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Free Certificate Templates

The website Creative Certificates was built to provide you with professional-looking certificate templates that you can easily customize to fit your needs. You don’t need to download any software or have any graphic design experience. It takes less than a minute to customize each editable certificate and you can add your own photos, logos, clip art, and text. Just type in your details and save or print the certificate. All the printable certificates are free. Each certificate template has sample wording. However, you can edit the award certificate wording and you can add additional text.

Gift Certificate Template – Free

There is also a wide selection of free gift certificate templates. You can personalize each gift certificate template with our free online gift certificate maker or with Microsoft Word. No software is required. In addition to the ready-made printable gift certificates, we also have a free gift certificate maker with which you can create your own custom gift certificate using any background from over 60 available designs. You are sure to find a design that you love!

Here are some examples of the gift vouchers available:

Free editable gift certificate templates

Certificates for Kids

Certificate for kids

Children love to be praised, recognized, and rewarded. A printable certificate can boost self-confidence, modify behavior, encourage participation, motivate students, and recognize achievements.

Award Template

Most award certificates and printable awards on this site can be customized online. You can either select a generic certificate template or a specific printable award:

Certificate of Appreciation   |   Certificate of Achievement   |   Certificate of Completion   |   Certificate of Participation   |   Certificate of Recognition   |   Certificate of Training |  Winner Certificate


Certificate Templates

Award TemplateThere is a large selection of free award templates on this site. Customize each template to your needs and edit the text. You can also add a logo or image. The difference between the editable certificate templates and the ready-to-print certificates on this site is the level of customization possible. On the ready-made printable certificates, not all the text can be edited, whereas on the templates all text can be changed.

  • Formal award templates
  • Informal award templates:

Use the award certificates in the workplace, at school, at home, for donor recognition, by parents or teachers…  The possibilities are endless!

Certificate Maker

Customize the free templates for certificates with our certificate generator. You can change the text, select a border, and add an image/logo to create custom certificates to suit your needs. To make a certificate open our certificate maker. Please note that there is no charge to customize the certificate images on this site.


 Education & School Certificates

Certificate for kidUse the certificates to motivate children to study and behave well in class. You can award them for excellence, effort, participation, and good behavior. You can even add your school logo!

We offer the following free printable certificates for students:

and many more award certificates. Use our certificate maker to customize any award if you didn’t find what you were looking for.

 Teacher Awards – Teacher Appreciation

Teachers play an important role in educating our children. They have a very difficult job and do not always receive sufficient compensation and recognition.  Why not make them a free printable certificate as a token of appreciation?

Graduation Certificate


Sports Certificates

A selection of sports certificates for physical education (PE) and various sports including football, baseball, running, basketball certificates, and many others. We also offer generic awards if you do not find a specific sport.

Certificates for Employees

Use award certificates in the workplace to promote excellence. You can base criteria on knowledge, skills, and/or behavioral competencies.Printable certificate of appreciation with a blue border and a blue award ribbon They can also help motivate employees as part of a recognition program. If employees successfully meet their goals, recognize their achievements publicly, and award them with tangible rewards. Tangible rewards do not have to be in the form of money or gifts. Instead, use a printable certificate to reward an employee. This will help motivate employees, build self-esteem, and strengthen company pride.

You can either use one of our ready make certificates of appreciation or employee of the month certificate or create your own certificate template with our certificate maker and selection of certificate borders and designs. You can choose the border that is most appropriate for your company. Since you can customize all the text, you can use the certificate for any purpose. You can also choose the award ribbon if you want to use one.

You can add your company logo to make your certificates look more official and professional. If you are looking for something more fun then try our funny employee awards.

Funny Awards


Love, Marriage, and Family

Certificate Borders

If you prefer to make the award certificate yourself, then you might want to try a certificate border or a blank certificate from the huge selection available. Use our free our certificate maker to add text and images to the customizable awards or just print a blank border.

Downloadable Certificate Templates

To download as a PDF document, click on the page icon. To download as an image file, click on the cloud icon.

How to Print Certificates

Once you have customized your certificate, you can then download it as an image or a PDF document. In certain cases, it will only download as a PDF and not as an image. Once downloaded, it will be saved in your “downloads” folder unless you have changed your browser’s custom settings. Open the file and preview before printing. You might need to change your computer settings to ensure that the certificate prints on one page. Some printers have the option to select “fit on page”. If you have any problems printing or customizing, then please see our FAQ.

Commercial Use

You can use the awards for personal, educational, and commercial use. If you place them on a website, then you must link back to this site.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Please contact us and we will do our best to create any award certificates that you request (free of charge).


Custom Awards, Certificates Show Appreciation

Create Music Achievement Award certificate template with ClicknPrintShow your students, athletes or employees appreciation with custom awards and certificates.

Custom designed awards and certificates are a fun and easy way to show recognition to the special people in your life. Whether you are creating certificates of participation for your students or honoring an employee of the month, your recipient is guaranteed to feel honored that you took the time to create a custom award just for them. Geographics and iClickn’Print work together to make designing and printing professional projects easy, affordable and fun.

The first step in designing your awards is to choose which one of Geographics printable certificate sets you would like to use. You can shop online or at many popular retailers, to find the perfect set for your project. Geographics offers a wide variety of certificates so that you can choose the one that best fits your vision. Choose parchment certificates when printing professional awards and go for themed sets when creating sports or school certificates. Geographics offers everything from bowling themed paper to polka dots paper. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find the perfect theme for your awards.

Once you’ve chosen your paper, iClickn’Print will walk you step-by-step through the process of customizing your project. You are in total control of your design, with options to use a template or create your own layout. We offer numerous templates to help you achieve a professional looking, classic certificate. However, if you’re feeling creative, you can choose where your text and images are placed on the page. Once you’ve printed your certificates you can take it a step further by adding embellishments to your project to really let your personality shine through.

Use iClicknPrint certificate template to create Employee of the Year CertificateUse iClicknPrint Template to create Pre-kindergarten certificate

Printing multiple awards? No problem. iClickn’Print lets you upload your employee roster or student list for quick and simple certificate creation. Simply upload your list and let iClickn’Print do the job of inserting each name into a new certificate or award. This will save you time and ensure that nobody gets missed.

So if you know someone who deserves some recognition, it’s time to get designing and printing your custom awards and certificates.

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Certificates, Certificate Plaques, Certificate Frames, and Holders

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Listed below are customizable school certificates for both academic and athletic achievements. They are all 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches. Certificates are sold blank or personalized, and can be placed in any of our award certificate plaque holders or certificate holders. The certificate holders are wood frames in 5 sizes, leatherette certificate holders in 4 colors with an easel back, linen certificate holders in 4 colors, or padded deluxe leatherette certificate holders in black and blue. We also offer two acrylic certificate frames to be used on our plaques which are purchased as component parts. In addition, we offer wood award certificate plaques. Our wood certificate plaques come with the size of 10-1/2 inches x 13 inches, in 5 colors and an acrylic covering. All hold 8-1/2 inches x 11 inches certificates. Some award certificate plaques will accommodate a slide in certificate and the others are held down with screws. All have an acrylic covering. We can take your certificate and place it in the plaque. Our wood certificate plaque awards consist of an 8 inches x 10 inches board with a 6 inches x 8 inches black gold frosted engraving plate with one of our 2 inch etched brass soft enamel medallions. All custom award plaques can be personalized with laser engraving.

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