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Ballmastrz: 9009

Thousands of years in the future, teams of Ballmastrz face off against each other using their own hyper-creative and artificially intelligent combat weapons to attack, defend and score.

Starring: Natasha Lyonne, Jessica Dicicco, Dana Snyder, Eric Bauza, Dave Willis, Christy Karacas


Thousands of years in the future, teams of Ballmastrz face off against each other using their own hyper-creative and artificially intelligent combat weapons to attack, defend and score.

A Shooting Star Named Gaz Digzy Falls Fast and Hard
1. A Shooting Star Named Gaz Digzy Falls Fast and Hard

A lifetime of partying takes an unexpected turn when Gaz Digzy experiences the w...

With the Burning Spirit of Teamwork in Her Heart
2. With the Burning Spirit of Teamwork in Her Heart

Gaz plans to backstab The Leptons in her first game as captain, but a shocking n...

Very Special Balls
3. Very Special Balls

In an attempt to understand Ace and Baby Ball's incredible new powers, The Lepto...

To Catch a Princess
4. To Catch a Princess

Ace's online obsession arouses the interest of a mysterious video game vixen.

Breathe Deep to Win! Teamwork Cuts Through the Foul Odor of Obsession!
5. Breathe Deep to Win! Teamwork Cuts Through the Foul Odor of Obsession!

When a stinky stalker torments The Leptons, they enlist the help of a former foe.

Honor! Money! Swords! Dongs! Ultimate Gaz Boom Boom Rookie Card Battle Begin! Fight!
6. Honor! Money! Swords! Dongs! Ultimate Gaz Boom Boom Rookie Card Battle Begin! Fight!

A search for lucrative sports memorabilia leads Ace, Gaz and Babyball to the lai...

Leather Passions! 2 Hearts, 2 Wheelz, Infinite Roadz. Ride Now!
7. Leather Passions! 2 Hearts, 2 Wheelz, Infinite Roadz. Ride Now!

Dee Dee ditches the team for the hunky leader of a menacing biker gang. Is Leto ...

Hunger Cramps on the Playing Field of Friendship
8. Hunger Cramps on the Playing Field of Friendship

Feeling unappreciated by his teammates, Ace finds comfort in a bizarre new vice ...

Chaste Wing of the Cold Turkey vs Flaming Fist of Indulgence!
9. Chaste Wing of the Cold Turkey vs Flaming Fist of Indulgence!

Desperate to lose her beer gut by game day, Gaz trains under the master of washb...

Strength through Song; Brotherhood through Blood; Redemption through Rage. Sing, Fallen Angel!
10. Strength through Song; Brotherhood through Blood; Redemption through Rage. Sing, Fallen Angel!

The crippling fear of humiliation leads Gaz to sabotage The Leptons secret plan ...

Infinite Hugs: Cold Embrace of the Bloodless Progenitors!

When Ace gets depressed because he has no family to share the joy of his new fame in the game with, Gaz and Babyball make him one.

Shameful Disease of Yackety Yack! Don't Talk Back! Be Silenced Forever!

When Gaz catches an embarrassing S.T.D., will the Leptons find the cure before a very important public appearance?

Big Boy Body, Bigger Baby Boy Heart! Can You Endure the Pain of Love? Babyball, Discover It Now!

Babyball gets a special upgrade that comes with a surprising new attitude adjustment.

Children of the Night Serenade Wet Nurse of Reprisal; Scream, Bloodsucker, Scream!

When Gaz falls under the spell of a mysterious pickup artist, one of her teammates must resurrect a heroic alter ego to save the day.

When You Wish Upon a Spore

After insulting a superfan, Flypp is ordered to complete Crayzar’s new sensitivity training program.

Can't Stand the Heat? Ultimate Kitchen Technique! Finish Them, Warrior Bard!!

The Leptons discover Leto has a flair for the culinary arts and pressure him into becoming a contestant in Crayzar’s cooking competition.

Defective Affection?! Dodge the Wayward Strikes of Cupid's Calamitous Quiver!

Gaz and Dee Dee play matchmaker to an unlikely pair with dance-asterous results.

Dance Dance Convolution?! Egos Warped by the Hair Gel of Hubris! Atonement, Now!

A smooth-talking manager molds Ace into a popstar and Ace-mania takes the consortium by storm.

Don't Let a Big Head Give You the Championship Blues! You Can Do It, Leptons! Try Your Best to Win!!

The Leptons face their most ruthless foe yet, and Ace’s selfish streak isn’t helping. Tensions boil over until it’s an all-out grudge match that neither team can handle.

