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Why Harry Potter’s Luna And Neville Wouldn’t End Up Together, According To Evanna Lynch

When it comes to the conclusion of Harry Potter, we spend a lot of time talking about Ron and Hermione’s unlikely love story or how Harry Potter ends up falling in love with Ginny Weasley. But we really don’t put enough time into discussing the pairing of Neville Longbottom and Luna Lovegood. In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the couple played by Matthew Lewis and Evanna Lynch share a cute moment together at the end, despite them not being endgame in the series.

Fans of the franchise will remember that Neville Longbottom goes on to marry Charlotte Skeoch’s Hannah Abbott and Luna Lovegood falls for Newt Scamander’s grandson, Rolf, and ties the knot with him. Evanna Lynch recently spoke to the short-lived romance between Neville and Luna with these words:

I see it more as like a wartime romance. I think it was all the moments. I think everyone’s caught up in the trauma and the idea that they might die, and they were fighting for an honorable cause. They were just like, ‘I quite like you and let’s see, and maybe we’ll die, and this will be beautiful.’ But I think that ended and then they both survived. And I think they’d probably both realized, you know, this is not quite right.

Hey, it happens. We all have the one that got away amidst the wizard battles we fought when we were 18, too, right? As Dancing With The Stars alum Evanna Lynch told Us Weekly, it was more of a "caught in the moment" adoration of the time and, when she looks to the future, Luna and Neville aren’t the best match. She continued:

I think Neville is probably a little too down to earth for Luna. He wants to have a stable job at Hogwarts. And Luna is a bit too kooky and out there for him and she wants to go out and travel the world. And their lifestyles just wouldn’t mix. So that’s how I see it.

Evanna Lynch is truly a fan of the Harry Potter books, too. The 29-year-old actress said she rereads J.K. Rowling’s series often and, at one time, she was able to look to the books as a source of comfort while she was fighting through an eating disorder. Lynch imagines a bright future for her character as a David Attenborough type who does documentaries in the wild about the magical animals of the Wizarding World.

During the final Harry Potter film, Neville Longbottom shares with Harry that he is “mad” about the Ravenclaw and decides to tell her because he believes they’ll likely be “dead by dawn.” It’s a romantic moment in the franchise and a cute one for the supporting Harry Potter characters, but it certainly doesn’t mean it has to be forever for the pair.

Evanna Lynch recently ventured to New York City to visit the new Harry Potter flagship store in the city’s Flatiron District, which officially opened to the public earlier this week. Check out the actress visiting the new Harry Potter store for a Butterbeer:

Evanna Lynch is a proud Harry Potter cast member, and it’s great to hear her take on the Neville and Luna fling. All of the original Harry Potter movies recently landed back on HBO Max, if you’re looking to revisit Luna’s best moments in the series.

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Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom have an adorable relationship in the final Harry Potter film. But despite their big kiss at the end of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, the two don’t end up together as we learn in the epilogue.

And according to Evanna Lynch, she has a good idea why they don’t become a couple at the end of the series.

Evanna Lynch

Who do Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom end up with at the end of the ‘Harry Potter’ franchise?

Despite Luna and Neville’s adorable romance, the “underdog” couple both go off to marry other people. As we learn from JK Rowling, Neville ends up with his fellow Hogwarts student, Hannah Abbot. Meanwhile, Luna marries Newt Scamander’s grandson, Rolf Scamander.

And according to Lynch, she has a pretty good idea why Neville and Luna don’t end up tying the knot at the end of the series.

Evanna Lynch thinks that Neville and Luna have a ‘war time’ romance

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“I see it more as like a wartime romance. I think it was all the moments,” Evanna Lynch told Us Weekly. “Everyone’s caught up in the trauma and the idea that they might die, and they were fighting for an honorable cause. They were just like, ‘I quite like you and let’s see, and maybe we’ll die, and this will be beautiful.’ But I think that ended, and then they both survived. And I think they’d probably both realized, you know, this is not quite right.”

“I think Neville is probably a little too down to earth for Luna,” Lynch continued. “He wants to have a stable job at Hogwarts. And Luna is a bit too kooky and out there for him, and she wants to go out and travel the world. And their lifestyles just wouldn’t mix. So that’s how I see it.”

