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Which Stardew Valley Character Are You, Based On Your Zodiac?

Stardew Valley has captured thousands of players' hearts. Many fans have fallen in love with its charming aesthetic and the peaceful village of Pelican Town—partly because of the people who live there. From sweethearts like Penny to old grumps like George, it's the characters that really make the game come to life.

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This game is full of distinct personalities. Every player has their favorite NPCs, and has ones that they relate to the most. But according to the stars, which of Pelican Town's residents do fans have the most in common with? Here's a list of the Stardew Valley characters that best represent each sign of the Zodiac.

12 Aries: Alex

With his endless energy and competitive spirit, Alex perfectly embodies the sign of the ram. He's bold and determined, set on his goals and not willing to settle for second best.

Sometimes, his confidence crosses the line into arrogance, a common Aries weakness. Alex believes he's the best and doesn't hesitate to let anyone know it, which sometimes leads to bragging. However, beneath that exterior, he's a kind person and doesn't let adversity or hardship dampen his positive outlook—just like a true Aries.

11 Taurus: Gus

Like the sign of the bull, Gus is a lover of good food and drink. He takes comfort in life's simple pleasures, and loves sharing them with people he cares about. Additionally, he's patient and generous, sometimes to his own disadvantage—for example, when Pam racks up a tab at the bar.

Tauruses are grounded people, and tend to orient themselves around family and community. Gus's Stardrop Saloon is a cornerstone of the community life in Pelican Town, and he takes pride in being able to provide that for his friends.

10 Gemini: Sandy

The sign of the twin is adaptable, capable of adjusting themselves to fit in wherever they go. Sandy, though she comes from Stardew Valley, has carved out a place for herself in Calico Desert. Like a Gemini, she's sociable and charming, always eager to chat and gossip with the player.

Having moved from the valley to the desert, players get the sense that Sandy doesn't like to stay in one place. Though she misses Pelican Town, Sandy likes to move from one thing to the next, as Geminis do.

9 Cancer: Evelyn

Cancers are kind, sensitive, and family-oriented, just like Evelyn. As a surrogate grandmother to all of Pelican Town, she shares the maternal nature associated with this sign. Evelyn loves to make others feel special, whether it's her husband George to the new farmer in town.

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This sign also tends towards nostalgia, and can get stuck in the past. Evelyn often longs for the good old days, reminiscing on her youth in much of her dialogue. Like Cancers, though, she finds happiness in home comforts like baking and gardening.

8 Leo: Haley

Haley loves to be the center of attention, just like this sign. Because of this, she can come across as vain, focusing on her appearance and clothes. Like a Leo, her discerning tastes can make her seem shallow.

However, when she's at her best, Haley exemplifies the warm and magnanimous Leo spirit. Whether she's donating clothes or holding a cakewalk to raise money for education, Haley's a generous person deep down. She's confident in herself and loves to support other people, just like the sign of the lion.

7 Virgo: Maru

Maru is analytical and holds herself to a high standard, classic Virgo traits. Like those under this sign, she loves to expand her mind and learn new things. She enjoys challenges and isn't afraid of hard work, whether she's helping her father in his lab or working tirelessly on her gadgets.

An often forgotten Virgo trait is their huge capacity to care for others. As a nurse in Harvey's clinic, Maru demonstrates this as well. Her thoughtfulness, diligence, and perfectionism make her a relatable character for Virgos everywhere.

6 Libra: Elliott

Libras are very articulate and verbally intelligent people. As a writer, Elliott fits this description perfectly. He also shares this sign's passion for beauty, whether it's a well-written poem or a pretty face. Libras are also sociable and love to form connections with others, as Elliott demonstrates even in his early heart events.

This sign loves deep and meaningful relationships, and puts a lot of effort into maintaining them. Elliott's grand gestures in his later heart events highlight this Libra quality; for example, his romantic rowboat ride.

5 Scorpio: Abigail

Like those under this sign, Abigail tends to be a little moody and secretive, brooding in the graveyard or by the lake. However, once she opens up, she's honest and loyal—like a true Scorpio friend.

Scorpios are great when it comes to deep conversation, just like Abigail is. Whether it's the existence of spirits, deep-seated fears and desires, or contemplations on the natural world, she always has something interesting to say. Like a Scorpio, she's passionate about what's important to her, even if not everyone approves.

