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Grand Wars: Mafia City

Grand Wars: Mafia City is an amazing and very addictive shooting game where you'll have to put your aim to the test to take control of a city where only chaos reigns. In this adventure, you will have to start a criminal organization to take over the territory that surrounds you and kill your enemies with the available weapons.

The controls in Grand Wars: Mafia City are very simple. You just have to use the controller in the bottom left of the screen to move around while pressing the action button in the bottom right to shoot, throw grenades or use any other weapon. When shooting and aiming well, make sure to swipe your shooting finger to the exact spot you want your bullets to go.

You have a whole city to conquer in this thrilling adventure. To get control of the territories, you'll have to defeat all the area's defenders and remain in that area for enough time. The area becomes yours once it has changed to your color, and you will obtain enough defenders to face any enemy that approaches your position. To become the most feared criminal gang, you need to move up the ranking by taking over as many territories as you can.

Each time you level up, you can choose an upgrade that will help you do more damage, shoot faster or have more weapons. In short, you can choose an upgrade or advantage that makes you even stronger. In Grand Wars: Mafia City, you can capture vehicles with all kinds of resources, choose between various godfathers, and, in short, enjoy an adventure packed with elements that will have you hooked for hours on games where you'll put your aim and skills to the test.
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For almost as long as Grand Theft Auto Online has been available on PC, there have been modders trying to create the most authentic, realistic experience for a group of players to enjoy with it. While some mods for GTA V do allow you to live the life of a random NPC, GTA Online is completely different and much more complicated. However, GTA roleplaying (GTA RP) servers have popped up over the last few years, and grown exponentially both in popularity with players, and those who watch streamers play in them on Twitch. Understanding what these servers are is a minefield. And figuring out how to get approved to play on them — let alone actually playing them — is even more so.

This guide will walk you through GTA RP servers and everything that you need to know.

What are GTA RP servers?

The simplest way to explain a GTA RP server is to say that it’s a GTA game in which you aren’t the protagonist. Instead, players take on the role of police, criminals, shopkeepers, ambulance drivers, taxi drivers, or anything else you can imagine. This is made possible by the mod, or collection of mods, applied to a server.

Most servers don’t use the same mods, since each one offers a distinctly unique roleplaying experience within Los Santos. In order to play on one properly you’ll also likely need to be part of the relevant Discord community, and definitely have the required mods downloaded to your PC.

The general rule with any GTA RP server is ‘don’t break character.’ All players want these worlds to feel real. While there is some leniency for just how immersive everyone has to keep it, you won’t get to stick around in one for long if you mess around and play like this is GTA V.

Rockstar GTA V epic games store

Getting the right mods

As I mentioned above, you’ll need the correct set of mods if you want to join a GTA RP server. Finding these is easier than you’d think, because most of these servers use a single package that collects together everything you need. The most popular of these is FiveM, which is widely used and should be absolutely fine for anyone to download without fear of malware or other malicious software. FiveM does require you to turn off your antivirus however, which I wouldn’t feel great about to be honest. If you’re looking for a mod that doesn’t ask this of you, then you could try out Rage MP Client, which is used by the Eclipse Roleplay server.

Joining a GTA RP server

This is probably the hardest part of playing GTA Online in any sort of RP server. The communities are acutely aware that there are people out there who want to come into these servers and mess things up.

As a result of this sort of behavior, most GTA RP servers have an application form for you to fill out. Even once your application has been accepted, you’ll be put in a queue most of the time before you can actually get onto the server. During this time, the best thing to do is be active in the Discord server, and prove to the moderators that you’re not looking to cause any trouble. Once you’re in, you need to keep up the good behavior, otherwise you’ll find yourself getting kicked out.

GTA RP servers to play on

Since there are so many different servers you could play on out there, here are some of the GTA RP servers that you can look into playing on today.


This is possibly the most popular server out there, and as a result it’s also the toughest to join. Currently, the server is only accepting players who donate, just to give you an idea of what’s required. Up to 32 players are able to play at a time, and some of the biggest streamers playing GTA RP have used this community.

Gta Rp Nopixel

Eclipse RP

This server allows for up to 200 players at any one time, but it’s another one that generally only accepts those who donate to support it. The Discord server lays out all of the crime factions that you can join, and it looks like a really fun server to get in on, if you want to play GTA RP.

Gta Rp Eclipse Rp

GTA World

This server is very different to all the others because it is purely text-based. If you hate chatting to other people online, don’t want to be yelled at, or just don’t have a mic, this server is your best option. It’s quite well populated, with about 500 members, but it’s always worth trying to get in if you really want to play here.

Gta Rp Gta World

Mafia City

This server is the one for those who want a GTA RP crime experience. It took two years just to get the server up and running, and now it’s fully operational. You can ascend through the ranks of the Mafia, and become a power-hungry CEO. Every building is available to purchase, and there are very few limits to the number of ‘legitimate’ businesses you can have on the side. This is the server I would go for if I wanted something different from GTA Online.

