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I Am Error: 10 Most Hilarious Legend Of Zelda Memes

Link's various adventures throughout the history of The Legend of Zelda franchise have been varied and vivid in equal parts thanks to constant innovation and experimentation. The developers of this legendary series always try to give gamers new and fun mechanics in each title.

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Sometimes, however, there are hilarious things that players discover in Zelda games that simply needed to be captured in meme format for the enjoyment of millions across the internet. The best of them can trigger flashbacks to one's own memories in these incredible fantasy adventure games as well as choruses of laughter.

10 Minimalism Of The Future

While Link's appearance has changed in multiple ways over the decades since the inception of the Zelda franchise, his form has been manipulated liberally in order to fit the aesthetic of certain games. With the minimalist nature of certain gaming trends, it can be fun to sometimes imply silly future possibilities for everyone's favorite characters. However, a stellar Legend of Zelda pinball game would be a pleasant surprise in 2026.

9 Best Mode Of Transportation

There's no denying what is the best way to travel the beautiful open world of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. While horses and other land-based options provide reliable transportation, players who have discovered how to abuse the game's physics engine can make such regular modes of movement completely obsolete.

8 Aquatic Doom

The fabled Water Temple in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, always brings up traumatic memories for those who have experienced its tedious depths. The sheer amount of time that this dungeon consumes can make this Nintendo 64 game feel more like a chore than an adventure.

7 That Wonky Face

While The Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon is not very well known, fans of the franchise can attest that it is one of the oddest games in the series, and at times slightly frightening.

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Some of the features that made it stand out as strange were the goofy animation style as well as the unintentionally hilarious voice acting. Gamers looking for a laugh should check out videos of gameplay, for the console it was made for, the Philips CD-i, will be fairly difficult to come across, as would be a physical copy of the game itself.

6 Nightmare Fuel

Despite the ESRB rating declaring Ocarina of Time is meant for everyone, there are undeniably some enemies and settings that are terrifying to gamers young and old. Keep in mind this was back when fantasy violence was less refined and developers could get away with horrific concepts easier than those of today.

5 Don't Mess With Cuccos

At some point, everyone has tried to take on farmyard animals in the Zelda games to see if they can be slain for rupees or other useful items, however, this tends to end in disaster. Cuccos may seem harmless, and they are, but when pushed and harassed they will strike back in a flurry of feathers for rapid and fierce aerial assaults that cannot be blocked, evaded, or counterattacked in any way. This unrelenting retribution is a clear sign to gamers that teaches them to respect animals.

4 7 Long Years

After the time skip in Ocarina of Time, there are a tremendous amount of changes to the land of Hyrule and beyond, however, some things stayed the same. For example, this one NPC that Link helps as a child will remain in the same spot, dancing, until adult Link finds them once more.

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Seems like a questionable use of their freedom from a curse, though, freedom is the right to do whatever one wants, even if one's acts don't amount to much.

3 Money DOES Grow On Trees

There are some video game concepts that everyone wishes were a thing in real life, like how Link can simply mow lawns and trim shrubs to rack up a fortune in rupees. In-game, this miracle means that one will never have to struggle for money as a bounty of wealth can be harvested from nature, not unlike fruit or crops.

2 Is YOUR Child Texting About The Legend Of Zelda?

With all the new lingo and abbreviations these days, it can be hard for parents to keep up with what children are saying to their friends via text messages. Thankfully, some kind person on the internet has put together a convenient Legend of Zelda-related guide to keeping the modern parent updated on all the popular slang terms.


It has been debated what this infamously odd NPC is all about in Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, and many gamers have come to the conclusion that this character is simply named "Error", though pronounced "EE-roar". Link cannot speak very well in most Legend of Zelda games, however, a polite introduction is likely what he'd come back with upon meeting the mysterious "Error".

