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Easy shoe rackKRISTINEHelped keep my husband's expansive shoe collection off of the flor and organized.5


Great shoe storageSHELLBest price I’ve found for a shoe organizer. Works perfectly in my coat closet. I like the Velcro to attach around the closet rod.5

Love it!KALPANALove this shoe holder that has large space to organize more than just shoes. I have scarves in one and rolled my tshirts in another!5

Perfect for college dorm roomAnnPerfect for college dorm room5

Like itJuanitaLike it5

SKUBBJessicaIt's awesome. So cheap and doesn't take up a lot of space.5

Great product !Massi23Loveee this it is amazing for storage5


great for storage all my shoes an other stuffrikeni bought this item because i need more space in my closet, so it was great5

Space saverdohare123Really needed the closet floor space and not having to bend over to pick up shoes is a plus5

Wow is this awesomeTheHarksterNot really sure what it is supposed to be used for because hacking things have become a way of life in the Apartment Therapy mag I get weekly. I have way too many sneakers and use this for that - It worked so well and helped me keep my walk in closet walk-in-able, it was not prior to this purchase.5

Great Shoe organizergumbamaniaI hung two of these in my closet to get my shoes off the floor. I now know where the matching shoe is in a pair! Really made my closet more neat and organized.4

Great for hatskerowhackEach pocket is the perfect size for a baseball cap, and I use the lower pocket for knit caps or beanies.4

It organized more than I expected..FsahI bought it to help organize my baby’s basic clothes in my closet like onesies and pjs but I ended up organizing more than that.. I got her onesies pants pjs Carter’s 3 pc outfits hang out clothes sweaters leggings and more fitting in this thing!! Before I had everything neatly folded but in different areas of my closet. Now I have it all right there! Everything I need for every day!! So easy so visibly.. very convenient! Love this thing and I’m thinking of buying more and purposely finding more stuff to organize just because it looks so tidy and neat in my closet ;) ALSO I did use this for baby clothes but being as they are baby clothes no they may not be heavy BUT I did fill this thing up pretty good so I think it can hold pretty good weight without any problem to be honest!5

Shows goneY NOTI have one for Winter shoes these of her summer shoes hangs lies Li holds a lot seems 305

Organization at Its FinestChicagobred1These were bought to keep all our Shoes Organized. Outstanding Quality & Value. Keeps our Shoes all organized.5

Valuedeb2550Fights a whole lot of stuff to maximize space in closet.5

SharuI bought this few days ago and I m very much satisfied with the product.5

4XRHEAI brought it to hold vinyl and I hung it from the ceiling, which is working out well.5

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/skubb-organizer-with-9-compartments-white-80306271/
  • IKEA’s Boaxel system appears to be sold out in several locations nationwide, which may be COVID-19 related. We’re looking into other options and will update the guide as soon as we know more.

  • IKEA’s Boaxel system appears to be sold out in several locations nationwide, which may be COVID-19 related. We’re looking into other options and will update the guide as soon as we know more.

    We’ve also read through and updated this guide with a few products we’re interested in testing and some long-term testing notes.

March 22, 2021

Bringing order to a disorganized, cluttered closet can make daily life feel a little smoother—helping you find what you need, use what you own, and save time getting ready. To help you get closets of any size under control, we asked five experts for their best tips and tricks, and we spent 42 hours researching and testing closet gear. We have recommendations for everything from space-saving hangers to full closet systems, to help you find your tidy bliss.

Why you should trust us

We researched hundreds of organizing tools sold through Amazon, Bed Bath & Beyond, The Container Store, IKEA, Target, and other retailers. We looked closely at reviews, making a few picks based on those. Jackie Reeve spent 11 hours evaluating installed closet systems in stores and later tested our seasonal-storage items in her own home. Alex Arpaia used a small closet in her New York City apartment to put our storage-maximizing accessories to the test.

How to organize a closet

A Wirecutter writer holding several pieces of clothing in front of a closet set up with several closet organizing implements.

The first step to creating an efficient, organized closet is to take stock of what’s inside, and get rid of anything you don’t love or use regularly. You don’t need to dramatically pare down your wardrobe, but try not to let items you never use take up valuable closet space. And if something doesn’t fit, donate it. Our experts also offered the following tips for organizing closets of any size:

  • Take stock before you buy: Once you’ve gotten rid of what you don’t want, take a hard look at what remains, and make a plan for the best way to store it. Organizer Beth Penn told us that until you’ve taken inventory, you won’t know what kind of storage you’ll need, and you may end up buying bins and boxes that don’t actually work for you.
  • Choose streamlined organizing tools: Especially for a small area, invest in the most space-efficient storage tools you can find. Look for items like slim hangers and shelf dividers, rather than bulky wooden hangers or bins with drawers that take up more space.
  • Keep things visible and accessible: Debbie Harwin told us she recommends choosing organizers that make it simple to see and access everything in your closet. For example, it’s easier to see sweaters when they’re separated by shelf dividers, as opposed to stacked away in boxes. Try to give everything a place to live, especially items like shoes, which can get overlooked.
  • Take advantage of “found storage”: Julie Morgenstern suggested using hooks inside doors, to gain more hanging space, and grouping long-hanging and short-hanging clothing together, to free up a chunk of floor below the shorter pieces.

Small-closet organizers

The streamlined accessories in this section are designed to squeeze more space out of closet rods, shelves, drawers, and floors. For most people to get a small closet in order, all it should take is a couple of these recommendations and a few hours.