Onward, True Blue Friends Win Eternal; Paladin of the Heavens, Start Today!

A menacing figure from Gaz’s past threatens the team’s unity. Now, it will take an unprecedented threat to bring the team back together.


Ballmastrz: 9009

Original Premiere

April 8, 2018


Titmouse, Inc.
C.C.K. Rad (Season 2)
Williams Street


Didier Leplae
Joe Wong

Country of origin

United States

Running time

11 minutes per. episode


Adult animation
Science fiction
Dark comedy

Ballmastrz: 9009 (originally titled: Ballmastrz: 9669during early development) is an American adult animated dark sports comedy television series created and directed by American musician, animator, and Superjail!creator Christy Karacas, exclusively for Cartoon Network's late-night programming block, Adult Swim, premiering on April 9, 2018.

The series was made available on September 1, 2020.


Ballmastrz: 9009 follows washed-up superstar and notorious party gal Gaz Digzy, who after a spiral of destructive antics is demoted to the worst team in The Game, a violent life-or-death ball sport in a dystopian future where humanity is satiated by said sport.

Official 'HBO Max' Description

"Thousands of years in the future, teams of Ballmastrz face off against each other using their own hyper-creative and artificially intelligent combat weapons to attack, defend, and score."

Voice Cast


  • Natasha Lyonne as Gaz Digzy
  • Jessica DiCicco as Ace Ambling / Duleena "Dee Dee" Duneeda
  • Dana Snyder as Babyball / Stinkfinger
  • Eric Bauza as Flip Champion
  • Dave Willis as Leto Otel
  • Christy Karacas as Crayzar / Aboo Buvu
  • Christopher McCulloch as various characters

The Leptons also include two other characters who do not have voice actors but are prominent. Lulu, a giant, green, bestial monster and Bob, a tiny grey alien.


  • Norman Reedus as Bacchus LaBrute
  • Stephanie Sheh as Luna / Rudy Drax
  • Mike O’Gorman as Buddy Marinara / Animal Shelter shopkeeper
  • Jo Firestone as Ace's Robot Mother
  • Rachel Dratch as The Blab
  • Cree Summer as Obah Wexley
  • Doc Hammer as Milky van Montebag / Ruper's robot butler
  • Ed Asner as Rupert T. Digzfield IV



On May 7, 2015, it was announced that Adult Swim had given a pilot order to the production, then titled Ballmastrz: 9009, as part of their 2015-16 slate of returning series, pilots and, specials. On August 4, 2017, it was announced that Adult Swim had given the production a series order consisting of the first season. The series was created by Christy Karacas, co-creator of Superjail! and set to be produced in-house by animation company Titmouse, Inc.


Alongside the initial series announcement, it was reported that Natasha Lyonne was cast in the series' lead role of Gaz Digzy. The main cast was also set to be rounded out by Dana Snyder, Dave Willis, Jessica DiCicco, Eric Bauza, Christopher McCulloch, and Karacas. Guests were set to include actors Norman Reedus, Stephanie Sheh, and Mike O’Gorman.


Alongside the initial series announcement, Adult Swim released the first official trailer for the series.

In July 2019, the show was renewed for a second season, which premiered on February 24, 2020.


  • This is the second Adult Swim original series, since 'Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil', to have a female protagonist.


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Western Animation / Ballmastrz: 9009

From the creator of Superjail! comes Ballmastrz: 9009, an animated series on Adult Swim that takes place in the dystopian future of 9009, years after the Rad Wars. If you've watched Superjail, you know what to expect.

To end the war a mysterious being known as Crayzar created The Game, where teams use sentient balls to score and maim each other. This brings us to the present, where the worst team known as the Leptons lead by Ace Ambling face against the greatest team, the Boom Boom Boys and their star player Gaz Digzy, whom Ace idolizes.

After winning the match and celebrating through a series of alcohol fueled illegal escapades, Gaz is kicked from her team and forced by Crayzar to aid the Leptons in winning a single match if she wants her old position back, becoming de-facto captain of the Leptons. Can she get her act together and help them win? And what's the story behind this mysterious "Ballmaster" transformation that Ace Ambling and Baby Ball share together?

Season 1 premiered April 9th, 2018. It was announced that the show had been greenlit for a second season in July 2019, which premiered on February 23rd, 2020. Reruns of the show would join Toonami's lineup on June 6, 2020.


