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CarX Drift Racing Update 2.12.0 Patch Notes – August 31, 2021

CarX Drift Racing update 2.12.0 is now available on PS4 and Xbox One. According to the official CarX Drift Racing patch notes, the latest added new cars, bug fixes and changes. Apart from this, CarX Drift Racing patch 2.12.0 also includes general stability fixes.

Previously, abig update added new changes, balancing, bug fixes, and quality of life improvements.

Unfortunately, many players are still experiencing issues while playing the game. Today’s CarX Drift Racing Online patch 2.12.0 will fix a few of these issues.

CarX Drift Racing Patch 2.12.0 notes – August 31, 2021

  • Wellington S20
  • Changed nickname behavior in multiplayer
  • Changed the default values ​​of the Racing modification
  • Minor tweaks to lighting, vinyl application and fleet models
  • Fixed incorrect motion blur
  • Rotating decal now works with symmetry in vinyl editor
  • Players of the release version 2.11.1 will not see the players of ptr version 2.12.0 with new cars in multiplayer, and also could not participate in competitions!

Graphic arts

  • Advanced tire smoke simulation. Added the ability to adjust the intensity of smoke
  • Fixed incorrect motion blur

New loading screen


  • Added new soundtracks
  • Added sequential transmission volume setting


  • Added the ability to select a track for a test drive in the dyno
  • Fixed wrong hand position for CUSTOM lever
  • Rotating decal now works with symmetry in vinyl editor


  • Added support for the DualSense ™ controller


  • Added highlighting of the installed part in the “Body kits” section
  • Lots of UI fixes


  • Added the ability to create rooms with a specific of tire grip
  • Added new room filter for tire grip
  • Changed nickname behavior in multiplayer
  • Adjusted car spawn zones in multiplayer
  • Fixed erroneous counting of overtaking by the pursuer in the XDS Doubles competition


  • Changed approach to loading game resources
  • Optimized image compression technology for better performance
  • Added new parameter “Texture Compression” in graphics settings

Download free CarX Drift Racing Online update 1.15 on PS4 and Xbox One.

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CarX Drift Racing Online Ps4 Digital & Box Price Comparison

About this game

CarX Drift Racing Online will have you doing real-world drifting alone or with your friends, car tuning, and basically burning rubber on the pavement.

  • Experience driving physics that is realistic as can be.
  • Customization in the game is highly detailed.
  • Tune your car’s parameters.
  • Drift in lots of locations.
  • Upgraded graphics.
  • Join open online rooms and go on competitions.


You’ll come to love balancing the brakes and gas as you slip round the track like some kind of snake. You’ll begin to see the vision that CarX was aiming for and you’ll wind down your window, put the loud tunes on and just enjoy it for what it is.

CarX Drift Racing Online The Royal Trio

  • Black Jack X22 – Drift Stars
  • EVA MR – Drift Champion
  • Cobra GT530 – CarX Racer

CarX Drift Racing Online Gold

  • Atlas GT Gold Edition
  • Caravan G6 Ghost Drifter
  • Experience x2
  • Money x2
  • 5,000,000 Start Bonus

CarX Drift Racing Online Power Drift

  • Dtm 46 – Beast
  • Loki M4 – Drift Bomb
  • Voodo – Fighter

CarX Drift Racing Online Deluxe

  • Traks with no level restrictions.
  • All vehicles with no level restrictions.
  • All elements of customizations with no level restrictions.
  • All discs with no level restrictions.

Find all the best prices for CarX Drift Racing Online DLCs on Cheapdigitaldownload!

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CarX Drift Racing Online Price: How much does it cost on PC, PS4, Xbox One & mobile?

There’s just something about CarX Drift Racing Online that keeps us coming back for more sideways action. CarX is probably the best drifting game on the market and is available on multiple systems now. Having begun as a mobile game, CarX technologies have expanded the title to the PC and console market.

But where is CarX the cheapest? And what are the differences in prices between the versions? We’ve got everything you need to know right here!


We’ll begin with the mobile versions of CarX, as that’s where the game began its journey. Currently, on the Android Play Store, CarX is available for free! This is an absolute bargain and definitely worth checking out if you have an Android phone or tablet.

CarX 2 screenshot

It’s the same story on the Apple App Store too, as CarX is 100% free on there too. Download now on your iPhone or iPad now while it’s still available for no cost. It should be noted that the game’s sequel, CarX Drift Racing 2, is also available on both Android and iOS for free too.


CarX has been available as a PC game via the Steam online market since 2017. Currently, the vanilla game is available for 40% off for £6.83 on Steam.

CarX R34 1

The “Complete” version of the game is currently going for £13.89, which is 55% off the RRP of £30.99. The complete version comes with the base game and the Season Pass.

Finally, we have the “Ultimate” edition of CarX. This version is retailing for £13.71, which is 49% off the RRP. The Ultimate edition contains the vanilla game and its “Deluxe” version. The Deluxe version gives players access to all cars, maps and car customisation options.

Playing on PC is great as well because modding is exclusively available on this platform via the Steam store.


CarX was recently on offer on the PS Store, and got as low as £6 to buy if you have a PS+ membership. However, it’s now back up to its regular price of £18.99. This can change of course, and will likely go on offer again, but we can’t exactly say when. Keep your eyes peeled on the PS Store and it’ll pop up again for a discounted price.

CarX Drift Racing Online

Xbox One

Luckily for Xbox gamers though, CarX is still on offer! CarX is available on Xbox One via the Microsoft store for £13.74, which is 45% off the RRP of £25.99 for this version. This price will last for another four days then presumably revert back to its normal cost.

Solar CarX

Something else to keep in mind is that you can play CarX on the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X using their backwards compatibility features.

Prices and availability are accurate as of the time of writing (28th June).

