting your new look together as you want.

53 Edgy Crimped Hairstyle Ideas to Update Your Look

50 Edgy Crimped Hairstyle Ideas to Update Your Look

How to Crimp Hair? Trade your ordinary, everyday hair for a fabulous, retro look. Hair crimping is an easy way to update your look and add pizzazz to your appearance on days when ordinary just isn&#;t enough. 80s girls knew that you could add volume to your hair by crimping it for an easy, edgy hairstyle that will make you feel daring and different.

Eighties hair was often achieved by braiding damp hair and leaving it to dry overnight. To recreate this blast from the past, divide hair into sections. Then braid each section tightly. For the best results, use your fingers to comb out your hair. You can achieve a similar look by braiding your hair and spraying it with a heat protector. Then run a flat iron over each braid. Let the braid cool before taking it out. Crimped styles of the 80s had more of a windblown look than some of the edgier looks today. Those are achieved with a flatiron.

For hair crimping with a flatiron, spray your hair with heat protection spray. Clip the top layer up and separate the lower layer into sections. Use the flat iron to crimp from the roots, holding your hair for seconds at a time. Then do the same with the top layer. For a less intense, beachy look, just crimp the top layers. For a sharper, modern look, you may want to invest in a zig-zag iron. A zig-zag iron is exactly what it sounds like: an iron designed to give your hair strands sharp, zig-zag edges. This results in a more pronounced crimp.

Any of these methods can help you achieve a fresh, unique look. These techniques can work with an updo, a partial updo, or beautiful, loose hair. Get creative and try one of these fabulous crimped hairstyles.

1) Different Hair, But Same You

Different Hair, But Same You

Source: alyssa.jv &#;

Are you looking for a new look without putting scissors to your locks or dye to your tresses? Ok then. Crimping could be perfect for you. Easily achieved and easy to wear, this is the no-fuss look that allows you to change without you having to worry about changing a thing.

2) Crimped Hair Is All The Rage

Crimped Hair Is All The Rage

Source: vivibabihair_com &#;

If you&#;re looking for something that is kind of like curls but kind-of-not, crimped hair gives you a wavy, fun look without being like all the rest. Wild yet tamed, there&#;s nothing we don&#;t love about this perfect wig that is ideal for any time, anywhere and any season.

3) Loving The Light, Wispy Crimped Hairstyle

Loving The Light, Wispy Crimped Hairstyle

Source: mercedyactress &#;

Braid your hair for a day or two and then let it go and voila, you have a new look that is as lovely as you. If you&#;re not sure you can achieve the tight crimped hair found here, a professional stylist can get this look done for you. Let those braids come undone and you&#;ve got a style that has been in style for years.

4) Hey Bombshell, Look At That Hair

Hey Bombshell, Look At That Hair

Source: bombshellfactory &#;

Just because the 80s have come and gone doesn&#;t mean that we don&#;t still love the styles that it left us. Crimped hair is a perfect look for a very special night out or for doing something new when back to school. Whatever the reason for changing your look, this is an option that never went out of style.

5) Crimped Bohemian Up-Do For You

Crimped Bohemian Up-Do For You

Source: hairstage_vogue &#;

Do you have a photo-shoot coming up or a date you want to look chic for? With this crimped low ponytail, you&#;ll definitely capture anyone&#;s attention for a unique look that is as lovely as can be. Relatively easy to accomplish, you can do this at home or ask your stylist to do it.

6) Unique and Pretty Updo

Unique and Pretty Updo


Who says crimped hairstyles must be worn loose and free? Crimped hair adds so much volume to your updo. This awesome style pulls your hair back but has a cool, twist. The crimped hair adds texture and flair to the mixture, but the effect is soft and feminine. It is perfect for a woman with long hair who wants a somewhat elegant updo.

7) Wild Thing Goes Modern (And Loves It)

Wild Thing Goes Modern (And Loves It)


Release your inner Wild-Woman with this astonishing crimped hairstyle! This one will require a lot of hairsprays, but it is oh, so worth it! Your free-spirited manner will make you the center of attention for sure. You will not blend into the underbrush with this modern hairstyle.

8) Simple and Sweet Technique Goes Anywhere

Simple and Sweet Technique Goes Anywhere


This youthful look is one of the cute hairstyles for girls, but it will look great no matter your age! It has a basic and sweet attitude, with just a hint of edginess. The secret to this natural, carefree look is its simplicity, which will take you anywhere, and you can get this style sans heat with braids and buns.

9) Crimp for Night Out on the Town

Crimp for Night Out on the Town


Try out this long, sexy, crimped style, perfect for a night out in the city. It has a mysterious look that hints at an adventurous spirit. The layers soften the face and add texture to the overall appearance. The key to this style is the micro-crimping, achieved with a crimping iron, to add tons of volume to your hair. Eighties retro never looked so modern.

10) Effortless Partial Updo With a Vibe

Effortless Partial Updo With a Vibe


Don&#;t be afraid of pink &#; today&#;s subtle colors can go anywhere. This is a youthful look that is perfect when you want to look pretty and relaxed. The pale pink updates the bold, neon pink look from the 80s and the off-center braid hints at a careless charm.

11) Mix and Match: Beautiful, Curly Partial Updo

Mix and Match: Beautiful, Curly Partial Updo


If you want a different look, bring on the curls! The texture of crimping is combined with awesome curls to show that curly hair and crimped hair can coexist! The straight hair above the forehead adds texture. This hairstyle for women is perfect for an elegant wedding or at a cocktail party with friends.