How ‘Harry Potter’ helped save Evanna Lynch from her eating disorder

Lynch’s connection to the Harry Potter series is heartfelt. According to the actor, she struggled with an eating disorder, and the only thing that helped distract her was the Harry Potter series.

“Anyone who’s had an eating disorder knows it completely takes over your life,” Lynch said. “The only thing that could actually take my attention apart from that was the Harry Potter series.”

And according to Lynch, acting in the films saved her from her eating disorder.

“I love the feeling of creating and acting more than I love the feeling of being skinny or of being perfect,” she said. “Being in Harry Potter changed my life because it proved to me that I could do something, that I had something to offer the world.”

Lynch says that her character, Luna Lovegood, helped her embrace her individuality as well.

“Luna especially inspired me,” she says, “because I think a lot of my problems were because I felt odd and felt weird, and she made me see that that was OK and that was actually empowering me.”

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Harry Potter’s Evanna Lynch Explains Why Luna and Neville Wouldn’t End Up Together: It Was a ‘Wartime Romance’

Harry Potter Matthew Lewis Evanna Lynch Exclusive Interview

Luna Lovegood and Neville Longbottom may not have ended up together, but they did have a fleeting spark between them during Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

‘Harry Potter’ Stars Reuniting Over the Years 

“I see it more as like a wartime romance. I think it was all the moments,” Evanna Lynchexclusively told Us Weekly of the characters during the Battle of Hogwarts. “I think everyone’s caught up in the trauma and the idea that they might die, and they were fighting for an honorable cause. They were just like, ‘I quite like you and let’s see, and maybe we’ll die, and this will be beautiful.’But I think that ended and then they both survived. And I think they’d probably both realized, you know, this is not quite right.”

According to J.K. Rowling, who penned the Harry Potter novels, Neville (Matthew Lewis) goes on to marry Hannah Abbott (Charlotte Skeoch), while Luna ties the knot with Newt Scamander’s grandson Rolf Scamander.

“I think Neville is probably a little too down to earth for Luna,” Lynch, 29, explained to Us. “He wants to have a stable job at Hogwarts. And Luna is a bit too kooky and out there for him and she wants to go out and travel the world. And their lifestyles just wouldn’t mix. So that’s how I see it.”

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2, Neville tells Harry (Daniel Radcliffe) that he is “mad” about Luna and needs to tell her because they’ll “probably both be dead by dawn” after the Battle at Hogwarts. In the end, he and Luna sit together as he proudly holds the Sword of Gryffindor, which he used to kill Voldemort’s snake, Nagini.

Harry Potter Matthew Lewis Evanna Lynch Exclusive Interview

Although Neville and Luna just remain friends, Lynch believes that her character does go on to follow in her father’s footsteps.

“I think she would have actually done like a David Attenborough style documentary on the wild, magical animals of the world. Not really based on fact because that’s the way she is. She is her father’s daughter. He writes all these strange stories in The Quibbler,” she told Us. “So I think it would be a show where part of it is amazing and you’re learning by animals. And part of it is like, you’re not sure if this is fiction or a documentary. How much is it her imagination? So I think she had done that. I actually think she would maybe have written some books.”

‘Harry Potter’ Stars: Then and Now 

It’s been 10 years since the film franchise ended, but Lynch continues to remain close with the cast — and stays in touch via a group text chat.

Harry Potter Rupert Grint Emma Watson Evanna Lynch Exclusive Interview

“There is a Harry Potter group chat, which I only got invited into last year. I didn’t know it existed!” she said. “There were all these plans afoot [to meet up] but the pandemic happened, and it went quiet. Who is the most active? The girls are — maybe me, Bonnie [Wright] and Emma [Watson]. The boys chime in every now and then and there’s a happy birthday here and there.”

Radcliffe and Rupert Grint are not in her particular chat, however, explaining, “They’re not in it. No, not Dan and Rupert. I don’t want to say in case someone hears that and says, ‘I’m not in that group!’ I don’t want anyone to feel left out. There’s probably about seven or 10 of us.”

