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Review: Disney Junior Play App

With so many apps to choose from, it can be tricky to pick one that's right for your toddler.
Disney have just launched the new Disney Junior Play app and we love it!
By we, I mean my three year old son, Jacob, and I.

Jacob's face lights up every time I let him play on it. We're big fans of all things Disney, so we were really excited to see this new app.

It doesn't dissapoint. Great for little fingers, easy to navigate, quick to launch, and lots of games included.

The new iOS app Disney Junior Play is home to Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Disney Junior fans can now get even closer to their favourite characters on the go through a variety of activities including fun games, engaging video-clips and a digital sticker book.

Jacob loves playing on the Disney Junior Play App

Free to download, Disney Junior Play comes with the “Disney Junior Favourites” pack, featuring four multi-level games and a digital sticker book featuring Doc, Sofia, Jake and Mickey. Additional packs based on Disney Junior’s smash-hit shows Doc McStuffins, Sofia the First, Jake and the Never Land Pirates, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse are available to purchase from within the app, each containing four games, a short form video and a digital sticker book.

It's easy to create a simple profile, and little ones can easily navigate through the home screen and access the games. One of Jacob's favourites is popping the balloons with Mickey and Goofy.


The games encourage creativity, the kids learn how to solve problems, develop dexterity and the app helps with hand-eye co-ordination.

You know how much kids love stickers! Well, stickers are rewarded and collected during gameplay and can be saved in the sticker book; each pack having its own character themed sticker book and 25 stickers to collect.

Disney Junior Play will definitely keep little ones busy with fun, challenging games. Jacob didn't need muy help while playing on it, and I am pleased beacuse there are no adverts within the game, so he can't accidently click on anything. Jacob didn't want to stop playing it!

The app is free to download and you get a good variety of games with the free app. I would recommend you buy the bundle which is currently £, better value which will unlock 4 more parts of the game. Or you can buy them individually at £ each.

These are the games you can buy extra:

  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 'Farmyard Fun'
  • Doc McStuffins 'Here to Help'
  • Jake and the Never Land Pirates 'Island Adventures'
  • Sofia the First 'A Royal Party'

Key Features:

  • 20+ games available, including;
  • Jigsaw puzzles to encourage problem solving
  • Catching games to reward fast fingers
  • Dress-up games to inspire imaginative play
  • Placement games to encourage logical thinking
  • Hide-and-seek games to reward observation skills
  • Three levels in each game
  • 25 digital stickers to collect in each pack
  • Catchy videos to watch again and again!
  • Supports up to four profiles, so each of your children can save their progress
  • Play anywhere, any time as all content works offline, including videos
  • No adverts so your child can play safely
  • In-app purchases are only available in the pin-protected store, so only an adult can access
  • Supports iPhone 4+, iPod 4+, and iPad 2+

Check out my video review and see the app in real-time.

Each pack features a set of adventures and stimulating play topics that transport kids into the world of their favourite Disney Junior characters; from helping Doc choose the right clothes for the weather to helping Jake and his crew design a sand castle for a pirate king.

Disney Junior Play has been designed to keep little ones busy with fun, challenging games that feature everyday themes, but while a lot of fun for kids, the app has also been developed with parents in mind.

Purchases within Disney Junior Play are both safe and secure with payments facilitated only after parents have correctly passed through the child-protection screen. Once within the store parents can browse and purchase additional character themed packs to add to their Disney Junior Play collection.  Each pack retails at £, or can be purchased as part of a money saving bundle, all 4 games for £

What are you waiting for, go an have a play on the Disney Junior Play app.
Available to download from the app store.


Disclosure: I was provided with the full app to review free of charge.

Sours: https://www.ourfamilylife.co.uk/working-mums-blog/tag/Disney+Junior+Play+App

All your favorite Old Disney Channel Games in one place

Welcome to the World of Disney Channel Games

Congratulations! You have just miraculously landed in a magical world! Here you find an exhaustive collection of point-and-click, arcade, 2D games to satisfy any taste. Meet your friends from Disney Channel and let them take you on the adventure of your lifetime. The world offers you plenty of opportunities to play with your favorite characters. Now you might be helping Zack and Cody to throw the best pizza party of the summer while playing the Pizza Party Pickup game, and in the few minutes, you race through a hot and dangerous desert as Lightning McQueen, trying to get in front of Hicks and Weathers.

