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Tabitha Brown says going vegan helped stop her daily panic attacks

Tabitha Brown is dishing out a heavy helping of wisdom in her first book, Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business): Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom — which yes, also includes a handful of plant-based recipes. While discussing her mental health, Brown says switching to a vegan diet helped restore not just her physical health, but her mental well-being too. "I was having major anxiety and panic attacks and I was suffering from depression," she says. "And after going vegan and starting to feel better, it's like I stopped having panic attacks. I mean, I was having severe, manic panic attacks, like 50 a day sometimes, where I just couldn't breathe. That disappeared, and the depression just lifted. Light just overtook the darkness. "My hope and my mission is always to simply share my life, so I share what I eat," she says. "I share my journey with the hopes that other people say, 'Oh, I'm kind of curious about that. She makes it look a little appealing. Let me try it.' I hope that people try [veganism] for their health, for the animals, for the planet. Even one meal a day changes how things are it can help your body, it can help animals, it can help the environment. So my hope is always that I'm making a difference and that someone is willing to give it a try.


How I Shop: Tati Gabrielle of 'Chilling Adventures of Sabrina'

We all buy clothes, but no two people shop the same. It can be a social experience, and a deeply personal one; at times, it can be impulsive and entertaining, at others, purpose-driven, a chore. Where do you shop? When do you shop? How do you decide what you need, how much to spend and what's "you"? These are some of the questions we're putting to prominent figures in our column "How I Shop."

No disrespect to the titular Wiccan in "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina", but Prudence Night, played by Tati Gabrielle, is the baddest, chicest witch at the Academy of Unseen Arts &#x; if not Greendale and all the 'dales in the Archie-verse. 

The HWIC not only leads the Weird Sisters &#x; with their coordinated lace-collared, Victorian-mod LBDs and clever spells &#x; but also kills the witchy-goth beauty and hair game. First with her retro-glam finger waves and now a punk-rock, ultra-short cut that makes double-sword throwing seem even more aerodynamic. Plus, she's not only a practitioner of the dark arts, but also self-care &#x; more specifically, warm buttermilk baths accompanied by a plate of macarons.

"This season, Prudence's costumes get darker progressively for a point," says Gabrielle, over the phone, in her warm, chill and soothing Californian drawl (which couldn't be more different than Prudence's grand and fairly intimidating British-accented inflection). "It definitely reflects the transition that she's going through, after finding out who her father is, and this quest for not only belonging, but a sense of power &#x; and just trying to fight back against the feeling of being powerless."

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Despite how different Gabrielle is from Prudence IRL, the actress says her personal style overlaps with her on-screen alter ego &#x; and she actually called the shots on the stunning (and meaningful) hair evolution, as she'll explain in a bit. Raised in the Bay Area, and now splitting time between her base in Los Angeles and shooting "Sabrina" in Vancouver, Gabrielle has cultivated her own confident &#x; and at times experimental &#x; sartorial sense.

"Everybody should feel free to express themselves through fashion and style, as opposed to trying to fit a mold that you see in current trends, media and whatever," she says, about staying true to herself when it comes to fashion. "Trust your personal style and trust that form of expression &#x; and don't let anybody knock you for it." And if we've learned anything from "Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," it's always wise to not defy Prudence. 

"I actually dyed my hair blonde about six months before starting 'Sabrina.' I dyed it for my previous role on The CW's 'The ' and I decided to keep it. So when I went for my audition for Prudence, my hair was two-toned because my roots were growing in and [casting and producers] liked this icy sort of look. I did the finger waves myself and they liked it and they decided to keep it. So for the whole first season, I was doing my hair myself.

Then, I cut it between seasons, so it will be short for most of season two. It was marking, too, Prudence's character arc and what she's going through. This Samson sort of idea: When you shave your head, it's a release of a lot of things. It's also a stripping of identity in a way. 

I was super gung ho about it at first. I was the one who suggested the idea and then the day I went to go get it cut &#x; 15 minutes before my appointment &#x; I freaked out. I was like, 'What if it doesn't look right? What if I have a weird shaped head? I'm just going to look strange!' It was really scary, but once it was cut, it felt really liberating and I had nothing to hide behind. It definitely forced me to reconcile with my own beauty and learn to appreciate myself a bit more and appreciate the way that I looked without having hair. It was a transformative experience.

