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CDLIS, CDL Expiration and CMV Classification Removal

We are grateful for all you do year-round to transport the world's freight safely, efficiently and on-time. We wish you safe travelsand lots of money saving opportunities on the road. -- Mike and Vicki Simons

Both of us received a "CDL Expiration" letter in the mail from the State of South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles about the potential for CMV classification removal as shown here (name and address blacked out):

SC DMV CDL Expiration Letter - DOT Medical Card required to keep

The CDL Expiration Letter Text

Due to changes that affect your credential Do Not ignore this Notice

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles{DMV) files indicate that you hold a South Carolina commercial driver's license (CDL) or beginner's permit. The state of South Carolina is implementing new federal regulations that will affect all CDL holders. DMV will be adding your medical certification status and the information on your medical examiner's certificate to your Commercial Driver License Information System (CDLIS) record. CDL Holders are required to:

  1. Self-Certify - You must determine what type of commerce you operate in by choosing one of the types listed below. Certify your choice with SCDMV by completing Form DLA Commercial Driver's License Holders Medical Certification Requirements and submitting it to DMV. Form DLA can be obtained from one of our field offices or you may download it from our website Based on the self-certification, you may need to provide DMV with a current medical examiner's certificate and show any variances (Federal Waiver, or Skills Performance Evaluation) to keep your CDL.

    1. NON-EXCEPTED INTERSTATE (NI) Operates in interstate commerce and meets the qualification requirements under 49 CFR part Required to have a DOT medical card/certificate.
    2. EXCEPTED INTERSTATE (EI) Operates in interstate commerce, but engages exclusively in transportation or operations excepted under 49 CFR (f), , or - government vehicles.
    3. NON-EXCEPTED INTRASTATE (NA) Operates only in intrastate commerce and is subject to and meets State driver qualification requirements. years of age and/or license with an "I" restriction.

  2. Provide DOT Medical Card - CDL holders who are subject to the DOT (U.S. Department of Transportation) medical card are required to provide a copy of each new DOT medical card to the DMV prior to the expiration of your current DOT medical card. Medical certificates are usually valid for two years, while South Carolina commercial driver licenses are valid for five years.

If the above information is not received by 1/31/ your privileges to operate a Commercial Motor Vehicle will be removed.

Please contact the CDL Help Desk at () if you have any questions regarding this letter.


Dorothy Knight, CDL Coordinator
SC Department of Motor Vehicles

CDL Expiration Explained

In a nutshell, the CDLIS requires all holders of Commercial Drivers Licenses to provide a DOT medical card by the date specified in order to keep the ability to operate a commercial motor vehicle.

Those who are currently driving a CMV professionally may have their companies pay for their DOT physicals.

But any person who has a CDL  -- but is not currently driving professionally -- has a choice:

  • Either pay money out-of-pocket to get a DOT physical -- and the DOT medical card that comes with it -- to maintain CDL status; or
  • Allow the CDL status to expire.

For over 20 years, Vicki paid out of pocket to undergo DOT physicals in order to maintain her CDL.

Sometime after moving into their dream come true home, she realized that she would most likely never drive professionally again. So, she made plans to voluntarily let her CDL go.

CDL Expiration References

  • LandLine Magazine covered this issue in January (1)
  • The FMCSA covers The DOT Medical Exam and CMV Certification here.
  • Information about the National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners is online here.

At the time this article was originally written, a search on the FMCSA's website for Medical Examiners Locations within miles of our location yielded no results.

Even though we are well within miles of Atlanta, no search results came up within those specifications.

As large as Atlanta is, there are only three examiners listed. We wonder what is going on.

truck drivers money saving tip iconMoney saving tip: Some truckers may rationale that

  • it cost a lot of money to get their Commercial Drivers Licenses;
  • just because they aren't driving professionally right now doesn't mean they never will again; and
  • it would be very expensive to go through the process of getting a CDL all over again.

Therefore, for folks who prefer not to experience CDL expiration, undergoing a DOT physical -- in order to get a new DOT medical card -- is one of those "expenses" that just has be paid every two years whether they like it or not. Please be aware of how long CDLs are valid in your home state.

The only other money saving tip we can think of would be finding a qualified medical certification facility that charges less money.

It is an excellent idea to keep track of when your DOT medical card expires and arrange to get a new one before the expiration date.

Use any of our free downloads on our site to help you accomplish that.

