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Reign Season 1 Soundtrack List ()


Reign Season 1 Soundtrack List () &#; tracklist for every season ordered by episodes, as the music appears in the show, including all songs.Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 1 “Pilot” s01e01
Original air date: October 17 Charlie Boy by The Lumineers
Mary asks Francis if he would want to marry her if he was a nobody and she wasn&#;t the queen of Scotland
Follow by Crystal Fighters
Mary, Greer, Aylee, Kenna & Lola disperse to relieve themselves after watching the couple consummate.
Back To You by Twin Forks
Mary Stuart and her ladies-in-waiting are dancing.
Scotland by The Lumineers
Opening scene when Mary plays futbol at the convent and when she arrives at the castle
The Loved Ones by Sanders Bohlke
Sebastian returns Stirling to Mary.
Girl You&#;re Alright by Paul Otten
When the girls are doing their makeup.
Scotland by Wesley Jeremiah
Opening scene where Mary is playing Futbol at the convent Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 2 “Snakes in the Garden” s01e02
Original air date: October 24 Flowers in Your Hair by The Lumineers
Mary, Francis & Charles are riding through the forest.
Give up the Ghost (with Johnny McDaid) by Rosi Golan
Mary & Charles introduce themselves to Madeleine.
Wistful Thinking by A. Void & David Young
Everyone is enjoying the celebration in the castle.
Final Days by Matt Wilcox
Everyone is outside in the courtyard while they watch the kids play.
Navigate by Band of Skulls
End of the episode.
Scotland by Wesley Jeremiah
Shazam is wrong. If you go to the 4-minute mark of the episode, it reads: &#;Scotland&#; Written by Jeremy Fraites and Wesley Schultz Performed by The Lumineers.
Scotland by The Lumineers
Long may she reign montage. Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 3 “Kissed” s01e03
Original air date: October 31 Scotland by The Lumineers
Theme song.
Scotland by Wesley Jeremiah
The song is officially credited as Wesley Jeremiah (even if it is the Lumineers).
Roots by The Melodic
Mary tries to get Charlie&#;s ball out of the tree; She gets introduced to Tomas.
Pompeii by Bastille
Henry is sparring when Francis interrupts him.
Simple Desire by All Mankind
Henry & Kenna are in the corridor making out.
Wasting My Young Years by London Grammar
Mary & Tomas are riding their horses to a church built by Louis VII.
Estampie by Robert Foster
Catherine is talking to Nostradamus about what he saw in the future.
Tete a Tete by Ismaël De Saint Léger
Tomas dances with Mary.
By Your Side by Alex&Sam
Everyone is outside while Mary & Tomas talk.
Beautiful Day by Joshua Radin
Greer & Leith are talking then kiss.
These Things Never Change by Josh Auer Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 4 “Hearts and Minds” s01e04
Original air date: November 7 Blame by Nik Ammar & Oliver Jackson
The girls are talking before the costume banquet.
I Followed Fires by Matthew and the Atlas
Mary goes to talk to Simon about his seal at the costume banquet.
Run Boy Run by Woodkid
Everyone is preparing for Simon&#;s beheading.
Metal & Dust by London Grammar
Mary proposes a new treaty between Scotland & England to Henry.
Hide and Seek by Claire Guerreso
Kenna goes to see Henry in his room.
More Than An Arms Reach by Adurn
Kenna joins King Henry in his bedroom and asks if she can stay after Mary leaves.
You&#;re My Girl ( Hey Hey Hey) by Fairground Lights
Leith tells Greer about the tradition behind the costume banquet; they kiss.
More Than an Arms Reach by Adurn
Hide and Seek by Claire Guerreso Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 5 “A Chill in the Air” s01e05
Original air date: November 14 Don&#;t You Give Up On Me by Milo Greene
Francis asks Mary to the harvest festival & they kiss.
With You by Dan Gautreau & Wolfgang Black
Leith helps Greer with the stain on her dress.
Fingers N Thumbs by Jim Davies & Martin Jackson
The girls are talking when they see Olivia has arrived.
The King of Norway by The Donnies The Amys
Sebastian and Mary kiss.
The Call by Ruu Campbell
Olivia & Francis kiss. Greer breaks up with Leith. Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 6 “Chosen” s01e06
Original air date: November 21 Silent Treatment (William Orbit Mix) by The Joy Formidable
Kenna asks Henry why Diane is back at the castle.
Tookah by Emiliana Torrini
Kenna tells the girls about being Henry&#;s mistress & Diane.
Bottled Up Tight by Luke Sital-Singh
Kenna sees the fireworks that King Henry has set up for her; She kisses him.
Nomads by Joe Banfi
Francis tells Mary that they can continue to see other people, except Bash, until they get married; He & Olivia kiss.
All You Leave Behind by Hannah Cartwright & Ross Tones
First song used in the &#;Chosen&#; promo. Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 7 “Left Behind” s01e07
Original air date: December 5 Don&#;t Be Afraid by Lee DeWyze
Leith tries to teach Greer how to fry an egg. Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 8 “Fated” s01e08
Original air date: December 12 Until We Get There by Lucius
Francis & Mary are in bed talking after they&#;ve have made love.
Bones by Ms Mr
King Henry and Diane are fornicating.
Set No Sun (feat. ELLE J & Joel Cadbury) by UNKLE
Mary & Francis talk about their upcoming marriage; Aylee is slowly poisoned, gets pushed down the stairs & dies in Mary&#;s arms.
Younger by French Wives
Mary refuses to take the English throne; Mary & Bash escape the castle.
Timber (feat. Ke$ha) by Pitbull
Take this song off of the reign soundtrack, it is not in the episode
invincible by Disposable Youth
this is the song in episode 9 promo
Invinsible by Epic rock
Invincible by Sonic Tremor
Younger by French Wives
End of Episode :When Mary refuses to take the throne; Mary and Bash escape the castle Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 9 “For King and Country” s01e09
Original air date: January 23 Fuel to Fire by Agnes Obel
The girls watch as Catherine gets ready to leave the castle.
Amsterdam by Daughter
Bash tells Mary that he can&#;t believe he&#;s to become king.
I&#;ll Be The Frist by Kill it Kid
When Mary starts searching for Francis to tell him that she is to marry Bash & during Francis & Bash&#;s fight.
I&#;ll Be The First by Kill it Kid
invincible by Disposable Youth
The opening scenes when Mary and Bash are running away together. Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 10 “Sacrifice” s01e10
Original air date: January 30 Promise by Ben Howard
Bash drops blood on Isabel grave&#;s as a part of the ritual; Bash explains to Mary that if they marry he&#;s duty is to her not the country, they kiss.
Can You Help Me by The Magnetic North
Mary tends to Isabel while they talk about royalty.
But That Can Wait by Jonathan Allen Guerra
Mary delivers Isabel&#;s baby, Mary and Bash smile and their eyes meet.
Howl by Florence + the Machine
Throughout the episode there was background piano that sounded EXACTLY like this song only a bit slower.
Can you help me by Hannah Peel Reign (Season 1) &#; Episode 11 “Inquisition” s01e11
Original air date: February 6 Son by Warpaint
Mary tells Bash her heart is open to him, they kiss; Catherine prepares herself by getting dressed up and contemplates what to do with the poison she has; Mary has a bath prepared for herself.