4 Sagittarius: Sam

Energetic Sam is fun and free spirited, core Sagittarius qualities. He's sociable, open-minded, and full of big dreams. He reaches high and doesn't do things by halves—and neither do Sagittarians.

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Like this sign, Sam also has a compassionate heart. He does his best to look after his little brother, and bring his gloomy friend Sebastian out of his shell. However, as most Sagittarians do, he also has a knack for mischief and rebellion—like the time he put a pound of anchovies in the Luau soup.

3 Capricorn: Pierre

Business-savvy Pierre shares many traits with the sign of the goat. He can come across as greedy, considering his goals for wealth and material success. Like this sign, Pierre is dedicated to his work, sometimes forgetting to take time for himself.

Ultimately, though, Pierre wants to be a good provider for his family and contribute positively to his community. Like a true Capricorn, he holds fast to his beliefs and isn't afraid to stand by them—for example, when he stands up to JojaCorp goons.

2 Aquarius: The Wizard

Those under this sign are often considered odd, and the Wizard is no exception. Secluded in his tower, most of the villagers don't know or understand him. However, like most Aquarians, he's clever and creative. With his magical prowess, the Wizard can see into the future, aligning with the visionary quality of this sign.

Most Aquarians don't care that they're "strange;" they march to their own beat. Yet, they still cherish close friendships. The Wizard's friendships with the player and Linus (another offbeat soul) demonstrate this quality in him.

1 Pisces: Emily

As most spiritual sign of the Zodiac, Emily is a textbook Pisces. She's sensitive and intuitive, good at sensing others' emotions and interpreting her own dreams. Pisceans are also creative, expressing themselves in all sorts of media. Emily demonstrates this quality with her love of fashion and dance.

Furthermore, she encourages others to be more expressive and in touch with their own inner selves, as in her rock therapy and clothing therapy cutscenes. With her big heart and spiritual nature, Emily perfectly embodies the sign of the fish.

All Zodiac artwork via Alexas_Fotos on Pixabay

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Microsoft adds three more day one games to its Xbox Game Pass subscription service, including the next-gen exclusive Riftbreaker.

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Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a game much loved by fans but admittedly, it can be a little difficult for newcomers to learn the ropes. Honestly, the game does a pretty poor job of telling you what to do and even what the controls are. For many, that’s a lot of the fun in the game, how you really have no set goal but instead get to do what you want each day. Some players want a little guidance in their games and that’s okay too.

The title recently made its way to the Nintendo Switch which has opened up the game to wide variety of new and returning players. Whether it’s your first time on the farm or you’ve already spent countless hours here, you likely have some questions about the game.

We’re here to tell you what that exclamation point means in the right hand corner of your screen. That little symbol can quickly become annoying especially since you have a little arrow pointing to it the whole time. What that point means is you have some unread journal entries. The game doesn’t do a good job of explaining how to check your journal so you’re basically left with the exclamation point and no idea how to check it.

Stardew Valley

If you mess around enough with the controls, you’ll discover that your right analog stick actually controls a cursor that you can use to move over to the exclamation point. From there, just click on the point and read your journal entries. It’s kind of upsetting that the exclamation point is as simple as this but that’s the way it goes sometimes. At least you know how to get rid of the notification now.

The journal entries basically act as a tutorial for the game and give you some basic hints of what to do to get started in the game. Ironically, we probably could’ve used a tutorial on how to get to the tutorial in the first place.

Stardew Valley is out now for Xbox One, PS4, Nintendo Switch and PC.

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  3. K2 liquid spray
= is mapped to a star symbol.
Just throwing that out there for you when you create a new farm. Throw some stars around you farm name, or favorite thing, or even put them in your own name.

Pretty cool on ConcernedApes part to do that. I though it was fun when I discovered it by accident.

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Stardew Valley: 10 Tiny Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed

Stardew Valley is a quaint little game, combining the average farming simulator with a simple slice-of-life RPG. It's a smash hit that weaseled its way into many an indie gamer's hearts.

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Part of what's made the game so successful is how rich it is with cute graphics, memorable characters, and delightful music. Players can date half the town, battle multiple monsters in the mines, landscape the ultimate farm, and more. But amid this varied world, there are many amusing Easter Eggs scattered about, some even added during the latest 1.5 update. And here are at least 10 of them that players may have missed!

10 Lewis' Lucky Purple Shorts

Any experienced player of Stardew Valley will have undoubtedly come across the hilarious quest to recover Mayor Lewis' Lucky Purple Shorts. Once obtained from their scandalous hiding spot, the simplest thing to do would be to return them to Lewis. But where's the fun in that?

