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Top 25 Most Popular Korean Hairstyles for Men [2021 Update]

Most people are following the culture and adopting Korean hairstyles that are absolutely worth trying as it has a charm of its own. K-pop industry has been gaining immense popularity ever since the success of boy bands such as BTS, EXO, and many others. K-pop beauty industry has a diversity of hairstyles that are related to Western as well as Asian styles.

Korean men have thick and healthy hair thus they are able to pull off any hairstyle. From bowl cut hair to slick back. From shaggy haircut to messy hairdo, you’ve endless options to choose from. If you want to try out unique styles different from the usual ones, you can’t go wrong with these top Korean men hairstyles.

korean men hairstyles

One popular style is to leave the back of the hair longer and layered. The sides are cut in such a way that they come to a point where the sideburns would be seen on a Caucasian. The fringe is flipped to the side above the eye. A slight perm can help produce some waves at the ends of the hair. Otherwise, a small amount of pomade is applied to the fingers and run through the hair to help it stand out from the head a little bit, giving the hair a slightly messy appearance that has become popular around the world.

Younger men are adopting a style where the hair is cut shorter on sides and back, but left heavier and fuller on top. They are having a light perm applied to produce waves in the hair. The fringe is trimmed so that it hangs straight across the forehead.

In a similar style, many young men are having their fringe-trimmed thinner and layered. The ends are razor cut for texture and to provide a touch of unevenness. Both of these styles can be achieved with pomade to provide hold if one does not wish to have a perm put into the hair.


Top Hairstyles for Korean Men 

Many women are fascinated with the appearance of many of today’s more popular Korean pop and television stars. Knowing this, many men try to emulate their hairstyles in the hope that they will be more attractive to the ladies. Therefore, we are going to take a look at the most popular styles for Korean male hair.

1. Mohawk Hairstyle with Undercut

mohawk haircuts for Korean men

One of the Korean men haircuts that never goes out of fashion that is going to be around for long. It’s for the guys who love to flaunt a subtle yet bold style that looks totally punk. Both of the sides are faded leaving the longer hair in the center.

Use a hair gel to add some definition to your spikes and voila, you’re all set to rock the hairdo.


2. Short Messy Hairstyle

messy Korean hairstyles for men

It’s an effortlessly messy and just out of bed look for Korean men that most of us are absolutely crazy for.  If you’ve got wavy/curly long bangs that graze your eyes, you can create a bedhead look by adding some gel making it look more refined.


3. Wavy Hairstyle

side part wavy hairstyles for Korean men

For the wavy heads, this is one of the classic Asian haircuts of all time that compliments your face shape and can be styled in different ways. It’s a very easy look to go with.


4. High & Tight Hairstyle

Korean hairstyles for men

It’s an improvised version of the undercut hairstyle in which the sides of the hair are trimmed shorter whereas the hair on the crown is left longer making it look side-swept. This Korean men haircut is easy to style and carry without looking extra.


5. Curtain Hair

center parted hairstyles for Korean men

This hairstyle is common amongst Korean guys that definitely looks smart. The curtain bangs complement the hairstyle and it’s the best way to flaunt your long fringe with style.


6. Bowl Cut

Korean men bowl haircut

The bowl cut is Korean men’s absolute favorite hairstyle that makes them look kawaii for sure. Most Korean people have sleek and smooth hair, therefore, this style looks totally on point. However, it can be styled in other hair textures too.


7. Slicked Back Hairstyle

It’s a laid back hairstyle that looks professional and neat. If you aren’t fond of bangs falling on your forehead, try out this slicked-back Korean hairdo.


8. Platinum Blonde Hairstyle

Flip your long fringe with this classy Korean men haircut. What really catches the eye is the platinum shade of the color. Also, you can wear this hairstyle in different ways be it side part, center part or slick back.


9. Emo Hairstyle

Korean men love to spice up their hair with varying colors and they pull it off so well. We have our heart out on cotton candy-colored hair that captivates the eye and makes you want to have your favorite sugary treat.


10. Side-Parted Hair with Undercut

side part with undercut hairstyles for Korean male

The BTS fans must be squealing at the Rap Monster’s style that sets him apart. The hairstyle is an innovative version of the two-block cut. One side of the hair is shaved while the rest of the hair is slightly slicked back, giving off rock star vibes.


11. Natural Pomade Hair

The hair flawlessly falls to one side of the forehead giving an illusion of pomade hair. This Korean hairstyle for Asian boys is a casual hairdo that looks neat and elegant.


