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· PSS-160, PSS-560, PSR-11, PSR-21, PSS-120, PSS-360, PSS-460, YPR-7, YPR-9, PSR-6300, PSS-170, PSS-270· DX27S, QX5, MDF1, SDX27S, DX7-2D, DX7-2FD, PF50, PF60, RX5, TX81Z1987· HS-4, HS-5, HS-6, HS-7, HS-8, HX-1, HX-3, HX-5, CHX-1
· CVP-10, CVP-6, CVP-8, CLP-500, CLP-100, CVP-100MA, CVP-100PE
· PSS-130, PSS-470, PSS-570, PSR-22, PSR-32, PSR-12, PSS-370, VSS-30, PSR-80, PSR-90, DSR-1· RX17, DX7S, TX802, ARM1, QX3, DX7-2C, WX7, RX7, V2, PF85, TX16W, TX1PAWM Tone Generator (Sampling System)1988· US-1, US-1000
· CLP-250, CLP-350, CLP-550, CLP-650, CVP-20
· DD-10, PSR-16, PSR-36, PSR-6, DD-5, DSR-500, PSS-140, SHS-200, VSS-200, PSS-480, PSS-680, PSS-8· RX120, PF2000, G10, G10C, QX5FD, PF1200, PF1500, RX8, TQ5, WT11, WX111989· CLP-650W, CVP-30, CVP-50, CVP-70, CLP-570, CLP-670, CLW-12, CLW-14
· PSS-20, PSS-280, PSS-380, PSR-27, PSR-47, PSS-580, PSS-780, PSR-37, PSR-2500, PSR-3500, PSR-4500, PSS-100, PSS-80, PSS-80R· V50, SY77, TG551990· CLP-260, CLP-360, CLP-560, CLP-760
· YPR-20, YPR-30, PSR-2, PSR-28, PSR-38, PSR-48, PSS-190, PSS-290, PSS-390, PSS-50, DD-6, PSR-18, PSS-590, PSS-790, PSR-4600· SY22, SY55, CS100, TG77, TG33, QY101991· EL-30, EL-50, EL-70, EL-90
· CVP-55, CVP-65, CVP-35, CVP-45, CVP-75, YPP-15, YPP-35
· PSR-31, PSR-100, PSR-200, PSR-400, PSR-500, PSS-102, PSS-104, DD-11, PSR-6700· RY30, SY99, TG100GM
MD1992· ELX-1
· YPP-55, CLP-121, CLP-122, CLP-123, CLP-124
· DD-12, DD-7, PSR-SQ16, PSR-150, PSR-600, PSR-75, PSS-11, PSS-21, PSS-31, PSS-51, PSR-5700· RY10, SY35, SY85, TG500, QY20
· CBX-101, CBX-2011993· EL-20, EL-27
· CVP-25, CVP-83, CVP-85, CVP-87
· DD-3, PSR-110, PSR-210, PSR-300, PSR-310, PSR-410, PSR-510, PSR-1700, PSR-2700· TG300, VL1
· CBX-K3, CBX-S3, CBX-D5, CBX-302VA Tone Generator (Physical Modeling System)1994· EL-37
· CLP-152S, CLP-153S, CLP-153SG, CLP-154S, CLP-155, CLP-157, CVP-89
· PSS-12, PSR-6000· RY20, TG300GRAY, P-300, VL1m, VL7, W5, W7, RY8
· MU5, MU801995· EL-17, EL-87
· CVP-49, CVP-59, CVP-69, CVP-79, YDP-88
· PSR-185, PSR-320, PSR-420, PSR-215, PSR-4000, PSR-520, PSR-620, PSR-77, PSR-7000, PSR-A3· A7000, QY22, P-150, QS300, A7000 Ver2, SU10, W5 Ver2, W7 Ver2
· CBX-D3, CBX-K1, CBX-K1XG, MU50, DB50XG1996· CLP-311, CLP-411, CLP-511, CLP-611, CLP-811, CLP-911
· DD-50, PSR-190, PSR-220, PSR-230, PSR-78, AR-100· G1D, G50, P50m, QY700, VL70m, CS1x
· CBX-PCC10, MU90, MU90BSoftSynthesizer1997· CLP-555, CVP-92, CVP-94, CVP-96, CVP-98, YDP-88II
· PSR-330, PSR-530, PSS-14, PSS-7, PSR-630, PSR-730, PSR-130, PSR-8000, AR-80· A3000, AN1x, B1D, QY70
· MU100
· MIDPLUG, SYXG501998· EL-900
· CLP-810S, CLP-820, CLP-840, CLP-860, CLP-880, CVP-600
· PSR-195, PSR-225, PSR-79, PSR-D1· EX5, P-200, EX5R, EX7, WX5, FS1R, CS2x, EX5S, RM1x, SU700
