Volume word problems 8th grade

Volume word problems 8th grade DEFAULT

Volume Word Problems

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Examples, solutions, videos, worksheets, games, and activities to help Algebra students learn how to solve word problems that involve volume.

Volume of a rectangular prism: word problem
Mario has a fish tank that a right rectangular prism with base 15.6 cm by 7 cm. The bottom of the tank is filled with marbles, and the tank is filled with water to a height of 6.4 cm. When the marbles are removed, the water level drops to a height of 5.9 cm. What is the volume of water displaced by the marbles?

Volume Word Problems - Geometry Help
An exotic fish is placed in a rectangular aquarium that has a length of 75 cm and a width of 35 cm. If the water level rises 2 cm when the fish is placed in the aquarium, what is the volume of the fish? Volume word problem
A water tank is 12 feet high, 5 feet long, and 9 feet wide. A solid metal box which is 7 feet high, 4 feet long, and 8 feet wide is sitting at the bottom of the tank. The tank is filled with water. What is the volume of the water in the tank?

Word Problems involving volume of Prisms, Pyramids, Cylinders, Cones and Spheres
A can of whipped cream is a cylinder 3.5 inches in diameter and 5.25 inches high with a round top that is 1/2 of a sphere. If the contents are 1/2 compressed gas and 1/2 cream, what is the volume of whipped cream in the can?

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Volume Worksheets 8th Grade

The volume worksheets 8th grade provide practice questions based on simple figures such as cuboids, cubes, cylinders, cones, composite figures, and pyramids and then proceed to difficult questions that involve word problems. These 8th grade math worksheets also help students learn how addition and subtraction are integrated with finding a volume of any shape.

Benefits of Volume Worksheets Grade 8

The main benefit of volume worksheets 8th grade is that students get exposed to a variety of questions involving decimals and using the relevant formulas for each question. With regular practice, students will be able to solve complex problems and work at their own pace.

Many websites might provide similar worksheets but the Cuemath 8th-grade volume worksheets come with visual simulation for students to see the problems in action, an answer key that provides a detailed step-by-step solution for students to understand the process better, and a worksheet with detailed solutions.

Printable PDFs for Grade 8 Volume Worksheets

For students to improve their speed and accuracy in solving problems, they can download the 8th-grade volume worksheets in a PDF format for free.

Explore more topics at Cuemath's Math Worksheets.

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Volume - 8th grade (13y) - math problems

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  • Oil crisis
    fuel A car runs 16 km using 1 litre of petrol. How much distance will it cover using 2 3/4 litres of petrol?
  • Gas prices 2021
    gasprom According to the SPP price list in 2021, the price of natural gas together with its supply is as follows: D1 - we cook. Fix 3.34 euros/month and 0.0479 euros/kWh (1 cubic meter of gas is approximately 10.555 kWh. It is called combustion heat and changes o
  • The base
    lich_hranol The base of the quadrilateral prism is a trapezoid with a content of 75 cm square. The prism is 6 cm high. Find the volume of the prism.
  • There
    watertank There is water in the block-shaped tank with dimensions of 3 m 1.5 m 5 m, it occupies 70% of the tank volume. Find the volume of water in the tank (in hl) .
  • A diesel car
    fuel A diesel car costs $2599 more than an unleaded petrol car and travels an average of 25,000km per year. Diesel petrol has a consumption rate of 7.4L per 100km and costs $1.39 per litre. Unleaded petrol has a consumption rate of 8.5L per 100km and costs $1.
  • Eights of butter
    butter How many eights of butter (1/8 of kg = 125 g) can be stored in a box with dimensions of 4 dm, 2 dm, 1.8 dm, if the eighth of butter has dimensions of 8 cm, 5 cm, 3 cm?
  • Cost structure
    factory_butter You are currently trying to decide between two cost structures for your business: one that has a greater proportion of short-term fixed costs and another that is more heavily weighted to variable costs. Estimated revenue and cost data for each alternative
  • The cost 3
    fuel The cost of 2 ¾ litres of petrol is Rs 250 ½. What is the cost of 1 litre of petrol?
  • Swimming pool 5
    pool A rectangular inflatable swimming pool is 3 yards long, 2 5/8 yards wide, and  1 3/5 yard tall. What is the volume of the pool? Round to the nearest tenth.
  • Petrol as fuel
    fuel A car can travel 480 miles on a full tank of petrol. The tank holds 60 litres. The fuel gauge shows there are 15 litres left in the tank. How many more miles can the car travel before it runs out of petrol?
  • Tom has
    water2 Tom has a water tank that holds 5 gallons of water. Tom uses water from a full tank to fill 6 bottles that each hold 16 ounces and a pitcher that holds 1/2 gallon. How many ounces of water are left in the water tank?
  • An architect
    cuboid_3colors An architect is designing a house. He wants the bedroom to have the dimensions of 8 ft by 4 ft by 7 ft. The architect doubles all three dimensions to create the den. Does that mean the den will have double the volume of the bedroom? First, find the volume
  • Water overflow
    akvarko A rectangular container that has a length of 30 cm, a width of 20 cm, and a height of 24 cm is filled with water to a depth of 15 cm. When an additional 6.5 liters of water are poured into the container, some water overflows. How many liters of water over
  • Volume per time 2
    water2 Benjamin drinks tea at an incredible rate. He drinks 3 1/2 liters of tea every 2/3 of an hour. Ben drinks tea at a constant rate. How much does he drink in one hour?
  • What power
    radiator What power should the radiator have in a room 5x4 meters with a height of 3 meters? Hint: Calculate 35 watts per meter ^ 3 in case you need 22 degrees in the room but you need about 24 degrees in the bathroom. It's an old heating cheat, but it will defini
  • There
    watermixing There is 5 l of water with a temperature of 20°C in the bucket. We add 3 liters of hot water. The resulting temperature will be 30°C. What was the temperature of the hot water?
  • Feed to hay
    luka How many tons of water do we have to dehydrate from 8 tons of feed, if the original moisture is 54 percent, to get hay with a moisture content of 15 percent? Round to two decimal places.
  • Mineral water
    flasa The bottle contains 1.5 liters of mineral water. Pour all the water from the bottle into empty cups with a volume of 1/3 l. All but one will be filled to the brim. What part of the volume of the last cup is filled with water?
  • School model
    jehlan_4b_obdelnik The beech school model of a regular quadrilateral pyramid has a base 20 cm long and 24 cm high. Calculate a) the surface of the pyramid in square decimeters, b) the mass of the pyramid in kilograms if the density of the beech is ρ = 0,8 g/cm ^ 3
  • Water cylinder
    cylinder Zuzana poured 785 ml of water into a measuring cylinder with a base radius of 5 cm. The water in the cylinder reached a height of 2 cm from the upper edge of the cylinder. How tall is the cylinder? (π = 3.14)

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Word grade 8th volume problems

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Volume word problems

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