Outdoor planter with feet

Outdoor planter with feet DEFAULT

Pot feet / Planter feet

So we&#;ve all heard of &#;pot heads&#; right?  Either in the form of marijuana smokers or those ugly chia seed heads that are advertised at Christmas &#; but have you heard of pot feet?  Little stands to keep your garden pots off of your deck or floor.

I came across pot feet a couple of weeks ago in a magazine and I thought &#;what a brilliant use of scrap wood!&#;  Really, you could just cut four little blocks of 2&#; x 2&#; and place them under your pot and be done, but I wanted to come up with something a bit different and more interesting.

I pulled some scrap 2&#; x 2&#; out of my wood bin and cut four pieces down to 3&#; long.  (See those crappy little tidbits do come in handy!)  I drew a line 1&#; in.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

The 1&#; section is where my design will be and the 2&#; section is what will sit under the garden pots.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

I traced my image onto the 1&#; section, making sure that a section of it overlapped into the 2&#; part of the wood.Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

I was able to cut my simple leaf pattern with my Rockwell BladeRunner X2, but I did bring out the scroll saw for my more intricate high-heel shape.  (affiliate link.  There is no difference in price for you, the purchaser, but T2D will receive a small commission for referring you to Amazon)

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

I used my Bladerunner again to remove a section of the 2&#; part of the wood.  Low enough so that the plant feet will hug the pot, but not so low that there is no longer a connection between my little cut outs and the rest of the board.  For these pot feet I had to work with the high-heel image/cut out, so I only cut about ½&#; out of the wood.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

See how the cut leaf comes up the side of the planter pot slightly?  It&#;s just a prettier look than a straight piece of 2&#; x 2&#;.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

I like the look of these pot feet in the plain wood, but because I&#;m using pine they will rot pretty quickly.  I decided to paint them in outdoor-appropriate paint to help them last a bit longer and stand out a bit more.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

These high-heel planter feet are so cute &#; but I think I like the leaf pattern better.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

If decorative planter feet / pot feet aren&#;t your thing, then you can easily make simple, stained pot feet as well.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

These pot feet are still 2&#; x 2&#; scrap pieces of wood, but they are cut to about 2&#; long.  I notched out a section using my BladeRunner X2 so that the wood would keep the planter off of the ground, but still have a lip to hug the garden pot.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

I used a bit of stain and an outdoor polyurethane to seal them and done!

If you want to avoid finishing your pot feet, then cedar or teak are a better wood to use for outdoors.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

The best part is that these will fit any size pot you can find.  If your planter is smaller, you might only need 3 planter feet, but for larger ones 4 pot feet should do the trick to keep them off of your patio or deck and keep those pill bugs in check.

Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

If you&#;re looking for larger stands (but in the same theme), then check out my West Elm inspired plant stands.

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Pot feet, feet for planters, planter feet, deck planters, patio planters, garden pots

Have a great one!



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Large planters are a unique way to add color and texture to any space. These large containers can be used both indoors and outdoors, in hotels lobbies, and on your front porch.

Large planters can be placed in front of windows or doors, line walkways, and add depth to gardens.

In this post, we will discuss some of the different materials available for constructing these large outdoor planters as well as their pros and cons.

We&#;ll also talk about how large and even extra-large planters can be used in residential and commercial spaces for best results when it comes to style and decor!

Outdoor planters come in a variety of shapes and sizes ranging from 12 inches to 14 feet in diameter.

While smaller planters are good for no more than one plant, bigger planters are big enough for several plants, shrubs, and even trees!.

In fact, Jay Scotts offer planters of every shape in these large sizes, from our round planters that look amazing with trees to rectangular shapes that are great for hedgerows.

There are many different large and extra-large planters on the market that are appropriate for any project size &#; the only limit is your creativity.

Tips for large planters at home

Extra-large planters are a fantastic way to personalize your home exterior. A big outdoor planter also helps enrich the environment by creating a micro-climate that supports biological diversity and encourages wildlife. Here are 4 key large outdoor planter ideas:

1. Curb appeal

Large outdoor plant pots are a fantastic way to give your home style that will last. Big outdoor planters can be used as part of a landscape design by lining your walkway or driveway with large pots.

