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Scooter City are importers of scooters, quad bikes and electric bikes buying direct from the factories in large volumes. We have two different kinds of products. First of all there are the electric bikes, also known as Ebikes. This is a growing market due to the recession and cost savings of driving an electric bicycle instead of a car. Then we also wholesale kids scooters and quads which are also known as micro scooters. These are great fun for kids and big kids and make excellent gifts. We wholesale both electric micro and petrol micro scooters and quads. Please browse the site to see the range of products that are available.

Scooter City is part of the Nitrotek group so by opening a wholesale account with Scooter City you will also have access to the other Nitrotek group products at wholesale prices. These are currently radio controlled models and airsoft bb guns.

Both our adult scooters and kids scooters are the best priced on the market and have a good demand throughout the year. We offer our wholesale customers excellent margins so with some good marketing a lot of profit can be made.

Dropship Service

For online only traders we also offer a dropshipping service where we can deliver scooters direct to your customers. If you are interested in this please visit our dropship page.

How To Open Trade Account

Opening a trade account is easy. Simply email (trade at scootercity.co.uk); or call (0161 883 0054) with your company name, address and details to us and we will send you a trade pack. Once you have received the trade pack sign and return the the trade agreement to us and that's it. You will then be given your account number and be able to place orders straight away.

Wholesale terms can be seen here: https://www.scootercity.co.uk/information/trade/trade-terms.html

Sours: https://www.scootercity.co.uk/information/wholesale-scooters.html

Citycoco electric scooter wholesale from Europe fast shipping

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Offer's description

Based in Germany, we are a high quality electric scooter wholesale supplier. We provide products to B2B customers from all over Europe. We operate two large warehouses of 3000 m² located in France and Germany. The product line includes electric scooter, citycoco harley electric scooter, electric bicycle, hoverboard, hoverkart, mountain bike, dirt bike, quad,. etc.

Main feature

Attractive and durable frame
Three version of citycoco in stock-1500W / 20AH, 1000W / 20AH, 1000W / 12AH
Black, white, red, hip-hop, yellow color is available
Long mileage
Comfortable riding with large tire

Our advantage

5 years of experience as an electric scooter supplier in Europe
Warehouse France & Germany
2-5 days fast shipping to Europe
Wholesale and dropshipping service
Excellent after-sales service


Packing size: 190 × 40 × 85cm
Net weight: 50kg
Gross weight: 70kg
Motor power: 1500W
Battery: 60 V, 12/20 AH lithium battery
Maximum speed: 45 km / h
Range per charge: 50-60 km
Maximum gradability: 25 °
Maximum load: 200kgs
Tire: 18 × 9.5 inch
Charging time: 6 hours
Front and rear LED light, rotating light
Horn and rearview mirror
Smart Speedometer
Large pneumatic tire for you to ride on an off-road surface
Double disc brake system
Powerful shock absorber

Contact us
Stocklist with price will be provided on request.
We are looking for electric scooter importers/distributors/wholesalers/resellers from all over Europe.

Payment options
Delivery options

The wholesaler has not set the shipping options. In order to receive information about the shipping - Please contact the seler directly.

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Electric Motorcycles And Scooters Wholesalers

Zhejiang trewers electric bicycle manufacturing Co., Ltd. established in 2004 and is a professional China Electric Motorcycles wholesalers and Electric Scooter Factory. The main product of the company are Electric motorcycles, electric bike/pedelec etc. The company located in Huzhou,the transportation is very convenient, it is 1.5 hours from the shanghai sea port and the same time from the shanghai airport.The high quality and customer service is our main principle, the company focus on product development and customized Electric Scooter, and strictly controls each procedure very well, so we have gained a global sales network in many countries in Europe, Asia, north and south America. We are looking forwarder to forming successful business relationship with new clients around world in the near future.

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  • Sours: https://www.trewers.com/product/electric-motorcycle-and-scooter/

    In this article, I will introduce you to the best dropship or wholesale scooter suppliers in the world for various brands. And answers for some frequently asked questions you should know in the end.

    wholesale scooters.jpg

    Why Should I Buy Scooters Wholesale?

    As the world becomes more environmentally aware, we are beginning to realize the importance of green vehicles. While cars seem to still be the primary mode of transport in cities all over the world, non smoke emitting vehicles like bikes and scooters are beginning to be popular. In particular, electric scooters that function on batteries.

    In 2018, the global market share for electric scooters has reached USD 17.43 billion and this number is going to increase even more in the coming years, up to 8,5%. There are many factors driving this growth, including more affordable batteries and the rise of e-scooter sharing services. Companies like Lime, Beam, Bird, Spin and Jump are just some examples that provide apps to use scooters in cities all over Asia, Europe and the US.

    Who Are The Top Scooter Wholesalers?

    There are many sites where you can buy electric scooters wholesale in the world. Here are the best sites for you to check out:

    Company name

    Website address

    Country of origin

    Brands carried




    Xiaomi, Ninebot, Jiekai



    Hong Kong/China

    Shenzhen Equotech, Rilla Tech, etc




    Xiaotongyao, Xiaomi, Sunmax




    Ninebot, Megawheels,








    Gotrax GXL  

     Scooter Wholesales 



    In house brand

    Global Sources



    Xiaomi, OEM




    Kangtai, Bigbang, Yongkang, etc

    2. HKTDC

    HKTDC actually stands for the Hong Kong Trade Development Centre and it has a website that is dedicated to connecting worldwide buyers to smaller SMEs throughout China, including Taiwan and Hong Kong. On this site, you’ll find scooters from smaller companies like HengFeng Sports Equipment, Kinoway Electronic, Jinhua Everjoy Technology and many others. These companies strive to bring you the latest technology at the best prices.