Reign season 3 finale recap: Spiders in a Jar

Well, Royals, we did it! We made it to the end of Reign&#x;s season 3. What with the amount of time it took for the dearly beloved CW network to roll out this season&#x;s 18 episodes and the sheer amount of obstacles that plagued our fierce queens, it felt like we might never get here. Do you remember where we started? Mary was dealing with the Condé fallout, Francis was grappling with news of his impending death, and Catherine was hanging out with her new BFF Queen Elizabeth, plotting to take Mary down. My how things have changed &#x; mostly for the better. This last batch of episodes have been the season&#x;s best, with Mary using her grief over Francis to propel her forward in her mission to bring peace and prosperity to Scotland. She certainly is a very different woman than she was at the start of the season; tougher, politically savvier, more murder-y. If Mary was just a teenager when we first met her, she has most certainly earned her adult badge by now.

Okay, I&#x;m trying to be very professional here, in honor of the season finale, but I can&#x;t hold it in any longer: YOU GUYS, SOMEONE GETS BEHEADED AND I AM NOT OVER IT. I will never get over it. I felt obliged to start this recap with Mary, since she is the true queen of my heart, but all I want to do is talk about that death and how I never thought Reign would actually go there and that I gasped out loud when it happened. GASPED. So, because I have no self-control, we&#x;re starting this whole shebang in England.

Over in England, Lady Lola is scouring over the letter she received with instructions from Mary to aide in the assassination of Queen Elizabeth. She&#x;s searching for any way out, but, alas, the letter is written in their secret code, and Mary&#x;s orders are clear.

Lola secretly meets with Narcisse to hand off John to him. She says she needs a few more days before she can leave for Scotland. He seems somewhat suspicious, but dude, if there&#x;s one time to be an uber-controlling husband who murders people to keep your wife around, it is now. Instead, he seems willing to accept that Lola needs to stay for an event and that her good-byes to both him and her son sound awfully final.