They also work perfectly to line the edge of a deck, patio, or porch and create an inviting and lush place for dining al fresco style!

modular planters

2. Hedges in a single pot!

One of the most popular ways to use large outdoor planter boxes is as a hedge. Big pots make it easy to add height and depth when creating privacy screens, fences, or other barriers on your property. For best results, you need a rectangular planter to create rows of foliage. Here are our best planters for creating privacy!

3. Decorative urns

Big outdoor planters are a perfect way to add personality and design interest. Big pots can be used as the focal point in gardens, flower beds, or other areas of your garden that need some sprucing up. Decorative grasses are often planted in these big containers too. Try ivy plants with trailing leaves for an english villa vibe!

4. Large size outdoor planters for trees

Planting trees in flower pots is a very popular and beautiful way to spruce up your home inside or out.

Montroy extra large planter

In addition to decor, extra large planters that host trees can bring more life into any space by attracting birds, butterflies, bees, and other insects that would not normally come near a landscape with nothing but small plants included as part of the design.

Large commercial planters

Big outdoor planters can be used by the commercial sector for two purposes; as a tool to help create a more welcoming space and to increase the health and wellbeing of individuals. In fact, our large plant pots are found in the hospitality industry all over America.

Here are 4 ways that large commercial planters can improve style and hospitality:

1. Hotels

Hotels can use large pots to fill spaces with style, color, and life. Extra-large planters can be found in front of hotels, in gardens, and in lobbies. They can fill corners or empty spaces on a property that need some personality. They are a beautifully elegant way to hide an ugly window to a back-of-house area. Wide pots can help direct guests around the hotel.

2. Restaurants

Big outdoor planters help restaurants create a welcoming and fresh environment for their customers. Big pots are used both outside and inside restaurants, sometimes they can even be found in the bathroom! A special feature like a variety of planter displays is a wonderful way to wow diners. They provide an area of beauty for people to relax in. Selfies are always encouraged.

3. Planters for gardens and parks

Commercial spaces such as gardens, parks, aquariums, museums, zoos can be enhanced by the use of large plant displays. Big outdoor planters are a great way to draw people in and give them something beautiful to enjoy. This often adds value to the ticket price too.

4. Large planters in retail stores

Planters can be found all over malls – from out front greeting visitors to indoor areas providing privacy between stores. Planter boxes line the outside of malls to create a sense of enclosure for the customer.

An extra-large pot often features as a backdrop to clothing features at retail stores and also helps create an inviting atmosphere, which will encourage consumers to stay longer in the store.

What materials are used for large outdoor planters?

Planters come in a wide range of precursors, and these materials will change how they are used and their lifespan.

Big outdoor planters can be made of wood, plastic resin, metal &#; the list goes on! We have a full guide on it. Here are two types to consider:

Cheap planters made of materials such as plastic are fine for casual use but won&#;t stand the test of time. Usually, the first plant pot you buy from the nursery is made of plastic, but you will need to replace this quite quickly within a year.

Clay or stone pots are good for residential spaces where the owner has time to maintain or repair any damage from weather exposure. However, big clay planters are heavier than cheap alternatives like fiberglass or metal planters, but this may not be a problem for many people and it could even provide some stability for your larger plants.

big clay pot

Large fiberglass planters are a popular choice because they can be made as large as needed and are very lightweight. Fiberglass material also looks very modern compared to stone or metal that might not fit all home decor styles.

Large resin planters like fiberglass are manufactured to be versatile, durable and long-lasting. The coating is also rot and weather resistant &#; no need to worry about rust or paint chips! This makes fiberglass the perfect material for indoor use too.

Large size planters are a great way to add color and texture to any space, whether it be in the home, park, or hotel! Each pot plays its part.

If you’re looking for the perfect planter that is durable, beautiful, and functional, take a look at our collection of outdoor planters here.

Or if you are wondering how we can help your planter business to succeed in bringing beauty to commercial spaces, indoor or out, check out what to expect from Jay Scotts.

Planter Comparison Chart

A detailed comparison of Fiberglass Planters with 6 other planter materials. Use the chart to convince your clients!

