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Mrs. Cute Quel — Hard choice. Original by: jake-clark.tumblr.com

Hard choice. Original by: jake-clark.tumblr.com

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To The Troubled

Characters: Troy Otto, Nick Clark, Jake Otto, Alicia Clark, Madison Clark and a hint of Travis Manawa

Summary: Nick was doing his best to recover at the new institution, from his addiction and his family life, things were not looking so promising until a handsome stranger named Troy walks into the room and now Nick can think beyond tomorrow.

Word count: 14259

Warnings: drugs abuse, implied suicide, implied sexual harassments, child abuse.

A/N: this story is part of a series but can be read individually.

Credits: viking - polarr filter by me, photos from Pinterest


He doesn’t remember when he came to the institution first, it’s been a while, and they had a strict rule about not bothering the patients with dates and periods, not that he minded though, Nick was glad for what the institution offered, safety, food, a good bed and the best part is his mother has to keep up her good act whenever she visits him.

Every day was the same, he’d wake up in the morning, get breakfast, have an hour for daily reading where Nick usually picks a book about chemistry or herbs, sometimes novels if he's in the mood, he enjoyed reading and that's an obvious fact, then he’d go to a private session of therapy where the shrink would keep telling him that he must stay strong, that his mother did him wrong and that it wasn’t his fault that his father died, he was used to it by now.

Next, they’d watch TV and have an hour to socialize which he spends looking out of the window unless someone talks to him, Nick used to be such an extrovert before his mother started drinking like crazy! When the abuse started he closed to himself, he’s trying to get that part of him back though, later comes lunch and then it’s group therapy where they talk about what they thought of their private sessions and their current thoughts, there’s a group for each; children of abusive households, addicts- Nick was in both, and many others.

Later it’s a free period until dinner time, they’d do whatever they want to do, Nick would usually finish reading his book, maybe listen to music or talk to Gloria, she was kind of his friend, she’s bipolar though, sometimes she liked to hang out with him and fill his life with the most interesting stories about her super-rich parents and their adventures, but when she isn’t then he’s all alone, she found a way around taking her meds, so the second part happens more than Nick would like.

This place is different, it’s not like any institution he’s ever been, apparently, it’s for rich people and those who the government failed, it was quite difficult for Nick to get in, Travis’s ex-wife had to pull some strings to get him a spot, they didn’t believe in days so he had no idea when he came and how long he’s been there, he stopped counting, part of him didn't want to get out, he didn’t want to be with his mother anymore.

He sat quietly in the group therapy, listening to everyone go through their stories as if it was something new, he memorized each story by heart now, Joe who’s dad hit him once for yelling at his mother, silent Eddie who never speaks in meetings, cool Linda who had similar struggles to his and lastly, Suzie who goes on and on about her life and thoughts, he zoned out of the meeting quicker than the therapist said “hello everyone” he thought of the visits day, he thought of seeing Alicia, his little sister who looks at him as if he’s nothing but a pathetic loser - which he was or so he thinks.

Alicia used to think of him as her hero once, adapting to the change of their dynamic was all he could do now, he knew it will never be the same between them, then he had his mother and Travis, Travis was cool, he was nice to him, often supported him, he even believed that Nick can actually recover from his addiction, he was clueless to why he started getting high, and his mother would never hit him in front of him, even her drinking habits changed when he was there, Chris sometimes visits, Chris is his stepbrother, they aren’t close but they bonded over their dislike of their family.

It was his mother who he worried about so much, their relationship was so toxic, she’s the reason why he started using to reduce the stress, they had a little game though, where she’d kick him out of the house when she finds drugs in his room, next she would go search for him a week later, she’d beg and cry so he’s left with no choice but return home, she’d send him to a rehab and he’d recover, for a bit, then she’d start making him feel like shit for wasting her money until he starts using again, and lastly, it’s the shouting and the beating until she kicks him out again, and the circle goes on and on.

“Nick?” he heard the feminine voice call him, one that he recognized so well, Dr Winston, the group therapist, he snapped out of his thoughts and looked at her blinking “hm?” Suzie groaned “of course you don’t know what’s going on! You always do that! oh my god, it’s like you don’t even care about what we have to say!” Nick rolled his eyes “Jesus Susan, chill a bit, I’m not the boyfriend who dumped you in the middle of the night and kicked you out! Give me a break” he clapped back, and just when she was about to start again the therapist cleared her throat.

“Guys, we can’t have this every meeting! Each has a turn to speak, and if the others choose to listen or think about something it’s up to them” the older woman said tiredly, Suzie glared at him and never said a word after, well, besides the fake coughed asshole she did, causing both Nick and Dr Winston to share a look “anyway… how’s your session today? Do you have anything to share?” he shrugged, taking a moment to think “I… heard my therapist say that I was doing well, I think he will release me soon” he said, his hands moving everywhere as if it would somehow make him less stressed.

