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Skyrim:Generic Dialogue

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This page lists generic dialogue for Skyrim.

Greetings and Goodbyes[edit]

If your disposition with that NPC is -1 or lower, lines in red will be heard. Lines in green only appear if your disposition with that NPC is 1 or higher.

"Hmm?"Nearly all NPCs"Until next time."
"Need something?""Hmm hmm."
"Yes?""All right, then."
"Ours is to smile at your passing, friend."MaleArgonian(?)
"It fills us with rage. What harm does it bring to us now?"
"You have questions?"MaleArgonian or
"It is our most favored company."FemaleArgonian
"It annoys us. What does it want to take from us now?"
"You've been a good friend to me. That means something."MaleBrute
"I should bash your face in after all you've done."
"You're the best! Can you be my father/mother?"FemaleChild
"You're mean. I hate you. I hate you forever and ever and ever."
"Hi there."FemaleChild or
"I bet you could slay one of those mean old dragons. I bet you could do anything."MaleChild
"I hope monsters come and eat you."
"Good to have you by my side, friend. I need reliable people around."MaleCommander or
"I'll take my leave, then."
"I don't like talking to someone who holds their honor so cheaply."
"I'm waiting."MaleCommander,
MaleNordCommander, or
"Out with it."
"You're someone who can get things done. I like that."FemaleCommander
"You have something to say, dog? Something on your mind?"
"Good to see you again, friend."MaleCommoner or
"What do you want? You've caused enough trouble."
"Good morning/afternoon/evening."MaleCommoner,
MaleCommonerAccented, or
"Now here's a man/woman I'm glad to see."FemaleCommoner
"You. What do you want?"
"Good to see you. Finally someone useful is around."MaleCondescending"Now if you'll excuse me"
"Something you need, you miserable wretch?"
"Yes, yes. I haven't got all day"Male or
"Make it quick."
"Friends like you are hard to find and very valuable to me."FemaleCondescending
"Now why would I want to talk to you?"
"It's so good to see you again."FemaleCoward
"You! You're going to hurt me again aren't you? Just stay away."
"YYes?"FemaleCoward or
"You want something from me?"
"Divines bless you. May the ground you walk quake as you pass."MaleCoward
"I don't mean you any trouble. Just leave me alone."
"Azura's wisdom to you, friend."MaleDarkElf or
"Safe travels."
"Filth. Run to the horizon before I hunt you down."
"Yes, sera?"MaleDarkElf or
"And what might you need? Hmm?"
"We're one of the same kind, you and I. I'm glad to have met you."FemaleDarkElf
"There are so many delightful ways I've pictured you dead."
"My favorite drinking buddy. Let's get some mead."MaleDrunk"Yeah yeah"
"What do you want?"
"I don't owe you money, do I?"
"What are you starin' at?"
"Gods strike you down."
"So nice to have pleasant company for a change."FemaleElfHaughty
"Oh, it's you. I was wondering why I was smelling something unpleasant."
"Make it quick."FemaleElfHaughty or
"You want something from me?"
"Speak quickly."
"There are so few pleasures in life as fine as your company."MaleElfHaughty
"Absolutely no time to deal with lowlifes these days. Go away."
"Divines smile on you, friend."MaleEvenToned or
"You want to talk to me? After everything you've done?"
"What do you need?"MaleEvenToned,
MaleEvenTonedAccented, or
"Good morning/afternoon/evening."
"What do you need, my friend?"FemaleEvenToned
"I hope the wilds claim you, one of these days."
"These sands are cold, but Khajiit feels warmness from your presence."MaleKhajiit"Swift hunting."
"Khajiit wishes for you to go away. You have done us too much harm."
"How can I assist, hmm?"MaleKhajiit or
"This one needs something?""May you walk on warm sands."
"Speak. Khajiit will listen until all the sugars in the world turn sour."FemaleKhajiit
"Its scent is foul, unclean. Hurtful."
"May the gods watch over your battles, friend."MaleNord"Aye."
"What do you want, milk drinker?"
"Hmph."Male or
"A fine day to you, friend. May you die with a sword in your hands."FemaleNord
"The gods know what you've done."
"You're not as dumb as you look."MaleOldGrumpy
"Leave me alone. Can't an old man have some peace?"
"Come, come. I haven't got all day."MaleOldGrumpy or
"Make it quick."
"Let's hear it."
"Well, look at you. If only everyone acted like you did."FemaleOldGrumpy
"Here to shame an old woman? Leave me be."
"Good to see Skyrim still has such fine people. You give an old man hope."MaleOldKindly"Take care, now."
"Just looking at you makes me upset."
"Well hello."MaleOldKindly or
"I hope your parents are proud of you. They have a lot of reason to be."FemaleOldKindly
"You're just rotten. No good."
"May your next fight bring you victory, friend."MaleOrc"Fight well."
"What do you want?"
"What're you lookin' at?"
"What do you want? Aren't your hands coated with enough blood?"
"What now"MaleOrc or
"This better be good"
"May your weapons be sharp and your prey fresh."FemaleOrc
"For your crimes, may Malacath boil your blood and grind your bones."
"Good to see you. At least you know how to treat someone properly."FemaleShrill
"Yeah? What?"
"Worthless. Everyone like you is completely worthless."
"You and me, we're the only people around who aren't complete fools."MaleSlyCynical
"Got somethin' to say?"
"I'm all ears."
"I've had just about all I'm willing to take from you. What is it?"
"It's so good to see you again."FemaleSultry"It's been a pleasure."
"What do you need, handsome?"
"Is there something I can do for you?"
"Hi there.""See you around."
"What can I do for you?"
"Every time I think of you, I imagine a Saber Cat closing its claws around your face."
"Good day, friend! Keeping well?"MaleYoungEager"I'd better get going."
"You're nothing but trouble."
"What can I do for you?"MaleYoungEager or
"Oh, did you need something?"
"It's a fine day with you around."FemaleYoungEager
"You. Every time I look at you my blood boils."

If you are a vampire[edit]

At stage 1–3 of vampirism; relationshiprank with NPC is 0
MaleCommoner"Don't like those eyes you got. There's a bad hunger to them."
"Your skin's as pale as the snow. You scared of sunlight, or something?"
At stage 4 of vampirism; Only during combat with Dawnguard installed
Any guard"Vampire! Burn it!"
"Vampire! To arms!"
MaleCommoner"Burn it! Burn the vampire!"

Reactions to generic events[edit]

Witnessing a theft"You dirty thief!"
"Stop, thief!"
You are trespassing"You're not supposed to be in here."
Knocking an object"What do you think you're doing?"
"Watch what you're doing."
Witnessing you take an owned object"You could have just asked."
"I saw you do that, you know."
Grabbing an object"Don't do that."
"What are you doing that for?"
"Put that down."
"Careful with that."
Seeing you swing a weapon"Be careful!"
"Hey, watch it!"
"You mind swinging that somewhere else?"
Catching you sneaking"Don't even think about it."
"Get away from me."
"Keep your hands to yourself."
You are near a locked object"Hands off."
"Stay away from that."
"It's locked for a reason."

Walking around with flame[edit]

If you swing a torch around, have a flame spell in your hand, etc., concerned people may remark on it:

FemaleArgonian"It should be careful with those flames."
MaleArgonian"It is planning on starting a fire?"
MaleBrute"Hey now, you be careful with that fire."
FemaleChild"You're not supposed to play with fire, you know."
MaleChild"I wish I could play with fire like that."
FemaleCommander"Take care not to set anything on fire."
MaleCommander"Take care with those flames."
FemaleCommoner"You're not afraid you'll set fire to something?"
MaleCommoner"Mind yourself with that fire. Don't burn anything down, now."
FemaleCondescending"What kind of fool plays with fire like that?"
MaleCondescending"Have a fascination with fire, do we?"
FemaleCoward"You're not planning on burning anything with that, are you?"
MaleCoward"Umm don't suppose you'd want to take that fire somewhere else? You know somewhere away from me?"
FemaleDarkElf"Careful not to torch anything important."
MaleDarkElf"Careful with those flames, unless you plan on torching something."
FemaleElfHaughty"I do hope you know what you're doing with those flames"
MaleElfHaughty"I do hope you know what your&#;[sic]doing with those flames. It would be quite a shame if something caught fire."
FemaleEvenToned"Try not to set anything on fire, all right?"
MaleEvenToned"Don't set anything on fire, all right?"
FemaleKhajiit"Fire is not a thing to be played with"
MaleKhajiit"Fire is not a toy."
FemaleNord"Careful with that fire."
MaleNord"Don't go setting the place on fire, okay?"
FemaleOldGrumpy"What's the matter with you? You want to start a blaze?"
MaleOldGrumpy"Plan on burning everything down, do you? Damn fool."
FemaleOldKindly"Dear, you really ought to be careful with fire."
MaleOldKindly"You should be more careful with those flames."
FemaleOrc"Better not set anything on fire."
MaleOrc"Those flames get out of control, and you're gonna wish they hadn't."
FemaleShrill"What do you think you're doing? Knock it off with the flames already."
MaleSlyCynical"Careful, now. Wouldn't want someone to get burned."
MaleSoldier"Careful with that fire."
FemaleSultry"Is it getting hot, or is it just me?"
FemaleYoungEager"Whoa. Hope you know what you're doing with those flames there."
MaleYoungEager"You've got that fire under control. Right?"

NPC gives you a gift[edit]

If you befriend someone, they may give you tokens of their appreciation.

FemaleArgonian"Here. For you. For my hatchling of the heart."
MaleArgonian"You are like my brood to me. Here. A token."
MaleBrute"You're a good friend. Here. Take this. You'll like it."
FemaleChild"I found this. I thought you might like it."
MaleChild"So I found something. Here. Take it. I think you'll like it."
FemaleCommander"I wanted to give you this. A token of my appreciation."
MaleCommander"Here. This is for you."
FemaleCommoner"Here. It isn't much, but I hope it's the thought that counts."
MaleCommoner"I've been wanting to say thanks for being a friend. Here. It's not much, but I was thinking you might like to have this."
FemaleCondescending"I saw this and thought of you. It would be a waste on anyone lesser. I hope you like it."
MaleCondescending"You're not tiresome like the rest of the people I have the displeasure of dealing with on a regular basis. Here. I'd like you to have this."
FemaleCoward"Um I was thinking you might like this. Here. It's nothing really."
MaleCoward"So I've been thinking I'm grateful we're friends. I'd like you to have this. It's not much, but I hope it's something you like."
FemaleDarkElf"In dark times friends bring light. This is for you. Thank you for your friendship."
MaleDarkElf"A true friend is a gift. Here. I'd like you to have this."
MaleDrunk"You know you ain't so bad. Here. Take this"
FemaleElfHaughty"I had to get this for you when I saw it. I hope you like it."
MaleElfHaughty"When I found this, I immediately thought of you. Here. A small token of my gratitude."
FemaleEvenToned"I'm glad we're friends. I have something for you. Here."
MaleEvenToned"Here. I'd like you to have this as a token my friendship."
FemaleKhajiit"This one is honored by your friendship. I hope this gift does honor to you."
MaleKhajiit"You bring a smile to this one's eyes and peace to his heart. Take this. A small token of appreciation."
FemaleNord"Here's to friendship. A gift! If you don't like it, too bad."
MaleNord"In a world of fools, you stand out above the rest. Here, take this small sign of my friendship."
FemaleOldGrumpy"You're always a sight for sore eyes. Here, I've been hanging on to this for you."
MaleOldGrumpy"Here. Something I want you to have. Now, don't embarrass either of us by saying something sappy. Just take it."
FemaleOldKindly"I've been holding on to this for you. I hope you like it."
MaleOldKindly"I've been holding onto this for you. Here! I hope you like it."
FemaleOrc"I have something I want to give to you. Here."
MaleOrc"Here. I want you to have this."
FemaleShrill"Here. For you. Don't thank me, just take it."
MaleSlyCynical"I wanted you to have this. A token of my affection. Don't mean we're engaged or nothin'."
MaleSoldier"Here. Take this. I hope you like it."
FemaleSultry"You always brighten my day a little. Here. I hope you like this."
FemaleYoungEager"It's really great we're friends. I was hoping to find some way to thank you. I hope this does the trick."
MaleYoungEager"I got this for you. It's nothing big, but I hope you like it. I want you to know I appreciate your friendship."