12) Long, Luxurious Locks Break the Mold

Long, Luxurious Locks Break the Mold


If you normally wear your hair long and straight, here is a nice change of pace. You&#;ll need a crimping iron to get the exact look. This pretty hairstyle will change up your everyday routine and make you the center of attention! The simplicity and elegance of this modern hairstyle will blow everyone away.

13) Modern Take on a Timeless Style

Modern Take on a Timeless Style


Long curls or waves have always been popular, but this pretty hairstyle combines a timeless look with flair. The sharp crimps, which were created with a zig-zag iron, emphasize the gorgeous, multidimensional color in this awesome new wrinkle on curly hair. Crimping is one of the best ways to show off your awesome balayage.

14) Modern Hairstyle Brings 60s Vibe

Modern Hairstyle Brings 60s Vibe


This cute easy hairstyle brings the 60s back to the future with a look that hints at the carefree heart of a flower child. The straight, rolled bangs contrast with the texture of the long, 80s crimped hair to reveal a free spirit ready to play. You&#;ll love how this look makes you feel.

15) Cool Look for a Concert or the Beach

Cool Look for a Concert or the Beach


This simple, unpretentious look will bring out your cool side. It is the perfect hairstyle for a concert or a day at the beach. The blond locks have a beachy look with just the right amount of crimping. This is a cute hairstyle for girls ready for spring break! Break out the iron or go with braids and buns to achieve this sunny look!

16) Rock On with this Amazing Crimped Hairstyle

Rock On with this Amazing Crimped Hairstyle


The crimping, combined with the green under dye, is reminiscent of the rock and roll style of the 70s and 80s. This attention-grabbing look will be sure to put you in the middle of all the action. Part your hair down the middle and break out the iron to get the symmetrical, fly-away effect. What an awesome look for a woman not afraid to rock the night away.

17) Easy, Breezy Look Will Go Anywhere

Easy, Breezy Look Will Go Anywhere


Here&#;s a cute easy hairstyle for women who have short hair and a lot of attitudes. Part French braid, part crimped, 80s hairstyle, this amazing look is simple and so easy to replicate. Wear it for a day at the mall or night out on the town. This nice, sassy little do will take you anywhere you want to go.

18) Elegant Look is Structured and Unique

Elegant Look is Structured and Unique


This is a beautiful look for those times when you really want to stand out, and honey, you will really shine! It combines textures with a smooth top and meticulous crimping below. The parallel, structured appearance of this crimped hair is less carefree than most crimped styles and is a good choice for a brunch or a style show.

19) Color and Crimping Combine for a Spectacular Look

Color and Crimping Combine for a Spectacular Look


Lavender looks luscious anywhere, night or day. The iridescence of the subtle, blended color popular in combines with partial crimping to create this awesome style. You only need to crimp a few of the top layers to create a textural contrast with the long, straight hair. The metallic quality of the color really shines, making this special look really catch the eye.

20) Not Your Mother&#;s Pony Tail

Not Your Mother&#;s Pony Tail


This updo brings a new look to a common women&#;s hair staple. The crimped ponytail has tons of volume to add interest to a timeless style. No one could call it ordinary or boring. Who says a ponytail can&#;t be interesting and modern? You&#;ll need to tease the pony and use an iron for the larger crimps. The result is a new-fashioned take on an old-fashioned style.

21) Crimped Hair for a Sleek, Professional Look

 Crimped Hair for a Sleek, Professional Look


Looking for a style that will take you from the office to a night out? Try this versatile look, which is both playful and professional. The braid adds interest to textured hair, which is pulled back in a partial updo. The style is good for work, but whispers of a walk in the park or on the beach after five. Use hydrating treatments and a daily hair oil to maintain that spectacular shine.

22) Playful Look Complements Shoulder Length Hair

Playful Look Complements Shoulder Length Hair


If you ever despair of finding a lively, different approach for your shoulder-length hair, despair no more! This frisky look is perfect for a fun, shoulder-length style. The simple, partial updo sports a braid pulled off the face, surrounded by playful, loosely crimped hair. You could use the no-heat braiding method to recreate this effortless design.

23) Wild and Free Mermaid Hair Features Crimping

Wild and Free Mermaid Hair Features Crimping


If you feel like the 21st Century just isn&#;t for you, this color and texture will make you feel like a mythical creature. This awesome hairstyle evokes memories of fairy tales and far-away places. The incredible texture is created by the tightly twisted sections on top of the head in contrast with the wild, crimped hair below. The flowers add an exotic, tropical touch. This one will require some teasing, but what a stunning look if you are ready to go all out!

24) Go On, We Dare You

Go On, We Dare You


If you are tired of being staid and professional, this daring style will make you feel like an 80s punk rocker, but with a vibe. The tightly twisted hair erupts into a volcano of crimped and teased hair. Few women could pull this off, but it is perfect for someone who wants to display a sense of fearless ambition. This unforgettable look will put you on the map. Dare to be hardcore with this exciting style upgrade.

25) Quick, Easy, and Memorable Style

Quick, Easy, and Memorable Style


This cute, easy hairstyle can work for any woman with long hair. The top, crimped layer overlays the straight bottom layer for a retro look that seems to combine the best of the 70s and the 80s. This style would be effortless to create and manage, and it is appropriate for day or night.

26) Short, Sassy Style Emphasizes the Face

Short, Sassy Style Emphasizes the Face


This saucy look is for women unafraid to experiment. Here, crimped 80s hair meets the short bob for a cute easy hairstyle. Don&#;t think that there are no good hair ideas for short hair, because this look proves that short hair doesn&#;t have to be ordinary. Selectively crimp some strands and tease others to rock some sassy attitude.

