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The Home Depot donates flowers to cemetery after hundreds of flowers were stolen

CLAY, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Donations have been pouring into the Pine Plains Cemetery in Clay after our Your Stories line was contacted about flowers being stolen from the cemetery.

Saturday morning workers from The Home Depot dropped off around 150 hanging flower baskets to the cemetery.

One of the supervisors from the Town of Clay store said they saw our story about the vandalized graves and felt like they needed to do something, so they contacted a local flower shop to get the ball rolling.

Amy Shattuck, one of the supervisors, said, “It was shock and disgust. I cannot believe someone would actually come to the cemetery and do that so I just hope the person gets caught, and I’m glad that we can give the family some kind of closure so we can say hey we saw it and we took action for you.”

A GoFundMe has been set up for donations.

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We all know The Home Depot as the DIY mecca for home projects, but if you're not taking advantage of its nursery, then you're seriously missing out. It turns out, the store provides customers with an incredible policy on all of its plants, and it will totally change the way you shop for greenery.

The Home Depot offers all customers a one year guarantee on all of its perennials, trees, and shrubs, which makes investing in plants for your home or yard a fear-free prospect. If a plant dies on your watch, shoppers can present their receipt and return any of these tropical, house, or landscape plant thanks to the stores' no-questions-asked return policy.

Rusty Clark/Flickr Creative Commons

For beginners, this guideline takes the anxiety out of first-time plant shopping and maintenance. And for all other gardeners, this news may be just the motivation you need to step out of your comfort zone and try to care for unfamiliar plants. Most nurseries and competing stores do not offer similar polices.

Ready to get your hands dirty? Try your hand at growing perennials like hydrangeas, lavender, or rose bushes this summer.

BUY IT NOW:Sweet Romance Lavender, $20; thehomedepot.com

BUY IT NOW: Oso Easy Lemon Zest Rose Shrub, $23; thehomedepot.com

(h/t Pop Sugar)

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Have a black thumb? Home Depot's plant return policy is pretty great

If you have trouble keeping plants alive, this store’s return policy might be enticing.

A spokesperson for The Home Depot confirmed with TODAY Home that the home-improvement chain has a very generous return window for its perennials, trees and shrubs, guaranteeing the plants for up to a full year.

This includes house plants like ficus trees, orchids and snake plants as well as outdoor flowering bushes such as hydrangeas, daisies and roses.

The official in-store return policy states, “The Home Depot unconditionally guarantees all tropical, house and landscape plants (only perennials, trees and shrubs) for one year. A perennial is a plant that is expected to live for more than two years.”

Just be sure to keep your original receipt when you buy it. If your plant dies before the year is up, you’ll need it for both a refund or store credit. You’ll only receive a refund within the store’s standard 90-day return window and, after that, you’ll either have to exchange it for another one or get store credit.

If you order any kind of live plant online (this includes everything from houseplants to trees to even holiday decor like wreaths and garland) and it shows up on your doorstep damaged or dead, just return it within three days of delivery, and they’ll replace it at no extra charge.

Perennials, trees and shrubs purchased online are backed by the same one-year guarantee as those purchased in-store.

Pretty nice knowing you have that extra cushion to keep your plants alive, right? So, the next time you head to a Home Depot for new tools or light bulbs, you may want to stay a little bit longer to peruse the garden section. Who knows, you may just prove that you’ve got a green thumb after all.

Ficus Bush, $30, Home Depot

Orchid, $38, Home Depot

Sansevieria Laurentii (Snake Plant), $25, Home Depot

Hydrangeas, $17-20, Home Depot

Perennials daisies, $17-$35, Home Depot

Rose Bushes, $23-$60, Home Depot

Sours: https://www.today.com/home/home-depot-s-plant-return-policy-pretty-great-t113889

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