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Nascar Racing 2 Pc Cd-Rom Sierra Papyrus Game For Windows 95/98

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Stunts are a car racing game released in on DOS platform. It is a 3d game. During play this game you will get real racing experience. There are so many things in this game to do. You can choose a car, according to your choice, a choice for race course is also available. There are 11 cars, from which you can choose. Each car is unique in its way. You will also get some short information about the car, which is given along with cars like horsepower, acceleration, engine and top speed. The Interior of the car is also designed very beautifully. You have the choice to choose an opponent also. The most fantastic feature of the game is that you can construct your own track. You can put obstacles and other difficulties in the track according to your own choice. You can create bridges on which you have to jump, construct barricades. You can also elevate the road in two levels and can also make tunnels. You can also design side sceneries. This game is simply amazing. In stunts, you can watch the race from the different angles by using different cameras. If you are driving against the computer opponent, then it is an amazing experience. You have to cross different obstacles very skill full. During gameplay, you will feel that you are driving a real car. Controls for the car are easy and very comfortable. Different levels are there in the game. The level crossing is not so easy you have to be a master in crossing loops, jumping from the bridge and taking the sharp turns. The Sound effect is good. High-speed cars sound creates a thrilling effect on the players.

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Microprose was founded in by Sid Meier and Bill Stealey. The company became well known very early with lots of interesting titles, where some of them became a legend. The company was acquired and dismantled in


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Good For The Hardcore, Mediocre For The Casual

NASCAR is one of the most popular racing organizations in the world. It is to nobody's surprise that a gaming company would create a game based on the series. But what is not to my surprise, though, is how EA Sports was able to create a game like NASCAR Revolution and end up with happy gamers that have purchased the game. NASCAR Revolution seems to be rushed in the gameplay department but well thought out in the graphics department. Again it is relevent that the gaming industry is going to the hogs when some of the most renound gaming publishers, like EA Sports, let a game that has great graphics but poor gameplay get through to the public.

Revolution is like many of the NASCAR games on the market. Plenty of options like number of laps, computer artificial intelligence, and details like these litter the game all over the place. This is great for those of us who would not dare actually race a full NASCAR race with over laps. But if there is a handful of you all out there be ready for hours of racing at your fingertips. Revolution has some great menus that are full of color and easy to navigate. There are no load times in between menus as well; this helps me out considering I am the most impatient person in the world.

After getting all the settings the way you like them to be (sounds, details, controls) you can then begin selecting the driver, track, and race options. Jeff Gordon, Dale Earnhardt, the whole crew is here. Ever wanted to see what they have to go through, oh you can with Revolution. Right off the bat you can tell that the graphics are very nice. You are greeted with a nice 3D view of the select driver's vehicle. Everything on the car is very legible. I could make out all those little decals of the different sponsors for each of the drivers. These graphics and roster of actual drivers made me incredibly excited and wanting more; I could not wait to see these bad boys in action! After selecting the car it is easy as cake to select the track. All your favorite NASCAR tracks are there but do not ask me why Daytona is not included in this list. Some of the races on the tracks can also be at night which adds a nice atmosphere to the race. Below are the lists of selectable racers and tracks.

  • John Andretti
  • Johnny Benson
  • Geoff Bodine
  • Jeff Burton
  • Ward Burton
  • Ricky Craven
  • Dale Earnhardt
  • Bill Elliot
  • Jeff Gordon
  • David Green
  • Bobby Hamilton
  • Ernie Irvan
  • Kenny Irwin Jr.
  • Dale Jarrett
  • Bobby Labonte
  • Terry Labonte
  • Randy LaJoie
  • Sterling Marlin
  • Mark Martin
  • Jeremy Mayfield
  • Ted Musgrave
  • Steve Park
  • Kyle Petty
  • Ricky Rudd
  • Ken Shrader
  • Mike Skinner
  • Hut Stricklin
  • Dick Trickle
  • Kenny Wallace
  • Rusty Wallace
  • Darrel Waltrip
  • Michael Waltrip
    • Atlanta Motor Speedway
    • Bristol Motor Speedway
    • California Speedway
    • Charlotte Motor Speedway
    • Darlingtion Raceway
    • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
    • Las Vegas Motor Speedway
    • Martinsville Speedway
    • Michigan Speedway
  • North Carolina Speedway
  • Phoenix International Raceway
  • Pocono Raceway
  • Richmond International Raceway
  • Sears Point Raceway
  • Talladega Superspeedway
  • Texas Motor Speedway
  • Watkins Glen
  • With all these tracks, all my favorite racers, great graphics so far, how could this game go wrong? Oh but it can. First of all this game requires a 3D Accelerator card. What it should actually read is "At Least A 16MB 3D Accelerator Card". In my system I have a Matrox Millennium G 32MB AGP card and even with this card that is able to handle other games like Quake 3 Arena and Unreal Tournament had a pretty noticable slowdown around the turns. On top of that, I did not even have a full field of racers. There were 15 cars that I was racing against and it still had a slowdown. Either the developement team is blind or just wanted to sabotage the game, you need a really good 3D Accelerator card in order to play at a decent speed. Another noticable sign is the sense of speed. When on straightaways I barely thought I was moving. The speed finally caught up with me when I reached the turn.

    Sound. Oh man I feel bad for the weak, unimaginable writers for the commentary in the game. First of all the sound effects are alright. Engines sound good, bumps sound good, and the pit crew help is pretty good. But the sounds are so monotonous it is rediculous. If I have to hear the same fact about Mark Martin again I will punch a hole through the computer screen. Throughout the race there are a few facts that the commentary will throw out at your and they get so annoying later in the game it is better just to turn the commentary off. The only good reason to even think about leaving it on is that they tell you the race standings throughout the race which is actually helpful. But then there are the stupid facts, about three per track that are repeated the whole time. One of the facts is about the driver, another one about the track, and another one about NASCAR racing in general. It was a good idea to include these facts to liven up the race but a wider range of facts would have been a lot better. Everyone knows the type of music that relates the most to NASCAR. I cannot really describe it but it is kind of country but then a little rock mixed in. Well that type of music is prominent in the game. It is also pretty good. Fast, adrenaline pumping tunes mixed with crap commentary? Not a good combination but hey, you can turn the commentary off.

    I am used to playing many racing games on the PC with the keyboard. Sorry, I just never had a thing with those steering wheels. Just guessing here but I feel that I have more control with a keyboard. You never know I might use a steering wheel one of these days. Anyway, using the keyboard I had really good control over the car. Very responsive and it did not take a long time to get used to the controls. If you are even a mediocre racer you will be able to pick this game right up and play.