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10 Most Hilarious Memes About People Mistaking Link For Zelda

The Legend of Zeldafranchise has been around longer than a good chunk of its fan base. The majority of the games have received critical acclaim from fans and critics alike, and the series has managed to reinvent itself when needed while retaining elements of what made older classics so enjoyable. Despite all the notoriety, there are still some things about the series that certain fans or newcomers get wrong.

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You’d think that it wouldn’t happen anymore, but some people still manage to mistake Link for Zelda. You can see why newcomers would make this mistake, as it’s common to name a game series after the main protagonist. But really, spending five minutes with just about any game in the series will clear up that confusion right away. Or at least it should. Here are some truly hilarious memes that sum up fans’ frustration perfectly.

10 Say It Again

Who’d have thought that a simple copy and paste could get its point across so clearly? Whoever made this is definitely frustrated with the whole situation, but can you really blame them?

This has been something that people have been getting wrong for years. Of course dedicated fans are going to get a little tired of it at one point. The Pulp Fiction reference does fit in well with everything though. So that’s a pretty nice touch.

9 Please Share

Hey there fellow Zelda fan, are you tired of people confusing the titular character of your favourite gaming franchise with its iconic main character? Then please, help spread awareness within the gaming community by sharing the image above.

No, but seriously, this is a pretty funny way to go about it. While some fans get frustrated with the mix-up, who ever made this meme seems to have gone with a more empathetic approach. Whether or not it’s actually effective aside, it still manages to get a laugh out of us.

8 Wait What?

Jeez how many cases of mistaken identity can someone go through before enough is enough? First he was mistaken for Zelda, and now Luigi? They aren’t even part of the same series for crying out loud!

There are so many different iterations of Link, that it must be hard for people other than fans of the series to keep up. So that’s one possible explanation to the whole mistaken identity issue. But boy, does this happen more than it should.

7 The Rage Is Real

A lot of these memes focus on Link, and while it’s pretty uncanny for a game protagonist to be this famous and still have his name be confused with another character, it can’t be that fun for Zelda either. She often plays a big role in the narrative as well, so this whole mistaken identity business is just as annoying for her character as it is for Link.

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Playing off of her character in BotW, this meme really manages to put a new spin on the whole issue. And though it’s short and sweet, it gets its point across well. You can’t help but let out a laugh at the sight of that clenched fist.

6 Get Me Outta Here

This can’t be real. Not everything you read online is genuine, and after having perused this brief conversation, this is definitely a case of trolling. Or is it? E already know that there are people who genuinely think that Link is Zelda, so this whole exchange could actually have happened between two very oblivious people.

If that’s actually the case, then the Futurama reference sums it all up perfectly. What really makes this so bad is how sure these two sound with what they’re saying. If they only knew…well they probably wouldn’t care much either way.

5 What If…

Ok, so you get this a lot online. There are always members of fandoms that want to see what certain characters would look like if they had their gender swapped. In fact, it’s something that you see a lot in fan art.

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The irony here isn’t lost on us or Link. It sounds like something a clueless newcomer to the series would say. The smug face here says all that needs to be said. When will people get it right?

4 Link, Link, Zelda

The main issue with this whole mistaken identity debacle lies with people who aren’t very familiar with the series. You won’t find someone who’s played any of the games through getting the characters wrong in this way. It all comes down to whether or not someone is a fan of the series.

Forget the casual fan, even someone who simply knows about The Legend of Zelda will probably be able to tell you who’s who – at least when it comes to the series’ main character. You can tell that whoever made this meme was venting a little when they out this up.

3 A Loving Mother

Being a parent is tough. It means making hard decisions – and in this case, this mother might’ve taken things a little too far in correcting her son. Then again, it’s a pretty big rookie mistake. The kid has to learn sometime.

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No, but really, things got dark quick here. It’s a funny depiction of the whole situation, but you definitely feel bad for chuckling here.

2 Clearing Things Up

This seems like the most straightforward way to clear things up. Maybe Nintendo should actually have the characters wear these signs in promotional images? Nah, that probably wouldn’t be enough for people to get it right anyways.