27) Romantic Updo Perfect for Special Occasions

Romantic Updo Perfect for Special Occasions


If you are stumped looking for a romantic look that is perfect for a wedding or garden party, well look no further! Here is a thick, loose bubble braid that is textured by the crimped hair. This pretty style conveys a sense of grace and elegance appropriate for the most special of occasions without looking stodgy or boring. Eighties hair meets Jane Austen for a fabulous modern, yet an old-fashioned sense of style.

28) Crimp and Go for Easy, Sexy Style

Crimp and Go for Easy, Sexy Style


Looking for simple hair ideas, but tired of the same old trends? Try this awesome crimp and go style out for shopping or a night on the town. This cute hairstyle for girls is perfect for any occasion but is an easy hairstyle to create. Any eighties girl will recognize this hair &#; no heat required if you don&#;t want to use the iron! The style is easy-peasy and just right for you.

29) Crimp for Sun-kissed, California Style Hair

Crimp for Sun-kissed, California Style Hair


You may not be a California girl, but you can look like one with this awesome crimped hair. Long, luxurious textured hair with a partial, twisted updo looks amazing, evoking a sense of innocence and playful nuance. Note the combination of micro-crimps and larger, sharper strands. This style is easy and free, like a day in Santa Monica.

30) Loose, Crimped Dutch Braid is Fresh and Elegant

Loose, Crimped Dutch Braid is Fresh and Elegant


If you are looking for a different sort of updo, crimped hair adds tremendous volume to this loose, Dutch braid. It also adds dimension and texture to a traditional look. This cute hairstyle is easily done and will go anywhere you want it to. This is a great updo that you&#;ll return to again and again.

31) Billowy Cloud of Hair for Unforgettable Style

Billowy Cloud of Hair for Unforgettable Style


This puffy hairstyle seems to float about the head like a cloud. The billowy, soft crimps reveal an ethereal look that seems to defy gravity. Everyone will be trying to figure out how you managed it. Hint: it will require some teasing! This is a look people will want to touch.

32) A Simple Twist on Things

A Simple Twist on Things


Why hide your beautiful face? This style features simple twists of hair in the front, allowing the rest of the hair to fall free and easy, without hiding the face. Simple elegance will go anywhere, and this is one hairdo that conveys a sense of crimp and goes style.

33) The B52s Meet Ancient Rome

 The B52s Meet Ancient Rome


The New Wave style of 80s hair, combined with the cuff ponytail holder, seems to be modern, yet very old. The cuff whispers of both ancient Rome and 80s punk. Strategic crimping stands out in this bold updo, which is sure to draw plenty of attention to your timeless, yet edgy look.

34) Varied Textures Make This Hairstyle Special

Varied Textures Make This Hairstyle Special


Looking for ways to show off your sensational balayage? This cute hair is a veritable quilt of texture and color. The strategically placed crimps combine with the loose beach waves to create an unforgettable look. The textures work together to emphasize this radiant balayage for a great look on any occasion, day or night. You will certainly be noticed by all with this gorgeous hair.

35) Simple, Partial Updo Great for All Occasions

Simple, Partial Updo Great for All Occasions


Show us your face with this simple, effortless style that will work for almost anything. The hair is swept back, emphasizing your eyes. The crimping adds interest to the look, which is a cinch to maintain throughout the day. The platinum color really shines in this beautiful style, which you can achieve with minimal effort. You will look great all day long and feel gorgeous.

36) Free and Loose 80s Crimped Hair

Free and Loose 80s Crimped Hair


If you think your long, straight hair always looks the same, mix it up with this free and easy twist on typically 80s style hair. The crimps in the lower layers emphasize the blond highlights with a wild, flyaway look that is sure to stand out. The loose strands around your face will soften the look, drawing attention to your eyes. This is a lovely expression of the late 20th-century style.

37) Corkscrew Crimps Add Interest to Look

Corkscrew Crimps Add Interest to Look


Sharp, corkscrew crimps contrast with straight hair pulled back to reveal a unique twist on a familiar technique. If you are bored with your look and want to try something more daring, this is perfect for a special date night or for a ladies night on the town.

38) Dutch Braid and Pony Tail Combo

Dutch Braid and Pony Tail Combo


Need to pull your hair back, but feel like you can&#;t bear to wear yet another ponytail? This ponytail, topped by a Dutch Braid, is an extraordinary take on an old favorite. This would be a great choice for a day at the zoo or out on the lake. Ponytails do not have to be boring, and this crimped version is quite memorable. Fun and practical at the same time, you and your hair will be ready to experience the day.

39) French Braid Floats Above Sleek Pony Tail

French Braid Floats Above Sleek Pony Tail


Crimping adds a lot of volume to this French braid, which seems to float above straight hair pulled back into a smooth ponytail. No muss, no fuss; this cute, no-nonsense look keeps your hair out of your face and out of your way, yet is anything but boring. You will be stylish and ready to play with this fresh pony.

40) Varying Crimp Size Adds Interest

Varying Crimp Size Adds Interest


Trade your everyday, sensible, brunette style for a sensual, mysterious tone. This unforgettable hair combines tighter and looser crimps to create a unique and varied texture. Another great look that can take you anywhere, this gorgeous hairdo accentuates the eyes with layers about the face. Sharp, defined crimps alternate with smaller, softer sections, and the results are fabulous.

41) Gorgeous Look is Both Modern and Medieval

Gorgeous Look is Both Modern and Medieval


This pretty style creates a sense of timeless beauty. The crimps and the flower wreath will take you back to the days of yore. This would be a lovely look for a wedding or a trip to the Renaissance Fair. This is a perfect look for someone in love with fairy tales and medieval times. This hair will make you feel like a modern-day princess.

