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RFP for the Summer Youth Employment Program

The City of Oakland’s Summer Youth Employment Program provides Oakland youth, ages 16-21, opportunities to earn money, gain meaningful work experience and improve their job-readiness skills. The City contracts with local youth-serving organizations to:

  • Recruit and enroll youth in the program
  • Provide youth with high-quality job-readiness training
  • Identify organizations to serve as worksites for youth
  • Act as the employer-of-record/fiscal sponsor for youth whose wages are subsidized through the program

Through the Oakland Fund for Children and Youth’s (OFCY) robust Request for Proposals (RFP), the Oakland Workforce Development Board (OWDB) will solicit multi-year proposals from eligible organizations to provide the youth summer employment activities and services detailed below. The OWDB will make final award recommendations through this process.

The OWDB prioritizes services for African American/Black, Latinx, Native American and Pacific Islander youth residing in East Oakland, Fruitvale and West Oakland, so organizations with demonstrated success in providing services to these populations are strongly encouraged to submit proposals.

As part of OWDB’s ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest quality employment and work experience programs and services for Oakland youth, contracted vendors will be required to fulfill time-sensitive and specific requirements related to data collection, recordkeeping and reporting that will be validated through an annual evaluation conducted by City of Oakland and its programmatic partners.


Responses to the RFP should detail how the applicant will provide the following summer youth employment services:

  • Identify appropriate summer job opportunities and worksites for youth with an emphasis on matching employment opportunities to their career interests
  • Employ qualified staff to support youth participants with building work-readiness skills, identifying career interests and finding meaningful employment opportunities
  • Adopt and refine work-readiness approaches, competencies and skills identified as “best-practices” in the field and be willing to test and deliver new curricula and/or training as requested by the OWDB and/or its partners
  • Coordinate support services needed to ensure that youth are set up to realize success, including career interest assessments, work-readiness training and other services that facilitate the completion of their work experience
  • Create meaningful enrichment programming to enhance the job placement success (e.g., field trips and site visits to employers, job-shadowing activities, recruiting guest speakers in career paths of interest to youth, etc.)
  • Maintain a payroll system for youth employees
  • Collect, report and share accurate and timely data/records on youth recruitment, training and worksite placements, work attendance and hours worked
  • Administer required pre- and post-summer employment surveys (provided by the Oakland Workforce Development Board) to all youth, to assess outcomes of the summer employment program from the youths’ perspective
  • Distribute a post-summer survey (provided by the Oakland Workforce Development Board) to all employer and/or worksite supervisors to assess outcomes of the summer employment program from the employers’ perspective
  • Work with the City’s evaluation team to promote ongoing improvement of the summer youth employment program

Program Design

Priority Populations
OWDB prioritizes services for African American/Black, Latinx, Native American and Pacific Islander youth (ages 16–21) residing in East Oakland, Fruitvale and West Oakland. OWDB will prioritize programs that can engage and successfully serve opportunity youth (not employed or in school).

Data Collection, Reporting, Record-Keeping
Documentation of program eligibility, completion of assessments, case notes and evidence of outcomes attained. In addition, successful Respondents will maintain comprehensive information on worksite placements that includes, but is not limited to, worksite agreements, documentation of participant hours spent at the worksite, Department of Labor job codes for youth job placements.

Job-Readiness Assessment and Training
Job-readiness assessments should be used to identify meaningful summer work opportunities and to provide youth with feedback on their skill development during the summer. Youth should be able to demonstrate skills and competencies essential to workplace success prior to being matched with employers and/or worksites.

Ensuring Meaningful Work Experiences
Vendor responsibilities will include identifying worksites and number of available opportunities, verifying and approving work experience activities submitted by worksites, hosting worksite liaison orientations and training and providing on-going program monitoring at worksites. Paid work experiences must provide quality learning environments that facilitate youth development. Specifically, paid work experience should aid youth in exploring career interests and aptitudes, building vocational knowledge, developing team and leadership skills and practicing creative thinking and problem-solving. As such, positions should engage youth in a field that interests them and provides them with substantive tasks.

Criteria for Quality Worksites
Hiring program youth should not negatively impact current employees or impair existing contracts for services or collective bargaining agreements. Employers will not hire youth that would replace the work of employees who have experienced layoffs, nor shall employers terminate regular employees with the intention of replacing them with youth subsidized through the programs.

Employers are required to adhere to current workplace and safety guidelines and applicable federal/state wage, labor and worker’s compensation laws as outlined in California Child Labor Law.

