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Mental Health Matters

A Healthy Workforce for a Better World

What We are Aiming to Achieve

The Secretary-General’s UN System Workplace Mental Health & Well-Being Strategy was created for UN personnel, across all roles, contexts and environments, from deep-field missions to Headquarters, with the purpose of increasing the effectiveness of the UN by optimizing the psychological health of its personnel.

The strategy was developed by a collaborative multidisciplinary, multi-agency working group in response to the findings of the UN Mental Health and Wellbeing survey (2015) that identified elevated levels of symptoms consistent with anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, and hazardous drinking in UN personnel.

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The Mental Health Strategy is not a solution for all UN workplace issues and challenges. It should not and does not stand alone. It works in collaboration with many of the other strategies being implemented at a System-wide level. Doing our work well requires all of us to give the best of ourselves, while taking the best care we can of our colleagues, our families, the Organization, and ourselves.

This website is for all UN personnel as we are committed to increasing the effectiveness of the United Nations by optimizing the mental health and well-being of its staff. We are aiming for a workplace culture that enhances the mental health of all staff and supports those that experience poor mental health.

UN personnel may access an internal UN Staff/Stress Counsellor, who are in or covering our work locations. These Counsellors are Mental Health professionals who work for the organization to offer confidential support to UN personnel as needed.

World Mental Health Day, 10 October 2021

On this day and throughout the month of October, the Mental Health Strategy Team and system-wide partners will carry out a series of events and activities focused on this year’s theme, “Mental Health in an Unequal World’.

Working alongside system-wide partners, staff organizations and UN taskforces, the overall objective is to raise awareness and launch a call for action to protect UN populations at risk of poor mental health and unequal access to mental healthcare.

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All communication material for WMHD2021 can be found in our Trello board.

Documents & Resources

Sauti: Poems of Healing

Organized by the UN Mental Health and Well-being Strategy Team to celebrate World Poetry Day, 19 March 2021

Webinar from World Mental Health Day 2019

World Mental Health Day is acknowledged across the world and is an opportunity for us in the UN System to have conversations about mental health and create mentally healthy workplaces.

Mental Health and Racial Discrimination

The UN Mental Health and Well-being Strategy team and the Task Force on Addressing Racism and Promoting Dignity for All in the UN discuss and raise awareness of the effects of racial discrimination on mental health in the workplace.

Sours: https://www.un.org/en/healthy-workforce-home

Our Team

Our team is made up of passionate experts in healthcare workforce development and learning science.

DHGE operates from offices in the U.K., the U.S., and Canada.

Our in-house team is supported by a large number of academic and industry thought leaders.

Meet Some of Our Board Members

Healthcare is deeply ingrained in our organization — our board members are experienced healthcare professionals who know the needs of the industry insight and out. Meet some of these inspiring thought leaders here.

Our Collaborators

We’re firm believers in life-long learning which translates into real-life experiences — and even as experienced higher education and healthcare professionals, we aren’t afraid to do a lot more learning ourselves. This is why when we don’t know something, we ask experts who do. Find out more about our work with thought leaders in the health space here.

Sours: https://dhge.org/about-us/our-team
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Dignity Health International

Health and humanity, everywhere.

Dignity Health International

Supporting the expansion of our mission and strategies internationally

At Dignity Health International, we see a world where good health is not restricted by geographic boundaries; where patients thrive surrounded by those they love; and care providers have access to all the advances medical science has to offer.

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Creating Good Health, Together

We share our expertise, tools, and services to help build healthier communities around the world—scalable to the needs of each partner.

International Patient Services

Our multilingual care teams are dedicated to helping patients and their families coordinate all the details —so that they can focus on treatment and recovery.

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Sours: https://dignityhealthinternational.org/

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