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Boruto: 10 Things Naruto Would Be Doing If He Weren't Hokage

Naruto's lifelong goal is to become Hokage. Living his childhood years under the judgmental eyes of the village, Naruto seeks attention. The Hokage is the leader of the village, someone who is greatly respected among the people. Naruto knows that becoming Hokage means people will finally acknowledge him.

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Naruto never gives up on his goal. He strives to become someone the village will recognize. Through hard work and determination, Naruto finally realizes his dream of becoming the Hokage. However, with the welfare of the entire village in his hands, Naruto has a lot of responsibility. His role in protecting Konoha keeps him very busy. If Naruto wasn't Hokage, he wouldn't miss out on the other things he enjoys.

10 He Would Be Sleeping

As the Hokage, Naruto is engrossed in paperwork. He spends long hours in his office, staying until late in the evening to complete his tasks. His obligations as Hokage leave him very little time to do anything, much less get a good night's sleep.

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Often times he falls asleep at work. He is so exhausted that even his shadow clones need a nap every now and then. If Naruto were not the Hokage, he would have plenty of time to sleep. Instead of falling asleep at work, he could sleep at home with his family.

9 He Would Be Eating At Ichiraku Ramen

One of Naruto's favorite things in the world is ramen. Being the Hokage, he rarely has time to venture out and eat at his preferred ramen shop, Ichiraku Ramen. Most often, he is seen eating cup noodles in his office.

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If Naruto had the time, he would probably be sitting at Ichiraku Ramen enjoying a large order of miso ramen with pork. Naruto makes a lot of important decisions while he's at Ichiraku. He even shared his first date with Hinata at Ichiraku.

8 He Would Be Following Sasuke Around

When Naruto and Sasuke are placed on Team 7, they are at odds with one another. Over time, they begin to understand each other's pain and become friends. However, Sasuke leaves Konoha and Team 7 behind for many years.

Naruto always chases after Sasuke, no matter how far he strays. When Sasuke returns to the Leaf Village, he works side by side with Naruto to protect Konoha. If Naruto weren't busy being the Hokage, he would probably be following Sasuke around, just as he did when they were younger.

7 He Would Be Spending Time With Boruto

One thing that suffers due to Naruto's responsibilities as Hokage is his relationship with his son, Boruto. To gain his father's attention, Boruto is constantly acting out or causing trouble. If Naruto weren't the Hokage, he would have plenty of time to devote to Boruto.

Boruto's goal is to become a  more powerful shinobi than Naruto. Sasuke can only teach Boruto so much about the Rasengan. If Naruto had more time, he could help Boruto develop his skills and teach him more about the Rasengan and other powerful ninjutsu.

6 He Would Be Leading A Team Of Promising Shinobi

Naruto is nurtured by many powerful shinobi in his life. Jiraiya, the legendary Sannin, and Kakashi, the Sixth Hokage, both teach Naruto in some capacity. Naruto learns a lot through training with his various masters, knowledge he can pass on to the next generation.

If Naruto weren't the Hokage, he would probably be leading a team of promising young shinobi. He would be the new sensei of his former Team 7, shaping the minds and skills of a new class of genin.

5 He Would Finally Take His Chunin Exams

A long-running joke of the Naruto series is that Naruto is still a genin. At the end of Naruto: Shippuden, Naruto cracks down on studying. He's very focused on not taking any shortcuts when it comes to being the Hokage.

However, circumstances always seem to get in the way, and in Boruto, fans learn Naruto is still technically a genin. Perhaps if he weren't the Hokage, he would finally find the time to take his Chunin Exams.

4 He Would Be Visiting the Toads at Mt. Myoboku

During his years of training, Naruto masters a variety of powerful skills. Like his predecessors, Naruto ventures to Mt. Myoboku to train with the toads to learn senjutsu and Sage Mode. Naruto also enters into a summoning contract with the toads.

The last time Naruto summons the toads is during the Fourth Great Shinobi War. Now that the Five Great Nations are at peace, there's no need to summon giant toads. However, if Naruto weren't busy as the Hokage, he could pay his friends at Mt. Myoboku a visit.

3 He Would Be Hanging Out With The Tailed Beasts

Naruto has a way of winning people over with his words. His talents extend far beyond the human realm as well. In the events preceding the Fourth Great Shinobi War, Naruto is able to gain the trust of all of the tailed-beasts.

During the war, Naruto receives chakra from all of the tailed-beasts. This act allows Naruto to become a medium where all the tailed-beasts can convene and communicate with one another. Naruto uses his ability to check on the tailed-beasts when the Otsutsuki is targeting their chakra. If he weren't the Hokage, he could hang out with them more frequently.