  • After the End: The Rad Wars wiped out civilization some 20 Minutes into the Future. Crayzar has reformed society and watched over it for thousands of years since, but most of the world is still a wasteland.
  • Animation Bump/Limited Animation: Much like the inspirations the show takes from, it bounces between the two extremes regularly.
    • Baby Ball's animation is of slightly higher quality compared to the others even outside the action scenes.
    • Season two as a whole has seen an animation bump due to its much higher budget.
  • Animesque: Its a parody of Sports Anime with a mix of general Anime stock character parodies mixed in. Specifically cited influences include AKIRA, Robotech, and Kill la Kill.
  • Arson, Murder, and Jaywalking: A news report covers Gaz's fall from fame in the "city of sin," which features horrors such as illegal drugs, prostitution, and... poor Wi-Fi reception.
  • Art Shift: Happens often during The Game when characters show off their moves.
    • Flip Champion's flashback in episode 9 is heavily based off of Fist of the North Star, right down to the art style.
    • The presentation of a team of humanoid monkeys is reminiscent of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann's eyecatches, including the heavy shading, distorted angles and random light reflections.
  • Applied Phlebotinum: Death is common and expected in The Game. Defeated players are removed from the game and immediately start regenerating thanks to B.E.H.O. going to work on them right away.
  • Be Careful What You Wish For: Gaz wanted to find proof that the talent agent handling Ace's career was slimy, and that proof turned out to be an entire sweatshop of mutant slave labor. Gaz herself is both shocked and openly appalled when the Leptons discover this, claiming she expected to find out he was stealing money or did some gross sex-related stuff but nothing this bad.
  • Bitch in Sheep's Clothing: The Ashigahari Princesses. They act sweet and innocent, but will quickly drop the act to be as cruel and violent as most teams who play The Game.
  • Blood Sport:
    • The Game, though it's far more downplayed than most examples. Whenever a player is killed or severely injured, they're teleported off the field into healing chambers, where they are then quickly healed with absolutely no side-effects. Despite The Game being brutal and bloody, it's yet to be seen if players can permanently die playing it.
    • Its underground Team Rumble iteration is even worse since the teams don't even play for points and just try to kill each other with no healing chambers to bring any of them back.
  • Borrowed Catchphrase: More like "Borrowed Monologue". When Gaz is being trained by Flip Champion, but with no apparent results, she reads the forbidden scrolls and is able to develop Flip's Umbilicus attack. Before using it, she gives one of those long monologues he always exclaims in every episode.
  • Butt-Monkey: The Leptons as a whole are this. However, Flip Champion, Ace, and Baby Ball have it the worst.
  • Casting Gag:
  • Characterization Marches On: In season 2, as the Leptons winning becomes a regular event, we see this in some of the members. Leto smiles more, Bob is more animated, and Flip's Umbilicus is even occasionally useful. On the flipside, Ace shows more tendencies towards being self-absorbed.
  • Cool Car: The Leptons' mode of transportation is essentially a giant tower on wheels, which also seems to serve as their living space during game season. It actually looks pretty neat, if clunky and worn-down. It is implied that it is a mobile sewage refinery.
  • Cuteness Proximity: The Leptons lost 0-238 against a team of literal kittens just because of how cute they were. Baby Ball directly assisted in allowing them to score so many points.
  • Dark Is Not Evil:
    • Gaz wears menacing dark red armor (complete with Spikes of Villainy) and looks like a typical anime villainess, but she is the heroine of the story and she’s not evil, just a bitter, rude drunkard.
    • Crayzar has a creepy expression and long white hair, but is the benevolent leader of the game. When the Leptons arrive in his domicile after the events of the second episode, he rewards them with a banquet.
    • The Boom Boom Boys share Gaz's dark red armor motif, but they still consider Gaz their friend even though she was kicked off their team, and salvaged the song the Leptons were working on before playing it at the match. They specifically did it for Gaz because they felt bad about how crappy she'd been feeling.
  • Death Is Cheap: B.E.H.O. (Biologically-Engineered Healing Organism) slime allows for the quick healing of severe injuries. However, the process is not instantaneous and players are effectively benched until they are fully restored.
  • Deranged Animation: Courtesy of the same team of animators at Titmouse Studios who brought you Superjail!.
  • Does This Remind You of Anything?: In episode 6: Ace and Baby Ball form the Ball Master, and then summon a giant sword out from Baby Ball's position in the crotch.
  • Enemy Mine: The Leptons hire rival MVP Stinkfinger to help make them immune to Deeter's stench bombs through arduous sensory training. While he is Only in It for the Money, he sticks around in the stadium's crowd to see whether they can defeat Gaz's stalker or not.