You walk around naked[edit]

VoicetypeLineLine[verification needed — when are these lines used? (see talk page)]
FemaleArgonian"It should put on some coverings.""What is it doing? Walking around nearly naked"
MaleArgonian"It should be embarrassed to be uncovered so.""Crazy person Something must be wrong with its head, to strut around like that."
MaleBrute"Umm. You got no clothes. You should get some.""They're half-naked. That ain't right. Somebody's gotta say somethin'"
FemaleChild"You're naked!""Oh! Look over there!"
MaleChild"Naked. Naked, naked, naked!""Look! Look!"
FemaleCommander"Put on some clothes, you damned fool.""That's certainly unusual."
MaleCommander"Dress yourself.""Somebody get that idiot some armor"
FemaleCommoner"You ought to cover your unmentionables.""Some folk - they got no shame."
MaleCommoner"Ought put on some clothes. Bound to upset some people""A bit much, going around like that"
FemaleCondescending"Even rags would be preferable to your current wardrobe. Or lack thereof""Well now! That's a shamefully absurd way to go around in public."
MaleCondescending"Put on a cloth sack at the very least. You're making me unseasonably warm""Why the impropriety!"
FemaleCoward"Careful. They might put you away if you don't at least put on some pants.""Ummm they'd lock me up if I went around like that."
MaleCoward"Aren't you embarrassed?""Never see me strutting around like that!"
FemaleDarkElf"I've seen enough. Put on some clothes.""What is that half-naked fetcher trying to prove?"
MaleDarkElf"You aren't as attractive as you'd like to believe.""Crazy, naked n'wah"
MaleDrunk"Either I'm drunk, or you're naked. Possibly both.""Whoa Not even I'm that drunk"
FemaleElfHaughty"Really. We aren't interested in seeing all that. Remove yourself until you are properly attired!""What a vulgar display."
MaleElfHaughty"Cover yourself. Have you no shame?""Positively vulgar."
FemaleEvenToned"You might consider putting on something. Anything.""That's not something you see every day"
MaleEvenToned"Next time, you might want to get dressed before leaving the house.""Somebody get that fool a blanket."
FemaleKhajiit"This one wonders - do you have no clothes, or just like the feel of the wind?""Gracious! This one is certainly unaccustomed to such sights"
MaleKhajiit"This one suggests donning some apparel.""Despite the shame, this one can't help but stare."
FemaleNord"Gonna get cold tonight. Might want to at least cover your delicates.""Well now! Aren't you putting on quite the show?"
MaleNord"Ysmir's beard, you're going to freeze to death""By Ysmir's beard! I didn't know it was gonna be a party!"
FemaleOldGrumpy"Please. Remove your naked obscenity from the company of civilized folk.""Shameful, really. I blame the parents."
MaleOldGrumpy"Put on some damn clothes already!""For shame! You should be locked up for strutting around like that."
FemaleOldKindly"Dear. You really ought to put some clothes on. You're embarrassing yourself.""Oh, dear. Would you look at that? How embarrassing."
MaleOldKindly"You really should put on some clothes, you know.""Oh my. Been a lot of years since I've seen something like that"
FemaleOrc"Enough already. Put on some clothes. You're making people nervous.""Look at that fool."
MaleOrc"All right, we've all seen enough. Put on some clothes.""Got to admire the chops it takes to walk around like that."
FemaleShrill"You're naked!""Gah! Look over there. I can't believe it."
MaleSlyCynical"The way you walk around at home is your own business. When you're at home""Not my thing, but who am I to judge"
MaleSoldier"What are you, some kind of barbarian? Don't care for armor?""Wait until the boys hear about this."
FemaleSultry"You must either be crazy or supremely confident to go walking around with no clothes on""It takes a lot of confidence to walk around naked. Trust me on that."
FemaleYoungEager"Not sure you should be walking around naked.""Whoa."
MaleYoungEager"It's probably not a good idea to walk around naked like that.""Now that's something else, right there!"

Bumping into NPC[edit]

"Ouch! Hey!" (children)"Woah!" (MaleDrunk)"Oaf." (FemaleSultry or FemaleShrill)
"Hey!" (Orc or MaleBrute)"Careful!" (Khajiit)"Whoops." (MaleYoungEager)
"Mind the way." (Argonian)"Excuse me." (OldKindly)"What the?" (Dunmer, MaleSlyCynical)
"Uh, sorry." (Coward)"What's the hurry?" (not child, Argonian, or Khajiit)
"Mind yourself." (Commander)"Watch it!" (ElfHaughty, OldGrumpy, or FemaleCondescending)
"Oh." (MaleNord, EvenToned, MaleEvenTonedAccented, Commoner, or MaleCommonerAccented)

During a brawl[edit]

When you participate in a brawl, spectators will yell and cheer:

  • "Twelve septims on the big one!"
  • "Fight! Fight!"
  • "Drive that snowback to the ground. Come on!"
  • "You just going to stand there and take it? Fight back."
  • "Who taught you to fight? Keep those hands up!"

Dropping an item[edit]

People in Skyrim will have different reactions if you drop an item, from fighting over the item in question to returning it to you.

Fight over item[edit]

Here, up to five people will argue over your dropped item, which may lead into a fight until a guard intervenes.

1MaleNord"Hey! What's this?"
FemaleNord"Who left that here?"
MaleDarkElf"Well! Finders, keepers as they say."
FemaleDarkElf"If nobody wants that, I'll take it."
MaleOrc"Damn shame to leave that lying around."
FemaleOrc"It's a bit worn, but I'll take it."
MaleSlyCynical"Looks like it's my lucky day."
MaleBrute"Hmm. What's this?"
2Any voicetype"You're too slow. I saw it first."
"Hey! That's my sword." (if item is a sword)
"Don't touch that dagger! It's mine." (if item is a dagger)
"I don't think so. That axe is mine." (if item is a war axe or battleaxe)
"Keep away from that bow. It's mine." (if item is a bow)
"Hands off. That's my armor now!" (if item is a light or heavy armor)
3MaleNord"No. It's mine!"
FemaleNord"Not if I get it first."
MaleDarkElf"I saw it first! I'm taking it."
FemaleDarkElf"I don't think so!"
MaleOrc"I'm taking it anyway."
FemaleOrc"We'll see about that."
MaleSlyCynical"I think not."
4MaleNord"If it's a fight you want, it's a fight you'll get."
FemaleNord"You can take it over my dead body!"
MaleDarkElf"You'll have to take it from me."
FemaleDarkElf"Back off!"
MaleOrc"Your blood won't bother me!"
FemaleOrc"You'll have to fight me for it."
MaleSlyCynical"You're too slow and stupid to take it from me."
MaleBrute"I'll hurt you if I have to."
5Any voicetype"That can be arranged."
6Bystander"What's all the commotion?"
7Another bystander"They're fighting over that thing, I think."
8Bystander"Someone's going to get hurt."
9Another bystander"Damn. Another fight."

If you leave a dropped item[edit]

FemaleShrill"What's the matter with you? You think you can just go dropping your junk wherever you like?"
MaleSlyCynical"One person's trash is another's treasure. Don't be surprised if you find that gone"
FemaleOldGrumpy"In my day, we knew how to dispose of trash properly."
MaleOldGrumpy"Gah! Quit throwing your garbage everywhere."
FemaleKhajiit"There's a place for trash, and that's not it."
MaleKhajiit"Who does that? Who just leaves their garbage lying about?"
FemaleElfHaughty"Oh, by all means. Just leave your refuse wherever you see fit."
MaleElfHaughty"I never did understand the local custom of simply leaving one's trash wherever is convenient"
MaleOrc"And they call me a savage. Least I don't leave my trash lying around"
FemaleDarkElf"What kind of filthy barbarian just throws their trash on the ground?"
MaleDarkElf"Hrmmm. Pick up your trash, fetcher."
FemaleCondescending"Really, the nerve of some people, leaving their trash wherever they please."
MaleCondescending"I swear, is there no end to these uncouth savages, just throwing their trash wherever they please"
FemaleArgonian"What's this? It thinks it can just throw refuse wherever it likes?"
MaleArgonian"Look at this one. Spoiled as a child, I'll bet. Allowed to leave trash just lying around"

NPC returns your dropped item[edit]

FemaleChild"Hey! You dropped this back there."
MaleChild"I think you dropped this! Good thing I brought it to you, huh?"
FemaleCommoner"You left this back there. Figured you'd be wantin' it. Here ya go."
MaleCommoner or MaleCommonerAccented"You should take more care, leaving things lying about. Here."
FemaleOldKindly"I think you accidentally mislaid this, dear. Here you go."
MaleOldKindly"Excuse me. You misplaced this, I believe? There you go. Take care now."
MaleYoungEager"You left this over there. You're lucky - someone else might have kept it for himself. Here you go."
FemaleYoungEager"You dropped this. Good thing I found it and not someone else, otherwise you might have lost it for good."
MaleBrute"You left this over there. You want it back, right? Here."

NPC asks for your dropped armor[edit]

VoicetypeLineYour replyLineYour alternate replyLine
FemaleCommoner"Beg pardon. You dropped some armor over there. Don't suppose you'd mind if I took it?""Consider it yours.""That's great. I owe you one. Thanks!""It's mine. Don't touch it.""Oh. Well, you should probably go get it before someone steals it."
MaleCommoner or
"Pardon. I saw you toss a piece of armor. You wouldn't mind if I take it, then?""My thanks!""You dropped it by mistake? Well, if I was you, I'd go grab it now before somebody does."
FemaleCoward"Umm You dropped a piece armor over there. I was kind of hoping that I could, you know, have it?""Oh, well, um thank you.""Well you probably should go collect it before someone else does, shouldn't you?"
MaleCoward"Couldn't help but notice, that, um you dropped some armor. Just wanted to check with you before I took it. Is that all right?""Well great! Let's see anyone try to hurt me now""Aww. I thought you were done with it."
FemaleYoungEager"Excuse me. I'm assuming that armor you got rid of wasn't an accident, but just in case, I wanted to make sure I could take it.""Thanks! I'm going to go put it on right now.""Oh well. Never mind then."
MaleYoungEager"If you're not going use that armor you dropped do you mind if I take it?""I'm going to go get it right now and wear it. Many thanks!""Well, you'd better go pick it up then, before someone snatches it."
MaleBrute"That armor you got rid of. I can have it, yeah?""Mighty decent of you.""Well what did you go dropping it for? Got my hopes up for nothin'"
MaleDrunk"Hey. That armor. You got rid of it, yeah? I can take it, no problem?""Best luck I've had all day.""Well fine. I wasn't really gonna do anything with it anyway. Hmph."

Reactions to non-hostile spells[edit]

VoicetypeLine when healedLine when Courage is cast at NPCLine when casting other spells
MaleArgonian"Ah! That felt refreshing.""I feel unbeatable.""What was that? Don't do it again."
FemaleArgonian"Healing spells always leave me light-headed""I feel like I can beat anything.""Stop it! I don't like magic."
MaleBrute"Whathey! That felt good.""By the gods, I feel like I could crush a giant's head like a walnut.""Huh? Don't do that!"
MaleChild"Wow! What was that? Do it again!"N/A"Wow! That was fun. Do it again!"
MaleCommander"No need to do that now.""I'm just itching for a fight.""Hey! What the keep your damn magic to yourself."
MaleNordCommander"Save it for the battlefield."
FemaleCommander"My thanks. I feel better."
MaleCommoner"Hmm. Feel a bit better now. Thanks.""Ha ha! Look out. Here I come!""Hey! I didn't ask you to magic me."
FemaleCommoner"I wasn't hurt, but that did make me feel better.""I ain't scared of nothin'.""Ah! Keep your spells away from me."
MaleCondescending"I suppose you think you're better than me because you can do that?""No one can defeat me.""What the Don't do that!"
MaleCoward"Ah! What did you do? Stop that!""I've never felt this brave.""Ah Please! Don't hurt me!"
MaleDarkElf"I hope you're not expecting a thank you.""There is none who can stand in my way.""Don't know what that was, but don't try it again."
FemaleDarkElf"Suddenly I feel like I can take on the world.""Keep your damn spells to yourself."
MaleDrunk"Hey! My hangover is gone!""Come on, I can take anyone. And that ain't just the mead talkin'.""Huh what was that? What'd you do?"
MaleElfHaughty"A healing spell? Was that really necessary?""Bah! Is there no one who can offer a challenge?""That was pathetic. It didn't even do anything."
MaleEvenToned"Was that some sort of healing spell?""I feel like I can beat anyone.""Hey! Don't do that."
FemaleEvenToned"A healing spell? Are you a priest?""I've never been more ready!""Ah! Don't do that."
MaleKhajiit"Ah! I feel like I just woke from a nap.""Even my claws feel sharper.""I did not ask for that! No more magic."
FemaleKhajiit"Mmm. That felt nice.""My claws are sharp. My will to kill unquenchable.""You there! That was uninvited. No more."
MaleNord"Suddenly I feel much better.""By Ysmir, I feel invincible!""Hey! Stop that."
FemaleNord"Huh. I feel better now.""I cannot be beaten!""Ah! Damn wizard. Keep your spells off of me."
MaleOldGrumpy"My old bones don't hurt so much now.""I may be old, but I can show 'em a trick or two.""Stop that! Keep your spells to yourself."
MaleOldKindly"Ah! Picking on an old man? What did I ever do to you?"
FemaleOldKindly"Ah! I'm just an old woman. Don't hurt me."
MaleOrc"You heal away my scars and there's gonna be a problem""Been too long since I've embraced my rage""Magic is for the weak. Pick up some steel if you want to fight me."
FemaleOrc"Healing magic? An Orc lets her wounds heal naturally""I'm ready. Let's go!""Don't try to magic me, you damn wizard."
FemaleShrill"Don't go casting spells on a woman without asking her permission.""Hmph. Everyone seems so insignificant now.""You stop that! I will not be violated by some half-Septim magician!"
MaleSlyCynical"Hey! You trying to pull a fast one on me?""I fight and I'll win. Simple as that.""Whoa, whoa, whoa? What did you do?"
MaleSoldier"That put a spring in my step.""Just point me to the fight.""Wizards. There oughta be a law against them."
FemaleSultry"Huh? Whatoh! That felt nice.""I'm ready. More than ready.""Hey! What are you trying to pull?"
MaleYoungEager"Thanks! Not sure it was necessary, though.""I feel like I can take on all of Skyrim.""Oh! I don't feel any different. What did you do?"
FemaleYoungEager"Thanks!""Come on! Let's go.""Oh! What did you just do?"

