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Flight Yoke System Professional Simulation Yoke and Throttle Quadrant


Fly commercial and private planes as a beginner or advanced pilot with a true simulation yoke and quadrant in your hands. Develop the muscle memory and experience the feeling of precise, realistic control. The Logitech G Flight Yoke System with included Throttle Quadrant features five total axes, stainless steel elevator and aileron control shaft, and 25 fully programmable buttons and switch positions. The yoke system is the hero of flight simulation and part of a complete, balanced setup—all available, modular and interchangeable from Logitech G.

Ready for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Take to the skies and experience the joy of flight in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator, at its best on Logitech G flight equipment. Travel the world in amazing detail with over 37 thousand airports, 2 million cities, billion buildings, real mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic, and more. Test your piloting skills against the challenges of night flying, real-time atmospheric simulation, and live weather in a dynamic and living world.

Your panel works with Windows® 7, and A quick installation of a small plug-in from the support page adds compatibility with your favorite flight simulation software for PCs including Microsoft Flight Simulator, FSX - Flight Simulator X, X-Plane 10, and Prepar3D.

Visit Support for Driver Now

Ready for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Take to the skies and experience the joy of flight in the next generation of Microsoft Flight Simulator, at its best on Logitech G flight equipment. Travel the world in amazing detail with over 37 thousand airports, 2 million cities, billion buildings, real mountains, roads, trees, rivers, animals, traffic, and more. Test your piloting skills against the challenges of night flying, real-time atmospheric simulation, and live weather in a dynamic and living world.

This gear is plug-and-play all the way. No need to load drivers or install extra software.


Steel ShaftPrecision Bearing Yoke

ConfigurableThrottle Knobs

3 Modes75 Programmable Controls


  • Flight Yoke with ft (m) USB Connector Cable
  • Flight Throttle Quadrant with ft (m) PS/2 Connector Cable
  • 2 Desk Clamps


  • Smart Technology
  • Windows® 10, Windows , Windows 7
  • 1-USB Port
  • Internet connection for optional software download


Flight Yoke:

  • Length: (38 cm) – in ( cm)
  • Width: in (31 cm)
  • Height: in ( cm)
  • Weight (w/o clamps): oz ( g)
  • Weight: oz ( g)
  • Cable Length (Power/Charging): 6 ft ( m)

Yoke Clamp:

  • Length: in ( cm)
  • Width: in ( cm)
  • Height: in ( cm)

Flight Throttle Quadrant:

  • Length: (11 cm) – in ( cm)
  • Width: ( cm) – in ( cm)
  • Height: in (9 cm)
  • Weight (w/o clamps): oz ( g)
  • Weight: oz ( g)
  • Cable Length (Power/Charging): ft ( m)

Throttle Quadrant Clamp:

  • Length: in ( cm)
  • Width: in (11 cm)
  • Height: in (9 cm)

Controller Specifications

  • Connection Type: USB
  • USB Protocol: USB
  • USB Speed: Full Speed
  • Indicator Lights (LED): Yes
  • LCD Display: Yes
  • USB Ports (Built-in): Yes
  • Backlighting: No

Warranty Information

  • 2-Year Limited Hardware Warranty

Flight Yoke System

Free shipping on orders over $


The Best Joysticks and Yokes for &#;Microsoft Flight Simulator&#;

Logitech X56 HOTAS and Flight Simulator wallpaper

Realistic flight simulation is kind of a niche gaming genre at this point, but for fans, a new version of Microsoft Flight Simulator is about as close to combining several birthdays at once. If you want to jump into this exciting new entry fresh, or you haven&#;t played in a while, you&#;re going to want some flight controls.

Sure, it&#;s possible to play Flight Simulator with a keyboard and mouse, or on the Xbox One with the standard game controller. But that&#;s no way to fly. If you want to get the immersion that the amazing new graphical and mapping system provides, you want some inputs that at least approximate the controls of a real airplane.

Update, 9/12/ Checked content for accuracy. Updated link for Hori Ace Combat 7.
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Stick or Yoke?

Which brings up an important point: should you go with a more old-fashioned joystick controller or a yoke (the kind that looks sort of like a steering wheel)? The &#;Hands On Stick And Throttle&#; setup (HOTAS, for short) is more common, if only because it works for both fighter plane simulators and sci-fi spaceship games. But Microsoft Flight Simulator isn&#;t about combat, all of the planes in its lineup are civilian aircraft without weapons.

Unfortunately, there really isn&#;t a one size fits all solution here. Both a yoke and a HOTAS will work with Microsoft Flight Simulator , and you can pilot all of the planes with either. But the smaller one- or two-seater leisure airplanes like the ICON A5 tend to use a joystick, while large commercial airplanes like the Boeing use a yoke and various ancillary controls.

So, make your decision based on which type of plane you think you&#;ll be flying more in the game. Oh, and you might have to exercise some patience&#;with the game recently releasing, both HOTAS and yoke controls are hard to find in stock at the moment.

The Best HOTAS Controller for Xbox One: Hori Ace Combat 7

HORI Ace Combat 7 Hotas Flight Stick for Xbox One

Unfortunately, flight controls for the Xbox One are kind of hard to find. The only one being currently manufactured is a Hori stick-and-throttle set, originally made for the fighter jet game Ace Combat 7. But Hori is a reliable manufacturer, and this set includes all of the standard combat controls (plus handy labels for the default Xbox buttons.) It includes adjustable sensitivity for all analog controls, a foot cable for couch pilots, and a direct headset jack. It&#;s also compatible with the PC, and according to Hori, will work with the Xbox Series X as well.