    Aside the regular single race mode there are also Championship Season and a Multiplayer Mode. Championship Season is pretty much the most useless mode to me. All it is is just racing around all the tracks in the game. There really is nothing to accomplish. It is just as easy just to race all the tracks in single race mode but EA had to throw a few new modes into the mix. Then I get to Multiplayer. Before I begin to bash this mode too hard let me remind you that this is just my opinion and you do not have to believe everything I say. Now back to Multiplayer Mode. OHHHHH Serenity now! I should start by just saying this,"I tried to play the multiplayer mode in Revolution but I ran into a bit of trouble". What was that trouble you might ask? WellThere were NOBODY to race against! As I was trying to play a game over the Internet nobody was on that wanted to race. Options for Multiplayer Mode are IPX, Internet, and LAN connections. Also there is a Multiplayer League available to mess around with but I was unable to acquire enough time using this feature to discuss it here. If you are able to hook up eight people in an office over a LAN then go for it but do not expect to get a multiplayer game going over the Internet or IPX.

    NASCAR Revolution has a life span of about 5 weeks at the most, after that the game will become yesterday's news and you will definately run away from it. It is hard to believe that this happened to a game that looked to have promise but it just goes to show everyone, !!Attention Developers!!, there has to be great gameplay to be a good game. An example is the very first Nintendo system that was released way back in the mid 's. Theres a system that will never die. Some of the greatest games came out for that system and the graphics were not near today's standards but there needs to be more games like the ones for the original Nintendo.

    ****Just to save space I did not mention any of the glitches that were found in this game. It would take a long time to list them all. EA Sports has released a patch for the game that cleaned up a lot of the crap found throughout the game. Also, I would like to congratulate EA on having some of the best Technical Support I have had to deal with. No joke. They helped me fix some of the problems I had and I commend them for that!