Daniel Radcliffe Through the Years 

Lynch resides in London but recently traveled to New York City for the opening of Harry Potter’s first flagship store, which is located in the Flatiron District. The magical store includes several departments, such as collectibles, souvenirs, wands, books and sweets and treats. It offers 15 different themed areas, exclusive products, virtual reality experiences — and its own butterbeer bar!

Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe Evanna Lynch Exclusive Interview

Lynch had her first butterbeer years ago at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. “It would have been just with friends, and I haven’t had one in years because for so long they haven’t been vegan and I’m vegan. And they finally made one so this is my first one in a while!” she said.” I love it.”

For more with Lynch, read her Q&A below:

Us Weekly: What do you miss most about playing Luna?

EL: Oh gosh, I miss everything. I miss the fun costumes. She was such an easy character to play for me because she’s so peaceful and it was always a joy to kind of step into her energy. I just miss getting the opportunity to be that kind of person. Someone so peaceful and so accepting of the world and of herself. I miss all the gang, you know, the actors, the other students because I do see them every now and then, but not altogether. That was really a real privilege.

Us: What was your favorite Luna outfit?

EL: The designer, Jany Temime, she’s really a genius. She was so precise about all the little details. I think she enjoyed it all and all her work. I think she enjoyed — with Luna — making her standout and have little creative touches to each of her costumes. We’d be standing there getting dressed and she’d just kind of be poking at little things like, ‘You’re so cute, you’re so cute.’ I was a teenager wanting to be cool and she’s like, ‘Here’s a little Christmas decoration.’

Us: What other character would you have liked to play?

EL: Well, first of all, Luna is my absolute favorite. To me, I just won the lottery there. Let’s see, I think it’d be quite fun to play Sybill Trelawney [Emma Thompson]. I’m into astrology and the stars. I believe in all that stuff. So Trelawney would be fun.

Harry Potter Evanna Lynch Exclusive Interview

Us: Do you watch the films when they air on TV?

EL: No, no! Maybe if it’s one of the older ones that I’m not in. I don’t really like to watch the ones I’m in. But I follow a lot of the book news and any new updates or developments. And I reread them often because I just need that to connect with myself every now and then. I think in my teens that was like my peak Harry Potter obsession. I was on a mission to try and read it as many times as possible, but I’ve stopped that because that’s a bit weird. I try to read other things and I was, like, I have to expand my mind, my material. The last time I reread them was last year because we had a Harry Potter trivia contest for charity between the cast. And I wanted to win so I reread them!

‘Harry Potter’ Stars: Where Are They Now?

Us: Did you take any props from set?

EL: They were strict, and I was also a goody goody. People did start doing that, but I was not daring enough. However, I think I kind of have something better. I took every call sheet. Every day on set they make a call sheet over everything, the scenes that are happening and who’s there. And the Harry Potter call sheets were so detailed because they add all the details of who was in for costume fittings and creature effects. I took every single one of them and I have a few boxes of those. And that to me is a very cool keepsake because I can look back and see what I was doing on what date.

Us: What is it like to be a part of such a beloved franchise?

EL: It’s surreal because I live a very normal and quiet life. I don’t get recognized all that much. I feel like I’m really lucky that I can fit into this world and be part of this huge venture like the New York Harry Potter store. But then I can go home and just live quietly and do my thing. I have a little passage into this really exciting world. And it’s surreal to me when I see things. Like, if I change the channel and there’s a Harry Potter movie on or when I get invited to big things or even having a big online following. I almost feel a bit removed. It’s a disembodied experience when I see those things. It’s all gratitude for me. It’s all been such a blessing and opened so many doors.

The Harry Potter flagship store in New York City’s Flatiron District opens to the public on Thursday, June 3.

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Evanna Lynch Explains Why Neville & Luna Break Up

Sorry, Neville and Luna shippers of the world, but that cute end scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2 implying Neville and Luna totally ended up together is not at all probable, according to Luna's portrayer Evanna Lynch. In an interview with Seventeen, Lynch revealed why she doesn't think Neville and Luna would have lived happily ever after, and her answer is awesomely feminist. "I think he's very much a homebody, a stay-at-home dad," Lynch told Seventeen. "And Luna wants to go out and explore the world and different creatures, and I think she wants to have several different relationships and not be committed forever. Neville would want a good sturdy wife who cooks, and that's not her."