· CBX-K2, MU100B, MU128, MU15, SW1000XGFS Tone Generator (FM + Formant Shaping System)1999· EL-500, EL-700
· CVP-103, CVP-105, CVP-107, CVP-109, YDP-101, P-80, CVP-700
· PSR-240, PSR-270, PSR-340, PSR-540, PSR-640, PSR-740, YPR-50, PSR-9000· RY9, CS6X, A4000, A5000, CS6R, S80
· MU100BS, MU2000, MU1000
· MA-63W2000· EL-900m, EL-400, EL-200
· CLP-920, CLP-950, CLP930, CLP-970, CLP-970A, CLP-955
· PSR-280, PSR-260, PSR-160, PSR-GX76, PSR-9000Pro· S30, SU200, QY100, DJX-II, DJX-IIB2001· CLP-910, CLP-990, CVP-201, CVP-203, CVP-205, CVP-207, CVP-209, P-120, YDP-121, YPP-200
· PSR-170, PSR-225GM, PSR-262, PSR-282, PSR-350, PSR-550, PSR-1000, PSR-2000, DD-35, DD-55, EZ-20, EZ-30· AN200, DX200, S03, RS7000, MOTIF6/7/82002· EL-100
· CLP-170, CLP-150, CLP-130, CLP-120, CLP-110, CVP-900, P-60, PF-500, PF-1000, YDP-223, YDP-123, YDP-113
· PSR-292, PSR-290, PSR-202, PSR-125, PSR-A1000, DGX-500, DGX-300, DGX-202, DGX-200, TYROS, YPP-100, LW-15· S08, S90, P-250, MOTIF-RACK2003· CLP-175, CLP-115, CVP-210, CVP-208, CVP-206, CVP-204, CVP-202
· PSR-2100, PSR-1100, PSR-275, PSR-273, PSR-172, PSR-K1, EZ-J24, EZ-J14, EZ-250i, EZ-150, EZ-EG, EZ-AG, DD-20S· MOTIF ES 6/7/8, P-90
· 01X2004· ELS-01/01C(STAGEA)
· CVP-309, CVP-307, CVP-305, CVP-303, CVP-301, CLP-F01
· PSR-3000, PSR-1500, PSR-450, PSR-295, PSR-293, PSR-175, DGX-505, DGX-305, DGX-205, DGX-203, DD-55C, EZ-TP· MOTIF-RACK ESInternet Direct Connection2005· CLP-280, CLP-270, CLP-240, CLP-230, CLP-220, YDP-323, YDP-213, YDP-131, YDP-151, P-140, P-70
· PSR-E303, PSR-E203, PSR-A300, TYROS2· S90 ES, MO6/82006· ELB-01, DDK-7
· H01, N-100, YDP-151, P-140, P-70, P-65
· TYROS2, PSR-S500, DGX-620, DGX-520, DGX-220, PSR-E403, YPT-400· CP300, CP33, DTXPRESS IV
· MW12, MW102007· CLP-295GP, CLP-265GP, CVP-409, CVP-407, CVP-405, CVP-403, CVP-401, YDP-S30, NP-30, P-85, F11, F01, CGP-1000
· PSR-S900, PSR-S700, PSR-E313, PSR-E213, PSR-OR700, YPT-310, YPT-210, EZ-200, DD-65
· TNR-W· MOTIF XS 6/7/8, MM6
· n12, n8, MW12CX, MW12C, MW8CX, MW10CSweet Spot Morphing Technology2008· CLP-380, CLP-370, CLP-340, CLP-330, CLP-320, CLP-S308, CLP-S306, YDP-160, YDP-140
· DGX-630, DGX-530, DGX-230, PSR-E413, PSR-S550, Tyros3, YPT-410
· DTXTREME III2009· ELS-01/01C type U
· N3, N2, R01, H11, P155, YDP-S31, CVP-509, CVP-505, CVP-503, CVP-501
· PSR-E323, PSR-E223, YPT-320, YPT-220, PSR-S910, PSR-S710 · TNR-O· S90 XS, S70 XS
· CP1
· DTX-MULTI 12SCM (Spectral Component Modeling) tone generation system2010· YDP-V240, YDP-181, YDP-161, YDP-141, DGX-640, NP-V80, NP-V60, P-95
· PSR-E423, YPT-420, DD-45, YDD-40, Tyros4· MOTIF XF 6/7/8
· CP5,CP50
"Textured Cellular Silicone Head"
Sours: https://www.keysound.co.uk/FAQ/Find-out-the-age-of-your-Yamaha-Keyboard-or-Organ-or-Digital-Piano/5