Download Now
Sours: https://jayscotts.com/blog/extra-large-planter-ideas/
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Pot Feet for Outdoor Planters - 16 Pack Pot Feet Elevate up 1/2 inch, Rubber Planter Feet for Pots, Enhances Drainage Plant Pot Feet

Pot Feet for Outdoor Planters - 16 Pack Pot Feet Elevate up 1/2 inch, Rubber Planter Feet for Pots, Enhances Drainage Plant Pot Feet


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Item #:


This product is not Fulfilled by Ubuy and can take minimum 10 days in delivery. We might cancel the product from the order and refund you if any issue arise with the delivery of this product.

Note: Electronic products sold in US store operate on () volts, a step-down power converter is required for the smooth device function. It is mandatory to know the wattage of the device in order to choose the appropriate power converter. Recommended power converters Buy Now.

Product Details

  • MATERIAL: % rubber made up the pot feet. Planter pot feet don't absorb water. Non-slip and durable, strong bearing capacity. Great work on the garden for a long time.
  • APPLICATION: The plant feet can widely used for flower pots, planter pots and so on. Pot feet can into the pots center or one side of, place according to your preference.
  • DIMENSION: Each pot feet length and width is 1 inch, 1/2 inch in height. Not need adhesive, the weight of your pots will hold it down, be careful when put it on your pots.
  • FUNCTION: These flower pot feet not affect the pots drainage, not leave stains. Feet can raise your pots well, protect pots from being soiled in direct contact with the ground.
  • PACKAGED: There are different quantities of pot feet for you to choose. Choose what you need to protect your pots, your plants. Every pot feet will hold your pots well.
Product Dimensions1 x 1 x inches ( x x cm)
Item Weight ounces ( grams)
Number of Pieces16
Style16 Pack


Pot Feet for Outdoor Planters - 16 Pack Pot Feet Elevate up 1/2 inch, Rubber Planter Feet for Pots, Enhances Drainage Plant Pot Feet

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Garden designer David Domoney has shared a genius way to repurpose old wine corks in the garden to benefit your plants.

David, who currently appears on ITV's Grow Your Own at Home with Alan Titchmarsh, told gardening fans on Instagram that corks make great pot feet to lift plant containers off the ground, which allows for better drainage.

The Love Your Garden presenterexplained: 'Use wine corks instead of buying pot feet for containers. By elevating your pot you're creating a gap between the container and the patio allowing the pot to drain effectively and preventing the soil from getting waterlogged.'

Plant pot feet is a container gardening essential and a surefire way to help your plants thrive. 'Great idea', said one user, while another commented: 'And the best bit you get to empty the bottle of wine!'

While you can buy plant pot feet/risers from garden centres and online marketplaces like Amazon, cork is a cheaper and sustainable alternative, so the next time you finish a wine bottle, keep hold of the cork and put it to good use.

There are also plenty of other uses for corks around the home, take a look at some DIY cork ideas here.

Susanne KronholmGetty Images


David also shared a tip for cleaning succulents without breaking the leaves. He explained: 'Succulents are known for their visually interesting layered structures, as such when you are potting them bits of compost can get stuck in between the leaves. To avoid any unpleasant fungal disease, use a fine, soft paintbrush to clean them.'

This content is imported from Instagram. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site.

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The best outdoor plant pots for your garden or patio area

Best Tall Outdoor Plant Pot

Dayo Set Of Two Tall Ribbed Planters




These tall outdoor plant pots will add some height and drama to corners – and some industrial flair. 

Material: Zinc-plated iron
Size: 60 x 29 cm, 80 x 35 cm

Best Polyrattan Outdoor Plant Pot

Chester Set of 2 Round Polyrattan Planters




Rattan is pretty, but not especially weatherproof. This polyrattan option is a much better option for outdoor pots. 

Material: Polyrattan
Size: 43 x 45 cm, 26 x 28 cm

Best Round Outdoor Plant Pots

Shalin Set of 2 Round Planters




This pretty pair will brighten up your patio. 

Material: Fibreglass
Size: 59 x 53cm

Best Stoneware Outdoor Plant Pot

Natte Stoneware Planter

La Redoutelaredoute.co.uk



Keep your bigger, leafiest outdoor plants in here. We love the textured braided effect.

