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A NY coined term that originated in the 60's. Popular among Italians and the mainstream during the 60's,70's and 80's. A person that gets 99% of what you have to offer with the exception of love and genuine affection. Used to describe a loveless,superficial,sexual relationship where both people benefit in some way but where love and emotions are not allowed. 99 exchanges mock relationships in appearance but are a verbal agreement between 2 people to meet each others needs without emotions or stress. Usually short term and based on physical attraction,sexual compatibility and the ability to meet the other's needs. More than a sex buddy but far less than a long term relationship.

"I was gonna 99 that chick, but she'd be in it for the cheese and my pockets aren't built like that right now."
"Word,I copped a FLY lil 99,son! And all she want is the D. It's perfect!"
"I need a female to kick it with this summer but I don't need the stress,I'ma get out here and 99 a bad one watch!"

by Mikey420 May 14, 2013

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The best price in the world. FREE. It is pronounced like a would be total on a bill. The only better price is, "We'll pay you to take it". Extremely common at volunteer firehouses across America.

Common examples of items being free.99 in price-

Fire T shirts

Dude 1- Hey lets go for something to eat, I'm starving.

Dude 2- Nah, I'm not in the mood to reach into my own pocket to pay for anything....SHOCKER I know.

Dude 1- Ok then, let's just go to the fire hall and eat the leftover pizza, it's free.99

Dude 2- Perfect!

by Fire Hall Member September 04, 2012

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When something is free, but you want it to sound rad and funny so you add .99 cents too it. sounds like 3.99 but its really free with a small price... see example

Friend: Hey your a fag
You: How bout I punchasize your face?
Friend: Oh yeah, how much?
You: I'll punchasize your face for free.99!

Proceed to punch friends face. The .99 addition to your free punch was the pain he will be feeling after.

by Markatak August 23, 2006

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Almost all but not quite. Generally doesn't actually represent a statistical 99%.
Used to make it seem like there's an extremely small chance that what you say is wrong, when in reality it may be as large or larger.

Example / (Translation)
I'm 99% sure / (I have no fucking idea)
Our hand sanitizer kills 99% of germs / (It kills a few germs)

by Rickton January 17, 2005

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A term used by the occupy wall street protesting the bankers who are considered the 1%, the super rich. 99% refers to the struggling working class. Oddly only bankers and a few CEOs are considered the bad 1%. No one protest celebrities that often make hundreds of times more than their camera man, assistants, writers or a person selling beer at sporting events. Some may argue they have little effect on the common man but when Leno and Letterman make over 35 million a year (despite low ratings) advertisers or the network have to pay more. The workers will get less, more work, let go or outsourced.

Example of those super rich in 1% no one wants protest:
Michael Jordan, Jerry Seinfeld, Jay Leno, Oprah, 50 cent, Barry Manilow, Katie Couric, Kobe Bryant, Dr. Phil, Dr. House, Jeff Gordon, Sam Waterston, Barbara Walters, IMUS, Adam Sandler, Seth Macfarlane, Tiger Woods, Ted Danson and hundreds more.

Brian Williams said with a sad face "the rich keep getting richer while the 99% make less" but he makes twelve million year reading a teleprompter. More than most bankers for working 22 minutes a day. Comes out to about 100k a night. His assistant is likely in the 99%.

Dr. Phil spent 500k on his son's wedding. Then put an ad out needing a assistant from the 99%. Pay? 8 dollars an hour.

by Jeremiah A. Wright Jr. December 17, 2011

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That the business card would not fall out and turning his back on me went down the stairs to the bottom. Still not out of sight, I looked at the business card, 1248, this is a living room, 12th floor and 48, I. Lived on the 11th floor in room 6, and that it pulled me up to the floor above.

However, my heart ached, it ached like a child, it always happened to me when I was waiting for a gift or something unusual.

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Well, what's wrong with that, she reassured herself, he is not a man, but a castrate. Even if he touches me, corrects the posture in which I stand, it will not violate my loyalty to the Racial Purity squad. And yet she was worried. It was necessary to appear in front of Vladimir Petrovich in transparent underwear and, perhaps, completely naked. The next evening, her emergency consultations began.

Urban Dictionary Challenge!!

I noticed that her hands were shaking a little: When the enema was full, my aunt told me: now I will now lie on my stomach, and you. Must inject it into me. Aunt lifted her skirt and pulled down the same panties that I saw recently, exposing her big, smooth ass.

Now discussing:

Very Happy Then we were chutne, they covered us ", the opportunity to secretly play in the hospital was gone. And the desire, too, was cut off suddenly, they would be caught". After that, the memories of the enema were forgotten.

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