Soon after, Lola has a rendezvous with her new assassin friend to go over their plan, and then they are off. There&#x;s barely any time to process the fact that Lola is taking up the huge task with no backup or any proof, really, before she&#x;s there in the hallway, making extremely noticeable nods to the assassin and demonstrating just how horrible she is with stalling tactics. She&#x;s so obvious, in fact, that even Dudley, who has proven time and again that he&#x;s not the smartest guy on the block, almost immediately outs Lola&#x;s plan. I mean, this is the dude who, after getting rid of one wife and making it out alive from public scandal, decides he&#x;s had enough of waiting for Elizabeth and gets remarried after just a few months. You could&#x;ve been king, guy!

Thanks to Dudley, though, the plot to murder Elizabeth is thwarted and both the assassin and Lola end up in prison. Things are not looking good for Mary&#x;s last remaining lady-in-waiting. When Liz visits her friend in prison, Lola explains that there can only be one queen, and Lola chose Mary. For good measure, she tells Elizabeth that because she is a power-hungry monarch, Liz will always be alone. Both of them are crying, and Elizabeth, most fearsome monarch in all the land, actually looks very hurt by all this. But at no point does anyone talk about calling this execution off. Well, except for one lowly recapper yelling it from her couch. But no one listens to her.

This is really happening, people! Lola is led out to the executioner&#x;s block as the crowd that contains both Elizabeth and Narcisse looks on. Narcisse makes one attempt to stab a few of the guards and free his wife, but it is useless. Liz gives the nod AND LOLA IS BEHEADED. Up until the very moment the executioner swung his ax, I didn&#x;t believe it would actually happen. Lola is dead, and now Narcisse is locked up in English prison and mad as hell. Hide your rats, Lizzy!

There&#x;s some unfortunate news out of France, as well. After what is to be assumed was days of horrible torture, the Red Knight prisoner Catherine and Leith captured, finally tells Leith the names of two king&#x;s guardsmen who are working with the Red Knights. It&#x;s perfect timing, because those very same guards are asking Catherine and Claude to come with them for protection. Leith swoops in and takes them both down with a bow and arrow. It is very leading man of him, and Catherine thanks him by giving him and Claude her blessing to marry. These two are so stinkin&#x; cute that everything has to work out for them, right? Well, not if Martel de Guise has anything to do with it.

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Fresh off a very simple yet sweet proposal, Leith heads back out into the field to stop the Red Knights once and for all. Martel de Guise sends some of his men to assist, but by assist he means to stab. Leith takes a big one to the gut and is left to bleed out in the snow. He calls out for Claude, while she is back at the castle deciding on a wedding dress none the wiser. Why, Reign, why? Leith certainly looks pretty dead, but I refuse to believe he&#x;s really gone until we get some type of confirmation. I&#x;ll never let go, Leith!

NEXT: Catherine may regret her tireless search for Charles

Speaking of looking pretty dead, King Charles is back and he looks terrible. He and Thierry escaped into the snowy forest, only for Thierry to be captured by the Red Knights. Charles had to hide in silence as his friend was tortured and killed. The entire ordeal has forever changed the young king. It&#x;s changed him so much, in fact, that he would like nothing more than to stop being king. Catherine, ever the doting mother, basically tells him to get his head out of his ass and start acting like the powerful royal he is.

Charles has had enough heartless reprimands from his mother, so he secretly calls the privy council together and has them declare him off age &#x; Charles is now officially king and Catherine&#x;s services as regent are no longer needed. Catherine learns of her son&#x;s actions, is proud of him, and moves out into the country never to be heard from again. YEAH RIGHT IN WHAT WORLD? Catherine is mad, people. To show her son that he can&#x;t just cast her away, she has the next son in line, Henry, move back to the castle. She wants to remind Charles that he is completely replaceable, should something, you know, ever happen to him. French court should be so fun next season!

Meanwhile, in Scotland: Mary is trying her hardest to unify her people. It&#x;s a tough feat considering that the Scottish people are wary of her because she&#x;s Catholic in a now very Protestant country and because she&#x;s spent almost all of her life over in France. She&#x;s a foreigner to them. Mary presses on, though. In the face of John Knox&#x;s threats to convert or else, Mary reopens the church in the castle and begins to take mass. Mary has bigger problems that John Knox&#x;s misogyny at the moment, anyway.

First, she&#x;s informed by her brother James that some Catholics in a small village massacred their Protestant neighbors. The Catholics fled, and only the town priest survives. This isn&#x;t great for Mary, whose plan was to preach complete religious tolerance. She has James go find the priest &#x; if he&#x;s guilty, he will be held accountable. While James is taking care of that problem, she and Bash head into town to deal with another: There&#x;s a group of English delegates traveling around attempting to gain the support of Scottish nobles in Elizabeth&#x;s continuing quest to take the Scottish throne. Who should be at the helm of this motley crew but one Gideon Blackburn.