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Indeed, should players keep ahold of this pair of underwear for a while, they can do many mischievous things with them. For example, they can put them in the Luau's potluck, display them in a grange at the fall fair, or even turn them into an object that players can wear themselves. And now, should players give them back to Lewis on the newly-added Ginger Island, he'll proudly strut his stuff in them there, for the rest of the season.

9 A Little Logo Love

As the game boots up, it runs through the usual game developer screen, proudly displaying the ConcernedApe logo. Most players probably know that clicking on the ape removes its glasses and makes a funny sound. However, they might have missed out on the tips in the bottom-left corner.

It's understandable – they aren't always there, as they correspond to a certain number of times the game is launched. They'll show up consistently for the first ten times players log on, but afterward, they only appear at the 15, 20, 30, 100, 1000, and 10,000 times, respectively. Hard numbers to reach, but for the determined and stubborn, each tip is unique and adorable to find.

8 Secret Smiley Title

Continuing on the intro, the titular title screen itself holds many Easter Eggs. Clicking the "e" in "Stardew" ten times will cause an alien to briefly appear. Also clicking ten times on the bottom-right part of the "w" in "Stardew" will cause butterflies to spawn in. Clicking any of the leaves ten times will cause three of the elusive Junimos to spawn on the title card.

They're ultimately small, silly things that just add a bit of humor to those seeking it out. But with the 1.5 update, another small secret was added: clicking the bottom-left corner of the title card will spawn a small smiley face. It can be placed in the hollow part of the "r" in "Stardew," and causes foliage to bloom all around the card. Still meaningless, but still cute and definitely worth trying out.

7 Funny Names

Stardew Valley allows for near-infinite creativity, down to even what players can name themselves. From crude phrases, nonsensical noises, to exploits that can spawn in almost any item, what gamers can call their farming personas is only limited by how many character spaces there are.

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But there are certain little secrets hidden in naming one's self. Pressing the less-than, dollar, asterisk, equal, and plus signs will create a brief, unique sound that corresponds to each symbol. Likewise, these symbols, along with the "at" and greater-than signs also produce unique characters. Try them out, and add a bit of flair to the next nameable thing in the game!

6 Favorite Things

In character creation, players will be asked to name their "favorite thing." This seems to have little purpose until they encounter one of the few elusive "Stardrops" scattered throughout the world. Finding and consuming each of these magical fruits comes with many benefits, among which is a small cutscene in which players are reminded of said "favorite thing" upon eating the Stardrop.

It just so happens that putting two specific things as a "favorite thing" edits the generic text of the cutscene. The first unique thing is to put down "ConcernedApe," the game developer. The second is to put down anything containing the phrase "Stardew." (Note, both are capitalization-specific, and won't work if the proper letters aren't capitalized.) Both special texts are small but fascinating. Of course, they still pale in comparison to the actual effects of the Stardrop.

5 Man in the Moon

At the end of each day, players will be greeted by a small, nighttime screen displaying their total daily profits in several categories, as well as in general. On occasion, though, this sleep imagery will be interrupted by unique on-screen objects.

Santa can be spotted flying across the background during Christmas. A UFO has a microscopic chance to spawn after a sunny day. And, more frequently, a full moon will appear in the upper righthand corner. But unlike the former two, the moon holds its own special secret: it's interactable, and clicking it several times will reveal the man in the moon, himself! A neat way to wrap up the day, indeed.

4 A Lonely Little Rock

The Valley may be a bit of an expansive place for newcomers to the game. Fortunately, players will always have a small map of Stardew handy from their first day on the farm. The map provides useful pointers to where what is, as well as when places open and close.

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However, there is a bit of a mystery to this map that's yet to be explained. Next to the beach and docks is a lonely boulder, the only interactable thing on the map. And it just so happens that clicking on this boulder will create a small sound effect and cause the player to exit out of the map entirely. Why does this happen? To this day, no one still knows!

3 Maybe Aliens

Stardew Valley is littered with tiny, random events, that have an even tinier chance of happening. One of these tiny events – added with the 1.5 update – involves the appearance of a Strange Capsule (which may or may not be related to alien shenanigans) on players' farms. The item can be picked up, and it's best to keep it in the immediate inventory.