42) Mix and Match for Elegant Style

Mix and Match for Elegant Style


This charming, demure updo sports a mix of textures, perfect for a luncheon or for a day at the office. This classy look is always in style, and the blond highlights add a touch of interest and shine to make a fairly ordinary updo quite extraordinary.

43) Quirky and Fun Hair Reveals Personality

 Quirky and Fun Hair Reveals Personality


This adorable statement hints at a boisterous, quirky personality. The mixed textures and golden highlights let everyone know that you are the most fun person in the room. Show off your independent nature and your exuberant sense of style.

44) Appearances Can Be Deceiving With This Updo

 Appearances Can Be Deceiving With This Updo


This traditional ponytail is not what it seems. All business in the front, the playful, crimped ponytail in the back is a pleasant surprise. This look is practical and manageable, yet fun and frivolous at the same time.

45) Sexy and Fun Side-Part Adds to Look

Sexy and Fun Side-Part Adds to Look


Bring out your best &#;sexy librarian&#; look with this fun, sensual hair. The side part adds a sense of seductive style, and the barely-there highlights add dimension and shine. This fun and effortless hair will leave people speechless &#; you won&#;t even have to tell them to be quiet.

46) Twists and Crimps Combine for Fabulous Hair

Twists and Crimps Combine for Fabulous Hair


This is perfect for thick, luxurious hair if you are looking for an updo to dazzle. The crimped texture and the loose twists add incredible volume to this amazing style. This classy, elegant combination of braids, twists, and crimps is perfect for a bridesmaid&#;s luncheon or a garden party.

47) Modern Color Meets Eighties Attitude

Modern Color Meets Eighties Attitude


Feeling saucy and playful this evening? The sassy 80s attitude never looked better than with this sultry, iridescent, crimped hair. The texture illuminates the 21st Century ombré, lavender hair for a retro look with an up-to-date sensibility. Stand out at a concert or on the dance floor with this colorful and unique hair.

48) Break the Mold with the Unexpected

Break the Mold with the Unexpected


Let your personality shine with this fun checkerboard pattern, which adds an exuberant, unexpected twist to long, straight hair. This unique approach is sophisticated, yet playful, combining the stylish, straight hair with lots of quirky, irreverent attitude. For best results, this intermittent pattern is best achieved with a flat iron.

49) Crimps Add Volume to Crown

Crimps Add Volume to Crown


This Dutch braid crown would be a stunning updo for a bride or her bridesmaids. By breaking out the crimping iron before braiding, you can add so much volume and texture to what would otherwise be a fairly ordinary bridal look. The flower is the perfect finishing touch for this sweet crown.

50) Quick Updo Shows Off Cool Colors

Quick Updo Shows Off Cool Colors


Need a stand-out look, but don&#;t have much time to experiment? Try this great little updo with its soft blue and green streaks and textured strands. Not all of the hair has to be crimped to achieve this cool style, so this is a good updo to go for when you want to try something new, but don&#;t have all day to work on it.

51) Texture and Color Combine for No-Bother Fashion

Texture and Color Combine for No-Bother Fashion


This look is a cinch to achieve for the last minute date. Large, iron-created crimps are layered with smaller ones to perfect a textural masterpiece. Then, just tie front sections of hair away from your face. The cool, metallic colors give it a 21st-century effect that can be achieved quickly and painlessly.

52) Enormous Volume for Your Updo

 Enormous Volume for Your Updo


Trade your everyday braid for something special with this bubble braid. This style has tremendous volume, and it will require some effort, but if you have long hair, experimentation can be fun! The French braid in the front blends into a bubble braid, with each section, separately wrapped and expanded for more volume.

53) Colorful Partial Updo on Trend

Colorful Partial Updo on Trend


This edgy, colorful partial updo sports a single, loose braid layered with textured crimps to create an amazing look. Selectively textured hair provides the right contrast for the loose, flyaway strands around the face for a great, iconoclastic style that would be right at home on any member of an eighties girl band. Rock on, my friend.

54) Textured, Metallic Hair Has Modern Sensibility

Textured, Metallic Hair Has Modern Sensibility


The retro popularity of crimps is awesome combined with modern, metallic color, and this sensational look is no different. The loose, textured braid, surrounded by iron-created crimps and micro-crimps, is really set-off by the stunning hues. This is definitely a doable look with just a little time and effort.

55) Micro Crimps Can Give You Wings!

Micro Crimps Can Give You Wings!


This unique fly-away look is created with micro-crimps. This hairdo combines the &#;wings&#; of the &#;s with the punk style of the eighties and the color of This one will require hairspray! For an avant-garde look that spans the decades, give this a try if you dare.

50 Sexy Crimped Hair Ideas to Look Edgy and Cool

There are so many looks you can achieve with crimped hair; it&#;s no wonder that this decades-old technique is coming back in a big way! There are so many cute hairstyles for girls and women. There are a variety of ways you can achieve this look, with or without heat. Whether you choose to sleep in braids, use a flatiron, or invest in a zig-zag iron, this is a great way to do something unique without the commitment and price tag of a permanent. You can add volume to your hair, either up or down, with this retro method that women have loved for almost forty years. Crimped hair is back!

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20 Modern Ways to Style Crimped Hair

Big Crinkled Hair

Big Crinkled Hair

Instagram @danadloveshair

Crimped hair, don&#;t care.

Give your long thick hair plenty of texture by adding in gorgeous crinkles.

Crimped Hair Weaves

Crimped Hair Weaves

Instagram @ulithaircompany

Adding crimped hair weaves creates a dramatic effect on your overall look. To recreate this style, ask for a body wave perm or make use of a curling wand to create messy curls. Purchase a customized weave to complement your facial features and skin tone in the best light possible.

