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Popular with many people of Irish descent, Celtic tattoos embrace a wide range of designs and possibilities. Among them are the Celtic heart tattoos. These tattoos have a heart shape somewhere in the design, and they have a decidedly Celtic flair and style to them as well.

Celtic Heart Tattoo Designs

Celtic tattoos that include a heart image are more than just a Celtic symbol or a traditional heart tattoo. They often have their own meaning and style separate from other tattoo designs.

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Heart Knot

Different than the traditional Celtic love knot, the heart knot is a Celtic knot that forms the shape of a heart. The outline of the tattoo may be left solid with the knot contained inside, or the knot may wrap in and out of the heart's outline. Since the knot is filling in another image, it's typically simple and made up of just one line. Heart knots make good mid-sized tattoos that can be worn anywhere on the body. Making this tattoo too small may obscure the pattern.


The Claddagh is one of the most iconic Celtic images; its a crown on top of a heart wearing that's being held by two hands. Claddagh tattoos offer a great way to use a heart image in a traditional Celtic style.

Celtic Motherhood Knot

Made up of two interlocking hearts, the Celtic motherhood knot makes a beautiful and personal tattoo. The two hearts are layered with one resting just above the other, with the lines from both hearts interconnecting. A circle or dot for each child is inked somewhere inside one of the hearts. Women with multiple children may want to get a different colored dot for each child, or consider inking the names of each child onto the lines of the knot.

Celtic Tribal Heart

The Celtic tribal heart looks very similar to the heart knot, but instead of the heart outline enclosing a never ending knot, it encloses an open knot that ends in tribal-style curls. The interior of the heart around the lines is usually inked so the lines themselves are left bare. The heart may be surrounded by other tribal-style designs, such as black lines, curls and spikes.

Trinity Lovers Heart

Trinity knots contain a traditional, three-loop trinity knot within the outline of a heart. The trinity knot may be overlaid on top of the heart, the heart may be woven through the trinity symbol, or the heart may be placed inside the center of the trinity knot. The trinity knot means many things to different people; pagans believe it represents the three faces of the goddess, while Christians believe it represents the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Adding the heart may signify blessing a union or declaring your love of your religion.

Celtic Lovers Heart Heart

The Celtic lovers heart is a two-line knot. The two different lines meet in the center so that each one of the lines makes up one half of a heart image. They may or may not intertwine in the center of the heart; many designs feature the two lines twisting around each other in the heart's center to symbolize two becoming one.

Show Your Celtic Pride

While there are a great many different Celtic tattoos, one of the best ways to show your love of your heritage is with a Celtic heart design. No matter which type of Celtic heart you choose to get, be sure to show it off and wear it with pride.

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18 Trinity Knot Tattoos With Special Meanings

Looking for a tattoo idea that really reveals the deeper side of you? Want a cool looking skin art design that keeps people guessing? This unique yet symmetrical shape dates back to the Celtics and has a myriad of different symbolic meanings.

It is the perfect tattoo design for those who want a clean and crisp looking design that holds a hidden meaning for the bearer. If you are looking to reveal a little about yourself, but not too much, the trinity knot tattoo might be the perfect choice for you.

The Trinity and the Ancients

To the ancient Celtics, the trinity knot held great significance. It was in part a representation of the solar and lunar phases, and more importantly a depiction of the Great Mother. The Great Mother was a lunar goddess who had three different personalities that are depicted as three different lunar phases or faces.

The stories of the ancient Celtics also refer to Bridget, or more importantly, the three different Bridgets. This powerful goddess embodies three unique characteristics, metal working, art, and healing.

The design of the trinity knot tattoo today can represent the connection of the mother to father to child, especially if the person with the skin art has only one child.

The Powerful Trinity Knot

The meaning behind the trinity knot tattoo can be quite diverse, and for this reason many people choose this symbol to represent something close to their heart without having to reveal too much about the meaning.

The most popular reason many choose the trinity knot tattoo is the connection of spirit to mind and to body. Those who are seeking inner light or inner peace understand this connection, and it tends to guide their lives.