Buy on Amazon

The Best Budget PC HOTAS: Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS 4

ThrustMaster T.Flight Hotas 4 for PS4 and PC

If you need a HOTAS setup for your PC without spending an arm and a leg, this Thrustmaster all-in-one controller will do just fine. It includes five axes of motion (four for the stick, one for the throttle) and twelve buttons, adjustable resistance on the stick, and the option to separate the stick and throttle for a more ergonomic position. You can also remap the buttons on the hardware itself, and bind multiple layouts to the stick&#;s internal memory. It&#;s a surprisingly packed package for the cheapest entry on this list. (Note the PlayStation branding: it works for both PS4 and PC.)

The Best Budget Yoke for PC: CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB

CH Products Flight Sim Yoke USB

While this all-in-one system lacks the bells and whistles of more elaborate yoke systems, it does accurately simulate the &#;feel&#; of a larger commercial aircraft. The CH Products design includes full five-axis motion and twenty separate controls, using either the included software or custom controls in-game. You can stick with this controller alone and supplement it with your keyboard, or add on a control pad for more complex operations.

The Best Deluxe HOTAS for PC: Logitech G X56

Logitech G X56

If you want to go all-out with a HOTAS setup, Logitech&#;s X56 design is what you&#;re looking for. This military-style setup was inherited from Saitek&#;s much-loved X52 (Logitech bought Saitek in ). The variety of controls and quality of components on the X56 are unrivaled, including dozens of buttons, dials, sub-sticks, switches, and RGB indicator lights. The stick uses adjustable tension on each of four springs, and the dual axis throttle is split into two pieces for fine control of multiple virtual components. The system combines for 13 different axes, all customizable via Logitech&#;s G software or the game itself.

Buy at Logitech

The Deluxe Yoke for PC: Logitech Flight Yoke System + Rudder Pedals


If you prefer a yoke control, Logitech is also the best option at the high end. Its combo pack of a full yoke plus pedals is for serious simulators who prefer to go for large-scale commercial aircraft. This multi-part setup includes a tension-adjustable, five-axis yoke with a single-line LED screen and a variety of hand controls, a three-throttle, three-switch ancillary control cluster, and two pedals for adjusting foot controls under your desk.

If even that isn&#;t enough for you, you can add on the Flight Multi-Panel, Switch Panel, Radio Panel, Instrument Panel, or any combination thereof for more dedicated controls. (Or, of course, simply bind additional functions to your controller.) This system isn&#;t for anyone without quite a lot to invest in a simulation gaming setup, but for those who have it, it&#;s hard to beat without going into full simulator rig territory.

Buy at Logitech

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The Best Joysticks and Yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Best Joysticks and Yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator

In a niche of gaming that is already considered very specialized, it speaks a lot about Microsoft Flight Simulator that many consider it to be a disruptive title. With amazing imagery, real-world map information, dynamic weather and traffic, and expansive aircraft customization options, the game delivers one of the most realistic simulations of aviation that we have seen so far.

Maximizing the capabilities of Flight Simulator means investing in some pretty high-end hardware. Aside from a lot of hard drive space and a powerful GPU, the simulation is best enjoyed with special joysticks and yokes. Can’t decide which one to buy? Then check out our recommendations below.

Should you buy a yoke or a joystick?

When playing Microsoft Flight Simulator, you have a choice between two control options &#; a yoke or a joystick. Both options are good and somewhat accurate representations of how aircraft are controlled in real life. As with any decision worth making, each of the options has its set of benefits and drawbacks.

A yoke is a controller that looks more like a steering wheel and will give you a more realistic experience of flying a large commercial aircraft like a Boeing The larger interface provides more expansive controls and a more fully realized flight experience.

Flight yokes aren’t as common as joysticks. If you manage to find one, it’s likely going to be a bit more expensive than the average joystick. Yokes also suffer from a lack of versatility – they aren’t good for any other type of game that isn’t a flight simulator.

In the world of flight simulators, a joystick is more commonly referred to as a Hands On Stick and Throttle (HOTAS) controller. HOTAS controllers for flight simulators typically come with several axes of motion and numerous buttons that can be re-mapped in various ways.

HOTAS controllers don’t quite deliver the same level of immersion as a flight yoke, but they can be useful for more arcade-like flight games. This versatility, aside from the fact that HOTAS controllers are quite common and typically cheaper, make them the more practical option if you’re on a tight budget.

The top 5 best yokes and joysticks

1. Best budget: Thrustmaster TM FCS

Thrustmaster-TM-FCSIf you’re looking to try out the feeling of flying a simulator with a joystick but do not want to spend too much, then the TM from Thrustmaster is one of the most affordable options. This is just a joystick, though, so you’re going to miss out on the experience of using a throttle or a more complex control panel.

The TM FCS isn’t going to leave you short-changed when it comes to interaction. The flight stick itself can move across four independent axes, including a twisting rudder to yaw your aircraft. The 16 action buttons with tactile Braille markings can be re-mapped to your most critical needs. The stick also has an 8-way hat switch and a quick trigger button.

The TM FCS is designed to be ambidextrous. Two of these flight sticks can be combined for games that can be played using two joysticks – quite a rarity but a nice option to have, nonetheless.

The great thing about buying a flight stick from the Thrustmaster brand is that you can readily expand your flight control system with their other products. Thrustmaster also sells throttles and pedals which use the same TARGET software and are compatible with the TM FCS.

The biggest downside to buying a budget flight stick like the TM FCS is that it’s not the most durable out there. The much-touted twist rudder is often the first part of the stick to be damaged.

