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Face Painting Supplies


Face Painting Supplies

Find most of the biggest Face Paint brands and popular Face Painting Supplies and Body Painting Suppliers. These are also available from our Face Paint SHOP. Click on the image to go to our on-line shop.

Face Paint Supplies Shop

Below is a list of the major face painting suppliers and face and body paint manufacturers. I have listed information about the companies and what their logo looks like and in most cases a link to their websites. We list most of the face painting suppliers, face paints and body painting suppliers.

Face Paint Brands

Below are listed various manufacturers of the main Face Paint Brands from all over the world. Most of the manufacturers have their own websites. We have listed their logos a short description and a link to shops selling their products or their websites.

Fusion Body Art

Fusion Body Art was created by two brothers with decades of experience in the face and body art industry. Fusion Body Art face and body paints were created with the professional face painter in mind, providing high quality cosmetic grade ingredients at an affordable price with a professional look. Fusion’s range of water activated face and body paints are highly pigmented yet easy to wash off. Our range of face and body paints is also ideal for children to play with at home or for those looking into getting face painted for their next party, event, Halloween contest, Cosplay convention and more! Fusion Body Art has also teamed up with professional face painter Leanne Courtney to create an exclusive range of products that will make your work stand out. Come shop at our professional face paint store for your favorite face painting supplies and feel free to browse our blog for some amazing face painting tips.

Click Here to Buy Fusion face paint products in Australia

Click Here to BuyFusion face paint products in the USA


Kryolan face painting supplies

The KRYOLAN team is dedicated to all those having special needs, if for body or face painting supplies, movie or television productions, or for the theatrical stage . KRYOLAN is a specialized manufacturer of professional make-up serving theater, film, and television around the globe for more than 50 years. At the company's headquarters in Berlin / Germany scientists continuously work developing new products, looking for innovative raw materials with special skin caring properties. Face painting suppliers with the experience of more than half a century KRYOLAN understands to its best the need of qualified professional make-up artists working in the entertainment industry. A range of more than 14,000 items covers every need any professional make-up artist may have.
Click Here to BuyKryolan Products in the USA

Click Here to BuyKryolan Products in the UK 


Snazaroo face painting supplies

Established in 1989, Snazaroo has grown from its modest roots supplying fancy dress hire shops to become the world's leading face painting supplier of water-based face and body paints, and face painting supplies. One of the top Face painting suppliers today, its UK factory creates and supplies hand-made face and body paints, along with hundreds of other products, to over 20 countries around the world. The company’s emphasis on quality and safety - all paints comply to the strictest toy and cosmetic regulations, are water-based, easy to apply and remove - has inspired huge brand loyalty over the years.
Click Here to BuySnazaroo Products in the USA 

Click Here to Buy Snazaroo Products in the UK

MiKim FX

Mi Kim FX AQ

MiKim FX Art Studio is based out of Belgium and manufactures high quality, professional level makeup designed for use by models and artists. MiKim FX products are made in strict compliance with EU and FDA regulations. Mikim makes a range of makeup and face painting applicators to help with face and body art. Choose from a wide range or normal or special colours of AQ  makeup. Mikim FX Makeup blends in smoothly and stays comfortable on skin. MiKim is great for blending or line work. MiKim also offers high quality face paint sponges.