Hanging closet organizers

A photo of a closet containing a hanging closet organizer hanging from a metal rod.

Most of our experts warned against fabric hanging organizers, noting that they tend to become saggy and gather dust. In general, we agree, but because they are a common, quick, and affordable way to add storage to a tight closet, we researched 14 and tested three promising options anyway. And we think The Container Store’s 6-Compartment Canvas Hanging Sweater Organizer could be useful for storing linens or keeping folded clothes in order. It’s well made, with deep, wide cubbies that can even accommodate shoe boxes.

The hooks of the Container Store’s hanging organizer on a bar.

The six-shelf version of this Container Store organizer is 50 inches long, so it may almost reach your floor, depending on the height of your closet rod. Its compartments should easily accommodate sweaters, and it can be useful for storing folded sheets and towels. This organizer’s hooks are more stable than those of competitors: The triangular hooks’ wide base helps prevent the shelves from tilting forward or backward if the weight inside is unevenly distributed. Although we like this organizer’s size and shelving, we found the off-white cotton canvas to be a bit on the thin side, but we’re still confident it’s durable. As of March 2021, our home editor has been long-term testing the hanging organizer for a little over 2 years and it’s as sturdy as ever. The Container Store also sells a smaller, three-compartment option if you don’t need as much space.

We also tested StorageWorks and Simple Houseware organizers, both popular on Amazon, but each had flimsy shelves that during testing easily folded in half, rendering them useless. Both organizers were made of a cheap-feeling microfiber-type fabric that was rough and scratchy.

Closet-rod extender

A photo of the ClosetMaid Double Hang Closet Rod hanging from a metal rod in a closet.

Closet-rod extenders are a useful addition to any closet in which you want to maximize vertical hanging space: A second closet rod hangs below your built-in rod to double the number of items you can hang. In theory, they should be easy to set up and to use. In reality, most rod extenders are junk. We considered eight rods and tested three: the ClosetMaid Double Hang Closet Rod, the DecoBros Adjustable Hanging Closet Rod, and the Umbra Dublet Adjustable Closet Rod Expander. Of the three we tested, the ClosetMaid rod was the only one we wouldn’t immediately regret buying. It’s easy to adjust in a variety of ways, and, unlike most others we saw, it comes preassembled.

The ClosetMaid rod, which is made of powder-coated steel, beat the rest largely because of its durable and easily adjustable nylon straps, which attach to your existing closet rod, whatever diameter it may be. You can adjust the suspended rod to any height—from around 20 inches to 37 inches below the top rod—by sliding the clip up or down, so it’s useful for everything from kids clothes to adult shirts.

A closer look at the ClosetMaid double hang closet rod

The ClosetMaid’s construction is far more versatile than that of the extender we tested from DecoBros, which has a set number of slotted holes that limit adjustments in both length and width. The DecoBros model was also difficult to put together and too small—it didn’t extend far enough below a row of men’s shirts to allow them to hang freely. Finally, we tried a double-hang rod from Umbra but were unable to test it at all because the two-piece rod falling apart, as several of their negative reviews noted.


Multiple hangers in a birch closet alongside a white shirt.

Our experts unanimously agreed that the most efficient way to maximize space in any closet is to use slim hangers. By allowing everything to have more space, slim hangers also help keep clothes from wrinkling and rumpling in storage. Of the eight hanger styles we considered, the ultra-slim Joy Mangano Huggable Hangers were the best based on our tests. They’re more customizable than others, available as basic shirt hangers and suit versions, with a bar across the bottom for draping pants. The extra flocked shoulder shapers keep hangers from poking the shoulders of jackets and sweaters, and there’s also a hanger option for your belts and ties that’s just as slim.

Alex used the Mangano hangers in her small closet for three years and found they were sturdier and of better quality than other slim, velvet-flocked hangers she’d tried. She especially liked that the hangers’ gentle slope prevented the shoulders of her shirts from creasing. And these hangers are perfectly sized to fit inside most garment bags, making it easy to pack for a trip. Online reviews are also overwhelmingly positive, many stating that the Mangano hangers visibly save space and are better than competitors at preventing clothing from slipping off.

We also like Studio 3B Slim Grips Hangers, which are a better option if you’re hesitant about a velvety coating. They have metal hooks and plastic bodies with built-in grips, so shirts won’t slide around, and because they’re waterproof, they’ll work well if you want to hang-dry laundry.

If you prefer pants-specific hangers that make hanging and removing garments easy, we like The Container Store's Chrome Metal Pant Hangers. These have a PVC nonslip coating that keeps your pants in place, but slipping garments on and off is still simple. If you’d prefer a style without a velvet coating (as on the Joy Mangano hangers), this is a nice alternative. The slim profile and minimalist design should fit in perfectly with other shirt or suit hangers, giving your closet a clean look. Keep in mind, however, that the thinner bar may cause some creasing, unlike bigger, bulkier hanger-bar designs.

These hangers are slim, and the PVC coating is grippy, but it’s still easy to slip pants on and off the bar. Unlike other hangers we’ve tested, these don’t leave residue behind on clothing. Hanging pants in your closet can free up space in a dresser, and clothes will have significantly fewer wrinkles.

Shelf dividers

The Lynk Tall Shelf Dividers on a shelf, keeping a stack of folded clothes organized.