«  I love it! A real massacre! »

Published on 10/27/10 at 10:36

rah ... too lazy!
for the time, it's really not bad! was the high-end 90. This is a PVC, eh: D I love



see below


Ability to save her own patterns (and of Bearines batteries, be careful!)
Few sounds (around 20 instruments), but there are effects, including an echo-delay, the reverb very well made, a little fat a flanger etc. etc.
Helpful Hint: Touch bar below the keyboard, really nice to make fill-in. Sisi's great!
lower left, lead to the right, choose your own pace or create it from the built-in battery-only classic drum sounds, then record additional tracks. Really fun! And it is noon as ... 'End I do not use this feature ..
A reliable instrument (my father bought it in 1992 and it still works!)
A workstation for beginner, realistic sounds, perfect sound (no need to monitor besides, I think the speakers are the same as the range of time). It cost 20 000 francs, I believe ...

A fabulous product to buy secondhand for anyone looking for a reliable product over time, included the Yamaha build quality (I am not representing the brand), the powerful sound that emerges, ergonomics COPY , vintage sounds, the E-velocity sensitive piano, MIDI functions, opportunities to make extraordinary horse when friends come with a guitar, register ...

A piano which aroused great interest and I am sure it will please many.

Sours: https://en.audiofanzine.com/digital-piano/yamaha/clavinova-cvp-75/user_reviews/r.9842.html
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Product line of digital pianos

Clavinova CVP-303 Player Piano

The Clavinova is a long-running line of digital pianos created by the Yamaha Corporation. The name is a portmanteau of the two words Clavier meaning 'keyboard instrument' and nova meaning 'new'.

It is similar in function to an acoustic piano but also includes many features common to various keyboards, such as the ability to save/load songs and also to play demo songs, including some original Yamaha compositions.[1] Each model has the availability to play a variety of voices. More recent models can be connected to a computer via USB or wireless network for music production or interactive piano lesson programs.

In 2018, the Clavinova celebrated the 35th anniversary of its invention in 1983.[2]

Technical information[edit]

All current (and many past) Clavinovas (CLP and CVP-Series) feature Yamaha's 'Graded Hammer' technology, a mechanical system of small metal hammers, weighted to be similar to those of an acoustic piano, which activates a digital pressure sensor that then translates into sound. This technology has contributed to the success of the Clavinova as a more affordable substitute for an acoustic piano. The graded action is intended to reproduce more accurately the varying weights of the hammers of an acoustic piano where the hammers vary in weight from the bass section to the treble. Higher-end models, such as the CVP-600 Series from 2012, incorporate real wood keys and linear grading for added realism.

The built-in synthesizer produces the sound. Early Clavinova models used FM synthesis. Later models use sample-based synthesis to produce the sound. Information comes in a MIDI or similar format either directly from the piano keyboard or from a stored source (from within the piano or via a computer or external sequencer). The synthesizer can imitate a large array of acoustic instruments, electronic instruments and other sound effects. Recent models of CVP Clavinova have hundreds of such voices. These usually include many types of pianos and organs, string, percussion, brass and woodwind instruments, as well as modern and vintage synthesizer sounds, sampled effects etc. The more recent CVP models also feature many accompaniment styles, ranging from traditional dance and classical orchestration, through to more modern club, pop, rock, big band and jazz styles.

As of July 2020, the current line of Clavinova CLP models are the CLP-700 series, and the current Clavinova CVP models are the CVP-800 series. In August 2017, Yamaha introduced a new line of tablet computer-enabled Clavinovas, the CSP series, which is designed for use with Yamaha's SmartPianist app to access and control features of the instrument.

Graded hammer[edit]

The various graded or progressively weighted keys are:[3]