Reactions to Colorful spells[edit]

Some NPCs will also react if you have certain spells active that are considered "colorful" or are not immediately harmful, such as Candlelight and Bound Weapons.

FemaleChild"Oooh pretty colors."
MaleChild"Wow! Look at all the colors!"
FemaleCommoner"What a display of color!"
MaleCommoner or MaleCommonerAccented"Colorful"
FemaleEvenToned"Oh, such colors!"
MaleEvenToned or MaleEvenTonedAccented"Brilliant!"
FemaleNord"Is that magic? Careful, please"
MaleNord"Keep that magic away from me."
FemaleYoungEager"Oh, look at the colors!"
MaleYoungEager"Well hey, that's not something you see everyday."

Player casts a dangerous spell[edit]

These lines can only be heard if the speaker is not in the College of Winterhold faction and you cast certain spells or magical cloaks.

FemaleArgonian"Don't come too close with that."
MaleArgonian"It's wearing a dangerous spell"
FemaleChild"Get away from me!"
MaleChild"That looks dangerous"
FemaleCommander"That spell looks dangerous keep your distance."
MaleBrute"That spell looks like it'll hurt."
FemaleCommoner"That spell looks dangerous"
MaleCommoner"Please stay away while you got that spell on you."
FemaleCoward"Please! Keep that magic away from me."
MaleCoward"Don't hurt me!"
MaleDarkElf"Keep your distance."
FemaleElfHaughty"You really should be more careful with the spells you cast."
MaleElfHaughty"Walking around like that is why magic gets a bad name. Shame on you."
MaleKhajiit"This one thinks you should be more careful with your spells."
FemaleNord"You keep your distance with that magic&#;[sic]"
MaleNord"You're asking for trouble walking around with dangerous magic like that."
FemaleOldKindly"Dear, that spell is making me nervous."
MaleOldKindly"Do be careful with that spell, will you?"
FemaleOrc"Hurt anyone with that spell and you'll be sorry."
MaleOrc"You better be careful with that magic, if you know what's good for you."
MaleSlyCynical"I trust you know what you're doing with that spell?"
FemaleYoungEager"Uuh. Would you mind dousing that magic?"

NPC is calmed[edit]

[verification needed]

MaleBandit"Suddenly I don't feel like fighting."
MaleCommoner"Why am I fighting?"
MaleEvenToned"I really don't want to fight."
MaleYoungEager"I see no reason to keep fighting."
MaleOrc"This fight makes no sense."
MaleNord"I'm not interested in fighting anymore."
MaleArgonian"I see no reason to fight."
FemaleCommoner"There's no reason to fight."
FemaleEvenToned"I'm staying out of this."
FemaleNord"This fight is pointless."

Wearing mage robes[edit]

Includes Archmage's Robes.

FemaleElfHaughty"Are you a member of the College, or did you just steal those robes from a real wizard?"
FemaleNord"You must be one of those wizards. From the College in Winterhold."
MaleChild"Wow! Look at that robe. Are you a wizard?"
MaleElfHaughty"Those are College of Winterhold robes, aren't they?"
MaleNord"Fancy robes. You a wizard or somethin'?"
MaleYoungEager"I like your robes. Are you a sorcerer? From the College?"

Reactions to Shouting[edit]

Any voicetype"How did you do that?"
"What was that?"
MaleChild or
"Are you a Greybeard?"
FemaleCommander, or
"That sound it's deafening!"
"What in Arkay's name was that?"
MaleDarkElf or
"The Voice? Here?"
"That sound could bring mountains down!"
MaleElfHaughty or
"What sort of power was that?"
"That was amazing!"
MaleEvenTonedAccented, or
"Are you Dragonborn?"
"By the gods, is that the Voice?"
MaleKhajiit or
"Louder than the roar of the Mane, that is!"
"S'rendarr's mercy!"
MaleNord or
"Shor's blood, the Thu'um!"
MaleOrc or
"You have a mighty voice!"
"That voice is power!"
MaleSoldier"Could that be the Voice?"
"Those words have such power!"
MaleYoungEager or
"That must be the Voice!"
MaleDrunk"Did anyone else hear that?"
"By the gods, my ears"
FemaleSultry"That gave me the shivers!"
"Now that's a real man!"
MaleCoward"Oh gods, my ears!"
MaleOldGrumpy"Not so loud!"
MaleOldKindly or
"I haven't heard a true shout in generations!"
"Now that's the true Voice!"
DLC2MaleDarkElfCynicalDB"That's certainly one way to get attention."
"Mephala hide me."
DLC2FemaleDarkElfCommonerDB"Azura preserve us."

NPC notices corpse[edit]

All voicetypes"Oh no! By the gods! This can't be happening!"
MaleArgonian"Hsss! Dead. Who did this?"
MaleBandit"What? Whoever did this, you're dead. You hear me? Dead!"
MaleForsworn"Kill one of us, and three more will take their place. The Forsworn are unstoppable."
MaleGuard"We've got a murderer on the loose"
MaleUniqueGhost"Your body lies dead, but your soul has joined our ranks"
MaleSoldier"Damn. We've got trouble."
MaleNord"Sovngarde take your soul. I'll avenge your body."
"By Ysmir! There's a killer about."
FemaleNord"By Ysmir! There's a killer about."
MaleSlyCynical"Well now, this is unexpected"
MaleKhajiit"I'll claw the eyes out of whoever did this!"
FemaleSultry"Dead! Someone's going to pay for this."
MaleCommander"Damn it, this will not stand!"
MaleCommoner"What? No No, this can't be happening"
MaleCondescending"Aa body! How absolutely terrible."
MaleDarkElf"Murdered? By Azura, who would do such a thing?"
MaleElfHaughty"What? Someone will suffer for this injustice."
MaleEvenToned"I'm going to find whoever did this, and when I do"
MaleOrc"Hmph. Looks like we got a cutthroat skulkin' around"
FemaleOrc"Ain't nothing pretty about a corpse. No matter how fresh."

Combat Dialogue[edit]

Hearing an enemy"Is someone there?""What was that?"
Searching for an enemy"I know you're here somewhere.""I know I heard something."
"I know you can hear me!""Come on, show yourself!"
"Hello? Who's there?""Anybody there?"
"I'm going to find you"
Spotting an enemy"I knew I heard something!""Over here!"
"Ha! Found you!"
Losing sight of an enemy"Get back here!""Show yourself!"
"Where'd you go?""Come back here!"
"Where are you?""You can't hide forever!"
"You can't get away from me!""You can't hide from me!"
"I'll find you""Where are you hiding?"
Giving up searching an enemy"Must be my imagination.""Just getting jumpy I guess."
"Mind's playing tricks on me""I guess I was just hearing things."
"Hmm. Nothing here after all.""I was sure I heard something."
"Ran off, I suppose.""Must've scared 'em off."
"No one/nobody here now.""Cleared out, I guess."
Defeating an enemy"That'll teach you.""That'll teach you to cross me."
"That's the end of that.""That takes care of that."
"Teach you to mess with me.""That's the last of them."
"I hope there aren't any more.""All over now."
"Phew!""Good enough."
Taking a hit"By Ysmir, you'll pay for that!""Ugh! That it? That your best?"
"Ha! Like the bite of a flea!""Just a scratch!"
"Agh! Flithy n'wah!""That the best you can do?"
"Damn you!""Gods, no!"
"Do your worst!""Agh! I been wounded worse by better!"
"Ha! I've suffered worse during training!""That's it? That's all you've got?"
"Lucky hit""Son of a"
"Agh! Enough! This ends now!""That your best? Huh?"
"That's all you've got?""It's nothing"
"Azura curse you!""You'll make a fine rug, cat!"
"I'm gonna wear that tail as a belt!""I'll see you burn!"
"Agh! Bastard!"
Fighting a dragon"Fall to me, dragon!""Die, dragon!"
Taunting an enemy"Die, N'wah!""Filthy fetcher!"
"Hsssss!""For Skyrim!"
"Ha! I think you're bleeding!""Weren't expecting that, were you!"
"Just stand still!""Die, damn you!"
"I'm going to put you down!""I'll have your head!"
"Not impressed!""Going to cry now? Huh?"
"I'll try and make this quick!""You can't win this!"
"Give up while you still can!""Gods damn you!"
"I'll mount your head on my wall""Going to enjoy killing you!"
"Aghh! Just die already!
Losing a fight"No more! I yield! I yield!""Mercy!"
"Death is highly overrated!""We are routed! Fall back!"
"I cannot best you!""Victory is yours! I submit!"
"Enough!""I'll live to drink another day!"

Persuasion check[edit]

Accept persuasion"Okay. Just this once."Reject persuasion"You expect me to believe that?"
"How can I argue with that?""Nah. I don't think so."
"Okay, okay. You've talked me into it.""That doesn't change anything."
Accept intimidation"No need to get rough!"Reject intimidation
(Results in brawl)
"I'll teach you to talk to me that way!"
"Whatever you say!""Hope you're willing to back those words up with your fists!"
"Don't hurt me! You win.""I don't have to take that from you!"
Accept bribe"A little coin always greases the wheels."
"Gold solves most problems, doesn't it?"
"For that price? Sure."

Entering a building[edit]

Upon entering an NPC's dwelling, that NPC may say any of the following lines:

  • "You lost?"
  • "Can I help you?"
  • "I trust you're not planning any trouble. What can I do for you, friend?"

When entering a shop, the shop merchant will say any of the following lines:

  • "Let me know if you see anything you like."
  • "Got something for just about everybody in here. Give a holler if you have any questions."
  • "Take a good look around. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for. If not, let me know, I might have it stored away."

Being armed when entering building[edit]

FemaleArgonian"Why the drawn weapon? Is it contemplating violence?"
MaleArgonian"What's this? Is it spoiling for a fight? If not, it should hide its weapon away."
MaleBrute"You want to fight? That why you have your weapon out?"
FemaleChild"Neat weapon. You're not going to hurt anybody, though. Right?"
MaleChild"Wow. Nice weapon! Can I hold it? I promise not to break anything. Honest!"
FemaleCommander"I trust you'll put your weapon away?"
MaleCommander"Put your weapon away."
FemaleCommoner"You planning on using that weapon?"
MaleCommoner or
"You're not planning on hurting anyone with that weapon there, are you?"
FemaleCondescending"Civilized people don't brandish their weapons unless they plan to use them."
MaleCondescending"So carrying that weapon around like that makes you feel safe, does it?"
FemaleCoward"Umm you're not planning on using that weapon, are you? At least not on me right?"
MaleCoward"Uh. Hey. That weapon there is just for show. Right? I mean, you aren't going to hurt me or anything right?"
FemaleDarkElf"You'd better know how to use that weapon if you plan on swinging it around in here."
MaleDarkElf"In some parts of the world, wielding a weapon openly like that is an invitation to combat"
MaleDrunk"Ooh, real tough, wagging your weapon around"
FemaleElfHaughty"Perhaps you'd care to put your weapon away? Hmm?"
MaleElfHaughty"I suggest you put away your weapon. Wouldn't want to cause a scene."
FemaleEvenToned"There a reason you're walking around with an unsheathed weapon?"
MaleEvenToned or
"You're not planning on using that weapon in here, I hope."
FemaleKhajiit"This one wonders why you brandish your weapon so?"
MaleKhajiit"That's mighty bold, strutting about like that, looking for a fight. This one will oblige if he must."
FemaleNord"Might want to put it away that weapon unless you plan on using it."
MaleNord"Oh ho! What's with the weapon? Looks like it's about to get rough in here."
FemaleOldGrumpy"You got no respect, strutting about with that weapon out, threatening everyone."
MaleOldGrumpy"Damn fool parading around with your weapon out. You planning on hurting someone, huh?"
FemaleOldKindly"Dear. You should put that weapon away."
MaleOldKindly"You're making people a bit nervous. Should consider putting that weapon away."
FemaleOrc"You got guts walking around with that weapon out. Looking for a fight? Is that it?"
MaleOrc"Ever see someone killed with their own weapon? Would you like to?"
FemaleShrill"Put that thing away before someone gets hurt!"
MaleSlyCynical"Walk into the the&#;[sic]wrong place with your weapon drawn? You might not walk out again"
MaleSoldier"It's probably best if you put that weapon away."
FemaleSultry"Now, now no need for weapons."
FemaleYoungEager"Nice weapon you have there. But I don't suppose you'd consider putting it away?"
MaleYoungEager"Nice weapon you got there. Care to put it away?"