  • Everyone Has Standards: The audience watching the second match with the Leptons is legitimately disturbed and disgusted by whatever was done to Bob. Given they enjoy all the other chaos and carnage that occurs in these matches, it must've been really bad. If the following shot is anything to go by, Bob was liquefied.
  • Fake Special Attack: Flip Champion's Umbilicus, some kind of Hard Light beam that spreads from where his navel should be. It takes a long time to get charged, and he always tells the viewers about the training he endured to develop it in the meantime... However, it's always shown to backfire or to be totally useless. At least until the last episode, where he and Leto finally find an use for it.
  • Foil: Ace is humble and optimistic, while Baby Ball is arrogant and cynical. It's the contrast between the two that allows them to become a Ball Master.
  • Freeze-Frame Bonus: During the first episode's conversation between Gaz and Crayzar, there's a slow zoom-out with a few frames which hint that Crayzar might be a robot.
  • Fun with Acronyms: B.E.H.O. Biologically Engineered Healing Organism.
  • Gory Discretion Shot: Whatever happened to Bob when he got punched during the first match with Gaz on the team must've been pretty bad to have disturbed an entire audience that'd been enjoying the carnage so far.
  • Grievous Harm with a Body: At the end of season 1 in their match against the Boom Boom Boys, the Leptons are so in sync with each other that Flip allows Leto to grab onto his Umbilicus and smash him down onto one of the BBB like a mallet.
  • Groin Attack: Ace and Baby Ball are tortured by Ashigahari Princesses this way for twelve straight hours with their ball repeatedly flying into Ace's groin and Baby Ball being smashed into the hard, muscled crotches of their team members to try and force a Ball Master Formation.
  • Hypocritical Humor: Gaz initially chastises Ace for playing To Catch A Princess, claiming that videogames are for people who can't win in real life. She later spends half a day playing the game after she believes it insulted her ability to pick up women.
  • Insult Backfire: In the tenth episode, the Boom Boom Boys get a hold of the Lepton's mixtape and play it to the crowd. Everyone laughs at their trash lyrical skills, but the team's happiness at their mixtape still existing helps give them the confidence needed to finally win a game.
  • Jerkass:
    • Baby Ball, oh so much. Not only does he have no real faith in the Leptons, he attempts to persuade Gaz into dumping them once she regains her former glory.
    • Gaz starts off as this, but as her character development sets in, she starts to treat the Leptons as genuine friends and family.
  • Leitmotif: Every so often, there's a female voice that whispers "Ballmastrz." It also tends to happen when the ending credits begin.
  • Lighter and Softer:
    • Ballmastrz is noticeably less gory than Superjail!, though there are still scenes of graphic dismemberment. None of the players actually die either. When they receive a fatal blow, they’re teleported off the field and are healed by strange pink creatures inside a box.
  • Magical Girl: The Ashigahari Princesses all dress in magical girl outfits.
  • Mr. Exposition:
    • Crayzar happily explains what the Ballmaster is, and what part it played in the Rad Wars.
    • Flip Champion likes to go off on tangents and explain the training methods he underwent in order to channel special powers before unleashing them.
  • Mugging the Monster: Ace, Baby Ball, and Gaz all visit her Ex to recover all of her rookie holocards. They soon discover that her ex is famous mobster Jojo Krako. Baby Ball starts freaking out and begging for forgiveness, but as soon as he learns that Gaz is with them, he immediately caves in. He kept the holocards safe just in case she ever came back for them, because she was super crazy and he's the one with the restraining order on her. He begs them to take the cards and leave.
  • Mundane Utility: The Ball Master transformation was created to turn ordinary people into super soldiers, capable of wiping out entire armies single-handedly. It's also pretty useful in winning The Game.
  • My God, What Have I Done?: Gaz seems to take Ace's "The Reason You Suck" Speech a lot harder than the mocking she's received from the press and Crayzar's lecturing. While she doesn't become one hundred percent nicer, she's still bothered by how angry Ace was after being so nice to her.
  • My Little Panzer: The Game Balls. While they can and are supposed to be used to kill people in the Game, they were capable of so much more destruction back when they were Rad War Death Orbs.
  • Mythology Gag: The blue-skinned biker that Duleena falls for resembles a more badass version of Jacknife. He even wields a jackknife as well. There are other little nods to Superjail! in the design of the main characters: Baby Ball and Leto have unibrows just like the Twins, and Baby Ball also has the Warden's teeth gap. Meanwhile, Flip Champion has too many abs, just like Combaticus.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed:
  • Nose Bleed: Ace gets one after Luna suggests that the two of them meet up in real life.
  • Oh, Crap!: When Ace, Baby Ball, and Gaz go to see her ex, they set off a security system. Gaz reacts accordingly.