12. Wet Surfer Hair Look

The messy wet hair look is major hair goals. It’s like your hair had a crazy night out.  If you’re tired of wearing the plain old hairdo, why not splash some gel to create a sleek wet style that reminds you of beach and sunshine?


13. Comb Over with Hard Part

It’s easily one of the classic and popular Korean hairstyles that never gets old. If you’ve got long/medium hair, the side-swept look is the look to die for.


14. Shag Cut

The two-block haircut is the most adored Korean hairstyles for males to which you can add different variations to it. The hair is all swept towards the forehead making it look grungy and untidy in a good way. The sides are slightly cropped to even out the look.


15. Long Straight Haircut

korean hairstyles for male

Step up your hair game with this striking haircut and make a bold hair statement. The haircut is meant for the guys who want to display their long hair in the best way possible. It’s a layered long hairdo with curtain bangs that frame the face.


16. Flow Hairstyle

Look like a 90’s hipster with this dazzling long Korean men’s hairstyle and unleash your inner style. If you’re starting to grow out your hair, why not try out this versatile style that puts you under the spotlight?


17. Bandana Hairstyle

Grab a hair accessory and look versatile with the headband look. Korean men have this great liking for cute hair accessories and props that look adorable. If you’ve got curly/wavy hair, you can rock a bandana look like a pro.


18. Curly Hairstyle

Embrace your curly hair with this shaggy hairstyle that’s low maintenance and timeless.


19. Military Cut

Military cuts used to be the style worn by military guys but not anymore now. It’s trending amongst Korean men who wish to keep their short and faded. This hairstyle is perfect for summers.


20. Orange Colored Hair

Korean men haircut

Korean men are versatile when it comes to hair and their hairstyles are completely different from the West. They love to try vibrant colors on their hair that does indeed step up the hair game. 

If you’re an orange lover, you can’t go wrong with this K-pop haircut. Let your hair fall smoothly over your forehead.


21. Slicked Back Undercut 

Combine slicked back hair with faded sides and look flawless. It’s such a masculine and sophisticated look that is a game-changer. 

Use a hair wax create a polished look and comb your hair to one side. The Korean hairstyle is best for those who have long hair on top which will make it easier to add some height.


22. Side Swept Hair with Undercut

Korean men with side swept hairstyles

This Korean men hairstyle is an epitome of boldness and classiness. The long hair is swept over one side and undercut on the other. You can add hair gel to give it a wet hair look.


23. Long Feather Haircut

long feather haircuts for Korean men

Long hairstyles for Korean men look mesmerizing and completely transforms the entire look if you have switched from short to long hair.

Growing out your hair isn’t a problem, choosing the perfect style is. This haircut should be on your top list. The hair falls till the neck and it has many layers to it making you look like a fashionista.


24. Short Straight Hair

Korean Hairstyles

Those who work in creative fields such as photography, interior design, and such are going with a slightly “geeky” look. Here, the hair is cut short and thick with almost no layering. The trick lies in how it is styled.

The hair is combed or brushed to the side with the fringe coming down nearly to the eyes. A touch of pomade is needed to provide some texture and hold in order to keep this stylish. Otherwise, it is very straightforward and makes the wearer look like a nerd.


25. Permed Mullet

Korean men Hairstyles

While perms are not really popular in Korean male hair, the above style can be modified with a light perm to make styling and maintenance easier. The perm produces waves in the hair that can be directed to lay in random patterns and held in place with pomade or hair spray. This is a very low maintenance styling choice.

Sours: https://coolmenshair.com/korean-male-hair/

2020 Korean Men Fashion-20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 16 – Stylish and Striped

Striped clothing is its own thing. It has a way of looking uber good no matter what type of clothing it is. This striped pullover looks absolutely amazing not only because it features stripes, but also because the design is super groovy and high-end. If you want to go for a minimalist look, this is the perfect style for you. All you need is a fashionable piece that has a cool design, preferably stripes, and you can simply pair it up with a plain jeans or trousers. Korean men are notorious for being prettier than women and so they are often seen wearing makeup and jewelry. While not all men are up for that, an accessory like a ring or a watch can do wonders for your look.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 15 – Jacket, Muffler and Beanie Style for Winters

Looking for some Winter outfits inspiration? Well, look no further. This right here, is what’s traditionally worn by Korean men in Winters. It’s not only stylish but also practical as you’ll be completely covered against the cold and chill. The gray-black tones of the ensemble make it look especially classy. The same result couldn’t have been achieved if there was a riot of colors in there. However, considering this is Korean fashion we’re talking about, you never know. These people are known for their weird and cool fashion sense. For some shopping guidance, check out 10 Most Affordable Designer Brands for Men you Didn’t Know.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 14 – Multiple Layered Clothing