    3. Made-In-China.com

    This is another good site for you to find wholesale scooters from producers in China. The layout of the site is very user friendly as you can search any product your want and all the available brands will be listed in a neat and orderly fashion. Made-In-China has both well known brands as well as off-brand scooters so you can match up with your specific business needs.

    4. DHGate

    DHGate sources wholesale scooters from various China factories, and buying from them gives you a lot of benefits. DHGate sellers offer cheaper prices the more you buy, free shipping and plenty of seasonal discounts. Apart from foldable and non-foldable electric scooters, there are also spare parts that can be bought in bulk from this site.

    5. Smarthlon

    Smarthlon is a distributor located in Europe and ships wholesale scooters all over the continent including to countries like Italy, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Netherlands, and many others. Their scooters are sold from Germany, which is known for their high quality control and precision in manufacturing. All scooters are stocked in their warehouse in Germany where there will be strict quality checks.

    6. RayeeBoard

    RayeeBoard is another site that caters to those in Europe. They are the sole distributor for GoTrax  DXL . This brand was really popular in the US as a kick scooter. RayeeBoard guarantees fast distribution to all European Union countries, which means that you will get your products within 2-5 days after ordering. Apart from this they also provide a 12 month warranty on all scooters that they sell, even those that are sold through the dropship or through wholesale.

    7. Scooter Wholesales

    Scooter Wholesales is a distributor of electronic scooters in the United States and they provide free shipping anywhere in country. They also work with dropship agents and wholesalers to distribute scooters with seats and without. Their products include 1800W, 1200W, 1000W and 500W scooters powered by lithium batteries.

    8. Global Sources

    Global Sources is yet another site that brings together many off-brand manufacturers of electric scooters. They come from all over China and there are even well known brands like Xiaomi being distributed here. This site is dedicated to electronic scooter wholesale and therefore the more you buy, the cheaper each piece will be.

    9. Alibaba

    Although Alibaba is often thought of as a customer based selling website, where vendors sell directly to consumers, there’s also a wholesale section. All you have to do is use the search term ‘wholesale’ in the search bar and the vendors that provide bulk orders will pop up. Here you can order anywhere from 10-100 scooters with more affordable prices as opposed to regular consumers. 

    Which Scooters Are The Bestsellers?

    There are many types of scooters in the market today. They cater to both adults and children, as well as for different types of usages and on different terrains. In general, electric scooters are also classified according to their battery power and number of wheels. Electric scooters are also called electric kick scooters, so as to differentiate them from hoverboards and mopeds.

    Electric Kick Scooters for kids

    Electric kick scooters for kids usually have three wheels and are not highly powered. However, some scooters for older children and teens do have two wheels as well. They are meant to be used in safe or enclosed environments like parks, playgrounds and such. Therefore they are not made of heavy duty material and can be pretty lightweight. There are several models that are foldable for easy transportation in vehicles, such as the Razor E line. These types of electronic scooters should be targeted at parents that want to spend time with their children outdoors.

    The best selling models are those that can be used outdoors as well as within the compound of the home. Therefore versatility is important as well as safety. Brightly colored electric scooters alsp attract children better compared to plain black or white ones, as does electric kick scooters with pictures of cartoon characters and superheroes.

    Example of models: Megawheels S1, Razor Jr. Lil Electric Scooter, Razor E100 and E125.

    Foldable Electric Scooters For Adults

    These types of electric scooters can be folded and carried like a bag. It’s usually very popular among the working adults as it can be brought and stored in the office. The main selling point of this type of scooter is that it can go onto roads and can be easily stored and transported.

    Example of models: Ninebot Segway ES2, Xiaomi M365 Mi, Gotrax GXL, Widewheel Electric Scooter

    Offroad Electric Kick Scooters For Adults

    Off-road scooters are made of very sturdy materials for going through rough terrain. This means that it’s not meant for use in urban areas like roads and sidewalks. Instead, it can go onto sandy areas, mountains, grass and forest. Of course the wheels on these types of electric scooters will be much more durable and therefore you’ll have to be prepared that they will be pricier.

    Example of models: Razor RX200 Electric Off-Road Scooter, UberScoot 1000w Electric Scooter by Evo Powerboards

    Fat Tyre Electric Scooters For Adults

    Fat tyre electric scooters come with seats and much larger tyres. They’re meant to be very comfortable and can be used for longer journeys. They’re also suitable for the elderly and disabled.

    Example of models: Rugged 48V 1000W Electric Fat Tire Scooter, EW–08 2-seater Fat Tire Electric Scooter, MAXX Electric Scooter 11-Inch Tires.


    Xiaomi Ninebot N3M320 miniPRO 10.5   Import to Your List

    How Do I Wholesale Electric Scooters Safely?

    In order to maximize your profits, you want to make sure that you are getting your products safely and that the electric scooter wholesale providers don’t cheat you. You also want to make sure the products you obtain have the right safety standards and can function well.


    In order to achieve this, you can follow the tips below:

    · Always use a third party online buying platform as they function as negotiators and ensure that no scammers make it onto the site. The payment functions on these sites are also secured so you can count on them to be the check and balance.

    · Ask questions to the wholesalers if you are not sure of certain types of information, since chat functions are provided for in the online electric scooter wholesale sites.

    · Don’t release your payment in full until the goods arrive and you have checked all of them. This way, you can still ensure communication with the wholesale vendor should something go wrong.

    · Look for vendors that have good reviews and ratings. You can then be sure that they are not out to cheat you and their quality is high too. Reviews from the public are usually the most honest way you can judge a wholesaler.


    Over to You

    Have you found your best suppliers to dropship or wholesale scooters? Which wholesaler or dropshipper is your favorate? Or do you have further suggestions or recommendation?  

    Please leave your comments below. And if you feel this post help you, "Like" me.



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