2. Best value: CH Products Flight Sim Yoke

CH-Products-Flight-Sim-YokeA flight yoke that costs less than $ is a rarity, so this Flight Sim Yoke from CH Products is a great entry-level product for those who want to “upgrade” from a HOTAS controller. This yoke has all the bells and whistles a beginner can look for – five-axis motion, thrust levers, flip switches, rocker switches, an 8-way POV hat switch, and a total of programmable functions.

In terms of sensitivity and responsiveness, there is little to complain about when using the CH Products flight yoke. Experienced gamers will enjoy how well the yoke responds to even the slightest movement, adding to the immersion of the simulation. If exceptionally sensitive controls aren’t your thing, the yoke also has trim controls to reduce sensitivity to the levels you’re comfortable with.

For a flight yoke at this price range, it can be surprising how smooth the controls of the CH Products flight yoke are. A major thing at it lacks is that it does not have an accurate re-center function like a real yoke should. This is something you get used to after a while, and you simply learn to adapt to it.

In terms of build quality, the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke somewhat painfully reminds us how relatively inexpensive it is. It lacks the heft and premium feel of the more high-end flight yokes. Instead, the plastic construction feels too light and flimsy. This does not mean that it will break down prematurely, but we advise not putting it through too much abuse.

3. Best overall: Logitech G Pro Flight X56 Rhino HOTAS

Logitech-G-Pro-Flight-XRhino-HOTASJust one look at the X56 Rhino HOTAS controller from Logitech and you know that this is a controller that means business. Made with military-grade materials, this joystick and throttle combo is easily one of the most premium flight controllers out there and comes with an appropriately premium price tag.

The X56 Rhino offers controls that are much more refined than other HOTAS controllers. The flight stick allows for six axes of motion, along with a multitude of buttons and triggers. A groundbreaking feature of the stick is the option for the user to replace the entire spring system so that moving the stick has just the right level of resistance. There will be some assembly needed to perform this function, but it’s nothing too complex.

To expand the control options, the X56 Rhino also comes with a Twin Throttle module. This is excellent for flight simulators with twin-engine controls, as it allows you to vary the throttle between the two engines. For single-engine simulators, the twin throttles can also be locked together. The panel for the throttles adds an array of buttons and flip switches for more expansive and granular control.

To make sense of an overwhelming control system, the X56 Rhino can be programmed using the Saitek HUD configuration software. This allows you to assign buttons to specific on-sim functions and to fine-tune the response curve of the throttles and flight stick. It does seem overwhelming at first, but tweaking your controls is a part of the full flight simulation experience.

There are huge barriers to entry to using the X56 Rhino, both in terms of price and complexity. This is easily one of the most complicated HOTAS controllers in the market. At more than $, it’s also pricey enough to turn off gamers who are still new to flight simulators.

4. Thrustmaster T-Flight HOTAS Flight Stick

Thrustmaster-T-Flight-HOTAS-Flight-StickOne thing we don’t like about most of the HOTAS controllers is that their designs all seem too busy. The T-Flight from Thrustmaster takes a more conservative approach to typical HOTAS design, making a controller that looks sleeker without losing out on all the features that are critical to playing flight simulators.

The T-Flight HOTAS controller comes with both a flight stick and a detachable throttle. The flight stick provides all the motion controls needed for flight simulators, including a rotating function to yaw an aircraft. Most of the buttons are on the stick itself, allowing for easy access.

Should you need more control options, you can quickly dock the throttle together with the flight stick. The throttle comes with a wide ergonomic hand rest, adjustable resistance, a multi-directional hat switch to shift perspectives, and several other programmable buttons. The throttle and flight stick can also be used together, even when they are undocked.

In terms of ergonomics, the T-Flight HOTAS controller seems like the most intelligently designed controller for flight simulators. The modular configuration is genius, as it makes the controller so much more adaptable to different gaming spaces. The contour of both the flight stick and the throttle is also excellent. If you tend to play flight simulators for hours on end (who doesn’t?), then playing with this controller is a great way to avoid wrist and hand problems.

This is another good budget option as the whole setup costs less than $ However, this also means that the built quality isn’t top-notch. Not that it’s surprising, but the plastic material of the T-Flight controller feels flimsy and less than premium.

5. Extreme 3D Pro Joystick for Windows

Extreme-3D-Pro-Joystick-for-WindowsThe first thing you need to know about the Extreme 3D Pro Joystick by Logitech is that it’s really old. It has been in the market for close to seven years, so you can just imagine how outdated its technology is by now. This may seem like an unwise decision if you’re playing something as advanced as the Microsoft Flight Simulator

However, it also cannot be denied that it’s one of the cheapest flight joysticks out there. Because of the friendly price, the Extreme 3D Pro remains on the most popular joysticks today despite its age. Years of use have proven how rugged this joystick is – some gamers have been using the same joystick for five or six years without needing a replacement.

The Extreme 3D Pro comes with a twist rudder, an 8-way hat switch, a quick trigger, and 12 programmable buttons. All the controls are contained in a comfortable and ergonomic construction with a wide weighted base that adds stability. This joystick is just as comfortable as the best flight sticks that have been developed more recently.

Although very cheap, one cannot help but realize how the Extreme 3D Pro was designed for the flight simulators of its time. The 12 programmable buttons might have been enough for the older games, but today’s games are so much more complex. If you don’t mind mapping some of the functions of modern flight simulators to your keyboard, then the Extreme 3D Pro is a time-tested flight stick that won’t break the bank.