Click Here to BuyMi Kim FX Face Paints USA

Click Here to BuyMi Kim FX Face Paints UK


Mehron face painting supplies

MEHRON INC. CELEBRATING 75 YEARS OF LEADERSHIP IN PERFORMANCE MAKEUP Mehron Melik founded Mehron Inc. in 1927 in a small New York City loft just off Broadway, in the heart of the theatre district. For years, Mehron catered to the makeup needs of performers in theatre, vaudeville, burlesque, opera, ballet, and silent films. His staff of as many as 10 “Mehron Ladies” would fan out each evening to different theatres and offer cosmetic products and application advice to the entertainers before their performances. After WWII began, Mehron devoted his talents and expertise to helping severely disfigured soldiers learn how to use makeup products to camouflage their scars, wounds and burns. During the 1950’s and 1960’s, the entertainment business began to spread across the United States. In order to keep pace, the distribution of professional quality makeup products shifted to retail outlets. Hundreds of stores became Mehron dealers and the era of the “Mehron Ladies” was over. In 1971, Mehron’s son, Martin Melik, assumed control of the family business. He implemented new methods of promotion and distribution, expanded and improved the Mehron product line, and ushered in a new era of aggressive growth and customer service. The 75th anniversary of the Mehron brand is a celebration of the dedication it took to become the leader in the performance makeup industry. Today, many large productions including Blue Man Group, Cirque du Soleil, The Metropolitan Opera, Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey Circus, and The American Ballet Theatre depend on Mehron products to look their best. We continue to thoughtfully build our product line to meet the demands of today’s marketplace.
Click Here to BuyMehron Face Paints USA

Click Here to BuyMehron Face Paints UK

Paradise makeup website

What makes this new makeup truly distinctive is our unique blend of base ingredients. Aloe and chamomile combine to make Paradise Makeup AQ safe and gentle to the skin. Glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter provide rich, vibrant, color saturated coverage. It washes off easily with just soap and water. No special removers are needed. Brushes and sponges clean easily and will last longer.
Click Here to BuyPARADISE Make-up in the USA

Click Here to BuyPARADISE Make-up in the UK


Eulenspiegel Profi-Schminkfarben

Eulenspiegel Profi-Schminkfarben GmbH, The German based professional Face Paint supplier

Visit their website:


Grimas face painting supplies

Grimas the Dutch based supplier of quality face painting supplies and makeup. The best colorants, Dermatological Tested and certificate 'VERY GOOD'. Plus Gluten free. A Safety data Sheet is available for every product sold, available to download of the internet.

Click Here to BuyGrimas Face Paints in the UK

Grimas face painted hands


Funky Foxes face paint

Funky Foxes face paint is manufactured by Charles Fox. It consists of a range of exciting colours, with excellent coverage and depth. Suitable for professionals and beginners alike. The Funky Foxes paints are made from a professional water-based formula that is easy to apply and remove and most importantly, safe. The paints are in 20ml tubs crack resistant pots which are domed to assist in stacking. To give you an idea of size/coverage - the pots are about the same size as a lady's powder compact and contain enough paint to cover at least 100 faces. (this is a conservative figure, usually a lot more than this is acheived)
Funky Foxes in the UK


Graftobian face painting supplies

Graftobian is a family run manufacturing business based in Madison, WI and in Brooklyn, NY. Two families with one goal: Make THE best make-up and sell at a fair price. With distribution of face painting supplies worldwide, Graftobian make-up is all the make-up you will ever need! Graftobian Make-Up Co. established in 1978, is a manufacturer and distributor of virtually every type of make-up. DISGUISE STIX® Face Painting Make-Up, Color and Glitter Hairsprays and Gels, Graftobian Theatrical® Make-Up and accessories for stage, TV, film, special effects, etc. and most recently Graftobian Glamour Make-Up and Hi-Def Make-up for TV, Film and Print Media Beauty and Fashion work.
Click Here to BuyGraftobian Products


Ben Nye face painting supplies

For nearly forty-years, Ben Nye has earned the respect of artists who simply want the best in makeup and face painting supplies. In recent years, our design team has been busy creating dozens of useful new products, innovative colors, and refined textures. As we complete our web site, we invite you to send for your free Ben Nye Catalog. You’ll find practical favorites, unique products, and complete color charts. Discover the tradition of Ben Nye professional makeup, inspiring creativity worldwide in the entertainment arts. Theatre Arts & Education Grand Entertainment Film, Television & Print Opera and Theatre
Click Here to BuyBen Nye Makeup


Wolfe Brothers face painting supplies

Wolfe Face Art & FX is a make-up design company best known for its unique products and cutting-edge make-up application techniques. Wolfe Face Art & FX has truly revolutionized the industry by combining traditional make-up and fast-paced face painting supplies into a totaly new type of face and body art. Our highly-pigmented Hydrocolor line of professional water-based makeup has the best coverage and brightest blacklight colors in the industry. We also carry a wide range of novelty face painting and temporary tattoo products. Educational classes are available to learn The Wolfe Brothers techniques and to get hands-on experience using the new Hydrocolor make-up line.
Click Here to BuyWolfe Face Art & FX products in the USA