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1. (no longer online)


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CDL holders who do not meet the January 30 will be in jeopardy of losing their Commercial Driver s License. Q. How do I self-certify A. You may visit any SCDMV field office and complete a form DLA Commercial Driver s License Holders Medical Certification Requirements. The form can also be down loaded from our website www. scdmvonline. com and mailed faxed or emailed to the CDL Help desk. Q. How do I self-certify A. You may visit any SCDM

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Preparing for your DOT Physical

Not everyone can drive a big truck, and that’s a good thing. Driving takes ability and skill, an ability to respond to uneven road conditions, weather, and whatever other drivers do to endanger themselves and others. To help determine whether a driver is physically capable of operating a commercial vehicle, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) created a physical exam that is a national requirement for commercial drivers. The doctor or provider giving the DOT exam must be listed on the FMCSA National Registry.

People who drive commercial motor vehicles (CMV) or have a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are required to pass a DOT physical exam every 24 months. The Department of Transportation physical is designed to show that you are physically capable of operating a CMV. There are restrictions on commercial drivers designed to protect everyone on the road. Here is what you can expect at your DOT physical and how to prepare.

Preparing for your DOT physical

  • Make sure your provider is listed on the national registry and is licensed to conduct a DOT physical.
  • Make a list of all your medications, prescription and non-prescription, along with the doctor who manages each medication.
  • Write down any past health concerns you had and the approximate dates, including any surgeries and hospitalizations and the address of the hospitals. If you can print out the health history questionnaire before your physical, it will save time to complete it at home.
  • Bring your glasses or contacts if you wear them, or your hearing aid if you have one. Your vision and hearing will be tested with any corrective equipment that you normally use.
  • If you have diabetes, bring the results of your hemoglobin A1C (HgA1C) and any logs with your blood sugar levels recorded. People with diabetes can only pass the exam if their blood sugar is under control and they do not require injectable insulin.
  • If you have a heart condition, you will need a letter from your cardiologist that states your diagnosis, history, treatments (including surgery) and medications taken for the condition. Bring EKG, stress test, or other cardio testing results from the past year.
  • If you have had any neurological issues, including stroke, a seizure disorder, or other brain condition, bring a letter from your neurologist explaining the condition and your treatment and medications. This should include the doctor’s opinion on your ability to drive safely.
  • If you have a permanent disability in your arm or leg, bring an explanation of the condition from your doctor, along with any work restrictions due to the injury or disability.
  • If you take medication that is a controlled substance for pain relief, ADHD, or another reason, you will most likely not pass the DOT exam. Certain medications are completely excluded without exception.

At your physical, the doctor will check your vital signs, like pulse, breathing, and blood pressure. A urine sample will be collected and analyzed. You will receive a thorough physical examination as well as having your balance, vision, and hearing tested.

For caring doctors certified to perform DOT physical exams in South Carolina, call SC Internal Medicine Associates & Rehabilitation at () for an appointment at our office in Irmo, South Carolina today.

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DOT FMCSA-FAA-USCG-Rules-Regulations| Randolph Rosarion M.D.


FMCSA Commercial Driver Fitness Determination (truck & bus drivers).

  • Medical Examination Report Form (MER):  MCSA
  • Medical Examiner&#;s Certificate (MEC):         MCSA
  • Insulin Treated Diabetes Mellitus, Assessment Form:  MCSA

FMCSA Federal Exemption Programs For Commercial Drivers


Other FMCSA Driver Forms


Coast Guard- Merchant Mariner Forms

Republic of Marshall Islands 

Driver Medical Examination Forms by State/Region

Tri-State Area & Pennsylvania 



MAIL TO: NJ Motor Vehicle Commission Driver Review Bus Application Unit PO Box Trenton, NJ For further assistance, contact the MVC Bus Application Unit by phone at () ext.


 Please mail the Self-Certification form and medical certificate (if applicable) to: Bureau of Driver Licensing • P.O.Box • Harrisburg, PA





Mail:    Delaware Division of Motor Vehicle.  Attn CDL Department P.O. Box

Dover, DE  Fax  ()

Northeast(excludes above)


Bureau of Motor Vehicles
CDL Compliance Unit
29 State House Station
Augusta, ME

Fax to: ()

E-mail: [email protected] (must be scanned as a word document or pdf)



 Mail in:
E-mail the new form filled out and a scanned copy of the DRIVER LICENSE
and MEDICAL CARD in PDF form :
[email protected]







Email to: [email protected]; Fax number is () ; Phone number is () ; Address: NCDMV CDL Medical Certification Unit Mail Service Center Raleigh, NC ; website

Mail this form and copies of medical documents to: SCDMV &#; CDL Help Desk PO Box Blythewood, SC ; Scan the documents and then email them to: [email protected];  Fax this form and medical documents to the CDL Help Desk. Fax number is () ;   A list of office locations and hours can be found on our website Please contact the CDL Help Desk at () if you have any questions regarding this form.