Gta Rp Mafia City

The Family RP

The Family RP feels like a meta game. Once you’ve applied to the server, you’ll be judged on how well you play with others in the forums, and the public server. If you manage to impress the moderators, then you’ll get invited to the private server, where the hardcore roleplaying goes on.

Gta Rp The Family Rp

That is all you need to known about GTA RP servers, and which ones are the best to look into. It’s always worth trying a few servers out to begin with, because you may hear about others out there that offer something slightly different. Mooch around and see which one you like best.

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Community Announcements

  • 💀RP Death Update: We have updated the way RP death is handled. If you die, you will have a 10 minute bleed out timeer. You will need to do /311 so EMS will be notified and if one is online they will respond to help you. If no EMS is online, there is a 10 minute bleed out timer before you respond. During that time, anyone that sees you can take you to Nancy st Pillbox to be treated as well. If you reach the end of the bleed out timer without being revived, you will respawn in the surgery room at Pillbox Hospital. You will not remember the last 15 minutes of your life and what led to your deth. You will lose any items or cash you have on you if you do respawn.

  • 🏪We have implemented a new and improved garage system. This garage will allow you to pull out your vehicle from any garage listed on the map. There is a catch though. If you are getting your car from a garage other than the last one you parked your vehicle in, you will be charged a small Valet charge to move your vehicle to the garage you are currently at. There is also an impound nowand it is located at the Misiion Row Police Department. If your vehicle isn’t in your garage, make sure to check the impound. Retrieving a vehicle from impound costs you, so make sure to return your car to a garage before leaving the city each time to avoid the impound fees.

  • 🚙When you go and visit the car dealership, you will notice a new lineup of car. These cars just recently arrived in the city and are one of a kind. Also, as you drive around the City you will notice new LSPD, EMS and BCSO vehicles.

  • 🛠The Gr8 City now offers crafting. Your crafting recipes can be accessed by pressing F9 to open your tablet and selecting the recipe icon. There is a location on the map where you must go to do all of your crafting. Mining and fishing are a great way to get supplies needed for crafting. Check back often as we will be adding new recipes often.

  • 📌There a many ways you can earn money in The Gr8 City that are not jobs. You can choose to pick the life of crime or there are other ways of making money the legal way. Explore the city and get to know other partners in crime to carry out all these and keep The Gr8 City black market running.

How To Play GTA V RolePlay

How To Play GTA V RolePlay. Grand Theft Auto V Roleplay or GTA RP is back on the market, with top streamers returning to Twitch RP servers. In this paper we’ll show you how to play GTA V Roleplay and a list of the finest currently available RP servers.

1 – What is GTA V RP and how to play it?

About GTA V RP

GTA V RP or Rollplay is a game version multiplayer mod. Players will hop into the usual, customised NPC in one of the user-created RP servers. Overall, they’re a “nobody” in the game who lives as in the real world. The degree of role play depends on the server – you can’t even ask questions about the controls on some of the hard-core sites.


GTA V RP is a multiplayer, as opposed to other mod modifications, that can be played exclusively with modified games such as GrandTheft or FiveM customers. When you install the client, you may join an RP server, although some of the servers need to be invited.

How to play GTA V RP?

It is not difficult to add an RP server, because the open servers are like the wild west. It’s only difficult to pick the right one. The high level RP servers requiring invitations are the list in which everybody aspires to enter. You often have to subscribe to their forum or website and register for a position on your server to get started.

Gta V Rp Fivem

NoPixel is presently running the most popular GTA V Rollplay server. It is so unbelievably popular that everyone has access closed unless they donate. Even if you’re shelling some money, you can obtain access for up to 30 days.

Naturally, there are plenty of other good servers. In general, joining a reputable RP server takes time. You should, nonetheless, be able to join them fast if you prove yourself to be a “good” RP player by remaining in character. If you are a streamer, this can lead to great viewing – the recent heist of a bank by Felix “xQc” Lengyel before 150,000 viewer.

Gta Rp

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2 – What are the best GTA RP servers to join?

While NoPixel is the biggest server that everyone wants to join, there are definitely other worthwhile servers that are available on FiveM and Rage. Below are the top three:


Eclipse RP can host up to 200 people at any moment as one of the heavy hitches in the GTA RP scene. The forum part is really comprehensive and you may join a tonne of criminal factions. Since this server is quite busy, your waiting time may be longer than anticipated.


This is one of the extensively modified servers for RP. The dynamic legal and illegal group system, customisable player companies, companies and more purchasing properties is available in the city of Mafia. You can play as a cop, mobster or money-hungry CEO. It is also possible.


This server is really interesting because it is completely based on text. This means that even if you don’t want to converse to foreigners, you can play the role all right. You need to sign up to play in GTA World, just like the previous 2 servers, and there are presently 500 users on the server.

How To Play GTA V RolePlay


City rp controls mafia

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GTA RP: Getting Started (Mafia City RP)

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