Mary and Gideon waste no time in returning to Make Out City. Before it goes too far, however, Mary stops to talk business. She wants to unite her people and find peace with England, but she can&#x;t do that if Gideon and his delegates are successful in gaining support for Elizabeth&#x;s coup. She needs more time to win over her people, so he promises to stall them for a day because Mary is a boss who gets stuff done.

When the priest in question ends up hanging himself rather than face the rumored wrath of Mary, she, though somewhat nauseated by the idea, decides to use this to her advantage. She tells her people that she had the priest hanged as justice for the Protestants and as proof that she does not judge a man on faith alone. She then gives yet another rousing speech to her people about Scotland and standing united together and defeating the English, you get the picture. She&#x;s a badass and she can&#x;t help it.

Mary&#x;s feeling pretty good about the progress she&#x;s made in Scotland until her party is severely rained upon by Bash &#x; who, by the way, is running off with the Druids in order to hone his magic skills and become a seer for Mary, because, sure &#x; when he is forced to deliver the terrible news regarding Lola. Mary is in disbelief that Lola would ever get mixed up in something like that and immediately blames Elizabeth for concocting a story in order to kill Mary&#x;s friend and punish her. All of that talk about peace with England is going out the window. Things just got very personal.

Of course, Lola&#x;s death wasn&#x;t caused by any plot on Elizabeth&#x;s end, as James discovers, it was all the doing of John Knox. He created a win-win scenario for himself: Even if Elizabeth wasn&#x;t killed, Mary would be implicated in the assassination attempt and any sliver of hope for peace between the two women would be lost. He&#x;s pitting them against one another so that they&#x;ll destroy one another and he&#x;ll come out on top. Yup, he&#x;s still The Actual Worst.

His plan works, of course, and in the end, Mary calls Gideon to her side for one last meeting before he leaves her, this time at the very border of Scotland and England. Looking out over Elizabeth&#x;s lands, she begs Gideon to get close to Liz for intel, as Elizabeth had him do to Mary. Mary&#x;s coming for Elizabeth&#x;s throne and nothing is going to stop her this time. Okay, well, to be honest, a lot of things are probably going to stop her, but that&#x;s a problem for season 4 Mary!

The Queens&#x; Corner of Harsh Lady Truths:

Bash: Where are you going?

Mary: To show John Knox that queens do not bow to their subjects. It is, in fact, quite the other way around.

It&#x;s incredible, really. I march to my execution very soon and yet, you are the one to be pitied. Lola, speaking the truth until the very end.

&#x;This is our land! And though they may spill our blood, they will never take the Scotland that pounds in our veins! We get it, Mary. You give good speech.

Outfit of the Week: Although I appreciated the Scottish flair added to Mary&#x;s wardrobe &#x; that dress with the sheer sleeves and striped skirt was killer &#x; I&#x;m giving the final OOTW of the season to Queen Elizabeth. Of course she would wear red to an execution. OF COURSE.

A sexy, historical fiction CW take on the lives of Mary, Queen of Scots and her royal court.
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Reign Songlist / Music

Listen the songs from the serie&#;s episodes:

Episode 16 &#; S03E16 &#; Clans

  • No Audio PreviewScotland &#; The Lumineers
    Buy Amazon Download
  • You Never Know (feat. Julie Hardy) &#; Anthem Academy
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    Episode 15 &#; S03E15 &#; Safe Passage

  • No Audio PreviewScotland &#; The Lumineers
    Buy Amazon Download
  • No Audio PreviewRedemption (Part I) (feat. Natalie Taylor) &#; Jon Howard
    Episode 15 &#; S03E15 &#; To The Death

  • Benighted &#; Keep Shelly In Athens
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Come Home &#; Jon Foreman
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
  • Dark (feat. Rachel Sermanni) &#; Peter Katz
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download
    Episode 09 &#; S03E09 &#; Wedlock

  • &#;&#;
    Episode 08 &#; S03E08 &#; Our Undoing

  • The Hunt &#; Yael Meyer
    Buy Amazon DownloadBuy iTunes Download

    Episode 07 &#; S03E07 &#; The Hound And The Hare

  • No Audio PreviewI Want Your Love &#; The Saint Johns
  • No Audio PreviewAwake &#; Katie Herzig
  • No Audio PreviewHardings &#; Sean Keane
    Episode 06 &#; S03E06 &#; Fight Or Flight

