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Frequently Asked Questions


When do you do restocks?

I can do restocks at any moment so, follow my Instagram @artistic.rainbows or REGISTER to know when my next restock will be.

Can I reserve any slimes so it doesn’t get sold out?

No, if you want a specific slime from my shop you must be here early and purchase it because it is unfair to some people that get here early to purchase my slimes.

When will I get my package?

Prior to purchase, please double check your shipping address before you submit the order so it is accurate. This is because, if you enter the wrong address the shipment might return back to me or get lost in another person’s house. I might take me 2-3 days to send your package, or package your order up.

The slimes I send might arrive in 3-7 days in total but if not you will get an email saying your package is delayed and telling you when it will arrive. If this does happen I will include a little goodie for your patience.

Can you ship internationally?

Yes, my shop ships internationally.  We have gotten a load of request and we wanted to make it possible.

Can I get one of your slimes for free?

No! I won’t be giving out any slimes to people that ask for them because I spend my time and money on this shop. If you want a slime you would have to buy it.

Are there any discount codes or can I get a discount code for my order?

There will be discount codes in the future or when a special occasion comes, like Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, New Years, 4th of July, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Etc. All the codes will be posted on my Instagram for a limited time only.

Can I cancel my order?

If your order was shipped out you may not be able to cancel your order, but if it still has not mailed out you will only get 80% back of what you paid for, even including shipping prices.

Can I get a refund if it did not come as described? No Refunds Allowed. I will not accept refunds if you send the slime back I will not be paying to ship.

Can I return my order?

I will not accept returns, and if you do mail the slime back to me I will not be paying to ship for sending it back to you or for you mailing it to me.

Can I make a custom slime?

Yes, you can make a custom slime in our shop just click on the My Custom Slime option in our slime shop.

Can you make slimes for any occasion?

If yes for what occasions?

Yes for Christmas, Easter, Memorial Day, New Year, 4th of July, Black Friday, Thanksgiving, and Etc, I’ll be making slime as close to that theme as possible on those days or week. Don’t worry I will still have some new slimes that are irrelevant to the occasion.

If your allergic to scents don’t worry I will have some slimes that are unscented for you, and maybe even make one of the slimes that have a scent, unscented for you, just leave it in the comments when you purchase a slime. If you are allergic to Glue, or Borax please do not purchase my slimes.

If you are under the age of 18 you need to have parent’s permission to buy in my store. This counts for giveaways if you are not 18+ you need to have parent’s permission to share your address.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


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lord god, we all to thee give praise,
thanksgivings meet to thee we raise,
that angel hosts thou didst create
around thy glorious throne to wait.

they shine with light and heav’nly grace
and constantly behold thy face;
they heed thy voice, they know it well,
in godly wisdom they excel.

they never rest nor sleep as we;
their whole delight is but to be
with thee, lord jesus, and to keep
thy little flock, thy lambs and sheep.

the ancient dragon is their foe;
his envy and his wrath they know.
it always is his aim and pride
thy christian people to divide.

as he of old deceived the world
and into sin and death was hurled,
so now he subtly lies in wait
to ruin school and church and state .

a roaring lion round he goes,
no halt nor rest he ever knows;
he seeks the christians to devour
and slay them by his dreadful power.

but watchful is the angel band
that follows christ on every hand
to guard his people where they go
and break the counsel of the foe.

for this, now and in days to be,
our praise shall rise, o lord, to thee,
whom all the angel hosts adore
with grateful songs forevermore.

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If you're looking for high-quality and affordable slime shops - you'll find the best slime shops at great prices on Joom - from 2 to 53 USD. A wide range of available colours in our catalogue: Blue, Multicolor, Pink, Green, Purple, Black, Yellow, Red, White, Grey, Orange, Gold, Transparent, Beige, Brown, Coffee, Khaki. Only high-quality materials: Cotton, Plastic, Synthetic, Faux leather, Sequins, Resin, Rubber, Elastane, Metal, Silicone, Fabric, Latex, Glass, Wood; and popular brands: Cos De BAHA.

If you're not satisfied with the quality of slime shops you've received - please contact our support. We'll review the issue and make a decision about a partial or a full refund.

All products from slime shops category are shipped worldwide with no additional fees.

  • Choose a product

  • Tap a "Buy" option to place the product in the cart and proceed with your order.

  • Choose a quantity of slime shops. (Default — 1. Maximum number — 20).

  • Enter your full delivery address (including a ZIP code and an apartment number), personal details, phone number, and an email address.Check the details provided and confirm them.

  • Pay for your order.

Delivering products from abroad is always free, however, your parcel may be subject to VAT, customs duties or other taxes, depending on laws of the country you live in. If you're not sure whether you will be charged any taxes, please contact your country's customs service information bureau.


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