Shelf dividers are great for making piles of clothes or linens tidy and keeping bags separated and upright. They take up less space than storage bins and keep everything visible, something our experts highly encouraged. After considering 12 and testing five, we love the Lynk Tall Shelf Dividers because they have the best design, are made of a heavy gauge coated steel, and are the sturdiest we found. And because of their slim profile, these shelf dividers won’t take up any extra space.

When we clipped the Lynk dividers onto our shelves, they easily stood up straight, with no adjustment necessary. Many of the other options we tried proved unstable and weak. But the Lynk dividers felt far more secure on the shelf, and the metal was much stronger than acrylic versions. A long-term tester on staff who has owned the Lynk dividers for several years reports that the dividers have held up well and kept their closet “calm and organized.” If you have painted shelves, the tester suggested taking extra care while removing the dividers from shelves, to prevent paint from chipping from the friction. These dividers will work for shelves up to ¾ inch thick; if you have thicker shelves, go with The Container Store’s Clear Shelf Divider, below.

The Container Store's clear shelf divider in use on a shelf.

For thicker shelves, we recommend The Container Store’s Clear Shelf Divider. It easily slipped onto 1-inch-thick shelves in our tests, and though it didn’t feel as stable as the Lynk divider, it was far better than competing acrylic dividers. It’s compatible with Elfa shelves, also available at The Container Store. A valet hook on the front of the organizer provides a nice place to hang a handbag, tomorrow’s outfit, or something else you want to have readily on hand in your closet.

We also tested clear acrylic dividers from Cq acrylic and StorageAid, but both felt flimsy, and we think our other picks (particularly the Lynk dividers) will last longer.

Drawer organizers

An overview of white drawer organizers in use in a drawer.

Dividing your drawer with organizers can help keep folded clothing organized or socks and underwear from getting jumbled. After researching 15 and testing four sets of drawer organizers, we recommend Dial’s Dream Drawer Organizers. They took up less room, stayed more firmly in place, and were easier to adjust than the competition. These were the only drawer organizers we saw that included pieces to subdivide drawers both vertically and horizontally, a feature we loved.

The Dream Drawer Organizers use a spring-loaded mechanism that adjusts to fit drawers from 12 to 18 inches long and at least 4 inches deep. They also come with smaller dividers that attach perpendicularly, to further subdivide the space. Wide supporting panels at either end help the Dream Drawer dividers stay in place, without taking up too much drawer space, making them easy to slip in and out if you need to rearrange. They also used space more efficiently than the box organizers we tried, giving us multiple ways to take advantage of every inch of our drawers.

Hook racks

A row of hooks installed on a wooden closet wall.

We considered a range of hooks for keeping ties, belts, scarves, and necklaces organized in a tight space, and the InterDesign Axis 8-Hook Wall-Mounted Rack was the best. It’s well constructed, with hooks that are each deep enough to hold multiple items but spaced far enough apart that smaller accessories shouldn’t be crowded. At only 18¼ inches wide, this hook rack is a nice option if you’re looking for an efficient way to deal with odds and ends inside or outside the closet. One owner mentions in a review on The Container Store’s site that the anchors that come with this rack aren’t the best; if you find the prepackaged option unsatisfactory or don’t have a stud in your closet, we recommend these drywall anchors.

For storing towels, robes, and other items on the back of a door, we like the Spectrum Duchess Over the Door5-Hook Rack. This rack is solidly built, with large oval nubs at the end of each hook to keep clothing firmly in place. The smooth metal won’t damage delicate fabrics. When we tested this rack for our guide to gear for small apartments, we found that it hung easily over our tester’s 1½-inch-thick door with ¼ inch of overhang; it wiggled a little, although not so much as to annoy her. Some online commenters complain that the bracket makes it hard to shut the door, but, depending on the clearance between the door and the frame, this could happen with any over-the-door rack. We’ve also been long-term testing this rack since 2015, and it has held up well.

Shoe rack

Four pairs of shoes sitting on our pick for best shoe rack.

Our experts told us that shoes were one of the biggest culprits of clutter in the closet—people often own too many pairs and don’t allocate enough storage for them. After 30 hours of researching shoe racks and testing 15, we think the Seville Classics 3-Tier Resin Slat Utility Shoe Rack is the best for small closets where you need to maximize floor space. It’s the most stable freestanding rack we tried, yet it assembled quickly and without tools. Simply fold open the steel frame and snap the shelves into place.

The Seville holds more pairs than many racks we considered, and it is more customizable. You can easily stack two or more racks vertically or connect them horizontally, and the removable shelves mean it can fit taller boots that other racks can’t manage. No other model we tested made it as simple to store so many different shoe sizes and styles together. For more ideas about organizing shoes, see our full guide to shoe racks.

Closet systems

The IKEA Boaxel closet organization system shown in a bedroom closet

In a closet that needs structure, adding a system—whether installed or modular—is a game-changing way to utilize the vertical space, eliminate clutter, and fit more of your stuff. Professional organizer Toni Hammersley told us that any type of storage would be better than none, and that there’s no need to overspend if you don’t have the budget. “There are inexpensive systems on the market,” she said, and if you don’t want to permanently attach a system to a wall, even a bookshelf will help to hold bins and containers.

Although we didn’t bring closet systems in for testing, we did spend about 11 hours researching them online and in stores. We paid attention to the quality of the materials, the construction (up close), how they were installed, the availability, any extra accessories, and the price. All of our picks (with the exception of IKEA’s brand new Boaxel system) are also used by Wirecutter staffers, so we were able to get feedback about how well they’ve worked and held up over time.

