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Yoongi x Reader - Backstage


Summary: You haven’t seen Yoongi for months. He catches you backstage and shows you just how much he’s missed you.

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Smut

Prompt: Moxie and her need for Min Oppa smut

Author: Pilot

You nod at the security guard with a smile and he leads you through the crew doors. You find yourself a spot near the side of the stage, among some of the other light and camera crew. The stage is dark and all you can see are flashing lights from the ARMY bombs in the crowd.

It had been months since you had last seen Yoongi. Three to be exact. They had just landed back in Seoul today, ready for their last concert for this leg of the tour.

You’d have gotten to the concert much earlier if you could have helped it. Unfortunately you had been caught up at work and had only just been able to make it. The concert had started two hours ago.

Blue lighting strips illuminate the edges of the stage and green strobe lighting begins to flash. Then you hear it, the familiar sound of the opening of Cypher pt4. It plummets through the speakers. The screams from the crowd ignite, roars and shrieks from exhilarated fans echo throughout the venue. 

Hoseok, Namjoon and Yoongi rise from below the stage. Your eyes immediately race to Yoongi. He’s relaxed, one of his hands are resting on his belt buckle of his ripped black jeans as the other holds his mic up nonchalantly. Yoongi strides to the centre of the stage as Namjoon and Hoseok walk their way around. Yoongi’s already sweating in his thin white shirt and long coat. He licks his lips and throws a hand up to the crowd. It riles the crowd and they scream.

“RM!” Yoongi yells out.

Namjoon begins to rap. Yoongi continues to work the crowd, building them up. He lets out an occasional grunt in unison with the base. He nods his head in time with the beat, one hand now resting on his hips.

Namjoon finishes up his rap and the boys begin to jump up and down, yelling out the chorus. You can’t take your eyes off Yoongi. His black hair is tousled and you can see the sweat beginning to collect at his brow. Finally, it’s his verse.

He pauses for a moment, building momentum. The boys watch as he does his thing, rapping freely and easily, spitting fire at a rate of noughts. He walks towards the camera, takes a breath, licks his bottom lip with his tongue and smirks. Somewhere along the way his shirt has gotten untucked. Hoseok is next.

Yoongi walks over to the side of the stage and bends down to pick up a water bottle. That’s when he sees you. Your breath catches in your throat and his eyes get heavy. He maintains eye contact with you as he picks up the water bottle, biting his lip. Your stomach starts to knot and all you want to do is reach out and touch him. He smirks at you and steps backwards.

He cracks open the water bottle while moving back to the centre of the stage. Yoongi takes a gulp of water and smiles to himself, pouring it over his head and onto the rest of the crowd near him in a swift and powerful motion. His hair is dripping wet and his shirt is see-through. He stands at the centre of the stage and adjusts his coat.

Yoongi’s stage presence intensifies, you can feel his desire and passion from the stage. He’s going hard at it, thrusting, jumping, throwing his arms up. He looks out to the crowd, throwing sideways glances at you every now and then. You feel the sexual tension in the air amplify. You both stare at each other as the song comes to an end and the lights go out.

The crowd roars.

The stage lights up once again and all seven of them are standing on the stage now. Flames flicker on the screens and you already know what’s next. His voice commands the venue.



At the end of the show, one of their assistants you had met before calls you over and invites you to wait for them in their dressing rooms.

You leave the crew pit and head to the back. You’re navigating your way through the corridors when suddenly someone grabs your hand and pulls you backwards into a dark room and shuts the door. You let out a slight cry in shock and you hear the lock turning. The lights turn on. It’s Yoongi. 

His hand is still in yours and he’s dripping wet. You watch his chest rise up and down quickly. He’s breathing heavily.

You open your mouth to greet him but he advances on you, slamming his mouth over yours. You feel the air get knocked from your lungs as he roughly pushes you against the door. Yoongi’s hands have left yours, instead deciding to ravish and grasp at your body. Usually he would trail kisses along your cheek and your neck but he’s too impatient and hungry to do anything other than kiss you roughly on the lips. 

His hands make their way to your legs, pushing your skirt up at your thighs and they settle on your ass. He kneads at your cheeks, a smirk plays at his lips and you quiver, your knees buckling. Yoongi grips you and lifts you up. You wrap your legs around his waist and arms around his neck in response.