Most of you are already familiar with the majority of these old Disney Channel Games. Some of you might even get nostalgic while playing the games since it might remind you about the golden era of childhood when you've first interacted with all those famous Disney Characters. Whichever should be the case, there's a guarantee that no day will be the same after your steps in this magic world.

Take some time to explore the world of Disney brought at your fingertips. Disney world gave birth to television series and cartoons adored by both youngsters and adults. Disney shows have a long life-span, perpetuating characters which have been initially introduced in the pre-war era! Now imagine yourself taking the control over your favorite character in the latest flash game. Follow them on their quest in the bright, magic world of challenge and mystery, and play a key role in telling your characters’ story!

Meet famous Disney characters

In the Disney world, stories are seamlessly endless, and there is a game for everyone. If you happen to be a Hannah Montana fan, you are most likely to enjoy playing the Jammin' with Hannah game, or Hannah Montana Dress Up, your task being to pick an outfit for Hannah’s upcoming party. Another popular Disney game that might be appealing is the Hoverboard World Tour. In this adventure game, you get to ride, build and upgrade your hoverboard on an around the world trip – from New York to London, down into the wilds of Patagonia, together with Phineas and Ferb! Discover the enchanting world of hand-picked flash games and join your beloved Disney characters on an unforgettable adventure.

A variety of game categories to choose from await you. Mind-tickling puzzle games, funny matchup games, color games, adventure games – all of these in the company of your favorite heroes. Mix and mash genres at your will. Our platform is kept up-to-date with the latest emerging trends in gaming. Thus you can find several years old Disney Channel Games, but also games that have just been released, with brand new Disney characters from ongoing shows.

Whether you are a mild sci-fi enthusiast, you might want to take a step inside Jumba’s Lab from the acclaimed cartoon ”Lilo and Stitch” and get ready for the coming fight against the alien invaders. Or maybe you might want to prepare the most delicious sandwich ever while playing the famous Lilo and Stitch sandwich game.

A never-ending journey

Remain in space for a little longer, and you will meet Wall-E, the robot who can take for a heartwarming adventure across space. If, however, space oddities do not tempt you, yet still want to fight on the good side, join Kim and her friends – Ron Stoppable and his mole Rufus in Kim Possible Games on a fight against crime. Or just pay a visit to the Bueno Nacho and spend some time with the good old Bueno Rufus Game.

If the ground is not tempting either, board the Black Pearl and fight your enemies in the stormy sea along the ”Pirates of the Carribean”. Then, rest your mind with a puzzle or two, or design a dress worthy of a Disney princess. But be wise, they all have their needs and preferences!

Also, it’s the season of royal balls, and in the ”Princess” category you will find plenty of work around the royal court. Organize balls, do make-up, hunt for treasures and pick stylish outfits for your favorite Disney Princess. Did you know that toys do come to life? In the Disney world, they do! They are not as brave as they used to appear on the screen in Toy Story for instance, but this can be changed, for they need as little a bit of courage to finish their missions, and friendship inspires braveness.

Priceless childhood memories

Would you be Woody’s friend and help him save his beloved Bo Peep? Swing ahead! Afraid of heights? Then maybe you should take a step on some sports activities and play the Winnie the Pooh's Home Run Derby game. Join the cute bear and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood in a fun baseball game! Hit as many home runs as you can and get to be the best batter in your team! Tigger, Kanga, Roo, and even Eeyore will be your pitchers.

In the world of Disney, every character is willing to be your friend, and each click takes you further on your adventure. Disney adopts a different approach to flash games, and all the old Disney Channel Games will never actually get too old since they still trigger our nostalgic memories from childhood.