Angus Strathie [the costume designer on 'Sabrina'] is a frickin' genius, this guy. All the costumes he pulls out for everyone are just incredible. But I've always had an affinity for vintage style, so dressing for Prudence isn't too much outside of my own style. Other than the fact that I wouldn't be as &#x; what's the word &#x; prissy or girly as Prudence. 

The one thing that Angus has taught me &#x; that I pulled for myself &#x; is understanding my body shape because I don't always wear more fitted clothes. It taught me to understand how to pair certain things with my body shape &#x; for example, with the gold dress in the Feast of Feasts and the costumes you'll see this season.

In my natural style, I'm very tomboyish in the way I dress. I made up the term 'eclectic tomboy chic.' You add 'chic' to anything and it makes it great. As a kid, I wore very boyish clothes all the time. I did not want to be put on anything girly because I was a very active kid and it restricted me from movement. But as I got older and I grew into womanhood, I started merging my still-tomboyish style with more feminine aspects. Now it's like, a crop top or a bandeau with baggy pants or a dress with some tennis shoes. So a mixture of masculine and feminine styles. I like a lot of patterns and colors and I like to pair weird things. 

I'm a big thrift shopper. I go in with the idea, like, 'What do I need in my closet?' Whether it's tops, pants or jackets. So I try to keep that idea in mind &#x; and that idea may not always stay. As I'm walking through, I go to things that stand out to me. In thrift shops, there's tons of racks and tons of clothes, so I don't want to be in there all day. I shop in both the male and female sections because I like oversize clothes, too. So I go through the aisles and I look at things that jump out at me. 

I'm a very feelings-based person. I definitely go by impulse or instinct, rather. I speak in spiritual terms of like, 'If it's jumping out to me, it means I'm supposed to have that thing.' So I'm going to grab that thing that's shown itself to me and it usually works out that way. 

I haven't been shopping in a couple months, but most recently I went to this place in Vancouver [where 'Sabrina' films] called Hollywood Boutique. We were having a wrap party for 'Sabrina' and I was in there looking for an outfit. There's this big oversize fuzzy jacket and I was like, 'I need that.' I see a red one, too, and I was like, 'I can't choose,' so I got them both. 

I also shop at Urban Outfitters in Vancouver, but only because it's close to where I live. I've had people tell me I have a very 'hipster-type style' and it has that vibe and they make vintage-looking clothes that are new. There's this place I found in this little nook in Chinatown called Blim. I got this awesome tiger fanny pack; It's like a tiger's head. It's one of my favorite vintage things that I have. One of my more recent discoveries is Mintage Mall. I didn't know this was here.

I've definitely done a few shopping trips with Addy [Adeline Rudolph, who plays Agatha] and Abby [Abigail F. Cowen, who plays Dorcas]. Jaz [Sinclair, who plays Rosalind] and I have gone once. I like to go shopping, but I can't be in any place for long or else I start to get overwhelmed. It gives me anxiety. So I'm like, 'OK, I've got 30 minutes.&#x; Jaz and I, we're both like that, so we're in, we're out. We find our pieces and once that's done, we're out. We get tired from shopping very quickly."

This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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These 'Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina' Halloween Costumes Make Goth Glamorous

Sabrina is back. If you spent the late '90s watching Melissa Joan Hart on Sabrina, The Teenaged Witch, you might be pretty pumped for the new Netflix reboot. The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina dropped on October 26, with Kiernan Shipka taking on the title role. If you've already managed to binge the series, or just want to pay homage to latest iteration of a beloved character, there are some super cute costumes inspired by The Chilling Adventures of Sabrinathat you could easily throw together in time for Halloween.

Sabrina has actually been around since the '60s, when she first debuted in an Archie comic, as the official Archie website explained. The new Netflix series takes her in a whole new direction from the comics and the previous show, however. Screenrant noted that it's much darker, and even includes violence — something that definitely wouldn't have flown on super wholesome night of "TGIF" programming.

