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Enclosures: ARCA – JIC


Fibox’s ARCA – JIC (Joint Industrial Council) NEMA 4X polycarbonate enclosures provide users of traditional electrical cabinets, hinged plastic electrical enclosures, and junction boxes an easy way to upgrade their design to a robust, high-performance enclosing solution.

Available in JIC standard sizes, the ARCA – JIC polycarbonate enclosure series is UL listed and rated NEMA (National Electrical Manufacturers Association) 4X. Therefore, the NEMA 4X and 6P ratings ensure protection from the ingress of windblown dust, water, snow, and debris.

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NEMA 4X Polycarbonate Enclosures

Hinged transparent cover enclosure

Clear Covered ARCA – JIC

Clear Covered ARCA – JIC Fibox offers NEMA rated electrical enclosing solutions for the harshest locations more than just a plastic box or a hinged plastic electrical case. Protecting sensitive equipment from the ingress of water thanks in part to its formed-in-place PUR gasket. Similarly, our enclosure keeps electrical systems free from dust and dirt and therefore are the ideal electrical enclosure indoors or out. The ARCA – JIC series is UV and impact resistant and has an IK 09 rating. Consequently, a Fibox is so well designed it will provide years of active outdoor service. Rust-free polycarb offers excellent chemical resistance compared to metal or fiberglass boxes.

 Polycarbonate’s Wi-Fi-friendly nature offers a timely answer for the 5G revolution, eliminating any external antennas. A noteworthy advancement is the availability of transparent covers. Clear windowed enclosures give you the largest viewing area in contrast to an inserted sight window.

Custom Electrical Enclosures

Fibox can easily customize your ARCA enclosure and make it specific to your application needs. With cutouts, printing, labeling, and custom color painting, your custom enclosure will represent you and your brand. Likewise, Fibox stocks all the standard hardware and accessories you might need. The ARCA – JIC series range in size from 6.0 x 6.0 x 4.0 to 24.0 x 24.0 x 10.0 inches. This NEMA enclosure series has many cover variations available. Fibox offers raised opaque and transparent hinged and screw covers and a sleek flat opaque cover design for select sizes.  

More than plastic cabinet enclosure

The ARCA – JIC is a watertight NEMA 4X and 6P cabinet enclosure and consistently outperforms metal and fiberglass and makes a perfect industrial control panel enclosure. Fibox is proud to offer the industry’s first and only NEMA 4X JIC enclosure with formed-in-place knock-outs (KO). Industry-standard ½ and ¾ inch pre-formed knock-outs save time in contrast to DIY customization. Use Fibox’s NEMA-rated cable glands to retain your enclosures’ NEMA 4X status.

Email Fibox’s Customer Service  if you would like to specify an application and receive a quote

Get to Know the ARCA – JIC

The ARCA – JIC is as versatile and robust as your business and has many options to fulfill your business needs; the order code is available for your review.


TayMac Weatherproof Outdoor Box Flip Cover Clear

Weatherproof flip cover for outdoor electrical boxes. Constructed of high-impact polycarbonate for maximum durability. Features patented Quick-Fit keyhole mounting system for installation in under a minute. Pre-configured for GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) with patented Knock-Out technology for custom fitting. Includes lockable tab, gasket, and mounting hardware.


Id 124292
SKU 502784
PartNo MM110C
UPC 00092326100595
Country of Origin China
Type Single Gang
Shape Rectangular
Material Polycarbonate
Color Clear
Receptacle Type GFCI
Mount Vertical/Horizontal
Certification UL Listed

Compliance & Restrictions

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Weatherproof box clear

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SODIAL IP55 Waterproof Square Junction Box

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