This one gets bonus points for bringing in the needless confusion that is the Zelda timelines. Yeah, some who are less familiar with the games are inclined to think that certain iterations of Link are Link and Zelda’s kid. That’s not how any of this works.

1 All Four

This one really manages to get you from the start. It gets right to the point, and the suddenness of how it’s handled is what makes it so funny.

There’s no room for error here either. If only more people would have seen this meme circulating around, we wouldn’t have so many issues with this.

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What If Zelda Was A Girl? Meme


What If Zelda Was A Girl?, otherwise known as Link and Zelda Confusion, refers to a common mistake by people with little to no prior knowledge of The Legend of Zelda video game series confusing Princess Zelda for the protagonist, Link. The question "what if Zelda was a girl?" became a copypasta used to troll users on 4chan sometime around 2010, spreading across social media in the years since.


The main reason for the confusion between Link and Zelda is the inclusion of the name "Zelda" in the title of the series despite the playable character being Link, a male, leading those who know little about the series to assume Zelda is the one portrayed as the protagonist. The character Samus Aran from the Metroid series of games is also frequently confused as a male and called "Metroid" due to the title, as well as the armor Samus wears.

Search interest for "what if Zelda was a girl" began to rise in 2010. On May 22nd, 2010, an anonymous user of 4chan's /tg/ board posted, "what if Zelda was a girl?" along with a gender-swapped version of Link, offering one of the earliest known posts using the phrase to troll (shown below).

/tg/ Anonymous Sat 22 May 2010 04:38:12 No.9978391 what if Zelda was a girl? Rectangle Font

Users continued to post the phrase across 4chan over the course of the year, usually alongside gender-swapped images of Link, fishing for confused or angry reactions from users genuinely thinking they don't know Zelda is a girl (examples shown below).

Anonymous Thu 08 Sep 2011 12:13:53 No.16225852 Quoted By: >>16225897 >>16225835 Zelda is a girl. Green Font RectangleAnonymous Tue 24 Jan 2012 09:56:03 No.20647630 Quoted By: >>20647667 >>20647752 >>20647846 >>20647618 His name is Link you newfging cant. Font


Confusion between Link and Zelda, as well as jokes about it, have persisted online over the last decade. On May 18th, 2015, Redditor u/alexd281 posted an image to /r/facepalm of a shirt being sold online with an image of a gender-swapped version of Link that read, "What if Zelda was a girl?" referencing the meme, garnering over 470 upvotes in six years (shown below, left). Many, including the OP, were unaware of the meme and believed the shirt was legitimately claiming Zelda was a girl, which the OP admitted to in a comment that day (shown below, right).

WHAT IF ZELDA WAS A GIRL? WHAT ZELDA GIRL? V SYM shirtoid.com Cartoon Gesture Font Housekeeperalexd281 5 years ago I realized I got trolled by a fb group after I posted. I will go stand in my corner and think about what I've done. Cedarville University Smile Facial expression Human body Organism Mammal Font Art Circle

On July 19th, 2019, The Gamer published a list of the 10 best "What If Zelda Were A Girl" memes. The meme has persisted on 4chan, with users still making posts on various boards using the line and gender-swapped Link artwork (examples shown below). The term has also become popular on Deviant Art in association with Legend of Zelda fan art.

/b/ Anonymous Tue 22 Dec 2020 21:18:03 No.842934504 View Report What if Zelda were a girl Sky Cloud Cartoon Cg artworkZELDA AS A GIRL E Anonymous Wed 17Mar 2021 19:40:51 No.849854028 Quoted By: >>849854081 >>849854106 >>849854213 >>849853741 what if zelda was a girl? Smile Shelf Sleeve Bookcase Customer Street fashion People Poster Retail

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The Legend Of Zelda: 10 Calling Link Zelda Memes That Are Too Funny

The Legend of Zeldafranchise has had a fairly smooth ride throughout its history. Save for the atrocious CD-i titles which were not developed by Nintendo, almost all of Link's mainline adventures have been met with universal praise.