2 He Would Be Visiting His Friends

Throughout the series, Naruto has numerous enemies, but he also gains many friends. During his times of travel for training and missions, Naruto makes friends with people in just about every Great Nation.

Other than traveling and interacting with others for work-related business, Naruto doesn't have much time to spend with his friends. If he weren't confined to his office in the Leaf Village, he could travel to visit Gaara more often in the Village Hidden in the Sand or check in with his favorite rapper, Killer B, in the Hidden Cloud.

1 He Would Be Spending Time With His Family

Naruto views the whole Leaf Village as his family. For this reason, he is diligent in his efforts to protect and preserve the peace of Konoha. However, his responsibilities leave him little time for his actual family.

Before he becomes Hokage, Naruto and his family are close. He never misses important dates or birthdays. When he becomes Hokage, he spends less and less time at home. If he weren't Hokage, he wouldn't have such a busy schedule and could spend more moments with Hinata, Boruto, and Himawari.

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50 Things That I Think Would Happen if Naruto Didn't Exist

Hello everyone, regarding the the main headline, What If Naruto Was Never Born? I would like to share 50 things I think would happen in the series. Well let's get started ^^.

1. Ashura would not have a reincarnate when Indra had Sasuke as a reincarnate. His reincarnate would be someone else or no one at all and would skip that era.

2. Sasuke would have fallen completely into darkness and have probably destroyed the leaf village or become Hokage.

3. The Sannin would not have a complete


user uploaded image

4. With Naruto not there Team 7 wouldn't be complete.

5. The villains would have won. No discussion. Most of the heroes would be dead.

6. Kakashi, and Shizune would be dead since Nagato never had a change of heart and would have never done the Rinnegan Rebirth Justu.

user uploaded image

7. Minato would have had to think of another way to make the nine tails disappear. Kurama may have destroyed the whole leaf village.

8. Everyone would still be in Infinite Tsukiyomi. And they would all be white Zetsu soldiers.

user uploaded image

9. Sakura probably wouldn't have thought herself to be stronger and probably wouldn't learn medical ninjutsu.

10. The Akatsuki would have had trouble capturing the Nine-Tails.

user uploaded image

11. Half of these fillers wouldn't be here :sweat_smile:

12. Hinata wouldn't have found love or would've married someone else *cough* *cough* Toneri and Boruto and Himawari wouldn't exist :(

13. Gaara would still be evil and lonely with no friends. He also would never become Kazekage. :(

user uploaded image

14. Iruka would probably would feel different about his parents dying.

15. Mizuki could've gotten the scroll in Episode One!

16. The whole series would probably be called "Konoha" or "The Shinobi"

17. Many other anime like "Boku No Hero Academia" and "Hunter X Hunter" would probably not be existing.

user uploaded image

18. The Toad Sage's prophecy would be wrong and Jiraiya wouldn't have a student to complete the prophecy :(

19. Neji would still hate the main family, and probably could've seriously hurt or injure her. Hinata or Hiashi could've died in the war because Neji didn't jump in the way of the wooden stake.

user uploaded image

20. Regarding Naruto never existing, since "The Last" is pronounced cannon, the Earth in the Naruto world would be destroyed.

21. Might Guy would've died and half of Team Guy would have died in the war.

22. Some Akatsuki members would be alive.

user uploaded image

23. Some of Shinobi History would be thrown off.

24. Sakura and Sasuke would've died from the fight with Gaara in Season 1.

25. Tsunade probably would've healed Orochimaru's arms, which would've led to a 2nd Leaf Village Attack.

26. To follow up with number 25, Dan and Nawaki would be reanimated in a shorter time.

27. Zabuza wouldn't have had a change of heart. Thus not caring about Haku's death.

user uploaded image

28. The Boruto Series would probably not have been existing.

29. This series would have ended in I say the course of 1-6 years, beginning to lose a plot.

30. Many of the battles that were significant in the series wouldn't be here such as: Naruto Vs Sasuke, and Naruto Vs Pain.

31. With Naruto not there, Minato probably dead, and Jiraiya being killed by Pain (most likely) then I don't believe that The Toads on Mount Myoboku wouldn't be summoned much, which makes me think that they could be forgotten.

user uploaded image

32. Danzo could've plotted to either damage, destroy, or betray the Leaf Village since Naruto wouldn't have influenced Sai to stop his mission.

33. Many of the movies and merchandise wouldn't be there. Probably 1-3 movies would be made, and only 1-2 Video Games.

user uploaded image

34. Masashi Kishimoto wouldn't be such a famous author.

35. The Leaf Village wouldn't have a Jinchuuriki, despite being one of the Five Great Nations.

36. Not so many great fanfictions :/

37. Half of these ships such as NaruSasu, NaruHina, and NaruSaku wouldn't be existing ;-;

38. Shonen Jump wouldn't have made as much money from the Naruto Series.

39. Konohamaru wouldn't have someone, a role model, to look up to.

user uploaded image

40. This Naruto Fandom probably wouldn't be here :sweat_smile:

41. The 5th Hokage could've been someone else. Since Jiraiya turned it down, and Naruto not there to convince Tsunade, it could've been Danzo picked to be the Next Hokage.