  • Ex&#;s and Oh&#;s &#; Vitamin String Quartet
  • No Audio PreviewWhy Do I Fall &#; Matthew Perryman-Jones &#; Katie Herzig
  • No Audio PreviewBloodline &#; Lauren Strahm &#; Ed Tullett
  • No Audio PreviewUntouchable &#; Whissell
    Episode 05 &#; S03E05 &#; In A Clearing

  • I&#;m Yours &#; Secret Nation
  • Golden &#; Scars On 45
  • (The End) &#; Levi Weaver
    Episode 04 &#; S03E04 &#; The Price

  • No Audio PreviewFrench Kings &#; Pierre Herve Basle
  • No Audio PreviewMaypole Dance &#; Richard Myhill
    Episode 03 &#; S03E03 &#; Extreme Measures

  • I Found &#; Amber Run
  • No Audio PreviewCanarios (A) &#; Robert (Bob) Foster
  • Stay With Me &#; Vitamin String Quartet
  • Passacaille &#; Freddy Eichelberger, Michel Godard &#; Sebastien Marq
  • No Audio PreviewBeautifully Unfinished &#; Ella Henderson
    Episode 02 &#; S03E02 &#; Betrothed

  • White Blood &#; Oh Wonder
  • Hero &#; Extreme Music
    Episode 01 &#; S03E01 &#; Three Queens, Two Tigers

  • Crystals &#; Of Monsters and Men
  • No Audio PreviewRoyal Steps &#; Pierre Herve Basle
  • Deliver My Love (Original Composition) &#; Vitamin String Quartet
  • No Audio PreviewThe Tavern &#; Robert (Bob) Foster
  • The Highest Tide &#; The Wealthy West

    Reign Soundtrack List

    Genre: Drama
    Network: CW
    Premiere Date: Oct 9,
    Creators: Laurie McCarthy, Stephanie Sengupta

    [expand title=&#;Watch the Trailer&#;][/expand]
    [expand title=&#;About the Show&#;]In , The Young Queen Mary Stuart of Scotland arrives to France accompanied by her four best friends and Ladies-in-waiting. She is to be engaged with Prince Francis II to get the French in an alliance needed to protect Scotland. However, things between Mary and Francis are not simple and, although they are attracted to eachother, Francis remains hesitant to keep his life, and have his affaires. Sebastian, Francis&#; half-brother, complicates matters when he starts falling for Mary. This, together with King Henry&#;s infidelity, makes Queen Catherine De&#;Medici seek help from the seer Nostradamus. He scares her with a prophecy about her son&#;s death, she becomes determined to save Francis&#; life at any cost. Conspiracy, sabotage, mystery and sex show the details of the French Court as Mary learns to deal with each and every one.
    Cast: Adelaide Kane as Mary Queen of Scots, Megan Follows as Queen Catherine, Torrance Coombs as Sebastian, Toby Regbo as Prince Francis, Celina Sinden as Greer, Caitlin Stasey as Kenna, Anna Popplewell as Lola, Jenessa Grant as Aylee[/expand]


    Reign Season 3 Songs List &#; Tracklist &#; Listen to the playlist of all of the songs played in the tv show, who sings them, including end credits and scene descriptions.


    Download Luke Sital Singh Pure Reign Season 3 Episode 13 Soundtrack MP3s free

    Luke Sital - Singh - Pure | Reign Season 3 Episode 13 Soundtrack

     95    7 K


        63 K

    Anthem Academy - You Never Know feat. Julie Hardy | Reign - Season 3 Episode 16 Soundtrack

        37 K

    Luke Sital-Singh - Thirteen (Live Version)

     32    2 K

    Luke Sital-Singh - Fail For You (Lyrics)

        19 K

    until the night is done - Newton Walker.wmv


    Welshly Arms - Legendary - Reign 3x18 Promo Song

        33 K

    Pure~ Luke Sital-Singh (Cover).


    Carousel Matthew Perryman Jones

     0    2

    pleasures of play (original)


    Reign 01x04 - Woodkid - Run boy run OST

     2    99

    pure and simple everytime

     18    1 K

    Starry Skies Starry Eyes, You'll Be Okay, Into Your Arms, Timeless, Breathe.