You can tell he’s sexually frustrated by the way his mouth latches onto your skin, biting and nipping away. Your skin prickles and your breath hitches. His mouth wanders to your ear and bites at the lobe, pulling on it and making you squeak out slightly. He bites back a moan.

“Yoongi?” You say between breaths.


“We shouldn’t be doing this here we’ll get caught -”

He ignores you and shuts you up with another kiss. He moves back and places his finger against your lips. 

“Shh. I don’t care.” He murmurs.

Before you can say anything else to dispute this his lips are back on yours, his tongue probing deeply. He desperately grinds himself against you and you can feel his belt buckle hitting against your core. He props you up against the door, leaving one of his hands free. 

There were no more questions in your mind as his hand roamed over your body, his palm rubbing against your aroused bud and then moving to your breasts. He squeezes them and begins to unbutton your shirt. You didn’t want him to stop.

You had missed him, emotionally and physically. It wasn’t until his hands were on your skin that you realised just how much your body had missed his.

Yoongi pulls back to breathe, only for a second. He stares at you, desire swimming in his eyes. You maintain eye contact as he continues to touch you and tease you. He bites his lower lip and smirks. He slides your underwear to the side as he pushes two fingers into you. He’s still wearing his rings.

You break eye contact with him and whimper and rasp, raking your nails through his hair. He lets out a curse as you moan.

You trail your arms across his shoulders and his back. One arm reaches down to stroke his length through his pants, feeling the weight of him, urging him to take you. He doesn’t, instead continuing to pump his fingers in and out of you.

“Yoongi,” you moan.

Yoongi had been waiting for months to hear you say his name like that. He attempts to hold onto whatever was left of his patience, continuing instead to move in and out of you with his fingers. He fights with himself - the need of being inside you versus the need to tease and taunt you. 

Yoongi pulls his fingers from you. He cups your backside and walks with you, placing you down on the edge of the table in the room.

His hands go straight to your waist and you grab his hips, shoving his body closer to yours. Yoongi smirks again and sinks to his knees, tugging your skirt and pulling you to him by your legs. His hand moves from your waist and trails down to the apex of your thighs, where he slowly rubs circles against your clit through your panties.

He hikes your skirt up and places a kiss on your mound just to tease. He looks at you with downcast eyes and tugs at your panties suggestively. He raises your hips and slowly slides them off. Your legs dangle off the edge of the table and your hands run through his hair as you arch your back. He pauses, his lips just above you. You can feel his breath, hot and heavy. 

He begins to dart his tongue over your clit, playing with your wetness between his fingers. He parts your lips and flicks his tongue over you, delving between your folds tenderly. One of his hands clutch at the side of the table. You moan and strengthen your grip around his wrist in response, nails digging into his skin. You’re feeling dizzy and lightheaded. A growl resounds in his throat. He brings you close to the point of ecstasy but moves away sharply.

He gives you one last kiss there, chuckles and slowly brings himself to a stand, pulling himself upwards, all the while keeping his hands on your body. You sit up, panting, trying to catch your breath he had taken from you.

Yoongi presses his forehead against yours as he stands between your legs.

“Did you know how much I missed you?” he purrs into your ear and your body feels with heat. His breathing is ragged, his body responding to the feel of yours pressed against his.

You kiss him again, his lips slightly salty from sweat. His lust is back and he greedily begins to pull off your clothes. He unbuttons the rest of your shirt and flings it across the room. Yoongi lifts one hand to your breast and squeezes it, hard. 

He then reaches behind you and unclips your bra and slides it off you. He finishes undressing you, the material of your clothes pooling on the floor. Yoongi steps back and bites his lip, admiring your body and the flushed colour of your skin.

He eyes your plump breasts and kisses them both, taking one in his mouth. He swirls his tongue over your nipple and sucks gently, easing off with a light bite at your tip. 

He runs his hands over your curves, grabbing and clutching at you with raw need. You shiver as you hear him unbuckle his belt and unzip his pants. You pull at his damp white shirt in turn. He moves closer to you, dissolving any space between your bodies with a passionate kiss. Yoongi hisses with pleasure, the friction of your breasts against his chest fuelling him. He had been denied of you for too long.