Another cool trend: the layered clothing trend! You’ll see the multiple layer trend in Korean fashion a lot. Multiple t-shirts, multiple sweaters, even pants! It’s definitely something we recommend you try because it’s edgy and fashion-forward and safe choices are a thing of the past. This is a pretty gutsy look. We’re pretty sure no one outside of Korea has ever thought to do this before. Just look at those enormous holes! Like we said, its gutsy.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 13 – A Splash of Neon

Neon colors are a popular choice among the Korean fashion industry. You can see various K-pop idols and other stars sporting outfits featuring bursts of neon colors. They attract the eye pretty quickly so you can be sure your outfit will liven up and draw attention if you choose to go with such colors. The coat the model can be seen wearing is in neon yellow and as you can see it took a boring t shirt and pants and turned them into something exciting and worth noticing. So you can make a relatively simple outfit standout if you just pair it up with a splash of neon.

You’ll also find great ideas on both casual and formal dressing from these 30 Most Sexy Italian Men Street Style Fashion Ideas To Copy

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 12 – Leather Jackets

There will come a time when leather jackets go out of fashion, but not in the next few centuries, we conjecture. Leather has a way of making everything look better, especially black leather. The model wears a simple tee and a denim jacket beneath the leather one, the multiple-layer trend we talked about earlier. The outfit is both sleek and sophisticated and projects the bad boy image, ladies so desire to see. It is important that the jacket you’re wearing above be smaller than the one below so it can be seen properly.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 11 – Suspenders over Crisp Shirts

Okay, so these leather belt suspenders are the most gorgeous things you’ve probably ever seen. BTS’s Jungkook pulls off this look with such grace and style. It’s a sophisticated look despite the earrings and the pink hair. And if you didn’t already know that he was a famous performer, you’d mistake him for a very fashionable entrepreneur.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 10 – Overlong Kurti Shirts

The entire motto behind Korean fashion seems to be never wearing something that fits you completely. There are baggy items of clothing and then there are overlong items of clothing. This kurti-esque shirt is really unique in its appearance, the sidecut is a genius idea and you bet no one ever thought of doing such a thing before the Korean fashion industry did it. Not even women have been seen wearing something this fabulous. A sharp leather jacket or a baggy sweater or even pull over on top would look great as well.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 9 – Color-coordinated Outfit

Korean boys are always sharply dressed no matter how off-the-books their styling is and that is something that is hard to pull off normally. They are super conscious about their looks and dressing which is why they always take great pains to look their best and look effortless in whatever they choose to wear. Here, the man wears everything in muted shades of green except for the sweater which looks brighter. He pairs the outfit with high-end sneakers and contrasting sunglasses which look incredible.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 8 – Puffed Sleeved Jackets

Straight out of the Victorian era. Or not? This entire outfit is the perfect example of the funkiness Korean fashion is known dearly for. It’s a plain pullover, matched with cool grey trousers and this awesome jacket with puffed up sleeves that someone outside of a movie set will think twice about wearing. White, black and grey, and all items completely not in sync with each other, yet somehow, they are? All we know is, you cannot look cooler than this. So buckle up, you’re about to turn a lot of heads!

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 7 – Eccentric Printed Clothes

T-shirts, pants, sweaters, everything looks extra good if it’s printed and better yet, if it’s printed eccentrically. Pretty much all t-shirts these days are offbeat and outlandish but there are still things that can be considered ‘safe’ and ‘normal’. It’s your job to pick something that is the opposite of that. Pick something daring. And then depending on your style pair it up with equally offbeat and outlandish things, like the beaded bracelet in this picture. Don’t miss out these 10 Swag Outfits for Teen Guys for Perfect Funky Look

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 6 – Floral Dress Shirt

This look has a touch of femininity to it what with the washed-out, watercolor floral print, the material of the shirt, the sleeves as well as the bow at the top. It’s best suited for formal occasions such as dress up parties, weddings or just a gathering among friends. It’s certainly not something you can wear at a business meeting, though. Be sure to pair it up with black trousers, not pants and certainly no denim, that would ruin the formal nature of the ensemble completely.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 5 – Sharp-cut and Edgy Jackets

The cuts on this thing are insane. If you want something edgy and are going for a gothic, emo look, try and replicate this look. The model can be seen wearing a classy black sweater underneath the jacket, matching black pants, the traditionally floppy hairstyle and jewelry! Yes, Korean men love their accessories.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 4 – Rich Business Man Look