     2    96

    Reign Season 3 Episode 13 Review & After Show | AfterBuzz TV

     19    1 K

    The Lightning Seeds - Pure

     18    1 K

    Fear the Walking Dead - Season 3 OST - - The Ranch (IV)


    Reign| Season 3| Queen Catherine moments


    PURE Feat. Tayeon - Wedding day (Legendado PT-BR)

     1    49

    Reign 01x02 CZ - Trevor Morris - Death (music scene)

     0    33

    Lightning Seeds - Pure

     14    1 K


    Soundtrack season 3 reign

    Reign (TV series)

    American TV series

    Reign is an American historicalromantic drama television series created by Laurie McCarthy and Stephanie SenGupta for The CW. Set in the late-sixteenth century, the series revolves around the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, and her rise to power in the French court. The series stars Adelaide Kane as Mary, alongside an ensemble cast. The series premiered on October 17, , on The CW and concluded after four seasons on June 16,

    The series was produced by Warner Bros. Television and CBS Television Studios, in association with Joyful Girl Productions, Take 5 Productions, and Whizbang Films. In February , The CW ordered a pilot for a television series loosely based on Mary Stuart's life and largely favor fictionalized storylines than historical accuracy; Kane was cast in the lead role that same month. Filming primarily took place between Toronto and the Republic of Ireland.

    Since its debut, the series received mixed reviews from television critics, who praised the acting and costume design, but criticized its historical inaccuracy.


    The first season opens in , with Mary living in a convent in France, but she is quickly returned to the castle where we learn she is awaiting her marriage to Prince Francis, to whom she has been engaged since they were six. Mary has to contend with changing politics and power plays, as well as her burgeoning feelings for Francis and the romantic attentions of Francis' bastard half-brother, Bash. Francis' mother, Catherine de' Medici, secretly tries to prevent the marriage following Nostradamus’ confidential prediction that the marriage will lead to Francis' death. The series also follows the affairs of Mary's Scottish handmaidens Kenna, Aylee, Lola, and Greer (based on "the Four Marys"), who are searching for husbands of their own at French Court.

    The second season opens after the death of King Henry II and follows the rise of Francis and Mary as King and Queen of France and Scotland. Together they have to balance their marriage with their roles as monarchs, and deal with the rising religious conflict between Catholics, and Protestants, as well as the ambitions of the rival House of Bourbon for the throne of France.

    The third season follows King Francis' declining health and his death partway through the season, leaving Queen Mary a widow and struggling to find new footing since she's no longer bound to France as its ruler. Francis' brother Charles is crowned the new under-aged king, with Queen Catherine as regent. The third season also introduces the court of Queen Elizabeth of England, who plots against Mary, fends off marital prospects, and deals with her secret love affair with Robert Dudley.

    The fourth and final season has Queen Mary returned to Scotland and trying to regain power in her homeland. She has to manage her allies, such as her bastard older half-brother James and the outspoken Lord Bothwell, as well as her enemies, such as the Protestant preacher John Knox. Tensions mount between Queen Mary and her own cousin Queen Elizabeth I, with Mary marrying Lord Darnley, an English Catholic claimant to the English throne, in the hopes of taking England. In France, Catherine has to protect her son, King Charles IX, from the ambitions of her daughter Queen Leeza of Spain and her younger son, Henry.

    Series overview[edit]

    Further information: List of Reign episodes

    Cast and characters[edit]




    In February , The CW announced its order of a pilot for a TV series based on the life of Mary, Queen of Scots, created by Stephanie Sengupta and Laurie McCarthy, and produced by CBS Studios.[1] Part of the reason McCarthy chose Mary Stuart as the subject is because of her life history and multiple husbands, which makes her story "sexier".[2] The pilot was directed by Brad Silberling, with Sengupta and McCarthy as the writers and executive directors; Sengupta left the team in May , leaving Laurie McCarthy as the sole showrunner.[3] On February 9, , it was announced that Australian actress Adelaide Kane would be playing the main character.[4]

    In interviews preceding the premiere, showrunner McCarthy described the show as deliberately taking liberties with history, and that it's more "entertainment" than history,[5] while actress Anna Popplewell referred to the show as "fantasy history", exploring the characters in hypothetical situations.[6] Actress Megan Follows described the show as "24 for the pre-Renaissance", as the show tends to extend historical events over a longer period of time.[7] McCarthy added that the show is designed to be interesting to a contemporary audience, so viewers who aren't familiar with history will be able to watch and relate to the characters.[8] Among the creative choices is the use of modern music in the show soundtrack, and its costumes.[8] The show's costumes are designed by Meredith Markworth-Pollack, who worked on the CW's other shows Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl, who created different looks for Mary and her ladies, each to complement their differing personalities.[9] The ladies: Lola, Kenna, Greer, and Aylee, are loosely based on Mary Beaton, Mary Seton, Mary Fleming, and Mary Livingston who were ladies-in-waiting to Mary, Queen of Scots.