Services Dialogue[edit]

"What have you got for sale?"[edit]

Store typeMerchant's line
All merchants"Take a look."
Alchemist"So you're interested in my potions and ingredients?"
"Got a pretty full stock of potions and alchemy reagents."
"Ah, so you're an alchemist, then?"
Smith"The finest weapons and armor."
"Hmm Blades, helmets. Pretty much anything to suit your needs."
"Looking to protect yourself, or deal some damage?"
Fence"Usual guild rate. Let's take a look at them."
"Why don't you take a look at some of my merchandise and we'll see what kind of a deal we can make."
"I've got coin and I've got merchandise. Let's see what we can do."
"I give special rates to members of the Thieves Guild. Show me what you've got."
Fletcher"Bow and arrows for the mighty huntsman."
"An archer, eh? Oh, I've got just what you need."
"What are you hunting? Never mind. I don't want to know."
Innkeeper"Drink for the thirsty, food for the hungry."
"Let's sate that appetite, hmm?"
"Depends. Are you thirsty, hungry, both?"
Jeweler"Beautiful things for beautiful people."
"Let see what adornments I might have available"
"I've got some wonderful jewelry."
General goods"Oh, a bit of this and a bit of that."
"Trinkets, odds and ends, that sort of thing."
"Some may call this junk. Me, I call them treasures."
Street vendor"Just what you see here."
"Everything I've got on display, really."
"See for yourself."
Spell vendor"Spells and incantations for those with the talent to cast them."
"So, you wish to master the arcane arts"
"Hmph. I had you figured for a mage. I think you'll appreciate this"
Tailor"Clothes and raiment for the discerning customer."
"Breeches, gowns clothes for any occasion, really."
"Let's see if we can't find an outfit that suits you."
Quartermaster"Here's what I can spare."

Innkeeper Dialogue[edit]

Upon entering an inn, the innkeeper may greet you with one of the following lines:

  • "Come on in. Let me know if you need anything, or take a seat by the fire and I'll send someone over."
  • "Come on in. Just stoked the fire. Take a seat and get the cold out."
  • "Welcome. Let me know if you want anything think I got a clean mug around here somewhere."
  • "Come on in. We got warm food, warm drinks, and warm beds."

You can then request that you'd like to rent a room. If you have enough gold, they will reply, "Sure thing. It's yours for a day." If not, they will instead say, "What does this look like, the Temple of Mara? No gold, no bed." Alternatively, if you already have rented a room, the innkeeper will comment, "Are you joking? You just rented a room from me."'

Once you've rented a room, the innkeeper will tell you, "I'll show you to your room. Right this way." and lead you to your newly rented room. Upon arriving, the innkeeper will tell you, "Let me know if there's anything else you need." and will exit the room.

Requesting training[edit]

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Your lineTrainerTrainer's line
"I'd like training in Alchemy."Babette"It's as rewarding as it is dangerous. Let's see what I can show you."
Arcadia, Lami, or Milore IenthDB"I think I can teach you a thing or two."
"Can you train me to be better at Archery?"Aela the Huntress, Faendal, or Niruin"I'll show you what I know."
"Can you train me in Alteration magic?"Dravynea the Stoneweaver or Tolfdir"I can certainly share a bit of what I know."
"Can you train me to Block?"Chief Larak"You wish to learn from the best, eh? So be it."
Njada Stonearm"I can. It might save your life."
"Can you teach me about Conjuration?"Falion"You deal with powerful forces. Take care they do not overwhelm you."
Phinis Gestor or Runil"I'll teach you some of what I know, but be careful."
"I want to train in Destruction Magic."Faralda or Sybille Stentor"I can teach you, but I won't be held responsible for what you do with the knowledge."
Wuunferth the Unliving"Mind what - or who - you practice this on."
"Can you train me in Enchanting?"Hamal, Neloth,DB or Sergius Turrianus"You've come to the right place. I'd be happy to teach you."
"Can you train me to better use Heavy Armor?"Farkas, Isran,DG or KuvarDB"I'll show you what I can about protecting yourself."
Gharol"Use it right, and you won't feel a thing."
"I'd like you to train me in Illusion magic."Drevis Neloren"I shall explain to you the mysteries of the outer realms."
Atub"Your power over others shall be great, like mine."
"I need training in Light Armor."Grelka or Nazir"I'll teach you how to use it effectively, and keep you quick on your feet."
Scouts-Many-Marshes"You'll be able to run circles around the big, slow brutes in Heavy Armor."
"I need some training in Lockpicking."Ma'jhad or Vex"All right, but if you get arrested don't blame it on me."
"I'd like to train in One-Handed weapons."Chief Burguk"You'll never compare to me, but I can try and teach you anyway."'
Amren or Athis"I can teach you a few things."
"Train me to be a better Pickpocket."Silda the Unseen or Vipir the Fleet"Up to no good, are we? I'll teach you, but it'll cost you."
"I'd like training in Restoration magic."Carcette, Colette, Danica, Florentius,DG or AphiaDB"I'll gladly share my knowledge with you."
"I need training in Smithing."Eorlund Gray-Mane or Ghorza gra-Bagol"It's an honorable craft. I'll show you what I can."
Balimund"You wish to do what I do? Very well."
"Can you train me to Sneak?"Delvin Mallory"Stick with me, and they'll never even know you're there."
Garvey"I can show you a few things, but anyone asks, and my name never comes up. Understand?"
Khayla"They'll never see you coming."
"I'd like training in the art of Speech."Dro'marash, Giraud, Ogmund, or Revyn"Well, you've come to the right place."
"Can you train me to better use Two-Handed weapons?"Torbjorn, Vilkas, Fura,DG or WulfDB"It's all in the swing. Let me show you."

Spouse Dialogue[edit]

Game data groups the voicetypes of marriageable NPCs as VoicesMarriage. Voices under the same type share the same dialogue. The MaleDrunk voicetype, however, isn't grouped under any of these lists.


Proposal Dialogue[edit]

Once you've started The Bonds of Matrimony and have an amulet of Mara equipped, NPCs eligible for marriage may remark on your amulet:

VoicesMarriageArgonian"Is that Lady Mara's amulet? I'm shocked a fine person like you isn't married already."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"Look at you. Wearing an Amulet of Mara. Are you saying you're available?"
MaleDrunk"You're wearing Mara's amulet? You? I'd marry you. I'd marry you twice."
VoicesMarriageNeutral"Is that an Amulet of Mara? I'm surprised someone like you isn't spoken for."
VoicesMarriageNord"An Amulet of Mara? You're not married? Surprising."
VoicesMarriageOrc"That amulet. I've seen the Nords wear these when they're looking to marry. With your strength, you should have no trouble."
VoicesMarriageRough"An Amulet of Mara, you're looking for marriage, then?"

You can engage in conversation with them to tell the NPC if you're interested in him or her. The dialogue options depend on the NPC's voicetype group:

VoicetypeYour lineReplyYour lineReply
VoicesMarriageArgonian"Interested in me, are you?""You have a kind heart. I'd be honored to walk by your side until the trees themselves fade away, if you would have me.""Together until the end, then.""As short as life can be in this land, we will have each other."
"I'm not interested. Sorry.""Very well. I am poorer for it."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"You are pleasant company, more than pleasant. And what about you? Would you be interested in a life together?""I'd be more than interested.""Good. The two of us then. All of Skyrim should get ready to stand aside."
"No. Sorry.""Waste of time, then."
MaleDrunk"I'd be a fool to turn down a chance of marrying you. I'm game if you're game!""I'm game.""Well, look at us, getting married. Life in Skyrim ain't all bad, huh?"
"I don't think I'm game.""What are you, some kind of tease? Stendarr's Mercy"
VoicesMarriageNeutral"Well, yes. Why wouldn't I be? Are you interested in me?""Yes. Yes I am.""It's settled then. Brief as life can be in Skyrim, at least we'll have each other."
"No, I'm not.""Oh. I'm sorry I said anything, then."
VoicesMarriageNord"I am. I'd be glad to stand by your side until the Divines take us, if you'll have me.""I will. Together, then.""Together."
"I'm sorry. I'm not interested.""I see."
VoicesMarriageOrc"You're strong. Clever. I'd be proud to face the challenges of life with you, if you feel the same way.""I do. My hand is yours.""And mine is yours."
"I don't. Sorry.""If that is your wish."
VoicesMarriageRough"Won't lie, I am. And you?""I won't lie. I am.""Then it's settled. You and me."
"I'm not.""Your choice."

If you have accepted the proposal, he or she will tell you to arrange a wedding with Maramal, a priest at the Temple of Mara:

VoicetypeLineLine if you have arranged your wedding
VoicesMarriageArgonian"Have you spoken to the Temple of Mara, yet? I'm so excited.""Our wedding is soon, under Mara's loving eyes. It'll be perfect."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"Now shouldn't you be off arranging our wedding day? Don't keep me waiting.""I'm looking forward to our wedding. You and me"
MaleDrunk"Hey, shouldn't you tell the Temple of Mara that we're getting married? Be hard to have a wedding without a priest.""We have our wedding soon, don't we? That's right, we do!"
VoicesMarriageNeutral"You should arrange the ceremony at the Temple of Mara right away. I can't wait.""I'll see you at our wedding!"
VoicesMarriageNord"You go ahead and arrange the wedding ceremony when you're ready.""Our wedding is soon. I'll see you then!"
VoicesMarriageOrc"You should speak to the priest in the Temple of Mara to arrange the ceremony. No sense waiting.""Never thought I'd get married under a Nord god. But with you, it feels right."
VoicesMarriageRough"You should tell the priest we're getting married. They'll take things from there.""The wedding is soon. It'll be a good day."

Wedding Dialogue[edit]

During your wedding in the Temple of Mara, talking to your chosen NPC will yield one of these lines, depending on the NPC's voicetype:

VoicesMarriageArgonian"I never would have dreamed I would be getting married in the Temple of Mara."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"It's a simple ceremony, but it'll do. You're here. That's enough."
MaleDrunk"Weddings always make me cry. What am I supposed to do now that I'm the one getting married?"
VoicesMarriageNeutral"It's our wedding day. I feel like all of Skyrim is focused on just the two of us."
VoicesMarriageNord"This is a fine wedding. And to think, it's for us."
VoicesMarriageOrc"This ceremony is so different from an Orc marriage. Less blood."
VoicesMarriageRough"Who would have thought I would be getting married?"

Maramal will give a speech:

"Ah here's the blushing bride/proud groom now. Let's begin the ceremony. It was Mara that first gave birth to all of creation and pledged to watch over us as her children. It is from her love of us that we first learned to love one another. It is from this love that we learn that a life lived alone is no life at all. We gather here today, under Mara's loving gaze, to bear witness to the union of two souls in eternal companionship. May they journey forth together in this life and the next, in prosperity and poverty, and in joy and hardship. Do you agree to be bound together, in love, now and forever?"

Your potential spouse will reply to this with "I do. Now and forever." You, meanwhile, have two dialogue options:

"I do. Now and forever."
"Under the authority of Mara, the Divine of Love, I declare this couple to be wed. I present to the two of you with these matching rings, blessed by Mara's divine grace. May they protect each of you in your new life together."
"Stop the wedding! I can't go through with this."
"You're just going to walk out on your betrothal? Get out of the temple now!"

If you called off the wedding, trying to speak to Maramal and the guests will have them say either "Just leave." or "Get out." The rejected NPC will also say one of the following lines:

VoicesMarriageArgonian"You should leave. Now."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"You're abandoning me? Me? I never want to see you ever again."
MaleDrunk"Get out. Leave me alone!"
VoicesMarriageNeutral"How could you? Just go."
VoicesMarriageNord"I don't want to see you ever again."
VoicesMarriageOrc"Get away from me. Liar!"
VoicesMarriageRough"Get out of my sight."

Attempting conversation will have the jilted NPC say one of these lines:

VoicesMarriageArgonian"And why should I speak with you? You broke my heart."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"Look at you. Come crawling back, after everything you've done to me?"
MaleDrunk"You. You should just go. I don't have enough ale to stomach talking to you."
VoicesMarriageNeutral"I can't believe you're speaking to me, after what you've done. You broke my heart."
VoicesMarriageNord"We have nothing to talk about. I can't believe what you did to me."
VoicesMarriageOrc"Your words are cheap. Why should I speak to you after what you've done?"
VoicesMarriageRough"What do you want? There's no words left to say to each other."

You may reply in two ways, though the latter answer will have the NPC start to dislike you.

Voicetype"It was a mistake. Can we start over?""I never loved you anyway."
VoicesMarriageArgonianN/A"You're a monster. Leave and never come back!"
VoicesMarriageArrogant"You're testing my patience, but very well. I'll give you another chance.""You come all this way just to hurt me a second time? Get out of my sight!"
MaleDrunk"Try again? You and me? Fine, but I've got my eyes on you.""What'd you say to me? Get out! I never want to see you again."
VoicesMarriageNeutral"All right, just because it's you, we'll try again.""Get out of my sight!"
VoicesMarriageNord"I'll give you another chance, but watch yourself.""Get out of here. Get out of here and never come back!"
VoicesMarriageOrc"You want to try again? Fine, but I'll be watching you carefully.""What did you say? Get out of my sight!"
VoicesMarriageRough"All right, we'll start again, but watch yourself.""Leave. Now!"

After the wedding, you can speak to your spouse about living arrangements. He or she will say one of the following lines:

VoicesMarriageArgonian"We're united, but where should we live? My home is yours, of course."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"This is the happiest day of my life. Where should we live? My home is your home now, of course."
MaleDrunk"I'm a married man! Hey, where should we live? I guess you could always stay with me."
VoicesMarriageNeutral"We're married. I guess we'll need to decide where we're living, won't we? You can always stay with me."
VoicesMarriageNord"I guess we have our entire lives together, now. Where should we live? You could stay with me"
VoicesMarriageOrc"We face the world together now. Where should we live? My home is yours."
VoicesMarriageRough"Married? It doesn't feel like I thought it would, but I'm happy. We're married. I guess we'll need to decide where we're living, won't we? You can always stay with me."