Employers should be capable of and willing to adhere to program guidelines and communicate regularly with the Respondent to resolve any disputes or issues, including attendance and tardiness, that arise with their youth hires during the duration of the job opportunity. These instances should be documented.

Employers should also be capable of tracking time worked by their youth hires and will coordinate with the Respondent for the timely collection of timesheets and regular periodic distribution of payroll checks.

Employers should provide adequate supervision of, materials, and orientations for their youth hires. This includes providing alternate supervisors in the event of primary supervisor absence.

Worksites will need to provide reasonable accommodation for youth with disabilities as necessary.

Financial Access and Empowerment Training
Training topics should include the following topics: banking, credit scores, insurance, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, taxes, stocks, savings, 401(k)/retirement savings and other critical money management concepts.

Payroll Services/Systems
Respondents who wish to pay and administer youth wages and seek city reimbursement must have the capacity to operate a payroll and timekeeping system that assures that all youth are paid on time according to an established schedule. The payroll system can be operated directly by the funded Respondent or via a fiscal agent named at the time of application.

Monitoring Youth Performance
Tracking and monitoring youth progress toward identified goals, completion of job-readiness training and completion of work hours.

Sours: https://www.oaklandca.gov/topics/rfp-for-the-summer-youth-employment-program

RFP 20-01 - Youth Programs: Announcement + Virtual Bidder’s Conference


Request for Proposals 20-01 Workforce innovation & opportunity Act (WIOA) Youth Programs

On January 11, 2021, the Workforce Development Council of Seattle-King County (WDC) released a Request for Proposals (RFP) for the provision of education, employment, training, and youthdevelopment services for in-school youth ages 14-21 and out-of-school youth ages 16-24 residing in King County. Services will be funded in accordance with resources from the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA).See application and funding information.

This RFP represents an important step toward transforming the region’s workforce development system. In order to further the WDC’s regional equity and social justice goals, the WDC seeks to integrate more community-based service providers into the network of services that are available through the WorkSource Seattle-King County System.

Proposals will be required to demonstrate how services will be provided to demographic groups that are traditionally underfunded and overrepresented among out-of-school youth and low-income status, relative to the total King County population. This includes but is not limited to:

  • BIPOC youth

  • Immigrants and refugees

  • Individuals who lack basic skills including English Language proficiency

  • Individuals who are homeless

  • Individuals with disabilities

As we look towards procuring funds through this open, public RFP process, we are inviting local organizations to learn about goals for our workforce system, how to apply for this funding stream, and encourage partnerships to those ends.

Sours: https://www.seakingwdc.org/latest-news/2021/1/11/youth-rfp-20-01-bidders-conference
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Request for Proposals (RFP) Awards

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Applied Research and Evaluation Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the Applied research and Evaluation: 26019P0001 RFP Organizations Deemed Eligible for Award.
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SYEP Special Initiatives Re-issue Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the SYEP Special Initiatives Re-issue RFP Organizations Deemed Eligible for Award.
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SYEP Work Readiness RFP Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the SYEP Work Readiness: Curriculum Development, Training and Support RFP Organizations Deemed Eligible for Award.
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SYEP Community Based RFP Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the Summer Youth Employment Program Community Based RFP Organizations Deemed Eligible for Award.
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SYEP Special Initiatives RFP Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the Summer Youth Employment Program - Special Initiatives - RFP Organizations Deemed Eligible for Award.
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SYEP School Based RFP Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the Summer Youth Employment Program -School Based- RFP Organizations Deemed Eligible for Award.
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RHY Daytime Drop-in center RFP Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the RHY Daytime Drop-in center RFP Awardees for Organizations Determined Eligible.
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Residential Services for Homeless Young Adults (HYA) RFP Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the Residential Services for Homeless Young Adults RFP Awardees for Organizations Determined Eligible.
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Beacon Community Centers Re-issue RFP Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the Beacon Community Centers Re-issue RFP Awardees for Organizations Determined Eligible.
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Runaway and Homeless Youth Street Drop-in Centers Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the RHY Street Drop-in Centers RFP Awardees for Organizations Determined Eligible.
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Runaway and Homeless Youth Crisis Shelters and Transitional Independent Living Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the RHY Crisis Shelters and Transitional Independent Living (open-ended) Programs RFP Awardees for Organizations Determined Eligible.
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Runaway and Homeless Youth Street Outreach Services Awards
DYCD is pleased to announce the Runaway and Homeless Youth Street Outreach Services programs RFP Awardees for Organizations Determined Eligible.
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Sours: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/dycd/involved/funding-and-support/contracting-rfp-awards.page
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WIOA State and Local Youth Program RFP Examples

As part of this technical assistance, DOL is sharing examples of State and Local WDB Request for Proposals based upon its Building Quality Requests for Proposals for WIOA Youth Program Services. (DISCLAIMER) The proposals listed are intended for informational purposes only.  DOL does not endorse any of the RFP samples provided in this technical assistance resource.

