Huffy purple mountain bike

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We have read all expert and user reviews on the Huffy Highland. In summary, this is what cyclists think.

6 reasons to buy

  • A majority of Highlanders found it easy to assemble this bike.
  • The Hi-Ten steel frame felt sturdy and comfortable on uneven terrain.
  • Owners reported that the brandless shifters operated smoothly.
  • Buyers were attracted to the Highland’s Low price.
  • Components were low-end but serviceable.
  • More than one owner felt that paintwork and finish were better than expected.

5 reasons not to buy

  • Wheels sometimes arrived untrue and did not seem tough enough for trail use.
  • Plastic cranks struck some owners as being low quality.
  • The suspension fork didn’t seem to possess the heft required for offroad use.
  • Instructions were vague and covered multiple models.
  • The brandless seatpost started bending after two rides, under one lb rider.

Bottom line

The Huffy Highland is an incredibly low-cost front-suspension bicycle that can be ridden over uneven asphalt or flat dirt roads. Parts are cheap and low-end. Many complaints related to incorrect assembly of the bike. For one buyer, this led to their elderly father being involved in an accident. These issues can be easily avoided by taking your direct-sale bicycle to your local bike shop, where it can be professionally assembled right out of the box. This is recommended by all manufacturers. Owners were generally happy with their purchase, but stressed that the Highland wasn’t suitable for rowdy off-road use or genuine mountain-bike trails.


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Huffy Women's Highland 24" Mountain Bike - Purple


New and only at Target! The Huffy 24” Highland Women’s Mountain Bike has the style and the performance to hit bike trails for spirited riding adventures. The radiant purple frame, in durable hi-ten steel, is backed by a limited lifetime warranty, and has a slight-rise handlebar for comfort. With the SHIMANO rear indexed derailleur, twist shifting delivers 21 speeds with ease to accelerate on level ground, to climb hills, and to glide down slopes.

Stitched for quality, stitched to last, the ATB saddle is padded for comfort. The alloy quick-release and railing make it simple to adjust the seat to the right height and angle. Alloy wheel rims are brushed to enable smooth brakepad contact for consistent, stopping action from the front and rear linear pull brakes. The Kolo front suspension fork absorbs stress from bumps and unexpected dips for a more responsive ride.

Knobby 24” x ” tires grip the terrain for excellent performance in wet or dry conditions. Resin ATB pedals on a 3-piece steel crank, and Krayton grips provide a performance look and a comfort feel. Highland glows purple for a stylish look, and delivers the riding euphoria you crave for bike trails, gravel paths, and even paved roads in the neighborhood. Kickstand included, for when you need to take a pause from the riding fury. For ages 12 and up. Huffy, We Make Fun.


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Bike huffy purple mountain

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Bike Assembly Tutorial - Huffy Summit Ridge

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