This entire ensemble oozes class and refinement. First up there is the plain wool shirt underneath, then plaid pants, the extremely handsome coat, a designer bag and stylish sunglasses. Go for a single color theme, preferably darker like shown in this picture. You just can’t achieve this level of perfection in something lighter and brighter, especially if you’re a businessman.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 3 – Ripped and Bleached Denim

Ripped pants are old news kept fresh by its continuous appearance in Korean fashion. The bleached and ripped denim can be seen almost everywhere, on both men in the form of pants and in women in the form of pants and skirts. These can be paired with plaid shirts, t-shirts, sweaters, jackets and even coats.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 2 – Hip Hop Look

Nothing says hip hop better than a cap worn backwards. But if you’re looking to make more of a statement, here is some colorful and fashionable inspiration. All elements, we’ve already described. Stripes, layers of clothing, splash of color amid monotones mixed with daring that will let you make bold choices, no regrets later. The half-sleeved printed shirt has some really nice colors that mix well with the black and white of the stripes, the brown of the pants and the red of the shoes. This is what you need to do; find a mixture of colors that suits you and then pull it off effortlessly with confidence.

2020 Korean Men Fashion20 Outfit Ideas Inspired By Korean Men

↓ 1 – Half-Tucked Shirt

That is certainly one way of using a tie, isn’t it? The pocket on the shirt is on odd with the shirt itself but matches the tie perfectly and that is why it manages to look classy. The half-tucked aspect plus the unbuttoned sleeves give the look a careless yet controlled feel which is pretty smart, to be honest. The model pairs the shirt up with black pants and the black, grey and a small splash of red makes for an elegant combination. This is something you can do on both informal and formal occasions. All you have to do is take any stylish shirt and then tuck one end in, leave the other out and as for the tie, leave it anywhere but the place it’s supposed to be and you would have made a statement.

Sours: https://www.brandedgirls.com/korean-men-fashion-styles-outfits/
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South Korean term for an attractive young man

Kkonminam (Korean: 꽃미남; Hanja: 꽃美男; About this soundlisten (help·info)kkot/n [꽃] = flower, minam [미남] = handsome man) has been commonly used in South Korea since the mid-2000s to refer to young men who are concerned with personal style and fashion. Although they are sometimes regarded as bishōnen, neither gender or sexual orientation defines the term.[1]


The word "kkonminam" is a neologism that was first used to describe "pretty boy characters from girls comics who regularly appeared against backgrounds filled with flowery patterns".[2] The Korean kkonminam concept of soft masculinity originates from the Japanese concept of bishōnen in shōjo manga and anime, but, according to Sun Jung, with more purity, innocence and politeness.[2]

The emergence of kkonminam was a socio-cultural phenomenon associated with the influence of Mandatory Military Service (strong and tall physical appeal) and Japanese entertainment's androgyny such as manga, dramas, beauty products and music (particularly visual-kei rock bands like X Japan and L'Arc-en-Ciel) in the 1990s. Even though Japanese popular culture was officially banned before 1998, koreans gathered information in a variety of ways, mainly through underground personalized human networks, internet, trips to Japan and piracy. H.O.T., a revolutionary K-pop group, credited for effeminating korean masculinity, was heavily criticized at the time for borrowing Japanese style.[3][4][5][6][7][8] Professor Kim Hyun Mee at Yonsei University attributes this to the growing independence and confidence of Asian women: "[they] can afford to be more selective when choosing a mate."[9]

The National Security Act affected South Korea in the 1990s when restrictions were placed on international imports. Due to the Act, Korea experienced restrictions on television programming. Television companies turned instead to establishing channels such as Mnet in order to broadcast commercial programs such as K-pop. Mnet is a South Korean television music channel that has a variety of talk, game, and live music shows.[10]

In the late 1990s, Kkonminam images became notable in the Korean entertainment industry, glorifying "pretty" boys with smooth, fair skin, silky hair, and a feminine manner. These new images replaced the previous ones of tough and aggressive Korean men in television commercials, dramas, and on billboards.[2] The Kkonminam phenomenon is prominent in Korean popular culture; it can be seen in fashion, music, photography, advertising, and television.[11]


In 2009, a Korean television series called Boys over Flowers (based on Japanese shojo manga Hana Yori Dango) gained popularity in South Korea and across Asia. The plot follows an average high school girl who gets involved in the life of an arrogant rich boy and his friends. In Boys over Flowers: "the males have childlike and boyish features in contrast to their strong and muscular bodies. The popularity of the show influenced many South Korean men to take their appearance more seriously. An increasing number of South Korean males began applying cosmetics, wearing preppy and cruise-like outfits and sporting traditionally feminine looks, colors, and prints".[12]

