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Check out our top collection of Face-Cutout Standee Custom Designs for Animal Crossing: New Horizons (ACNH). Find new Photo Stand designs to decorate your island or share your own designs with us!

All designs are posted with the consent of the creator.

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Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ highly anticipated anniversary update went live in mid-March, bringing with it important quality-of-life features like farts and Sanrio characters. But the biggest bombshell for hardcore designers had to be the increase in slots. Players promptly began using bonus slots for the new personalization options that have opened up for a handful of items.

In terms of flags, the most popular usage I’ve seen is Pride declarations for queer folks to celebrate their identities in the game. There are also plenty of creative and cute uses for both the custom umbrella and uchiwa — I’m a big fan of things that look like food, or designs that replicate tiny little faces.

But the most versatile out of all the new custom items has to be the face cutout standee. Partly, it’s just fun to see folks put fun pop culture references into the game, whether that’s a Ghibli movie or perhaps a fellow Nintendo game. But some folks have also figured out how to use the standees for interesting architecture, allowing them to build things like see-through walls and entirely new structures. Below, you’ll find some of our favorite standee customizations.

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ACNH Standee Designs - Best Face-Cutout Standee Custom Design Codes & Ideas In Animal Crossing New Horizons

Thanks to the latest ACNH1.9.0 Anniversary Update, which brings us more customization options including the very popular Face-Cutout Standee, so that players find new ways to express their unbelievable creativity. If you are still struggling with how to customize standees or how to use face-cutout standee to create unique designs in Animal Crossing New Horizons , you can find great inspiration from the most creative ACNH Stand Ideas here.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Stand Designs (Face-Cutout Standee Ideas)

It has to be said that Nintendo has brought exciting updates on the first anniversary of Animal Crossing New Horizons. Whether it is the new Super Mario and Saniro crossover or the upgrade in custom design, they have improved the life quality of islanders and made people joy. Except a large number of new crossover items and April seasonal items in Animal Crossing New Horizons, the most exciting content in this 1.9.0 update should be the addition of new custom items, which gives players more ways to release their creative designs. In particular, decorations like Face-Cut Out Standee which can be fully used in the design of various areas of the island, its customizability makes more innovative ideas possible. 

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Great ACNH Standee Design Ideas

  • 1. Use stand as a background wall or fence design, whether it is indoors or outdoors, you can perfectly use custom stands to partition a certain area.

  • 2. It is used as a public sign to display different content through custom patterns

  • 3. Face-Cutout Standee is placed in certain buildings or scenic spots on the island for villagers and visitors to entertain and take photos

  • 4. Face-Cutout Standee can be used as a window/door for some special designs because of the hollow on the top.

  • 6. Placed behind the stall and other furniture as an interesting background

  • 7. Whether it is an ordinary stand or Face-Cutout Standee, it can be added to any design as a special decorative purpose

ACNH Face-Cutout Standee Ideas 1

Best ACNH Stand & Face-Cutout Standee Custom Designs Codes

No matter how you use the stand in your decoration, custom design is essential. So here, we collect the Best Face-Cutout Standee Designs for your reference, so that you should discover some great ideas.

Stand Design 1 - Blathers face-cutout standee (Design Code: MO-SKDQ-B0KX-PQYG)

By @marimeow (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 1  - Blathers face-cutout standee

Stand Design 2 - Colossal Titan standee (Design Code: MO-8BDH-CSFW-1CWY)

By @corpsetitan (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 2  - Colossal Titan standee

Stand Design 3 - Colossal Titan standee (Creator ID: MA-2569-1356-0874)

By @oofiesboi (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 3  - Adam standee

Stand Design 4 - Dom standee (Design Code: MO-PLHN-20WH-93F6)

By @nookincprincess (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 4  - Dom standee

Stand Design 5 - Totoro standee (Design Code: MO-PLHN-20WH-93F6)

By @OsaIIia (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 5  - Totoro standee

Stand Design 6 - Face-Cutout Standee as a door (Creator ID: MA-6826-5410-4161)

By @fishdoublesun (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 6  - Face-Cutout Standee Door

Stand Design 7 - Wall/fence with vines or flowers (Creator ID: MA-5286-7450-1543)

By @Bunee_ (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 7 - Wall fence with vines or flowers

Stand Design 8 - Little shop window (Design Code: MO-N21F-V1WB-CH5R)

By @s1owri (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 8 - Little shop window