“And how’s that making you feel?” he laughed, terrified, anxious, disconcerted, nervous? He didn’t know the right feeling exactly, it was too much “uh… scared? I just… I’ve done it for so long, I only see two ways how that would go, and both lead to the same shit” he groaned, Dr Winston was saying something when a new man walked in, who looked like a lost dog, Nick guessed he was new to this, they all have the same frightened look on their face, he saw it almost on everyone who walked here, it wasn’t the case with him though Gloria said he looked like he’s so done when he walked through the door.

He must’ve been staring for a while because when he turned his attention back to the group they were all staring at the 6 feet something white boy, the blond looked around terrified until Dr Winston raised her hand for him, he walked to the group and quietly sat on the empty seat “guys, this is Troy, he’s new here, Troy those are Eddie, Joe, Nick, Suzie and Linda, Nick was just telling us about his session earlier” she gave him the friendliest smile.

They all turned their attention back to Nick “what makes you scared the most?” he pouted, uneased, he wasn’t expecting a new guy, and now he’s supposed to share his life with him while he knows nothing about him, besides that he’s messed up somehow “my mom… I don’t want to go back to her but the rules say I must stay with a relative and my dad’s gone so…” he swallowed thickly, looking at both hands.

Dr Winston was about to say something when Suzie raised her hand, the woman sighed “yes Suzie?” the perky blond girl with pixie hair cut smiled “I just felt something about an old memory that I want to share” the doctor leaned further into her chair “you had your turn, Suzie, now it’s Nick’s” but the woman protested, Nick whoever interrupted “it’s fine, I have nothing to say anymore” He lied, or maybe he didn’t, he just didn’t feel like talking anymore and for the first time, Nick was thankful for Suzie being Suzie.

Suzie beamed in excitement, she started talking about the one time her dad refused to give her money to buy a new iPhone so she got upset and slept with his best friend after drugging him as payback, and how her father slapped her for it, Nick disliked Suzie, she always claimed that she was a child of abuse but the more she talks the more he pities her parents, who’d drug a 50 something years old man and fuck him then get upset when their dad reacts the way he did?

And his dislike of her grew when he learned that those sessions weren’t mandatory for her like the rest of them, she and Joe signed up for it, and they both like to pretend that they’ve been abused while Joe was barely slapped once lightly to be brought back to his senses and Suzie, she only does what she does to seem more interesting, people like that are the reason why no one believes abuse victims anymore, both were spoiled rotten and had no business being in the group besides wasting everyone's time, or so the recovering drugs addict thought.

Her little story was interrupted by the sound of rising sobs, they all shared a confused look until they realized it came from the new one “see? New guy gets it!” Suzie threw her arms in the air victoriously “shut up Susan” Nick mumbled, Dr Winston told them to stay calm and give him some space, she calmly explained that Troy sometimes has uncontrollable breakdowns and it’s not because of something they did or said.

It’s been ten minutes and the crying only worsened, Nick was too frustrated, he wasn’t going to sit and watched anymore, he got up from his chair and knelt in front of Troy “Troy, right?” He asked, the blond nodded, this was good, he was responsive, aware of his surroundings “do you wanna get the fuck out of here? There’s a pretty garden outside, you can catch a breath” Troy nodded again, His tears streaming down his cheek like waterfalls.

The brunette got up and offered him a hand which he took after too much time spent freaking out about it “Nick…” Dr Winston said “it’s okay, I’ve dealt with it with Alicia” he assured her, she sighed and gave him an approving look before the two disappeared, they gave them weird looks as they walked to the garden, Troy isn’t being shy about crying, and it was obvious that he was struggling with keeping it down.

They sat on a bench far from the others, the blond almost instantly curled into himself and cried his eyes out “I lied, I never dealt with it with Alicia, I just didn’t want to listen to Suzie anymore” Nick spoke after a while, well, Alicia used to cry a lot when their dad passed away but she stopped after a while though it was nothing like Troy “I guess I wanted a break and I thought you could use one too” he added but he earned no response in return, he sighed “how can I help?” He whispered once he finally gave up.

“You can’t” the other mumbled between the sobs, even though the tears stopped but he was still heaving and shaking, Nick just waited it out until Troy finally calmed down, it took him almost an hour, he hid his face into his knees, too embarrassed to look “I’m Nick Clark” He started again “Troy Otto” the blond whispered drained, Nick nodded “do you want to go back inside?” He slowly shook his head “is it-“ he gasped “is it okay if we just talk?” Nick nodded.

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The children. - Do not worry, dear, I will never abandon you for anything, and I will not exchange for anyone. And I will never cheat on you.

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Feces and go deeper into the tummy, and the spasms will stop. The girl obediently breathed through her mouth and her tits began to sway rhythmically to the beat of her breathing. In the meantime, water continued to flow into Arina's.

Jordan Clarke - freaks (lyric)

No. Nothing like that. I feel great.

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