Final thoughts

We’ll be honest – getting into flight simulators can take an absolutely huge investment in hardware. The latest title in this genre, the Microsoft Flight Simulator , further emphasizes this point. Between the powerful GPU needed to run this simulator in ideal settings, the only way to enjoy the full experience is to get away from your mouse and keyboard and play with a flight stick or yoke.

As we’ve seen from this list, flight yokes and joysticks are typically a lot more expensive than your standard game controller. This can’t be helped, as they are also extremely complex controllers. If you’re still a beginner in playing flight simulators, we have also presented entry-level options that are less expensive.


Best Yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator

While Microsoft Flight Simulator is set about rapidly changing the landscape of virtual aviation, it’s only fitting that you update your set-up accordingly. Update your displays, upgrade your CPUs and GPUs and for an extra dose of realism, buy some Controllers. Just to be clear, it’s perfectly fine to play a flight sim using a keyboard, and a mouse. But if you have read my piece on the best joysticks for FS, you’d know that keyboards/mouse/gamepads do no satisfy my yearnings for realism. Given the market for these things, it’s a safe bet to say that I am not alone either.

Best Yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator

One suitable flight simulator controller for PC is the Yoke. Also known as the control wheel, Yoke is the most frequently used equipment in aviation. It looks like a steering wheel and can be used to control the altitude of the plane in most aircraft except helicopters, airbus jets, and combat aircraft. If you pull the Yoke back, the nose of the aircraft rises. On the other hand, when you push it forward, the nose is lowered. The functionality of the Yoke is not limited to vertical movements, though, as you can turn the Yoke to roll left or right.

Yoke Vs Joy Stick for Microsoft Flight Simulator permalink

Yoke acts as an upgrade over a more traditional Joy Stick. It feels more natural, and realistic. So, if you are looking for an uncannily realistic flight simulation (one that you should expect from MS ), you should prefer the Yoke. Unsurprisingly, these are comparatively costlier, but you are guaranteed the full value.

Apart from finances, the choice depends on the aircraft of your choice. If you wish to fly combat aircraft, helicopters, or airbus jets, Joy Stick is the way to go. Yokes are used in almost all other aircraft. Microsoft Flight Simulator doesn’t have combat aircraft, so take a hint!

As it may sound, ‘Yoke Vs Joy Stick’ is an unending debate- pretty much like the Play Station Vs Xbox debate. It goes without saying that I prefer the Yoke over Joy Stick for Flight Simulation. It’s best to buy both of them, given that your Dad pays your bills. Mine does 🥲 🥲! If you are limited by budget constraints, it’s not a bad idea to get a Joy Stick. The yoke may induce more realism, but if it comes at a cost of a huge hole in your pockets, it is not worth it!

I am not the only one who prefers a Yoke over other controllers. They are popular and you will hundreds, if not thousands, of different products in the market. Given the plethora of choices at your disposal, buying a Yoke isn’t an easy task. The process of scouring the internet for the right product requires uncannily diligence. And so be this article! By listing down the best Yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator , we intend to make this process as hassle-free as we can.

4 Best Yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator permalink

In order to determine the best Yoke for Microsoft Flight Simulator , one has to contemplate a host of factors. These include, but are not limited to, price, design, comfort, build quality, durability, functionality and performance. As you can see, these are pretty generic, so we won’t kill any more time, and will directly proceed to our rankings for the best Yokes for Microsoft Flight Simulator

1. Best Overall: Honeycomb Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke and Switch Panel permalink

honeycomb alpha flight yoke for flight simulator

Build and Durability

For an instance, I was startled by how well made the Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke is. The Switch Panel, for example, weighs a hefty lbs. Even for Yoke standards, that’s pretty high. The shaft of the Yoke is made of steel and is as sturdy as it gets. Hence, ° Yoke Rotation and fluid pull/push motions are guaranteed. The rest is mostly carved out of high-quality plastic that does not crack easily. Couple that to matte black finishing across the Yoke and its exterior, and you exactly know why I have been drooling (quite literally) over the Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke. Given its relatively low price, one may expect loosely built, substandard buttons, but that’s not the case. All in all, this one has a great in-hand feel and would last for years (unless you hammer it down yourself). This, my friend, is no mere toy!

Design and Comfort

With a rubberized matte black finish, Honey Comb Alpha Flight Simulator is as sleek as any other Yoke out there. I do, however, object to the use of LEDs. They are dull, subpar, and distracting. They aren’t a menacing problem, though, as you can just leave them off for the better.

The ergonomic grips have a great in-hand feel, so you can fly for hours and hours without strain. Mounting isn’t a problem either. The flight controller offers 2 mounting options:


The Yoke can be secured by the use of two steel clamps.

2.Suction Cup

There are numerous reasons why one may not want to mount the controller using clamps. For instance, the tabletop may be too thick. In such a case, you can opt for the 3M micro-suction Pad. The pad generates 40 lbs of tensile strength that should keep your Yoke in place.

Functionality and Performance

Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke is literally inundated byswitches and buttons. On the left side, we have an 8-way hat switch, a pair of Rocker Switches, a Push to Talk Button, and another simple Button. These are complemented by rocker switches and a few other buttons on the right. The panel also features a 5-position ignition switch and Master, Avionics, Alternator, and Light Panels. That’s pretty much all the functionality that you will ever need.

This is one of the most precise and responsive Yokes in the market. It is buttery smooth, especially on the roll axis. While most Yokes have 90 degrees of roll travel, alpha does a complete The pitch axis has a bit of stickiness to it, but that should hardly be an issue. On the bright side, the Yoke has a self-centering mechanism and a non-existent central detent.