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Interactive EntertainmentPS3, PS4, X, XBO, Wii U, NS Cars: Fast as LightningGameloftThe Walt Disney Company, PixarDroid, iOS Cars Mater-National ChampionshipRainbow StudiosTHQWIN, PS2, PS3, X, Wii, NDS, GBA Cars Race-O-RamaIncinerator Studios, Tantalus MediaTHQPS2, PS3, X, Wii, PSP, NDS Cars: Radiator Springs AdventuresAWE Games, Rainbow StudiosTHQWIN, OS X CART Fury Championship RacingMidway GamesMidway GamesArcade, PS2 CART Precision RacingTerminal RealityMicrosoft StudiosWIN CART World SeriesSony Computer EntertainmentSCEAPS1 Cartoon Network RacingEutechnyxThe Game FactoryNDS, PS2 Cartoon Network SpeedwayDC StudiosMajesco SalesGBA CarveArgonaut GamesGlobal Star SoftwareXbox Castrol Honda Superbike Interactive Entertainment, Ltd. Midas InteractiveWIN Castrol Honda Superbike RacingInteractive Entertainment, Ltd. PS1 Castrol Honda SuperBike World ChampionsInteractive Entertainment, Ltd. Midas InteractiveWIN Castrol Honda VTRInteractive Entertainment Ltd. Bubble Boy, Midas GamesPS1 Champion Jockey: G1 Jockey & Gallop RacerKoeiTecmo KoeiPS3, Wii, X Championship Motocross featuring Ricky CarmichaelFuncom DublinTHQPS1 Championship RallyHuman EntertainmentHAL LaboratoryNES Championship SprintAtari GamesAtari GamesArcade Change LanesTaitoTaitoArcade, ATR26, VIC20, MSX Charinko HeroBanprestoBanprestoGCN Chariot RaceMicro-Antics Micro-Antics VIC Chase H.Q.TaitoTaitoArcade, Ami, CPC, ST, C64, FMT, GB, GBC, SGG, MSX, SMS, SMD, SNES, NES, PCE, ZX Chase H.Q. 2TaitoSquare EnixArcade Chase: Hollywood Stunt DriverI-Imagine Interactive BAM! EntertainmentXbox Checkered FlagAtari CorporationAtari CorporationLynx Checkered Flag () Rebellion DevelopmentsAtari CorporationJag Chequered FlagPsionSinclair ResearchZX Chicago 90MicroïdsMicroïdsCPC, ST, Ami, DOS Chocobo RacingSquareSquare Electronic ArtsPS1 Choro Q 64 2: Hachamecha Grand Prix RaceLocomotive Staff TakaraN64 ChoroQBarnhouse EffectAtlusPS2 Chrysler Classic RacingExtra Mile Studios Zoo EntertainmentWii, NDS Circuit BreakersSupersonic SoftwareMindscapePS1 Circuit SuperstarsOriginal Fire Games Square EnixWIN, PS4, XBO, NS Circus Maximus: Chariot WarsKodiak Interactive Encore, Inc.PS2, Xbox Cisco HeatJalecoJalecoAMI, CPC, Arcade, ST, C64, DOS, ZX City BomberKonamiKonamiArcade City ConnectionJalecoJalecoArcade, NES, MSX, ZX Classic British Motor RacingData Design Interactive Bold GamesWIN, PS2, Wii Club DriveAtari CorporationAtari CorporationJag Cobra TriangleRareNintendoNES Cocoto Kart RacerNeko EntertainmentBigBen Interactive, Conspiracy EntertainmentWIN, GBA, GCN, NDS, PS2, Wii Colin McRae RallyCodemastersCodemasters, SCEA, Spike, THQWIN, PS1, GBC Colin McRae Rally CodemastersCodemastersWIN, PS1, GBA Colin McRae Rally 3CodemastersCodemastersWIN, PS2, Xbox Colin McRae Rally 04CodemastersCodemastersWIN, PS2, Xbox Colin McRae Rally CodemastersCodemastersWIN, PS2, Xbox, OS X, PSP Colin McRae: DirtCodemastersCodemastersWIN, PS3, X Colin McRae: Dirt 2Codemasters, Sumo Digital, Firebrand Games, Feral InteractiveCodemasters, SCEE, Namco Bandai, Feral InteractiveWIN, NDS, PS3, PSP, Wii, X, OS X, OnLive Combat CarsAccoladeAccoladeGEN Combo RacerImagetic Design Gremlin GraphicsST, AMI Continental CircusTaitoTaitoArcade, AMI, CPC, ST, C64, MSX, ZX Cool RidersSega AM1SegaArcade CorvetteSteel Monkeys, Visual Impact TDK Mediactive, Global Star SoftwareWIN, GBA, PS2, Xbox Corvette Evolution GTMilestoneValcon Games, Black Bean GamesWIN, PS2, NDS Cosmic Causeway: Trailblazer IIGremlin InteractiveMagnetic FieldsC64 Cosmic RaceNeorex Neorex PS1 Crash 'N' BurnClimax RacingEidos InteractivePS2, Xbox Crash 'N ScoreAtari, Inc.Atari, Inc.Arcade Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 2PolarbitActivisionMP Crash Bandicoot Nitro Kart 3DPolarbitActivisionMP Crash-Course DomoNHKNintendoNDS, DSiWare Crash N BurnCrystal DynamicsCrystal Dynamics3DO Crash Nitro KartVicarious VisionsUniversal InteractivePS2, Xbox, GCN, GBA, NGE, MP Crash Tag Team RacingRadical EntertainmentVivendi Universal GamesPS2, Xbox, GCN, PSP Crash Team RacingNaughty DogSony Computer EntertainmentPS1 Crash Team Racing Nitro-FueledBeenoxActivisionWIN, PS4, XBO, NS Crash Time: Autobahn PursuitSynetic GmbHWIN, X Crash Time IISynetic GmbHRTL InteractiveWIN, X Crash Time IIISyneticRTLWIN, X CrashdayReplay Studios, Moonbyte Games Atari SAWIN Crashing RaceTaitoTaitoArcade Crazee RiderKevin Edwards Superior Software, AcornsoftAE, BBC Crazy Cars: Hit the RoadLittle World Entertainment AnumanPC, iOS, Droid Crazy Frog RacerNeko EntertainmentDigital JestersWIN, PS2, NDS, GBA Crazy Frog Racer 2Neko EntertainmentValcon GamesWIN, PS2 Crazy TaxiHitmaker, Acclaim Studios Cheltenham, Strangelite Sega, Acclaim Entertainment, Activision ValueWIN, Arcade, DC, PS2, GCN, PSN, XBLA, OnLive, iOS, DROID Crazy Taxi 2HitmakerSegaDC, PSP Crazy Taxi 3: High RollerHitmakerSegaWIN, Xbox, Arcade Crazy Taxi: Fare WarsHitmaker, Sniper StudiosSegaPSP Crazyracing KartriderNexonNexonWIN Crew, TheIvory Tower, Ubisoft ReflectionsUbisoftWIN, PS4, X, XBO Crew 2, TheIvory TowerUbisoftWIN, PS4, XBO Cro-Mag RallyPangea SoftwareAspyrOS 9, OS X, iOS, WP 7, X, Droid Cross Racing Championship Extreme Invictus GamesInvictus GamesWIN CrosscountryIngenuity Works Ingenuity Works APPII, DOS, MacOS, WIN, Linux Cruis'nJust Games InteractiveMidway GamesWii Cruis'n BlastRaw ThrillsNintendoArcade Cruis'n ExoticaMidway GamesMidway GamesArcade, N64, GBC Cruis'n USAMidway Games, Williams InteractiveNintendoArcade, N64 Cruis'n VelocityGraphic StateMidway