After telling the NPC where you two will live, he or she will reply with one of these lines:

VoicesMarriageArgonian"It will be our little nest. I'll be waiting for you there."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"I'll see you at home, then. Don't keep me waiting!"
MaleDrunkThe two of us, living together. I'll see you at home!"
VoicesMarriageNeutral"Our new home. I'll see you there!"
VoicesMarriageNord"Then I'll see you at home!"
VoicesMarriageOrc"A home for the two of us. I'll meet you there."
VoicesMarriageRough"I'll be waiting for you at home, then."

VoicetypeGreetingsGoodbyes"Would you mind cooking something for me?""Has the store made any money?"
VoicesMarriageArgonian"This house of yours is wondrous, at least to these eyes. I've thought about starting a store. Something to do here when you're out.""I'll be here if you need me, love.""Here. This is from a recipe my people have passed on to me. I can cook another tomorrow.""The gold is flowing nicely. Here's your half of the profits, my dear."
"Is there anything you need, dearest?"
"Ah, it's my love, come to visit."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"I've seen bigger houses, but it's yours, so I like it. Now, I think I need something to do if you're ever away, so I'll be opening a store.""Leaving? Take the world by storm, dearest.""I should be asking you the same question, but all right. I'll cook. Here, try this, and don't you dare ask for another one before tomorrow.""Of course it has. Would you expect any less of me? Here, this is your half, my love."
"You and I, we're the only people in Skyrim worth loving. That's what I think."
"What do you need, love? Ask anything."
MaleDrunk"This house is huge. I'll be tripping my feet all over this place. Hey, I think I'll start a little business here. Something to do, you know?""You're going? I'll miss you, dear.""Here you are. I added a little mead into the recipe. I think it tastes better. Let me know what you think tomorrow, I'll make another one.""You want your share, don't you? Here you are, love."
"Hello, dear. I haven't been drinking too much, if that's what you're thinking."
"I love you. You know that, right?"
VoicesMarriageNeutral"It's a wonderful house, my love. If you don't mind, I'm going to start a small store. Something to do whenever you're on the road.""Goodbye, my love.""Here, this is fresh. I'll have another meal ready tomorrow.""We have a cozy little profit. Here. This is your share, love."
"Hello, my love. Back from some adventure I bet."
"Yes, my love? What do you need?"
VoicesMarriageNord"You have quite a house. I'm thinking of setting up a small store here. Sell odds and ends.""Bye, love.""Here. Wouldn't want you going into a fight on an empty stomach. I'll have another meal ready tomorrow.""We've made a bit of gold. Here, love, this is your share."
"It's good to see you again, dear."
"Do you need anything, my love?"
VoicesMarriageOrc"Strange house, but strong. Solid. I think I'll open a store. A task to tend to whenever you're away.""Conquer your enemies, my love.""A warrior marches on the gut. Here. This should give you strength. I'll cook another tomorrow.""Fortune smiles on us. Here's your share, love."
"It's pleasing to see you again."
"Speak. You can ask anything of me, love."
VoicesMarriageRough"A good house. You chose well. I don't like sitting still, so I've decided to open a store. Buy and sell whatever is needed.""I'll be here, my dear.""I can. Here. This is fresh. I'll have another one made tomorrow.""It has. Here, this is your half, love."
"Good to see you, dear."
"Yes, love?"
"I'd like us to move somewhere else."
VoicesMarriageArgonian"You want to move? Where?"
VoicesMarriageArrogant"Oh really? And where were you thinking?"
MaleDrunk"I was just getting settled in. Where are we going?"
VoicesMarriageNeutral"Oh? Where?"
VoicesMarriageNord"Where are you thinking"
VoicesMarriageRough"And where would that be?"

After telling your spouse where to move, he or she will reply with:

VoicesMarriageArgonian"Very well. I'll meet you there."
VoicesMarriageArrogant"If that's what you want. I'll see you there, soon."
MaleDrunk"All right. I'll see you there."
VoicesMarriageNeutral"I'll get everything ready and meet you there."
VoicesMarriageNord"I'll meet you there."
VoicesMarriageOrc"I'll see you there, then."
VoicesMarriageRough"I'll see you there."

Adoption Dialogue[edit]

If Hearthfire is installed, you may adopt children and ask your spouse how the children are doing. Game data regroups voicetypes of marriageable NPCs into VoicesMarriageAdoption, which is different from the VoicesMarriage listed above. You will not be able to ask your spouse about the children if his or her voicetype is absent from this list. The MaleArgonian, FemaleArgonian, MaleDrunk, FemaleOrc, MaleCoward, FemaleShrill, MaleCommoner, MaleEvenTonedAccented, MaleBrute, MaleDarkElf, and FemaleDarkElf voicetypes are also missing.

Asking how the children are doing
"You tell me. Between the Forsworn and the mines, Markarth is no place to raise a child."VoicesMarriageAdoptionArrogant
"All right. I do worry, though, no matter how many times the guards say Markarth is safe."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNeutral
"Honestly, I'm a little worried. Markarth is nice enough, but I wonder if it's really safe for children."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNord
"Fine, fine. This city's not safe, but that's good. Keeps a kid on edge, alert. Could keep 'em alive when they grow up."VoicesMarriageAdoptionOrc
"Oh, fine, if you want to bring up little pickpockets. This place is a terrible influence on a child."VoicesMarriageAdoptionArrogant
"Just fine, love. The weather here is wonderful, perfect for playing outdoors."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNeutral
"Well enough. Riften's a tough city, but it's a tough world. Kid has to learn to stand up for themselves sometime."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNord
"Hmph. This city's crawling with thieves. Cowards. Kid could learn some bad habits here."VoicesMarriageAdoptionOrc
"Oh, fine. So many guards on the street here I hardly have to worry."VoicesMarriageAdoptionArrogant
"Very well, love. This is a beautiful house, and Solitude is so safe, so diverse. It's a wonderful place to raise a child."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNeutral
"Fine, just fine. This house is perfect for a growing family."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNord
"Meh. Children get soft when they're coddled in a place like this."VoicesMarriageAdoptionOrc
"As well as can be expected. Dear, this house would work for the two of us, but with children? We need to find a bigger place."VoicesMarriageAdoptionArrogant
"Just fine. Whiterun is a lovely city, and there are so many other children here- they all love playing together."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNeutral
"Couldn't be better. Whiterun is perfect for a child- great weather, plenty of space, friends to play with. What more could you want?"VoicesMarriageAdoptionNord
"Fine, fine. Plenty of kids here to play and spar with. Plenty of trades to learn. It's a good place to raise a child."VoicesMarriageAdoptionOrc
"Hmph. This city's crawling with filth. It's everything I can do keep the children safe."VoicesMarriageAdoptionArrogant
"Well, love, very well. There's so much history in this city, so many things we can do here."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNeutral
"Great. There's so much history here in Windhelm, so much to learn about our ancestors and our land."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNord
"Good. This is a city that respects strength. Honors it. A good lesson for children to learn."VoicesMarriageAdoptionOrc
Player-built home
"Fine, when we're not fending off attacks by wolves. Or bears. Or giant spiders. Honestly, what were you thinking, sending us out here?"VoicesMarriageAdoptionArrogant
"Fine, love. I think the fresh air does wonders for all of us, and this house it's just perfect."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNeutral
"Fine, fine. Living out here on our own will take some getting used to, but I think it'll be good for us."VoicesMarriageAdoptionNord
"Better than ever. Nothing like living off the land to teach you how to fight, how to survive. We'll have a little warrior on our hands in no time."VoicesMarriageAdoptionOrc

Orc Strongholds Dialogue[edit]

Some dialogue specific to Orc strongholds will not be available unless you become Blood-Kin, either by being an Orc yourself or by completing certain quests for Orcs.

During your first time approaching a stronghold, one of its guards will address you with either "Halt, outlander. By the Code of Malacath, this stronghold belongs to the Orcs. Your kind are unwelcome." or "Welcome, child of Malacath. Your kin bid you welcome to our stronghold." if you are an Orc yourself.

If you are not an Orc, you have two ways to reply:

"I'm just a traveler. What is this place?"
"This is our stronghold. Here, we are free to live as Malacath intended, away from the prying eyes of the Nords. You're not an Orc, or Blood-Kin, so stay out. We only help our own."
"I go where I please, Orc."
"We won't kill you, outlander, but we don't want you here. Remember that."

Orc characters will instead get these options:

"I don't understand. What is this place?"
"This is our stronghold. Here, we are free to live as Malacath intended, away from the prying eyes of the Nords. You must have been away from your kind for a long time to forget. Come, speak to the chief and the wise woman and remember."
"You're no kin of mine, pig-face."
"Ha. We admire your fighting spirit, Orc-Kin. You'll fit right in here. Come inside."

If you are not Blood-Kin, most Orc stronghold residents will not converse with you:

  • "What are you doing here, outlander? We don't deal with your kind."
  • "This is our stronghold. Leave."
  • "Outsiders. Nothing but trouble."
  • "Malacath blesses us with this land. It's not for your kind."
  • "This stronghold is for the Orcs. Leave. Now."
  • "We don't know you, and we don't want you here."
  • "Leave, outlander."
  • "You've no right to be here. This place is for Orcs. And Orcs alone."
  • "Outlanders should learn to not wander where they don't belong."

If you are not Blood-Kin, entering any Orc stronghold will have everybody saying as you near them:

  • "You have no business in our stronghold, outlander."
  • "Malacath blesses this land for the Orcs. And the Orcs alone."
  • "We won't kill you, outlander, but we don't want you here."

If you are Blood-Kin and come to an Orc stronghold at night, the Orcs keeping watch will constantly say one of these lines:

  • "Most of my kin are in the longhouse. Come back during the day if you wish to trade."
  • "It's late outlander. Come back in the morning if you need to spend coin."
  • "We only trade during the day, outlander. At night, most rest in the longhouse."

In any Orc stronghold, you may ask its chieftain about their culture.

"You're the chief?"
"Yes. I earned the right by slaying my father in single combat. One day, I will have a son who will challenge me when I become too old to lead, and the stronghold will have a new chief. Until then, I alone have the right to have wives and children. It ensures our strength."
"How do the Orcs govern themselves?"
"The Code of Malacath. It is both tradition and law in the strongholds. Break the code, and you must pay Blood Price. The code is not written anywhere. It is known and carried on by the Orcs, and all who live in the strongholds follow it. For an outlander, following it is simple. Do not steal or attack anyone in the stronghold, or be ready to pay in gold or blood."

You can also ask the stronghold's wise woman a few questions.

"Tell me more about your people."
"We have lived in Skyrim since before the Nords came. Our way is simple, all work to make the tribe strong. Only the bravest are allowed to lead, and to marry. A great chief is able to attract many wives and raise bold children. Wise women like myself are mothers of chieftains. We guide the tribe and advice our kin on what is most pleasing to Malacath."
"Who is Malacath?"
If you are not Blood-Kin: "He is the Daedric Lord of the Orcs. The keeper of the Sworn Oath and the Bloody Curse. We live by his code and follow his teachings. An outlander like you wouldn't understand."OR if you are an Orc: "You do not remember the Daedric Lord of the Orcs? The keeper of the Sworn Oath and the Bloody Curse? We live by his code and follow his teachings. Spend some time with the wise woman and you'll remember."
If you are Blood-Kin: "He is our creator and master. The Daedric Lord of the Sworn Oath and the Bloody Curse. Malacath teaches us to honor all words with action. To demand blood from your enemies and strength from your allies. He watches over all Orcs as his children. A truth those who leave the stronghold are quick to forget."

If you are Blood-Kin, you may comment to the stronghold's blacksmith(s) about how impressive their weapons and armor are. He or she will reply, "It is said that an Orc first learns to wield a hammer in his/her mother's womb. By tradition, a mother always teaches her children how to smith. If a chief has a second wife, she is called the "Forge-wife" in honor of this."

Orc Miner Dialogue[edit]

A few Orcs that spend their entire lives inside the mines of their given strongholds share some generic dialogue about mining. Specifically, these Orcs are Mahk, Ghak, Dulug, Gul, Ghamorz, Mogdurz, and Bor. These lines of dialogue are:

  • "I'm here to mine, outlander. So unless you want to dig, get out."
  • "I have metal to dig."
  • "Malacath has given me the task to mine. Good ore brings strength to our people."
  • "Every Orc learns the heavy labor of mining. All spend years in the caves."
  • "The mines are hard, but Malacath rewards those who rise to the challenge."

Committing a crime in an Orc stronghold[edit]

Any criminal act will cause the stronghold's Orcs to pursue you. He or she will stop you, saying either "By the Code of Malacath, you must pay bloodprice for your crimes. Which will it be, blood or gold?" or "Your crimes offend the Code of Malacath and we demand payment. Choose. Gold or blood."

You may respond in two ways, though the first will have them attack you and the second will have you pay the bounty.

"Over my dead body."
"Today is a good day to die."OR"Fight well, and I'll make sure your corpse is not dishonored."
"I'll pay. Don't worry. (<CrimeGold> gold)" (only available if you have enough gold)
"Huh. Okay. We'll test your mettle another day."OR"Typical outlander weakling. But your gold will strengthen our clan."
"I don't have the gold right now. (<CrimeGold> gold)" (only available if you don't have enough gold)
"Then your poverty is my reward. Kill or be killed!"