Material: Sandstone
Size: 30cm x 30cm

Best Vertical Outdoor Planter

Two Tier Vertical Growing Planter

Amelia Designnotonthehighstreet.com



If you've been tending a budding herb garden over lockdown, this is the best place to see it flourish now the warmer weather is coming. 

Material: Steel
Size: 92cm x 52cm

Dog-Style Outdoor Plant Pots

Cement Puppy Dog Planter

Ella Jamesnotonthehighstreet.com



How cute are these? It's definitely a good gift for a dog owner.

Material: Cement
Size: 19 x cm

Best Outdoor Plant Pots For Styling

Terracotta Planter Stand

All Things Brighton Beautifulnotonthehighstreet.com



Here's a very Instagrammable way to show off your growing succulent collection. 

Material: Terracotta/iron
Size: 65 x 40cm

Best Weatherproof Outdoor Plant Pot

Concrete Planters

Urban Concretenotonthehighstreet.com



These concrete outdoor plant pots would look great in urban gardens.

Material: Concrete
Size: Various

Best Outdoor Plant Pot For low-maintenance gardens

Greenville round pot




With a deep reservoir tray, these inexpensive plant pots ensure you won't have to worry about needy plants wilting without frequent watering. 

Material: Plastic
Size: cm x 23cm

Best Outdoor Plant Pots For Windowsills

Aged terracotta pot and wire basket set




Pop this on your windowsill or at the side of your garden steps to add a flash of greenery. 

Material: Terracotta
Size: Wire basket 22cm x 22cm, Pot diameter 10cm

Most Stylish Outdoor Flower Pot

Glazed flower pot




These pretty, muted colours will add some sophistication to your patio. 

Material: Clay
Size: 45cm x 43cm

Most Eco-Friendly Outdoor Plant Pot

Deluxe Planter Row




If eco credentials are important to you, you'll like this garden plant pot: it's made from recycled plastics and can be completely recycled once it's reached the end of its year lifespan.

Material: Plastic
Size: 35x34cm

Most Unique Outdoor Plant Pot

Large Fruit Flower Pot




These garden pots are fun – and they come in a range of designs. Our pick is this bright and beautiful strawberry. 

Material: Dolomite
Size: 14 x 14cm

Most Zen-like Outdoor Plant Pot

Buddha Flower Pot




This outdoor plant pot will add some zen to your garden space. 

Material: Cement
Size: 16 x cm

Best Tapered Outdoor Plant Pot

Affiti Clay Tapered Pot




These garden pots are so chic – the smooth, curved shape is really elegant. 

Material: Clay
Size: 49 x 33cm, 66 x 46cm

Most Stylish Gold Outdoor Plant Pot

Tembesi Etched Planter




Make your home's outdoor area a little more opulent – these pretty gold plant pots will add some glamour and gleam in the sunny weather. 

Material: Aluminium
Size: Various

Best Iron Outdoor Plant Pot

Endo Reclaimed Iron Planter




You wouldn't think that these striking outdoor plant pots are made from recycled oil drums – so they're both eco friendly and stylish. 

Material: Iron
Size: 31 x 38cm, 39 x 48cm

Best Wheeled Outdoor Plant Pot

Algarve cilindro terracotta wheeled pot




Keep your little trees and large shrubs in these wheeled plant pots. They'd look good either side of your home's front doorway, too. 

Material: Terracotta
Size: 36 x 40cm

Best Hanging Outdoor Plant Pot

Black Jute Hanging Pot

Graham & Greengrahamandgreen.co.uk



Trailing plants will look lovely spilling out of these – we'd invest in three or four to make a proper feature. 

Material: Jute
Size: 87 x 16cm (total height including rope)

Best Outdoor Plant Pot Stand

Evie Plant Stands

Graham & Greengrahamandgreen.co.uk



These will work both indoors and outdoors – so if you have a plant that needs to come inside during the winter, you won't have to repot it. 

Material: Terracotta
Size: 44 x 23cm, 64 x 28cm

Best Outdoor Plant Pot For Patios

Umber Fibreclay Short Planter

Graham & Greengrahamandgreen.co.uk



With a lovely pinkish clay hue, this outdoor plant pot will add some warmth to your patio. 