Bang-for-your-buck closet system

Our pick

Of the closet systems we’ve considered, IKEA’s Boaxel closet system has the best combination of easy customization, low price, and availability. (As of March 2021, the Boaxel closet system is out of stock in most nationwide store locations. We are looking into alternate options. Before heading to an IKEA store, it’s always a good idea to check the product page’s “check in-store availability” tool to save yourself a frustrating trip.) It’s IKEA’s replacement for its well-liked Algot system, our former pick that was discontinued in 2020. Because of the pandemic, we’ve been unable to test the Boaxel in person (but we plan to). We did visit an IKEA store to look at the new system up close, and it appears to be just as functional and customizable as the Algot. There are plenty of similar add-ons available, like pants hangers, drying racks, and shoe storage, although there is only one shelf depth available for the Boaxel system, whereas the Algot had two. The systems are very similar, but they are not compatible with each other, if you’re hoping to expand your existing Algot setup. Unlike for the Algot system, which was popular with several of our staff members, we don’t have a lot of reviews and feedback for the Boaxel yet, although this Reddit thread was helpful. We still think the Boaxel system will meet a lot of the same needs that the Algot did. The Boaxel system has its own baskets, but it’s also meant to be combined with the new Jonaxel line of mesh baskets and frames, to add more modular storage options. (As of this writing, several Jonaxel products are out of stock at many national locations, so make sure you check availability before making the trip to IKEA.) So you can use it in a closet as a drawer/rod system, or around your home for wall-shelf storage. If you have a closet that’s too dark, one of our senior editors recommends adding the Norrfly LED light strip for extra illumination.

The Boaxel system is slightly more expensive than the Algot—about $20 more for this basic 4-foot-wide kit, which is similar to the Algot system we used to recommend. But we also considered wire closet systems, like this Rubbermaid Fast Track kit, from big-box stores such as Lowe’s and Home Depot, and for roughly the same price, the Boaxel system comes with baskets, a rod, and shelves, instead of shelves alone. The construction and materials are also better. We’ve had several wire systems from brands like ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid, and the metal edges are not as smoothly finished; Jackie has cut herself on them more than once during installation.

Mesh enclosures in a Boaxel closet system

We love the Boaxel system’s sleek look and thoughtful design details, such as the mesh material that makes the contents visible and allows air to circulate. Photo: IKEA

Articles of clothing hanging on white hangers in a closet

The Boaxel line is solidly built, and we thought the materials were more impressive than wire closet systems we saw at other stores; the others come with fewer accessories for a similar price. Photo: IKEA

Shoes on shelving in a Boaxel closet system

IKEA’s Boaxel system allows you to easily and inexpensively mix and match components to get the setup you need. Photo: IKEA

In our initial testing for this guide, we wanted to find an affordable option that was also widely available, and we found that IKEA was the best brand for a DIY closet system, if you think you’ll want to expand on it down the line. ClosetMaid and Rubbermaid systems can be really confusing to buy; each brand offers several different systems that seem interchangeable but aren’t necessarily compatible. Some are sold only in-store, some only online, and it can be hard to tell whether they’ll work together until you get them home. Unless you note your exact purchase location and model name (and it’s still available), you may find that the components you want to add just don’t fit. IKEA’s Boaxel and Jonaxel lines are available in-store and online, and they will always work together. One of our senior staff writers bought a ClosetMaid system to organize his pantry and also said it was confusing to install. We haven’t heard the same complaints about IKEA’s systems.

If the IKEA Boaxel system doesn’t work for you, the next best we’ve found is the ClosetMaid ShelfTrack system. The ShelfTrack line is somewhat more available than other systems we saw, the white wire shelves look a bit more uniform, and owner reviews suggest that extra components are easier to find. After examining several models in stores, we liked ClosetMaid systems more overall than Rubbermaid systems—they looked better constructed and seemed to have more options. Still, we found that ClosetMaid systems lacked both the quality and configurability of an IKEA system.

Investment closet system

We love The Container Store’s Elfa closet system for its quality materials, its high-end look, its versatility, and the ease of The Container Store’s online design tools. The shelves feel sturdier than those of our other picks, the brackets and rails appear more finished around the edges, and the drawers have a smoother glide. Also, the wood components we looked at had no visible dings or scratches, something we noticed on almost every big-box-store closet system we saw. And the Elfa system will last: We have staffers who have used the Elfa for years (more than 15 years, in one case), and it still looks almost new.

The Container Store's Elfa closet system installed in a closet, full of colorful clothes and shoes.

Consultants in-store can help you design your closet, but The Container Store’s online design tool is so much fun—it’s more intuitive and easier to use than IKEA’s online designer, and it offers more customization choices. You can buy the components and install them yourself, or pay an additional installation fee (which starts at $180).

As much as we like Elfa, it’s expensive. A basic, 3-foot-wide wire-shelf system typically costs more than $550 and really pulls ahead of our other closet-system picks with its wood components, which start closer to $1,000. In our research we found that the Elfa was still more straightforward and probably less expensive than custom closet systems, which are like buying a car—the true prices are hard to find without talking to a salesperson, and they change depending on where you live and what’s available. The Elfa system is easier to price and buy. However, for you to get the most value for your money, we think it makes sense to invest in an Elfa system only if you plan to live in your space for at least five years.