The Self Certification Affidavit and medical certificate, may be submitted to the state at any Arkansas Revenue Office ( or may be mailed or faxed to: Safety Responsibility Ragland Building, Room P.O. Box Little Rock, AR Fax: () ; Phone


Mail to:  WV DMV PO Box Charleston, WV



Effective Immediately! The Department of Driver Services (DDS) will only accept CDL Self Certifications in person at a Customer Service Center.


Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security Commercial Driver License Division Foster Avenue Nashville, TN   Fax this self-certification along with your medical examiner’s certificate to: or by email the scanned copies in a PDF format to: [email protected] In the Tel.


Self-certifications and medical certifications can be submitted in the following ways: To any Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles location  By fax  By email at [email protected]


Mail:  Division of Driver Licensing, Mero Street, Frankfort, KY or fax to or scan and email to [email protected]




Mail to:  Illinois Secretary of State c/o CDL Medical Unit

S. Dirksen Parkway Springfield, IL

or by emailing a copy of the certificate to: [email protected]


  • Iowa:  CDL FAQs;  How To Self Certify Flow Chart;   How to submit  a medical certificate:
    • Mailing the certificate to: Iowa Department of Transportation Office of Driver Services P.O. Box Des Moines, IA

    • Faxing the certificate to the Office of Driver Services at:

    • Emailing a scanned copy of the certificate to the Iowa DOT at [email protected] (email submissions must be scanned and attached as a .pdf file).

    • Presenting the certificate in person at any Iowa driver’s license issuance site.




Fill out your Medical Self Certification form and include a copy of your DOT physical card. You can mail or fax this information to:

Driver Licensing
Docking State Office Building
Attn: Medical Cert
P.O. Box
Topeka, KS


Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles
Driver and Vehicle Records Division
Centennial Mall South
P.O. Box
Lincoln, NE

Phone # ()
Fax # ()



Complete a &#;Self-Certification of Commercial Motor Vehicle Operation Type&#; and fax it to:
Michigan Department of State
CDL Help Desk


Mail forms to:  Ohio BMV CDL/In-State Violations Unit  P.O. Box Columbus Ohio  Fax (); email:  [email protected]

Ohio Intrastate Waiver:(Medical Exam and Provisional Medical Certification)



Wisconsin DMV
P.O. Box
Madison, WI

() &#; Fax




Mail, fax, or email to: Drivers License Division East Boulevard Avenue Bismarck, ND or Fax to or Email with a PDF attachment to [email protected]


Mail, fax, or email the medical certificate (if applicable) and this Self-Certification Statement to: Driver Licensing West Capitol Avenue Pierre, SD Fax to Email to [email protected]


Southwest & West

  • Texas:
  • Mailing Address: Texas Department of Public Safety License and Record Service Attn: CDL Section P.O. Box Austin, TX

  • Fax Number:


Department of Motor Vehicles
CDL Unit, G
P.O. Box
Sacramento, CA


           Nevada Intrastate Waiver:  Commercial Medical/Vision Waiver Evaluation and Application  


Intrastate Waivers Application: (Vision and Limb Impairement/Amputation; Medical Waiver Evaluation Summary Link;  Arizona Intrastate Diabetes Waiver program;

Mail: PO Box , Mail drop Z Phoenix, AZ


Email: [email protected]

Questions: Please call




Please mail, fax, or email the medical certificate (if applicable) and the Self-Certification affidavit to: Oklahoma Department of Public Safety CDL Administration PO Box Oklahoma City, OK [email protected] Fax to


This completed form can be faxed to Attn: CDL Unit or mailed to: Colorado Department of Revenue ATTN: CDL Unit Room Pierce St. Lakewood CO


Wyoming Intrastate Waiver link


Washington Intrastate WaiverLink

Visiting a CDL/CLP office

Email:[email protected]


CDL Medical Unit
Department of Licensing
PO Box
Olympia, WA


Montana Department of Justice Motor Vehicle Division

P.O. Box Helena, MT  Phone ()  Fax ()









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