Crimp Curls

Crimp Curls

Instagram @thehairwand

Elevate your crimp curls by creating looser waves. To recreate this look, use your hair crimper or three-barrel curling iron. Add a texturizing spray to keep the style longer.

Classic Crimp in a Ponytail

Classic Crimp in a Ponytail

Instagram @sireenacreativeartistry

A classic crimp in a ponytail is a stylish way to upgrade the classic ponytail. It offers an added layer of texture and volume. To recreate this look, use a crimper and crimp the mid-half of your hair, then tie it in a ponytail. A heat protectant will protect the hair and keep the style longer.

Loose Crimped Hair

Loose Crimped Hair

Instagram @studioxosalon

The loose crimped hair is a modern twist to the classic crimped hairstyle, consisting of looser curls. To recreate this look, start by dividing your hair into small horizontal sections while using your hair crimper. Work down the shaft of the hair and press to create an s-wave pattern. Wait for seconds in between each press. Don&#;t forget to spritz a heat protectant spray to provide a longer-lasting hold like Chi&#;s Enviro

Loosely Crimped Hair with Green Tips

Loosely Crimped Hair with Green Tips

Instagram @skyesthelimit_cincy

A loosely crimped hair with green tips adds a fun upgrade to the classic crimped hairstyle. Loosely crimping at the root or throughout the hair creates the illusion of added volume, texture, and dimension. Embellishing your crimped hair with some green hue at the tips creates an effortlessly stylish finish.

Crimped Medium Length Locks

This crimped hairstyle is very chic! Hairstylist Alexandra Herragne of Paris, France created this masterpiece.

For this hair crimping style, Herragne says &#;a thermal product from Kerastase was used first, then a Dyson hair dryer was used. Try the GHD crimped iron and the serum from Franck Provost to get crimper hair.&#;

This crimp hair hairstyle can be used both day and night.

Crimping Long Hair

Crimping long hair can be time consuming, but it&#;s worth it! Stylist Lacey Stephens of Payson, AZ created this big hair.

&#;For the style, a mini hair crimper was used after prepping with Kenra&#;s heat protectant. Styling with the hair crimper gives a lot of texture and volume,&#; says Stephens.

She goes on to say, &#;the only tool you&#;ll need is a mini crimper, a clip, and some bobby pins if desired. The only product you need for hair crimping is a professional heat protectant.&#;

Typically hairspray isn&#;t used with crimped hair, as the iron gives the locks a soft texture.

The style will last a couple of days and can be used simply for volume, texture, or a cool vibe that crimped hairstyles offer.

Loose Crimped Tresses

Crimped hairstyles are very on-trend right now. &#;These loose crimped tresses are great for women with long hair,&#; says barber and cosmetologist McKinsey Marrara of Morgantown, WV.

&#;Invest in great crimping irons and hair products,&#; she adds. &#;To achieve the crimped hair, try Ouai Wave Spray. For the photo, Fat Boy Water Wax was used for the edges and to sleek into the braid. Finish the crimped style with Balmain Paris Couture Session Spray.&#;

Deep Wave Crimped Locks

Deep Wave Crimped Locks

Instagram @flairhairbaltimore

Deep waves and crimped hair go hand in hand.

80&#;s Inspired Crimping

80&#;s inspired crimping

Instagram @thatsaintjames

Rock 80’s inspired crimping for full-on texture and dimension. The tight zigzag crimps stack on top of each other to give a thicker effect to the hair. This crimped hairstyle is a great way to achieve volume and revive an 80’s vibe to the hair.

Short Hair with Crimp

Short Hair with Crimp

Instagram @human_fur

Infuse electricity into your short hair with this absolutely edgy crimped hair cut with legendary purple and pinkish tones!

Layered pieces and a subtle angle around the back make this crinkle hair a real work of inspiration.

Crimped Weave

Crimped weave

Instagram @touchedbyposh

Try a crimped weave to get a silky, shiny mermaid wave to the hair. Crimping hair is making a comeback with the new style of crimping irons, you won’t get such tight crimps, giving away more natural waves to the hair like your hair is naturally blessed with this texture.

Crimped Wavy Hair

Crimped Wavy Hair

Instagram @alicereyn_hair

This photo of rippled crimp hair looks gorgeous on a lob cut (long bob). The vibrant red is also stunning on this crimped look.

Crimped Shoulder Length Hair

Crimped Shoulder Length Hair

Instagram @dramaticsnychair

There&#;s nothing wrong with adding some cute braids and twists for a funkier finish to iron crimped hair.

Cute Crimped Zig Zags

This hair crimp is calm, earthy, and natural with the contradiction of heavy texture. It was created by hairstylist Jeni Parsons of Brownsburg, IN.

For best results, crimped hairstyles for women with fine hair or hair that is too soft to put up easily, is advised.

&#;Using a micro crimper iron adds a ton of texture and grit to the strands, allowing you to form it into shapes and pin it up easier without the hair falling down,&#; says Parsons.

It&#;s classy because it&#;s mainly pulled back at the nape of the neck but edgy because of the crimping. If you&#;re not one for the zig zag braids, crimp your hair and toss it up into a bun or a cute updo!

&#;After using a few bobby pins and spraying with hairspray, you won&#;t have to worry about your crimped hair coming undone, so this is ideal for even the busiest of women,&#; she adds.

Crimped with Braids

This crimper hair is fun, dimensional, organic, and even magical. &#;It&#;s Viking chic with a hint of sparkle! It&#;s not a popular crimping hairstyle, but it&#;s bold and any woman with longer hair can rock it,&#; says hairstylist Renee Caron of Concord, IN.