Korean boy pop bands[edit]

Crystal S. Anderson, a Cultural Studies research scholar at Longwood University, found a variety of ways in which global fans refer to the unique masculinity of male K-pop groups. One respondent wrote: "I am also really curious about flower boys and the varying expressions of masculinity in Korean boy bands." Another respondent noted: "The first thing that attracted me when I was young is that Korean artists were exceptionally handsome/beautiful and possessed unique style, both in their music and fashion," linking appearance to a certain style.[13]

Hybrid bands[edit]

Examples of Korean boy bands that exemplify this phenomenon are 2PM, Highlight, and MBLAQ.[11][14] These bands draw on elements of "gangster" and hip-hop themes in their performances. The hybridized aspects help the bands appeal to broader audiences. Analysts note that these boy bands display masculinity of both kawaii and kkonminam elements.[14] These boy bands test stereotypical masculinity.

Due to their tough masculine image, 2PM have been nicknamed by local Korean media and netizens as Jimseungdol.[15] On-stage, they showcase theatrical manliness. In performances of "Heartbeat", the title song of their first album, they put on a hyper-masculine, beast-like performance. In the performances, Taecyeon tears off his shirt, Nichkhun symbolically rips out Taecyeon's heart in a brutal manner, and Chan-Sung breathes fiercely while lifting Nichkhun over his head.[11]

See also[edit]


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20+ Best Korean Men Haircut & Hairstyle Ideas

Korea’s trailblazing ideas with fashion are one of the leading influences for versatile hairstyles around the world. Korean men haircut, in particular, expand the possibilities of how someone can make their appearance fun and charismatic. Their laid-back designs are easy on the eyes and adapt to every type of environment for your personal and professional life.

Popular Haircuts for Korean Men

The two-block haircut takes the world by storm for Korean men and anyone inspired by their culture. Think of a traditional undercut with a modern upgrade. The hair on the sides and around the neckline remains short, while the hair on the crown is longer. The difference between the two ranges between 2-3 inches or several. The key element of personalizing a two-block cut is shaping the hair on top.

Asian hair is relatively soft, which makes it transform into a wide range of styles. Other common Korean haircuts include the pompadour, side fringe, and bowl cuts. If you want an authentic Korean men haircut, take a few notes from the inspiring looks below.

#1 Korean Perm Haircut

Curls easily create an irresistible heartthrob look. Leave the undercut part of the hairstyle straight, and trim the sideburns into a pointed edge around the ears. Use a curling iron to create layers of subtle curls or ask your barber about a perm.

#2 Short Korean French Crop

French crops are the epitome of elegant Korean haircuts. Your grooming routine will be quick and painless by just brushing your short crop forward from the crown. A medium-fade with a shaggy line-up around the forehead relaxes the potential sharpness of the angular crop.

#3 Shaggy French Crop with Medium Fade

A shaggier variation of the look above creates subtle tousles with medium length hair. By brushing the hair forwards, thick locks will churn out more texture. A burst fade around the ears offers an alluring contrast from the crown and neckline.

#4 Curtain Fringe

Sometimes you need a hairstyle where you can just run your hand through your hair and not worry if you ruined your perfected grooming. 90s Curtain hairstyles allow gravity to take control as the medium length fringe hangs from the middle part after brushing it once or twice.

#5 Two Block with Bangs

Two block is another popular hairstyle for Korean haircuts. If you’re wary about experimenting with this style for the first time, improvise with bangs. Brush your hair into two parts on each side, so the hair flows naturally over the face. All of the elements together offer a compelling peek-a-boo illusion.

#6 Side Swept Hard Part

A soft part camouflages the hair into the middle or side, while a hard alternative uses a line-up to distinguish the part. It acts as a guideline for a buzz cut on one side and swooping the other part into an upward angle. This Ivy League appearance tops off sophistication with platinum dye and natural facial hair.

#7 One-Sided Quiff

Quiffs technically brush the hair forward and up. However, you can experiment with the direction by parting your hair down and to the side. A rounded brush, blow dryer, and pomade will smooth the hair into a backward wave and bounce off a drop fade.

#8 Comb Over with Drop Fade

Most men categorize a comb over with volume. However, if you like to keep your hair low, you can still achieve this retro-inspired style with a buzz cut. A minimal amount of pomade will mold the hair to the side and provide enough volume for a sleek finish.