GamesGBA Cruis'n WorldMidway Games, EurocomMidway GamesArcade, N64 Crusty DemonsClimax StudiosDeep SilverPS2, Xbox CSR ClassicsBoss Alien, Mad Atom GamesNaturalMotioniOS, Droid CSR RacingBoss AlienNaturalMotion, ZyngaWIN, iOS, OS X, Droid Cyber CyclesNamcoNamcoArcade Cyber SpeedwayNex EntertainmentSegaSat Cyber SpinArc System WorksTakaraSNES CyberRaceCyberdreamsCyberdreamsDOS CyberSpeedMindscapeMindscapeWIN, PS1 Cycle Race: Road ManAdvance Communication Company Tokyo ShosekiFamicom CyclemaniaCompro Games Ltd. AccoladeDOS Cycles: International Grand Prix Racing, TheDistinctive SoftwareAccoladeAMI, C64, DOS, CPC, ZX Dakar 2: The World's Ultimate RallyAcclaim Studios CheltenhamAcclaim EntertainmentPS2, Xbox, GCN Dakar 18Bigmoon Entertainment Deep SilverWIN, PS4, XBO Danger ZoneThree Fields EntertainmentThree Fields EntertainmentWIN, PS4, XBO Danger Zone 2Three Fields EntertainmentThree Fields EntertainmentWIN, PS4, XBO Dangerous CurvesTaitoTaitoArcade Dangerous DrivingThree Fields EntertainmentThree Fields EntertainmentWIN, PS4, XBO Danny Sullivan's Indy HeatRareLeland CorporationArcade, NES, AMI, ST, C64 Darkwind: War on WheelsSam Redfern Psychic Software Linux, WIN, OS X Dash of DestructionNinjaBeeMicrosoft Game StudiosX Datsun ZZZAPDave Nutting AssociatesMidway ManufacturingArcade Dave Mirra Freestyle BMXZ-AxisAcclaim Max SportsWIN, PS1, GBC, DC Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2Z-AxisAcclaim Max SportsPS2, GCN, GBA, Xbox Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 3Full FatAKA AcclaimGBA Days of ThunderArgonaut SoftwareMindscapeAMI, ST, C64, DOS, GB, NES, iOS, XBLA, PSN, ZX Days of ThunderPiranha GamesParamount Digital EntertainmentPS3, X, iOS, PSP Daytona USASega AM2SegaArcade, SAT, WIN, XBLA, PSN Daytona USA 2Sega AM2SegaArcade Daytona USA Amusement Vision, GenkiSega, Hasbro Interactive, InfogramesDC Daytona USA: Championship Circuit EditionSega AM3SegaSAT, WIN Dead Heat ScrambleCopya System Electro BrainGB Dead in the WaterPlayer 1 ASC GamesPS1 Death RaceHowell Ivy ExidyArcade Death Race 98ExidyExidyArcade Death RallyRemedy EntertainmentApogee SoftwareDOS, WIN, iOS, FOS Death Track: ResurrectionSkyFallen Entertainment 1C Company WIN, PS3, PSN DeathtrackDynamixActivisionDOS Deca SportsHudson SoftHudson SoftWii Delta VBethesda SoftworksBethesda SoftworksDOS Demolition RacerPitbull SyndicateInfogrames, Atari SAWIN, PS1, DC Derby Owners ClubSega AM3SegaArcade, PC, iOS, Droid Derby StallionASCII CorporationNintendoNES, PC, SNES, PS1, SAT, N64, GBA, PS2, DCM, PSP, NDS, PS3, 3DS, NS Derby Stallion 04Parity Bit Enterbrain, Inc PS2 Derby Stallion IIASCII CorporationASCII CorporationSNES Derby Stallion 64Parity Bit Media FactoryN64 Derby Stallion AdvanceParity Bit Enterbrain, Inc GBA Derby Stallion DSParity Bit Enterbrain, Inc NDS Derby Stallion GoldParity Bit Kadokawa Games3DS Derby Stallion PEnterbrain, Inc Enterbrain, Inc PSP Derby Stallion ZengokubanASCII CorporationASCII CorporationNES Derby Time OnlineSCEISCEIPS3 Derby Tsuku 4: Derby Uma o Tsukurō!SmilebitSegaPS2 DescendersRageSquid No More RobotsWIN, XBO Destruction AllStarsLucid GamesSony Interactive EntertainmentPS5 Destruction Derby ( video game)Howell Ivy ExidyArcade Destruction DerbyReflections InteractivePsygnosisDOS, PS1, SAT, DOS, N64 Destruction Derby 2Reflections InteractivePsygnosisWIN, PS1 Destruction Derby ArenasStudio 33SCEEPS2 Destruction Derby RawStudio 33SCEE, Midway GamesPS1 DethKarzMelbourne HouseMelbourne HouseWIN Dhaka RacingeSophers Ltd eSophers Ltd WIN Diddy Kong RacingRareNintendoN64 Die Hard TrilogyProbe EntertainmentFox InteractiveWIN, PS1, SAT Die Hard Trilogy 2: Viva Las VegasN-SpaceWIN, PS1 Digimon RacingGriptonite GamesBandaiGBA Dirt 3Codemasters SouthamCodemastersWIN, PS3, X, OnLive Dirt 4Codemasters SouthamCodemastersWIN, PS4, XBO Dirt 5Codemasters CheshireCodemastersWIN, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX Dirt DashNamcoArcade Dirt FoxNamcoArcade Dirt RacerMotiveTime, Ltd. Elite SystemsSNES Dirt RallyCodemastersCodemastersWIN, PS4, XBO, LIN Dirt Rally CodemastersCodemastersWIN, PS4, XBO Dirt: ShowdownCodemasters SouthamCodemastersWIN, PS3, X Dirt Track RacingRatbag GamesWizardWorks SoftwareWIN Dirt Track Racing 2Ratbag GamesRatbag GamesWIN Dirt Track Racing: Sprint CarsRatbag GamesWizardWorksWIN Dirt Trax FXSculptured SoftwareAcclaim EntertainmentSNES Dirty Drivin'Specular InteractiveRaw Thrills Inc.Arcade Disc Drivin'Pixelocity Software Pixelocity Software iOS Disney Magicboard OnlineShandaThe Walt Disney CompanyWIN Disney's Herbie: Fully LoadedClimax GroupBuena Vista GamesGBA Dodge 'EmAtari, Inc.Atari, Inc. DONKEY.BASBill Gates, Neil KonzenMicrosoftMS-DOS Donkey Kong Barrel BlastPaonNintendoWii DotstreamSkip Ltd.NintendoGBA Double AxleTaitoTaitoArcade Double ClutchBGS Development SegaSMD Downhill DominationIncognito EntertainmentSCEA, CodemastersPS2 Downtown RunUbi Soft RomaniaUbi SoftWIN, PS2, GCN, MP Drag Race EliminatorFamily Software HisenseC64, IBM PC Drag RacerXMG Studio, Phantom Games XMG Studio, Phantom Games AF, iPT, iP, iP DragsterActivisionActivisionA DrawRaceRedLynxRedLynxiOS DrawRace 2RedLynxChillingoiOS Drift CityNPluto NPluto WIN, iOS, Droid Driift ManiaKonamiKonamiWiiWare DriveclubEvolution StudiosSony Computer EntertainmentPS4 DrivenCrawfish Interactive BAM! EntertainmentPS2, GCN, GBA DriverReflections Interactive, Crawfish Interactive, GameloftGT Interactive, Infogrames, GameloftWIN, PS1, GBC, iOS, MAC, PSN Driver 2Reflections Interactive, Sennari Interactive InfogramesPS1, GBA Driver 3Reflections