Caron says the best thing is getting the chance to create so much dimension and texture by mixing hair tinsel, curled, and crimped hair, and five different braids (fishtail, dutch fishtail, ponytail, DNA, bubble, and three-strand).

&#;Have hair that hasn&#;t been washed for at least a day or two. Those hairstyles hold better and give better grip while trying to get the hair crimps you&#;re looking for,&#; she adds.

Crimped with Bangs

This hairstyle screams 90&#;s crimps for hair nostalgia! It was created by hairstylist and color artist Sarah Elwell of Port Orange, FL.

&#;The coolest thing about this is the texture the crimper for hair gives to the hair making it look very unique yet bold,&#; says Elwell.

&#;In the hair industry, we are seeing lots of eras coming back full swing and crimped hair is definitely here to stay,&#; she adds.

Beach Waves Crimping

Beach waves crimping

Instagram @angelalvarado

Beach waves crimping is the perfect way to add glam loose waves to make long hair look fuller. 80’s crimped hair is long gone with the new technique of crimping. Crimpers have a looser wave to them making them look naturally wavy. The waves also start higher up than curling tongs giving more volume and width to the hair.

Crimping for Black Hair

&#;This particular crimp style falls into body waves usually after a week of them being done, and you don&#;t have to do much to it until your next touch up,&#; says style creator and licensed cosmetologist Amber Denise of Merrillville, IN.

&#;It&#;s an old favorite because lots of women remember getting their hair crimped in their younger years. It&#;s fun, but also flirty, and girls can wear crimps,&#; she adds.

While lounging or sleeping, Denise recommends you keep your crimped strands frizz-free and away from fabrics like cotton as it can be drying and lead to potential shedding or tangling.

&#;A satin bonnet or pillowcase and a lightweight silk or argan oil are recommended for soft and manageable tresses,&#; she explains.

When hair crimping, the products that were used are ORS Oil sheen and Sebastian Reshaper. They give the hair a nice weightless shine and moderate to firm hold.

Try the Bed Head brand S-wave crimping tool iron.


Alluring Crimped Hair Techniques For

If you are willing to bring back the trends of the 80s and the 90s, here&#;s what you can go. Crimped hairstyle is the best hairstyle that can bring back those trends. You will gain a very brand new style in the &#;20s. Crimps are the best for they can make your volume less hair look like they have some thickness. It is a perfect hairdo for any event to flaunt it flawlessly. Sometimes, the crimped hairstyles took as zig-zag style and crinkled hair. Whatever the names we give, crimp hairs are the best for any occasion. They are not just right for your small and curly hair, but also your lengthy and thick hair.
Try this fantastic crimped hairstyles to bring back the trends of the 90S and &#;80s.

Shoulder Length Crimps

Crimps look good on any size either; long or small. But it seems flawless on medium length hair. You are wrong if you think what looks good on a girl is crimped hairstyles for short hair. This excellent and perfect crimped hair can bring back your 80s look with literally no effort at all. Blondes look extremely good on crimped hair. So, try this to flaunt your beach party.

Blonde Crimped

Crimps look extremely adorable on colored hair. If you are thinking something new for your hair then you should choose crimps on the blonde. You will look as gorgeous as ever. Your face will get that best look from the crimped hair 80s. Never say no to this new hairstyle.

Long and Brown Crimps

You can flawlessly carry your long hair with no effort and fair. If you are thinking of something perfect for your long hair, here&#;s what you have got. The brown color looks adorable as well as fascinating. With no fear, you can take this hairstyle anywhere you want.

crimped hair

Crimps On Long Straight Hair

Crimp hair is one of the best hairstyles that you can afford. If you are trying to get a bold look that can attract the eye of everyone, you got it right. You can work this fine but straightforward loose crimped hair on your flawless hair. Long hair can make your crimp hair look tidy and prepare you for any occasion.

Loose Crimps On Black Hair

Your black hair can look fresh and modern with just a simple crimp. All you need is a little bit of makeup touch on your face and make a middle puff. Your black crimped hair can give you a fresh look.

Bangs With Ponytail

It is good when you can flaunt your hair on your ponytail with single hits and a finished crimped look. Your hair will look like you have put much effort into it. It can be the best hairstyle for the new athletic you. Baseball and basketball will be your favorite sports if you try this superb crimp hair.

Violet Crimps With Pink Highlight

It is always fascinating if you can have loose Dutch braids on your hair. If you have long hair, you can give it an excellent purplish violet color with a slight pink highlight. Your looks will finish, and you will not look less than a fairy.

Double Ponytail

Have you ever considered a double ponytail with crimps on either side? If yes then you have thought of a perfect hairstyle for your high school. You can also try coloring the ends with brown. It will give you a finished and charming look. Don&#;t say &#;NO&#; to this hairstyle if you are still in high school. You will surely rock.

Halloween Crimps On Different Shades

Halloween Crimps On Different Shades
Crimped hair black is always a good idea, but it can look much better when your hair is on different shades. It is still a good idea to add volume to your colorful hair by crimping it. Also, this hairstyle can look gorgeous on Halloween makeup. Try this to rock this Halloween.

Gorgeous Golden

Golden is never a dull color. Hairstyles look very dashing and cool on golden hair. This summer, try these simple crimps on your ever beautiful golden hair so that you can flaunt any party or occasion. You can also apply some hair wedges and jewelers to add extra effect to catch others eyes.

Single Pony With A Little Highlights

Ponytails always look fantastic and superb. And crimps add more to it. If you are willing to try an entirely new and surprising hairstyle to catch the eye of everyone here&#;s what you have got. Try this alluring and sexy look for your crimp hair to attract the eye of the people. Pink, blue, purple and violet can be a fantastic color for the highlights.