He parts your legs and sinks into you swiftly. Pleasure shoots through your body and you tremble, tightening around him. A heated cry tears from his lips as he begins to move against you. The pleasure was intense and so arousing he could hardly stand it.

Your nails sink deep into his shoulders and you cry out. He thrusts into you, deep and possessive, his eyes watching you as you tilt your head back in ecstasy. He’s biting down on his lower lip, staring at you as he fucks you. He urges you to wrap your legs high around his waist and you do. He pulls back and out, only to bury himself to the hilt again in a swift thrust.

In an attempt to get back at him you go between kissing him gently and biting sharply at his skin, causing him to hiss and groan with pleasure. He sucks on your neck and kisses your breasts all the while moving in and out, pulling your hips down harder onto his. You cling onto him desperately, your orgasm building.

“Yoongi -”

“I know.” he says simply. His fingers find your clit again, moving against you in a quick motion, pushing you over the edge.

Your cries are stifled by his lips as he kisses them heatedly, his body shaking. He takes his hands from you and you quake against him, body tingling. You moan his name. This gets him. A growl resounds in his throat and he’s reached it. The pool of his desire finally releases.

His chest heaves up and down. He runs his nose up and down your neck, breathing you in. Yoongi tries to control his heart from pounding as he recovers from the intensity of the orgasm. A mischievous expression playing on his face.

“Missed you babe.”


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Cuddles || myg


Excerpt: ‘“I love hugs,” you mumbled into his chest to feel it rumbling as he laughed quietly. ’

Genre: so so so fluffy

Length: 1k

A/N: all the hugs pls


Originally posted by softjeon

“Are you awake?” Yoongi’s morning voice was lower than usual, his lips brushing against your ear, placing a hand on your shoulder and squeezing gently, to check if you were awake yet. You had been awake since he had started stirring, his legs and arms stretching before he curled back into a ball and then woke up with a long yawn.

“You are awake,” he laughed, wrapping his arms around your waist to turn you around and place a kiss on both of your closed eyes, watching them slowly open with a grin, “there’s my pumpkin.” You sighed and moved further into his arms.

The mornings were the times that Yoongi was at his cuddliest; his hair sticking up at odd angles and eyes barely open. These were the best moments for you, Yoongi happy to bury his head in your chest with small sounds sighs leaving his mouth or letting you wrap yourself in a blanket and roll into his arms; he put up with anything as long as you were in his arms at the end of your nonsense.

The sound of Taehyung’s shouting made you cling closer to him, not wanting your moment to be ruined but just as you had buried your head into his chest, smiling as he pulled the duvet over your figures as if it would shield you from the passing of time. “I love hugs,” you mumbled into his chest to feel it rumbling as he laughed quietly.

“And I love you, cupcake,” his fingers traced patterns against your bare arms, and just as you relaxed and felt yourself going  back to sleep, the door was shoved open and the cover was ripped off your bodies, causing you to yelp and burrow further into Yoongi who was already glaring at the culprit.

“Park Jimin put the cover down and get out.” His voice was void of emotion and cold, and you looked up to see Jimin grinning, placing the cover down completely unafraid of the older member. He looked like he had been up for a while, wearing tracksuits and a sweater to show he’d probably just gone for a run.

Jimin stood in the doorway with a grin, “Joon said breakfast was compulsory today, you can cuddle at the table, we all find it cute.” Yoongi threw a pillow at him, but Jimin had already run out with a laugh, turning on the lights to your room which made you grimace in annoyance.

You turned to see Yoongi frowning and as he looked at you he sat up and seemed ready to fight at Jin, so you quickly wrapped him in your arms, “let’s go have breakfast babe, I promise we can sit next to each other and you can hold my hand if you want.” An unconscious smile spread across his lips and as soon as he saw you smiling, he leant forward and pressed his lips to yours.

“You’re really are the best thing in my life,” he climbed out of the bed, tossing you one of his sweaters from the floor and walking over to help you put it on, sliding it over your head and kissing your nose when it peeked out. You were still wearing your pyjama shorts and Yoongi his tracksuits, but you preferred to sleep topless with him to enjoy the feeling of his muscle on your soft skin.

“Get your top on stud,” you laughed and watched his muscles flex as he pulled his shirt on and you silently thanked the comeback for forcing your boyfriend to go to the gym although you loved it when he was fluffier, cheeks a bit chubbier which made him, even more, clingier and huggable.