Material: Clay
Size: 50 x 50cm

Best Zinc Outdoor Plant Pots

Set of Two Rectangular Zinc Plant Stands

Graham & Greengrahamandgreen.co.uk



These zinc plant stands are super trendy – the teal legs will make for a real talking point. Keep your biggest, most impressive plants in here. 

Material: Zinc
Size: Various

Most Colourful Outdoor Plant Pots

Teal Footed Pot




These vibrant pots are bright, beautiful and under £20 – what's not to like?

Material: Resin
Size: cm x cm, cm x 29cm

Best Shallow Outdoor Plant Pot

Bowls Fibreglass Plant Pot

World Menageriewayfair.co.uk



With its wide rim and shallow depth, this bowl is a perfect shape for cacti and succulents. It's available in three colours and two sizes. 

Material: Fibreglass
Size: 12cm/18cm high

Best Large Outdoor Plant Pot

White-Washed Terracotta effect Tuscany Planter

Gardening Expressgardeningexpress.co.uk



If you're looking to create a more European-style vibe in your garden, this roomy, terracotta-style plant pot is the perfect accompaniment for fruit trees, as well as your larger leafy shrubs. 

Material: Resin
Size: 5L capacity

Best Mini Outdoor Plant Pots

Small terracotta plant pots, pack of 10

Weston Mill Potteryamazon.co.uk



Keep baby plants safe with this set of 10 classic terracotta pots. We think they'd look great displayed on an outdoor plant rack. 

Material: Terracotta
Size: 13cm x 11cm

Best Terracotta Outdoor Plant Pots

Terracotta Plant Pots With Saucers, pack of 10

Weston Mill Potteryamazon.co.uk



Or, go for this terracotta set with saucers. It's handy if you want to be able to bring your plants indoors without re-potting them. 

Material: Terracotta
Size: 13cm x 11cm

Best Outdoor Planter For Walls

Wall Planting Bags, 2pcs




Short on outdoor space? No problem. Utilise the walls instead with these planting bags and create your own vertical garden. 

Material: Felt cloth
Size: 30cm x cm

Best Multi-Use Outdoor Plant Pots

Knit Cozies Indoor/Outdoor Garden Plant Pots, set of 3




Liven up your outside space with this inexpensive set of colourful planters. They can be used indoors too, if you prefer. 

Material: Felt cloth
Size: 10cm x 14cm

Best Faux Wood Outdoor Plant Pot

Square Wood Effect Planter




Another inexpensive option; this square wood effect outdoor plant pot will look smart and understated on your patio.

Material: Plastic
Size: 40cm diameter

Best Outdoor Plant Pot For Small Trees

Arizona Stone Planters, Set of 2




Perfect for smaller trees, this pair of planters would look great either side of your home's entryway. 

Material: Plastic
Size: 56cm x 38cm

Best Cast Iron Style Outdoor Plant Pot

Square Lazio Planters, Set of 2




This set looks like its made from cast iron but, fortunately, is much easier to move around. 

Material: Plastic
Size: 30cm and 38cm in diameter

Best Purse-Friendly Outdoor Plant Pot

Peat Plant Pot




Create a bright and beautiful herb garden by stocking up on a few of these lovely yellow plat pots. The reactive glaze gives the colour some real depth. It's available in orange too,

Material: Ceramic
Size: 12cm x 12cm

Best Oval Trough Outdoor Plant Pot

Three Oval Trough Planters

Cox & Coxcoxandcox.co.uk



These trough planters would look great lining your decking or adding a finishing touch to steps. 

Material: Metal
Size: 53cm, 49cm and 44cm in length

Best Rattan Outdoor Plant Pot

Round Rattan Ball Planter

Cox & Coxcoxandcox.co.uk



Unlike most rattan pieces, this planter is hardy enough to withstand outside, so you can bring some of its relaxed charm to your garden space — or use it indoors too. 

Material: Rattan
Size: 33cm x 40cm

Sours: https://www.housebeautiful.com/uk/garden/a/david-domoney-wine-cork-plant-pot-feet/

Feet with outdoor planter

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How to stop your containers from getting waterlogged - drainage (feet for your pots)

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