Stand Design 9 - Fairy Standee (Creator ID: MA-7971-0446-8505)

By @hayley_fail (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 10  - Fairy Standee

Stand Design 10 - Super Mario Themed Face Cutout Standees

By @miketendo64 (Twitter)

ACNH Stand Design 9 - Super Mario Themed Face Cutout Standees


How to Use Face Cut-Out Standee Designs in ACNH - Best ACNH Standee Decoration Ideas & Design Codes

Face cut-out standee is a new feature introduced in the March update of New Horizons, many players have created a number of fantastic custom standee designs. Then how to use standee designs in ACNH? Here we’ll bring five simple ways that you can use the standee cut-out on your island and some best ACNH standee custom design codes.

How to Use Standee Designs in ACNH - Best Animal Crossing Face Cutout Standee Ideas & Decorations

Thanks to the YouTuber Fleurs Crossing, we can get four main ways to use the custom ACNH standee designs for your island decoration and building. These ideas focus on outdoor decor, you can also apply some beautiful face cut-out standees for interiors. 

1. Standee Doors

The first idea for the cutout standee is to use them like a door. It’s really simple to do, all you need to do is just place them down where you require a door, ensure the color and design of standee matches well with your building or house. Multiple face cut-out standee designs can be used for varying styles and tones. These designs are really versatile. You could use them for an area just to block them off or use them as a building kind of way in and you can just push them across if you want the door to be open as well, that was a really cute look.

Standee Design Laundry Room Door by @ShaolinHorizons:

acnh standee door

Standee Design Bayview Restaurant Door @sakurabayy:

acnh standee door 2

2. Standee Fences

The second way to use standee designs on your island is the alternative to fencing. When you want something particular and you don’t have the ideal option, custom standees could be a great direction. You can make some natural or rustic standees with meadow, flowers, trees, bushes, and wood elements, and put them in a garden. You can use that as another way to section off your island.

Face-cutout standee Picket Fence by u/LarraT:

acnh standee fence

3. Standee Camper Van, Coffee Van and Food Truck

Some players even use custom designs as a camper van or coffee van, what an amazing idea! There are a number of ways to fill the back and surround. Other ACNH items can be added to make it more realistic. For exmaple, you can put some loft beds behind it to give it the height, some sorts of vans have roof racks and lots of people used stools behind them which looks super cute, you can use custom designs to match the colors on the van itself. A diner sofa can make it look like the bonnet of the truck. Here is a great example released by Instagram user @crossing.lorien, everything from the custom paths to the tall fencing is placed perfectly, the beachfront setup really captures that wistful van life dynamic. With kind of the same principles from the camper van, you can get the coffee van, ice cream van, and food trucks. If you put the stool behind you could put a kettle or something as well, so it would look like a real coffee truck with stuff inside.

acnh standee camper van

Camper Van Standee by @ma_a_a_co:

acnh standee camper van 2

Coffee Van Standee by @isleofaugust:

acnh standee camper van 3

4. Standee Train, Subways and Public Transport

There is a variety of forms of standee public transport, such as subways and trains. You could actually make a full train and put seats in, so people could sit down, and then you can get your photos that way. Standee school bus is a super great idea for kind of a modern city-style island whether you've got a city theme on some roads. 

Train Standee Design by @ducks_noma:

acnh standee train

ACNH Standee Design Codes - Custom ACNH Face Cut-Out Standee

Conductor Cruise Cutout Standee Design by @AzumetaPraline

acnh standee code 1

Wall Panel Standee Design by @Higashikitten

acnh standee code 2

acnh standee code 3

Lemon Demon spirit phone standee design by @AnxietyAndShiz

acnh standee code 4

Standee Designs of The Hitchhiking Ghosts in Disney's Haunted Mansion by @DesignsByCaleb

acnh standee code 5

Arched Window Standee Design by @rslashAC

acnh standee code 6

Standee Design Chinese Hui Architecture by @IslandLifeDiary

acnh standee code 7

Standee Design Chinese Windows/Doors by @IslandLifeDiary

acnh standee code 8

Standee Design The Forbidden City by @IslandLifeDiary

acnh standee code 9

Hallway Cabinet Standee Design by @acnh_miss

acnh standee code 10


Standee acnh cutout

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INSPIRING FACE STANDEE DESIGN IDEAS + Speedbuild! Animal Crossing New Horizons Update

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