#9 Disconnected Undercut

Let your hairstyle scream bedhead vibes by sweeping long the locks backward. Choppy untamed layers add fullness as well as texture. If you want to prevent too much movement, a firm hold hair gel will keep it in place as much as possible.

#10 Curtain Fringe-Up

This Curtain-inspired haircut maintains the traditional part down the middle but brushes the hair back for a subtle lift. It’s an effective way to rebel against the traditional curtains hairstyle and show off your sharp jawline.

#11 Mid-Length Bowl Cut

Here’s one reason not to underestimate the youthfulness of a bowl cut. The bangs and bowl cut settles at mid-length over the eyebrows, while minimal layers camouflage the short hair around the neck. The combination of both skillfully frame the face with more hair down the back.

#12 Thick Wavy Crew Cut

One of the major appeals for a crew cut is the short length. However, if your hair lays in-between short and medium lengths, you can still carry this hairstyle with confidence. Tease out pockets of waves by brushing your hair upwards for more definition.

#13 Curly Curtains Haircut

The most identifiable characteristic of a curtains hairstyle is parting the middle. You can keep it as subtle as possible or create a deep groove. This hairstyle parts far enough into the middle that the sides draw into soft curls around the face.

#14 Textured Two Block Haircut

The trick with some layers is making them stand out on their own. If your hair is thick enough, use hair wax to make it look meticulous yet messy. Longer hair in the back also complements a short trim along with the sideburns.

#15 Angular Side Part

Similar to the previous platinum hairstyle above, this version also splits the hair into a shorter trim on one side and a hard comb-over on the other. However, what differentiates this look is a medium fade that angles at the temple and the natural black color tone instead of a platinum dye.

#16 Spiky Top with Undercut

#17 Slicked Back Haircut

#18 Thin Curtains Hair


The world-renowned influence of the Korean pop phenomenon BTS and TikTok stars are leading the way for up-to-date styles. If you want to become more creative with your look, Korean haircuts are a shining example of ingenuity and personality.

Sours: https://menshairstyletips.com/korean-men-haircut/

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Men in Korea have set the bar high for great fashion sense. They have it in their pocket about looking put together and classy. They know what is in and what is not. In the Korean style, men are keeping up with the latest trends. K-fashion is known to be the heart of inspiration for people all over the world. It is no secret that the Korean men’s fashion game is apparently ahead of many other sensations. It’s because of their styling game and also the K-fashion brands we have here in Korea. Here, you will be guided about men’s Korean fashion trends, which K-pop idols have worn their clothes, their price ranges, and their shipping rules about where they ship to or not.

So buckle up, and get ready to dress your best in Korean men’s fashion. Now let’s dive straight into the brands that Korean men love to wear and the best men’s Korean fashion online shopping stores.

The Best Men’s Korean Fashion Online Shopping Stores

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Musinsa is one of the most popular online shopping stores in Korea. A standard brand for men’s clothing and fashion items, MUSINSA envisions classy and chic items, it has extremely stylish scarves for men. Korean men love to shop for their wardrobe here because they not only have clothing items but the latest trending accessories especially tons of shoes. They have a wide range of fashionable goods that are affordable under $100 and more as well. They offer nationwide shipping in Korea but unfortunately do not ship internationally. So, you can use Korean buying services. Check more details of proxy shopping service here.


YesStyle offers such a great collection of fashion items for men, it is truly amazing. You can buy affordable shoes even at $20 that will be of outstanding quality. They do offer international shipping to selected countries, so make sure to check whether they deliver to where you live or not on the list below.


Austria, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Brunei Darussalam, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kuwait, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Vietnam.

Yesstyle offer free express shipping to United States with any US$ 59 purchase and check shipping rates to other countries here.


Started as a small business in the year 2007, Moyen carries a significant vision of carefully choosing to put in their shop the items that they love. It has a total of five stores in Korea. They view clothing as a tool of life, something one needs in great quality to go through life well. Also, Moyen has got a creative approach and delivers comfortable and classic wear for men. You’ll see that they have everything you need to dress like Korean men, from trendy clothing items all the way to bags and shoes as well as other accessories.

They have a nationwide delivery in Korea, they don’t offer worldwide shipping. Moyen has extremely reasonable prices for the quality they offer such as exceptional wear under $50 and it goes higher for some items but it is all very affordable.


Creating comfortable and timeless clothing pieces for men, they are known to be a frequent stop for Korean men. Jogunshop has an amazing collection of sweaters and pants, a perfect place to shop for dressing just as Korean men do. Moreover, they have extremely affordable items below $60 even, everything is great at Jogunshop. They are providing international shipping for overseas customers.