As you both stood up, Yoongi hooked an arm around your waist, pulling you into his side to make you laugh, chuckling you made a kissing sound, “my little baby is so possessive,” you squeezed his cheek and laughed when he pouted.

“No lovey-dovey business at the table,” Jeongguk groaned, as you sat down next to the youngest member, resting your head on Yoongi’s shoulder with a content sigh pretending not to notice Jeongguk pulling faces at you.

“We’ll do what we want to,” Yoongi laughed, and pulled you in for another kiss, slowly moving to press small kisses on your face, along your laugh lines and then on the forehead before moving to make eye contact with Jeongguk and sticking his tongue out.

“Stop being so childish babe,” you giggled, tackling him into a hug and swaying side to side as you let the scent of him overwhelm you and remind you of one of the many reasons you loved him. Then Yoongi kept pulling you closer, his hands wrapped around your waist until he pulled you onto his lap.

You happily sat there, turning around so you could eat the pancakes that Jin had just placed on the plate intended for Yoongi, and as the boys watched you tuck into the blueberry pancakes as Yoongi grumbled in annoyance behind you they all laughed at the way you had him wrapped around his little finger.

Finally, he moved you back into your seat, laughing when he saw how little was on his plate and quickly he began eating, determined to not let you eat more but you quickly scraped your pancakes onto his plates, pressing a kiss to his cheek before sinking back into your chair.

“I want to get you chubby again,” you laughed when Namjoon sent you a warning glare, “I want his cheeks back!” you shrugged and pinched Yoongi’s cheeks to prove your point, “it’s okay, I love him no matter what he looks like.

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Jealous!Yoongi x Reader (Suga x Reader)

Literature Text

♪ If I would have known that you wanted me, the way I wanted you~"
Your voices fit together perfectly, his soft voice hit every note without a hitch and yours, able to carry out all the high ones with ease. Singing with Jeon Jungkook was like a dream.
"♪ But almost is never enough ~"
The song concluded and you look to Jungkook and smile at him. You were both currently at the recording studio at the BigHit HQ. It had taken you hours to teach Jungkook all the words and to perfect the song. Finally, you were done! "That was amazing, Kookie!" He was bashful and scratched the back of his head. "Noona you were the amazing one. I'm glad I asked you to do this with me. Your English is flawless." Jungkook had come to you with the request that you sing an english duet. Being a native english speaker and also a singer you gladly accepted. The maknae was too cute to decline anyway. You pull your phone from your pocket, it had been on silent while you and Jungkook worked together. You smile fondly at the name on the front screen. It was 3:37pm and you had 5 new messages from SUGA
Want to go get something to eat?
Are you sleeping?
(Y/N), wake up.
Aish, and you call ME lazy. Call me when you are up.

"Is it from Yoongi-hyung?" Jungkook raised an eyebrow at you seeing your smile. "Yeah, how did you know?" You tilt your head at him. "Your smile gave it away. You two should just kiss and get it over with." He teased and nudged your arm with his elbow. He knew that you had a big crush on Yoongi. Your cheeks were glowing red in embarrassment. "S-Shut up!" You playfully smack his arm and he laughs. "Hey! Don't hit me, Noona!" His fingers find your sides and tickles you. In an attempt to get away you back up and end up hitting a chair causing you to fall back. Before you could hit the ground Jungkook quickly caught you in his arms. "Ah.. Thanks.." He sets you back up on your feet, keeping his hands on your shoulders to make sure that you didn't fall over again.
Because he thought you were sleeping, he decided that he would go to the studio and record a few verses while waiting for you. The studio door opens and Yoongi walks in but instead of coming into an empty room he saw Jungkook holding you and you both looking into each others eyes.  
"Well... Now I know why you weren't answering my messages..." Yoongi's deep voice rang from behind you. "Tch. I should have known..."
"Yoongi! It's not what it looks like! I fell and-" You and Jungkook quickly part from one another. "Save it!" He yelled out.
Yoongi walked out, making sure to slam the door behind him. He ran, he actually ran from the scene. He couldn't take it. How long have you been seeing Jungkook behind his back? He was a fool to like you. He should have known you'd go after someone younger.. But why Jungkook... Why not him? He kept running, he couldn't stop. He wouldn't stop.