    Gaz: Aww, shit.

    • Crayzar reacts the same way when his scientists revealed that he may have inadvertently caused the death of the sick Make a Wish kid that came to visit the Leptons.
  • Old Shame: In-universe, Gaz's rookie card from when she was with the Boom Boom Boys is this, due to some rather unfortunate angling making it look like she's giving a hand job.
  • OOC Is Serious Business: When Ace cuts into Gaz for betraying the team to make herself look good and expresses his belief there might not be hope for her or the Leptons, Gaz and Baby Ball are both genuinely shocked speechless by this outburst, and for a moment Gaz even seems remorseful.
  • Overly Long Title: All of the episode titles greatly exaggerate how typical anime episodes tend to be rather wordy. For example, the season 2 episode "Don't Let a Big Head Give You the Championship Blues! You Can Do It, Leptons! Try Your Best to Win!!"
  • Pet the Dog: As thanks for showing some integrity in trying to get back those embarrassing holo cards, Gaz offers to split the money with Ace 50/50 and refers to him as her "Little man."
  • Power Incontinence: The downfall of the original Ballmastrz. A multitude of them managed to learn how to combine with their Death Orbs, but far too few mastered the fusion and wrecked the world when they exploded from lack of control.
  • The Power of Friendship: In episode 10, Gaz was all but ready to quit The Game, absolutely certain the Leptons stood no chance against her former team, the Boom Boom Boys. The Leptons don't actually pick up on this and somehow get even more inspired to win. This ends up supercharging all of them into powerful, competent players who completely steamroll the Boom Boom Boys and score their first victory.
  • Quarter Hour Short: As per the norm with nearly every Adult Swim show.
  • Ragtag Bunch of Misfits: The Leptons are the worst team in the lowest ranked league in The Game. They barely know how to play, let alone work together.
  • Red Is Heroic: Gaz’s armor during the tournament is a dark red.
  • Riddle Me This: When the Leptons go to see Crayzar, they encounter a gate which asks them what Crayzar misses most since the Rad Wars. After getting their first nine tries wrong, the team huddles together to figure out what to say on their final try. Except for Bob, who approaches the gate and doesn't say anything. This opens the gate, because the answer was "silence."
  • Shout-Out:
    • Ace and Baby Ball's Ball Master design looks like it was ripped out of Mazinger Z.
    • The Game, being a Blood Sport that involves rollerblades, seems to take after Rollerball.
    • The Choo Choo Chums team resemble Thomas & Friends characters with arms.
    • After getting addicted to eating BEHO, Ace grows out of control into a giant blob monster in the exact same manner as Tetsuo from AKIRA.
    • Flip Champion's Fist of the North Star-inspired backstory in episode 9 features a girl similar to Lynn being saved by him from bandits. Said bandits also died from their heads exploding after a delayed reaction.
    • The "sauna" in episode 5 looks like Seth Brundle's matter transport pod.
    • The right-hand man of Gaz's criminal ex-boyfriend wields a giant sword that looks like the Dragonslayer.
    • One of the teams the Leptons fights in season 2 are basically green bloodthirsty Totoros.
    • In "Children of the Night Serenade Wet Nurse of Reprisal; Scream, Bloodsucker, Scream!", Duleena reveals that she used to work as a pest control job— which just happened to hunt vampires— before she joined the Leptons. She dresses up Vampire Hunter D, which is lampshaded when Leto calls her "Vampire Hunter DD". She likes the name.
    • The superfan from "When You Wish Upon A Spore" has the same aged child appearance as the psychic esper children from AKIRA.
    • In "Can't Stand The Heat? Ultimate Kitchen Technique! Finish Them, Warrior Bard!", Leto shares some drugs with the other Leptons called "Champagne Supernova".
    • When a sleazy manager (who himself looks like Lupin III) turns Ace into a pop star, Ace is shown doing the Caramelldansen.
    • In "When You Wish Upon A Spore", the way Flip is transported into another dimension for sensitivity training resembles the opening of Doctor Who, specifically that of the Fifth Doctor.
    • Crunchyroll, in collaboration with Adult Swim, released a video detailing all the anime references found in season 2.
    • In "Chaste Wing of the Cold Turkey vs Flaming Fist of Indulgence", part of the training montage shows Flip and Gaz fighting robots similar to the "fighters" training robot that Paul Atredies fights against in Dune (1984).
    • Lulu dancing at the club is one giant shoutout to Jojos Bizarre Adventure. Lulu starts with the signature "Jojo look", suddenly sports a pompadour like Josuke, and starts doing the Torture Dance from Golden Wind, and the club goers who join in on the dance look like Giorno Giovanni, Bruno Bucciarati, Leone Abacchio, Trish Una, and Jean-Pierre Polnareff.
    • Kyoko from the Bad Omens team can transform herself into a Titan. She's introduced as such and even has the same green eyes and long hair as the Attack Titan.
    • The alien invaders at the end of Season 2 are straight up from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, the mecha are essentially the Gunman from said series, with the characteristic huge faces being the most notable part of the mecha designs. The second variety of mecha is a more subtle shout-out to Neon Genesis Evangelion, with EVA 01's green/purple colour scheme and wielding a pair of Lance of Longinus-like weapons. Crayzar's capital is even a spaceship that flies off to fight them.
  • Stalker with a Crush: Deeter claims himself to be Gaz's biggest fan, and never left her alone. The Boom Boom Boys locked him inside some sewer pit, and he came back as a terrorist who uses stink bombs.
  • Sure, Let's Go with That: In episode 10, the Leptons believe that Gaz deliberately gave the mixtape to her old team so that everyone could hear it in good quality, and that it's a sign that she actually does care. Gaz tries to point out how stupid that sounds, but after seeing that everyone is getting a friendship power boost from the idea, she immediately rolls with it.
  • Techno Babble: In season 2 episode 5, Crayzar's scientist launches on a rambling explanation on why the superfan disappeared, with the gist of it implied to be that the experimental sensitivity training program level warped time and space to cause the incident that sent Flip to it in the first place. Then it turns out that, the scientist was saying they just accidentally disintegrated him.