For shipping fee and delivery date, check this.


A very well known Korean fashion brand, Kooding, excels in providing great fashion for men under $100 and $50 as well. They have extremely nice clothing that Korean men incorporate into daily wear, easing your task of dressing like them even more. What’s more, international shipping is available and they offer discounts and sales often!


US, Canada, United Kingdom (Great Britain), France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China,

Here, you can check shipping rates by selecting your country.

The Korean Fashion

Known for affordable fashion pieces, this platform delivers all the latest trendy items that you may be eyeing after seeing Korean men rocking the items. The Korean Fashion is known to be very affordable and very good quality all over the Korean fashion scene for men, they provide excellent trends right at your doorstep. They offer international shipping, so get started to dress like Korean men today and place your order!

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This is a great place to buy the high quality and fashionable items that are inspired by the fashion game of Korean men. In fact, they have a special section on the website for buying items worn by K-pop stars. So if you are looking to purchase anything you liked in particular from your favorite K-pop idols, hop on their website now. What’s even greater is that their items are very affordable for being so chic and trendy. Okvit provides international shipping which is great for overseas customers who want to dress like the Korean men and are inspired by them.


  • USA : SF express 5~10 business days, Pantos 8~15 business days, DHL 2~3 business days, EMS 5~14 business days
  • Japan: SF express 3~5 business days, EMS 5~14 business days
  • China: EMS 5~14 business days
  • Taiwan: SF express: 1~3 business days, EMS 5~14 business days, Pantos 5~10 business days
  • Chinese Hongkong&Macau: Qexpress 3~5 business days, SF express: 1~3 business days, EMS 5~14 business days
  • Singapore: SF express 3~5 business days, EMS 5~14 business days, Pantos 5~10 business days
  • Malaysia: SF express 4~7 business days, EMS 5~14 business days, Pantos 5~10 business days
  • Canada: EMS 5~14 business days
  • Australia: DHL 5~9 business days, EMS 7~15 business days, Pantos 7~14 business days
  • Europe: DHL 4~7 business days, EMS 7~15 business days
  • Other countries: DHL 5~7 business days, EMS 7~18 business days, Pantos 7~18 business days

Check more details here.


Very popular amongst the Korean men’s fashion scene, HISFIT has got some of the most renowned puffer jackets and coats for men. They have amazing padded jackets and outerwear on their site. Furthermore, their items are very affordable ranging from below $50 to above that as well. Personally, I love the style of Hisfit shop and highly recommend it! Look around and consider Korean buying services as they are offering nationwide delivery only yet.

Locker Room

Unique and classy, Locker Room is widely popular for Korean men’s fashion. They have the most sophisticated and classic items inspired by the dressing style of Korean men. Locker Room provides extremely affordable pieces.

Mens Castle

Mens Castle is a Korean Fashion brand that offers a wide range of Korean men’s trendy clothing. Not only they are a well-known platform for styling and dressing just like Korean men but they also have items ranging from below $100 and above $100 as well. Mens Castle offers domestic/nationwide delivery for their products.

Men’s Korean Fashion Trends 2021

Listed below are Korean men’s fashion trends that you can follow to up your outfit game. These trends are seen pretty much everywhere where a man in Korea knows how to dress well. These are effective trends, so take notes and try to incorporate these specific items in your wardrobe to get a good start.

Keeping it Monochromatic

When it comes to men’s fashion in Korea, this trend catches the eye pretty much instantly. It incorporates the use of just single colored items, all put into creating one outfit. Dressing up in a single color is known to be a cool men’s fashion strategy, as it appears totally effortless, yet looks absolutely ideal. There is no doubt here that it is hence dubbed as the unofficial uniform of the Korean men all over the globe. They know how to do this fashion thing right.

Sporty / Athletic

Ever wonder how Korean men can look so effortlessly chic on a day to day basis? It’s all thanks to this one trend. It involves wearing sportswear and casual, laid back items with a few luxury and classic items. For example, a classic button-up paired with a pair of laid back basketball shorts or jogger pants is such a perfect look worn well by Korean men. It has benefits to being comfortable to wear and can be worn at any time of the day for going anywhere. Also, It looks well put together while not overdoing anything. It keeps everything in balance. Jin from BTS is known for wearing this trend, he often wears oxford style sweaters with casual pants to achieve the look. A sports hoodie with jeans does the trick for him as well.

Make it POP with Neon

Bring that oomph to your outfit like the Korean men do, by incorporating just one or two neon pieces into your outfit. This brings attention to your outfit and really makes you stand out from the crowd. Experimenting with this trend is always fun and you might just discover amazing neon fashion pieces that Korean men wear.