You apologize to Jungkook and chase after Yoongi, but he was too quick for you to keep up with. "Damn it! YOONGI-AH!" You call out to him, but as you expected there was no reply. You pull out your phone and dial his number. It rang a few times before going to voicemail. You take in a deep breath and leave him a voicemail. "Yoongi-ah, please come talk to me! It really wasn't what it looked like. Call me back. Please.." You hang up the phone and continue on your search for him. You had to find him! You were absolutely determined to find him.

~ 7:45pm~
Yoongi had finally calmed down and made his way back to the door as the sun was beginning to set. He turned off his phone hours ago, not wanting to have anything to do with you or Jungkook. He hears the other members inside and tries to quietly make his way to his room, wanting to go unnoticed.
"Yoongi-hyung!" It was none other than the maknae himself. "Shit." He muttered under his breath. Just the kid he wanted to see, he thought sarcastically. "Did you and Noona make up? Is she here too?"
"No, why would she be. And why wouldn't you know where she was? You two seem pretty friendly..." Yoongi spit back.
"She chased after you when you left... You mean you didn't talk make up with her?"
Yoongi only shook his head. You had chased after him? He was too angry to notice if you had or not.. You wouldn't still be out looking for him would you? No, you weren't that stupid..
"Hyung.. What happened wasn't what you think, she tripped and I helped her."
"That doesn't excuse why she wasn't answering my texts!"
"She was helping me with a song, Hyung. Here," He pulled out his phone with the song you and him had recorded. "Listen to this, we just finished today." Jungkook played it out loud for Yoongi to hear.
When the song concluded he sighed a little. He was so stupid for not listening to you before. He had to call you and make up. Yoongi pulled out his phone and activated it again.
Bing! Bing! Bing! Bing! His phone went off with notifications. All of them messages from you. He decided that he would read them later, he dialed your number and called
"*ring* *ring* Hello?! Yoongi? Where are you?! Are you safe?!"
"(Y/N)-ah, calm down.. i'm fine.. where are you?" You told him you were by a convince store by the Han river. "You had really gone that far? Idiot.. I'll be there soon. Go in and stay there." He hung up and rushed to you.
When he arrived he found you sitting inside. Your hands were clasped together, your face was pale and hair was a mess but Yoongi had never seen a more beautiful sight.
"Yoongi!" Your tired eyes filled with tears of relief. "I'm so glad your safe!" Tears stream down your cheeks and your hands move to cover your face as you sob. "I-I was so worried something happened to you! I searched so hard and I *sob* couldn't find you.. I'm so *sob* sorry!" People in the store were giving Yoongi a glare as if he had just harmed you and made you cry. Well technically he had.. but that wasn't the point.
"Come on.. Let's go." He grabbed your wrist and took you to a nearby park by the river where he sat you down on the swings. You had no choice and did as he wanted. You wipe your tear stained face and look at him as he sits in the swing next to yours.
"D-Do you forgive me?" Your eyes are wide and threaten to spill with tears once more. He can't bare to see you like this, he takes in a breath. It was now or never.
"It was my fault (Y/N)."
"No, Yoongi it was mine!"
"Let me finish..."
You nod and listen carefully to him.
"If I had just told you how I felt about you... This would have never happened. I was jealous of Jungkook.. I though you and him were.."
"Aishhh, let me finish!"
You lower your head and he sighs and pats the top of your head affectionately.
"(Y/N).. I like you.. I have for a long time now." You opened your mouth to say something but he gives you a look and you close it. "I couldn't stand the thought of you and him.. or you and anyone.." A goofy smile sets on your face. 'Helikesme!' "So there is only one way I know how to fix this.." He gets up and kneels before you. "(Y/N)... Be my girlfriend?" You don't hesitate for even a second.
"Yes!" You launch forward and tackle him to the ground in a tight hug, planting kisses all over his face. "I love you, Yoongi!"
"Let's get you home..."
"Not yet.. Let's stay here for awhile." You press your lips to his in a searing kiss. One that showed him exactly how you felt. It was passionate but soft. You and Yoongi lay there together, kissing under the stars. It was perfect.
"Hey kids! Get a room!" You hear someone call out.
Yoongi wiggled his eyebrows suggestively and you smack his chest playfully. "What?" He laughs you couldn't help but to laugh too.
"Let's go, Jagi."
"Of course, Oppa."

