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Latest My Hero Academia chapter confirms Dabi is Touya Todoroki

Its finally been confirmed that Dabi is Touya Todoroki in the most recent chapter of My Hero Academia and it still got fans buzzing even if its been speculated for a long time now.

When confronting the beaten Endeavor and our best boi Shoto Todoroki, Dabi starts gloating and shows his family who he really is.

Didn’t help the Todoroki clan that Dabi’s monologue was being shown on TV, making Endeavor’s secrets even more shocking for people who look up to heroes.

Its also cool to read Touya finally confirming his relation to the two heroes.

Whats not cool are the people who died when Dabi made his move which you can see above.

The shocked faces of the two Todoroki heroes at the end of the chapter does not bode well at all. Maybe at the end of this arc Endeavor is also put on retirement or maybe he gets killed by Dabi.

The important thing though is we get closure on Dabi’s identity. Plus we now need to know in detail how he ended up with those burns.

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My Hero Academia Exhibition Debuts New Dabi Todoroki Sketch

The My Hero Academia Exhibition has unveiled a new sketch that has fans buzzing like crazy: an epic picture of the brothers/rivals Shoto Todoroki and Dabi! Kohei Horikoshi has put Shoto and Dabi together on a glorious one-sheet, under the ominous caption, "I'm Watching You", which could apply to either brother, really. This artwork is part of the big My Hero Academia Art Exhibition that's taking place in Tokyo, Japan, this spring, and Osaka later in the year. If this artwork is any indication, the exhibition is going to showcase some of the most iconic visuals from My Hero Academia there are!

Here's the description of the My Hero Academia Artwork Exhibition, from the official website (translated to English):

"'My Hero Academia' by manga artist Kohei Horikoshi, commonly known as 'Hiroaka', has been serialized in "Weekly Shonen Jump" since 2014. This work, which has a cumulative circulation of 50 million copies worldwide (as of April 2021), is sweeping not only Japan but also the world. It has been decided that the first original painting exhibition will be held in Tokyo in the spring of 2021 and in Osaka in the summer of the same year."

Fans of My Hero Academia have been obsessed with the Todoroki family and its drama long before the biggest reveals dropped. The fact that Shoto and Dabi were both flame-powered made it always seem like they were on a collision course - and then we got the wrinkle of their mutual link to All Might's successor, Endeavor.

Warning: My Hero Academia Manga SPOILERS Follow!

My Hero Academia's "Paranormal Liberation War" arc confirmed one of the longest-running fan theories that Dabi is actually Shoto Todoroki's older brother, Toya. Dabi used that painful family history as a psychological weapon of mass destruction; in the heat of battle, Dabi revealed his true identity to Endeavor, Shoto - and the rest of the world, via a major video broadcast announcement. That reveal has basically shattered the entire pro hero system.

Now the stage is set for a climactic battle, as Shoto has the whole Todoroki family behind him, on a mission to take out "Dabi" once and for all.


My Hero Academia posts new manga chapters weekly online. Season 5 of the anime is now streaming on Funimation and Hulu.

Sours: https://comicbook.com/anime/news/my-hero-academia-artwork-exhibition-dabi-shoto-todoroki-sketch/
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“Where’s Todoroki?”

Dabi’s piercing blue eyes searched Shinsou’s clouded over ones. He shook the kid harder.

“Where is Todoroki?!”

Shinsou opened his mouth but yet again his words refused to form into anything coherent. He simply stared at Dabi in shock.

“I know you brainwashed him! Tell me where he is now and I won’t burn you again.” He lifted one hand up and a small, flickering, blue flame emitted from his two upright fingers.

Shinsou stared at the danger in front of his face. He knew Dabi wasn’t bluffing. The man had no problem with using his quirk on him. He’d done it before. Desperate, Shinsou wanted to explain what had happened to the man’s brother, to tell him everything but, instead, darkness crowded his vision and his eyes rolled up in the back of his head.

(From a future chapter)

Shinsou’s future is looking up but after a disastrous turn of events, he questions everything and is forced to team up with the man that had severely injured him.


⚠️ Trigger and content warning: This story covers subjects such as torture, death, assault, suicide and self harm ⚠️

Sours: https://archiveofourown.org/tags/Dabi%20%7C%20Todoroki%20Touya%20*a*%20Todoroki%20Shouto/works

My Hero Academia Confirms A Todoroki Fan Theory

Chapter #290 of My Hero Academia confirms a fan-favorite theory that League of Villains member Dabi is actually Toya Todoroki (Endeavor's son).

My Hero Academia (MHA) fans have shared some wild fan theories over the years. From believing multiple traitors exist at U.A. to a crazy idea about Izuku Midoriya's father, the possible plot twists have flooded the internet. However, one has always stuck out and has been basically treated as canon ever since it was first introduced.

League of Villains member Dabi is known for hiding his past from the audience. His immediately mysterious demeanor both appealed to fans and left them wondering more about his history. So, fan theories started brewing. Readers began wondering about his childhood, and the popular idea was coined; could Dabi be the son of a world-renowned pro hero, Enji Todoroki (aka Endeavor)? His fiery quirk allows him to create blue flames, aiding him in destruction and long-distance fighting. With Endeavor's shady past and fire-based quirk, it wasn't crazy to assume there may be some familial link.

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Chapter #290 of the series finally confirmed what many Dabi fans have thought all along. In front of both Enji and Shoto (Endeavor's younger son), Dabi revealed his true name, Toya Todoroki. While some readers saw this coming, his true identity came as a shock to both heroes. He confessed to a shockingly large number of cold-blooded killings due to the path his father unwittingly set him on. Knowing the negative impact Endeavor had on Shoto's life, it stands to reason he would have the same effect on the son he cast away.

When Enji married Rei, he believed her ice quirk would perfectly complement his fire quirk. These "quirk marriages" exist in the MHA world to enhance specific quirks within bloodlines. In this case, Enji wanted to create the most powerful offspring possible in order to overpower his rival, All Might. Enji deemed all of his children failures (except for Shoto) and treated them as so. Enji was a controlling and abusive husband/father, and even abandoned Toyo when he proved to be incapable of surpassing All Might, showing little remorse for tossing aside his eldest son.

Though Enji seemed to move past the incident rather quickly, channeling all his energy into training Shoto, Toyo (now Dabi) certainly did not forget. Operating with a new name and look, he plotted his revenge against his father. It wasn't until chapter #290 that Dabi revealed his true identity to Enji. In dramatic fashion, he also broadcasted his speech nationwide in order to expose Enji's tainted past to the public. He contributed all of his actions to Endeavor's faults, forever changing the public's perception of this #1 hero.

The confirmation of Dabi as Toyo Todoroki both explains so much and leaves even more questions for the reader. Dabi, like the rest of the League of Villains, has a distinct hatred towards the hero system. It makes sense that Dabi would resent the system that left him feeling so rejected. Though Enji is to blame for abandoning his child, it's the My Hero Academia world itself that created Endeavor and his obsession with public success. Still, this chapter ends with a massive cliffhanger in which Dabi challenges his father to a final fight. Fans will have to wait on the edge of their seat for the next chapter to see which Todoroki will come out on top.

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