The trinity knot tattoo can also depict the relationship of father, Son, Holy Ghost, or mother, father, child. The symbol here doesn’t always have to be religious, it can be worn as a depiction of something that is just important to a person and something they will carry with them through this life.

The Diverse Trinity Knot

When it comes to the trinity knot tattoo, it is more about the power of three than anything else. The number three holds great important in many religions, as well as many different cultures.

The symbol of three anything can represent the past, present, and future, allowing the person to show how they have overcome, pushed through, and will be fine in the future. The trinity knot tattoo can also represent power, love, and intellect for some.

Then you have those people who feel the trinity has a much more powerful meaning, using the symbol to represent the creator, the destroyer, and the sustainer. The same can be said about creating, preserving, then destroying, a very powerful and deep meaning for some.

The Variations of the Trinity Knot

The circle that surrounds the trinity knot tattoo signifies both eternity and infinity. For many who use the trinity knot tattoo to represent a family unit of father, mother, and child, the circle around the three symbols represents protection from all outside this union.

For others the circle around the trinity knot tattoo that represents the family can be the fourth piece of the puzzle, the spiritual unity with God, thus creating a strong bond that can never be broken. Others see the knots as something not set in stone, something that can be untied or changed in the future.

Trinity Knot Tattoo Gallery

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Thinking About Getting a Celtic Trinity Knot Tattoo? Read This First

The Charmed Ones, trilogies, three-piece suits—clearly the number three is significant. And maybe that's why the Trinity knot, also known as a triquetra, is so resonant as a symbol to so many people. It's seen in artwork, jewelry, and even tattoos. The truth is, it is much more than just a cool looking image. If you're thinking about getting a triquetra inked on your body, wouldn't you want to know the meaning behind it?

Keep scrolling to learn more about this iconic Celtic knot, and get some tattoo inspiration, too.

The Origin of the Celtic Knot

Though the origin story of the Celtic knot is somewhat up for debate, the knot pattern dates back to the late Roman Empire and eventually became prominent in Celtic art and Christian imagery. Today, the Trinity knot holds different meanings for different people, including as a symbol of ancient Irish culture and of pride for Welsh, Irish, and Scottish people.

What Does It Mean?

To Celts, the three points represent the natural elements of earth, air, and water. On a spiritual level, it has also been thought to symbolize life, death, and rebirth. Christians associate the symbol with the Holy Trinity: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit (or Holy Ghost). Basically, the various meanings boil down to one common thing: the points represent three separate entities that are interconnected.

Sometimes, the traditional triquetra symbol is accompanied by a circle, which, in many belief systems, is a symbol of eternity. Therefore, gifts featuring this image are sometimes given to signify eternal love or longevity.

So, no matter your spiritual beliefs, the triquetra could hold some kind of personal significance to you, and no one else can dictate what that is. Just make sure you know what meaning it holds for you before you get it inked into your body, if deep meaning behind tattoos is important to you.

Tattoo Inspiration

If the image and the meaning of the Celtic Trinity knot resonate with you, here are some gorgeous tattoos that might inspire your next (or first!) ink session.

A classic Trinity knot adorned with gold makes for an especially striking design.

A pared-down Trinity knot can be adorned with other hand-drawn elements to create something unique.

A Trinity knot on the solar plexus is minimal and sexy; this styling is flawless.

A black Trinity knot is simple, yet makes a statement.

Trinity knots are popular among friends, lovers, and family members, as it can symbolize everlasting love, friendship, and kinship.

Here's another bold black Trinity knot. You can't go wrong with this timeless design.

White tattoo ink has been gaining popularity, and this tat shows how gorgeous it can be.

Celtic knots are often incorporated into more elaborate designs, as seen here with the geometric and floral elements surrounding the classic knot, which has been created using shading and negative space.

Here's a colorful take on the Trinity knot tattoo that makes the age-old symbol pop.

A teeny tiny classic Trinity knot near the collarbone is a subtle design that still makes a big impact.

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Trinity tattoo heart knot

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The Celtic Knot Explained

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