These samples represent different approaches for acquiring providers of WIOA Youth program services and include general WIOA Youth program requests as well as those focused on specific strategies or populations, such as career pathways, entrepreneurship, foster care, youth one-stop model, post-secondary education, pre-apprenticeship, and summer. 

  • Workforce Central (Pierce Co), Washington- seeks to procure service providers to offer integrated and innovative services to young adults 16-24. 
  • Region VII Workforce Development Board, West Virginia seeks youth providers for a multi-county region to assist eligible youth seeking assistance in achieving academic and employment success.  
  • Northern Area Local Workforce Development Board-Summer Youth Academy, New Mexico-  seeks providers to operate a summer academy to provide high quality educational and employment services for local youth ages 16-24.  
  • Hampden, MA - General WIOA Youth with Emphasis on Career Pathways seeks providers to conduct outreach, recruitment, and case management along with provision of the 14 program elements.
  • Illinois- Career Pathways seeks to procure providers to deliver services emphasizing career pathways.  Funding will support career pathway approaches.
  • Philadelphia, PA - Pre-apprenticeship seeks to acquire providers to growth their career pathways opportunities for disconnected young people ages 16-24 to implement pre-apprenticeship programs.
  • Philadelphia, PA - Year-Round seeks to provide technical assistance and programmatic capacity for administrative management and monitoring support for the summer programs and the year-round Employment, Education, and Empowerment (E3) Power Centers supported with TANF YD funding.
  • San Diego, CA - General WIOA Youth seeks to procure service providers to provide high quality educational and employment services to out of school youth participants ages 16-24.
  • San Diego, CA - Foster Care issued a joint solicitation for services to eligible foster care youth ages 14-21.
  • Mankato, MN - South Central Workforce Council solicits proposals to operate career development programs for youth ages 14-24.
  • Washington, DC - Entrepreneurship seeks to provide services to District youth through its Pathways for Young Adults Program to improve opportunities in entrepreneurship for youth ages 18-24.
  • Washington, DC - Post Secondary Education seeks to support delivery of innovative workforce services to improve the opportunities in post-secondary education for youth ages 18-24.


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Sours: https://youth.workforcegps.org/resources/2019/09/13/14/43/WIOA-State-and-Local-Youth-Program-RFP-Examples

Youth programs rfp

Request for Proposal

RFP-WIOA Youth ServicesJen Droesch2021-08-17T13:28:49-04:00

WIOA Youth Services for CY2022

(with possible 12-month contract renewal dependent on performance review and funding)

Estimated Contract Amount: $420,000

Issued: June 10, 2021

The MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board (FHWB) announces a Request for Proposals (RFP) seeking one or more vendors to develop and carry out a two-year youth service strategy involving effective providers of youth services and working with the FHWB, the Franklin Hampshire Employment and Training Consortium (FHETC) and the MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center (MFHCC).

Vendors are sought for youth programming to be carried out in the Franklin Hampshire region funded through Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I.  This RFP solicits proposals for a 24-month program. A total of $420,000 is projected to be available to fund activities that will take place during the twelve months from January 1, 2022 to December 31, 2022. The contract will be for an initial 12-month period, renewable for an additional 12 months based on a positive performance review and availability of funds for Calendar Year 2023.

Important Deadlines

Bidders Conference: June 24, 2021, at 10:30 AM*
Additional questions in writing accepted until July 26, 2021 by 5:00 PM
Answers to Questions and Bidders Conference Notes: July 28, 2021 by 5:00 PM
Proposals Due: August 31, 2021, by 4:30 PM**
Recommendation to FHWB: October 7, 2021
Anticipated Contract Date: January 1, 2022***

*The Bidders Conference will be held via Zoom email [email protected] for details.
**Contact the FHWB at [email protected] to make an appointment to drop off proposals in-person. Mail-in proposals are encouraged.
***The FHWB seeks to award a one-year contract renewable for an additional 12-months, assuming satisfactory performance and availability of funding.

Request for Proposal

 RFP for WIOA Youth Services (PDF) for CY2022 without attachments or the budget forms.