Premium Build ✔️

Basic Yoke Functionality ✔️

Value ✔️

Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke has everything going for it! At its price, the flight sim controller is an unmissable bargain.

SturdyThe Pitch axis has a bit of stickiness to it
Premium Quality Build
Unprecedented value for Dollar
Attention to detail
Precise and Responsive
Dual Mounting Options
Ergonomic Design
Smooth Roll
View / Check Price on Amazon

2. Best High-end Option: Redbird Alloy YK1 Yoke permalink

redbird alloy yk1 flight simulator yoke

If you are shifting to Yoke to increase realism, you may find few products underwhelming. If your sole purpose is recreation, you may come to terms with the product’s limitations. If, however, you are a trainee pilot and intend to develop your skills, you will have to upgrade to a more premium option. One such option is the Redbird Alloy YK1 Yoke.

Remember when I was drooling over the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Yoke System because of its sturdy plastic build? This one is virtually indestructible owing to its metal construction 😲 😲 😲. Talk about setting the bar high. You will never have to worry about broken parts.

Design and Comfort

Given its astronomical price tag, you may expect the Yoke to be flashy and inundated with LEDs and playful buttons. That’s not the case. It is plain and simple- just like a Yoke is meant to be.

Alloy YK1 Yoke has a long base and requires clamping to a table. Mounting in itself wasn’t half as hideous as mounting the CH Products Flight Sim Yoke. You can either mount it to the top of your desk or underneath it. In either case, you will end up losing desk space. I am not really a fan of over-sized gaming accessories, but in this case, I don’t really mind. The Yoke flawlessly scales a real Plane Yoke and is the closest thing to the real deal.

Once you have it mounted, you will proceed to the setup stage. It is as easy as it gets, as the Yoke has a plug and play compatibility with Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Yoke has a great in-hand feel. It is easy to use and appeals to the eye. It has almost everything going for it, except that it is occasionally noisy on the Pitch axis. Front and back movements are occasionally so loud, the Yoke seems agricultural. This may not really define a Yoke’s worth, but I feel I must put it out there for those concerned.


This may seem like an exaggeration, but I have never used a more accurate Yoke. Central detent is almost non-existent. The entirety of yoke distance seems linear. Also, you can roll all the way to the left or the right. All of this leads to precise movements. Unlike the Saitek G Pro Flight Simulator Yoke, this Yoke doesn’t exaggerate inputs.

In terms of Yoke, the left-hand grip features an elevator trim switch, a push to talk switch, and an auto-pilot disconnect switch. Obviously, you can configure any of these buttons to do functions of your choice.

Redbird Alloy YK1 Yoke is unmatched in its functionality. It is a flight simmers’ dream, but it will leave you with a huge hole in your pocket. If you can shell out that sort of money, there is no reason why you shouldn’t opt for it.

Uncanny PrecisionCheaper options available
Solid Metal constructionHigh on desk space
Non-existent Center Detent
Linear Travel Distance
View / Check Price on Amazon

3. Best Budget: CH Products Flight Sim Yoke permalink

ch products flight simulator yoke

Seeing a Yoke go for less than $ is rare. What’s rarer is to see it compete neck to neck with more pricey options. For perspective, CH Flight Sim Yoke is cheaper than the Thrustmaster HOTAS Warthog Fly Stick and still compares favorably to most other Yokes in the market.

Build and Durability

Given CH Products Flight Sim Yoke’s other features, it’s hard to recognize the relatively inexpensive price tag. It’s only the build that makes it painstakingly clear. The plastic construction feels fragile and flimsy. It sure lacks the heft and premium in-hand feel of more elaborate systems. Given the quality, it’s hard to imagine it withstanding rough handling. I by no means intend to suggest that the Yoke will break down prematurely. In careful hands, this may serve for a better part of the decade (exaggeration intended).

It may be flawed ❌

It may be flimsy ❌

It may feel like a toy ❌

But then again, for its price, there is little room for complaint!

Design and Comfort

Unlike some more elaborate Yoke systems, CH Products Flight Yoke System doesn’t have a premium matte-black finishing. Nevertheless, it is far from unattractive. You may not find it charismatic, but it won’t irritate your eyes either.

By now you must have come to believe that the build-quality is the shoddiest aspect of CH Product Flight Sim Yoke. Behold! Cometh the securing clamps. I am literally out of words to describe how trashy the mounting system is. In order to mount the Yoke, you need a table/ desk with a 1-inch lip (roughly). I addressed the issue by securing the Yoke’s housing to a rectangular plywood strip and then mounting the plywood strip to the desk. Aesthetics died a thousand deaths!

The Yoke doesn’t need driver installation, so once you have secured it on your table-top, you are good to go. Unlike some other systems, this one doesn’t directly map buttons, but this should hardly take a few minutes.

The Flight Sim Yoke does have ergonomic grips, so once you have it set-up, nothing should stop you from hours and hours of flying.


I was pleasantly surprised by how precise the CH Product Flight Sim Yoke is. It is as sensitive and responsive as any other top-notch Yoke out there and responds to the slightest of movements. The only shortcoming is that the Yoke doesn’t have an accurate re-center function. It will bother you a little, but you will gradually get used to it.

Flight Sim Yoke has all the essential functionality of a Yoke-5-axis motion, thrust levers, an 8-way POV Hat Switch, and as many as assignable functions. If you are a beginner, that’s the sweet spot. The Yoke will serve your purpose without overwhelming you.