The scarier vibe could make The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina another Halloween hit for Netflix. This time last year the streaming service dropped the second season of Stranger Things, which inspired tons of Halloween costumes. Could Sabrina be the next Eleven? Only time will tell.

Here are seven costumes to channel your inner teenaged witch this Halloween.


Faustus Blackwood

Ascot, $20, Etsy

Cane, $21, Amazon

Another new character debuting in Sabrina is Faustus Blackwood, a representative of Satan himself. I definitely don't remember that from TGIF. The cravat and cane combo lend this costume an old timey, creepy vibe that's perfect for Halloween.


The Best Witch Fashion From The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The new series The Chilling Aventures of Sabrina on Netflix is a standout, and not just for the acting and storylines. I personally was swooning over the outfits and fashion of every female character, especially the witches! Velvet, lace, black lips&#; I loved the modern goth twist the show took on the coven&#;s style. This is the best witch fashion from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and how to recreate the witch&#;s outfits yourself at home!

&#;Strega fashion&#; is what the modern goth fashion movement is already called. It&#;s not mainstream, though I have a feeling this TV show may motivate popular clothing stores to start carrying more Strega fashion pieces this winter as more consumers are on the hunt for witch fashion clothing. After finishing season one of Sabrina, I started hunting online so I could recreate the witch fashion I loved for myself. Pop culture is fun, isn&#;t it?

Keep scrolling to learn how to start dressing like the teenage witch Sabrina Spellman or one of the other witches in Glendale! These are best outfits from the show.


Red Velvet Dress with Lace Collar

The Weird Sisters have killer style & their signature look are velvet dresses with lace collars. When Sabrina does witchy deeds with the sisters, she wears a red dress with a lace collar. I found this maroon one that looks pretty similar! Complete the look with boots and tights.


Black Headband

Sabrina, played by Kiernan Shipka, has a signature accessory of the simple black headband that she wears with everything. To channel your inner witch, add this to your wardrobe!


Red Coat

Sabrina&#;s other signature piece of clothing is her red coat that she wears around Glendale. Pair this over black dresses and sweaters to nail her look!


Black Lipstick

The Weird Sisters and other witches sport dark lips throughout the movie. Black lipstick is making a comeback in everyday makeup ( I personally love wearing dark lips!) At the very end of Season One, Sabrina is even seen wearing black lipstick to round out her witch outfit.


This post is centered around how to recreate Sabrina&#;s look, but &#; I love the Weird Sister&#;s style more. Prudence (Tati Gabrielle), Agatha (Adeline Rudolph) and Dorcas (Abigail F. Cowan) rule the hallways of the Academy of Unseen Arts like a dark version of Mean Girls. I especially love Prudence&#;s bleached hair and tweed jacket. Girl looking on point in every episode! Perhaps you love Aunt Zelda or Aunt Hilda&#;s style better? Or maybe you align with Sabrina&#;s?

I hope this helps you recreate your favorite witch fashion from the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina on Netflix for street style or a pop culture Halloween costume. I&#;m personally here for more Strega fashion &#; give me all the velvet and lace for winter!!! What&#;s your favorite outfit from Sabrina? Or favorite style icon?


I'm the founder of Whimsy Soul (this blog you're reading!) I'm a type 3 enneagram cat lady who lives in San Francisco and loves to find everyday magic to share with others. You can probably find me hunting down hot springs with girlfriends, ranting about diet culture, cooking with my husband, or watching like, all the things on Netflix. Follow me on Instagram for even more inspiration!


Sabrina costume sisters weird

9 of the best fashion moments from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is set in the timeless town of Greendale, where laptops and flip phones exist alongside letterman jackets and muscle cars, and every day feels like Halloween. The Netflix show’s timeline is purposefully vague, but Sabrina Spellman (Kiernan Shipka) and her witchy crew are dressed in warm, autumnal oranges and maroons, rich corduroy and wool, making the show’s fashion an understated ode to the 60s.

