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1880-S $1 NGC MS68 DMPL (Old NGC Holder)

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Monster Grade Rarity

Eye Appeal:
Degree of Toning: 3/10
DLRC Inventory #: 418696

Item Description:

An almost impossible monster-gem Morgan dollar with the DMPL designation. For the ENTIRE Morgan dollar series there are only 5 coins each certified as MS68 DMPL. None higher. This is one of those very few and it was certified many years ago as the holder is one of NGC's early slabs. Also interesting to note that no MS68 DMPL has appeared in auction since 2005. This beauty has russet peripheral toning with white centers and thick frosty surfaces.

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Catalog Details:

PCGS #: 97119 ()
Catalog: U.S. Coins
Category: Dollars
Series: Morgan Dollars
Type: Morgan
Years for Type: 1878-1921
Strike: Business
Denomination: Silver dollar

Mint Location: San Francisco
Designer: George T. Morgan
Composition: 90% silver; 10% copper
Weight: 26.73g
Edge Type: Reeded
Mintage: 8,900,000

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Lot Description

Virtually Pristine 1884-S Morgan

The Famous George Bodway-Jack Lee-Larry H. Miller Specimen

Wayne Miller: A "Wonder" Coin

Finest Graded by PCGS

1884-S Morgan Silver Dollar. MS-68 (PCGS). CAC. OGH.

The finest certified -- and undoubtedly the finest known -- 1884-S Morgan silver dollar, this famous condition rarity is at the threshold of numismatic perfection. The surfaces are highly lustrous with a beautiful softly frosted mint finish. Wisps of iridescent gold toning enhance both sides, appearing to drift toward the borders of the largely brilliant coin. The striking detail is razor sharp to full throughout the design, and the eye appeal is extraordinary, especially given that the 1884-S is one of the most challenging Morgan dollars to find in attractive Gem MS-65 preservation.

By 1884 the federal government's backlog of undistributed Morgan silver dollar had reached such a level that even President Chester Arthur weighed in on the subject. As related by Q. David Bowers in A Guide Book of Morgan Silver Dollars, published by Whitman in 2019, Arthur stated: "Well, we got a mess of these things now. We made 185 million and only 40 million are out." Bowers continues: "Indeed, silver dollars had been minted in immense quantities since 1878. Vaults and other storage spaces were stuffed with the unwanted coins." While these silver dollars were unwanted and unneeded in contemporary commerce, the government's storage of most of the Morgan dollars produced proved a blessing to later generations of collectors. Provided that they survived the mass melting brought about by the 1918 Pittman Act, large numbers of Mint State coins -- including numerous Gem- and Superb Gem-quality coins -- for many issues would find their way into numismatists' hands beginning in the mid 20th century. This chain of events resulted in issues such as the 1880-S, 1884-CC and 1904-O being readily obtainable in even the finest Uncirculated grades.

The 3,200,000 silver dollars struck at the San Francisco Mint in 1884, however, followed a markedly different and, for the Morgan series, unusual path. While a small percentage of the mintage remained under the control of the Treasury Department, most coins were placed into circulation during the 19th century. Such a distribution explains why the 1884-S is readily obtainable in lower to middle circulated grades. Of those coins that were stored in government vaults, many were likely included among the 270,232,722 silver dollars melted under provisions of the Pittman Act of 1918. Some survived, and Bowers writes of limited releases from the Treasury Department Building in Washington, D.C. from the early 1930s through the early 1950s, as well as more substantial distributions from the San Francisco Mint in 1926, and again during the 1950s. Most of these releases were too early to grab the attention of contemporary dealers, as collector interest in this issue was not as widespread as it would become in later decades. Indeed, many 1884-S dollars released during the early to mid 20th century passed into commercial channels, including for use in casinos. These received less circulation than their counterparts distributed during the 19th century, and probably account for most of the About Uncirculated survivors that provide attractive (and more affordable) alternatives to Mint State examples.