    Scientist: Interesting. Perhaps the amplified field waves created a reality pre-echo, mapping simulbot onto people and displacing them.
    Gaz: What the hell does any of that mean?
    Scientist: It means we totally disintegrated Rudy...
    Crayzar:OH SHIT!

  • Throw the Dog a Bone: Even though Ace messed up and scored a point in the other team's goal, the audience continues to cheer him on because they loved his transformation with Baby Ball.
  • Took a Level in Badass: Some of the Leptons manage to show off the results of Gaz's training in the fourth episode where they manage to defeat the Ashigahari Princesses, a seasoned team, without any of their members dying. Comes to a head in the season finale when they win their first game through the power of teamwork.
  • Victory Is Boring:
    • Crayzar is a universally loved emperor of a vast galactic domain who has rebuilt society from scratch after the horrific Rad Wars, but thousands of years of peace and prosperity has left him hungry for stimulation so much so that he's willing to allow the return of the Ballmastrz, the beings responsible for the Rad Wars in the first place, because it will make the Game interesting again.
    • Also the reason for Gaz's fall from grace. She was simply bored from constantly winning the Game. It's implied that the wild night of debauchery that resulted in a police chase and the entire world watching as she nearly gets thrown out of the game in the first episode is something that happens rather frequently.
  • Wham Episode: "Onward, True Blue Friends Win Eternal; Paladin of the Heavens, Start Today!", the season 2 finale. When a massive alien armada begins attacking Earth, Crayzar reveals that he didn't create The Game just as a form of entertainment in order for humanity to unify and gain focus to keep going, but he was secretly training its players for participation against a galactic alien threat that's much greater than he is.
  • White Hair, Black Heart:
    • A heroic example, Gaz has short white hair, but is a bitter disheveled alcoholic who is actually friendlier than she lets on.
    • Inverted with Crayzar, who’s not evil, just a bit mischievous.
  • X Meets Y: Some viewers have viewed the show as "OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes on Adult Swim", with both being parodies of anime tropes. Some people also state it's like speedball meets anime.


What Does Crayzar Miss Most?

To meet Crayzar, the Leptons must solve a riddle. Their first nine guesses are fruitless, but the most unexpected member ends up providing the answer.

Example of:
Riddle Me This


Ballmastrz: 9009

Ballmastrz: 9009 is an American adult 2D-animatedsitcom television series created by animator and voice actor Christy Karacas. The show premiered on April 9, 2018 on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim and was produced by animation studios Titmouse, Inc.[1] and Williams Street. The series stars actress Natasha Lyonne as the voice of Gaz Digzy, a mixed-race athletic superstar in a dystopian future where humanity is satiated by a violent sport simply known as "The Game". The series is characterized by anime-style iconography, dark humor, adult jokes, and shock value.