Oversize it

This one comes as no surprise. Korean men are known to best sport this trend. The oversize trend became a hit in South Korea for men during the ‘90s runway shows in Seoul. It has never burnt out because it looks perfect. Korean men are a representation of wearing oversized sweatshirts, hoodies, coats, and jeans but they keep it balanced. Well-fitted jeans with an oversized sweatshirt is the way to go. Korean men know how to do this best, and that’s why we are to look at them for inspiration. EXO members are frequently seen sporting this trend off duty.

Kpop Male Idols Fashion

Speaking of men’s fashion particularly, K-pop male idols know how to dress the best. They have hugely contributed to the fashion scene for men in Korea. They always look perfect, and it’s no surprise that their fashion trends and fashion game has inspired millions all over the planet to want to dress just like them. But isn’t dressing in Korean men’s fashion going to be hard to achieve? This is because they wear Korean fashion brands that are pretty difficult to get around other countries. For that reason, this article helps you to find out Korean male fashion trends and Korean men’s clothing brands in depth. 

2020 has been a great year for Korean men’s fashion, a large inspiration full of trends have come straight from Korea and their runway shows. They feature eclectic and bold energy, which really does take a whole outfit to the next level. They love experimentation and have no rules when it comes to fashion for men, which is a treat and fun way to explore one’s own unique style. There’s no set of do’s and don’ts one must follow, is that not an amazing way of exploring and discovering new trends? This makes Korean men’s fashion original and avant-garde.

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#1 Biker Chic


Cropped and clean, Korean men look to biker jackets as key casual layering. And the more leather the better. Black perfecto jackets create a Marlon Brando shrine to the Fifties, a neat white t-shirt tucked in to classic blue jeans and boots – nothing cropped and over-styled.

Suede – in chocolate and mocha – jackets are the second leather-love. Again worn with a basic, clean tee, but more Ramones-esque with stovepipe jeans and side-buckled Chelsea boots, the denim belted over zip-front pockets – adding as much metal as they can.

#2 Hoodwinked


Making a fashion play on the activewear trend, Koreans are hoodwinked by the hoodie. The comfort clothing is well-beyond the athletic track or greasy gym and comes nighttime neoprene black with chunky statement zips for a moody, mechanical finish. Under a topcoat in the season’s camel-hue, it’s the perfect depth-addition to an otherwise minimal tailored rock outfit – black skinnys and chunky Docs the base-half.

Koreans – streetwear fiends – bounce along with the bold, bright hoodie too. Paired with slim, active-inspired trousers and white plimsols, the hoodie is refreshingly snug; nothing contrived and oversized, groping away from the ill-fit of the Nineties.

#3 Chaotic Camel


Camel topcoats – with sprawling peak lapels and sharp shoulders – are a welcomed outerwear piece in winter, lightening the bleak Seoul streets. But it wouldn’t be Korea without some style-rebellion to derail British tradition. This looks like camouflage print and patches or logos. Camo-print track pants (never khaki pants) and their khaki base-colour ties in nicely with a camel coat, kept particularly fresh with a white tee and sneakers (instead of military boots, which would give this look more oomph).

Punk-ish patches emblazoned the back of Chesterfields, in a blink-and-miss-it act of anarchy, that resolved peacefully with stoic dark denim (void of rips so to appear too punk-themed), white sneakers and a felt hat. The perfect blend of punk, tailored and street wear.

#4 Poppin’ Colour



Taking inspiration from the classic Brits (a la Burberry) and fuss-free Scandinavians, Koreans tap easy-go monochrome ensembles. Based on three-piece looks, black slim-fit trousers, a long-sleeve plain tee and cotton topcoat (trench or work jacket) lay the foundation for the minimalism. Then jazz it up Seoul-style with orange-lensed shades (a huge trend in Korea this season) or something less brash – a fine silver necklace.

#6 Denim, For Days


Like the Japanese, Koreans adore their denim. Top-to-bottom Canadian suits (aka double denim) injected with a freshness known to Seoul. A common trend this season is the slashed sleeve denim shirt; cut home-job style at the elbow and layered over a long-sleeve t-shirt or sweater. The black buffers the matching denim jeans with gargantuan holes that would displease any mother.

Not into all-over shreds? stick to distressed jeans with a simple shirt and sneaker. Or considers a selvedge denim in inky-blue, opting for a white contrast stitch to show the mechanics of craftsmanship. Makes for a great winter and nighttime denim.

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