Because, after three days have passed, it'll suddenly become the "Empty Capsule," broken open by some unknown thing. What is it that escaped from this weird artifact? No one knows for sure, but if players are patient enough, they might catch a small glimpse of it after dark. Happy alien hunting!

2 A Suspicious Sea Sight

Sea monsters are fun cryptids to hunt, right? Well, returning back to Stardew Valley's beach, this humble little town actually has a sea creature of its own! Should players fish on any of the docks near Willy's Shop, there's a microscopic chance that a mysterious sea creature will pop its head out of the water, before quickly descending back under the waves.

It's not interactable otherwise, as it cannot be caught like a fish or spoken to like an NPC. Is it a merperson? An actual monster? Who knows, but one thing's certain: it's a neat Easter Egg to find.

1 Illusive Chats

Located in the Wizard's Tower, the Shrine of Illusions is where players can go back and fully edit their characters (barring clothing, which can be changed separately). This includes changing favorite things and players' names, which can especially come in handy for those seeking out the special Stardrop messages (assuming they haven't collected all the Stardrops yet), or wanting to use the item exploit.

However, for anyone looking to use the item spawn code exploit, they might run across some special Easter Eggs of their own. Putting in any item spawn code as a name will cause one of several special messages to appear on the screen that not-so-subtly tease the player for the cheat. Worry not, though, as aside from the messages, the exploit works just as normally as it would at the beginning of the game.

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Cynthia's Return Is More Proof That Pokemon Journeys Is Ash's Final Victory Lap

Cynthia's return is yet another clue to add to the mounting pile of evidence that suggests Ash is preparing to make his exit from the Pokemon anime.

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Valley symbols stardew

How to find all the secret notes in Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley secret notes are collectable items that contain rare or useful information about Pelican Town and its cosy community. They can be in the form of diary entries, treasure maps, cryptic messages, or even reveal the locations of rare items and abilities.  

There are 25 secret notes in Stardew Valley in total and many of them can be found just by doing your daily tasks. But, before you start hunting for them you'll need to get a magnifying glass. Here's how to do that so you can start poring over some hidden scribblings.

How to get the magnifying glass in Stardew Valley

This item is part of the 'A Winter Mystery' quest that's triggered after the player enters the bus stop from the farm between 6am and 4pm during winter. During the cutscene, you'll see a shadow monster scuttle away to the town centre. 

Follow the shadow creature into town and you'll see some footprints in the snow that lead to a bush in the playground. Shake the bush and the creature will spring out. Introducing themselves as Krobus, they give you the magnifying glass and run away. Now you can read secret notes.

Where to find Stardew Valley secret notes

Secret notes spawns are triggered after you perform certain actions. You can find them by digging up weeds, killing monsters in the mines, chopping down trees, fishing, breaking stone, digging up artefact spots, and from growing giant crops.

Picking up a note will send it to your inventory. Go into your bag and click on the note (the same way you would use an item) to read what it says. Then it will automatically be added to your secret note collectables tab to which you can return to read it again whenever you like. 

Secret notes can be divided into two categories, the first are notes 1-9 that act as information about different villager's likes and dislikes and don't ask the player to do anything specific. The second batch (notes 10-25) involve a task or challenge that you can do to get a reward. You cannot find the secret items and rewards without first finding the note. For example, the gold statue of Mayor Lewis will not be possible to find unless you have found the corresponding secret note. 

Here are all the secret notes, what they say, and how to complete their quests:

1. Abigail's diary entry

"It’s a page from Abigail’s Diary. Things I love: the smell of carved pumpkin, keeping an amethyst under my pillow, chocolate cake, the thrill of spicy eel, and the comfort of Mom’s blackberry cobbler (I like to eat!)"

This note tells you Abigail's favourite gifts.

2. Sam's shopping list

"It’s Sam’s holiday shopping list. ‘Everyone’s favourites:

  • Sebastian: Frozen Tear, Sashimi
  • Penny: Emerald, Poppy
  • Vincent: Grape, Cranberry Candy
  • Mom: Crispy Bass, Pancakes
  • Dad: Risotto, Roasted Hazelnuts
  • Me: Cactus, Maple Bar, Pizza."

Sam's helpful shopping list tell us the gifts that certain residents like.

3. Leah's perfect dinner

"It’s written in Leah’s handwriting: ‘My idea of a perfect dinner would be salad, goat cheese, truffle, and wine. For dessert I’d need a poppyseed muffin. Yum! If someone gave me one of these things, I’d melt.