Red Head Crimps

The red hair is the fines trend of the season. So, why not add a little crimp and flaunt it even more? Here you go, with the trendiest hairstyle of the season. Crimped hair 90s can look even more gorgeous when you color it red. So, try it.

Wavy And Loose

Wavy crimped hair is always a good idea to rock any curled hairstyle. It looks like your hair got an extra and dazzling look. You never look less than any princess or Disney fairy. It can also give you a bridal look and make your groom be surprised.

Black Bangs With Soft Crimps

Your dark and straight hair look fancy when you apply bangs. Nevertheless, you can also add a few soft crimps to give it an exciting look. You will never fail to rock party or gatherings.

Waterfall With Crimp

The waterfall is always extraordinary and a right hairstyle. It can add fine texture to your hair. Crimps look fizzy and well managed on the waterfall.

Using Straightener For Crimps

When we use a straightener for creating crimp, it looks wavy and warm. Wavy crimped hair looks extremely adorable while straightening. You can try this simple hairstyle at a party or proms. All eyes will be attracted to you with no wonder.

Updo On Crimp Hair

It is a perfect idea to make updo and add some crimps to your hair. Also, some Japanese hair accessories can add a beautiful look. Applying crimps to marge updo makes it look elegant.

Simple and Sweet

Sweet and simple is the new trend. Crimped hair was all about its simplicity. You can create this sugar look with no extra effort. It is how your fizzy hair gets an elegant look.

African Crimps

It is easy to create African crimp by first putting into a macro braid. After you get bored with your macro braid, you can open it up and get the crimped look. Try this to follow the trend.

Gorgeous Shoulder Length Blonde

Blonde hair can rock any event. You can transform yourself into a ramp model by applying twists to your hair. A little bit of makeup does not harm.

Bold and Sexy

Curling your hair and adding some crimps at the end is an exclusively good idea. You look as beautiful as ever with this look. Bold and sexy is what you look trying this hairstyle.

Fabulous Rosy Crimps

To make yourself look like a transformed princess, you can try this dazzling rosy crimps. Crating this hairstyle is effortless. It is the best hairstyle that can make you look amazing.

Freckled Face

Why worry about hairstyle for your freckled face? Here&#;s the best haircut that you can find to match your freckled face perfectly. You can try to lose crimped hair and go flawless in any event you want to join. So, don&#;t say No to this. Your freckles will rock with a slight golden crimp.

Beach Crimped Hairstyle

Ever thought hoe crimps look on the beach? If not, here&#;s the result. You can try this simple but rocking beach hairstyle to flaunt your hair on any beach you go.

High Volume Crimps

Crimps look fascinating when given a high volume texture. You can try this ever gorgeous and alluring crimped hairstyle to look bold and sexy at the same time. It offers a soft effect to your face. High volume Crimps are the best for a wedding and casual cocktail party with friends. Try it.

Blonde Crimps

Here&#;s the best hairstyle that you can have for your oval face. It is simple and gorgeous at the same time; it is the best hairstyle for random occasions.

Lose Mermaid Braids

Who says that you can&#;t wear your crimped hairstyle loose and free? Crimped hair makes your hair shine if you add a little lose curls to it. Also, a simple mermaid hair adds softness and elegance. It is one of the perfect hairstyles among crimped hairstyles for your short hair.

Light Golden With Shades

Have you ever thought of a crimped hair with shades? Yes, here you go. You have found a fantastic hairstyle that can suit you to go along a sunny day with shades. Try this to flaunt this summer with long crimps.

Perfectly Brown

Brown hair is the best color for any crimped hair. With this sweet and perfect brown, you can look sassy and highly stylish. Fashion is never out of line when you try this easy hairstyle technique.

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Sexy Crimps on Short Hair

Crimps are the best hairstyle that you can have for any occasion. So, why not try this in fashion crazy and sexy crimps on your short hair. With no doubt, you will flaunt this hairstyle as you will rock the short hairstyles for crimped hair.

Black Crimps

Your face can look shiny as well as gorgeous with a simple effort. The hair is classy, sassy as well as shiny black which emphasizes your eyes and as well adds more to make your face look bold. With this hairstyle, you will feel beautiful all day with minimal effort.


Fizzy and Volume Crimps

If you think your straight hair looks dull and boring, mix it up with crimps that add fizziness to your hair. With this, you can gain an excellent look of crimped hair 90s. You can stand out flawlessly slaying this look. Your hairstyle will be appreciated anywhere you go. Don&#;t hesitate to bring this trend back in the 20s.

Cherry Red Crimps

Long hair is always a matter of great effort. You can make your long hair flaunt with a ponytail. Doing this makes your face visible and also removes the burden of hair in your head. Long hair always does not have to be boring. So, try this hairstyle and make your hairdo a quite memorable one. Also, experience flattering of your hair all day long.

Dutch Braids

This massive and large dutch braid gives you a relaxed and unexpected look that makes your hair look thicker and voluptuous. This hairdo makes your hair look more abundant and more appropriate. Dutch braiding makes the finest. Try this fantastic hairdo this summer.

Pixie For Crimps

Here we have the most exceptional hairstyle of all times. Pixie looks outstanding on blonde hair. Also, slight crimps add pleasant texture, and then you get a very finished look. Girls with short hair should never worry about the right hairstyle with this easy one.

Soft Black With Middle Partition

Black hair is the best of all hairstyles. And, crimps add more to it. You can get this flawlessly beautiful crimped hairstyle by using your crimping iron. Your brown face will shine on this easy hairstyle.