Modular closet system

If you want a modular system of cubbies and shelves that don’t require drilling into your walls, we like ClosetMaid’s Stackable Storage Organizers because they’re of better quality and have more pieces available than other modular systems we considered. They’re easier to find in stores, and the pieces are solid (although not as polished as those of the other systems we recommend). They are easy to confuse with ClosetMaid’s Cubeicals, though, and we haven’t tested that system to know whether the two are compatible with each other. The system includes shoe cubbies, drawers, and shelves, plus various cubby units that you can mix and match to get the setup you need. It doesn’t include a closet rod, though, so you may want to keep the one you have and use these freestanding pieces to maximize the floor space.

ClosetMaid’s stackable system is readily available at Home Depot, Lowe’s, Staples, and Target, and if you want to find a specific piece in stores, the company’s website has a “Where to Buy” button on every item; we thought it was fairly easy to make a list of the components we needed and source them this way. We also think this stackable system is easy to expand if you need to add components, especially since the line has been around for several years and hasn’t changed. What’s available now will probably still be available in a year or two.

Jackie used an older version of this same system for 11 years in her own closet and sewing studio. And though the laminate particle board isn’t as solid as Elfa shelves and drawers, this system does last, and it gets the job done.

What about IKEA Pax?

If you’re willing to DIY it, IKEA’s Pax wardrobe offers some interesting opportunities for creating built-ins for your closet. The Pax is technically a wardrobe meant to stand alone outside a closet, but we’ve seen great examples of people hacking units to create more-functional closets. Some of our readers recommended this option as an alternative to an installed system. It takes a little extra work to set up the wardrobe in a closet, but when done well, a Pax hack can look very clean and streamlined. Owner reviews are generally strong; people say they like the wardrobe’s tall height and the number of options available to configure the inside. We also talked to Wirecutter staffers who use and like the Pax.

What to look forward to: Soon we will test Kepsuul, a stand-alone closet organizing system sold direct-to-consumer online and through Lowe’s, Home Depot, Amazon, and Wayfair.

Seasonal-storage options

These bins and bags will keep your summer clothes or your winter bedding organized and packed neatly away until you need them. By incorporating tightly sealed under-bed storage, you can free up closet space while also keeping your valuables safe from moisture, moths, and dust.

Under-bed bins

A Container Store Clear Weathertight Tote full of clothes.

Affordable and airtight, a trusty, under-bed bin is shallow enough to stow under a bed to maximize storage space. Of the 12 under-bed bins we researched and the five we tested, we think The Container Store's 41-Qt Clear Weathertight Tote is the best. It’s made of thicker plastic and has a sturdier lid. Six latches located around the entire bin (not just at the ends, as on other bins) keep the lid securely fastened. It was the only bin we tested that gave us confidence it would protect against moths or water sneaking in (although we didn’t specifically test for those conditions). One of our editors used Clear Weathertight Totes for a cross-country move to protect items she didn’t trust hauling in a cardboard box, and the bins worked perfectly.

We tested the 8-inch tall 41-quart size, the biggest Clear Weathertight Tote that would fit under most beds (at 8 inches tall, it will require at least 8 ½ inches of clearance for smooth access). But smaller, 19-quart and 30-quart sizes (both the same 8-inch height) are also available. The 41-quart tote is small for an under-bed box, but the size made it easy to carry when filled and to slide out from under a bed with a 9-inch clearance. At 8 inches tall, these bins were taller than others we tried, but the extra height allowed more room for bulkier blankets and outerwear. Larger under-bed bins can be unruly to use in a tight bedroom—the largest we tested was wider than a twin bed by about 5 inches, leaving exposed sides to trip over. We thought the bigger boxes weren’t as easy to use as the smaller Clear Weathertight Tote. For closet storage, The Container Store offers the Clear Weathertight Tote in several larger and deeper sizes. We also recommend a few other options in our guide to storage containers.

Blanket bags

A blanket stored in a Misslo Folding Breathable Jumbo Storage Bag cube.

Blanket bags protect your bedding from dust and damage while it’s stored away. These bags are less of a hassle to open and close than a vacuum-sealing space bag, and they’re more generously sized than many hard storage bins we’ve looked at, so they hold bulkier bedding with ease. We researched 12 bags and tested two, and our favorite is the Misslo Folding Breathable Jumbo Storage Bag.

The Misslo bag was the most hassle-free to get a king-size comforter into, thanks to a top that zipped open on three sides. The bags are made with a thicker material, which allows them to stand up on their own, and they have a sturdy zipper. In our testing we were able to unfold, unzip, and fill the Misslo bags in less time than we did The Container Store’s Natural Cotton/PEVA Storage Bags. Jackie’s been long-term testing the Misslo bags for three summers to store her winter bedding off-season, and they still look new. It’s a breeze to access their contents when she suddenly needs to grab a blanket on a chilly night.

The set of two Misslo bags includes two sizes. We tested the larger bag (28 by 20½ by 15¾ inches) with our bulkiest bedding and still had room to throw in the duvet cover and some sheets. We think the smaller bag (24½ by 18 by 12½ inches) would work well for seasonal kids bedding and guest bedding.

Compression storage bags

Clothes stored in a SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bag

Although we generally prefer plastic bins or blanket bags for storing clothes and bedding, vacuum bags can be a decent option if your storage is tight. After researching 18 vacuum bags and testing three, we recommend SpaceSaver Vacuum Storage Bags. They shrank more and faster, looked better, and held their seal better than the rest.