  • Graded Hammer Standard (GHS), formerly Hammer Effect (HE) or Action Effect (AE)
  • Graded Hammer (GH or sometimes GHE), somewhat heavier than GHS. GH is also closer to the weight of real piano keys.
  • Graded Hammer 3 (GH3), like GH, but GH3 incorporate a third sensor, thus make the key respond more like "grand piano" behaviour. GH3 allows the player to trigger the sound when depressed a second time, even when the note is still decaying and the player has not completely released the key after the first push of the key. This make some techniques such as a soft legato "trill" easier to execute.
  • Graded Hammer 3X (GH3X) keyboard features an "escapement" mechanism that reproduces a slight clicking sensation near the bottom of the key travel. It has been designed in such a way that the click is discernible only on the lightest keystrokes, similar to the keyboard of a grand piano.[4]
  • Natural Wood (NW) is graded like the GH3 but also uses spruce wood to make the feel even closer to that of the acoustic grand piano.
  • Natural Wood X (NWX) provides the keys of the NW keyboard, yet also has escapement, giving even more accurate feel.
  • GrandTouch Keyboard has a longer key length. The longer distance between the edge of the key and its pivot point means that it requires less strength to push down. [5]
  • 88-key Linear Graded Hammers provide 88 levels of gradation (each key has its own weight). With NWX, it has the most accurate feel of any of the Clavinovas, although also found on some NW keyboards.

Keyboard "feel" feature matrix for current models[edit]

From Yamaha Clavinova microsite.[6] From Yamaha Product Spec page.[7]

Clavinova Series/ModelGrandTouch KeyboardGraded Hammer 3 (GH3)Natural Wood Keyboard (NW)Synthetic Ivory Keytops88-key Linear Graded HammersEscapementCounterweighted
CLP Series
CLP-775 [9]yesnoyesyesyesyesno
Clavinova Series/ModelGrandTouch KeyboardGraded Hammer 3 (GH3)Natural Wood Keyboard (NW)Synthetic Ivory Keytops88-key Linear Graded HammersEscapementCounterweighted
CVP Series
Clavinova Series/ModelGrandTouch KeyboardGraded Hammer 3 (GH3)Natural Wood Keyboard (NW)Synthetic Ivory Keytops88-key Linear Graded HammersEscapementCounterweighted
CSP Series

Tone feature matrix for three past generations and current models[edit]

From Yamaha Clavinova microsite.[12] From Clavinova Spec page [13]

Clavinova Series/ModelAWM SamplingCF SamplingCF-RGE SamplingCFX-RGE SamplingHalf-damperKey-Off SamplesString ResonanceVRMiAFC EffectIACTri-AmpedQuad-Amped
CLP Series
CLP-320no3 levelnonoyesnonononononono
CLP-330no3 levelnonoyesnonononononono
CLP-340no4 levelnonoyesyesyesnonononono
CLP-370no4 levelnonoyesyesyesnonononono
CLP-380no5 levelnonoyesyesyesnoyesnoyesno
CLP-S306no3 levelnonoyesnonononononono
CLP-S308no4 levelnonoyesnoyesnonononono
Clavinova Series/ModelAWM SamplingCF SamplingCF-RGE SamplingCFX-RGE SamplingHalf-damperKey-Off SamplesString ResonanceVRMiAFC EffectIACTri-AmpedQuad-Amped
CVP Series
CVP-401yes3 levelnonoyesyesnononononono
CVP-403no3 levelnonoyesyesnononononono
CVP-405no3 levelnonoyesyesnononononono
CVP-407no4 levelnonoyesyesyesnoyesnonono
CVP-409no4 levelnonoyesyesyesnoyesnonono
CVP-409GPno4 levelnonoyesyesyesnoyesnonono
CGP-1000no4 levelnonoyesyesyesnoyesnonono
CVP-501no3 levelnonoyesyesnononononono
CVP-503no4 levelnonoyesyesnononononono
CVP-505no4 levelnonoyesyesnononononono
CVP-509no5 levelnonoyesyesyesnononoyesno


From Clavinova's 35th anniversary website.[14]

Predecessors (YP and CV)[edit]

YP (CVP Predecessor)[edit]

  • 1983: YP-10, YP-20, YP-30, YP-40 - provided the "Stereo Symphonic effect" showing depth feeling to perform in concert halls and live houses, first pianos on the series

CV (CLP Predecessor)[edit]

CVP and CGP models[edit]