In July 2019, the show was renewed for a second season,[2] which premiered on February 24, 2020.[3]


In a post-apocalyptic world ravaged by a string of devastating "Rad Wars," a mysterious demigod cyborg named Crayzar creates a roller derby-like sport known as "The Game", in which two teams try to kill each other using a ball. The series follows Gaz Digzy, the former captain of the best team in the Game, The Boom Boom Boys, who is demoted to playing on the worst team in the Game, The Leptons. Her only way back to the top is to somehow lead these pathetic misfits and 'ultimate losers' to victory.[4]

As the series progresses, The Game is slowly clarified. Initially an ill-explained violent sport between two teams with balls, it developed into a very simple competition where each team attempts to score goals with their respective ball, the goals being a small ball-sized indent on opposing sides of the play area the ball is stuck into. The balls themselves are anthropomorphic and sapient, and their personalities are similar to each team's anime-inspired theme.

Cast and characters[edit]


  • Natasha Lyonne as Gaz Digzy, a mixed-race star athlete in "The Game" and a former captain of the Boom Boom Boys, who wrecked her own career due to sheer boredom and subsequently found herself teamless, out of shape, and maligned by various diseases. She is a foul-mouthed, hard drinking has-been whose only hope is to join the Leptons and reclaim her glory. Though Ace Ambling, the young lead player of the Leptons, looks up to her, she usually ridicules him, but she slowly begins to appreciate his appraisal of her. Despite constantly being drunk, she is shown to be very knowledgeable in playing the Game and occasionally shows competence and teamwork skills. By the end of Season 1, she warms up to the Leptons and decides to stay as their new captain. In Season 2, Gaz's full name is revealed to be Gazmerelda Digzfield, daughter of moon mining tycoon Rupert T. Digzfield IV, and it is also revealed that she became a player in the Game as a way of getting back at her uptight family. As the series progress, she became more sociable, happy, and responsible due to spending time with the Leptons, particularly Ace who brings the best out of her due to his unwavering faith and belief in her. Near the Season 2 finale, she began to get back in shape and decided to train sober and become clean. To show her growth as a person, she became selfless and was willing to give up her family fame and fortune by disowning her father to go back leading the Leptons once more, and stated that her true family are the Leptons, who truly loved her and accepted her for who she is and had given her the sense of belonging she never got in her whole life.
  • Jessica DiCicco as Ace Ambling, a 12-year-old orphan and the lead player of the Leptons. He is bright, cheerful, and optimistic, but can lose his patience when things don't go as planned. He looks up to Gaz, and though he seems oblivious to her indifference to him, he eventually realizes her flaws and attempts to bring out the best in her. Despite his cheery demeanor, he often feels neglected or looked down upon by the team. Ace is revealed to be descended from the Ballmasters who fought in the Rad Wars; he can become one by fusing with Babyball and can change forms while doing so.
    • DiCicco also plays Duleena "Dee Dee" Duneeda, an anime-esque girl on the team. She is usually softspoken and cares for her teammates, but will occasionally explode in a rage when provoked. She is also shown to have a crush on Leto Otel and gets angered when he tries to downplay his relation to her. She is a former vampire hunter and thus has a large knowledge about the occult.
  • Dana Snyder as Babyball, the crass and cynical robotic ball member of the Leptons. Similar to Gaz Digzy, he looks down on his own team and wishes for better players. However, he can access a special ability when paired with Ace, whom he dislikes due to his cheeriness; he does begin to warm up to Ace and eventually calls him his friend. Despite this, Babyball is selfish, boastful, and will mock his teammates regardless.
    • Snyder also voices Stinkfinger, a living severed finger that reeks and is part of the rival team, the Murderous Misfits.
  • Eric Bauza as Flip Champion, a body stump with a spiked "sensory deprivation" helmet. A true warrior, Flip must rely on his navel to perform certain tasks. Despite claiming to have amazing abilities, which he arguably does, he still seems rather useless and is typically brushed aside with ease by other players. He was apparently once a great defender of the innocent, but through a series of training regimes, chose to simplify himself and put all his energy in his power Umbilicus, a large umbilical cord that extends from his navel. While his name is officially spelled "Flip", some of the promotional and in-show material spells it as "Flypp".
  • Dave Willis as Leto Otel, a lethargic and pessimistic member of the Leptons. He lacks the motivation and prowess to be an effective player and does not seem interested in the Game, to the point that he is not phased by mortal injuries. He quotes poetry and seems intelligent at times. While Dee Dee openly shows affection for him, Leto tries to downplay it. He has at times revealed to become sad, more so than usual, when Dee Dee briefly leaves.
  • Christy Karacas as Crayzar, the ruler of the Ulsa Guerin world who created the Game to please humanity. He has lived for thousands of years and lacks any sort of genitalia, as he is implied to be some type of artificial lifeform. He lived through the Rad Wars and gave life to all of the game balls, which were originally used as weapons in the wars. He seemingly admires the Leptons, but after Ace and Babyball's fusion, might have ulterior motives. In "Wish You Upon A Spore", it's revealed that he's a near-immortal demigodcyborg.
    • Karacas also plays Aboo Buvu, a game ball who reports the news and acts as a moderator for The Game.
  • Christopher McCulloch as various characters.