We tested the jumbo-size bags, which are 30 by 40 inches and could hold a queen-size comforter or several pillows. They shrank down significantly faster and looked flatter than the Vacwel Jumbo Vacuum Storage Bags we tested in a similar size (30 by 43 inches). We filled both bags to the same height with fluffy bedding, pillows, and clothes, and the SpaceSaver bags compressed by a little over 60%; the Vacwel bags compressed by only about 50% (in our testing neither achieved the 75% to 80% reduction they advertised). We reused all the bags we tested, and they compressed back down to roughly the same size. Since our original testing, we’ve used the SpaceSaver bags in a cross-country move and to pack several boxes for shipping, and they’ve held their seal through four or five repeated uses.

Jackie has used these bags since 2018 to ship test bedding around the country for photography, donations, or returns to companies, and she’s never received a complaint that products arrived dirty, wet, or otherwise damaged. She also used them for a cross-country move and reported that although they were fine overall, after a few months in storage, some bags lost their vacuum seal. She’d stored the bags—compressed and sealed—in plastic bins, and we recommend that you do the same because almost all vacuum bags eventually lose their seal.

Of the three compression bags we tested, Acrodo’s Space Saver Compression Bags were the easiest to use—rather than dragging out the vacuum, you simply roll the air out and seal. They compressed by about 50% and held that compression for our 24-hour test. They shrank enough to be helpful in the short term for creating extra space in a storage box and protecting clothes from the elements, and we had no problem reusing and resealing them.

We tested the smaller size, which was easier to compress—the fuller the bag, the harder it is to roll them. So, unlike the SpaceSaver bags, these aren’t a great choice for storing big bedding.


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  4. Sharon Lowenheim, professional organizer and founder of Organizing Goddess, phone interview, November 21, 2017

  5. Debbie Harwin, professional organizer and owner/president of I Need My Space, phone interview, November 21, 2017

About your guides

Jackie Reeve
Sours: https://www.nytimes.com/wirecutter/reviews/closet-organizing-ideas/
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Instant shoe rackFERDELIZAInstant shoe rack5

Great for dorm roomSARAGreat for dorm room5

Love this productCAROLToo bad they are not keeping stock up. I needed two of these . Grabbed the last one . If it is in stock get it.5

Surprisingly bigger than expectedDeanna G.Surprisingly bigger than expected5

RecommendDORCAExact what I expected and worked perfectly for what I intended it for. Quality is perfect and it is worth the price. Highly recommend5

NiceAbeer E.Nice5


Storage MaximizerCelestePurchased this specifically for our motorhome. It's a great way to maximize storage for five in a small closet and living space. Love the neutral ivory/white color, too! It looks so crisp and clean, also makes more of the limited light in the closet.5

Love IT!BEATRIZIt fit perfectly in my closet and it fits so much clothes.5

Storage SolutionGregoryThis is cheaper than buying some shelving for towels.5

UsefulnessIrisI got this to hold sweaters. Then thought of so many uses for it I am having a hard time making up my mind on which one to use it for.5


Fits perfect in the closetCarolina C.Gives you organization. Fits a lot of clothes. I don’t really know what the last two pockets are for but it still works.3


Hanging OrganizerDORISOrganizer is very well made and fits all my items perfectly!5

Good productRogerGood product4

Really good qualityRosangelaReally good quality5

Works great for organizing closet.KatieWorks great for organizing closet. Eliminated my need to buy a dresser5

Increases closet storage inexpensivelyChristineIncreases closet storage inexpensively1

Just adding this product makesCAROLINAJust adding this product makes a huge difference in organizing the closet.5

Sours: https://www.ikea.com/us/en/p/skubb-organizer-with-6-compartments-white-40300049/
ikea hacks for organizing

Organize home with these IKEA hacks. IKEA furniture is budget-friendly, so great to keep your home decluttered.

ikea organizing hacks

No matter how hard you try, certain spots in your home are somehow always messy. Your closet, vanity, and desk drawer for sure, am I right?

Of course, every room could use some extra space to keep things neat and tidy, preferably without breaking the bank.

Whether you need extra space for your shoes, makeup, or crafting supplies, these IKEA hacks offer affordable and practical solutions to reorganize your home.

1. IKEA Kallax Storage Bench

IKEA Kallax Storage Bench

Credit: tonicliving.com

Turn the popular IKEA Kallax bookshelf into a super-functional and stylish seating bench with storage. You can use this bench in your kitchen, entryway, mudroom, or any other space that could use extra seating.

It’s very easy to make, without any fancy tools or help from professional carpenters. Besides the Ikea Kallax shelves, you’ll also need high-density foam, plywood board, upholstery material (like vinyl), hook and loop Velcro strips, spray adhesive glue, and a staple gun.

Here are more IKEA Kallax hacks like this one.

2. IKEA Spice Racks for Bathroom Storage

IKEA Spice Racks

Credit: marthastewart.com

Take IKEA’s Bekvam spice racks into your bathroom and mount them on the back of a closet door.

Use them as storage for all of your makeup and hairstyling products or your towels. To add a personal touch, paint the wood in your favorite color (find your favorite shade here).

Here are more IKEA bathroom ideas!

3. Turn a Bed Slat into a Wall Hanger

Wall Hanger

Credit: ichdesigner.com

Installing a wall hanger is hard to do without putting lots of holes in your wall. Unless you have an old bed frame you want to recycle. Or $10 in your pocket to invest in this IKEA Sultan Lade bed slat.

You can put this stylish wall hanger anywhere you need for extra storage. Your bathroom, kitchen, living room, or even your patio.