  • 1985: CVP-3, CVP-5, CVP-7 - First CVP series Clavinova
  • 1987: CVP-6, CVP-8, CVP-10, CVP-100MA, CVP-100PE
  • 1988: CVP-20
  • 1989: CVP-30, CVP-50, CVP-70
  • 1991: CVP-25*, CVP-35, CVP-45, CVP-55, CVP-65, CVP-75
  • 1993: CVP-83, CVP-85, CVP-87, CVP-89
  • 1995: CVP-49,[15] CVP-59, CVP-69, CVP-79 - added LCD on all models except CVP-49, and introduced LCD buttons.
  • 1997: CVP-92, CVP-94, CVP-96, CVP-98, CVP-555 - First modern design button LCD, Organ Combo (predecessor to Organ Flutes! voices). Based on the PSR-8000 and PSR-740
  • 1998: CVP-600
  • 1999: CVP-103, CVP-105, CVP-107, CVP-109. Based on PSR-740 and PSR-9000
  • 2000: CVP-700
  • 2001: CVP-201, CVP-203, CVP-205, CVP-207, CVP-209 - Introduced most of the current technologies, added first color display, and with the latest button setup. Based on PSR-9000, 9000 Pro and PSR-2100
  • 2002: CVP-900
  • 2003: CVP-202, CVP-204, CVP-206, CVP-208, CVP-210. Based on PSR-2100
  • 2004: CVP-301, CVP-303, CVP-305, CVP-309, CVP-307, CVP-309, CVP-309GP - All models have current button display, first GH3 and NW keyboards. Added Mega Voices and based on Tyros/PSR-3000
  • 2008: CGP-1000
  • 2008: CVP-401, CVP-403, CVP-405, CVP-407, CVP-409, CVP-409GP - Added Super Articulation, based on Tyros 2/PSR-S900
  • 2009: CVP-501, CVP-503, CVP-505, CVP-509 - Introduced several new keyboard technologies, added S. Articulation 2. Added free play styles. Based on Tyros 3/PSR-S910
  • 2013: CVP-601, CVP-605, CVP-609, CVP-609GP - All models have S. Articulation and GH3, added touch screen and RGE sound engine. Based on Tyros 4/PSR-S950
  • 2015: CVP-701, CVP-705, CVP-709, CVP-709GP - All models have color displays and synthetic ivory keycaps. Added VRM sound engine and escapement. Based on Tyros 5/PSR-S970
  • 2019: CVP-805, CVP-809, CVP-809GP. Based on Genos/PSR-SX900.

CLP models[edit]

History reference.[16][17]

  • 1985: CLP-20, CLP-30
  • 1986: CLP-40, CLP-45, CLP-50, CLP-55, CLP-200, CLP-300
  • 1987: CLP-100, CLP-100MA, CLP-100PE, CLP-500
  • 1988: CLP-250, CLP-350, CLP-550, CLP-650
  • 1989: CLP-570, CLP-650W, CLP-670
  • 1990: CLP-260, CLP-360, CLP-560, CLP-760
  • 1992: CLP-121, CLP-122, CLP-123, CLP-124
  • 1994: CLP-152S, CLP-153S, CLP-153SG, CLP-154S, CLP-155, CLP-157
  • 1996: CLP-311, CLP-411, CLP-511, CLP-611, CLP-811, CLP-911
  • 1997: CLP-555
  • 1998: CLP-810, CLP-820, CLP-840, CLP-860, CLP-880
  • 2000: CLP-920, CLP-930, CLP-950, CLP-955, CLP-970, CLP-970A
  • 2001: CLP-910, CLP-990
  • 2002: CLP-110, CLP-120, CLP-130, CLP-150, CLP-170
  • 2003: CLP-115
  • 2005: CLP-F01
  • 2005: CLP-220, CLP-230, CLP-240, CLP-270, CLP-280, CLP-265GP, CLP-295GP
  • 2008: CLP-320, CLP-330, CLP-340, CLP-370, CLP-380, CLP-S306, CLP-S308
  • 2011: CLP-430, CLP-440, CLP-465GP, CLP-470, CLP-480, CLP-S406, CLP-S408 - Implemented RGE Sound Engine
  • 2014: CLP-525, CLP-535, CLP-545, CLP-565GP, CLP-575, CLP-585 - Revised LCD, added VRM
  • 2017: CLP-625, CLP-635, CLP-645, CLP-665GP, CLP-675, CLP-685
  • 2018: CLP-695GP
  • 2020: CLP-735, CLP-745, CLP-765GP, CLP-775, CLP-785, CLP-795GP
  • 2021: CLP-725

CSP models[edit]

*Uncertain, please help the wiki by finding correct data.

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Sours: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Clavinova

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Clavinova 75 yamaha cvp

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Kris Nicholson Test drive the Yamaha CVP-70 Clavinova Very first one he played in 1989

Let it be subconsciously, but on purpose, to be together longer. But you can't deceive Him. No matter how we tried.

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However, soon he dropped the computer, stretched, looked at me stupidly and said. Ill go to my room, rinse myself, and got up from the chair. - Yes, go to my shower, why wander along the corridor, la I kicked as lightly as possible. Sergei looked at me, thought, pulled off his T-shirt and disappeared into the bathroom.

I was sitting on the couch neither alive nor dead and stared blankly at the boy's sweat-smelling T-shirt.

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