Yoongi is so hard to picture jealous!  Anyway, as always, thank you for reading!
This is the song you and JK sing for the beginning of the story and the whole idea of this fic was centered around this song~ Hope you like it!
If you don't feel like clicking the link that is fine! The song is Almost is never enough By Ariana Grande ft. Nathan Skyes.


Rainy Mornings

Pairing: Suga x Reader

Summary: Sleepy days cuddling w/ your bf Yoongi inside watching the rain fall outside. Soft Yoongi and lots of cuteness. 

a/n: a very short oneshot for Yoongis birthday 930309 <3 Happy Birthday Suga bby! Masterlist.

The rain pattered gently outside your bedroom window as you slowly opened your eyelids to view it from your vantage point under the mounds of blankets on your large double bed. The space beside you where your boyfriend Yoongi usually would be curled up holding onto you tightly was cold, as though he had left early. You frowned slightly, this wasn’t common for him to wake up before you, especially on a rainy day. Turning your head to the side you check your phone screen, 7:21am the screen displays and you squint your eyes against the brightness of it trying to read the notifications.

Yoongi: hey baby, if you wake up before I’m back just letting you know i went out to get us breakfast

Yoongi: please don’t move ,i expect to cuddle you when i get back ,and no we wont be moving all day.

Your smile grows wide at his message, Yoongi is always doing cute things like this whenever the two of you get time off together. Because of his hectic work schedules the time you do spend together is even more precious. You wouldn’t want your life with him to be any different but you can tell it bothers him not always being there for you. You figure this is his way of making up for the lost time, ~hes so adorable~ you think before closing your eyes again waiting patiently for his return, letting the rain lull you back to sleep.

You feel a gentle hand softly move some hair out of your face before the featherlight touch of Yoongi’s lips brush against your temple.

“Good morning beautiful” Yoongi’s low voice murmurs as he settles down beside you again under the covers ,snaking his cool arms around your body wrapping you tightly.

“Good morning babe” you say back with a crackly voice, stretching slightly before returning his embrace.

Opening your eyes you find Yoongi already staring at you affectionately, you smile at him in return and kiss his lips briefly. You begin to stir when you smell hot chocolate and freshly made pancakes ,you try to sit up to find the location of the food but Yoongi holds you firmly and smirks at your sudden interest.

“Aish y/n, always thinking with your stomach” he says with a chuckle, “I got us breakfast from our favourite cafe down the road, although I got a little rained on on the way there” with that he rubs his wet hair against your cheek and you squeak at the coldness.

“Hey your freezing!” You say laughing when he persists to smother you with kisses aswell.

“Mmmm yeah I think we need that food to warm up” Yoongi agrees and relaxes his arms around you to go and collect the food which is neatly wrapped in takeaway bags from the kitchen counter.

You set up your laptop with Netflix while you wait for him to return and sit up against the bedhead comfortably. Yoongi walks in a short while after and places your breakfasts on the bed, you lay your head on his shoulder when he sits down beside you. You both eat in silence ,enjoying the sound of the cold rain pouring outside and the warmth that your intertwined bodies provides against it.

You spend the day like that ,talking ,cuddling ,kissing and just enjoying each other’s company ,that was what made you so thankful that Min Yoongi was your boyfriend; you didn’t necessarily need to do anything special when you spent time together ,just being in each other’s presence was enough.


X reader suga

She is a polymorph woman, basically like a T-1001 series robot. Now, as a person, she loved him and was devoted to him, as well as to Skynet himself. They sometimes spent time here in the bunker together, and Alexei was very interested in her precisely as a woman, for nothing that she was a.

(Suga X Reader)oneshot- murdered

They looked at each other, and Petya raised his hand. She lightly patted her pubic hair, pointing to him, the workplace. "And while Petya was getting in, she turned to Stas: - Then you, right here. And she ran her finger over her lips. " Finally, now they are two of her at once.

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There are no such here, look in another house, she answered sharply and slammed the door with the intercom. A few days later Madina met Peter on the stairs. - Why are you dear, you scare away my guests, gently chided her neighbor - Maybe you want my attention, are you jealous. So tell me, do not be shy, I will give you a couple of hours a day.

Stunned Madina did not even find an answer.

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