Ruby Red face and body paint logo

Ruby Red Face Paint brand was launched by Gary Cole to fill a void in the face paint industry, for a safe American made brand. Gary Cole the founder and well known figure in the industry, has extensive experience in cosmetics and the face paint market. Gary feels people are eager to support an American-made brand that is vegan, paraben free, and that has the color range offered by Ruby Red. This is the first and only major brand that offers pantone color matching of its color range of paints. Ruby Red is made in the USA with high quality ingredients and packaging from American suppliers. The company aims to provide safe face paints that can be comfortably used by children and adults. Ruby Red face paints are water activated, semi-solid cake make-up with great pigmentation. They are long wearing and provide smooth application without streaking. Ruby Red face paints are formulated with special binders and glycerin for a longer lasting finish that won't smudge. They dry within 20 to 30 seconds and can last all day when applied as specified. Ruby Red face paints are available in classic, pearl and metallic colors. For those concerned about safety and animal rights, RUBY RED IS A VEGAN PRODUCT THAT IS also HYPOALLERGENIC.
Click Here to Buy Ruby Red Paints in the USA


TAG Body Art logo

Supplier of Glitters, Body art Stencil's, Adhesive's and Professional Face and Body Paints. TAG Body Art is located in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia, with resellers in most countries supplying their product around the world. TAG is a New professional water-based makeup. It has excellent coverage and vivid colours. Split Cakes and One Strokes are very popular with pro face artists across the globe.

Click Here to Buy TAG paints in the USA

Click Here to Buy TAG paints in the UK


Diamond Fx

Diamondfx has completely concentrated on the selling of make-up and sillicone products. Besides that they sell face painting supplies and products wich are necessary with the use of the above products. By specialising in this field Diamondfx stays a small company. They thus try to stay small enough to be able to offer a good service, and innovative face and body painting products. This approach has seen them grow in sales and market share. Their company quarantees the best quality against a good price. All the products have been approved by the EU & FDA. There is no perfume included in the make-up any more, and the composition of some colours has been improved. Nick Wolfe and Brian Wolfe will continue to work with WB DiamondFX. They also believe in and are aware of the opportunities for the new improved products and company. The owner is Alex Beek.
Click Here to Buy DiamondFX in the USA

Click Here to Buy DiamondFX in the UK


Superstar Paint

SuperStar Inc of Holland has launched a new line of face paint with a creamy blend of extreme pigment, smooth consistency, and a reasonable price. The Superstar paint includes a range of over 30 bold colors including shimmer and glitter colors. The Superstar paints are very similar to Kryolan Aquacolor and Paradise AQ, because they are vibrant and bold and have a creamy consistency. The paints handle even the hottest weather, so no more "melted" paints. Face painters enjoy the fact that they blend like a dream. They are applied using a damp brush or sponge and remove easily with soap and water. Some top Pro face painters have endorsed the product.

Click Here to BuySuperstar Face Paint in the USA


Cameleon face paint

Cameleon face and Body paint is easy and comes ready to use. It has the best coverage and brightest colours! This make-up can be applied with sponge or brush and is easily removed with soap and water, or wipes. When applied the make-up will last all day without cracking or fading and is so soft on the skin you wont even know its there! However, our advise is "Do not apply to irritated skin". Use a SMALL AMOUNT OF WATER to work with Cameleon using a sponge or brush. Cameleon is not water proof and can leave a residue after washing of. Some colors have strong pigments that wash of a bit harder than others. All their products are manufactured according the EEC and FDA regulations. All Baseline products have been approved by the EU & FDA institutions. To start using and just simply open your container or bottle. Dip a brush or sponge into a very small amount of water and you are ready for your first strokes. Using a damp sponge. Make sure that the sponge is not too wet by squeezing out excessive water or the finished result may be streaky. When applying colour with a brush, keep strokes even and work in continuous lines. Confidence will come with practice. Store your materials in a dry clean state with lids on all containers. When finishing a session, wipe any excess moisture from the surface of the paints and store with the lids on. Never store any make up WET with the lids on. All high quality make up is manufactured with anti-bacterial ingredients, so has preservatives in it to kill bacteria, mould or yeast. However, Cameleon Make up is not designed to be 'submerged' in water for extended lengths of time. So be careful never to have a 'puddle' of water in your cakes. Cameleon face paints are all water based. This makes them as easy to get off as they are to put on. Simply remove with soap and warm water. There really is no need for scrubbing or harsh removers.