Repurposing this bed slat will give you plenty of wall storage options. Use two hooks to hang the slat against the wall (just make sure the hooks can handle heavy).

You can customize it with paint, extra hooks, or metal wire baskets like this one here. You can also hang clothes, magazines, and books directly over the slats.

This is a good storage or décor project for your bedroom.

4. Organize Your Drawers

organized drawers

Source: feelingnifty.com

Do you have a junk drawer? I must admit that I had one not so long ago. It was so stuffed, but no matter how much I tried to divide and sort, it always went back to being messy.

That was until these amazing IKEA Skubb boxes helped me to finally bring order to my chaos. You can use them to sort accessories, socks, lingerie, cosmetic products in the bathroom, or toys in the kid’s room.

This is what I call divide and conquer! Here are more IKEA hacks for your desk, in case you need more space to organize your documents.

5. Variera Boxes for Bathroom Cabinets

Variera Boxes for Bathroom Cabinets

Credit: justanothermummyblog.com

You can use the Variera boxes to store and organize pretty much everything: your bathroom, laundry, pantry, etc.

There are a couple of different sizes, which is super-convenient.

If you’re using them in your bathroom cabinets, you can use the smaller size for products that don’t need much storage, like face products and contacts.

6. Trofast Storage for Your Home Office

Trofast Storage

Credit: instagram.com

Are you a crafter that dreams of a beautifully organized craft space? Or maybe you’re struggling with a mountain of office supplies?

IKEA Trofast is a great solution for storing all your crafting supplies or office essentials. It provides tons of storage space and helps you organize your working space.

To make things even neater and easier, add a simple label on each plastic box.

7. Hanging SKUBB Storage for Clothes

SKUBB Storage

Credit: ikea.com

A beautiful, large walk-in closet filled with all your shoes, clothes, and accessories is a dream. In real life, most of us have much smaller, crammed closets filled to the top.

If sifting through all that mess is driving you crazy and you’re ready for a change, the IKEA Skubb hanging storage is the perfect solution to get the most out of your small closet.

8. STUK Hanging Shoe Organizer

STUK Hanging Shoe Organizer

Credit: instagram.com

This over-the-door shoe organizer is the perfect hack for small spaces. You can use it to keep so many items neat and clutter-free. 

It doesn’t take up much space and since it hangs over a door, you can keep it on the inside of your closet.

You can repurpose your Stuk hanging shoe organizer to hold winter hats and gloves, sort your kid’s LEGOs by color.

As well as keep stain removers and clothespins in the laundry room, or for onesies, socks, and diapers in the nursery!

9. IKEA Spice Racks for Organizing Baby’s Room

Organizing Baby’s Room

Credit: citymom.nl

The life of new moms is stressful. That’s why you need a great hack to help you organize baby clothes and avoid frantic searches in emergency situations.

Turn IKEA’s spice racks upside down to transform them into clothes hanging rods. A simple idea to keep all those cute little clothes organized in a way that is easy and convenient for you.

Use spice racks for a perfect IKEA kitchen hack too!

10. Komplement Tray for Jewelry

Komplement Tray for Jewelry

Credit: justanothermummyblog.com

Your necklaces are all tangled, you have no clue where your favorite bracelet is, and you can only find one of those black earrings. Sounds familiar?

If you’re looking for a creative way to store your collection of jewelry, IKEA’s Komplement tray is the perfect solution.

It’s big enough to fit all of your jewelry, yet appropriate for a small space. It also has a clean, contemporary feel, and is totally affordable.

All boxes checked!

11. Drona Boxes for Linen

Drona Boxes for Linen

Credit: justanothermummyblog.com

Most homes have only one main linen closet or cabinet, which easily turns into a “junk drawer” for the entire house. This can easily overwhelm the space and make it difficult to find what you need.

Use IKEA’s Drona boxes to make this space more user-friendly. Besides functionality, these cotton-covered boxes will also add a stylish touch.

To make the space even more functional, use labeled acrylic tags like this one.

12. Back-of-Door Makeup Organizer

Back-of-Door Makeup Organizer

Credit: ikeahackers.net

Whether you have a huge collection or you’re a type of person who buys only the essentials, keeping your makeup organized is crucial.

I mean, why settle for any lipstick shade just because you couldn’t find your favorite one in a cluttered drawer?

This back-of-door makeup organizer is made of cheap Sunnersta containers hanging on a short Bekvam spice rack. Can you believe it?

All you need to hang this organizer is a few wood screws. So simple!

13. Seamless Double Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Credit: scraphacker.com

IKEA’s Hemnes collection is a perfect option for tiny front entrances. If you have enough room for two, even better.

However, having two Hemnes cabinets will require some ‘hacking’ to set them up side by side. As the top shelf has a bit of an overhang, you’ll have to cut one side of both units to prevent a gap between them.

To be honest, this hack does require some work (it involves a miter saw like this one). But it a great storage solution that will keep your entrance clutter-free and organized.

Here are more great IKEA hacks for lower budgets!

14. Broom Closet Organization Hack with Spice Racks

Broom Closet Organization

Credit: projectshannon.blogspot.com

Don’t let your broom closet become a dumping ground for everything you want out of sight. Use the Bekvam wooden shelves mounted on the door to store all your cleaning supplies.

Want an extra tip? Maximize the vertical wall space to save some precious square footage on the floor for heavy items that cannot be hung.

Keep your dustpans, brooms, and mops elevated with a wall-mounted organizer. That way, bulkier items like buckets, as well as your vacuum can fit below.

