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Little Monsters A Snakes and Ladders Game

Amazon has a fun learning game for your little one!

Run on over to Amazon where you can snag this Little Monsters A Snakes and Ladders Game for just $ (regularly $) – the lowest price!

With no reading involved this toddler-friendly game lets players race across the board or get sneaky with shortcuts to be the first to reach the finish line. Intended to educate and entertain, this game is a great way to help children learn number recognition and basic counting.

little monsters board game

Parents love it too! Here’s what some of them had to say…

This is such a fun game! My tiny humans are now big enough for game nights, this is the first kid game that we’ve added and it was fun for everybody involved! Hubby and I had a blast and the kids enjoyed it even more than we did. The kids are also able to play it on their own without adult help which they are thrilled with. This has become a staple for game nights, absolutely fantastic!

My son is barely turning 3 and we just started playing the game. The concept is easy enough to learn and is perfect as the first game for your toddler. This game is exactly like chutes and ladders but with little monsters and I love it! The quality is great; a thick board and pieces because with little hands it’s easy to break or bend things but so far so good. No complaints!

I like when my kids play games because it is so much better than staring at a screen. This was a very fun game for my kids. They really enjoyed it. It kept their interest. I really like that it gets them playing with others. It is great for them to play with each other or with us. We like to have family game nights.

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Dinosaur Snakes Ladders Game - Amazon Exclusive

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move player 1

It's driving me crazy how lots of people create so many classes for this simple game. Why make a dozen classes when you only really need a 1 class and several simple data structures? Flat is better than nested. Simple is better than complicated. Short is better than long.

Forgive me if I'm guessing the rules of the game.

Represent each square on the board in a 1D array of length (when you wanted to create a gui for this board, simply divide the board into rows of ten and map that to the gui). Having a 1D abstraction of the board will make it a LOT easier to deal with moving pieces and OOB errors.

The board will be filled with zeros initially. We'll go through and randomly change some of these squares to positive and negative numbers:
Positive numbers on the board represent the start of LADDERS.
Negative numbers on the board represents the head of SNAKES.
When you run into a square on a board, if it's not zero, you add that number to the current position of that piece at the end of the move.
We have to do some thorough checking in the generate_snakes() and generate_ladders() methods.
We need to make sure that the snakes and ladders don't start/end on the same squares OR shoot you off the board OR transport you to a different square on the same row, etc..

There will be two arrays that hold the positions of each of the players pieces. When a piece reached , that piece has reached the finish line. When ALL of a players pieces reach , then that player wins the game.

def init_board():
board = np.zeros()

def generate_snakes(num_of_snakes):
# Change some random board squares to negative numbers

def generate_ladders(num_of_ladders):
# Change some random board squares to positives numbers

def generate_players_pieces(number_of_pieces):
pieces_one = np.zeros(number_of_pieces)
pieces_two = np.zeros(number_of_pieces)

while playing:

The move function will just except the following inputs from the player:

  1. "ENTER BUTTON" to roll the dice
  2. Select which piece to move
    This just selects the index of that players array of pieces. Obviously you need to check for invalid selections.

Outset Media Dinosaur Snakes Ladders Game - Amazon Exclusive B

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Outset Ranking TOP8 Media Dinosaur Snakes Ladders Game B Exclusive - Selling rankings Amazon


Outset Media Dinosaur Snakes Ladders Game - Amazon Exclusive B

  • Make sure this fits by entering your model number.
  • Dinosaur Snakes and Ladders is a scale-raising, prehistoric dino adventure that plays like the classic Shoots and Ladders game. Choose your favorite Dinosaur playing piece and be the first to race around the board to get to the new dino-baby egg before it hatches.
  • Learn number recognition, basic counting, direction/movement comprehension, and social development
  • This game does not require any reading skills
  • Made in the USA
  • Ages 3+ and for 3 – 6 players
  • Amazon Exclusive

From the manufacturer

Outset Media Dinosaur Snakes Ladders Game - Amazon Exclusive B

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