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1Registered vehicle owner must be present to receive license plates. 

2A surcharge of 2.3% will be charged by the Auto Club when you pay for your CA DMV transaction by Visa or Mastercard Credit Card. The surcharge is charged to help cover our costs for processing Visa and Mastercard credit card payments that are made for CA DMV transactions. The surcharge amount is not greater than our cost of acceptance for these credit card payments. The surcharge is waived when paying by Cash or Check. We do not accept Discover, American Express, or Debit Cards, including those with a Visa or Mastercard logo.

3Off-road vehicles are motor vehicles that are manufactured for operation exclusively off public roads and highways, including dirt bikes, off-road motorcycles, ATVs, quads, snowmobiles, sand rails, dune buggies, utility task vehicles, or 4x4 sport golf carts. 

4Disabled person license plates can be issued to commercial vehicles only when the weight fee exemption is not requested. 

5Personalized license plates are available for pickup at your local branch, only after placing an order. Lead times vary. Please check with the AAA branch at the time of placing the order.

6AAA members receive a $10 discount off the posted non-member price of a smog check at an Auto Club smog center. Additional fees may apply. See the Auto Club smog center for details. These benefits require a valid AAA membership card at participating facility at time of service.

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AAA DMV Services Common Questions

AAA (American Automobile Association) is a non for profit organisation with over 60 million members across United States and Canada, and has a range of services like Roadside Assistance, DMV Services, Insurance etc.

AAA DMV Services helps you by avoiding long lines and hassle at DMV by completing your common tasks at AAA local branch instead of visiting DMV Office, but the condition is that you have be an AAA member.

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What are the DMV Services Offered by AAA

Although there are a lot of DMV Services but AAA can only offer a few of them and other services has to be done at DMV office Note: Some services differ from state to state branch of AAA and might not be available in your state, hence it is advised to call the AAA local branch and ask them or check their website.

Below are the DMV services provided by AAA

Registration Renewal
Get duplicate registration certificates and temporary operating permits
Get replacement registration stickers
Get out-of-state transfers
Order personalized plates (UT disable plates only) or duplicate plates
Apply for and pickup disabled plates and placards
Reinstate registrations suspended due to lapse in insurance
Get duplicate title
Transfer ownership
Get international driver permits

What services must be done at the DMV

There are some services which has to be done at the DMV office and cannot be done at your local AAA branch, hence you need to book appointment at DMV for them.

  1. Permit and license tests
  2. New driver’s licenses
  3. Driver’s license renewals
  4. REAL ID
  5. New vehicle registration
  6. Vehicle safety inspections
  7. Correctable violation (“fix-it” ticket) sign-off
  8. Select correctable violation payments
  9. Out-of-country vehicle (grey market) conversion
  10. Dealer transfers
  11. Salvage certificate
  12. Original (brand new) and out-of-state off-road vehicle transfers

You can make a DMV appointment by calling 1-800-777-0133 during business hours or by using the DMV’s online appointment system.

Can AAA Do Title Transfers/Pink Slips

Title transfers or Pink slips transfer are very important when selling or buying a car but it an be a tedious process.

but fortunately, AAA can do title transfers or pink slips transfers for almost any vehicle whether it is inherited, Private vehicle or a salvage vehicle and they can also transfer boat titles or add or remove people from the title

AAA can also handle titles for salvage vehicles but cannot change a title from regular to salvage.

You have to be an AAA member in order to get this service from AAA.

Can I get New tags at AAA?

Yes, You can get new tags at AAA but you have to be a member of AAA and if you have all your documents in place, you can get new tags in no time, because unlike DMV office, you don’t have to wait at AAA in long lines.

How does and how much does AAA get compensated for DMV Transactions

AAA does not get compensated for any transactions, all the checks are made on the name of DMV not the AAA. AAA offers this services as a way to bring value to their customers, and give their customers an extra incentive.

Can AAA DMV services delete one of the owners from the title

Yes, AAA can delete one of the owners from the title but you have to be a member of AAA and should have all the required documents.

How to Do title transfers/ Pink Slip at AAA

Step 1:

Release the Vehicle from any lien holder, and get the lien release after the loan is paid off.

Step 2

Fill out the transfer of title form provided by the DMV, Make sure to fill out using all the correct data like your Name,Age, Odometer reading etc. Also if you want you can take the help from the AAA local branch in filing the form.