Besides, not only the games are quite interactive, but also they have developed in such a way as to stimulate the creativity of youngsters and to relax the adults. Either developed by various indie artists or produced by the official Disney crew, the collection of our featured games have been carefully selected, to assure that only quality, safe, child-friendly content makes it to the audience.

And by the way, if you want to discover even more Browser Games, featuring also newer Disney Games, then you should also take a look at our other website: NuMuKi. Enjoy your time and have fun!





So far, there are online Disney Games, for both kids and adults, that you can play on Disney--Games.com for free right now! All the games are organized into 29 categories, the most popular being Hannah Montana Games, with total plays, and the most recently updated is Lilo and Stitch Games on Monday, August 30, The most rated game is Sandwich Stacker, with votes received!

Sours: https://www.disney--games.com/
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  4. Badass cat name generator
  5. Hero ranch kitchen

Disney Junior Games


What are the most popular Disney Junior Games?

  1. Silly Song Machine
  2. School for Tools: The Right Tool for the Job
  3. Disney Junior Jamboree
  4. Sofia&#;s World
  5. Create Your Princess
  6. Hop Up, Jump In
  7. Starlight Sprint
  8. Orchestra Ocean Treasure Hunt
  9. Watch out, Mr. Lopart
  10. The Glass Slipper Ball - Story Book

What are the best Disney Junior Games to play on mobile devices?

  1. Disney Junior Jamboree
  2. Starlight Sprint
  3. Disney Junior Puzzles
  4. Doc&#;s World
  5. Curse of Princess Ivy

Get ready to meet many wonderful and kind friends!

Play the Disney Junior Games if you are looking for an escape from the boring day-to-day life! Are you ready to enter a vibrant and colorful world populated by adorable characters with unique personalities? Then you will surely love one of the most popular TV networks for children!

Since it was founded in , Disney Junior aims to entertain and educate young children all over the world. It seems like a very ambitious goal, but somehow they manage to do it! 

So what is their secret? The key to Disney's success is the magic that they bring in our daily lives. Here, animals and objects can talk, and some problems can be solved with a simple flick of the wand! What is more, most of the characters you will encounter are friendly, kind, and eager to help. Don't you think they would be delightful to meet?

Stop hesitating and jump right inside this charming universe! Wherever you look, everything is colorful, cheerful, and stimulating. Besides, all the characters love to sing and dance in the most unexpected moments. As a result, you have the opportunity to learn and have fun at the same time.

Oh, and you know what the best part is? This experience is % family-friendly. Therefore, you can share it with friends of all ages!

Help others to become a hero of the Disney Junior Games!

The magical universe you have just stepped into is very different from the real world. To begin with, you will learn that anything has a voice if you listen closely. What was that? Yeah, you heard it right! Pets, wild animals, toys, and even household objects can talk. Can you believe how many new friends you can make?

However, you will soon find that the base of any strong relationship is kindness. In fact, Disney characters make a point to show that empathy is extremely important at any age. Do you find it hard to share your toys with others? Are you having trouble making buddies at the playground? Then you need to take a lesson or two from these adorable heroes!

Magic makes everything easier and more fun! Thankfully, many of the Disney Junior series have that little touch of magic that makes everything sparkle. If you love castles, knights, kings, queens, and princesses, then you're in luck! For instance, with the Sofia the First Games, you will learn how to befriend and help everybody, regardless of status, or even species. Are you ready to meet this adorable princess?

Speaking of helpful female characters, you must try the Doc McStuffins Games! The heroine of this series is an aspiring veterinarian who always practices on her most beloved friends, her toys. She will teach you how to help and comfort a buddy when he is in need. What is more, her health tips are so helpful and smart!

Learning something new is always fun!

The main goal of the Disney Junior Games is to make learning fun and exciting for young children! As you very well know, it's hard to keep a creative mind engaged. Therefore, everything needs to be animated and fun!

The best part about these games is the fact that you get to explore so many fascinating subjects! If you want to become a little scientist as soon as possible, you need to meet the team from the Little Einsteins Games. They are experts in dancing, classical music, painting, and so many other cool stuff. Get ready to join them on a journey of knowledge!