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The only problem the main character has is the number of people who refer to him as Zelda simply because of the franchise's name. The memes below harken back to the days when uninformed gamers constantly called Link by the name of the princess he rescues. Even kids who played the first game back in the late '80s made this mistake.

10 Think About This

Think about this the next time anybody refers to Link by Zelda. Even if in jest, somewhere a gamer draws their last breath. The amount of pain and devastation caused by this misunderstanding is just too much for fans' hearts to handle. Maybe someone can blame Nintendo for calling it The Legend of Zelda and not The Legend of Link, but Zelda is still an integral part of the story.

9 Sarcasm Levels At One Hundred Percent

For those not in the know, Link does not totally love Navi. Even though the fairy has good intentions, it certainly gets off on the wrong foot by starting off Ocarina of Time by waking Link from a sound slumber. Then, the blue ball of flying light constantly gives Links hints, telling him to listen. At least Navi does not call him Zelda.

8 Four Pictures Clear Everything Up

A lot of platitudes surround photographs. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words or that every picture tells a story. The story here is simple; these four photos are not Zelda, but Link. Whether this statement could be rearranged and reworded to add up to a thousand words is another question, however. The difference in styles between the four Links makes one appreciate the series' artistic variety.

7 Hyrule Psycho

Assuming the top half of the photo is real, one would expect a Facebook page for a gaming store to know the difference between the two characters. Anyone would go bananas if a store in the industry confuses the names of two of the most iconic faces in gaming.

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Fortunately, this meme becomes significantly less disturbing to those who have seen the movie from where the bottom photo is taken.

6 Why Does It Bother People So Much?

This Link has a solid point. These memes make such a stink about people erroneously calling Link Zelda, it almost becomes more annoying than the minority of people who make the mistake. Link, after all, is a fictional person and cannot hear the people mistaking his name. He and Zelda are the only two people with any right to be offended by this phenomenon, and the code which makes their existence in a game file does not have ears.

5 Not A Family

If the two characters were aware of how often their names are mixed up, perhaps they would release a PSA resembling something of the above photo. Some may even think the young Link from Wind Waker is the child of Link and Zelda from Ocarina of Time. Since they are not in the same timeline and the world looks completely different, this is a pretty easy point to disprove.

4 Morpheus Reaction

Morpheus' face from The Matrix has a slew of different meanings depending on the situation. Most of the time it is with a meme dropping some mind-bending knowledge on readers. In this meme, however, it is an expression of awe, wonder, and contempt. Awe and wonder that someone could make such a statement, and contempt at their ignorance. Of course, the right thing to do is show them the way of the light and correct the mistake.

3 Identity Crisis

All of this confusion is giving Link somewhat of an identity crisis. Similar to the themes of Metal Gear Solid 2or Paul Auster's New York Trilogy, someone's identity is largely affected by the way the world reacts to them. If everyone calls the hero of the popular Nintendo franchise Zelda, then he becomes Zelda. Soon, the very idea of Link may disappear into obscurity.

2 Tragedy

In a world where the green tunic-wearing hero is called Zelda, this tragedy also apparently occurred. In Japan, characters are rarely recast after their voice actor passes away. This fictional tidbit relays that Link's screams - or in this case, Zelda - are in honor of the performer. Of course, this is obviously not true, because the first Legend of Zelda came out in 1987, long before voice acting was standard in gaming.

1 The Most Wrong Statement Ever

There is basically not a single accurate thing in the above meme other than the names being a part of the video game landscape. At the same time, a game where all of these elements come together would be incredible. Until that day comes, fans still haveSuper Smash Bros. Any Nintendo fan offended by this statement should just take a moment to realize it is entirely in jest. Some people are uninformed, but no one could genuinely think something so egregiously wrong.