If the vehicle has any previous registered owners, they must be there to sign off the form to transfer the title

Step 3

Now, you need to visit your local AAA branch with all the documents like Drivers licence, Car title etc. to complete the transfer.

then after paying the fees which vary by state to state, the title will be transferred to you

Can you renew your Driver’s license at AAA

Yes, You Can renew your drivers licence online if you are in one of the 9 states, where AAA is allowed to renew licence online. Check out this article to know about the states where you can renew licence at AAA

Check out this amazing graphic by

States where you can renew your Drivers licence at AAA

Can I renew or replace my driver’s license or ID, update to a REAL ID, or get a DMV printout at a AAA branch

No, AAA cannot provide these services and the person has to visit the DMV branch for these services

Can I renew my vehicle registration at AAA

Yes, You can renew your vehicle registration at AAA (Only if you are a member), they can also renew registrations which are late by Days, Months or even some years. You just need your renewal notice or registration and you are good to go.

AAA can help members start the registration for a vehicle that needs a smog check. However, if you’ve paid your registration with the DMV and just completed a smog check, 30 days must pass before AAA can provide a new copy of your registration and new tags. 

If you need to drive a vehicle that has an expired (or nearly expired) registration, you may be eligible for a Temporary Operating Permit.

AAA Official wesbite

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Can AAA renew my Spouse’s and Child’s registration

Yes, You can renew your child or Spouse’s registration on their behalf at AAA branch as long as you and the registered owner are AAA members and you can provide AAA with DMV renewal notice or registration card.

Can AAA offer me a replacement for my Missing/Stolen Registration and title

You will not be able to get the duplicate title at AAA Branch but AAA can definitely help you in filing the form for requesting the duplicate from the DMV office and this process usually takes 3-6 weeks and the duplicate will directly reach at your registered address at DMV

What are the registration fees for my vehicle?

You can look up your fees here by putting your Licence Plate number or CF Number and last 5 digits of VIN or HIN

Can AAA issue or replace permanent or temporary disabled placards; or issue, replace, or transfer disabled plates

Yes, AAA can help with these services, all you have to do is Bring the necessary documents and your AAA membership card.

Can I Get new Plates or transfer the Existing plates through AAA local Branch

Being an AAA member you can order new custom or legacy plates or you can also transfer the existing plates to someone else.

Can AAA put my car into or take my car out of Planned Non-Operation (PNO) status

If you are an AAA member then you can go to your local AAA branch and get help in filing an Affidavit of NOn-Use/PNO or removing the PNO for filing with DMV.

What forms of payment are acceptable for DMV services at AAA Branch

You can only use cash or personal checks to make payment for DMV services at AAA, Debit cards are not allowed to be used

Are Driver’s California handbook available at AAA Branch

AAA is not supplied DMV’s California Driver Handbook by DMV, but AAA members can visit a local branch for a free copy of Drivers handbook which is published by AAA.

How to Contact the AAA for DMV Queries

You can contact the AAA’s roadside assistance by either calling them or through their app or their website. But, you should note that AAA road side assistance depends on county you are in , so you need to visit the correct website.

AAA Member Login
AAA App (Apple Devices)Click Here
AAA App (Android Devices)Click here
Find nearest AAA Location

You can also Text APP10 to 86792 to receive a link to download the app.*

Final Words

We hope that we were able to answer all your questions around AAA DMV, and if you have any other doubts, you can contact AAA or comment below and we will answer that as soon as possible.

  • AAA Ardmore Store
    30 Greenfield Avenue
    Ardmore, PA 19003

    Business Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8:30am to 4:15pm
    Thursday 8:30am to 6:00pm
    Closed Sundays and Holidays
    Please check PennDOT’s Website for Holiday Closings

  • AAA Clifton Heights Car Care Insurance Travel Center
    5233 West Baltimore Avenue
    Clifton Heights, PA 19018

    Business Hours:
    Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8:30am to 4:15pm
    Thursday 8:30am to 6:00pm
    Closed Mondays and Sundays
    Please check PennDOT’s Website for Holiday Closings

  • AAA Langhorne
    516 N Oxford Valley Road
    Langhorne, PA 19047

    Business Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday 8:30am to 4:15pm
    Thursday 8:30am to 6:00pm
    Closed Sundays and Holidays
    Please check PennDOT’s Website for Holiday Closings
  • AAA Northeast Philadelphia
    9475 Roosevelt Boulevard
    Philadelphia, PA 19114

    Business Hours:
    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday 8:30am to 4:15pm
    Thursday 8:30am to 6:00pm
    Closed Sundays and holidays
    Please check PennDOT’s Website for Holiday Closings

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