As adorable as Neville and Luna were, and as much as they had in common during their school days, Lynch is spot on in her description of the very different lives the two characters would want to lead. Luna always had the spirit of an adventurer, and, unlike many of her childhood companions, an instant life of domesticity would most likely have left her bored silly. While there is nothing wrong with choosing a life of domesticity, it is awesome that Lynch is so in tune with Luna that she feels certain her character would have taken the road less traveled by her Hogwarts cohorts.

J.K. Rowling has offered a little bit of insight into Luna and Neville's post-series lives, and Rowling and Lynch's vision of Luna line up quite nicely. Rowling has said Neville settled down as a Herbology teacher at Hogwarts and married Hannah Abbott, while Luna married the grandson of Newt Scamander, you know, the author of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. In short, Luna is almost definitely the dreamy, Indiana Jones of the magic world at this point.

While Neville and Luna never officially dated in the books or the films, their popularity as a couple in the fan community is totally understandable. Those two adorable misfits made a great team in school, but it is actually wonderful to think of Luna out in the world searching for mysterious creatures and celebrating the wonders of life. She was a special young woman who saw the world from her own unique perspective. Neville is a wonderful, heroic man who deserves all the best, but it is fitting that they went their separate ways after Hogwarts.

Not everyone marries their childhood sweetheart, and a woman as delightfully unconventional as Luna should live a life as full of magic as possible. Kudos to both Lynch and Rowling for knowing Luna Lovegood so well.

Images: Warner Bros. Pictures; Giphy (2)


Luna neville and

Harry Potter: 5 Reasons Why Luna And Neville Should Have Been Together (& 5 Reasons Why They Shouldn’t)

In the Harry Potter series, Neville Longbottom could have been The Boy Who Lived. He shared a birthday with the title character, had parents who fought the good fight, and was a wizard by birth. His bravery, despite his intense fear, made him a fan favorite in the series. Likewise, the introduction of Luna Lovegood in Harry Potter And The Goblet Of Fire brought an eccentric, but loyal, friend to the story. She loved a good mythical creature search as much as she loved standing up for true friendship. Luna’s bravery and understanding made fans love her. The novels made the two friends, but the movies made them more than that.

Despite the two not sharing much screen (or page) time, fans saw the misfits embroiled in the Wizarding War as kindred spirits. Some fans still wish the novels had gone the way of the movies, revealing one of them had feelings for the other in the final hour. Would Luna and Neville have made a good pairing? The answer is a bit more complicated than fans might think.

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10 Yes: They Both Understand Loss

To be fair, Harry Potter’s generation grew up in a time of intense loss thanks to the war between Voldemort’s followers and the bulk of the wizarding world. Neville and Luna, however, had already experienced what it meant to lose people long before the war started for them.

Neville grew up without his parents because of their work during the previous years of Voldemort’s rise to power. Luna grew up without her mother after an experiment went wrong. The two had very different upbringings, but would understand what it meant to long for connection and comfort.

9 No: Neville Wanted To Blend In

In his years at Hogwarts, Neville just wanted to get through the day without being made fun of, targeted by a teacher, or making big mistakes. He wanted to blend in with the crowd and live his life. Luna was the exact opposite; she was born to stand out.

While Neville bundled up in a hat and scarf to watch a quidditch match, Luna enchanted a lion-shaped hat to really roar. She could wax poetic about things no one else believed in all day, and Neville would be content with keeping his interests to himself. Those opposing lifestyles might eventually get in their way.

8 Yes: Luna Would Love Alice Longbottom

Though Neville grew up being raised by his grandmother, his mother was still alive. Driven to insanity by torture at the hands of Bellatrix Lestrange, she lived in St. Mungo’s Hospital, giving Neville gum wrappers every time he visited her. Fans of the novels thought that there might have been more to those wrappers for a long time, and Luna likely would have as well.