Click here to buy CAMELEON products in the USA


Party Xplosion logo

PartyXplosion is a Dutch based company specializing in makeup, face paints, party accessories and decorations. PartyXplosion Face Paints provide amazing coverage and works equally well for line work or base work. Available in a range of rich and vibrant regular colors, pearl colors and special FX metallic colors.

Click Here to BuyParty Xplosion in the USA


Kryvaline face paint

Kryvaline is a Canadian based face and body paint, which is sold via the Face Painting Supplies website, and is funded and operated by Canadian face painting company - MD Face Painting. This company has strived to bring in as many professional quality face paints and accessories into the Canadian market. They seek to offer the lowest possible price among all the face painting web stores in Canada. Mailing Address: 1450 Parker Ave. Regina, Saskatchewan, S4S 4R8. Canada Customer Service Number: (306) 949-9508. Call between 9:30am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. Email: support(at)

Click Here To Buy Kryvaline online in the USA


Silly Farm Supplies

Silly Farm Supplies is now headed by President/ CEO Heather Banks, a Florida State University graduate and an experienced face painter and lecturer. At Heather's side are Claudia Banks as CFO, Yvette Guerra as your cusomter service agent, Cristi Gomez, our Invetory and Packing Manager, and Stefanie Acevedo as the assistant shipping manager. Our staff are also familiar with the products and always available to answer questions. Rounding out the Silly Farm Supplies family is the company mascot, Noley, a loveable Malti-poo and an avid Florida State football fan. Silly Farm has a new and improved website, as well as an expanded product line. They welcome comments and suggestions, and strive to provide their customers with the very best in face painting supplies and customer service.

Silly Farm also have created their own Brand called "FAB" The FAB paints are a creamy blend of extreme pigment, smooth consistency and manufactured in Holland by SuperStar Inc, exclusively produced for Silly Farm

Click Here to Buy FAB paints in the USA

Click here to buy Silly Farm Rainbow Cakes in the USA


Arty Brush Logo

Rebecca created Arty Brush Cakes...Split cakes that allow the artist to highlite, shadow and blend with a single stroke! Rebecca is an artist and entrepreneur, with a passion for entertainment and people. She has 30 years of experience as a fine arts painter and crafts person. The Pro Arty Rainbow cake palette offers convenience, organization, and lots of color all in one palette. If you are having trouble organizing your rainbow and arty cakes this is the perfect palette for you. This kit is fully customizable and allows you to choose your favorite rainbow combinations to create a palette full of creativity and inspiration.
Click here to buy Arty Brush Cakes in the USA


Face Paints Australia has been supplying quality face and body make-up to professional face and body artists in Australia and New Zealand since 2005. FPA is a highly pigmented, water based paint available in Essential, Metallix and Neon ranges with a large variety of unique vibrant colours. FPA also produces an exciting range of ‘Combo Cakes’ designed specifically for sponge or brush application.  Ideal for one-stroke, allowing you to load up to 7 different colour combinations. Internationally acclaimed Australian artists Lynne Jamieson, Lisa Marie MacKinnon, Jenny Saunders and US Artist Dutch all strongly endorse, paint and create with FPA.