For an entry-level flight simmer, CH Products Flight Sim Yoke is an ideal option. It is wallet-friendly and offers all the quintessential functionality. Go for it, and if Flight simming appeals to you, shift to a more premium option. On the other hand, if you are thinking of shifting from a more premium Yoke to the Flight Sim Yoke, I suggest you reconsider your life choices.

Rare Economical Yoke OptionInferior Build Quality
Has all the essential functionalityDoesn’t have the ‘bells and whistles’ of more Extravagant Systems
Pretty smooth for its costDoesn’t have an accurate re-center function
Plug and Play USB InstallationLimited Mounting Options
Compatible with Mac OSX and Windows 98, , XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10Will need to map buttons in MSFS
View / Check Price on Amazon

4. Best Value: Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System permalink

logitech g pro flight yoke system

If you run through my piece on Joy Sticks, you’d find a recurring name-Logitech. The brand specializes in making affordable computer accessories. This list (or for that matter, any other flight simulator accessory list) can’t be complete without the inclusion of a Logitech product. In our case, that’s Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System.

Build and Durability

Majority of the Yoke has been cast out of sturdy plastic that will not crack easily. The shaft is an exception, boasting a stainless steel construction. This ensures that the Yoke will serve you for a long time. The buttons aren’t loose either, so the Yoke is one of the most well-engineered pieces in the market.

Design and Comfort

I realize this is highly subjective, but I feel like putting it out there- Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System is outright gorgeous. It is as aesthetically pleasing as a Yoke can get. Sleek, curvy, black- a Yoke doesn’t get any better. It also features a back-lit stopwatch display, so that also helps set it apart.

Like almost all other Yokes on this list, the Pro Flight Yoke system has ergonomic grips, so that once you are set up, you can conveniently earn your wings. Talking of set up, you shouldn’t have any major troubles setting up the Yoke. Rubberized mounting clamps are adjustable and adequate. Whether you clamp it to the top of the desk or the front of it, the housing will hold its place.

The Yoke is compatible with Windows 10, ,7, XP/XP64, and Vista. You don’t need to install drivers in Windows 10, so you can just plug in, assign functions to buttons, and soar the sky. I do feel that a Paper Instruction manual should have been included for beginners. I do not expect such negligence from an experienced manufacturer like Logitech.

Functionality permalink

Saitek Flight Simulator Pro is one of the best-selling Yokes on the market. Hence, it is unsurprising that it covers all the essential aspects of a Yoke’s functioning. The complete set (including the Throttle) has 25 assignable buttons and switch positions, so you can map as many as 75 functions. The left grip boasts an 8-way hat switch and a two-way switch. The right grip also has a couple of additional buttons.

Flight operations are generally very smooth. The Pitch axis is an exception and has a bit of stickiness to it. There are a few other issues too. For one, the Yoke doesn’t do 90 degree rotation on each side. This along with a central detent means that inputs are often exaggerated, or go unnoticed.

By now, we know that Pro Flight Yoke has several issues. It also has a few plus points that set it apart. For starters, this one offers uncanny upgrade opportunities. You can buy other Logitech Products and make your Cockpit.

Logitech G Saitek Pro Flight Yoke System is anything but perfect. It has its flaws, but still is an astronomical leap over a joystick. It is adequate for gamers, but trainee Pilots would be better off with a more premium option.

Multiple Upgrade OptionsSlightly Inferior Quality
Offers essential Yoke functionalityPitch Controls aren’t smooth
Generally sturdy BuildOverpowering string tension makes small adjustments impossible
Offers amazing value for money
Generally accurate
View / Check Price on Amazon

The Last Word permalink

Do I need a Yoke for Microsoft Flight Simulator ? No! If you are comfortable flying an aircraft with a keyboard or a mouse, that’s all you need. If you desire more realistic flights, you will have to opt for a more premium controller (preferably a Joy Stick or a Yoke). We won’t waste any more time on the Yoke Vs Joy Stick Debate. For this portion I am assuming that if you have made it this far, you have your heart set on a Yoke.

So, which Yoke should you buy for Microsoft Flight Simulator?

You can opt for any of the 4 Yokes mentioned above. All of these are exceptional in their own right. But if you are still looking for my opinion, here it is:

The best Yoke for MS is Honeycomb Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke. That’s after you factor in functionality, performance, durability, build quality, and price. It’s a great product that will serve all your Flying needs.

If you consider all the factors mentioned above but weigh out the price, Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke loses its top spot. Redbird Alloy YK1 Yoke is more precise, accurate, and durable. It beats Flight Simulator Yoke in almost all categories, and ticks all boxes of functionality and performance. The only problem is that it costs almost twice as much as the former. If you can shell out that sort of money for a Yoke, there is no reason to look further.

Yokes can be expensive, and if you are looking for a cheaper option that distinctively serves your dose of realism, look no further than CH Products Flight Sim Yoke. It may not be as good as the Redbird Alloy YK1 Yoke, but it is still pretty precise and smooth. You can opt for it temporarily, and when time is rife (and if the Yoke doesn’t appeal to you any more), you can upgrade to a more pricey option.


Yoke for fsx best

With the upcoming release of Microsoft Flight Simulator , the flight simulator community is stoked. People are updating their PCs, setting aside money for DLC, and, yes, buying new flight controllers. Now, we should acknowledge that it’s entirely possible to play a flight simulator with your mouse and keyboard. But that lacks the immersive experience you’ll get from using genuine controls. If this doesn’t matter to you, go ahead and save money by using your mouse and keyboard. But if you want to be fully immersed in the “simulation” aspect of a flight simulator, you need proper controls.