    Kane auditioned when she was filming a recurring role on the third season of MTV TV series Teen Wolf. When Kane got the part, the Teen Wolf writers wrote her character off the show.[10] Kane is part Scottish on both her mother and father's sides, and is possibly a descendant of the real Mary, Queen of Scots, through her mother.[11] Kane did research on the historical Mary Stuart in preparing for the role.[5] Toby Regbo was cast as Dauphin Francis before March 1, , and British newcomer Celina Sinden was cast as Mary's lady-in-waiting Greer on that date.[12] Torrance Coombs was announced as having been cast as Sebastian, one of the leading characters, in March [13] Sebastian is an original character created for the show, so Coombs didn't have as much research in preparation for the role, though he faced the challenge of changing his performance from that in The Tudors, another historical TV series he'd been involved in.[14][15] Alan Van Sprang, who was cast as Henry II of France, modeled his performance after Bill Clinton.[16] In November , Amy Brenneman was announced as having been cast as Mary Stuart's mother, Mary de Guise, a role that initially went to Brenneman's Private Practice co-star Kate Walsh, who was unable to commit due to conflicting filming commitments.[17][18] On March 10, , it was announced that Rachel Skarsten has been cast as Queen Elizabeth, a role that debuted in finale of season two and become a regular in season three.[19] Showrunner McCarthy described the addition of Elizabeth as expanding the scope of the series, and that she would be part of season three's focus on the show's three queens.[19]


    A large part of the filming for the first season took place in Toronto and the Republic of Ireland. The third and fourth seasons were also largely filmed in Toronto. Rockwood Conservation Area near Guelph, Ontario, and Parkwood Estate in Oshawa, Ontario, have also been used to mimic 16th-century Scotland for the show's production.[20][16][21][22]

    Most of the other interior scenes, including bedchambers, the Great Hall, and the Throne Room, were filmed in vast sets primarily at Cinespace Film Studios' Kipling Avenue facility.


    Reign's lead costume designer is Meredith Markworth-Pollack.[23] According to the Observer, Reign's custom blend of contemporary and historical fashion had mixed reviews from the show's audience. The show did not feature historically accurate clothing, however, was well-received amongst younger audience members—particularly young fashion bloggers—who found the aesthetics of the show's costume-line pleasing. In the same article, Meredith explains that there was a correspondence to the show's overall tone as seasons progressed. The costumes went from pretty, light fabrics befitting of young ladies to dark, more mature designs as Mary got older. Most of the costumes at the beginning of Reign's production were rentals found from different places in Europe, Los Angeles, and off-the-rack thrift stores. Once the show gained more traction, Meredith was receiving vintage fabrics to work with from all over the world.[24]


    Executive producer Brad Silberling knew someone who worked with the American folk rock band The Lumineers during the development period of "Scotland", the series opening theme song. In an interview about the song, the lead singer of the band, Wesley Schultz, commented, "The song also was special to us because it had this beautiful driving rhythm that Jer [Jeremiah Fraites] played that reminded us of battle drums, like something out of Braveheart – hence the strange name – Scotland,".[25] Aside from the show's theme song which is aired for all four seasons, The Lumineers' have a second song called "Charlie Boy" which is also featured in the pilot of the first season.

    In an exclusive interview with the show's music supervisor, Madonna Wade Reed, she discusses how The Lumineers set the music tone of the show. Although the band did not create an original score for the show, Madonna explains that they used pre-existing songs throughout the show like the Vitamin String Quartet's cover of “Stubborn Love" in order to maintain that connection.[26]

    Editing for sexual content[edit]

    The show's pilot was distributed on May 20, , to advertisers and critics for promotion and to generate hype.[27] The pilot was edited before its final airing on October 13, trimming the sexual content of the scene where Kenna masturbates after witnessing a bedding ceremony.[28][29] A later episode of the season, "The Consummation", has two versions: an on-air cut for television broadcast, and an online streaming version with additional sexual content that was made available on the CW's website a few hours later.[30] This action was criticized by the Parents Television Council for putting sexual content online "where presumably children will be able to watch them with no rating or blocking capability".[31]


    Reign was announced on The CW's autumn line-up on May 10, , placing it in the Thursday timeslot following The Vampire Diaries, its biggest hit in young women demographic.[32][33][34] The show had its series premiere on October 17, , in the U.S.[35] In Canada, the series airs a day earlier on M3,[36] in simulcast with The CW on CTV Two, and in reruns on E! Canada.[37] Beginning with season three, the show moved to the latter network.[38] On December 7, , it was announced that Reign would end after its fourth and final season.[39][40][41]

    In New Zealand, Prime premiered the show Thursdays at &#;pm, starting November 21, In Australia, Reign was originally scheduled to premiere on Eleven,[42] but premiered on Fox8 on August 5, [43] In Ireland the show broadcasts in the early mornings on RTÉ2 each Thursday at [44] The first two seasons of Reign are available for online streaming on Netflix in the UK and Ireland. New episodes from Season 3 onwards are uploaded weekly to Netflix in the United Kingdom as the exclusive broadcaster hours after they air in the US, but not Ireland where they are exclusive to RTÉ until the season finishes airing.[45]

    All four seasons are available for streaming on Netflix in the U.S. and the Middle East, and a great part of Europe. All four seasons are no longer available on Netflix in the UK.