Click here to buy Face Paints Australia in the USA


Amerikan Body Art

Amerikan Body Art was started by me, Erika Harrison, in 2003. Originally, I had just intended to do henna tattoos on weekends to help earn a little extra income so I could stay home and home-school my three sons. I've always wanted to be a teacher, so I started teaching locally, and eventually at face and body art conventions all over the world. Sometimes I have to pinch myself when I think about how far this business has taken me. It's been an incredible journey of learning and self-discovery. I've met the most amazing artists and found friendship all across the globe. I feel like I have proven that you can have anything you really want in life if you just decide what you want and believe that you will have it.
Click here to buy Amerikan Body Art Items Amerikan Body Art in the USA


Glimmer body art

Glimmer Body Art was originally formed in 2007 as a service company providing fun and entertainment with glitter tattoos for parties and events in Los Angeles. The service was an instant hit and the company became a fixture of Los Angeles events like the Teen Choice Awards, FOX’s The Simpson’s Anniversary Party and LA’s Fashion Night Out at Saks Fifth Avenue. Due to the huge popularity of the glitter tattoos, Glimmer Body Art quickly evolved to be the premier glitter tattoo product manufacturer, serving the domestic and international market.
Click here to buy Glimmer Body Art itemsGlimmer Body Art in the USA


Ybody Logo

We are the glittering body temporary tattoo manufacturers and suppliers! We can supply any amount, any size, any time- around the globe! Stays on the skin 3-13 days!! FDA cleared! Long lasting, safe and glamorous by the Y-body company Y-body Glitter and UV paint.

Click here to buy Y-Body Items Y-Body Glitter Tattoos in the USA


Bad ass stencils

Bad Ass Stencils is a brand new, signature line of multi-tasking stencils designed by award winning makeup artist and body painter Andrea O'Donnell. These professional airbrush tools can easily be utilized in a multitude of applications on various surfaces using a wide variety of mediums and tools. Each individual sheet consists of a combination of several stencils that include thematically related design elements, patterns, textures and artistic edges. Every inch of these sheets can be fully utilized in your applications, giving you the most bang for your buck! Bad Ass Stencils are made of durable yet flexible 7 mil mylar, a medium weight material as thick as card stock. This material is thin enough to achieve outstanding detail when stenciling, yet strong enough to clean and use many, many times and is solvent proof.
Click here to buy Bad Ass Stencils in the USA

face painting supplier Ybody

Find most of the biggest Face Paint brands and popular Face Painting Supplies and Body Painting Suppliers. Face painting supplies are available from our Face Paint SHOP.


 Face paints and face painting supplies for the beginner and professional


Please note:  we are based north of Manchester between Barnoldswick and Kelbrook.

Face paints, face paint and face painting supplies.  We are an established and experienced online shop retailing face paints from major brands such as Snazaroo, Grimas, Mehron, Paradise, TAG Body Art, Diamond FX, Global Body Art and many more.  

We are in fact one of the biggest and longest surviving retailers of face paints in the UK with over 10 years experience in the market.

If you are looking for face paint or theatrical makeup then you have found the right face paint shop for all your face paint supplies.  We currently hold over 2000 individual products to make a complete kit for the professional face painter or hobby face painter.

Due to COVID-19 we are posting orders at the earliest opportunity, however, there may be a short delay.  Our Royal Mail sorting office has limited opening hours and we are trying to minimise contact with other people.  

Where do I start to shop?

Start by looking for products by using the Catalogue or Shop by Brand on the left hand side.  Further down the page on the left are sections to look by Occasion or Theme and a section whereby you can search easily for split cakes, uv/neons and vegan friendly paints.

There is also an excellent search facility at the top right of the page allowing shoppers to search by item or colour, or anything else for that matter!


We have supplied paints toCarolyn Roper one of the UK's biggest names in body painting and body paint camouflage.

Photos Chris Cartmell

Copyright images used with kind permission of Carolyn Roper and Mistair - painted using MistFX at IMATS 2012.

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The Great Face Paint Shop Guide

Whether you are just starting out in the industry, or you’ve been painting for a while and are looking for a trusted place to purchase your supplies, this handy-dandy guide will assist you in purchasing all of your painty needs!