InteractiveAtari SAWIN, PS2, Xbox, GBA Driver 76Sumo Digital, Ubisoft ReflectionsUbisoftPSP Driver: L.A. UndercoverGameloft MontrealUbisoftMP Driver: Parallel LinesReflections InteractiveAtari SA, UbisoftWIN, PS2, Xbox, Wii Driver: Renegade 3DVelez & DubailUbisoft3DS Driver: San FranciscoUbisoft ReflectionsUbisoftWIN, PS3, Wii, X, OnLive, OS X Driver: VegasGameloftGlu MobileMP Driver's EyesNamcoNamcoNS21, Arcade Driving Emotion Type-SEscape Square Electronic ArtsPS2 Drome RacersAttention to Detail, Möbius EntertainmentElectronic Arts, Lego Interactive, THQWIN, GCN, GBA, PS2, Xbox DT CarnageAxis Entertainment AgetecPS2, PSP, Wii DT RacerAxis Entertainment XS GamesPS2, PSP Ducati Moto4J StudiosBethesda SoftworksNDS Ducati: 90th AnniversaryMilestoneMilestoneWIN, PS4, XBO Duel: Test Drive II, TheDistinctive SoftwareAccoladeAPII, C64, AMI, ST, DOS The Dukes of HazzardColecoElite SystemsCV, CA, ZX The Dukes of Hazzard II: Daisy Dukes It OutSinister Games SouthPeak InteractivePS1 The Dukes of Hazzard: Racing for HomeSinister Games SouthPeak InteractiveWIN, GBC, PS1 The Dukes of Hazzard: Return of the General LeeRatbag GamesUbisoftPS2, Xbox Dust Racing 2DJussi Lind Jussi Lind WIN, LIN DyadRight Square Bracket Left Square Bracket Right Square Bracket Left Square Bracket PS3, WIN, OS X, Linux E-racerRage SoftwareRage SoftwareWIN E-TypeGordon J. KeyThe Fourth DimensionBBCM, AE, AA E-Type 2Gordon J. KeyThe Fourth DimensionAA, RISC OS, RISC PC EA Sports NASCAR RacingEA TiburonGlobal VRArcade Eagle FlightUbisoft MontrealUbisoftWIN, PS4 Earache: Extreme Metal RacingData Design Interactive Data Design Interactive WIN, PS2, Wii Earn to Die 2Toffee Games Not Doppler iOS, Droid, WIN Eat My DustDavidson & Associates, Inc. Sierra On-Line WIN El Chavo KartEfecto Studios TelevisaPS3, X, Droid Elasto ManiaBalázs Rózsa IndependentWIN, BeOS, iOS Eliminator Boat DuelSculptured SoftwareElectro BrainNES Emergency Call AmbulanceSegaSegaArcade Emergency HeroesUbisoft Reflections, Ubisoft BarcelonaUbisoftWii EnduroActivisionActivisionA Enduro RacerSega AM2SegaArcade, SMS, C64, CPC, ZX, ST, VC, TC Enthusia Professional RacingKonamiKonamiPS2 ESPN Extreme Games StudiosSony Computer EntertainmentPS1, MS-DOS ESPN SpeedWorldPark Place ProductionsSony ImagesoftSNES, GEN Euro Truck SimulatorSCS SoftwareMeridian4 WIN, OS X Euro Truck Simulator 2SCS SoftwareSCS SoftwareLinux, WIN, MacOS Excite TruckMonster GamesNintendoWii ExcitebikeNintendo R&D1, Hudson Soft, ArikaNintendo, Hudson SoftNES, PC, X1, Arcade, GBA, GCN, Wii, Wii U, 3DS Excitebike 64Left Field ProductionsNintendoN64, iQue Player, VC Excitebike: World RallyMonster Games, Nintendo SPDNintendoWii Excitebots: Trick RacingMonster GamesNintendoWii Explosive RacingFunsoft TokaPS1 Extreme-GProbe EntertainmentAcclaim EntertainmentN64 Extreme-G 2Probe EntertainmentAcclaim EntertainmentN64, WIN Extreme-G 3Acclaim Studios CheltenhamAcclaim EntertainmentPS2, GCN F-1NamcoAtari, Inc.Arcade F-1 DreamCapcomRomstarArcade, PCE F-1 Grand PrixVideo SystemParadigm EntertainmentArcade, WIN, SNES, N64, DC, GBC, PS1 F-1 Hero MDSystem 3Acclaim EntertainmentGEN/SMD, GB, NES F-1 RaceHAL LaboratoryNintendoFamicom, GB F-1 SensationKonamiKonamiNES F-1 World Grand PrixParadigm Entertainment, LankhorEidos Interactive, SegaN64, DC, PS1, GBC, WIN F-1 World Grand Prix IIParadigm EntertainmentVideo SystemN64, GBC, DC F-ZeroNintendo EADNintendoSNES F-Zero XNintendo EADNintendoN64 F-Zero GXAmusement VisionNintendoGCN F-Zero AXAmusement VisionSegaArcade F-Zero ClimaxSuzakNintendoGBA F-Zero: GP LegendSuzakNintendoGBA F-Zero: Maximum VelocityNd CubeNintendoGBA F1LankhorDomark, TengenST, SMD/GEN, SMS, SGG, AMI F1 Image Space Incorporated, Visual SciencesEA SportsWIN, PS1 F1 Studio 33, Studio LiverpoolSony Computer Entertainment, StudiosPS1, PS2 F1 Studio LiverpoolSCEEPS2 F1 Studio LiverpoolSCEEPS2 F1 Studio LiverpoolSCEEPS2 F1 Studio LiverpoolSCEEPS2 F1 Studio LiverpoolSCEEPS2, PSP F1 Sumo DigitalCodemastersWii, PSP, iOS F1 Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWIN, PS3, X F1 Codemaster Birmingham, Sumo DigitalCodemastersWIN, PS3, X, 3DS, PSVita, iOS F1 Codemasters Birmingham, Feral InteractiveCodemasters, Feral InteractiveWIN, PS3, X, OS X F1 Codemasters Birmingham, Feral InteractiveCodemasters, Feral Interactive, Bandai Namco HoldingsWIN, PS3, X, MAC F1 Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWIN, PS3, X F1 Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWIN, PS4, XBO F1 Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWIN, PS4, XBO F1 Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWIN, PS4, XBO F1 Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWIN, PS4, XBO F1 Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWIN, PS4, XBO F1 Codemasters BirminghamCodemastersWIN, PS4, XBO F1 CodemastersEA SportsWIN, PS4, PS5, XBO, XSX F1 ChallengeBell Corporation Sega, Virgin Interactive EntertainmentSAT F1 Challenge ''02Image Space Incorporated, Visual ScienceEA SportsWIN, MAC, PS1, PS2, Xbox, GCN, GBA F1 Championship Season Image Space Incorporated, Visual SciencesEA SportsWIN, MAC, PS1, PS2, GBC F1 CircusNihon BussanNichibutsuFamicom, PCE F1 Exhaust NoteSegaSegaArcade F1 Grand PrixTraveller's TalesSony Computer EntertainmentPSP F1 Grand Prix: Nakajima SatoruVarieVarieSMD F1 ManagerIntelligent GamesEA SportsWIN F1 Pole PositionHuman EntertainmentUbisoftSNES F1 Pole Position 2Human EntertainmentUbi SoftSNES F1 Pole Position 64Human EntertainmentUbi SoftN64 F1 Race StarsCodemasters BirminghamCodemastersWIN, PS3, X, Wii