Are you looking for something more hands-on? Then you can always take a lesson or two from the most adorable handy-man you have ever met. Are you skilled enough to give the Handy Manny Games a try? You will become a true expert with a hammer or a screwdriver if you join him in his day-to-day quest to fix stuff. Also, he is a great help to his neighbors and friends. Isn't that neat?

Jump inside the extraordinary world of Disney Junior Games! Can you believe how optimistic and wholesome this place is? Have a blast while playing the simple and satisfying games! Enjoy the company of the cutest characters you have ever seen!

Before you know it, you will learn more about the world around you! As a bonus, you will appreciate the value of kindness and sincerity when it comes to those around you. In conclusion, you can have a blast and become smarter at the same time!

There are currently free online Disney Junior games on our website. You can play the games on your computer or laptop, using any browser. Some of the games are also available for your tablets or Android and iOS phones. Here you can see the games 1 - The most popular game is Soaring Over Summer Arcade, which has been played times so far, and the most rated one is Swing into Action, with votes received. These Disney Junior games received an aggregate rating of 81 / from a total of votes.

Sours: https://www.numuki.com/games/disney-junior/

Disney Jr Guess WhoGame

Product Description

Disney Junior—Guess Who? is the classic Guess Who? game with a Disney Junior twist. Start by deciding which of the four fun character cards you and your opponent will use. Choose from Jake and the Never Land Pirates, Doc McStuffins, Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, or a group of the Disney Junior cast of characters. To play, select a character on your card, but keep your choice a secret. You and your opponent will take turns asking questions to try to identify your opponent's character. Ask questions like, “Is your character wearing polka dots?” or “Does your character have fins?” As you ask questions, your opponent's answers will help you to eliminate characters by closing the doors on your character tray. Once you think you know who your opponent's character is, take a guess.

Disney Junior—Guess Who?

Disney Junior—Guess Who? combines the classic guessing game fun of Guess Who? with unforgettable characters from your favorite Disney Junior shows.
View larger

Disney Junior—Guess Who?

You and your opponent will take turns asking questions to try to identify your opponent's character.
View larger

Disney Junior—Guess Who?

You can choose a different character each time you play.
View larger

Disney Junior—Guess Who?

Guess your opponent's Disney Junior mystery character before they guess yours.
View larger

Disney Junior—Guess Who?

Play a guessing game featuring your favorite Disney Junior characters.
View larger

Hasbro is committed to being an ethical and responsible company and is a recognized toy industry leader in the areas of product safety, environmental sustainability, ethical sourcing and philanthropy.

  • Enjoy classic Guess Who? fun with a Disney Junior twist
  • Fun social play
  • Challenge your friends to guess your mystery Disney Junior character
  • Ages 3 and up
  • 1 to 2 players
  • Adult assembly required
  • Includes 2 game trays, 4 double-sided character cards, 2 selectors, and instructions

From the Manufacturer

Whether via a game board with dice, a deck of cards, simple lines drawn on scrap paper, or electronic media, gaming is a global pastime that has enriched culture for millennia. From the most classic tabletop board games to up-and-active, play-to-learn games for preschoolers to the painfully funny party games that satisfy your wild side, Hasbro Gaming is a one-stop-shop for filling your games closet. While continuing to produce some of the most memorable games in the history of family gaming, Hasbro Gaming stays up-and-coming by developing games that incorporate digital content and by partnering with some of the biggest names in entertainment. Hasbro Gaming and all related properties and characters are trademarks of Hasbro.

Sours: https://www.amazon.com/Hasbro-Disney-Jr-Guess-WhoGame/dp/B00D8VHJDE

Play games junior disney

Disney Junior Puzzles

The funniest games for kids are ready to appear here on our website, where you can see that today we are trying to bring a new online Disney Channel game for girls and boys, in which you will solve a new puzzle with your favorite characters. Today, you can see that Miles from Tomorrowland, Sofia the First, The Lion Guard, Vampirina, Elena of Avalor, Gigantosaurus, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, the Puppy Dog Pals, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, Doc McStuffins and Fancy Nancy are going to be the main characters of this new puzzle challenge, and you dear friends will have to stay focused and make sure that in the shortest time, you will manage to have a great time placing all the puzzle pieces in the right spots, and you will see that you will gain a lot of points and you will see how the Disney Channel characters are going to be very happy with your work and they will continue to bring for you many other fun games for kids. Have fun!