42. TenTen could've had more screen time.

user uploaded image

43. That Ninja impersonating Itachi would still be alive.

44. (I'm Running Out ;-;) There would be a new Nine-Tails Jinchuuriki.

45. Sage Mode would never have a complete form since Naruto perfected it.

46. Believe It! would never be a famous catchphrase.

47. Sasuke would be a darker character.

user uploaded image

48. Shino would've been on the Sasuke Retrieval Squad.

49. I don't believe that the ninja who participated in the Chūnin Exams wouldn't have passed, since Naruto convinced Ibiki to pass them all.

50. You fill in the last one in the comments ^^ the best one will be put in this spot. :blush:

user uploaded image
Sours: https://aminoapps.com/c/naruto/page/blog/50-things-that-i-think-would-happen-if-naruto-didnt-exist/GP3Y_waunuLe6gYgpmpXEZMnp6WxwbrbJ8
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Anime What If: What if Naruto had joined the Akatsuki?

Naruto and Naruto Shippuden narrate the story of a gutsy ninja who, no matter what life threw at him, emerged victorious with his "never give up" attitude.

Naruto went through a lot since childhood, as the entire village shunned him for having the Nine-Tailed Fox sealed within him. The village had done everything to antagonize him as a child, and he had every reason to turn against the Leaf village.

However, he strived towards greatness and made it his aim to be acknowledged by everyone. Ultimately, Naruto fulfilled his dream of becoming a Hokage.

But what if that had not been the case?

A sneak peek into how things would have turned out if Naruto had joined the Akatsuki instead

There has been a lot of fan fiction predicting the result of this significant change to the original plot. But before that, it needs to be seen how this could have come to pass.

As fans know, Naruto has always been the good guy, the "gutsy ninja" who aspired to be the greatest Hokage ever. It is quite difficult to pinpoint which event could be the pivot that made Naruto join the infamous organization.

It is safe to assume that Naruto would not 'break bad' primarily because he was simply loathed. If Konoha had treated him as a weapon and pushed him to utilize Kurama's power for the village, while openly loathing and fearing him for his power, the Nine-Tails' hatred would have consumed him.

He would have become what the village saw him as: A monster.

Not to forget, if Naruto was not the warm and loving person he is, he would have never been the instrument of Gaara's redemption. As a result, there might have been an all out war between the Sand and the Leaf Villages.

This, in turn, would have made it extremely easy for Obito to swoop in and snipe Naruto, thus killing two birds with one stone:

1) He would be able to manipulate the hatred and weakness in Naruto's heart, and keep the Nine-Tailed Fox under the Akatsuki's control.

2) He could have utilized a strong shinobi like Naruto in Akatsuki up to the point where he would have extracted Kurama for him, in order to complete Project Tsuki No Me.

It is difficult to imagine how Itachi would have reacted to this, since he did what he did for Konoha's protection. Perhaps he would have planned on using Kotoamatsukami on Naruto when the time was right.

How would the Sasuke-Naruto scenarios have played out, if Naruto had joined the Akatsuki?

Such a plot would have definitely taken an interesting turn. If Naruto was Konoha's secret weapon, feared yet kept handy, the Sasuke-Naruto dynamic would have been a little different.

Consider Naruto in the position of young Gaara. If Konoha was okay with using a trapped form of the Kyuubi, there would seem to be no reason for them to treat the last of the Uchiha the same way. It is even possible that the village (read, Danzo) would have fanned Sasuke's hatred against Itachi.

This way, Danzo could have kept the truth about Itachi under covers, while having an ace Uchiha up his sleeve (literally). However, with Naruto having deserted the village and joining Akatsuki, he might have used Sasuke to finish him off, and maybe even let Sasuke take care of Itachi while at it.

If that would've had been the case, it is possible that Danzo would have made Sasuke as strong as he could (maybe even awaken his Mangekyo somehow). In this case, the battle between an unstable Naruto and an Uchiha trained under Danzo would definitely have ended with the former being dead.

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However, it is possible that Itachi might have stopped this somehow, by using Kotoamatsukami on Naruto and letting Sasuke kill him, thus fulfilling his purpose.

Either way, if Naruto had turned against Konoha, it would have been an age of turmoil and endless bloodshed, and world peace would have been a fleeting dream.

Sours: https://www.sportskeeda.com/pop-culture/anime-what-if-what-naruto-joined-akatsuki

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