Over time, we’ve reviewed a number of flight simulator accessories. Depending on what you’re flying and how much you want to spend, you might want any number of parts. But today, we’re going to be focusing specifically on yokes. We’ll review three of the best flight simulator yokes on the market, starting with the throttle quadrants. Because of this, we were eager to try out their Honeycomb Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke.

This is a big, beefy yoke that sports a stainless steel shaft and dual mounting clamps. Second on our list is the CH Products Eclipse Yoke. This yoke is a bit more compact, but ships with a powerful software package for customization. Last but not least, we’ll review the G Saitek Pro Flight Radio Panel. That experience shows in the design of their Logitech G Pro Flight Yoke System. This yoke features a built-in USB hub and stopwatch, and includes a throttle quadrant. Which one is the best? Let’s dig deeper, and see what we learn.

Yoke, Throttle Quadrant, Rudder Pedals – The Essentials

So, you’re going to build your own virtual cockpit. Congratulations! You can look forward to enjoying your flight simulator on a whole new level. But the large number of products on the market can be baffling. You can buy everything from flight instruments to radios to rudder pedals. All of these components can make your flight simulator more immersive. That said, some are more important than others. What should you buy first?

If you ask pilots with real flight experience, they’ll tell you to start with a yoke, throttle quadrant, and pedals. The reason for this is that all three of these components are part of the physical experience of flying. Everything else can be replicated on your monitor. For example, a real-world radio control box is cool, and adds a new element of immersion. You get to flip a physical switch! But how often are you going to use that switch, compared to turning or adjusting your throttle? Simple display elements, such as an altimeter, can come last. You don’t actually interact with them at all, so they can stay on your monitor.

Now, if you want to get really fancy, you can buy literally everything. Then you can mount your ultra widescreen curved monitor above the instruments, like a real windshield. But for most people, that dream will take months or years to build, one piece at a time. If you’re just starting out, begin with the essentials: a yoke, a throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals. Here’s why each one is uniquely important.

Why Use a Yoke?

Simply put, a yoke is the most commonly-used flight instrument in aviation. It’s used on pretty much every aircraft, with the exception of combat aircraft, Airbus jets, and helicopters. For most planes, it’s going to give you the most realistic experience. More than that, though, it’s the single control you use more often than any other. This is especially true if you prefer to forego the autopilot and fly hands-on. It’s just so much more natural – and more fun – with a yoke than it is with a mouse and keyboard.

Why Use a Throttle Quadrant?

Next to steering, the next most commonly-used aircraft function is adjusting the throttle. Unless you’re flying a very small aircraft, a throttle quadrant is what you would use for this purpose. A quadrant also simplifies operation for two and four-engine aircraft. You don’t have to fumble around with your mouse to adjust the correct engine or group of engines. Just reach out, grab the levers you need, and make your adjustments. Better yet, many throttle quadrants include a speed brake and a flaps lever. This greatly simplifies takeoffs and landings, as well as further improving immersion.

Why Use Rudder Pedals?

The third essential component for a flight simulator cockpit is a set of rudder pedals. This component is often forgotten because it’s “out of sight, out of mind”. But once you use a set of physical pedals, you’re never going to want to go back. The difference is noticeable before you leave the ground, as soon as you start taxiing. The pedals adjust the nose wheel and rudder, just as they would on a real airliner. This makes taxiing smooth and effortless.

Once you get airborne, the difference is less noticeable. But when you need to make a yaw adjustments, it’s much more immersive to use your pedals. Another, less commonly-used advantage of rudder pedals is for military simulators. If you’re performing an engine out procedure, you’ll find that a pair of pedals makes recovery much simpler.

The biggest benefit of pedals, though, is during landing. As Tom Petty said, “coming down is the hardest thing”. You’re working all your controls to keep the aircraft lined up during your approach. If you’re pushing yourself, you may be battling a crosswind. A set of pedals allows you to use your feet to make yaw adjustments during landing. This is one less thing your hands will be worried about as you bring your passengers to their final destination.

Why a Yoke and Not a Stick?

So, why would you want to start out with a yoke? Why not a control stick? The short answer is that a yoke is more versatile. Yokes are typically used on smaller aircraft, such as Cessenas. They’re also used on most larger jets, with the exception of Airbus jets. In other words, they’re going to fly the most planes for the largest number of players. For instance, there’s not a single combat aircraft in Microsoft Flight Simulator.

That said, there are some reasons you might want to start with a control stick. One reason is if you’re an Airbus enthusiast. In that case, you’ll get the most realistic experience with Airbus sidestick rather than a yoke. The same applies for combat flight simulators. Be careful about those, though. If you want to get way off into the weeds, you can get replica control sticks for most aircraft models. This can get expensive in a hurry. On the other hand, it’s nice to have the option if that’s what you’re into.

Should you always start with a yoke instead of a stick? For most people, the answer is going to be yes. But you should think about the types of planes you want to fly. If it turns out that a control stick is better for you, then that’s what you should use.

Honeycomb Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke

Honeycomb Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke

Honeycomb is a popular and established manufacturer of flight simulator accessories. In the past, we’ve reviewed – and enjoyed – their flight controls and throttle quadrants. Because of this, we were eager to try out their Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke.