Academy Award-winning costume designer Angus Strathie pays homage to the Archie comics, where we first met our favorite teenage witch back in Always complete with her signature black headband, Sabrina’s outfits are a nod toward the varying fashion movements of the 60s: both the counterculture trends on Carnaby Street and the all-American ideals they rebelled against. Here, we’ve rounded up all the best looks from The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

The red wool coat
Perhaps the most significant piece of Sabrina’s wardrobe from season one is her red wool coat. With its classic, cloak-like silhouette the jacket is part Jackie O, part Little Red Riding Hood slaying The Big Bad Wolf in the woods. As a half-witch, half-mortal, this duality is fitting for our favorite tv witch. The statement buttons, short sleeves, and large collar give off major 60s mod vibes, especially when paired with her black headband, which nicely compliments her forward-thinking mindset and status as a social justice warrior at Baxter High. It’s also worth noting that Sabrina has a special relationship with the color red. She’s the only character who ever wears it, and as she grows into her powers, the way she wears it changes. This coat is the first thing we ever see her in -- it pops against the green shrubbery in the woods -- and the bright, vulnerable red foreshadows all the learning she’s about to do.

Halloween party/dark baptism dress
Neither the path of light nor the path of night are worthy of Sabrina’s 16th birthday look. She starts the evening off in her late mother’s 50s-inspired wedding dress: a tight, white bodice with a sweetheart neckline, full skirt that falls to mid-calf, and gorgeous lace overlay. She pairs it with a simple gold necklace and wears it to a halloween party with her boyfriend Harvey, who rightfully goes starry-eyed when he sees her descending the staircase for the first time. Later, at her dark baptism, Sabrina passes through blue flames and has her very own magical Sandra Dee moment of transformation -- the dress turns black, emphasizing her lost innocence and the way witchcraft will inevitably and completely change her life. Goodbye to Sandra Dee, indeed.

Every single sweater ever
Greendale exists in an eternal autumn, which means sweater weather lasts all year round, and nobody appreciates a quality vintage knit quite like Sabrina. Though red is usually the character’s color of choice, her preference for earth-toned sweaters reflects both the natural colors of fall foliage and the warm, muted color palettes of the Swinging Sixties and early 70s. Also notable is the attention to detail: fine and consistent, the clean stitching and intricate patterns show great care, suggesting the sweaters are hand-woven, and maybe even one-of-a-kind. The Queen of Hell is nothing if not an ethical shopper.

Weird Sisters uniform
The Weird Sisters are in a fashion bracket all their own -- Puritan goth chic, anyone? -- but Sabrina elevates their uniform to a whole new level when she adds some color to make it her own in the season one finale. The bell dress, a fit made famous by 60s mod queens like Twiggy and Edie Sedgwick, has long sleeves, a mini skirt, and a white lace collar, and the red color of the fabric is deeper and richer than that of her signature coat. Her black headband and dark crimson lips are stark against her ashy blonde hair and pale skin, because her look, like her character, has matured significantly, and for the first time, she’s embracing it.

First day of school outfit
Sabrina loves a good plaid skirt and this black and red number, paired with a tight turtleneck, statement belt, tights, and Mary Janes, is one of the best. In an adorable montage that pays homage to Melissa Joan Hart’s Sabrina the Teenage Witch of the 90s, Sabrina is joyfully testing out her new powers, zapping into different outfits as she twirls in front of her bedroom mirror. After trying a few colorful options, she decides to swap out earth tones for a darker palette and finally feels comfortable. You know what they say: new year, new witch.

Sweethearts Dance dress
Unsurprisingly, Sabrina’s version of the little black dress isn’t an LBD at all, but a red vintage number. Its wide, scooped neckline perfectly accentuates her tiny gold necklace, and the miniskirt layered in tulle is as charming as the 60s prom dress it was probably inspired by. She completes the look by matching her lipstick to the vibrant red of the mini dress, reminding us that red is Sabrina’s color not just on Valentine’s Day -- or Lupercalia, if you’re a witch -- but every day of the year.

Baxter High cheerleading uniform
Baxter High’s classic maroon letterman jackets and cheerleading uniforms establish the show’s awareness of and subtle appreciation for the all-American ideals of high school in the 60s. Sabrina quickly shakes up all of those conventions when she joins the cheerleading squad. She dons the traditional uniform, turtleneck included, and then proceeds to carry out her official duty of dragging souls to Hell. But only the ones that deserve it, of course.