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More than 30,000,000 people around the world downloaded CarX!
Warning! Be careful, this application may entertain you for more hours than you think! Don't forget to take a break at least every 40 minutes!

- CarX Drift Racing gives you a uniquely simple and intuitive experience in handling sport cars
- If you like to drift, get ready to spend many hours playing this game
- Use the separate handbrake button to start drifting
- Burn tires doing donuts
- Animation of the thick smoke while drifting

- Insane feeling of powerful sport cars
- Unique driving on different surfaces — asphalt, grass, and sand
- Racing on high detailed tracks
- You can customize the controls
- You can select different setups for every car — Stock, Turbo, Racing, and Drift
- You can change color of your car and wheels
- Live cameras and replays
- You can upload your best replays to YouTube and Everyplay

- Compete with real rivals in online tournaments
- Reach the top of 5 leagues
- Drive in tandem and unlock premium cars

- Win cups and earn coins
- Unlock 40 sport cars and new tracks
- Ghost Mode for competing with your best race

- Compete with your friends and beat world records
- Time attack racing mode with worldwide ranking

- Original engine sound for every car
- Simulated turbo and blowoff valve sounds!

NEW licensed sound tracks

- Your COINS, unlocked cars, and tracks are saved on your device. DO NOT DELETE game before you update it, or all your progress will be LOST!
- To make the game run faster close all other applications in task manager
[Double click the home button and drag other applications upward]
- LIKE for news and updates

If you like high-end racing games, get ready to spend hours playing CarX.
Have fun with CarX Drift Racing!

Version 1.16.2

1. Multiplayer tracks have been updated
2. Cars and tracks have been updated for select events
3. Overall optimization & bug fixing

Ratings and Reviews

Rating 11/10

This is the best racing game on a iPhone and iPad that I have ever played, no exaggeration it is the best free game on the App Store by far, so much to do and you all added new cars!! Very happy and will buy them all haha, this game is unique because it has a lot of potential and it is a great time user, I've played this over the years and it never gets old, always new content and always new possibilities, starts off as a casual game but play through and get better cars and you're set to go!!! By the way the cars are cheap and easy to get, some of them are harder but challenge is never a problem, one thing y'all could add is maybe a lambo? And the semi or the Thor 8800 as you call it, please make it a triple axel, it looks weird when you see it with only 4 wheels, like maybe like a older peterbuilt model would be absolutely great, and please add a wifi multiplayer so I can race my brother on some of the races? That would make my day and I will greatly suggest this to some of my friends, so add a extra axel and make 8 tires in the back and not only 2, possibly add a more racing type car like a Lamborghini or Ferrari, and add wifi multiplayer so when my bro can play then we can play on my wifi network, and maybe possibly add a player request system so I can find and play against him at his house or somewhere else, thanks so much for this game!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the Best Racing Games on Mobile

This has to be one of (if not THE) best racing games on mobile. Graphics are sharp (especially for a mobile game), controls are smooth, and it’s just plain fun! It’s an online game, meaning you can compete with other racers, but there are also single player races (drift-point races or time trials) if you find yourself offline (I put my WiFi only tablet on airplane mode to make sure you can play the game completely offline). There’s a nice selection of cars. For now, you can only change a few cosmetic appearances of your car (window tint, rim style and color, body paint, and tire smoke color), but hopefully some of the deeper customization that just got introduced in the PC/Steam edition will find its way onto mobile. My only complaint and reason for the one missing star is the “watch-ad-to-play” system. Not only does the game give you an opportunity to earn free in-game cash by watching ads (both in the form of daily ads-for-cash as well as “bonus cash” every time you complete a race), but you’ll also have to suffer through ads in between menu screens. For instance, going from a race to your garage will cause an ad to pop-up. For me, it just gets in the way and breaks up my immersion in the game. I understand the ad revenue helps make the game free-to-play, and for some, that’s okay - even preferable, but I’d be more willing to pay a one-time fee to buy the game and not have to sit through ads. Ever. That’s just me.

Honest Review - Amazing

This game is really really fun, the only things I don't like are the ads because they pop up every time I do a new drift run, but you can get rid of them if you pay ’Gold’ or something like that. It's like VIP basically but I can’t afford more monthly things or I would. I play this game on IOS/Computer and the IOS version is better for me because the controls are hard to use, like turning, on computer. But again, you can buy a steering wheel for a joystick type of thing for the game but I doubt I can afford that too. The computer version has more customization which would be cool for IOS but I don’t want them adding car damage physics unless it's like that one thing called like a demo derby or whatever its called. Lag can be an issue, I have a iPhone 7plus and it lags a little from time to time but not too much to mess you up very much. This car game is the only game I’ve liked since I started having a very big interest in learning about cars, not that you can learn a lot from the engine and how it works but you can still learn general new things if you're curious enough to learn from the game. I hope to see this game develop more and hopefully I can buy the VIP perks eventually and this game would be perfect.
PS - You guys should totally add custom paint jobs and an off-brand 1987 Corvette to the game, it's my dream car😁

The developer, CarX Technologies, has not provided details about its privacy practices and handling of data to Apple. For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy.

No Details Provided

The developer will be required to provide privacy details when they submit their next app update.



1.4 GB


Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Requires iPadOS 8.0 or later.
iPod touch
Requires iOS 8.0 or later.
Requires macOS 11.0 or later and a Mac with Apple M1 chip.

English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian Bokmål, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Turkish

Age Rating

© 2017 CarX Technologies.


In-App Purchases

  1. SCHOOLBOY$2.99
  2. WANNABIE$7.99
  3. POCKET MONEY$3.99


  • Game Center

    Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements.

  • Family Sharing

    With Family Sharing set up, up to six family members can use this app.

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