U F1 Racing ChampionshipVideo SystemUbi SoftWIN, PS1, PS2, N64, DC, GBC F1 Racing SimulationUbisoftUbisoftWIN F1 ROC: Race of ChampionsSETA CorporationSETA CorporationSNES F1 ROC II: Race of ChampionsSETA CorporationSETA CorporationSNES F1 SpiritKonamiKonamiMSX, GB F1 World Grand Prix EutechnyxEidos InteractiveWIN, PS1 F ChallengeSega AM2, CRI, Tose Co., Ltd.Sega, Acclaim Entertainment, Sony Computer Entertainment EuropeArcade, DC, PS2 Family CircuitNamcoNamcoFamicom Family Slot Car RacingArc System WorksAksys GamesWiiWare Fast & Furious: ShowdownFirebrand GamesActivisionWIN, PS3, X, Wii U, 3DS Fast and the Furious, TheEutechnyxNamco Bandai GamesPS2, PSP Fast and the Furious DRIFT, TheRaw ThrillsRaw ThrillsArcade Fast and the Furious: Super Bikes, TheRaw Thrills, Inc.Raw Thrills, Inc.Arcade Fast Beat Loop RacerSaint-Fun International UFO Interactive GamesArcade, WIN Fast LaneKonamiKonamiArcade Fast Racing LeagueShin'en MultimediaShin'en MultimediaWii Fast Racing NeoShin'en MultimediaShin'en MultimediaWii U Fast RMXShin'en MultimediaShin'en Multimedia, NintendoNS Fast Tracks: The Computer Slot Car Construction KitActivisionActivisionC64 Faster Than SpeedSegaSammy CorporationArcade Fastest 1Human EntertainmentHuman EntertainmentSMD Fatal InertiaKoeiKoeiPS3, X Fatal Racing / WhiplashGremlinGremlinDOS Felony Climax EntertainmentASCII EntertainmentPS1 Ferrari Challenge: Trofeo PirelliEutechnyx, Firebrand GamesSystem 3PS2, PS3, Wii, NDS Ferrari GT: EvolutionGameloft BucharestGameloftiP, iPT, MP, NDSi, SymOS Ferrari Virtual AcademyKunos SimulazioniKunos SimulazioniWIN Final LapNamcoAtari GamesArcade, NES Final Lap 2NamcoNamcoArcade Final Lap 3NamcoNamcoArcade Final Lap RNamcoNamcoArcade Final Lap TwinNamcoNamco, NECTG, PCE Final StretchGenkiLOZC G. Amusements Super Famicom Fire & Forget IITitus FranceSega, AmstradSMS, GX Fire TruckAtari, Inc.Atari, Inc.Arcade FirebugsAttention to DetailSony Computer EntertainmentPS1 Fired UpLondon StudioSony Computer EntertainmentPSP Flag to FlagZoomSegaDC FlatOutBugbear EntertainmentEmpire Interactive, KonamiWIN, PS2, Xbox FlatOut 2Bugbear EntertainmentEmpire Interactive, KonamiWIN, PS2, Xbox, OS X, OnLive FlatOut 3: Chaos & DestructionTeam6 Game Studios Strategy FirstWIN, DROID FlatOut: Ultimate CarnageBugbear EntertainmentEmpire InteractiveX, WIN, PSP FlatOut 4: Total InsanityKylotonnStrategy FirstWIN, PS4, XBO Fonz / Moto-CrossSegaGremlinArcade Ford Mustang: The Legend LivesEutechnyx2K GamesPS2, Xbox Ford RacingElite Systems, HME Inc. Empire InteractiveArcade, WIN, PS1 Ford Racing 2RazorworksEmpire Interactive, Gotham GamesWIN, PS2, Xbox Ford Racing 3Razorworks2K Games, Empire InteractiveWIN, PS2, Xbox, GBA, NDS Ford Racing Off RoadRazorworksXplosivWIN, PS2, PSP, Wii Ford Street RacingRazorworksEmpire InteractiveWIN, PS2, PSP, Xbox Ford vs. ChevyEutechnyxGlobal Star Software, 2K GamesPS2, Xbox Formula 1Bizarre CreationsPsygnosisWIN, PS1 Formula 1 97Bizarre CreationsPsygnosisWIN, PS1 Formula 1 98Visual SciencePsygnosisPS1 Formula FusionR8 Games R8 Games WIN Formula OneG.B. Munday CRL GroupZX, CPC Formula One 99Studio 33Psygnosis, Take-Two InteractiveWIN, PS1 Formula One Studio 33Midway GamesPS1, GBC Formula One ArcadeStudio 33Sony Computer EntertainmentPS1 Formula One: Built to WinWinky SoftSETA CorporationNES Formula One Championship EditionStudio LiverpoolSCEEPS3 Formula One Grand PrixMicroProseMicroProseWIN, DOS, AMI, ST Formula One World Championship: Beyond the LimitSegaSegaSCD Forza HorizonPlayground Games, Turn 10 StudiosMicrosoft StudiosX, XBO Forza Horizon 2Playground Games, Turn 10 StudiosMicrosoft Studios, Sumo DigitalX, XBO Forza Horizon 3Playground GamesMicrosoft StudiosWIN, XBO Forza Horizon 4Playground GamesMicrosoft StudiosWIN, XBO Forza Horizon 5Playground GamesXbox Game StudiosWIN, XBO, XSX Forza MotorsportTurn 10 StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosXbox Forza Motorsport 2Turn 10 StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosX Forza Motorsport 3Turn 10 StudiosMicrosoft Game StudiosX Forza Motorsport 4Turn 10 StudiosMicrosoft StudiosX Forza Motorsport 5Turn 10 StudiosMicrosoft StudiosXBO Forza Motorsport 6Turn 10 StudiosMicrosoft StudiosWIN, XBO Forza Motorsport 7Turn 10 StudiosMicrosoft StudiosWIN, XBO Four TraxNamcoNamcoArcade Freaky FlyersMidway GamesMidway GamesPS2, Xbox, GCN Free Rider HDKano/Apps One More Level WB, iOS, Droid FreekstylePage 44 StudiosEA Sports BigPS2, GCN, GBA FuelAsobo StudioCodemastersWIN, PS3, X Full AutoPseudo InteractiveSegaX Full Auto 2: BattlelinesPseudo InteractiveSegaPS3, PSP Full ThrottleMervyn J. Estcourt Micromega ZX, MSX Full ThrottleTaitoRomstarArcade, X Full Throttle: All-American RacingGremlin InteractiveCybersoftSNES Fury, TheCreative Reality Martech GamesCPC, ZX Future RacerD Cruise Midas Interactive Entertainment PS1 G-SurfersBlade InteractiveMajesco EntertainmentPS2 G1 JockeyKoeiKoeiPS1, PS2, PS3, Wii Galaxy ActivisionActivisionNES Gallop RacerTecmoTecmoArcade, PS1, PS2, PC, PS3, X, Wii, WIN, Droid, iOS Garfield KartArtefacts Studio Anuman, MicroïdsiOS, Droid, 3DS, Steam Gas Guzzlers ExtremeGamepires Iceberg InteractiveWIN Gear.Club UnlimitedEden GamesAnumanNS Gee Bee Air RallyActivisionActivisionC64, AMI, CPC, ZX Gekitotsu Toma L'Arc: TomaRunner vs L'Arc-en-CielSCEISCEIPS1 GeneRallyHannu Räbinä, Jukka Räbinä, James Burgess and Markku Hannu Räbinä, Jukka Räbinä, James Burgess and Markku WIN GKARTTencentGarenaWIN GlimmeratiBugbear EntertainmentNokiaNGE CodemastersLinux, WIN, OS X, OS 9, MorphOS, Sym, Droid GP-1