Related Categories

How to play?

Use the MOUSE to play.

Sours: https://www.play-games.com/game//disney-junior-puzzles.html
Puppy Dog Pals - 360 Game - Bingo \u0026 Rolly's Dog House 🐶 - Disney Junior UK


Your favorite Disney TV shows, DCOMs and games are now all in one place. *DisneyNOW lets you watch whenever, wherever with one customizable app made just for you.

  • All in one place

    All in one place

    Watch Disney Channel, Disney Junior, Disney XD and Disney Channel Original Movies, play games, and more.

  • Make it yours

    Make it yours

    Personalize your experience with a Disney emoji, save your faves, and choose your channels from Disney Channel, Disney Junior and Disney XD!

  • Sign in for more

    Sign in for more

    To access select content, choose your participating TV provider and sign in with your username and password.

*Featured content may be subject to additional restrictions. Go to the Help section on the DisneyNOW website for details.

Sours: https://disneynow.go.com/apps

You will also be interested:

Disney Junior Party is a party game for Nintendo Switch, PS5, PS4, Xbox , Xbox One, and the newest console Party Mode.

And to all those who interfere with it: DO NOT EDIT THIS PAGE WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!!!!


The Disney Junior characters have received a invitation to the greatest party that ever was. Everyone was excited, except for Captain Hook, who was furious about not being invited to the party, so he decides to go to the party and ruin the fun out of it. The host asks the heroes to stop Hook before he ruins the party for everyone, so with that, all the heroes leap into action, all wanting to be the one who stops Hook and saves the day.

The story mode is simple: 4 players play the boards for 20 turns, and the one who has the most stars wins the board. The player doesn't have to come first in all the boards to beat Story mode, but the main objective is to make sure Grendel [who plays for Captain Hook on all the boards] does NOT win. Grendel has the roles that Kamek & Shy Guy have in Mario Party 9's Solo Mode.


An asterisk means they're unlockable in story mode.

Little Einsteins:

The Rocketeer ()

Special Agent Oso:

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Minnie's Bow Toons/Mickey & The Roadster Racers:

  • Mickey
  • Minnie
  • Donald
  • Daisy
  • Goofy

Doc McStuffins:

Jake and the Neverland Pirates:

Henry Hugglemonster:

Sofia the First:

Elena of Avalor

Sheriff Callie's Wild West:

Miles from Tomorrowland/Mission Force One:

  • Miles Callisto*
  • Grendel* [unlocked by completing story mode]


  • Vampirina
  • Boris Hauntley*

Puppy Dog Pals

Shop-Bought Characters:

  • Goldilocks [Goldie & Bear]
  • Bungo [Jungle Junction]
  • Jojo [Jojo's Circus]
  • Mira [Mira: Royal Detective]
  • Bunga [The Lion Guard]
  • Summer Penguin [Muppet Babies ( version)]
  • Twinkle (Higglytown Heroes)
  • Freddy (T.O.T.S)


  • Mii (Nintendo consoles only)