Professional quality face and body paints are rarely found at craft or discount stores. Places like Michael’s sell brands such as Snazaroo or other lesser known products. Generally speaking, Snaz is a certified safe paint. But, as Olga often reminds us, it is a lower quality product that will not lend you the quality results of other trusted brands the School endorses. And, that list is ever-evolving.

You may find some products on eBay or Amazon, but the price will typically be higher and/or the quality lower. You additionally run the risk of unknowingly purchasing counterfeit face paints this way. Why does this matter? Safety. The shops in this article sell only authentic face paints that are quality tested. If you accidentally purchase a batch of counterfeit paint, it could contain harmful substances that could cause allergic reactions, blistering, etc for your precious clients.

Most face painting supplies can be purchased online. Additionally, most of these shops also run a brick-and-mortar shop. So, if you are lucky enough to reside nearby or are planning a trip, you may additionally shop in-store and get valuable information and the opportunity to check out colors and brushes with your own eyes. You should certainly google face paint shops in your hometown to see if there is anything nearby. BUT, stick with the list of safe/approved paints to ensure you aren’t purchasing inferior products.

You can additionally sometimes find great deals in person. I recently visited Eddie’s Trick Shop in Marietta, Georgia. I was able to purchase a multitude of Paradise paints for $3 less per cake than the online shops, in addition to trying out several products and brushes myself. And the best part? No shipping!😁 Additionally, many of these shops host face painting classes, workshops and something we lovingly refer to as “jam sessions”.

For those of us not lucky enough to live near an actual shop, online shopping is the only steady option. Not to worry though! Many of these shops not only sell the paints but have their own blogs, video tutorials and more to give you an in-depth look at new products, brands and more. So although you aren’t able to test before you buy, the professionals will do it for you! Check out our list of recommended online shops: 👇

For a complete list of School-approved paints, products and everything you need to know about face painting, check out our
— Ultimate Face Painting Guide for Beginners and
— How to Become a Professional Face Painter and Get Paid.


Face Paint Shop Australia
Face Paint Supplies Perth
Face Paints Online
Looney Bin
Sublime Body Art
Always Wicked Art


Face Paint Online


Hokey Pokey Shop
The Magic Mirror
Pigment M
Face Painting Supplies
La Boutique
Dotsy The Clown

Costa Rica

Funny Party
Pintacaritas Tri La Tienda


Les Couleurs Du Vent
Planet Body Art


Theater Makeup
Magie der Farben
Kreativ-Store 24
KreativSchmiede Eifel
Peter Tronser Onlineshop


Csillam Vilag


Shop in Haifa


Magnum Shop




Onyria Studio


Face Paint Shop
Crea Rose

New Zealand

Face Paints NZ
Body FX Shop


Raduga Grima
Diamond FX

South Africa

Face Paint Supplies SA


Superstar Spain

Pincelhadas Online

Plantilla y Maquilla


Face make-up
Maquillages Magiques

United Kingdom

Paintopia Shop
Face Paints Direct
The Face Painting Shop
Face Paint Supplies
Yorkshire Face Paints
Funtime Faces
Magic Box Face Paints
Facepaint UK
Illusion Face Painting Store
Glitter & Pop
Jelli’s PartyXplosion Face Paints
Webster’s Face Paint Supplies

United States

Shop Glitter Tattoos
Andrea O’Donell, the creator of BAM stencils, official website
Lea Selley’s, the creator of Graffiti Eyes Stencils, official website
Face Paint Forum Shop
Showoffs Body Art
Diva Stencils
Cameleon Paint
Amerikan Body Art
Chit Chat the Clown
Trendy Tribals


Is your head spinning from the selection of products? 😱 Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. 😎

Take a look at these articles that were written to help you narrow down the products you need to be successful as a professional artist!
— Ultimate Face Painting Guide for Beginners
— How to Become a Professional Face Painter and Get Paid

Don’t Miss Out: Subscribe today to receive expert tips and tricks, fresh face painting ideas, step-by-steps, and more.

What is your favorite place to shop for your painty needs? Tell us why you choose your favorite shop to frequent. Show us your face paint hauls from your favorite store! 👇👇👇


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Face Painting with Splitcakes- A Quick Tutorial

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