Honeycomb Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke

This Honeycomb yoke has a full degrees of rotation for total control over your aircraft. The yoke has a self-centering mechanism, but there’s no center detent. Movement is smooth through the yoke’s full range of motion, with dual liner ball bearings and a sturdy steel shaft. The bulk of the unit is housed in plastic, but it’s a sturdy molded plastic that doesn’t crack easily. Underneath, a pair of dual clamps attach the yoke to your desk or table. Because there are two clamps, the yoke rocks less and is more stable. Honeycomb even includes a 3M Micro-Suction pad you can use if the clamps are too small for your desk.

Honeycomb Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke

The controls are divided between the left and right grips. On the left, you’ll find an 8-way hat switch, a Push to Talk button, and a pair of rocker switches. On the right, there’s another pair of rocker switches, along with a large and small button. On the front console, you’ll find a five-position ignition switch, as well as master, avionics, alternator, and light switches.

CH Products Eclipse Yoke

CH Products Eclipse Yoke

The CH Products Eclipse Yoke is more compact than the Honeycomb yoke. It’s also more lightweight, with more plastic used in the construction. Mounting is easy, with a pair of plastic clamps included in the kit. The rods on the clamps are steel, so you get the strength of metal without scratching your desk or table.

CH Products Eclipse Yoke

This yoke features more controls than perhaps any other yoke on the market. To begin with, you have four switches to control elevators, fuel mixture, rudder movement, and propeller pitch. These switches are located on the right side, just beneath a set of three levers. The first lever controls ailerons, while the second and third are throttle controls for a two-engine aircraft. Each grip is equipped with an 8-way hat switch and a rocker switch. An ignition control and push to talk button are located on the front of the yoke. A pair of programmable paddles inside of each grip completes the package.

CH Products Eclipse Yoke

Along with all this, you get CH Products’ Control Manager software. This software allows you to choose between over controls. Inside, you can create custom profiles for different games and aircraft. You also get a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, one of the best in the industry.

Logitech G Pro Flight Yoke System

Logitech G Pro Flight Yoke System

Logitech is better known for smaller accessories such as gaming mice. However, they do have some experience with simulator accessories, such as their G Pro Flight Yoke System. It’s not the most full-featured flight yoke on the market by any means. But it’s well-engineered, complete with a steel shaft for durability. A simple, 2-position clamp secures the yoke and included throttle quadrant without any issues.

Saitek Pro Flight Cessna Yoke

The left grip sports an 8-way hat and a two-way switch. On the right, you’ll find two additional switches as well as a button. Three additional buttons on the front of the yoke are housed underneath a built-in stopwatch display. On the top of the yoke, there are three USB ports which function as a hub. You can use these to connect other Logitech hardware such as multi-panels, flight switch panels, and more. To help you complete your kit, Logitech includes a basic three-lever throttle quadrant in the package.

Final Verdict

So, which one of these flight simulator yokes is the best? As is so often the case, it depends on what you’re looking for. To begin with, we reviewed the Honeycomb Alpha Flight Simulator Yoke. This yoke doesn’t offer as many control functions as some of the others. However, it’s very ergonomic and sturdy. It also has a dual-mount design that keeps it very stable during operation. If you want size and stability most of all, this is your best option.

Second, we looked at the CH Products Eclipse Yoke. This yoke is a bit smaller than the Honeycomb, and has more plastic parts than metal. That said, the large number of controls, especially the paddles, make it easy to perform almost any function. But the best feature of all was the Control Manager programming software for customizing your controls. The CH Products yoke is ideal if you play more than one flight simulator on a regular basis.

Finally, we reviewed the Logitech G Pro Flight Yoke System. This yoke uses more plastic than the last two, although it does feature a steel rod to prevent breakage. But the Logitech’s best feature is the built-in USB hub and compatibility with other Logitech parts. Even if your PC doesn’t have a ton of available USB ports, it’s not a problem. You can run a whole Logitech cockpit right through their flight yoke. They even include a throttle quadrant in the kit to get you started. Admittedly, the quality of construction isn’t as good as our last two options. But if you’re trying to build a complete, compatible cockpit, the Logitech yoke is an excellent choice.

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Installed A New Flight Simulator Setup!
Just a quick note to ask what people are using to control FSX. The cost of yokes is quite steep for the casual player unless they bring out one for around 50 pounds. I am using a cyborg evo wireless which I picked up for 8 quid at a car boot. I works great but its not the same as a yoke which i feel gives you far greater control on the yoke planes.

Would love to hear what everyone else is using.


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Since being reintroduced in , Microsoft Flight Simulator has reinvented the flight simulator world. With stunning graphics, live weather, and incredibly life-like cockpits, the latest generation of this storied franchise is winning thousands of new fans every week. To make it more than a game, though, you'll need the right hardware. Here are our top picks for yokes and rudder pedals, any of which can transform MSFS into a valuable training tool. All of these work with both Microsoft and X-Plane, and they can be mixed and matched to create the perfect system.

Top Flight Sim Yokes

Most expandable: Logitech G

A popular option for years, this flexible model includes a stainless steel yoke shaft and a detachable throttle quadrant for more precise power management. It strikes a good balance between performance and price, but is also easily expanded. Logitech offers add-on panels for switches/gear, avionics, autopilot, and additional throttle quadrants. This means you can build your own system one piece at a time.

$ - Shop Now >>

Logitech G Saitek Flight Yoke


Most realistic feel: Honeycomb Alpha

This newer model has quickly become one of the top-selling yokes on the market. It features a solid metal yoke shaft and a full degrees of rotation, so it offers the most realistic feel of all the yokes. There is no dead zone in the middle, or misleading spring pressure. The Honeycomb Alpha includes a switch panel for magnetos, master, etc., but note that there is no throttle. You can mix and match to add another throttle, including the impressive Honeycomb Bravo.


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