The Leptons also include two characters who do not have voice actors but are prominent. Lulu, a large green ape-like monster who, despite her intimidating appearance, is afraid of everything; and Bob, a grey alien, who appears to be useless and typically gets beaten the worst.


  • Norman Reedus as Bacchus LaBrute, the blue-skinned Greaser-style leader of a notorious biker gang called the Middle Fingers who live out in the wastelands.
  • Stephanie Sheh as Luna, the leader of the Sailor Moon-esque team the Ashigari Princesses and an old rival of Gaz who wants to steal the secret of the Ballmaster formation.
    • Sheh also plays Rudy Drax, a child without arms or legs, who idolizes Flip Champion.
  • Mike O’Gorman as Buddy Marinara, the Leptons' two-faced manager who is always looking for a way to exploit his team's newfound fame.
    • O'Gorman also plays as a shopkeeper of an Animal Shelter that Ace volunteers at.
  • Jo Firestone as Ace's Robot Mother, a fake robot mother that Gaz and Babyball make to cheer him up.
  • Rachel Dratch as The Blab, a small talking parasite that grows out of Gaz's stomach.
  • Cree Summer as Obah Wexley, a famous talk show host. She is a parody of Oprah Winfrey.
  • Doc Hammer as Milky van Montebag, a manager who tries to cash in on Ace's fame.
    • Hammer also plays as the mechabutler in Rupert's mansion.
  • Ed Asner[5] as Rupert T. Digzfield IV, Gaz's evil mega-rich father and founder of the Digzfield Lunar Drilling Corporation.


Season 1 (2018)[edit]

Season 2 (2020)[edit]



Around 2014, Karacas began working on the show.[15] On May 7, 2015, it was announced that Adult Swim had given a pilot order to the production as part of their 2015-16 slate of returning series, pilots and specials.[16] The pilot would become Ballmastrz: 9009. On August 4, 2017, it was announced that Adult Swim had given the production a series order consisting of the first season. The series was created by Christy Karacas, co-creator of Superjail! and set to be produced by animation company Titmouse, Inc.[4] It was the second Adult Swim series to feature a female protagonist after Lucy, the Daughter of the Devil.


The series is animated with Adobe Animate and produced by a team of around 20 animators from Titmouse, Inc. offices in Vancouver, Canada. When the animators were discussing the artistic direction of the series, Titmouse president and producer Chris Prynoski described the show's animation style as appearing "like it was drawn by middle school kids who try to draw anime".


Alongside the initial series announcement, it was reported that Natasha Lyonne was cast in the series' lead role of Gaz Digzy. The main cast was also set to be rounded out by Dana Snyder, Dave Willis, Jessica DiCicco, Eric Bauza, Christopher McCulloch, and Karacas. Guests were set to include Norman Reedus, Stephanie Sheh, and Mike O’Gorman.[4][17][18][19]


Alongside the initial series announcement, Adult Swim released the first official trailer for the series.[4][20][21]

On February 22, 2020, Adult Swim hosted an event at the Plaza Theatre in Atlanta, dedicated to the premiere of the second season of the series. During the event, 5 unreleased episodes were broadcast followed by a Q&A with creator Christy Karacas and voice actors Dana Snyder and Dave Willis.


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She realized herself not as a machine, but as a woman and even felt a craving for motherhood, observing people.

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As if shining from within, she began to explain to me all the pros and cons of such a situation. Yes, I became dependent on her, but she became my guardian, who was obliged to educate me as a worthy warrior, and also to provide everything. Necessary. There was also a share for the family from my booty, but these are trifles.

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