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Meme zelda link

The Legend Of Zelda: 10 Ocarina Of Time Memes That Are Too Funny

What is the best entry in this series? Many think it’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time and that line of thought is hard to argue. With so many classic franchises attempting 3D and failing at this time, Nintendo was nailing it.

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They set forth the template on how other companies should do it. First with Super Mario 64 and second with this game. Of course, there are things that don’t make sense about the game as well. That doesn't mean the game is any less fun, but these memes will surely ring true for those that remember it so fondly.  

10 Mask To Mask

It’s all right there in the meme. Ocarina of Time is connected to the film, The Mask, thanks to the Happy Mask Salesman. Putting on a mask is creepier in Majora’s Mask admittedly and shares more of that vibe from the film, but the joke still works for this N64 classic as well. There is something not right about the salesman. 

9 My Dude

Changing Link’s name to a plethora of titles can make any entry in this franchise more enjoyable. Calling him something as simple as Zelda can even be funny. Using My Dude as a title is just perfect as this meme points out though. What a chill game this turned out to be. It’s more like The Legend of the Big Lebowski now. 

8 The Legend Of Mozart

Something that has never made sense in these games is Link’s sudden ability to become a musician. He learns a few notes, plays them, then jams out as if that is ever enough to make the music he is piping out.

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Sure, he is a chosen one so it could be deduced that his genes just have a latent ability. Still, it’s a bit maddening and in turn hard to believe. 

7 Ganondork

What kind of name is Ganondorf anyway? It's just Ganon with "dorf" tacked on at the end. Did Nintendo think they would fool people with that complexion and name? With a name like that, of course he turned out to be a bad guy. That and all the leather he is wearing must have irritated his skin like crazy. That getup does not look like it breathes. This cool Link meme is spot on.

6 Great Scott!

Here, we end this meme with Doc Brown exclaiming his famous line. Back to the Future did not invent time travel as a concept in media, but it certainly became the benchmark for pop culture. That’s why it works for this meme. If only Link could travel through time via a Dalorian. Hey Nintendo, it’s never too late for an 80s reboot. 

5 Pot Smash Simulator ’98

It may be a short game, but having a spin-off starring Link smashing pots in certain scenarios does sound appealing as this fake box art meme jokes. It’s always been fun in these games to do it, but Ocarina of Time made the concept more appealing thanks to the sound design. Hearing a pot break was just so satisfying as kid. It may not make sense as to how they reappear again and again, but that’s okay. 

4 Running With Cucco

This meme is a parody of the Garfunkel & Oates song, “Running with Chicken.” That song is itself a reference to a scene in Precious wherein the titular character is running with a bucket of chicken. Speaking of, how do Cucco’s taste? No one may know in this world because as players know, attacking one will brings dozens to defend it. Killing and cooking one seems impossible. For those that haven't heard the song, it still holds up. 

3 Time Growth

This has bothered players for years now. First of all, time travel itself, while iconic, is a hard pill to swallow. Secondly, how does Link’s tunic grow with him? Lastly, conjoined with that thought, where does he get those white tights from? One could easily say magic made the clothes grow with Link but the tights are more of a mystery. 

2 Not For Everyone

Ocarina of Time was made for everyone in mind hence the rating. There is no cussing, or blood, but that’s not to say it can’t be a complete horror show. 

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There are things in this game that would make Tim Burton blush like the ReDead zombies. How was this for kids?

1 ReDead Redemption 

Speaking of ReDeads, how has no one made this joke before? Of course there should be a game starring one called ReDead Redemption. It is a joke too good not to use. And yes, unawakening is not a word, but it works for this meme as it plays off of Link’s Awakening. An unawakening then is presumably a joke about death and revenge. Rockstar and Nintendo used to be tight, as they did get some exclusives. Now is the time to rekindle the relationship. Do it for the fans. 

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