Killing a dragon[edit]

Upon a dragon's death, NPCs will gather and gawk at it, commenting with any of these lines:

  • "It's really dead, then?"
  • "I never would have believed it, if I hadn't seen it with my own eyes"
  • "It may be dead now, but where did it come from?"
  • "In all my years, I've never seen such a thing"

As you absorb the dragon's soul, the NPCs may comment with one of these lines:

  • "Something's happening"
  • "What manner of magic is this?"
  • "Look out! Don't get too close!"

After you absorb the soul, NPCs may further comment:

  • "It's like the ancient legends. Dragonborn"
  • "It can't be You You took its very soul"
  • "By the gods I don't even know what to say"

Khajiit Caravan Dialogue[edit]


These lines of dialogue are shared between Khajiit caravan guards and merchants:

  • "The roads of Skyrim lead to many dangers."
  • "The warm sand of Elsweyr is far away from here."
  • "The longer we travel the roads of Skyrim, the more empty this land seems."
  • "The wind blows bitter cold in this place."
  • "The road makes this one weary."
  • "A welcome to you, fellow traveler."
  • "The air is so clear in Skyrim, one can see forever."
  • "It is a strange sight, the white flakes that sometimes fall from the sky."
  • "A peaceful greeting to you."
  • "How high the mountains of Skyrim rise!"
  • "There is much beauty in this place."
  • "We are creatures of the desert. The north wind chills us to the bones."


  • "May your road lead you to warm sands."
  • "I hope that you will come to do business with us again."
  • "May the sun keep you warm even in this land of bitter cold."
  • "Until our next meeting, if such is fated."
  • "I hope you will find a warmer welcome in your travels than we have found in ours."
  • "The roads of Skyrim can be treacherous. If you must walk them, be wary."

Caravan Merchant Greetings[edit]

  • "Please, come and browse our goods."
  • "May your bed be warm and your food sweet."
  • "You honor Khajiit with your presence."
  • "Many fine things are here for you, friend."
  • "Come and see what is for sale, traveler."
  • "May the sun warm your path, friend."
  • "Khajiit welcomes you, and also your coin."
  • "Do you seek to make a purchase?"
  • "Khajiit has wares, if you have coin."
  • "Fortune smiles upon this meeting."
  • "Welcome to you."
  • "Warm sands, friend. How may this one serve you?"

You may hear a Khajiit caravan merchant hawking wares:

  • "Tools, wares and weapons, all for sale at fair prices."
  • "Goods and wares of all kinds, and all can be yours!"
  • "Come! Come and see what goods I offer."
  • "Far have I traveled to bring you these fine goods. Come and see what I offer."

Caravan Guard Greetings[edit]

These lines of dialogue are specific to the Khajiit caravan guards: Dro'marash, Kharjo, Khayla, and Ra'zhinda.

  • "There is no trust for Khajiit in this place."
  • "Khajiit are not welcome in the cities, so we make our camps outside the walls."
  • "Some come to buy, but others come to steal. Khajiit shows no mercy to thieves."
  • "Blessings of the moons upon you, traveler."
  • "Khajiit is just a guard, and has no wares to sell."
  • "Welcome to Khajiit's humble camp."
  • "If you have come to see our wares, speak to the others."
  • "Khajiit is ready for any troublemakers."
  • "Khajiit is always watching for thieves and pickpockets."
  • "Bring your coins, but do not bring trouble."
  • "This Khajiit guards the others."
  • "Speak to one of the others if you wish to buy something."


You may find some of the Khajiit traveling with the caravans conversing with each other about their life trading in Skyrim.

Male Khajiit: "Soon it will be time to replenish our supply of water."
Female Khajiit: "The road takes us past many cold rivers. We can fill our skins there."
Male Khajiit: "If the river is not frozen to ice, perhaps."

Male Khajiit: "It has been a profitable journey, and yet I long for the warm sands of Elsweyr more and more each day."
Female Khajiit: "I feel the same. I do not think Khajiit were made for the cold."
Male Khajiit: "Not only that, but these Nords have no love for us. They look upon us and see only thieves and smugglers."
Female Khajiit: "It is a pity, but it cannot be helped. Perhaps if we continue to show that we can be trusted, they will open their cities to our caravans."
Male Khajiit: "Hah! I wish that I had your optimism."

Female Khajiit: "My bones ache for the moonsugar&#;[sic]. It has been too long since I tasted it."
Male Khajiit: "You know that our supply is limited. It could be a season or more before we get a new shipment from the south."
Female Khajiit: "My ears hear the truth in your words, and yet my body shakes with the need."
Male Khajiit: "Control yourself! Do not frighten away our customers with your fits."
Female Khajiit: "Yes, of course you are right. Still, I would give much for even a few grains of moonsugar."
Male Khajiit: "Put the thought out of your mind, and do not speak of it again."

Female Khajiit: "We have been in this land for so long, I have forgotten what it feels like to walk on warm sand."
Male Khajiit: "Yes, I know just what you mean. My toes are numb from the cold more often than not."
Female Khajiit: "Do you ever find that you regret making this journey?"
Male Khajiit: "In truth, I do not. I have always dreamed of seeing new lands, and it does not hurt that we are making a good profit."
Female Khajiit: "That is true. Perhaps I should be more grateful for this opportunity. Not many Khajiit can say that they have visited Skyrim."

They can be found worrying about the return of dragons:

Male Khajiit: "All this talk of dragons returning to the world makes me more than a little nervous."
Female Khajiit: "Moons protect us! I hope we do not encounter one of them on the road."
Male Khajiit: "I suppose if we do, we will find out just how fast each of us can run."
Female Khajiit: "As the saying goes, you do not need to be faster than the dragon; you need only be faster than your friends."

Female Khajiit: "Do you believe all this talk of dragons? Can the ancient ones truly have returned?"
Male Khajiit: "I wish I could say that I did not, but in every part of Skyrim, there is talk of dragon sightings. It is no coincidence."
Female Khajiit: "S'rendarr be merciful! What ill fortune that this should happen now, while we are trying to make a living."
Male Khajiit: "We are fortunate. We travel lightly, and can escape at a moment's notice. We have no home that a dragon can burn to the ground."
Female Khajiit: "I feel pity for these Nords. When the dragons attack cities and towns, they will lose everything."
Male Khajiit: "And we will lose customers. Let us hope that if there are dragons, there are only a few and they are not too foul-tempered."

They will also talk about the war and the opportunities it offers:

Male Khajiit: "I wonder if we should offer discounts to the soldiers."
Female Khajiit: "The soldiers? From which side, the Stormcloaks, or the Imperials?"
Male Khajiit: "Both. One or the other is bound to win the war eventually. Why not curry favor now, so that the victor will look upon us kindly?"
Female Khajiit: "Hah, you have the foresight of a Khajiit in a sandstorm. If we offer a discount to both sides, the winners will persecute us for helping the losers."
Male Khajiit: "Hm. I had not thought of it that way."

Female Khajiit: "Between the war and the return of the dragons, I wonder if we should not leave Skyrim and ply our trade elsewhere."
Male Khajiit: "I admit, the dragons are a concern, but we can avoid them if we do not stay in one place for too long."
Female Khajiit: "That may be, but what of the war? That is not so easy to escape from."
Male Khajiit: "The war? That is not a reason to leave, it is a reason to stay."
Female Khajiit: "And what makes you think that?"
Male Khajiit:"Because war is good for business, of course."

Generic Conversations[edit]

Skyrim has generic conversations recorded for some voicetypes:

Commoner: "Good morning."
OldGrumpy: "Bah. What's so good about it, hmm?"
Commoner: "Oh. Well. Good day."

FemaleSultry: "Hello."
FemaleNord: "Oh, hi, I'm glad I ran into you. I was wondering if"
MaleNord: "Hello, ladies! Is there anything a big strong man can do for you this fine day?"
FemaleSultry: "I don't know. If you see any big strong men around, let us know, will you?"
Females: <Laughter>
MaleNord: "Harpies, every one of them."
FemaleSultry: "Oh, come now. Don't go away mad."

Unused Generic Dialogue[edit]

NPC turns invisible[edit]

An unused spell called Fade Other exists in game data as a targeted invisibility spell. The spell can only be accessed with the console using or . Casting it on NPCs will yield one of the following lines:

MaleArgonian"Ah! I am now like the Shadowscales of old."
MaleBrute"Hey! Where did I go?"
MaleChild"Wow! I'm see through!"
MaleCommander"Magic! I'm not sure I approve."
MaleNordCommander"Ahhh no one will know I'm here now."
FemaleCommander"II'm fading away!"
MaleCommoner"What have you done to me?"
FemaleCommoner"What did you do to me? What am I made of? Air? Shadow? Oh, this is not good"
MaleCondescending"Now what am I supposed to do? I can't be seen in public like this. If I can even be seen at all"
MaleCoward"Hey! What did you do to me? My body is gone!"
MaleDarkElf"You're a tricky one. Now fix it."
"You turned me invisible!"
FemaleDarkElf"You turned me invisible!"
MaleDrunk"What? Do I have mead on my chin?"
MaleElfHaughty"Not bad. Now turn me back."
MaleEvenToned"Hey! Where did I go? I can't see myself!"
FemaleEvenToned"What theI'm invisible!"
MaleKhajiit"Hmm. I could be a great hunter like this."
MaleNord"Hey! I can't see myself! What did you do to me?"
FemaleNord"I'mI'm invisible!"
MaleOldGrumpy"What did ya do that for?"
MaleOrc"Wizard tricks! An Orc faces the enemy. He doesn't hide from him."
FemaleOrc"Bah! Save your magic. A warrior should face her foe, not hide from him."
FemaleShrill"What did you do! I'mI'm see through! This better not be permanent. You can't just go around making women invisible like this!"
MaleSlyCynical"Clever. To think, now I could Well, never mind."
MaleSoldier"Stop that! How can I do my job if I'm invisible?"
FemaleSultry"Ooohh The things I could do now"
MaleYoungEager"Hey! This could be handy!"
FemaleYoungEager"Oh! I didn't expect that!"

Housecarl Dialogue[edit]

All housecarls you can get share some dialogue. When they are first assigned to you, they will approach you and say, "The Jarl has appointed me to be your housecarl. It's an honor to serve you." At other times, they may greet you with one of the following lines:

  • "Long life to you, Thane."
  • "I am your sword and your shield."
  • "Honor to you, my Thane."
  • "What do you need, my Thane?"
  • "Honored to see you again, my Thane."

You can ask your housecarl what a Thane means: "The Jarl has recognized you as a person of great importance in the hold. A hero. The title of Thane is an honor, a gift for your service. Guards will know to look the other way, if you tell them who you are." If asked, your housecarl will also tell you what a housecarl does: "As my Thane, I'm sworn to your service. I'll guard you, and all you own, with my life."

Dialogue as Follower[edit]

Talked to"Yes, Thane. What is it?"
"Yes, my Thane?"
Told to trade inventory"I am sworn to carry your burdens."
Told to wait"As you wish, my Thane."
Told to follow"As you will, my Thane. I will protect you with my life."
Dismissed"I will be back at your house if you need me, Thane."

Carriage System Dialogue[edit]

"Watch out!"You are in combat
"Gee up, there!"
"Come on now, old girl."
"Look out!"
"Steady, old girl."
"Gee up, there."
"Nice weather for a ride. Hope it lasts."The weather is pleasant
"Couldn't ask for better weather."
"Sun feels good, hmm?"During the day, from 6am to 6pm, and the weather is pleasant
"It's almost getting downright hot out now."
"This'll clear up soon, I'm sure of it."It is raining
"Why is it always raining?"
"This rain will stop eventually. Always does."
"Hope you're not getting too wet back there."
"Better bundle up. This may keep up for a while."It is snowing
"A little snow never stopped me, don't worry."
"There once was a hero named Ragnar the Red, who came riding to Whiterun from ole Rorikstead!"
"You ever met one of them cats? - kah-jeet, I think they call themselves. I hear there's whole countries full of them down south."You are not a Khajiit
"Ever been to Markarth? Some say it was built by the dwarves. I don't believe a word of it though."You have not visited Markarth before
"If you don't mind a piece of advice, I'd stay out of trouble in Markarth. They'll toss you in the Cidhna Mine, and you'll never get out."
"You'll want to watch out for the Forsworn if you do any travelling around the Reach. Bloodthirsty bastards, them."
"You picked quite a day for a trip to Markarth."It is snowing
"If you've never been to Riften, be sure to visit the Black-Briar meadery. A few mugs of that and you'll forget all about the long trip."You have not visited Riften before
"You'll want to watch yourself in Riften. A lot of ways to get yourself in trouble in that town."
"I might have to stop and get myself a pint of Black-Briar mead while I'm in Riften. Almost worth the trip all by itself."
"You might run into some of them lizard-folk in Riften. Quite a few of them work the docks there, not sure why. Like swimming in the lake, maybe."You are not an Argonian
"I swear it rains like this every time I go to Riften."It is raining
"First time to Solitude? Beautiful old city. Capital of Skyrim, but I'm sure you already knew that."You have not visited Solitude before
"Solitude's famous for it's Bards College. Worth a visit if you've never been. Some of them can sing just as pretty as a lark."
"Solitude's a big port town, you know? Full of sailors and their tales of far away lands. Most of 'em's foreigners and liars, of course."
"You picked quite a day for a trip to Solitude."It is snowing
"Never been to Whiterun before? The Jarl's palace is something to see. Dragonsreach they call it. Big old dragon skull hanging on the wall."You have not visited Whiterun before
"When I'm in Whiterun, I always visit the Gildergreen. Never hurts to pay your respects to Lady Kynareth, particularly in my line of work."
"I bet you'll be glad to get to Whiterun and get out of this weather."It is snowing
"Ever been to Windhelm? Oldest city in Skyrim, by some accounts. They say the big old palace there was built by Ysgramor himself."You have not visited Windhelm before
"Windhelm's a bit cold for my tastes. And I ain't talking about the weather. You're not from Windhelm, are you?"
"You'll find Windhelm's full of dark elves. The kind from Morrowind, you know. Not that I have anything against them, long as they keep to themselves."You are not a Dunmer
"Better get used to it. Snows most all the time in Windhelm."It is snowing