Red Crimped With Braids

To get a warm and sleek ponytailed look; try this awesome dutch braids on the top. Tie your hair up to a ponytail and leave it free. You will get a cozy and warm ponytail look.

Micro Crimped Mermaid Updo

To give your hair elegant and fancy look, try this mermaid updo that looks good on your hair. Try using a crimper to get small crimps all over your hair. After that, tie your hair into a French mermaid braid loosely. Apply this till the end. In the end, use a rubber band to tuck it in and wrap it into a simple bun. You will flaunt this hairstyle.

Colorful Crimps On Bob

Bobs look gorgeous and adorable while crimps to weave adds extra style. It can give you a carefree and straightforward look for any occasion. For people with low personalities and high fun, this is the best hairstyle. This hairstyle is a must-try hairstyle for people with short hair.

Monster Crimps

If you want to get a new look on your curls, you have this fantastic crimping technique. It makes your curly hair look fancy and fashionable. Monster is the best hairstyle that you can have for a cocktail party with your friends.

Fishtail  Braids With Small Crimps

Here you have the fantastic fishtail hairstyle of all seasons. Fishtail braids add much volume to your hair and give maximum thickness. Small crimped hair adds softness and romantic look on your hair.

Classic Crimps

The crimped hairstyle can be one of the best hairstyles to learn. It is straightforward, and the best part about it is that it gives excellent layering and finishing to hair. You can apply crimps to your hair and get a classic and fancy look. Your hair looks like the crimped hairstyle 90s, and it gives you a decorative look. For this adorable look, try crimp. Never say no to this.


Unicorn doughnut French Braid

This completely round, colorful and healthy updo creates a fantastic look. The colors add more textures to your hair. It makes your face look great and gives an iconic style to your hair. Rock on with this trustworthy crimped hair.

Colorful Updo

Crimps perfectly suit updo. Also, they give your hair a fine and new pattern. This hairstyle can look fun and funky at the same time. They often give you a semi-formal attire and make you look more beautiful than ever. Try this crimped hairstyle this

Long Lose Crimps

Your long hair can get this stylish long curls with a simple look. With no doubt, it adds volume to it. You only need a crimping iron and you get this excellent look.

Clipped Pony

Pony is always a good hairstyle. So, why not add some crimped clips to your straight ponytail? All you need to do is tie your hair into a high pony and add some clipping effects. There you go, you will flaunt this hairstyle.

Simple Bangs On Highlighted Pink

If you want a highlighted look to your hair than you can try this super cute hairstyle. All you need to do is make your bangs straight and crimp the rest of the hair with few pink highlights. You can get an outstanding look. Try it.

Gorgeous Straight

For this fantastic look, all you should do is straighten your hair using a straightening iron. Then, add few crimps. It&#;s all simple. You can get a bold and sharp look with this hairstyle.

Unicorn Crimped Hair

Unicorn hair is the best thing that you will ever do to your hair. This hairstyle is pleasing. Also, add some butterfly clips in different colors to make your hair look superb. It can add a lot to your beauty.

Frontal French Braid

With no doubt, French braids look astonishingly beautiful on simple curls. It seems like you have put a lot of effort into making your hair. Try this simple and convenient hairstyle.

Shoulder Length

For sure, crimps can be the best hairstyle you can get. For shoulder-length hair, all you can do is turn your hairstyle into crimped hair. To add effort to it, part it. It will give you a cooling effect anywhere you go.

Very Short Crimps

Do you want for try something new to your hair? If yes then why not try this crimped hair on your short hair? You can add crimps to make them look gorgeous. Try it.

Alternative Crimps

Crimped hair looks fabulous when alternate crimps added to it. It seems sassy and adds an entirely new texture to your half-straight and half-crimped hair. For sure, you can bring back the trend, crimped hair 80s. Crimped hair looks fabulous when alternate crimps are added to it. It looks sassy and adds a completely new texture to your half-straight and half-crimped hair For sure, you can bring back the trend, crimped hair 80s.

Single Pony

It is never a bad idea to tie your hair into a ponytail and add crimps to it. Naturally, you can flaunt this look with no effort.

  Simple Pony

Simplicity is the new trend. Hence, to go with the trend add some simple crimps to your hair for outings. This can make you look good with no makeup at all. Go for it.

Voluptuous Crimps

Volume is always a big deal for hair. But, not more with these crimps. Try this fascinating crimps to add volume to your hair.

Round Crimps on straight hair

It &#;s never a bad idea to add some rounded crimps to your straight hair. It can make your hair look like you have added some accessories and makes you flaunt. Try it. It will not be worth regret.


High Puff on Baby Pink

Baby pink is the color of a girl. It looks extra and adds fashion to your hair if you try crimped hair 90s with a slight pink tint. Volume and thickness are what your hair gets with this look.

Flat Crimps on Blonde

Flat crimps add volume to your hair. Your hair looks refined and fresh. It will look like you have molded your hair into excellent pasta. Have fun trying this hairstyle.

Small Crimps

Small crimps on every part of your hair never is never a bad idea. You can make yourself ready for any event. Try this simple crimp hair look on your long hair.

Polished Crimp Hair

Polishing your hair into shiny was the trend of crimped hair 80s and crimped hair 90s. A simple updo with a little twist can make your hair shine.

Dutch Braids

Crimp hair looks adorable on dutch braids. You can try this hairstyle at prom and party. This simple rounded updo can make you beautiful in nightgowns.

Slight Crimp on Colored

Colored hair is a fantastic idea. Flaunt this look by adding some sweet crimps in your green, pink dyed hair. Try this to be in style.




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