    95 racing game windows

    Picture Title Genre Description Where To Buy Age of empires-front.jpgAge of Empires RTS Quality Microsoft (SOMEHOW) RTS, advance your tribe from the stone age to the medieval age while fighting off rival civilizations and managing an RTS economy. BEST FUCKING RTS YOU WILL PLAY EVERY DAY. R.I.P. Ensemble Studios

    Version on sale Digitally is remake with enhanced visuals and whatnot.

    SteamAl Unser Jr Arcade Racing PC cover.jpgAl Unser, Jr. Arcade Racing Racing Now here's an old racer that stood the test of time particularly well. It's simple, it's fun, it even looks pretty good, and very importantly for this kind of game, it still gives a great sense of speed. ABomb.jpgAtomic Bomberman Action/Adventure A different take on the Bomberman series. You should get it because it's just so damn hilarious. Badmojo.jpgBad Mojo Puzzle/Adventure A gritty, eerie top down adventure game where you play a man who has turned into a cockroach and must travese over a seedy apartment building to find a way to change back into a man. Really clever puzzles and nice creepy atmos makes Bad Mojo one of the best surrealistic games ever made. GOGpx-Blood omen legacyKain.jpgBlood Omen: Legacy of Kain Action, Adventure, RPG The first game of a really important and beautiful saga, what can I say&#;? is a really exciting game with his incredible dark and gory medieval story, and his good melee\magic combat system, the game has also a good top-down 2d graphics, The real problem is the compatibility but no problem a good soul solved everything for us. Follow the instruction on the website and all will be ok if not perfect. Broken Sword PC.jpgBroken Sword: Shadow of the Templars

    (aka Circle of Blood)

    Adventure Great classic adventure game about an american investigating a series of murders in Paris which, of course, are related to something much bigger involving an ancient cult descending from the Templars. Made years before all the templar/DaVinci craze. Serious story, but nice bits of humor here and there. The sequels get gradually worse, although the second game is still good. GOGHumbleSteamCarmageddon-cd-box1.jpgCarmageddon Racing Sensationally violent arcade-style racing game. Run down pedestrians and destroy other players to win.Probably best racing PC game to date. GOGSteamRed alert2.jpgCommand & Conquer series RTS Classic series of RTS games developed by Westwood Studios with a kickass soundtrack. Construct your base, harvest Tiberium/ore, build a division of Mammoth Tanks and crush the enemy base - infantry, defenses, nuclear weapons, and orbital Ion Cannon strikes optional. The original series involves a conflict betwene the UN-formed Global Defense Initiative and the terrorist cult the Brotherhood of Nod, while the Red Alert series follows an alternate timeline where the Soviet Union (repeatedly) invades the West.

    Several expansions are available: The Covert Operations for the original Command & Conquer, Counterstrike and Aftermath for C&C: Red Alert, Firestorm for C&C: Tiberian Sun, and Yuri's Revenge for C&C: Red Alert 2. There is also a spin-off FPS, C&C: Renegade (), which incorporates some RTS-like features and which still has a small but undying multiplayer community. A compilation called C&C: The First Decade is available, and includes all of these titles and expansions, patched and with compatibility issues resolved.

    After the release of C&C: Renegade, several titles were developed and published by Electronic Arts under the Command & Conquer brand, but these are generally held to be of much poorer quality than the original games developed by Westwood. These titles are C&C: Generals, C&C 3: Tiberium Wars, C&C: Red Alert 3, and C&C 4: Tiberian Twilight. They're almost never recommended on /v/.

    AmazonjpgDeath Rally Racing Sure, it's a rally, but it's a DEATH rally. Load up the car's guns, put spikes on your fronts and sabotage your opponents' cars beforehand. Featuring racers such as Duke Nukem and Farmer Ted. It's a race you don't want to miss. Also released as freeware (without multiplayer) SteamDungeon-keeperjpgDungeon Keeper RTS Dungeon Keeper is a strategy video game released for the PC in which the player attempts to build and manage a dungeon or lair while protecting it from (computer-controlled) 'hero' characters intent on stealing the user's accumulated treasures and killing various monsters. GOGEcco the Dolphin PC cover.jpgEcco the Dolphin Action-adventure Aliens are draining the Earth's oceans, and a bottlenose dolphin has to save his pod from becoming food. A crazy challenging and just plain crazy game (inspired by a real life experiment with dolphins and drugs). The PC version had the graphics redrawn in higher resolution than the Mega Drive original, among other improvements. There's a fan-made port to make it run on modern systems. (Don't bother with the one they sell on Steam, that's just the original under emulation). LinkFallout-box-artxjpgFallout RPG The first Fallout game. Developed and released by Interplay in

    Features the best story in the Fallout games. Lots of choices with character development and you'll have very different playthroughs depending on your characters' stats and choices. Thematically tight game. Combat is turn-based. Engine sucks ass though. Patching is absolutely essential if you don't want to drown in bugs. Fallout 2 () is also very good and also listed here.

    GOGSteamFury3 box art.jpgFury³ Flight/Combat Players assume the role of a pilot named Councilor flying a fighter craft to eight planets (many based on real places, like Mars and New York) controlled by a militant robotic force called the Bions. Players fight three missions on each planet. Each of the missions involves destroying vital military targets in order to halt the Bions' progress on the planet. Players must then destroy either one or two Guardians who are the commanders of the particular Bion invasion force. Once players are done with one planet, they then move on to the next one. Heroes of Might and Magic PC cover.jpgHeroes of Might and Magic


    TBS Great games where you control an army of creature in turn based combat again another team (AI or and other person), on a hexagonal battlefield (games are all in 2D goodness, up until 5).Each new title bringing something new to the table, 5 finally making the transition from 2D to 3D successfully. Heroes 3 has a gold edition with all the expansions and the original game all on one disk, as does 5, so it's recommended you grab these. Heroes 4 features a deep change in gameplay from the rest of the series, but it's advised you get it just because of the incredible soundtrack that trumps the other Heroes games. GOG:

    , 5 Steam: 5, 6

    InterstatejpgInterstate '76 Car Combat Arguably the greatest vehicular combat game that nobody has played. Taking place in where the U.S. oil crisis never ended, auto-villians now terrorise the American Southwest. As auto-vigilante Groove Champion, you drive your murdered sister's armed muscle car over 17 missions to take out the creepers responsible in a quest for revenge. In terms of mechanics, the game is best described as Mechwarrior 2 with cars, with its missions often consisting of more that just destroying everything in sight. Also like Mechwarrior 2, you have free reign to customize the car with parts and weapons salvaged from previous missions, as well as customize the armor and chassis strength for the sides. The soundtrack is amazingly funkalicious as well. GOGLSL7.jpgLeisure Suit Larry: Love For Sail Erotic Adventure The final Leisure Suit Larry adventure designed by the series creator, Al Lowe, Love for Sail boasts some pretty attractive cel animation while giving the gamer even more goodies. There are heaps of easter eggs throughout the game that provide the well animated nudity, the game uses a very flexible and easy drop down menu mechanic and the humour is stronger than ever with amazing voice acting. There are so many goodies hidden in this game from the Where's Dildo mini-game to secrets in the actual games file directory. Leisure Suit Larry: Love for Sail is one of the best adventures of all time. GOGTwinsody.jpgLittle Big Adventure 2

    (aka Twinsen's Odyssey)

    Action Adventure Cute mix of Science fiction and fairytale. Play the role of Twinsen, young wizard that goes on a crazy quest that quickly becomes a really, really REALLY awesome adventure. The graphics are good, gameplay is smooth and the music is very cool. The weapons vary from a blowgun to a laser pistol and the story starts like "go buy medicine at the drugstore" and gets like "you are the chosen one who must save the world!" GOGMarathon 2 Durandal PC box.jpgMarathon trilogy FPS The year is and you are a security officer aboard the UESC Marathon, a multi-generational spacecraft converted from one of Mars's moons. As the ship and the Tau Ceti colony are attacked by hostile extraterrestrials, you find that something is amiss with the ship's artificial intelligences - one of which having gone quite insane after figuring out a secret greater than universe itself.