During an EclipseDG[edit]

FemaleNord, or
"With a sky like that, something bad is coming."
"Watch yourself. The sky is a bad omen."
FemaleChild"The sky is all wrong. What's happening?"
"Look at the sky!"
"WWhere's the sun?"
MaleElfHaughty, or
"It's daytime Why is it so dark outside?"
FemaleSultry, or
"The sky is so dark. What does it mean?"
MaleCommonerAccented, or
"I can't see the sun. Where did it go?"
FemaleCoward or
"The sun's gone dark. What could be happening now?"
MaleCommander, or
"Dragons weren't enough. Now we've lost the sun too?"
MaleCommonerAccented, or
"What's wrong with the sky?"
FemaleEvenToned, or
"Where did the sun go?"
FemaleSultry, or
"The sky shouldn't look like that"
MaleCommander, or
"Why does the sky look like that?"
FemaleElfHaughty, or
"This weather seems all wrong to me."
MaleOldGrumpy, or
"By the Divines, what happened to the sky?"
FemaleCoward"Look at the sky the Divines must be angry with us!"
FemaleNord, or
"What foul magic could put the sun out?"
MaleOrc, or
"The sun it's gone!"
MaleElfHaughty, or
"What's going on? Where did the sun go?"
MaleNord, or
"The day is as dark as night! What's happening?"
FemaleCoward or
"The sun is gone! We're all doomed!"
FemaleNord or
"By the Eight look at the sky!"
MaleElfHaughty, or
"Why is it so dark?"
NPC is a Vampire"The tyranny of the sun is over!"
"It's our time now."
"Skyrim is ours!"

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Generic Npc Famous Quotes & Sayings

List of top 6 famous quotes and sayings about generic npc to read and share with friends on your Facebook, Twitter, blogs.

Top 6 Generic Npc Quotes

#1. Go to the great city of Nineveh and proclaim to it the message I give you. - Author: Jonah
Generic Npc Quotes #
#2. As a jobbing actor, I never get a script and go 'I can't be bothered with this.' Life doesn't work like that. For a movie star, maybe, but for a jobbing actor, that doesn't happen. - Author: Eve Myles
Generic Npc Quotes #
#3. There is nothing worse than doing the wrong thing well. - Author: Peter Drucker
Generic Npc Quotes #
#4. A brave girl! And a unique one. The best that I have ever met in my life. - Author: Olga Goa
Generic Npc Quotes #
#5. To win back my youth, there is nothing I wouldn't do - except take exercise, get up early, or be a useful member of the community. - Author: Oscar Wilde
Generic Npc Quotes #
#6. The underlying sickness of human life is an unwillingness to look with open eyes at the condition of the world. - Author: Hu Shih
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15 Quotes From Skyrim That Are Absolutely Hilarious

It might be hard to believe, but The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrimis just about a decade old. Even so, it remains as popular today and has generated its own meme culture and smirking and giggling player community. It's a testament to Bethesda's craft.

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Anyway, much of the hilarity in Skyrim stems from how the game was made. Non-player characters (NPCs) tend to repeat some iconic lines of dialogue which, in combination with certain situations, is pure comedy gold only players of Skyrim or previous The Elder Scrolls games will understand. So, in case you've forgotten how much of a gutbuster Bethesda's game was, here are 10 hilarious quotes from NPCs.

15 Iron Sword Huh? What Are You Killing? Butterflies?

It's no secret that the guards in Skyrim are proud and knowledgeable about their swords. While they might not have the best gear themselves, they always seem to have a comment or two ready to roast the Dragonborn's arsenal. Particularly, carrying a cheap iron sword might inspire this backhanded comment.

Although this might be pretty embarrassing to hear, it's probably best to just keep walking, quietly go buy a better sword and avoid causing a scene. Guards are a bit of a pain to deal with when attacked, especially in groups.

14 No Lollygaggin'

Has anyone ever seen a guard do anything actually productive? Most of the time, these guys seem to just stand around the city and observe, while making snarky comments about the Dragonborn or lamenting about getting an arrow to the knee. And yet, they dare tell the Dragonborn not to lollygag.

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Why is this a rule in the first place? And what would be the punishment for it? It seems like the guards not only want people not to steal, but everyone should be a productive member of society. Sounds pretty authoritarian.

13 If I Had A Sister, I'd Sell Her In A Second

There's no merchant as iconic as Belethor the Breton in Whiterun, running his general store by the marketplace. Known for always being energetic and overly eager to sell his wares, he gets pretty annoying after a while. That being said, he does have a couple of lines that make him one of the most entertaining NPCs.

He often tells the Dragonborn everything's for sale at his store, and that if he had a sister he would sell her in an instant. Sounds like Belethor is a cold-blooded businessman if he's serious, and there's always a hint of truth in a joke.

12 Why The Elven Blade, Huh? Nord Steel Not Good Enough For You?

Most of the guards around Skyrim are Nords. While there's no actual proof of this, it's pretty easy to deduce it from their Nordic accent, and just from the general way they seem to praise Skyrim's culture and traditions. Nords are incredibly proud as well, which is why they blurt out a lot of gems like these.

Carry an elven sword in any of the cities of Skyrim and some guard will no doubt approach you to roast you for not having a traditional Nordic sword. Even if the sword is objectively better, they seem stuck in their ways.

11 By Shor, You're Hauling Around A Lot Of Junk

Where does all the stuff the Dragonborn carries go exactly? They don't have a backpack, and yet somehow, some way, they manage to carry so much on them. Even stranger, the guards seem to always be able to tell when the Dragonborn is carrying some useless junk on them.

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It's not really their business what the Dragonborn has in their inventory, and yet somehow they know exactly just by looking. Enough with these nosy, sassy guards, Bethesda! The Dragonborn deserves some respect.

10 Skyrim Belongs To The Nords!

A rather bold and racially-charged rallying call from the Nords. It shows just how much they want to kick the Imperials (and other meddling races) out of their home province of Skyrim. It has led to some political tensions and you'll often hear it as a battle-cry from some enemies you're hacking to death.

The funny thing is, Nord NPCs also shout that very line to you while bashing your head with a hammer even if your character is a Nord. On another instance, your Nord companion will also shout that line to your enemies, even if you're a Dark Elf, High Elf, or an Imperial, all of which are sworn enemies of Nords. Careful of those guys, they might stab you while you sleep.

9 "Let Me Guess, Someone Stole Your Sweetroll?"

Walk up to a guard in any city in Skyrim, and this is one of the lines they'll utter to you as a way to dismiss your queries or concerns. You don't even have to initiate a dialogue with them; they'll blurt this right at your face with a tone of mockery and condescension.

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In their defense, they probably had plenty of children or even adults come to them with cases of stolen sweetrolls. Perhaps it got tiring to hear the same unresolved complaints and crimes over and over again? Or, perhaps it was you who stole too many sweetrolls and are now making the town guards' lives difficult? In any case, a good Fus Roh Dah to the face of the guards would suffice as an appropriate retort for this question.

8 "Is That Fur? Coming Out Of Your Ears?"

Hang out with the Companions in Whiterun too much and they might just turn you into a good boy (or girl). If you accept this opportunity to be able to transform into a big bad wolf, you'll open up a can of new dialogue options for the guards of Skyrim to say to you, which is that silly question above.

It makes sense if your character is one of the human-looking ones, but this line is a lot more amusing if you chose a Khajiit as your character's race. That's because they don't ask that line prior to your becoming a werewolf, even if the fur in your character's ears was there all along. Sadly, there's no "Duh" reply, so you'll have to get creative with your Dragonborn shouts instead.

7 "Wait I Know You"

No crime goes unpunished in the land of Skyrim. Even the smallest of crimes like stealing a block of cheese, killing a chicken, or merely lollygagging can land you in jail. Although, the guards are a lot less vigilant in pursuing you if your crimes are just those mentioned above; hence, this funny dialogue if you have a small bounty on your head.

RELATED: Skyrim: 5 Mods That Totally Change The Game (And 5 That Are Hilariously Weird)

You know you're in trouble when you initiate dialogue to a guard and it's the first thing they say. By then, you'll have limited options on how to wiggle out. Sometimes you can just simply walk away and pray to Talos they don't give chase. Other times, you'll have to pay with your blood, criminal scum!

6 "Psst! Hey. I know who you are. Hail Sithis!

Being a member of the Dark Brotherhood is cool. It's basically a free pass to murder just about anyone without repercussions. As it turns out, even the guards of Skyrim don't want to intervene with that sort of operation and mentality. No, they can beat them, so they joined them!

You'll often hear a guard whisper this line to you like some sort of secret handshake as soon as you finish the Dark Brotherhood questline. It gives you a glimpse into who they're really loyal to, though how they reveal their allegiance to you can catch you off-guard due to their heavy German accent.

5 "Never Should've Come Here!"

A line that's used way too often by your victims regardless of the circumstances. You could sneak your way into their lair and slit their throat, dealing 6x stealth damage, and they'll still say this. Basically, all your victims or enemies in Skyrim turn into cranky old men who want you off their yard as soon as they see you.

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That, or they could be referring to themselves sometimes as they also say this line whenever they're walking down the road and happen to bump into you, with their weapon drawn. Really, though, you never should have come here.

4 "Those Warriors From Hammerfell? They've Got Curved Swords. Curved. Swords."

A guard's life in Skyrim can be dull and monotonous even though there's always action to be found due to wars and dragons. Anyway, one of their favorite past times is idle gossip. Their favorite topic? Warriors from Hammerfell, they got curved swords, you see, something rare and exotic in Skyrim or any other province in Tamriel.

It can be rather puzzling as to why Nord guards would be curious about the curvature of swords. However, those warriors from Hammerfell are definitely asking for attention the way they dangle their curved swords around their hips.

3 "You'll Make A Fine Rug, Cat!"

Apart from the "never should have come here!" threat from hostile NPCs, they can get creative depending on your character's race. If you happen to be a Khajiit, for example, they give you this laughably cruel taunt.

RELATED: 10 Things You Learn Playing Skyrim For The First Time

As it is, the Khajiit are the joke race of Tamriel because the other races regard them as compulsive thieves. Even their home province is called Elsweyr. How do you take that seriously? In any case, it's a fitting threat against a Khajiit, given how they always scam you wherever they are.

2 "I Used To Be An Adventurer Like You, Then I Took An Arrow In The Knee"

There it is, the line that launched a thousand memes. There's no other quote in Skyrim more memorable or iconic than this one. It seems every guard you meet used to be an adventurer like you, then they took arrows in the knee and were relegated to guard duty.

They'll also explicitly say it to you as a conversation starter without you even asking why they became a guard. In their defense, though, being an adventurer was probably preferable than having to talk about the "curved swords" of the warriors of Hammerfell as their past time or taking care of sweetroll thefts.

1 "Do You Get To The Cloud District Very Often? Oh, What Am I Saying, Of Course You Don't."

This line in itself isn't groundbreaking at all, it's what happens afterward to the person who says this that's entertaining. You see, this line is something only a condescending dead man utters. As such, the only appropriate reply to him would be an ax blade to his bald forehead or a level Destruction skill lightning bolt to his groin area.

Absolutely no should boast to you about their highbrow escapades to the Cloud District, regardless of how often it is. By the way, Cloud District is merely the area of Dragonsreach in Whiterun. You've been there countless times even, so it's nothing special. Feel free to be a jerk to anyone about how cultured and high-profile you are since you actually get to the Cloud District very often.

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Gamers Are Mad At Aloy's Cheeks In Horizon Forbidden West Because Of Course They Are

Aloy's cheeks have been the subject of a lot of mockery from gamers online in the past few days because they're a bit bigger.