This note tells us what Leah likes.

4. Maru's invention part list

"It’s a note of Maru’s. Parts still needed for my greatest invention yet!: Gold Bar, Iridium Bar, Battery Pack, Diamond, Strawberries”

This tells us what Maru likes.

5. Penny's gift list

"It’s Penny’s handwriting. I want to get everyone something they love!:

  • Mom: Parsnip, Glazed Yams, NO BEER!
  • Jas: Fairy Rose, Plum Pudding
  • Vincent: Pink Cake
  • Mr. Mullner: Leek, Fried Mushroom
  • Granny Mullner: Beet, Tulip”

This tells us what certain residents love.

6. Stardrop special orders

"Stardrop Saloon Special Orders:

  • Mayor Lewis: Autumn’s Bounty (Double order of high-fiber bread on the side)
  • Marnie: Pumpkin Pie (extra whipped cream)
  • Demetrius: Bean Hotpot (Make it spicy)
  • Caroline: Fish Taco (she wants triple the sauce! Better throw in a few extra napkins…)”

This lets us know Mayor Lewis, Marnie, Demetrius, and Caroline's likes. 

7. Diary page

"It’s a page from someone’s diary… There are only a few ‘older’ bachelors in town, and none of them are perfect! Harvey is really anxious and weak, but I know he would make a loyal and devoted husband. He likes coffee and pickles. Elliott is a bit foppish and melodramatic, but he does have a nice chin. He likes crab cakes and pomegranates. Shane is messy and anti-social. But I think his gruff exterior is a defense mechanism, insulating his softness from the world. He likes, Beer, Pizza, and Pepper Poppers."

This note lists Harvey, Elliot and Shane's liked gifts.

8. A letter from Haley and Emily's parents

"To Haley and Emily. Hope you two are doing well! We’ve sent you your favorite gifts: Pink Cake and Sunflowers for Haley, Gemstones and Wool for Emily! – Love Mom and Dad"

These are the gifts Haley and Emily like.

9. Alex's training diet

"Alex’s Strength Training Diet: Complete Breakfast, Salmon Dinner. (I’ve learned to love this food… I can feel the protein!)"

Now we know that Alex likes a Complete Breakfast and Salmon Dinner.

10. Skull Cavern

"Someone is waiting for you on level 100 in the Skull Cavern…"

This unlocks the Cryptic Note quest. If you reach level 100 Skull Cavern you'll be greeted by a character called Master Qi. Impressed by your completion of the cavern he'll give you some Snake Milk—after drinking it your health is permanently increased by 25.

11. An old photograph

This note is an old picture of Marnie and Jaas.

12. Garbage tips

"I've found some good things by looking in the garbage cans, on lucky days. Sometimes you'll find the 'dish of the day' behind the saloon...usually fresh! For dessert, I'll check the Mullners' can for cookies. For treasures, check the cans by the blacksmith and museum."

These garbage diving tips are from Linus, helping your discover new items in the bins of Pelican Town's residents. 

Plant seeds, harvest crops, and nick another player's potatoes in this Stardew Valley board game

After both enjoying the calm, relaxing world of Stardew Valley, two graphic design students decided to bring the wholesome farming sim to the tabletop. 

13. Junimo plush location

"12 o'clock noon SHARP. Last day of the season. Check the bush above the playground."

Head to the bush above the playground at 12pm on the last day of your current season to receive a hidden Junimo plush toy.

14. Stone Junimo location

"I hid something behind the community center."

Head to the back of the community centre at any point during the day to receive the Stone Junimo garden art. Its towards the right ride of the centre and you'll need to click around until the text pops. 

15. Mermaid show puzzle solution

"Mermaid Show: 1-5-4-2-3"

This number combination refers to the Mermaid Show puzzle at the Night Market. Head there, wait until the show ends, and select the shells sequence that the note says. If you select them in the right order you'll receive a pearl from the mermaid.

16. Treasure map 1

This note reveals the location of some buried treasure. Head behind the hot springs, past the train track and to the top left of the map next to the stone wall in the corner. Dig in this spot and you'll receive a Treasure Chest which you can sell for 5,000g. 

17. Treasure map 2

Head to the river next to the community centre and up the right side of the river bank all the way to the very top. Dig next to the big boulder and you'll get a Strange Doll artifact which can be donated to the museum. 