Board Spaces

  • Blue Space: You get 5 gold doubloons when you stop on this space.
  • Red Space: You lose 5 gold doubloons when you stop on this space.
  • Green&#;? Space: Stop on this space to trigger an event. What is it? That depends on which board you're on!
  • PJ Masks Space: If you land on this space, the PJ Masks will appear and do something that helps you. What do they do? That depends on the board you're on. Then, all PJ Masks Spaces become Captain Hook Spaces. the space is identified as 3 stripes in the PJ Masks' colors, with the PJ Masks title on it.
  • Captain Hook Space: If you land on this space, Captain Hook will appear and do something that hinders you. What does he do? That depends on the board you're on. Then, all Captain Hook Spaces become PJ Masks Spaces. the space is identified as a black space with Captain Hook's face on it.
  • Surprise Space: The host activates a roulette to create a surprise for the player who stepped on his space or for everyone. the space is identified as a orange version of Mario Party 9's Spin Space.
  • Romeo Space: Romeo [from the PJ Masks] appears, and randomly chooses a 'Romeo's Reverse Minigame', where you have to play certain minigames with a twist; the one who comes last earns a bonus of coins or a Star, as decided by a dice roll. The space is identified as dark grey with Romeo's face on it.
  • Lucky Space [Party Mode only]: Sends you down a Secret Path. What is it? It depends on the board you're on. They are the same as in Mario Party 8.
  • VS Space [Duel Mode only]: Starts a Duel Minigame, the winner rolls a dice to see what they'll take from the loser. They are the same as in Mario Party DS.

PJ Masks/Captain Hook Spaces' Effects:

Board Name PJ Masks' Effect Captain Hook Effect
Monsterous Flower Garden they boost you closer to the Giant Star Flower Hook, flying from his whirly hook, attacks you with a coconut yo-yo. Though it can be dodged, every successful hit he makes will make the player lose 5 doubloons.
U.N.I.Q.U.E. Party Dome they take the place of Dotty or Wolfie and give a free Star to whoever reaches them he takes the place of Dotty or Wolfie and steals a Star from whoever reaches him
Minnie's Mad Bowtique they bring the current Magic Bow's star to whoever stepped on the space for free. he uses his catapult hook to fire the current Magic Bow away
Stellosphere Space Race They appear and get the star from Phoebe, to give to whoever steps on the space. In Duel Mode, they give you a bonus of 20 doubloons. same as in Bowser's Warped Orbit from Mario Party 8.
Captain Hook's Treasure Chest Docks they bring the chest that contains a star to whoever steps on the space, but they still have to pay 10 doubloons to open it. he steals a star from whoever steps on his space, and puts it in the chest where the star is.
Transylvanian House Party They appear in the pitfall rooms and give whoever comes a free star. He appears in the pitfalls and takes a star from whoever enters the pitfall rooms.
Sofia's Princess Party they take you to the star Hook moves the star to a different location
Nancy's Fancy Tower They take you to the top of the tower, but you still have to pay the fee to get a Star. Hook

Game Modes

Story Mode: see Story.

Party Mode*: Play a Party board game! Play in either Battle Royale, Team Battle, or Duel Mode.

*-Not to be confused with the console.

Minigame Mode: Play minigames in different ways, like Free Play, Step It Up, Tournament, Bingo, and more!

Shop: use your Party Points to unlock new characters, boards, figures, and games in the shop!

Extra Mode: Play secret minigames you won't find anywhere else!

Party Mode Boards

  • Monsterous Flower Garden [Henry Hugglemonster]: reach the Giant Star Flower, and trade every 20 gold doubloons for all the Disney Junior Stars you want. Cobby Hugglemonster hosts this board.
  • U.N.I.Q.U.E. Party Dome [Special Agent Oso]: Reach Dotty or Wolfie in the crazy gauntlet, and give him or her the payment of gold doubloons they choose on a dice roll for a Disney Junior Star. Watch out for the rooms changing! Dotty & Wolfie have the role Brighton & Twila have in the Faire Square board from Mario Party 6 and they swap after one player gets the other one's star[s]. Buffo hosts this board.
  • Minnie's Mad Bowtique [Mickey Mouse Clubhouse/Minnie's Bow Toons]: Find the Magical Rainbow Bows and get their Disney Junior Stars for their prices. Cuckoo-Loca hosts this board.
  • Stellosphere Space Race* [Miles from Tomorrowland]: Same rules as Mario Party 6's Castaway Bay, but with Phoebe Callisto and Gadfly Garnett as DK & Bowser, respectively. Loretta Callisto hosts this board.
  • Transylvanian House Party [Vampirina]: Similar to King Boo's Haunted Mansion from Mario Party 8, but with Dragos the Dancer replacing King Boo. Demi hosts this board.
  • Captain Hook's Treasure Chest Docks* [Jake & the Neverland Pirates]: Find Disney Junior Stars in Captain Hook's Tricky Treasure Chests! You can open each chest for 10 gold doubloons, but watch out for the booby-trapped chest! Mr Smee hosts this board.