    An FPS series famous for its abstruse plotline (in the final game it turns into a mind-boggling multilinear mess of time travel and alternate realities). In fact, only Marathon 2 was released for Windows back then, the rest of the series used to be a Mac exclusive. Now available free and open-source.

    Open Source HomepageMoo2baa.jpgMaster of Orion 2 TBS Old-ass space 4X game with well-balanced and varied gameplay. Lots of tech and economy management, with optional tactical battles. Many different valid strategies to win the game. GOGMdk.jpgMDK Action/Adventure Game made by Shiny, creators of the Earthworm Jim series. You play a guy name Kurt Hectic who goes up against an invading alien army trying to strip-mine the earth. Full of classic Shiny light-hearted and quirky humor like the "world's most interesting bomb" and human shooting range. The graphics are odd but beautiful and the game engine was completely software-based so it could run on weaker machines that didn't have 3d accelerated graphics. The fantastic soundtrack was composed by none other than Tommy Tallarico, and it really brings the whole world to life. There was a sequel made by Bioware that is also awesome (but even more insanely difficult). GOGSteamPajama sam.gifPajama Sam Adventure/Puzzle Quirky adventure series. Bit for REAL MEN, but fun in any case. GOGQuake II PC cover.jpgQuake II FPS You're a soldier in the war against the stroggs, a brutal alien invading race. Yes, the plot, and in fact the whole game is completely different from the first Quake, dropping the lovecraftian horror for a sci-fi setting. Regardless, it's a great game with a sweet industrial metal soundtrack.

    Just as with Doom, you should use a modern source port (Yagami is faithful to the original, while quake2xp and KMQuake2 add some heavily improved visuals).

    GOGRoad Rash () (PC).jpgRoad Rash Racing Build up a bike from scrap, customize your biker, then beat the crap out of all the other racers on the way to the finish line. Did I mention all of this takes place in a normal city street with pedestrians you can run over, cars you can fling other bikers into, and cops to outrun? And all of it is set to a 90's grunge and metal soundtrack where you pick the tunes! It's racing, only awesome.

    (Note: this is a port of the 3DO game, not the Mega Drive one.)

    Darkforces.jpgStar Wars Dark Forces II: Jedi Knight FPS Shoot things, punch things, use the force to bitchslap the universe. GOGCurse of Monkey Island, The.jpgThe Curse of Monkey Island Adventure Third game in the Monkey Island series. Less witty, worse story and stupider puzzles but still worthwhile mostly because of qualities it inherits from the previous, excellent game. You take on the role of Guybrush Threepwood on his quest to become a pirate. Disguise yourself as El Pollo Diablo, trespass everywhere, and kick everyone's ass at Insult Swordfighting. HoTDcover.jpgThe House of the Dead On-Rails Shooter One of the games that founded the rail-way shooter genre. Play as Agent Rogan (PC version has a mode where you can choose different characters with different guns too) and his team-mate G as they stop the plans of Dr. Curien, intent at unleashing a zombie apocalypse upon the world. Fun to play. ExpressjpgThe Last Express Adventure Set on the Orient Express in , the player takes on the role of Robert Cath, an American doctor on the train's final journey from Paris to Constantinople (nowadays Istanbul) before World War I. Cath, already wanted by French police as he is suspected of the murder of an Irish police officer, is contacted urgently by his old friend Tyler Whitney, to join him on the Orient Express, gateway to the East, and a possible exit from all his troubles. Cath boards the train via a motorcycle and looks for Whitney, who is already on board (seen during the introduction). But as soon as he steps onto this luxurious train, Cath becomes involved in a maelstrom of treachery, lies, political conspiracies, personal interests, romance and murder. GOGSteamNeverhood-cover.jpgThe Neverhood Adventure You play as Klayman wandering through The Neverhood solving puzzles to save the creator of The Neverhood.Also it's the first game to be fully made using stop motion clay animation. Thexder 95 cover.jpgThexder 95 Platformer Western remake of the Japanese s cult classic. You're a robot that can transform into a jet fighter and a tank, and you have to fight other robots because well, someone in Japan must know, but whatever, just blast them. Excellent graphics and sounds for the time, and very complex levels to traverse.

    Also on PS3 and PSP, hugely upgraded, as "Thexder Neo".

    Tomb Raider 1 PC cover.jpgTomb Raider

    (first era)

    Action/Adventure Be a badass aristocratic adventurer, travel around the world, and explore ancient ruins full of magical treasures, brain-melting puzzles, and deadly traps.

    Tomb Raider was huge in the 90s for a good reason, and I don't mean Lara's tatas. Well, not just them. The "first era" by Core Design had five great games (I, II, III, The Last Revelation, and Chronicles), all with excellent gameplay and delicious ambiance. But they kept using the same designs and tech for way too long, so people started complaining. Then they did the ambitious sixth one, The Angel of Darkness. As it was rushed to release, the result was a glitchy unfinished mess. After that, the series was handed to a new developer and rebooted. Twice.

    Note: the games may have issues with modern system. Check the PC Gaming Wiki for patches.

    GOGHumbleSteamToonstruck.jpgToonstruck Point&Click Adventure A classic adventure featuring the voice talents of Dan Castellaneta, Tim Curry, Dom DeLuise, Jim Cummings, Tress MacNeille and an FMV Christopher Lloyd who's been sucked into a cartoon world filled with parodies of all types of cartoons.&#; Definitely worth a look. GOGTotal Annihilation Coverart.pngTotal Annihilation RTS Very popular/good RTS up there with Starcraft, but released a year earlier. Features fully 3D terrain, realistic projectile physics, and land + sea + air. Expect huge, epic battles to huge and epic music. Similar to the more modern Supreme Commander games, but a whole lot better. GOGZ The Bitmap Brothers.pngZ RTS You're a troop of red robots on a campaign to beat all the other colored robots in the universe. On your side you have a screaming robot-sergeant ready with a cigarr in mouth and a cowboy-hat. This isn't Halo, it's hardcore robot RTS-massacre. Everyone's got good voice acting and it's another take on RTS where your unit-building is limited by a timer which decreases with the amount of territories you acquire. GOG
    Cars 3: Driven to Win [PS4] Gameplay - Lightning McQueen vs Jackson Storm (Hard Mode)

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