Luna wouldn’t judge Alice (or Neville’s family) for her institutionalization. Instead, she’d be the kind of person who would insist they visit Alice regularly, taking the gum wrappers and searching for patterns in them for Neville. She would likely have found a deeper meaning to them, giving Neville some comfort that his mother might have still been trying to communicate with him.

7 No: Neville Would Be Uncomfortable With Her Investigations

Luna’s poking and prodding, and her fascination with the world in general might have been interesting to Neville in the short term, but how would he have fared in the long term? Likely not well.

Neville would probably be just as uncomfortable with Luna’s frank talk of death, her investigation into strange happenings, and her trying to pry into his own thoughts, as Harry was when he first met her. Despite their closeness, Neville would probably need to take a break from Luna’s constant search for knowledge and answers to her numerous questions.

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6 Yes: Neville Would Never Try To Change Her

Even if Luna made him uncomfortable, and even if Neville had to take time for himself often, he’s not the kind of person who would judge someone for their interests. Neville would never try to mold Luna into the kind of person society would expect her to be.

Luna, who has always been a free spirit, would certainly appreciate that aspect of Neville’s personality. Throughout the books, she never seemed particularly bothered if people didn’t believe her or agree with her, so she’d definitely forge her own path whether her romantic partner wanted her to or not.

5 No: There Would Be An Imbalance In Their Relationship

Because of their experiences, their upbringings, and their interactions with peers growing up, Neville and Luna would have had very different emotional needs as adults. They experienced love very differently in their formative years, and that would have greatly influenced how they approached relationships.

Though they were both only children, the dynamics in their homes were very different. Luna was always supported by her father, who lavished her with attention and treated her as his whole world. Neville, on the other hand, was not. Support came with the condition that he be as good as his parents and love was a reward instead of a given. As a result, Luna would have been slightly more independent in a relationship, already understanding her worth. Neville, on the other hand, would crave the attention and support he didn’t get. It would create a bit of an imbalance in their love life.

4 Yes: They Understood Being Outsiders

Luna might not have been as bothered by her outsider status, but that didn’t mean someone as intelligent as she was didn’t realize where she stood. She knew she was on the outside looking in for her teenage years. Likewise, Neville wasn’t immune to what people said about him, or how he was treated by certain teachers (Severus Snape comes to mind). 

They both knew what it meant for the people around you to never quite connect with you. It would allow them both to be more sensitive to one another’s needs and interests.

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3 No: Luna Wanted Adventures

During the promotional wave for Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2, actress Evanna Lynch seemed to have one of the best takes on the possibility of a relationship between Neville and Luna. She explained it to Seventeen at an event, and though some fans might have been sad, her explanation made perfect sense. 

Lynch pointed out that Luna was the type of person who wouldn’t be content to sit at home and live a quiet life. She would want adventures, and to discover new things. Neville, on the other hand, would want the relaxation and the quiet after everything he’d been through, of an ordinary wizarding existence. They would have been on two completely different paths in life.

2 Yes: They Have Shared Trauma

When explaining how Harry, Ron, and Hermione became best friends in Harry Potter And The Sorcerer’s Stone, writer J.K. Rowling pointed out that some things forged unbreakable bonds. In the trio’s case, it was facing down a troll in the girls’ bathroom. Neville and Luna, joining Harry and his friends for adventures later in the series, shared their own traumatic experiences.

They were the only members of Dumbledore’s Army to join the trio and Ginny to attempt to save Sirius’ life. The duo faced the very real possibility of death side by side more than once as they stood up for their friends. That kind of experience does bond you for life.

1 No: They Have Shared Trauma

While shared trauma does bond people, that bond doesn’t have to be romantic. In fact, romantic relationships that start as a result of a high-stress environment can quickly fizzle when the adrenaline isn’t there.

By all accounts, Luna and Neville seem able to more quickly adapt to trauma than Harry Potter himself. They don’t constantly lash out at their friends or take unnecessary risks as the result of potential P.T.S.D. like we see with Harry in the series. Neville and Luna might not need to cling to one another in the aftermath of their experiences. Their shared trauma could lend itself better to friendship and understanding instead of romance. 

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