Submission Forms

Where appropriate, all forms have been converted to fillable PDF format. If you would prefer a non-fillable PDF version, please contact [email protected]

Chart A: In-School Youth
Chart A: Out of School Youth
Chart B: Services, Delivery System, and Outcomes (Word)

Budget Forms (Excel)

Informational Attachments

Attachment I: FHETC General Provisions and Contract Terms – Specific to Youth, May 2018
Attachment II: Evaluation Criteria Template
Attachment III: WIOA Youth Eligibility Definitions for Youth Needing Additional Assistance – FHWB Meeting March 7, 2019
Attachment IV: WIOA Youth Regulations – Federal Register/Vol. 81, No. 161/Friday, August 19, 2016 Rules
Attachment V: U.S. DOL – TEGL 21-16 – Third Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Title I Youth Formula Program Guidance
Attachment VI: Issuance 100 DCS 19.101.4 – WIOA Youth Eligibility
Attachment VII: Work-Based Learning Plan
Attachment VIII: WIOA Youth Career Pathway Model
Attachment IX: Regional Map
Attachment X: WIOA Franklin Hampshire Workforce Area Performance Goals
Attachment XI: Eligibility Source Documentation

Sours: https://www.masshirefhwb.org/rfp-youth/
RFP Process Overview
Request for Proposal (RFP)
Out-of-School Youth 2020

ATTN: Employers, community and faith-based organizations, not-for-profit agencies, colleges, proprietary schools and labor training programs. Notice of available funding for youth workforce development programs to operate under the provisions of Title I of the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act. The Land of Lincoln Workforce Alliance is soliciting proposals for programs that serve eligible out-of-school youth. Funding period is November 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021 with an option to renew. Annual funding awarded for youth programs is projected to be between $200,000 and $300,000.

Full details are located below. Additional questions may be directed to [email protected] Proposals must be received by 3:00 p.m. CST on Friday, August 7, 2020. Timely receipt of proposals is the sole responsibility of the bidder. Proposals may be submitted electronically to [email protected] or an original and two copies may be submitted to the address listed below.

Land of Lincoln Workforce Alliance
Illinois workNet Center
1300 S Ninth Street
Springfield, IL 62703

Visit www.worknet20.org

Illinois workNet Centers are an equal opportunity employer/program.
Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

Sours: https://worknet20.org/request-for-proposals-rfp-out-of-school-youth-programs-2020/

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View Current RFPs

Proposal submission- If you are interested in obtaining or applying to any of the above RFPs, you may do so via the PASSPort system.  All proposals must be submitted using the PASSPort system.

Youth Workforce Development Programs Payroll System


The Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) is looking for your feedback on the Youth Workforce Payroll System through a Request for Information (RFI) issued in the PASSPort system.  Responses to the RFI will assist in determining the provider landscape who can provide a Payroll system to support DYCD’s various youth workforce programs. The payroll system should be youth friendly with the functionality and capacity to ensure reliable and efficient transfer of payments, in the form of wages and/or stipends, to participating youth on a weekly and/or bi-weekly basis. It must also ensure that all tax withholdings and other state, local and federal requirements are met, including 1099 and W2 forms. In addition, the system must be able to comply with orders to withhold wages, such as for child support or other wage garnishments, including corresponding with necessary City or State agencies and sending withholdings to the appropriate payees.

If interested in accessing the RFI and to respond,  please visit the PASSPort system.  Responses must be completed in the Manage Responses tab of PASSPort and submitted no later than May 26, 2021 at 2pm. Vendor resources and materials can be found at the link below under the Finding and Responding to RFx heading.


If you need additional assistance with PASSPort, please contact the MOCS Service Desk at [email protected]

Beacon Truman Re-Issue  Request for Proposal

Release Date: February 18, 2021

Pre-proposal Conference:  March 1, 2021 at 3:00pm. It will take place remotely via zoom. Please register using the following link: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZUufuytrzMtHNDiWDAoSjRcDfDzvHgzXE_v


Proposal Due Date is: March 19, 2021, at 2:00pm


Through this Request for Proposals (RFP) the Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) will award one contract to a qualified nonprofit organization to operate a Beacon Community Center program at the Harry S. Truman High School located at 750 Baychester Ave, Bronx, NY 10475 (Beacon).


Proposal submission – Deadline March 19, 2021, at 2:00pm
All proposals must be submitted through PASSPort,  additional information can be viewed via this link: 


Sours: https://www1.nyc.gov/site/dycd/involved/funding-and-support/contracting-view-current-rfps.page

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