18. Treasure map 3

Another treasure map! This one is located in the Calico Desert. Make your way to the desert and go to the bench in the lower-east corner and dig around the left side of the bend to receive a Strange Doll artifact (there are multiple). You can donate this to the museum to add to your collection. 

Playing Animal Crossing has helped me see what I love about Stardew Valley

Although the two sims share a similar core of cute community life surrounded by a host of charming characters, Rachel delves into how these two similar games have very different daily rhythms.

19. Follow the directions 1

This note is a little tricky. It shows a set of green arrows pointing to a secret item. You need to move in the direction until you hit an obstacle and then move in the direction of the next arrow in the sequence. Starting at Sam's house, the directions take you to the Solid Gold Lewis Statue behind Mayor Lewis' house. 

The directions are: Left - Up - Right - Up - Right - Down - Left - Down - Left - Down - Done!

Additional Secret!

Placing the statue anywhere in Pelican Town will result in an extra secret. If the statue is not destroyed by any villagers walking through it, the next day it will be replaced with a rotten plant accompanied by a 750g and a note saying: 

"In the future, I'd appreciate it very much if you refrain from placing my PRIVATE belongings in the town for all to see! I'm very displeased! Take this money and never speak of my 'project' to anyone." 

The statue will then appear in Lewis' bedroom where the player can remove it and place it again in the town, only for the cycle to begin again (without the note and money). 

20. Follow directions 2

These directions start from the town square in the middle of the brick circle. Following them takes you to the truck beside the Joja Mart. Click on the driver's side door (to the right) and you'll start a conversation with the truck driver. The driver will ask you for a Lucky Rabbit's Foot, give one to him and you'll get a Social Charm that increases your base luck. 

The directions are: Right - Down - Right - Up - Right - Up - Right - Down -Left - Up - Left - Up - Right - Up - Left - Up - Left - Done!

21. A not-so-secret meeting

This note is a crudely drawn picture showing another location of a secret treasure. Its has a clock that reads 12:40 am, a moon, and an arrow pointing at a bush. If you shake the bush next to the bridge that leads to the beach at 12:40am, Marnie and the Mayor will burst out of the bush and run away! This awkward run-in fleshes out their romance. 

22. Mister Qi quest

"Greetings, [farmer name]... Have you found my 'secret' in the dark tunnel? I look forward to meeting you! - Qi"

This is part of Mister Qi's questline. Go to the bus stop and then head west to the tunnel entrance and go inside. Around halfway through there's a box on the wall and you'll need to place a battery pack into the box on the wall to start the quest.

23. A maple syrup request

"If yoo can reed dis..come to seecrit wuds. Pleez bring may-pal serrup." / "If you can read this... come to secret woods. Please bring maple syrup."

Make your way to the Secret Woods between 6am and 7pm with some maple syrup and you'll meet a friendly bear. This cuddly chap gives you Bear's Knowledge which trebles the sale price of Blackberries and Salmon berries.

24. M. Jasper's book page

"It’s a page from M. Jasper’s book: …the creatures, known by some as 'Forest Spirits' or 'Junimos', are said to appear in abandoned buildings after they’ve “gone to seed”. As a general rule… when humans leave, and nature begins to reclaim her territory, the Junimos will undoubtedly appear. Folk wisdom holds that the Junimos display some kind of resonant affinity with gemstones that are placed inside their little huts… Of course, all these claims come from dubious, unverified sources…As far as I know, even the mere existence of these creatures has never been proven!"

This information lets you know that placing an gem in the Junimo Hut will change the colour of the Junimos that harvest crops. 

25. Abigail's note

"I 'borrowed' a necklace from Mom, but lost it somewhere near the bath house...She's going to freak out is she notices it's missing."

To find the lost necklace you'll need to fish outside the Spa during spring, summer, or fall to find the Ornate Necklace. Give it to Abigail and receive 100 friendship points with her.

39 INSANELY Helpful Tips! [ Stardew Valley Guide ]

What kind. - Well, come here, you will see for yourself, just an agreement, then you will fulfill my one wish. - Okay, I agree. Sasha padded his bare feet on the floor of the room and sat down on the edge of Andrey's bed.

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", the daughter screamed in an inhuman voice. Quiet, quietly, daughter, youre already a big girl, and you behave like a little child," dad started stroking his daughters head, but she escaped from him hands. Then dad forcefully bent Sandra's knees and pressed them to her stomach, simultaneously turning her daughter on her left side.Lena, give me a rope.

", He told his wife.

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