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Dialogue file QUEST CATEGORY TOPIC TOPIC TEXT PROMPT RESPONSE TEXT FILENAME NOTES Topic GREETING GREETING {Conviction}The time to assert our rule over the territories has come. vDialogueN_GREETING_E9_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them. vDialogueN_GREETING_EA_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hopeful}Those Legion beasts needed to be put down, like the vermin they are! vDialogueN_GREETING_D5_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hopeful}Did you hear about the Legion Defeat at Nelson? We're winning back our territories. vDialogueN_GREETING_CD_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Indifferent}As long as the Khans leave our lands alone, I don't care what happens. vDialogueN_GREETING_C8_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {celebratory}I always knew House would give in! Sixth state of the union, here we come! vDialogueN_GREETING_C0E_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Encouraged}I'd wager that the army's sending elite units our way, right as we speak. vDialogueN_GREETING_D_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Pessimistic}Bitter Springs a name like that could've only brought bad luck. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Cautious}I'll believe that the Fiends are gone when they stop their raiding and pillaging. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hindsight}Should've bet we'd kill the Fiend's leader. vDialogueN_GREETING_D_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Dumbfounded}Everywhere I go, people are talking about our President's assassination. vDialogueN_GREETING_A_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Avarice}With House out of the way, I hope someone opens the Lucky vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Disdainful}I see you prefer the company of anarchic cultists to civilized peoples. vDialogueN_GREETING_EA_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Incredulous}What makes you think I give a damn about you? vDialogueN_GREETING_CB_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Apprehension}Just, don't do anything crazy. vDialogueN_GREETING_C6_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Genuine Appreciation}I hope you're doing well, friend! vDialogueN_GREETING_C1_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Dismissive}Don't bother me, please. vDialogueN_GREETING_BC_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful yet Determined}This is it. War's almost upon us. vDialogueN_GREETING_B4_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Feeling Fortunate}Word is you're getting popular in The Strip. vDialogueN_GREETING_B1_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hopeful}I've heard that elite units are on the way to support our armies here. vDialogueN_GREETING_AD_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful}War doesn't forgive anybody, but what did we do to deserve this? vDialogueN_GREETING_AA_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Dismissive}Those Freeside thugs aren't worth our time anymore. vDialogueN_GREETING_A7_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Assertive}Khans are history, it serves them right! vDialogueN_GREETING_A3_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Disbelief}Did you hear about Hanlon? What a blow! vDialogueN_GREETING_E_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful Anger}You killed him! What have we done to you? vDialogueN_GREETING_B_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Indignated}I hear some asshole freed our enemy from McCarran. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Deep Concern}Someone blew up the Monorail, right by our troops! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Celebratory}With Mr. House dead and gone, Vegas can finally join the NCR! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Intrigued}Your robot looks worth quite a few caps. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hopeful}I hope the Fiends stop their raids now that their boss is gone vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Dumbfounded}Bad weather ahead, I tell you. The death of our President's just the start. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Revolted}Don't dump your Ghoul here, we've already got enough shit around us. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Admiringly}People of my trade respect the merchants of these territories. vDialogueN_GREETING_A_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud and Celebratory}I hear the Khans won't trouble us anymore. vDialogueN_GREETING_C_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Slightly Apprehensive}I hear the Securitrons are tougher since their faces changed. vDialogueN_GREETING_F_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Celebratory}House was the only thing keeping Vegas from joining the NCR! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Excitedly Surprised}You're the one that killed Caesar, right? vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Celebratory}After all, Caesar died like the old man he was. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Excitedly Surprised}That Caesar bastard had it coming. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Thankful}I'm glad those damn bots are gone for good. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Slight Relief}Our guys put the Monorail back to work! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Excitedly Thankful}We owe you so much for saving our President. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud Indignation}Can you believe they tried killing our President? Don't they know who they are dealing with? vDialogueN_GREETING_A_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Rueful Indignation}Our own President, murdered! Things aren't looking good. vDialogueN_GREETING_C_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Unspoken Suspicions}Hanlon was a brave soldier, what could've driven him to despair? vDialogueN_GREETING_D_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Assertive}That Fiend leader shouldn't have messed with our great army. vDialogueN_GREETING_F_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}The Fiends are running for their lives. That'll show everyone what we do to our enemies. vDialogueN_GREETING_A0_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Worried}If the Legion can reach as far as Bitter Springs, what's going to stop them from getting to us? vDialogueN_GREETING_A1_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Slightly Concerned, if Hopeful}Those Khans are savages, but we can use them to our advantage. vDialogueN_GREETING_A2_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}Those Khans got the hint! We've shown everyone that these are our new territories. vDialogueN_GREETING_A4_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Self-Righteousness}I knew those Khans couldn't be trusted! vDialogueN_GREETING_A5_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}I hear we straightened up a band of thugs in Freeside. vDialogueN_GREETING_A6_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hopeful}I hear a troublesome Legion camp got razed to the ground! vDialogueN_GREETING_A8_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Rueful}Our forces suffered a huge blow at Forlorn Hope, We'll remember that! vDialogueN_GREETING_A9_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Celebratory}Legionaries are next in the list of rabid dogs to put down! vDialogueN_GREETING_AB_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}Civilizing Primm will show what we can do for everyone else in these territories. vDialogueN_GREETING_AC_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Excitedly Hopeful}Our rangers are going to show everyone what happens when we're pissed off! vDialogueN_GREETING_AE_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Concerned}I've heard the Legion's planning to unleash their best men against us. vDialogueN_GREETING_AF_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Worried}Those Legion elite troops are bad blood. vDialogueN_GREETING_B0_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Slightly Concerned}Things are getting stranger every day. vDialogueN_GREETING_B2_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Visibly Concerned}It seems that the territories are about to blow up. vDialogueN_GREETING_B3_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Slightly Irritated}Back home we don't waste time talking to strangers, either. vDialogueN_GREETING_BB_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Slightly Irritated}I really have more important things to do, sorry. vDialogueN_GREETING_BD_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Pleasant}Good to see a friend of our government. vDialogueN_GREETING_BE_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Pleasant}The NCR appreciates good citizens like you. vDialogueN_GREETING_BF_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Pleasant}I'm glad to see you. vDialogueN_GREETING_C0_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Genuine Appreciation}The NCR's fortunate to have your support. vDialogueN_GREETING_C2_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Genuine Appreciation}You're a model citizen, thank you. vDialogueN_GREETING_C3_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Slight Discomfort}What do you want with me? vDialogueN_GREETING_C4_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Slight Suspicion}You're not going to cause any problems, right? vDialogueN_GREETING_C5_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Palpable Apprehension}Uh-oh, back off and leave me alone. vDialogueN_GREETING_C7_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful}I don't want any trouble, okay? vDialogueN_GREETING_C8_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Violent Indignation}What the hell's going on in your crazy head? vDialogueN_GREETING_C9_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Repulsion}Don't talk to me! vDialogueN_GREETING_CA_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud Disdain}I don't waste my time with troublemakers. vDialogueN_GREETING_CC_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Seething Anger}We should have you tried, and then killed on the spot! vDialogueN_GREETING_CD_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Seething Anger}I'm too civilized, otherwise I'd stone you to death. vDialogueN_GREETING_CE_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Restrained Violence}I should make you pay for your crimes! vDialogueN_GREETING_CF_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Curious}I've seen Followers of the Apocalypse in my travels before. vDialogueN_GREETING_EA_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Admiringly}NCR Rangers deserve all my praise. vDialogueN_GREETING_EB_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Admiringly}Is your friend one of those elite troops we've been hearing about? vDialogueN_GREETING_EC_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Admiringly}Your merchant friend would make a fine NCR woman. vDialogueN_GREETING_EC_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Intrigued}I've never seen a robot like that before. vDialogueN_GREETING_ED_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful Suspicion}The Supermutant's under control, I hope. vDialogueN_GREETING_EE_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them. vDialogueN_GREETING_F1_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them. vDialogueN_GREETING_F2_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them. vDialogueN_GREETING_F3_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful Suspicion}I've seen what those creatures do, and I don't know how you trust them. vDialogueN_GREETING_E_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Revolted}Your Ghoul friend better not be radioactive. vDialogueN_GREETING_EF_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Unabashed Curiosity}What on earth is *that* creature? vDialogueN_GREETING_F0_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Thoughtful Curiosity}Your lady friend seems out of place here. vDialogueN_GREETING_F2_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Thoughtful Curiosity}Your friend seems too civilized for a place like this. vDialogueN_GREETING_FC_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Satisfied}Caesar's fate was sealed from the start. vDialogueN_GREETING_FE_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Satisfied}Wish I could've seen that Legion dog suffer. vDialogueN_GREETING_FF_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Chanced Encounter}My lucky day, running into our President's savior! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hopeful}I'm glad the President is still here to help us settle in these new territories. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}I'm not surprised Kimball survived. We NCR people are made of hard stuff. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Violent}I should kill you myself for what you did to Kimball, and fuck the law! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Violent}Even without our President, we won't leave the new territories! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Violent}I bet I'd get a reward for bringing your head to the authorities, assassin! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Resigned}Kimball's luck ran out. vDialogueN_GREETING_C_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}I should've taken the Fiend's head for myself. vDialogueN_GREETING_E_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Resigned Fear}They say the Fiends are defeated, but I'm sticking close to the army - just in case. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Cautious}They say it's safer to travel now that Fiends are retreating, but I'd still look out for trouble. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Arrogant}As we've done with the Fiends, we'll kill anyone who resists our fight for peace. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Visibly Disturbed}Legion attacking so far from their bases means we'll have to watch out on the road. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Pessimistic}We're just pushing our luck by signing a treaty with those savage Khans. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud and Celebratory}The territories are safer now that the Khans have disappeared. vDialogueN_GREETING_E_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Scolding Hindsight}I told everyone we shouldn't have bet for the Khans. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Self-Affirming Conviction}It's clear that savages, like the Khans, can't be trusted to civilize. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}I'll tell everyone back home about how the NCR deals with wild thugs, like the Kings. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}The Kings were pushing it too far, and they got what was coming to them. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud Sarcasm}I guess those "Kings" finally got who's the real boss around here. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hopeful}Our victory at Nelson's a worthy story to tell in my travels. vDialogueN_GREETING_A_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hopeful}Our victory at Nelson's a worthy story to tell in my travels. vDialogueN_GREETING_B_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Arrogant}Nelson will serve as example. We'll bleed the ground red with anyone who opposes our peace-efforts. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Bewildered Anger}You'll pay for what you did to our soldiers at Forlorn Hope, murderer! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}It's good to hear that Primm has accepted our law. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Matter of Fact}A reliable source told me we're getting the best NCR soldiers to help us against the Legion. vDialogueN_GREETING_E_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Admiringly}Have you seen them? Our Rangers are the finest men alive! vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Worried}People are whispering, everywhere, about the massive Legion army gathering past the Colorado. vDialogueN_GREETING_B_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Visibly Worried}Looks like the Legion also brought their own elite warriors to the territories. vDialogueN_GREETING_D_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Visibly Worried}You'd be crazy to put your money on either side of the coming battle. vDialogueN_GREETING_F_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {unsettled}Why the hell is the Lucky 38 all lit up these days? I don't like it. vDialogueN_GREETING_C0D_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Conviction}We'll make this land peaceful, after we kill everybody who opposes us. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful}It's time to pack and leave these lands until the dust settles. vDialogueN_GREETING__1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful}It's time to pack and leave these lands until the dust settles. vDialogueN_GREETING_A_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Casual Acknowledgement}What's up. vDialogueN_GREETING_FDC_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Casual Acknowledgement}Uh huh. vDialogueN_GREETING_FDD_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Casual}Hey. vDialogueN_GREETING_FDE_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Unabashed Curiosity}Never seen a guardian dog like that before. vDialogueN_GREETING_C4_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Satisfied}With Caesar out of the way, we'll assert our rule over the territories. vDialogueN_GREETING_C6_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Self-Affirming Conviction}I knew that the Khans were animals. We should kill them like vermin. vDialogueN_GREETING_CB_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Bewildered Anger}What on earth could push you to destroy Forlorn Hope? vDialogueN_GREETING_CF_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful Apprehension}You're not going to raze us to the ground, like you did to Forlorn Hope, right? vDialogueN_GREETING_D1_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Proud}NCR will civilize all this Wasteland, Primm is only the beginning. vDialogueN_GREETING_D3_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Encouraged}I've heard that we're getting strong reinforcements to help us civilize the territories. vDialogueN_GREETING_D8_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Disappointed}Instead of spending a fortune in this war, the NCR should be paying us to survive! vDialogueN_GREETING_DA_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Disappointed}I could buy back my *life* with the money it must cost to make one of those Ranger elite armors! vDialogueN_GREETING_DC_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Admiringly}The Legion better watch out now, our Rangers are going to turn the tables around! vDialogueN_GREETING_DE_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Visibly Worried}Despite our strength, the Legion army looks fierce enough to make me waiver. vDialogueN_GREETING_E4_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Thoughtful Naivete}Maybe when this is all over, they'll find time to look after us. vDialogueN_GREETING_E7_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Fearful}It's time to pack and leave these lands until the dust settles. vDialogueN_GREETING_EC_1 Topic GREETING GREETING {Hopeful}Our victory at Nelson's a worthy story to tell in my travels. vDialogueN_GREETING_EE_1

Lines generic npc

And your life and about childhood and what you have endured during the salvation. We are looking at the fire and you are speaking quietly, either for yourself or for me. You don't think about chronology, you just tell yourself.

THE most generic NPC lines on the planet.

Either exposing a bright scarlet end, then hiding this beautiful cone under an elastic skin, the guy continued to grin, imagining that the. Lady had pecked on his milky-ripe corn. He was confident in himself, since not a single woman from the entourage of ancestors had yet denied herself the pleasure of seeing his impressive unit in a childish guise.

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Well, the pot has arrived, so you dont need to run to the toilet, but youll leave everything here, my mother said with satisfaction. - Come on, Katyusha, go, do not embarrass your brother, otherwise he is already uncomfortable. It was then that Katya wanted to give her brother an enema herself.

- Now you can fit in and start to evoke desire, continuing to play up the words of her son, said my.

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