    Critical Response[edit]


    Response to the show was mixed, with various critics highlighting the show's focus on romance and teenage drama instead of historical accuracy. A number of reviewers compared it to Gossip Girl, with similar emphasis on fashion, drama, and soap opera antics.[46][47][48] The review of the pilot by The New York Times described Reign a strong candidate as a "camp classic", calling it fun and acknowledging its historical inaccuracies.[50] The reviewer of The A.V. Club described the show as more "an alternate-universe fanfiction than anything pretending to approach history", calling the show camp and fun.[46]The Miami Herald described the show's opening episodes as "surprisingly entertaining", with Adelaide Kane's portrayal of Mary as "a teenager with a dawning realization that her royal caprices can have unexpectedly grim consequences offers an interesting take on the traditional coming-of-age story".[47] The review of Flavorwire described the show as "fantastical princess wish-fulfilment", a guilty pleasure that is relaxing to watch, and that its historical inaccuracy is to its advantage: "There is something about abandoning all pretense of authenticity that gives this story a lightness it badly needs; dead-seriousness just isn't something that plays all that well at the moment."[51]Community Voices highlighted Reign as an interesting departure from The CW's other shows, but described it as stuck in a rut, making it difficult to sustain a show that's "built on a binary premise: either Mary and Francis are coming together or they are drifting apart." A review by a The Los Angeles Times critic was more critical, saying that the "sexed-up version of high school with horses" show "does not deserve" its main character, who is described as a "The Princess Diaries knock-off", but acknowledged that the show is self-aware of its position as a guilty pleasure.[52]USA Today is also critical, describing the show as anachronistic and "dumbing down" history for the sake of entertainment.[48]

    Themes in Gender[edit]

    Women in Power

    While Reign mainly focuses on six female characters throughout the series, the show primarily hones in on three particular monarch figures that existed in real life. Reign follows the fictional journey of young Mary Stuart, based on the real reigning monarch, Mary, Queen of Scots, who ruled Scotland for 25 years in the mid 16th century. Throughout the course of the series, Mary is seen in and out of conflict with Catherine de Medici, the Dowager Queen of France who is also Mary's mother-in-law; they act as the driving source of conflict for the majority of the show up until season 3 when the show features an additional rendition of Queen Elizabeth I played by Rachel Skarsten. Both Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth take center stage for the narrative during the latter half of the series up until its cancellation in facing each other as rivals in a political setting.
    The show illustrates these characters struggling to balance personal and political endeavors when in a position of power. It is praised by some entertainment media outlets for depicting powerful, three-dimensional women as they barrel head first into a world typically run by men.[53]

    Women's Sexuality

    In light of Kenna's masturbation scene in Reign's pilot, many entertainment media outlets and critics were quick to pick up a stance on whether it was appropriate to illustrate a young woman exploring her sex on network television.[54][55][56][57] There were two different versions of the pilot released during Reign's first week of airing--an on-air cut that met broadcast standards which premiered Thursday, October 17, , and a director's cut published on CW's website the morning after on Friday, October 18, [58] The same day of the television release, an interview with the showrunner, Laurie McCarthy, was published discussing the conception, production, and reception of the masturbation scene. She comments that masturbation is commonplace and a healthy conversation for parents to have with their young adults.[59] In , an interview with Kenna's actress, Caitlin Stasey, was published regarding the importance of depicting female sexuality on television and a woman's sexual independence.[60]

    Awards and nominations[edit]


    Home media releases[edit]

    Complete season DVD/Blu-ray release dates Additional info
    Region 1/A Region 2/B Region 4/C
    1 September 23, [79]N/A January 14, [80]Deleted scenes
    Two featurettes:
    – The Making of a Queen
    – The Authenticity of Reign: Recreating the 16th Century
    2 October 6, [81]N/A October 7, [82]Deleted scenes
    Featurette: Playing by Her Rules: A Day on Set with a Queen and Her Court[83]
    3 September 27, [84]N/A TBA 4-disc set[85]
    No additional featurette
    4 October 10, [86]TBA TBA No special features

    Other media[edit]


    Novels based on the series authored by Lily Blake have been published by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers.


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