Shop-Bought Boards:

  • Sofia's Princess Party* [Sofia the First]: Find Disney Junior Stars around the board, and pay 20 gold doubloons to get them. Baileywick hosts this board.
  • Nancy's Fancy Tower [Fancy Nancy Clancy] Same rules as Mario Party 7's Pagoda Peak. Fancy Nancy Clancy hosts this board.

Duel Battle Mode:

the board rules are different in this mode.

Board Name Duel Battle Mode Conditions
Monsterous Flower Garden reach the Giant Star Flower and be the first to get 10 stars from it. the stars cost 20 doubloons each.
U.N.I.Q.U.E. Party Gauntlet Bring Buffo 50 doubloons to get a Star before your opponent.
Minnie's Mad Bowtique get 3 stars from the Magic Bows before your opponent
Stellosphere Space Race reach Phoebe and get a star from her for 20 doubloons before your opponent. Watch out for Gadfly!
Captain Hook's Treasure Chest Docks there are 8 chests on the board! Find 3 stars before your opponent, but watch out for the booby-trapped chests!
Transylvanian House Party Same as in King Boo's Haunted Mansion from Mario Party 8
Sofia's Princess Party get 3 stars before your opponent
Nancy's Fancy Tower Reach Nancy at the top of the tower with doubloons to earn a star.


The Inventions are the items in this game. They are often found in Surprise Capsules, or can be bought in any shop on the board. They appear in capsules. The color of the bottom half of the capsule shows what type it is. Sometimes, you might find gold doubloons in the capsules!


These inventions affect the Dice block.

  • Double Dice
  • Triple Dice
  • Slow Dice


These make impact before you move.

  • Magnet - Take a Invention from an opponent selected by a dice roll.
  • Zooter Summon - Zooter [from Jungle Junction] will zip you straight to the Star area, but you still have to do the required fee to get it.
  • Megabouncer Boots - jump to a player selected by a dice roll.


These make impact whilst you move.

  • Duel Glove - Roll 2 dice, and automatically duel the first person you meet. Afterwards, the winner rolls a dice to see what they'll take from the loser.
  • Tornado - Blow anyone you run into to a random space.


These can be thrown onto spaces to create traps.

  • Star Stealer
  • Doubloon Sucker
  • Space Switch


See List of Minigames in Disney Junior Party

Bonus Awards

Remember, it's not over till it's over! At the end of a party game, the host will call out some super special Bonus Awards, which count towards your Disney Junior Stars total [if you have them activated]. There are 3 random kinds to give out from the list below:

  • Minigame Master: This goes to whoever won the most gold doubloons from the minigames.
  • Super Shopaholic: This goes to whoever spent the most gold doubloons in the shops.
  • Invention Marvel: This goes to whoever used the most inventions.
  • Surprise Seeker: This goes to whoever landed on the most Green Spaces
  • Top Trapper: This goes to whoever laid the most trap inventions on the board.
  • Red Rebel: This goes to whoever landed on the most Red Spaces
  • Long-Distance Runner: This goes to whoever travelled the most spaces!


See List of Disney Junior Party Trophies


See List of Disney Junior Party Quotes

List of Goods for Party Mode

Voice Cast

  • Bret Iwan as Mickey Mouse
  • Russi Taylor as Minnie Mouse [via archive recordings]
  • Tony Alemo
  • Tress MacNellie
  • Bill Farmer


  • This game is dedicated to Cameron Boyce, one of the voice actors for Jake in 'Jake and the Neverland Pirates'.
    • Also, the game is dedicated to Russi Taylor, the voice of Minnie Mouse, who has voice clips reused from other Disney video games and TV shows that star Russi's voice.
Sours: https://videogamefanon.fandom.com/wiki/Disney_Junior_Party

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