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Update: The Piracy Megathread has been moved to the wiki! We now have the freedom to have multiple collaborators rather than rely on a single person. Our mod team will be able to update the thread with new findings and we will also be looking for active contributors to add as wiki collaborators. This wiki format also works to our favor in properly sectioning off parts of the Megathread.

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  • Popular VPN services aggressively market themselves on Reddit. Do not subscribe to a service just because Reddit deems it popular, cheap, or because it hits the front page. You are entrusting an entity with your personal data; do your own research. Keep in mind that VPN experiences are completely anecdotal. Someone's experience with a particular VPN may vary from location, servers, operating systems, downloads speeds, etc...

  • With that said, below are some resources with which you may begin your research. Most if not all popular VPNs offer trials and/or immediate refunds. Use them to your advantage in your quest to find a VPN that works best for you. Don't forget to also read their ToS!

  • Beware of free VPNs if you plan on using one for online purchases or to log into websites with sensitive data. Many free VPNs are able to provide their free services because they data mine, interpose ads in searches, etc...

  • Beware of pirating VPNs. You wouldn't pirate a condom?

  • An alternative to purchasing your VPN is hosting your own. You will have much more flexibility and you can have your VPS hoster outside your country's copyright law jurisdiction.

Adblockers & useful extensions

Useful userscripts

  • AdsBypasser to skip countdown ads or continue pages and prevent ad pop-up windows.
  • AntiAdware to avoid installing unwanted applications downloading with legitimate software (e.g. McAfee with Adobe Flash)
  • Get DLC Info From SteamDB automatically creates a DLC list for tools such as CreamAPI, GreenLuma and SmartSteamEmu.
  • uBlock Protector (Chromium) similar to Adblock Protector 2. (For chromium broswers)


  • Deluge - similar to qbittorrent with a different UI some may find clunky.
  • Qbittorrent - free open-sourced client. No ads and has a built-in search feature that searches popular public trackers. Consistently updated.
  • Tixati - extremely customizable. All menus can be rearranged and color scheme can be changed completely. Many private trackers however may not permit this client to be used.
  • Transmission - popular macOS and unix torrent client.


Ordered alphabetically. Make sure your adblocker is on.

For a more extensive list, see this post over at /r/torrents


If you have purchased the kindle edition of your book and wish to strip its DRM and export it to .pdf, view this guide on how to deDRM your book.

If the ebook you are searching is available for kindle, you may also borrow the ebook, use the guide, and then return it back.

Popular sites for books

Custom Search Engines

Private trackers



For a complete listing of popular ebook sites (some defunct), see:

How to download ebooks off IRC:

Issues with Calibre? Visit its forum for help/support:


  • See Section III & X. Many popular torrent indexers have courses such as Rutracker,, and
  • - Udemy, Lynda, Pluralsight courses available via torrents.
  • - computer graphics design tutorials/courses via fileshosters (some through torrents).
  • - hosts many courses/tutorials from udemy, tutsplus, lynda, etc... Available through direct download links.


DDL sites (direct download)

Torrent sites


Scene groups do not have official websites. If you find a site using the name of a scene group, they are impersonating them. Beware of these sites; often they may package the release with malware.*

VII. MOVIES/SERIES (streaming)

Make sure your adblocker is on.


For streaming with Kodi, visit r/Addons4Kodi.



Torrent clients

  • Flud - free ad-supported client.
  • Libretorrent - ad-free open source client. Similar UI to Flud.
  • BiglyBT - no nonsense, ad-free, open source client.

APK download sites

  • - largest forum for pirated apps, games, ebooks, etc...
  • - similar content to mobilism. Use an adblocker when browsing.
  • - contains untouched and signed release apks. Useful if searching for a prior version of an application.
  • - similar to


  • Terrarium TV - movie/series streaming app. "Premium ad-free" versions can be found in
  • Mobdro - live streams aggregator (Sports, TV, etc...)
  • Fildo - music streaming and download.
  • Mobilism for Android - mobilism in an app (apps/games)
  • ACMarket - "cracked play store." (apps/games)



  • Microsoft Toolkit
  • KMSAuto Net
  • KMSpico
  • Windows Loaders

Visit the wiki here.



Misc. apps:

  • Microsoft Windows and Office ISO Download Tool - lightweight program that pulls Windows and Office isos directly from Microsoft's techbench site. All .isos are untouched and safe.
  • MegaDownloader - Batch download Mega links like IDM or jDownloader. Bypass Mega bandwidth limit completely given you have a VPN or are able to switch IP addresses on the fly.
  • EZBlocker – Spotify Ad Blocker - lightweight .exe that blocks and mutes Spotify ads on Windows.

Misc. websites:

Microsoft stuff:

Credits to u/Klappa4Me for doing a lot of the heavy lifting.


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koneko VS Reddit-Piracy-Megathread

What are some alternatives?

When comparing koneko and Reddit-Piracy-Megathread you can also consider the following projects:

Kemono - The original paywall archiver/leaker. Deprecated in favor of Kemono 2.

Torrent-To-Google-Drive-Downloader-v3 - Simple notebook to stream torrent files to Google Drive using Google Colab and python3.

VideoLAN Client (VLC) - VLC media player - All pull requests are ignored, please follow

tachiyomi - Free and open source manga reader for Android.

popcorn-desktop - Popcorn Time is a multi-platform, free software BitTorrent client that includes an integrated media player. Desktop ( Windows / Mac / Linux ) a Butter-Project Fork

Radarr - A fork of Sonarr to work with movies à la Couchpotato.

yt-dlp - A youtube-dl fork with additional features and fixes

qBittorrent - qBittorrent BitTorrent client

dotfiles - :house: is where the :heart: is :tada:

Sonarr - Smart PVR for newsgroup and bittorrent users.


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