15. DIY Painted Basket

DIY Painted Basket

Credit: tellloveandparty.com

I love using baskets to give everything a special spot! Whether to keep toys, blankets, books, a bunch of random items, they are a great way to stay organized.

This hack shows how to give a plain basket from IKEA a colorful makeover with some paint and pompoms like these.

16. Kallax School Bag Storage

Kallax School Bag Storage

Credit: ikeahackers.net

When your little ones start going to school, you’ll have to find a place for their school bags. No, keeping them on the pantry floor isn’t a good idea, as you’ll have to kick them around every time you are looking for something.

The solution? This IKEA Kallax hack.

By using some coat hooks, measuring tape, and a drill, you’ll create super-functional storage space. Besides your kids’ school bags, you can also use it for coats, hats, keys, books, and lunch boxes!

17. DIY Pegboard for Craft Room

DIY Pegboard for Craft Room

Credit: iheartorganizing.com

You need a functional storage solution for your crafting supplies, but you’re tight on space? Then you’re going to adore this big DIY pegboard!

You don’t even need a separate craft room – just some wall space!

Besides a pegboard, you’ll also need a Ribba frame from IKEA. Measure and cut the pegboard to the size of the frame, then pop it inside. Done!

18. DIY IKEA Spice Rack Redo

DIY IKEA Spice Rack Redo

Credit: verylegendaryee.com

Who said the Bekvam spice racks needed to be boring? One of the most popular and affordable Ikea classics can be easily customized in any way you can imagine!

Tiffany from VeryLegendAryee used beautifully designed napkins and glued them with Mod Podge to the spice racks. The result? Absolutely romantic racks to house all your spices!

If you love more ideas like this, check these shabby chic kitchen décor ideas that are also practical.

19. IKEA Raskog Cart for Kids Art Supplies

IKEA Raskog Cart for Kids Art Supplies

Credit: suburble.com

If you’re struggling with how to organize your kids’ art materials, crayons, and markers, here’s a great solution. Create an Art Cart with IKEA’s Raskog.

This Art Cart can be easily rolled to wherever your little ones are working and allow them to use their creativity whenever the mood arises!

20. Family Command Center IKEA Hack

Family Command Center IKEA Hack

Credit: feelingnifty.com

Family command centers have become very popular over the past few years. In case you don’t know what it is, a family command center is a system for organizing everything in your household.

You can use it for calendars, shopping lists, receipts, chores, notes…everything in one place. 

This hack works great for small spaces. The whole set up includes Ikea front opening frames, Ikea Hemnes cabinet, Ikea Luns chalkboard wall organizer, and Ikea magnets.

You can decorate it with these chalkboard pens, colorful scented candles like these, and pen holder mugs (as seen on Feeling Nifty).

21. Trones Shoe Holder for Paper Storage

Trones Shoe Holder

Credit: heyletsmakestuff.com

Do you sometimes feel like you’re drowning in paper? I can relate!

When I started looking for a way to organize my paper, I went through some pre-built storage solutions but they were quite pricey. So, as always, DIY saves the day.  

Simply repurpose a couple of IKEA’s Trones shoe holders. They hold tons of paper and fit everything from regular letter size to 12 x 12 scrapbook paper.

Just make sure to install them using anchors (like these) so they’ll be able to carry the weight of the paper.

22. Shoe Storage Hack

Shoe Storage Hack

Credit: ikeahackers.net

Girls just want to have lots of shoes. Right? But when our wish comes true, we’re faced with a true shoe explosion.

Shoe storage can be a big problem as there isn’t enough space for storing all family members’ shoes.

What’s more, finding a quality storage product that won’t take up too much space (or have a big price tag) is almost impossible.

If you want a clever and affordable solution, here is a superb hack. To make it, you’ll need some IKEA rails, 3 Variera storage boxes, 2 Variera utensil holders, 5 pieces Grundtal S-hooks, and 10 pieces Bygel S-hooks.

23. Mug Holder

Mug Holder

Credit: swoonworthy.co.uk

Having a coffee mug holder can free up quite a lot of space in your cabinets. It’s also a great way to display your favorite mugs for everyone to enjoy.

This glamorous mug holder, combined with a high-quality coffee machine like this one and all the necessary supplies, creates an inviting area to make your favorite drink and relax.

To create it, all you need is an IKEA Grundtal rail and gold spray paint!

24. DIY Kitchen Island

DIY Kitchen Island

Credit: kreatinghomes.com

You want a kitchen island but you’re tight on money? Rush to IKEA to buy some cool stuff you can repurpose.

Kate from Kreating Homes used her old Kallax (formerly Expedit) bookcases to create this amazing kitchen island.

She repurposed old metal legs, as well as an old tabletop. (If you don’t have old legs and old tabletop, get brand new ones here and here).

Later, she added a lid holder like this to the side, a couple of magazine holders to keep water bottles, and fabric storage bins for the less attractive items.

25. Bygel Rail for Organizing Cupboard

Bygel Rail for Organizing Cupboard

Credit: apartmentapothecary.com

Pots, pans, and lids are probably the most difficult pieces of kitchen equipment to handle. They are quite big and bulky, but you use them often, so you need to find an easily-accessible space to store them.

Attach Bygel rails to your cupboard door to hold the lids and you’ll have no trouble finding the right lid for the right pan ever again!


Which of these IKEA hacks is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below.

Sours: https://craftsyhacks.com/ikea-organizing/

Ikea hanging organizer

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