In true Mint State preservation the 1884-S has always been scarce. Writing in 1993, Bowers was unaware of any dealer-to-dealer sales of original 1,000-coin bags and even as late as 1964, after the Treasury Department releases flooded the market with examples of many other Morgan dollars, the 1884-S in Mint State was found only in roll quantity, and to a limited extant at that. It seems that only a few hundred to perhaps slightly more than 1,000 Uncirculated 1884-S dollars were acquired by collectors during the 1950s and early 1960s, accounting for the vast majority of Mint State examples known today.

By the late 1950s and early 1960s, the rarity of the 1884-S in Mint State was gaining wider recognition, and it seems that a few forward-thinking dealers set aside, or placed into tightly held collections, most of the few Uncirculated examples that they were able to obtain. In his popular reference The Morgan and Peace Dollar Textbook (1982), Wayne Miller relates how the huge increase in value experienced by the 1884-S beginning in the late 1970s brought many of these Mint State 1884-S dollars into the market, including what the author describes as "at least a dozen fully gem" examples. Judging by current third-party certification data, most of those coins are what the market would describe as MS-64 by today's strict grading standards. The 1884-S remains a formidable condition rarity in Gem Mint State (certified grades of MS-65 and higher), and even Wayne Miller states,

"Many mint state specimens [of the 1884-S] are weakly struck, with steel-gray, unnatural luster. Such pieces, while technically in mint state condition, are so unnatural that they are usually priced as 'sliders.' This is why the gem pieces command such huge prices."

The Larry H. Miller specimen is the single finest example of this key date Morgan dollar issue known. It was first introduced to the wider numismatic market in 1980, thanks to the conditions prevailing at that time as described by Wayne Miller, and related above. The author relates how Tom Tkacz sold this remarkable 1884-S dollar -- which Wayne Miller aptly describes as a "wonder" coin -- to Chuck Walanka in 1980. Chuck sold the coin to David Hall in a transaction that included the equally incredible 1896-S Morgan dollar in the Larry H. Miller Collection (since certified MS-69 by PCGS). David was kind enough to relate his part in the story to us:

"The incredible MS-68 [1884-S dollar] surfaced at a Midwest coin show in the 1980s. Dealer Chuck Walanka asked me if I wanted to see two special coins and then proceeded to show me the 1884-S later graded by PCGS MS68 and the 1896-S later graded by PCGS MS69! Needless to say, I was virtually speechless. I bought the coins for what was a big price at the time...I sold both coins to collector George Bodway. Later Jack Lee bought the Bodway collection intact, combining the two best Morgan dollar collections of the time into one."

Off the market as part of the Larry H. Miller Collection for more than two decades, Stack's Bowers Galleries is pleased to play a part in providing another collector with the honor of owning this most special of 1884-S dollar. Since it first gained widespread market exposure in the early 1980s, it has been associated with some of the finest Morgan dollar collections assembled during the last 40 years. It is destined for another world class cabinet, and is sure to attract strong bids commensurate with its incredible rarity, undeniable beauty, and well deserved fame.

From the Larry H. Miller Collection

Provenance: From the Larry H. Miller Collection. Earlier ex Tom Tkacz, 1980; Chuck Walanka, sold to the following with the 1896-S dollar in the Larry H. Miller Collection at a Midwest coin show in the 1980s; David Hall; George Bodway; Jack Lee I Collection

PCGS Population: 1; 0 finer in any category.

CAC Population: 1; 0.

PCGS# 7156. NGC ID: 254P.

Click here for certification details from PCGS.

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November 2020 Auction - Session 5 - The Larry H. Miller Collection - Lots 6001-6436

Live Bidding began Nov 12, 2020 @ 2:00 PM PST

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Rush order nets several MS68 Morgan Dollars - Lots of New Cert Numbers

I was just looking at what other members have submitted and I spotted a couple of orders that were received on 5/15/2017 and shipped 5/17/2017. So that peaked my curiosity and BAM! 15 of 20 coins (1878, 79, 80, 81 and 82-S) in this order were graded MS68...the other 5 were MS67+. A few DNC's. The highest Peace Dollar I saw was MS66+. No TrueViews :(

There appear to be 11 (eleven) orders that share this turnaround time frame and mostly Morgan and Peace Dollars. There are a few CC's thrown into the mix (1881,1882,1883 and 1885-CC MS67).

Talk about "high cotton"!

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PCGS DANSCO 7070 Modified Set



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