Tunnel of love dress
Eye-catching prints and hip-hugging fits à la Peggy Moffitt are all the rage for Sabrina in season three. Take this dress she wears to ride the tunnel of love with her boyfriend, Nicholas Scratch. Collared and long-sleeved, with a bold zig-zag print, and a belt snug on her hips, this inspired look is less carnival, more Carnaby Street in , and is one of her cooler, more mature looks thus far.

Patterned blouses and statement belts
Sabrina is by no means a maximalist, but her foray into patterned blouses and retro statement belt buckles in season three is perhaps the closest she comes (with the exception of that look from the finale). Inspired by the bold, bright prints of 60s mod, toned down to match the earthy, eternal autumn vibe of Greendale, Sabrina’s blouse and belt pairings indicate the physical and emotional maturation of the character, as well as her newfound self-awareness.

fashion moments
the chilling adventures of sabrina
The Sims 4 CAS: The Weird Sisters (Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina)

Crafting the perfect Halloween costume all comes down to timing: You need a reference that’s recognizable, yet fresh—news cycle permitting—on October (Admit it: A Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande couples costume might not feel as on point as it did a few weeks ago.) When it's down to the wire, Halloween procrastinators can always rely on a handful of zeitgeist-y television shows with very specific aesthetics, like Riverdale or Stranger Things. And this year there's another program to add to the list, and it drops right in the nick of time.

On Friday, October 26, The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina premieres on Netflix, and it brings with it plenty of witchy fashion you'll want to jump on for Halloween. The show is a dark reimagining of the comics series of the same name: Sabrina Spellman must choose between her mortal friends and her family of witches on her sixteenth birthday—and events move in a sinister, satanic direction from there (it exists in the same universe as Riverdale, after all.)

In many ways it feels like a continuation of a costume trend started by its sister program on the CW. Every character has a distinct way of dressing, based on their looks in the comics, that's integral to their development. Sabrina’s known to don a preppy red peacoat and a black headband; her witching rivals, the Weird Sisters, have coordinating long-sleeve tea dresses with lace Peter Pan collars. Throughout the series, you'll see plenty of high-neck dresses, moody colors, and velvet—a vibe that really lends itself to Halloween.

On the whole, Sabrina and her coven stick to a handful of style signatures. We talked to the cast of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and they broke down their character's costumes, their evolution, and the best ways to re-create them on Halloween. Read on.

Sabrina Spellman

When she’s in the mortal world at Baxter High, Sabrina has an understated preppy look—think Blair Waldorf’s polish but without the colorful tights and pearls. “She actually gets ready in the morning—which is admirable, because she’s got so much going on in her life!” Kiernan Shipka says. “She definitely takes time to put an outfit together.”

Her wardrobe is made up of a lot of pieces you likely own already, and probably not what you’d expect from a witch in training (you can put down the pointed hat, sorry): easy crewneck sweaters, button-front corduroy skirts, and oxford loafers. Each look is completed with two finishing details—a thick black headband, which she wears at all times to neatly pull back her hair, and a red cape coat, just like in the comics.


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Chilling Adventures of Sabrina Costume Ideas: Shop Every Outfit

Raise your hand if you spent your entire weekend (that is, in between epic Halloween parties…) watching every episode of Netflix’s new Chilling Adventures of Sabrina. We certainly couldn’t help but binge on the latest new television obsession ourselves. But, even if you only had time for a single episode (we know, it should be a marathon and not a sprint!), you can’t help but be pulled in by the style of each and every character on the show. Whether it’s Sabrina Spellman, with corduroy miniskirts, slim turtlenecks, duffel coats, and more; or perhaps Harvey Kinkle, clad in leather bombers, shearling-lined trucker jackets, and a much-discussed crop top; the show that takes place this very Halloween weekend couldn’t be better timed for our growing fall wardrobe. For all that and more, check out our favorite looks from Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and see how you can cop each character’s style IRL.


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